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PetSmart Corporate Office Address

PetSmart, Inc.
19601 N 27th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Contact PetSmart

Phone Number: 623-580-6100
Fax Number: 623-395-6517
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CEO: David K. Lenhardt
CFO: Carrie W. Teffner
COO: Joseph O’Leary

PetSmart History

PetSmart was founded in 1987 by Jim and Janice Dougherty as PetFood Warehouse.  The first two stores were in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1989, the company name was changed to PetSmart.

In 1992, the 50th store was opened.

In 1993, the company went public.

In 1994, the 100th store is opened.  Stores also begin to offer pet training classes.

In 1996, the chain expands to Canada.

In 1998, the 500th store is opened.

In 2002, the first PetsHotel is opened in Phoenix.  By 2008, there are 100 PetsHotels.

In 2004, the PetPerks loyalty program is launched.

In 2007, the 1000th location is opened.

Today, there are nearly 1300 PetSmart and 200 PetsHotel locations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Lynn April 17, 2014 at 11:13 am

I suggest people do not bring there pet to be groomed at PetSmart. I left my 2 year old perfectly healthy (just went to vet 2 days earlier for check-up) Golden Retriever in the hands of a groomer in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Half hour after dropping him off I get a call stating he growled at another dog and stiffened up and died. If people know Goldens they are the most timid scary cat dogs but the most loyal. My dog would have never ever growled at another dog or even barked. He would scowl behind you if another dog was present. The groomer kept on changing her story. I asked for a video. The store DOES NOT have video of the groomers section, so your dog is in there hands and you DO NOT know how or what is happening to your dog. The store manager is cooperating. he is nice but the groomers are hiding something and the Bansfield Vet next door tried to resuscitate him. and told me she took his blood and couldn’t find anything. Next story he had elevated liver. They all have different stories they keep changing. All I want is answers and they will come.


Sandra Kassabian April 16, 2014 at 9:39 pm

I’d like to know where your cockatiels are bred in Texas and if it is a closed facility? It would be wise to answer some of your posts but then you are a corporation and sell products made in China. That alone should indicate what your level of commitment to companion animal safety is (non-existent).


anonymous April 7, 2014 at 12:55 pm

Since I cannot email Corporate, I’ll email you. I work in the Altamonte Springs, FL location, and the restrooms are beyond filthy – they are UNHEALTHY. Feces and urine on the floor and on the commodes themselves, always running out of paper product, feminine hygiene boxes overflowing for WEEKS with the same, soiled and smelling tampons and other product. We take such pride in every other area of the store, but the bathrooms scream, “I don’t care enough about you to give you a clean area.” Most people use one of the restrooms at a local market – but that only means that CUSTOMERS are using the restrooms and how many times can they complain? The restrooms need a thorough cleaning before someone calls the health department.


Logan April 7, 2014 at 1:05 am

On April 3rd I had my shitzu groomed there….great service but when we were done we went out to the service desk to ask for assistance in dog food for my pup….No one never came..the young lady called and called for someone to come out and assist me no one never showed therefore I decided to leave and take my business elsewhere…


Doris Stambaugh April 5, 2014 at 8:50 pm

My concern is Parvo. I recently got a new pet and was taking him to the Banfield Hospital which is in PetSmart. When I got there I was told that I had to wait for them to clean a room before I could go in, they just had a dog diagnosed with Parvo. The receptionist came out once the room was cleaned (which consists of wiping the table off) and told me the vet would be with me soon but thankfully the vet had some common sense and sent a tech in to tell me that I could reschedule my appointment because she did not feel comfortable coming in with my 12 week old puppy after just treating the Parvo dog. The tech said he could do the exam or we could reschedule and proceeded to put his hands on my dog. I stopped him and asked that he wash his hands and instead of washing them, he said I just washed them. I picked up my dog and told him I would call and reschedule. My complaint is there was no sign put up anywhere stating that there was a dog in PetSmart that had this dangerous infection and that this dog had walked around in the store and still no precautions had been taken. Dogs were still coming into PetSmart as I was leaving. I waited until the next morning and called Banfied to reschedule my appointment and as I was doing this I asked if Petsmart had called in a cleaning crew to clean the store after the Parvo dog. I was told no they don’t do that but they did clean the waiting rooms. So I am still concerned about taking my pet to Banfield since it has not had any vaccinations. But it seems as though I am the only one concerned. In case you are not familiar with this Virus here is the definition. Canine parvovirus type 2 is a contagious virus mainly affecting dogs. The disease is highly contagious and is spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces. It can be especially severe in puppies that are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination. Treatment often involves veterinary hospitalization. This means a dog or puppy can walk in the feces, lick there paw and contact his virus themselves. Is there a procedure in place at PetSmart or Banfield for Infectiousness Viruses??? I don’t understand the money we as pet owners spend each day, month, year cannot ever be enough to get people, companies to think of our pets as our kids and we want to take every precaution to protect them. Please justify this to me.


Annoymous March 30, 2014 at 7:55 pm

Concern from my customer who is wanting this store and it’s salon manager investigated …
Im very unhappy with the salon and there so called manager Renee, for a manager who is suppose to be professional, this manager is lacking in every bit of the word! She called my husband “hun” then she proceeded to roll her eyes and talk in a sarcastic tone, Ive had several friend take there dog here and Im putting a stop to it as long as that lady is manager! Im getting a company involved to investigate this salon and it’s practices and we stood and watched several times while this manager was taking her hands off the dog she had on the table to “play” plus she was being very rough with a puppy that she roughly took to the back through a swinging door..what was she doing to this dog? hurting him!?? I was told he was hurting my dog when he was on the table, my friend was watching while we took my grandson to eat, brushing hard, no wonder he was stressing out to have someone like that touching him! As far as Im concerned she needs to be fired because there is no professionalism at all in her body to be in her position! I will not rest and I will have this company contact you until this is resolved or she is removed.


Annoymous March 30, 2014 at 7:28 pm

My company has received this complaint and had been hired to investigate the following:

I’m writing in regards to your store 1505 in Fredericksburg Virginia, and there new salon manager Renee who is a complete joke as far as managers can go, she has no training on talking with customers whatso ever, her in professionalism lacks and cling people hun or sweety is profound to say the least but when a problem arrises her other employees are more trained to deal with people than she is. I happen to be in the salon and over heard a conversation where she was putting someone down who I believed to work there. Why would a manager in That position be having a conversation with other employees! Ludacris! Then to be rude to me about my day in a very sarcastic way! Making it a campaign 1 to never have anyone bring there dog to that salon 2. She needs to be removed from that position and put back through schooling. I hope you can help me look into getting this taken care of!
Customers who is concerned and upset has been keep annoymous.


Emir Serrano March 23, 2014 at 8:33 pm

My complaint is, I have purchased two ginue pigs and both have died within weeks of purchase. I can honestly say its not owner error, we’ve had other small pets and not once have they died under our care. I extremely upset that my daughter had to experience this, not once but twice. I also read online the your level of care for these type of pets are not adequate. Your goal should be to provide costumers with healthy pets that live more than a couple of weeks.


Deana Ball March 21, 2014 at 6:04 pm

I have been been a groomer (master) for close to 30 yrs.My father became ill and I had to close my bus.hense taking my tiny toy poodle (Bumper) to PetSmart.I had a lady groom him a couple times and she did a good job(KIM) Kim was not able to groom him 1-25-14 and was asked if it would be ok for another groomer to groom him.I then asked her if she knew how to do a poodle clip,nothing major(kennel clip,clean face,feet and tail) She stated she was the manager and she could do this clip.

My little dog now is ruined! She ripped all his ear hair out which hasnt and will never regrow.I am not referring to plucking his ears on the inside,but his long pretty ears on the outside,I can only imagine the pain he went through:( His ears even stand up now,well one and the other at a 45 degree angle (which I have never seen in all my years of practice!) I asked her what the …..happened and she stated “she was off her game that day” Can you beleive that one?

I have spoken to the manager which said well…we have a satisfaction guarantee so we will groom him again for free or refund your money! REALLY????? No THX! I am now in the process of going to small claims crt.and was wondering if anyone has been through this?

I do have before and after pics.It is unreal.

PLEASE DONT TAKE YOUR BABIES HERE! I am will to share any info to save another pet from this torture.


Terri March 18, 2014 at 7:29 pm

I have concerns over the way an office manager at Petsmart in Jefferson City, Mo. is speaking to the groomers in their salon. The groomers are great but this Annette, office manager should really be spoken too. I overheard her tell another manager in the store that a groomed that had just gotten bit by a dog and was bleeding did not need to go see a Dr for the bite. Bad when a customer overhears this stuff. That Annette’s attitude stinks and they r losing groomers left and right and now both their salon manager and store manager have quit. Safety is a concern in the grooming salon as Annette (office manager) is booking dogs to groom and not following safety guidelines. I am also a professional groomed and hear and see all this when I am in there. Their groomers are going without breaks which is against the law and poses a risk to both groomer and dog when the groomer gets no breaks, especially if a dog has bad behavior and grooming time is lengthy and difficult. Corporate really needs to help the store out.


Dianne DiLuzio March 6, 2014 at 3:10 pm

Pet Smart is a great store. I feel the grooming department has to be open every day, sometimes there is no one there to give a bath and you have to wait til evening to get groomed. I asked if they could cut one inch off my puppy as the weather is very cold. They said no because there clipper head is one inch from the body. This store sells clippers for dogs, why cant they go on the floor to get the c lippers you sell and use the different heads?


Kyth March 3, 2014 at 9:51 pm

I’ve been working for Reno Petsmart and it’s horrible! We go through associates like crazy! All the managers are thieves or low life druggies. I’m completely frustrated with my work environment and don’t know what to do, but I love my job. Our manger Matt gives his cell number out to customers and he’s married! Plus the rumors going around the store about him with under age girls and about him doing inappropriate things with associates and people he interviews is disgusting. I also don’t appreciate having to work off the clock to get all my work done. I understand hours are tight, but associates shouldn’t lose out on pay for work that has been done.


anonymous March 3, 2014 at 9:31 pm

I’ve been working for Reno Petsmart and it’s horrible! We go through associates like crazy! All the managers are thieves or low life druggies. I’m completely frustrated with my work environment and don’t know what to do, but I love my job. Our manger Matt gives his cell number out to customers and he’s married! Plus the rumors going around the store about him with under age girls and about him doing inappropriate things with associates and people he interviews is disgusting. I also don’t appreciate having to work off the clock to get all my work done. I understand hours are tight, but associates shouldn’t lose out on pay for work that has been done.


Alyssa March 2, 2014 at 9:23 pm

I am reading many terrible things and that’s very unfortunate. I have had nothing but great experiences at the petsmart in my town.


Everett March 1, 2014 at 11:25 pm

Hi I traveled out of my area to go to pet smart I was in search of fish. I have a 200 gal tank and was looking to fill it. It was approx. 5 pm. I chose to visit the Visalia store where there was the fish I wanted and they were on sale. When I arrived I was greeted at the fish department by two very nice helpful girls. We picked out 15 fish and I was told the sale was as I thought bye 3 get 1 free. My family and I continued to shop adding fish food, cleaning items, and décor. I than asked the girls at the fish department to make sure the person at the register understood the buy one get one free. She pleasantly said sure. She began to tell the gal at the register and was cut of with her rude attitude and rolling of eyes saying “ya I know I know the computer will do it.” I thought that was rude but stayed out of it. The gal rang up our fish and I stopped her asking to see the discount she said she could not show it till the end of ringing us up. I said ok. Now we are done ringing up and the fish discount was incorrect. We were purchasing 15 fish at 1.00 sale price and get 5 free all 20 fish were 1.00 each. clearly our amount for the fish would of been 15.00 plus tax. The cashier began to tell me the computer was correct 31.00.over and over stating it was correct. I said 31.00 was incorrect. I insisted on a break down and she began to roll her eyes and again insisted the computer was correct. At this time I am overwhelmed and said I don’t give a dam what the computer is saying its not correct and I want it explained. Please get me a manager I said. Just than the manager named Richard arrived saying he over heard and there isn’t much more he can do and how much more does she need to explain too me. WoW I said. I simply asked for a breakdown and I know 15 fish at 1.00 equals 15.00 and I would receive 5 free. I seen the tax of 2.41 or so and so i was not understanding how the fish alone came to 31.00 in some change. At this time the manager Richard says I’m protecting my employee and we were causing hassle. I said I just want it explained. He repeated how much more do you want, the computer figured it. I than said I don’t want these fish nor do I want any of the other items. We walked out so angry and unresolved. I was shut out and cut off. I sat in my car too cool off I was so incredibly shocked of the employees attitudes. After cooling down I called and spoke with Richard the manager over the phone. I again reiterated our situation and how we really want to purchase from the store. I said you no someone should of sat down with us and showed us or proved too my family of the sale price and amount. Richard cut me off and said “Sir I again will not explain too you. Which he never did anyway. I said you should have more concern for the costumers for we are the ones who will bring you repeated business. I said I owned a business and the customer is always right. He than said I cussed at his employee. I said no I didn’t that the dam computer said it was incorrect. He insisted I cussed at her and shut me out and said He still protects his employee and the customer is not always right and just because you buy something from this store doesn’t mean we have to kiss your ass. He than hung up on me. I clearly seen then this was way out of my hands to resolve and that this most definitely should be brought to the attention of corporate. I will never again go to this store in tell this Richard is gone and the gal on the register is gone. I’m appalled by the attitude of your employees at this store. I was shut up and shut out. Please do something about your employees and Manager at this Visalia CA store it is unexceptionable behavior.



D February 23, 2014 at 12:29 pm

I go to the petsmart near the chandler mall area today to buy some fish and a crab. The employee tells me she doesn’t feel comfortable selling me the 50 cent fish, but she is fine selling the 15 cent fish because they are going to be fed to a reptile. If you are not going to sell fish because they are food why have fish for food? Is one’s life more valuable? Apparently it is 35 cents more valuable. I am going back tomorrow to get “pet” fish and I am also picking up a few “pet” RATS, not feeders for my boa constrictors. F*** YOU PETSMART, a**holes!


Pamela Shapiro February 21, 2014 at 4:44 pm

I take my dog, Peaches, to doggy day camp at the FreshPond facility almost every weekday. The staff is really wonderful at this location and I have no problem with the store, which is kept very clean, much cleaner than the one that I visited in Medford, MA.

I have a BIG issue with PetPerks. Despite speaking with several different people show say that they have fixed the problem, I am constantly having problems with my account. Currently, my telephone number is not recognized when I go to pick up my dog. I have had problems getting my coupons for doggy day camp. My dogs birthday has come and gone, and I never received a coupon, as promised, for a doggy treat for her. Why have this program if you are not going to honor it?!!!. I understand that it is handled by a third party. Perhaps you should go with a third party that has their act together? From what I hear, several customers experience problems with their PetPerks account. This is really hurting the reputation of your company.


andrea February 19, 2014 at 11:00 am

Went to purchase items for 4 animals today from the NM location on Coors and a male worker named Tim was so rude we took our business to Petco. Sad to get such poor service.


steve February 17, 2014 at 7:16 pm

been waiting for management to get back to me for over 2 weeks no reply


Katy L February 12, 2014 at 4:24 pm

I bought a dumbo rat at the pet smart on Sauncy Road in Amarillo. This rat is the sweetest, smartest, tamest, nicest, most people friendly rat ever. I am highly pleased with whatever vendor that pet smart got this rat from. It was trained and handled by someone who really cared and even loved this rat. Yes, people do not like rats a whole lot, but who ever PetSmart is getting their rats from is the best rat breeder ever. I have tried to find a place to put a review on the petsmart page for “small animals” but cannot find the place to review the actual animals. Please convey to your Amarillo Store that they are doing a great job. Thank you for the amazing rattie!


Gennesis Coronado February 1, 2014 at 12:16 am

I went to this store to buy some fish for my kids as a gift for doing so well in school. I asked one of the associates for help and they instantly gave me attitude followed by heavy breathing. I was shocked as to all I asked for was a simple question about the glow fishes and how I thought they looked nice with the purple/blue lights they had one. The name of this person was Ashley this person had visible tattoos and her attitude was ridiculous towards customers. I immediately left, and went to a different location. This store ( dysart road) has lost a long time customer. Gen.


Ekaterina Reier January 23, 2014 at 10:19 pm

Watch all of you people in PETSMART headquarters what goes into making the furry toys you sell. Way to go, Petsmart! I will be damned if I ever shop there again until you stop selling fur items! Not that I expect your CEO to care!


Ekaterina Reier January 23, 2014 at 10:09 pm

Today I realized with horror that the cat toys I bought at your store are NOT faux fur, but real. And from China no less. Aren’t you people aware of what the fur trade is like in Asia and what animals have to endure to make those toys? What kind of suffering comes with furry items. Have you not heard of animals bludgeoned, strangled, and SKINNED ALIVE????!!!! Worst of all, it is stray dogs and cats that are captured and killed for fur. So HOW DARE YOU, PETSmart, sell fur kitty toys made out of most likely another kitty, who dies a horrific death!!!!!!! PetSmart must stop immediately! I cannot believe that clothing retailers are stopping to use fur for that reason while pet stores apparently have no problem with it!


Ann January 16, 2014 at 3:27 pm

Unbelievable! The rabbit rescue I volunteer with has had a relationship with Petsmart Corporate for 10 years. Recently, the corporate office got a new adoption coordinator who sent out a memo to all the stores stating that only cats can be part of their 24/7 adoption center. The bunnies can no longer be included. To add insult to injury, this person then sent a list, to our rescue founder, of all the area shelters that the rabbits could be dumped at if she couldn’t remove them from the store by the deadline. I find it appalling that a person who works as an adoption coordinator of all things would even suggest that a rescue organization would ever consider this option. It clearly indicates a lack of empathy, compassion and any knowledge of what animal rescue and adoption is all about. I’m thoroughly disgusted and will not bother giving Petsmart my business ever again. I am telling everyone I know to do the same. Please share with other animal lovers. – Petco here I come!


marilynhana January 31, 2014 at 7:35 pm

I won’t be shopping here either!!!! I’m having problems with the PetSmart in Boca Raton on State Rd 7. I was told by their employee that a dog collar that was on my dog was “inappropriate” which I bought from Petsmart. She didn’t remember that her company sold this collar to me. I therefore went to the store mgr, Joe and he voiced that it was appropriate but thought that it was funny. Who is telling the truth? I don’t think that it’s very funny because the employee said that this collar was the reason that another dog was attacking my dog’s neck by jerking on the Petsmart collar. I will be going to a reputable competitor from now on.


Diana Robinson January 7, 2014 at 9:59 pm

Just wanted to say I was hired as a salon
Manager at one of your stores in Dec 2013.. The first 2 weeks was training it took me a month to get hired . My point being is I was so mistreated by store managers they never worked with me as far as the grooming dept goes their we’re a few girls in the dept which were groomers .
The other girl were treated as bad as I was. First off they would not give any dogs
To me or the others.i would go to work
And have one dog but they had plenty I asked them as a manager
To evenly schedual so that we would all make money they never listened
To me. Also they would not ever help clean they just groomed they would have the store
Cell phones so no one else could get their own appts., now how is that fair?the store manager told me that I wouldn’t make good money at that store .well they were turning customers away no wonder the sales were low. Those girls were close friends I was doomed the minute I was hired. One of the managers was
Happy to have me their so they didn’t have to do the paper work .Well with no support and told I wasn’t going to make money I quit . I was told
told after I was hired to bring my own clients What? I want some from human resorses to contact me. I was so excited to get this position !


Jason Vandy Bogurt January 23, 2014 at 3:20 pm

You have bad grammar.


Sandra Kassabian April 16, 2014 at 9:29 pm

So is yours


Lori Williams December 22, 2013 at 7:19 pm

I am not a very happy customer and want it to be known. I have been going to petsmart in Rockford, Illinois for over 12 years. Long story short, I called to give a heads up that I was bringing my 12 year old pug “Rocky” in for a nail trim this morning. I have done this many, many times over the years, but the problem now being is that he has lost the use of his back legs. 2 months ago I took him in and it was not a problem then, I call today and let them know that I am coming and they tell me he can no longer come there due to his disability. He is healthy, and walks with the use of a canine cart wheel chair. An employee of the grooming center proceeds to tell me that I can no longer bring him there, So I ask them why since I just had him there 2 months ago, and no one not even the manager of the store can tell me why I can’t bring him in. The manager said after bringing me to tears due to being on the phone and no answers being given, that I could bring him in but he was not promising anything even then. I am surprised that this has happened I have been a very loyal customer for over 12 years, even after they have injured my pugs in the past, during nail clipping sessions, which resulted in emergency room visits, that they paid for, I could not believe that they were so incompetant and heartless to my situation. I jump through hoops daily for this animal to be taken care of properly, all I wanted was a nail trim. I will not be going back to this store ever again, and I will be telling all of my friends and associates that have animals what shitty service I received. I thought that PetSmart was for the animals, but I guess that it is just about the money. Thanks Lori Williams


Roberta Jones December 12, 2013 at 12:19 pm

I’m posting this here because I have had it with the failure of Customer Care to fix my problem. This is the txt of an email being sent today. I WANT IT TO COME TO THE ATTENTION OF MANAGEMENT, WHO HIDES THEIR EMAIL ADDRSSES FROM CUSTOMERS
Dear PetSmart Customer Care.

This has been going on for over 2 months. I have an email thread as long as my arm. I’ve called your Customer Support number five times and each time been patient and done as I was told.

Yesterday I talked to Customer Care again and while on the call, with supervision, failed to either reset the password because of the non-clickable link problem (see #1 below) or failed to create a new account (see # 3 below).

You clearly have problems with your website login, account creation, and password reset processes.

1. I have tried again just now to reset my password. The email that comes to my email address *** DOES NOT HAVE A CLICKABLE LINK nor does it have an alternative URL that I can paste into my browser address. It does have a link for “if you have trouble reading this message” and when I follow that link, it takes me to a web page with the same information that ALSO DOES NOT HAVE A CLICKABLE LINK nor an alternative URL.

2. PetPerks does not recognize my correct email address *** at all, even though I created a new, second account using that information back on October 18 and, also, your own customer service verified that it existed by phone. Customer Care could see both accounts and told me to wait 10 days, and that the two accounts were supposed to merge together, but that never happened.

3. I have tried multiple times to create another new account, from two different computers on two different ISPs. Each time, I got the following script error. I have now sent this script error to you three times. Each time, you respond with the same tired email telling me to reset my password.

Do you think I’m doing this for my own enjoyment?

At this point I’m fed up with PetSmart, PetPerks and your rotten website and customer service.

I’m shopping at PetCo from now on.


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Runtime Error
Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

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Mary Ann Wilkin December 7, 2013 at 10:24 pm

I took my Zoey, to Petsmart in Duluth, Ga., for Day Camp. I had a free day coupon, and I asked her to be given an oatmeal bath, and be conditioned before I pick her up that night and nails clipped. I was told she would receive that and I signed the paper work stating she would get that. To make a long story short, my dog was not her normal, cheerful self, she was scared as if she had been hit on, she didn’t get an oatmeal bath, and the place where she had received her spayed was bleeding. After getting home, she did drunk water as if she didn’t have water all day, she barely ate anything, and she’s been moving slow and sleeping. I must say, I did get a refund on the bath, and was told she would get a free one on the next visit. I won’t be going back to that one, but I will be taking pictures on the bleeding and forward to someone to find out how in the heck did she start bleeding and the area is really red/dark red. I will monitor her tonight, but SHE WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE. I’ve had great experience with Petsmart, just not this one, in Duluth, Ga.


LaShonda Brown December 2, 2013 at 9:12 am

I took my Yorkie puddle into Petsmart to get groomed back in September when I went back to get her she was not acting like herself. Took her to the Banfield Hospital to find out she all of a sudden had a slip disk in her back. I’ve been taking my dog there for since she was 2 mo.old. 2month before she turn 3yrs old she’s paralyzed by one of the groomers. Shelly was the name of the groomer that “groomed” my dog. I need to talk to someone about settling this matter. I put to much time in money into her for them to just get away with hurting my Dallas. Need answers fast on what to do about my dogs medical bills and care.


Julie November 26, 2013 at 8:26 am

Whether you know it or not your store is on the naughty list as far as Christmas goes. The AFA has added you to their list of “Companies against Christams”. If you want to continue taking the name Christmas out of your advertisements, etc throughout your store, I will find another store to shop for our pet needs. Christmas has always been a part of our heritage in being American and it seems everyone wants to remove it to please the immigrants coming to this great American country and it disturbs me. Please change your stance for the good our your company as blessings come to those who honor the Lord.



Tamra Walker November 4, 2013 at 4:35 pm

I’m writing to you today regarding your PetSmart store #0386 in Vancouver WA. I have a 7 month old Boxer girl (Aifa-’I-ee-faa’) and I have had issues with all sorts of new pet parent worries, and your employees at this store have practically become extended members of my family! Not only do they help me find the right products I need for my girl, they do it with a smile, open ended friendly conversation of their pet experiences, genuine smiles and when they thank me for coming in and tell me that if I need anything else to seek them out I truly believe them! Jamie (helping me find Aifa’s proper size to buy winter outerwear), Alissa (for the invaluable advice on gentle leaders so I didn’t hurt my dog on accident with a prong collar), Brandon (thank God for his help with finding a food my girl can digest properly!), Sabrina (her bright eyed, enthusiastic help in picking out a tough food and water set) and sweet Amber (who helped me pinpoint exactly what type and brand of flea meds were correct for my girl. Her weight was a question that Amber helped resolve!). I honestly don’t know where I’d be without these wonderful people who obviously have a passion for what they do! Alissa directed me to the new puppy kit to help me save money and I got so much more than savings from it; the awesome experience of working with your trainers, grooming staff and Banfield staff! I fulfill all my dog’s needs at this store and love to shop there and hate to leave! I have no need to ever go anywhere else! THANK YOU FOR YOUR FABULOUS EMPLOYEES that make every moment of buying things for my dog a huge pleasure!


David Painter October 11, 2013 at 1:29 pm


Yesterday I took my happy and healthy dog to be groomed at PetSmart Oviedo and the groomer nicked her. Today, I took my dog back to PetSmart after calling manager to be examined at the Banford office in the store. The vet’s treatment plan cost $300. Thus, after spending $75 yesterday, I was told I needed to spend $300 more to treat the injury inflicted by PetSmart staff.

I am very upset and would appreciate a response. The manager never even spoke to me once I got to the store and spent 1.5 hours in vet office area. This is the lowest level of customer service I have ever experienced.

My phone number is 352-213-XXXX and the store is Oviedo #1054
1115 Vidina Place
Oviedo, Florida 32765
(407) 365-1029




Brandie Moore September 2, 2013 at 11:03 am

I am contacting you because I have attended store #305 in Florida and I am furious. This is the second time I have left this store In tears. The first time a young lady gave me so much attitude and problems about my dog tags to prove my dog had his shots that it put my vet at a loss about what we had to do to prove that my puppy was ok to be groomed. Funny, when I delt with another young lady she told me I had everything that was required and it was no problem. So this second time I came in and my puppy was matted. First the young lady “Felicia” attempted to make me feel bad and ask if I even tried to brush him. (Which I did and he was crying and whimpering So I stopped, which caused more Matt’s. so I finally called petsmart and asked them what I should do about his matting. The young lady I spoke with suggested that I brush him with a comb daily and push forward even though he doesn’t like it, he is still a puppy so he will get used to it. She also suggested if their is too many Matt’s I shave him and start brand new.) So then Miss Felicia then gave me a paper to sign to say that I am bringing a dog in with Matt’s . She then snatched my dog and told me I am doing more harm than help by shaving him, this will take 4 hours to do and it will be$65. A little shocked that it costed me $65 for a shaving for a 4lb maltese I just said ok. When I arrived to pick him back up , I was greeted with a ” you know he had fleas and it will be $70 now” . I was a little surprised being that he is on trifexis every 30 days I asked if he had any spots or boos boos from the fleas. Of course she replied no so I didn’t really have any proof that this puppy’s had fleas. While checking out another young lady blurted out ” you need to brush him more damn.”
Well it’s safe to say i will never be attending any petsmart again . I paid high dollar for a lot of attitude and i also consulted my friend who works with petsmart and addressed the issue that he was acting lethargic for two days and she disclosed that you all give dogs Benadryl ?? Wow I didn’t sign anything that actually read that you all would be drugging my dog. I just signed things basically saying I’m a bad pet parent. I just want to remind your groomers that , that’s what they are their for. If I could groom my own dog I would but that’s what they get paid to do . The great customer service at this location has lost my business and also my mother in laws( who had a monthly acct) , my mothers and anyone else’s will run into and disclose what I now know. I try to take care of my puppy and am learning everyday. I could see if I was I there once a month with a matted dog with fleas but I’m not that pet parent.


Kassandra November 7, 2013 at 7:02 pm

Hi I am writing to you regarding store 1505 in Fredericksburg, Va. I have never had a problem with any Petsmart locations or their groomers until today. I recently moved to the area and I’ve been able to trust Petsmart in the past so I decided to try out this Petsmart. I made an appointment for 12:30 since his haircuts have always taken only 2-3 hours & I had to be at work at 5. I arrived 15 minutes early to talk to the groomer a little bit since I hadn’t brought my dog there before. I asked her how much I was going to be charged because i was once charged more than I was supposed to at another location. She never did give me a direct answer on how much it’d cost. I asked how long it would be because I had a few errands to run & she said “we tell customers 3-5 hours but it won’t take him that long” & I said “okay great, I have to be at work by 5″. I left and returned 2 1/2 hours later expecting him to at least be done but when I walked on, my dog was not in the front being groomed. I asked if he was done and a girl replied “he doesn’t like the blow dryer on his face” & I said “ok what does that mean? You haven’t even started on him yet” & they told me they couldn’t because he was still wet. She told me she could start on him now but he wouldn’t be done til 4:30 (mind you, they were working on 3 other dogs that weren’t even there when I dropped my dog off) but I told her that wouldn’t work because I have to be leaving my house by 4:30 to get to work on time. I asked for them to get my dog and to forget about the hair trimming. They gave me the check out paper that said they’d be charging me $41 for the bath they did! I was going to be charge only $14 more for the WHOLE package so I found that outrageous, I can bathe my dog for free at home. Not even a minute later they brought my dog out and what do you know? He is COMPLETELY dry, but yet they had JUST told me he was wet! I asked if they could just trim his eyebrows real quick & the girl said “well that’ll be an extra $6″. I felt like no one was willing to help satisfy me or help me at all. No one offered anything or to get a manager for me. I grabbed my dog & the check out paper & as I approached the cashiers I asked one of they could get me the store manager. Not even a minute later a woman approached me & I told her about everything. She was extremely polite and apologetic and said she was gonna grab another manager because he deals with more of those things. A male manager (not sure if he was a store manager or just an assistant manager) came over & I told him about everything as well. He was very apologetic & said he understood my situation completely. He said not to worry about the bill & that he would take care of it. If it was not for those two managers, I would NOT be returning to this Petsmart ever again (and I go there a lot) but I CAN tell you I will NOT be using any more Petsmart groomers.



Annoymous March 30, 2014 at 7:57 pm

There worthless because there trained like there “salon manager” has trained them !


Teresa & Kenny Kopplin August 20, 2013 at 4:07 pm

We are becoming new French Bulldog parents tomorrow so we went to your store on Park Central in San Antonio TX. We were waited on my a very helpful young lady named Martha. She answered all of our questions and gave us great information on what toys, crate, treats & food would be best for our new puppy. She shopped along with us helping us so much it made it a great shopping trip. We bought the new puppy packet because Martha told us about it and how it would save us money. Martha also told us about the training and so we signed up for that too. Since we met Martha and she was so very helpful we will be using your grooming shop and the vet that is in this location. Martha went out of her way to help us and her customer service is outstanding.


kerry ell July 29, 2013 at 4:46 pm

Who do I talk to about opening a pet Smarty store in oakes nd


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