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LQ Management LLC
909 Hidden Ridge Suite 600
Irving, TX 75038

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Phone Number: (214) 492-6600
Fax Number: (214) 492-6616
Website: http://www.lq.com
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CEO: Wayne B. Goldberg
CFO: Temple H. Weiss
COO: Angelo J. Lombardi

La Quinta History

La Quinta Inns and Suites (or LQ) opened it’s first hotel in 1968 in San Antonio, Texas.  The company was founded by brothers Sam and Phil Barshop.

La Quinta grew, mostly in Texas, during the 1970s.  Phil Barshop left the company in 1977.

By 1986, the company had 170 hotels mostly in Texas and Florida.

In 1991, the company was taken over by the Bass and Taylor families of Ft. Worth, TX.

In 1999, the La Quinta corporate office moved from San Antonio to Irving, a Dallas suburb.

Today, the company operates over 700 hotels in the US, Mexico and Canada.


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Martin December 3, 2014 at 6:19 am

Angelo , its martin x superviser la quintanilla 2000 south round rock call me at 512-694-**** thanks


Sean Hall November 22, 2014 at 3:45 pm

Mr. Goldberg
I had a very disappointing stay at your Birmingham Hoover/Riverchase location. I spoke with the person at the front desk informing them that I reserved a non-smoking room and they placed my daughter and I in what was obviously a smoking room that had an ash tray in it. My daughter and I had planned a wonderful Father/Daughter weekend and we had every expectation that our stay at La Quinta would meet our every need, but unfortunately it did not. The person at the front desk said she would inform the General Manger of our concern and that she would call me the next business day. Well that did not occur. I then called the following day and left a message and she still did not call me back.
I was thoroughly disappointed with our experience and I simply wanted some level of appropriate apology and a small discount to our bill but no one at your location cared enough to even follow up on our concern. Again a very disappointing experience.
I don’t know if this will matter to you as the President and CEO of LQ Management, but at least I have been responsible to express my concerns.
Sean Hall


wendy stoner November 12, 2014 at 2:53 am

My boyfriend and I stayed @ 1 of yr hotels in Omaha Nebraska.. Nov 6-7 2014. As we were leaving on check out. I thought it was just a pimple. A few days later (like a day or 2 later) noticed that it was not a pimple in fact it is a spider bite. On Nov 11 2014 I did call the hotel to let them know what had happened and the young lady would not finish listening to what I was trying to explain to her. Her name is Janelle.. All I was trying to do was inform the hotel that there maybe a pest problem and have someone look into it.. She kept telling me in a rude manner that I was to late for anything to been done bout my bite. It takes a few days for a spider bite to form and the reason I know this I have been biten more than once in a 10 year spand. The bite is on my back. She also said she would give her manger Chrissy my info. I am not very pleased with young lady. Further more I would like to say the hotel is nice just may need more sanitary cleaning.

Thank you for your time. Please fell free to email or call me.. My cell is 308-850-**** & my email is *****@gmail.com. I also have a couple pics of the bite..


Mary Lowe November 11, 2014 at 12:12 am

I stayed at the La Quinta inn in Canton, Mississippi on August 15 2014 and paid with a credit card. We checked out the next day left key cards and checked out through desk. Several weeks later my card billing statment showed I was billed for August 18 2014 for 86.11. I called the hotel and was told a manager would call me back which did not happen I have called several times and a mr Patel has not responded, I have also sent 2 emails8/23 and 9/17. I am currently going through chemo and dealing with things like this is definitely not a good thing. I will now be making a police report for fraud to the Canton, MS police as the 2nd billing was done with out my permission or my card and your company is the one that benefited. If you are interested in contacting me my nub I can be reached at is 228 627-6885. as for Mr Patel at the Canton, Ms franchise you may want to reconsider how you chose your owner operators. sincerely. Mary Lowe, Gautier MS


Teddy Sponsler November 6, 2014 at 6:48 pm

Like to start by saying that your employee Jodi Arko is a Manager at one of you local Austin locations.
The facts I’ll be stating are true, I was married to here and know of these facts.
One, She has a concoctions of multiple hot checks writings,.
Two: every guy she has been with has now has bad credit due to her and Iwill state this on every website tthrew out your area.
Her phone number, if you wish to reach her is 512-630-***, she got married again, her 6 the time, makes you wonder, really.
You can contact me back at :817-655-**** Teddy Sponslet


Ms. Tj Baker Holm November 6, 2014 at 6:44 pm

November 6, 2014

NOTE: In a slight rush – will have some grammar mechanically errors.

RE: Unfortunately a Serious Complaint(s)

Patron – Ms. Tj Baker – Holm [President; FBEA/TSTA/NEA]
2009 Candidate US Congress – District 18

Top of the hour [Wayne B. Golberg, Temple H. Weiss, and Angelo J. Lombardi] CEO’s of LaQuinta Inn & Suites! I am one of yours happy, bless, and dedicated hotel patron! Up to now, I’ve always been pleased with your [Home Away Home] establishment, and not only just me, but my growing members within my local union of `FBEA- Fort Bend Education Associates; under the umbrella `TSTA – Texas State Teachers Association and `NEA – National Education Associates; we have been your appreciated guests at several locations.

Staying at LaQuinta Inn & Suites is comfortable enough to say, “I could stay/sleep here for a month, or more if I had too!”

Well those words actually came true last Tuesday on October 28, 2104. I had to move to another unit, because, water damage in my kitchen from another unit above me. Luckily another unit was available, but my son could not take the `New paint smell and whatever the maintenance guy clean the floor tile with… it smells like a mop bucket with dirty old water; which made my son get sick and made his severe asthma flared up!

So what does any loving mother do in that situation; upon getting cleaner air for her child? Well to me, I didn’t have to contemplate of what I as his mother needed to do and do it quick! Make a reservation at one of your LaQuinta Inn & Suites hotel

I chose the Stafford/Sugarland area, because it’s closer to my son’s high school in FBISD – Fort Bend Independent School District.

[October 30, 2014] The third day, being there, and this is still mentally and spiritually painful to even recall about is “Huh? What?” intense, awkward, and puzzled… message that was scribbled on my hotel bathroom top mirror. When, I took my morning shower on the third day, the words “Fuck Yall” I was livid! It made me so infuriated, as if someone had written the `N word; I guess my shock made such a loud response, that my son, knocked on the bathroom door; and see what happened.

To make a long story short… $25.00/ Twenty-Five dollars off my bill, said the GM, which I thought was totally absurd! Now that’s twice, I’ve been insulted and noon time hadn’t even come around yet!

I’ve mentioned that the `Corporate would give a better `Customer Service Compensation and, I hope, I don’t have to go on that path, because I really believe in proper protocol. Well your GM’ RESENTFULLY, took off at least one day.

After that UN-pleasant incident, two days later, another weird UN-expected surprised; I don’t know why or how they came into my hotel room. But lots of… ANTS! Crawling on my toes and legs; again I hollered out loud! Which; caused my FBEA assistance to ask, “What? What’s going on?”

My reply, “Lots of ants, underneath this desk!” NOTE: My son [Keith D. Baker II] soon to be an `Eagle Scout! Halleluiah! Continuing can’t eat in his bedroom at home; let alone, really eat in our hotel room, because I have some minor OCD issues. 

Therefore any take-out containers, wrappers, or beverage cups, or bottles; immediately all thrown away – outside the hotel room!

As a matter of fact; your housekeepers here at the `LaQunita Inn & Suites of Stafford/Sugarland area… adores me, because, I make sure every day this hotel room is tidy – even both bed covers are pulled up, and not only that, I make sure that any used bathroom towels and floor mats are bundle up inside of another body towel, and last but not least, 90% of the time, either my son, or just myself empty out the hotel room garbage can, the night before or early in of the morning.

So where did these ants come from?

Still puzzled and got even more puzzled, when I called to the front desk, I let them know, about the ants in my room. Now here’s the interesting part, I called the front desk and shared about the ants, within three minutes, one of the maintenance crew came up with `Ant Killer Spray, and sprayed around the room, now I’m really skeptical about, should I stay here any longer?

Continuing, the ant killer spray seemed… odorless at first, but within fifteen minutes, I got dizzy and sick to my stomach, and then came the diarrhea! I was very tardy picking up my son from school and I still to lay down again, when I got back to the hotel room.

Going back on protocol, I felt since the GM didn’t have any sympathy/showed lack of concerns about my upset and disbelief feelings about the profanity message scribbled on my bathroom mirror, then surely he was not going to have sympathy about me having diarrhea that was caused by his `Ant Killer spray – purchased product for this hotel. And, that’s how come, I’m writing/sharing with you three gentlemen, because I feel, and I know for certain, that your GM, could’ve given a better apologetic com, than just one free night.

Last, but not least; My Son…Noticed `GRAFFITTI inside the elevator doors. Okay, how much is `Scratch-be-Gone… cost? What only a few dollars at Sam’s or Wal-Mart store stores. 3:22 PM and I’m just noticing inside of my hotel room… the carpet hasn’t been vacuum within these past four days! No wonder underneath my feet has been feeling gritty; my hotel carpet room has not been vacuumed in days!

Please allow me to share this one true fact about me… I Don’t Like to Complain! I’m Very Optimistic!

I would’ve kept ALL my pickled/disbelief feelings to myself, closed my account, and switched over to another DIFFERNET hotel establishment, but I would’ve had to share W/ my FBEA members, why our upcoming – 2015 annual [Teacher’s & Para’s Motivation] retreat – won’t be at any LaQunita Inn & Suites hotel… where we always `Hit the Sack after a long day; As one big happy family.

Bottom Line… I’m the president and if I’m not pleased, then I can’t expect them to be pleased, and knowing my members… they won’t, because they know, I’m always trying to be give them the best!

My son and I will be checking out this Saturday [11-8-2014] morning. I hope; I receive… ASAP Compensation – at least – four nights offs my bill, for the belittling pain, and suffering that I had to endure. My son was scared that night, when I had diarrhea, he was going to call the ambulance, because I don’t get sick like that, and that made my son very worried.

Oops, one more thing. A couple of nights ago, I was catching up on the news from the `Lobby computer, and I’ve kept hearing… the front clerk – during the 2nd shift… giving out different prices! Curious, I wanted to know why, and received an answer, but I’m still not convinced!

NOTE: I know the `On-line Prices [Different Beds & Accommodations] are priced differently and much way – way higher for the last minute… `Walk-in Patrons. However, some of those prices were changed… higher and some lower – toward different set of hotel patrons. I’m not going to express and share more on this subject matter.

Nevertheless, not only investigate, but have a `Customer Service – Policy [Racial & Status Profile] Meeting with your employees at not just this location, but all of your locations in very state.

P.s… I hope no employees here at this `LaQuinta Inn & Suites – Stafford/Sugarland location – be put on probation, or worst get fired. The holidays are coming up and folks need their jobs! Especially… housekeepers, and as a matter of fact, to pay for my college tuition, I was a proud housekeeper. I say proud, because it’s an honest and respectful living!

Room # 214

Until then,



Guy Case November 4, 2014 at 6:20 pm

I fell and was injured on 10/26/14 at your facility located at

1708 I-40 East,
Amarillo, TX 79103-2114
Phone: 1-806-373-7486.

I’ve made several attempts to reach you by email and I was assured by the Manager that LQ’s Risk Management Office would be in touch with me. Today is 11/4/14 and I have not been contacted by the RM office.


Richard valentin October 28, 2014 at 2:57 pm

3 day experience at la quinta in new Britain ct.. first i reserve my room they give me a 3rd floor. room filthy. dirty. hairs all around the bed sheet in a non smoking room with cigarette holes all in the sheets carpets very dirty smelly and stained with god know what fluids.. asked to change my room due to it was very filthy room service manger came in and seen the pubic hairs on the bed and the dirty ass room said it was her fault seen i was taking pictures and immediately ripped off the sheets and got upset and started to clean the room and said she was sorry she by passed and didn’t seen that ? they switched me to another room again worst then the first one no fridge no nothing looked like a last min bum room called again got front desk female who answered had an attitude i came down with my bags spoke to the manager shuan who said he apologized several times i asked for a first floor room 121 they gave me plus his so called 10% off my stay which i payed $251.85 for 3 nights cash. he gave me $11.50 back thats not 10% off of what i payed so i went to my first floor room try to make the best of it room was decent but smelled and you had guys in the back way just sitting there who didnt stay there but had access to the hotel they were there day and night no security cameras at all scary huh,, on my last night i left early to the mall 12pm came back at 8:10 pm more or less to find my room open latch out holding the door open all my stuff thrown around house keeping was the last to be there according to front desk caz the electronic keys tell who was there or opened it the last and it was house keeping hmmm money was missing so was medication then to find out i had close to 28 bed bug bites all over my body and they said they will refund me the money since i payed cash they will give it back which they never did they stated they now there sorry and sent out a check if i payed cash and i have to wait 4 weeks to receive it ? when i payed cash but i called to go pick up the money cash like he first said but now hes too busy and cant be reached at all every time i call but i call and left him a message to return my call so i can pick up the money as he said the first time but again no call back no answer i would not recommend this hotel to my worst enemy its dirty service sucks and they quick to take your money but its a mission to get it back service sucks the manager even admitted the hotel is 43 yrs old and that house keeping can do a whole lot better cleaning but i guess the staff runs him around suck gives this hotel corp a real bad name never again would i go thru this or stay in any of these la quinta hotel i regret it.. but they say you get what you pay for stay away from these hotels dont go thru what i did especially if you have kids .. dirty nasty


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