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Kohl's Corporation
N56 W17000 Ridgewood Dr
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

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Phone Number: (262) 703-7000
Fax Number: (262) 703-6143
Website: http://www.kohls.com
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CEO: Kevin Mansell
CFO: Wesley S Mcdonald
COO: John Worthington

Kohl's History

Kohl’s was originally founded as a supermarket in 1946 by Maxwell Kohl.  In 1962, he opened his first Kohl’s department store in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

In 1972, BATUS Inc. purchased a controlling share of Kohl’s.

In 1979, the Kohl family stopped managing the company.

In 1983, the grocery stores were sold to A&P.  All the stores were subsequently closed in 2003.

In 1986, a group of investors, which included upper management, purchased the chain.

In 1992, the company went public.  In 1997, the company entered the Mid-Atlantic markets and expansion continued throughout the 2000′s.

The company currently operates over 1,000 stores in 49 states (non in Hawaii).  The Kohl’s corporate office is located in Menomonee Falls, WI.

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CL Parks November 26, 2014 at 6:10 pm

Disappointed that Kohl’s will be open on Thanksgiving. I’m a regular Kohl’s shopper and an MVC. I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving and will be reassessing my patronage of that store in the future. Shame that their corporate folks will get to spend the day with family, but their workers won’t. They’d better be getting some great bonuses for their sacrifice. “Kohl’s Cares”? I’m beginning to think not.


Nancy Scobie November 24, 2014 at 10:16 am

My daughter received “Registry Rewards” of $101 (10% of amount spent on her registry) from her Kohl’s wedding registry. We went to Kohls and she bought $170 worth of merchandise and paid with my Kohls card, her registry rewards voucher and a 30% coupon. When I got my bill, I saw that the $101 was never applied. After spending 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Kohl’s customer service, I was assured that not only would they restore the $101 they would increase the reward to 25% and give me free shipping plus 30% my next order. That was two weeks ago and neither I nor my daughter have received anything and the voucher is marked “used”. So basically, Kohl’s has stolen $101 from us and has not returned it. I am so upset and disappointed because I have been a loyal customer for years and I was always very happy with Kohl’s. Please take care of this and give us what you promised.
What is going on with your customer service and the bridal registry? We have had so many problems.


Kelly November 22, 2014 at 2:00 pm

As a regular shopper and loyal customer of Kohl’s, I am very disappointed to learn that your stores will be open on Thanksgiving. What an injustice to your employees! You buckle under the pressure of greedy corporations such as Macy’s rather than follow the upstanding example of COSTCO? What a poor role model you are! Consumers vote with their purchases and continuing to poorly treat your employees in the end will result in less sales for you. Keep it up big corporations, you are your own worst enemies and will lead to your own demise by your greedy tactics and lack of compassion for your employees.
Kohl’s cares alright, cares for making profits off the backs of their hard working, underpaid employees! COSTCO will be getting more of my money! Way to go COSTCO and others that made the decision to close on Thanksgiving! COSTCO shows that they can treat employees right and also provide shareholder value! Take some lessons from them! Kohl’s has A LOT to learn!
One final question, will your CEO, Kevin Mansell and all executive management be working on Thanksgiving? I doubt it!


Bert Granger November 18, 2014 at 2:32 pm

Dear Kevin Mansell, Chairman , CEO, President:
Kohl’s had my personal wrong address for bills but the correct address for ads. I received the current ad with coupons with the correct personal address, WHY? This was not my fault. Kohl’s screwed up and I was penalized. WHY?
Here’s my cutup Kohl’s charge card. I will no longer be shopping at Kohl’s. Last week,
11-13-14, I went to use my card and it was refused. Kohl;s customer service said there was a balance due of $29.24 because mail was returned. The store clerk was told that i needed to pay the amount. I did. What the customer service clerk forgot to tell the store register clerk was the card could not be used immediately. So I did not purchase $122. worth goods.
In the past I have even bought my Keurig, kitchen supplies, bedding. And of course clothes. But NOT AGAIN. Why was I punished because Kohl’s made a mistake. It’s nor fair. Up until I had paid cash for my goods, With the new coupons for using the charge I was convinced to open a charge. After 9 years of shopping at Kohl’s NOT AGAIN.
This is not how to have “long term growth and profitability” It’s time you read the online complaints and cleaned up you business practices.


Peggy November 17, 2014 at 4:29 pm

as a loyal customer of Kohls I wonder how much “KOHLS CARES” when they are open on Thanksgiving Day ??? very disappointed to see that they can not honor our national holiday and give people a chance to spend time with family, friends, or just plain relax. Opening store at 6 pm or 12 midnight is NOT acceptable either…..when will the workers sleep in order to work the “graveyard shift”. Kohls needs to follow suit with other stores and CLOSE on the holidays for the entire day and night and week hours of the morning!


Jenny November 13, 2014 at 8:09 pm

Why when I talk to your operators are they in Nicaragua? Wouldn’t it be nice to hire people in the US.


Christine November 13, 2014 at 4:33 pm

After 7 phone calls about the same issue, I finally got Monica in San Antonio, TX on the line. She fixed my problem in 30 seconds flat. She then fixed another problem I wasn’t going to even mention until I realized how fantastic she is at her job. She fixed problem 2 in maybe 2 more minutes. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! I swear if I ever have to call Kohl’s customer service again, I’ll ask for her directly. Hopefully she stays ;)


Dannette B. November 9, 2014 at 4:18 pm

I recently got married, I registered at your store and have had the WORST experience for getting my gifts. Your website never updated itself which resulted in multiples of the same items being purchased…..that is not the half of my problems!!! Your website is SHIT!!! KOHLS.com is the biggest NIGHTMARE to try and call and talk to someone! I am in the US and have received a different country every time I call (10+ calls made) only to get nowhere with the problems I am having! IS THERE NOT ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES that can help me! I find it completely frustrating that you can’t even go into the store WHERE I REGISTERED to get help with the problems! I called about 2 weeks ago to file an inquiry as to the problems with my registry only to find that the claim number I was given is not good………….WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SHITTY BUSINESS PRACTICES ARE YOU PEOPLE TRYING TO PRACTICE! THIS EXPERIENCE HAS BASICALLY RUINED MY WEDDING!!! I WILL CONTINUE TO TELL EVERYONE OF THE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE I HAVE HAD AND TO NOT REGISTER AT KOHL.COM!!! It is because of this registry that my wedding was ruined and that my new husband and I are apparently out approximately $2000.00 in gifts that our family would have purchased had your system not completely been defective! I am so upset at this that I may NEVER SHOP AT YOUR STORE AGAIN!!!!!!!! MY ONLY REGRET IS THAT I EVER THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO REGISTER AT YOUR STORE!!!!!!!


Sylvia November 18, 2014 at 1:12 pm

I agree that the website is in SERIOUS need of HELP!! I have had problems logging on and I know all about passwords and to pay attention to how many letters, caps and not , etc…Recently I had ‘Joe’ who understood NOTHING!! Because he kept wanting to take my order. I kept trying to explain to him, that I hadn’t started shopping yet, I had no selection. So far off the reason for the call in the first place….which made it all the more BIZZARE! I eventually had to hang up. I kept it cool, played nice but HAD to hang up. I called back a few minutes later and got ‘Louie’ who was helpful and it was fine. That same evening, I shopped and had the order sent to my son’s house in an upstate NY city……YESTERDAY AND TODAY, MY ACCOUNT IS NOW IN HIS NAME!!!! How the hell does that happen..I do realize things happen, but this is not my first rodeo with this website and bs you go through…only the first time, my account ended up in a different shipping addresses name! I got MaKea (not sure of the spelling) yesterday around oneish pm..she is an angel..so kind and patient, helpful…but it is NOT for me to run around and figure this out. The effing card is in my name, ask me security questions and whatever you need to do… but find out why this happened and fix it. Please! WTF!!


Sylvia November 18, 2014 at 1:24 pm

I agree that the website is in SERIOUS need of HELP!! I have had problems logging on and I know all about passwords and to pay attention to how many letters, caps and not , etc…Recently I had ‘Joe’ who understood NOTHING!! Because he kept wanting to take my order. I kept trying to explain to him, that I hadn’t started shopping yet, I had no selection. So far off the reason for the call in the first place….which made it all the more BIZZARE! I eventually had to hang up. I kept it cool, played nice but HAD to hang up. I called back a few minutes later and got ‘Louie’ who was helpful and it was fine. That same evening, I shopped and had the order sent to my son’s house in an upstate NY city……YESTERDAY AND TODAY, MY ACCOUNT IS NOW IN HIS NAME!!!! How the hell does that happen..I do realize things happen, but this is not my first rodeo with this website and bs you go through…only the first time my account ended up in a different shipping addresses name! I got MaKea (not sure of the spelling) yesterday around oneish pm..she is an angel..so kind and patient, helpful…but it is NOT for me to run around and figure this out. The effing card is in my name, ask me security questions and whatever you need to do… but find out why this happened and fix it. Please! WTF!!


Sylvia November 18, 2014 at 2:04 pm

UPDATE! I spoke with alfonso at the (262)703-7000, the kohls.com option…and he is WONDERFUL!!! I mean he is an angel…and I should have been able to take a survey, too bad that of all times, one wasn’t offered. God bless you Alfonso, for all of your days..:)


Jim Ronsivalli November 5, 2014 at 3:38 am

I love Shopping Kohl’s. Great product assortment, pricing, promotional pricing, and discounts. My concern however, is with the condition of one of your stores, that just happens to be in my market. The store that is of my concern, is your Lawrence/North Andover Massachusetts store. Living in North Andover, I am located closer to the Lawrence MA facility but choose to shop at your Danvers MA store. The reason being, that the Lawrence/North Andover, MA is always in shambles,mostly in apparel. In both woman’s and in men’s, ( I would have to assume children’s as well). The merchandise is falling off of the shelves, you can’t find anything, the dressing rooms are always full of merchandise that was left for one reason or another, the store is just a mess, and no one seems to care. My wife and I shop both the Danvers location and the Seabrook NH location because of this. The other day I needed to pick up an article of clothing and thought that I’d once again try the Lawrence MA store. True to form, it was in shambles. I proceeded to try the article of clothing on (Once I spent 15 minutes going through a rack that was in total disarray) and had to sit on a pile of merchandise in the fitting room, in order to remove my shoes. I don’t think that this facility portray’s the image that Kohl’s is looking to portray. I understand that the Lawrence store is located in the poorest city in the state and predominantly minority based, but I can’t believe that this is the reason, there just doesn’t seem to be any direction. Where is the management staff, certainly not on the floor. I’m my humble opinion, the management team needs to be replaced until a team that cares is in place because this team certainly doesn’t care. Hopefully, things will work out with retail going into the busiest time of the entire year, but I have to say based on my experience over the years, I can’t believe that the condition of the Lawrence MA store will get any better. Every day, this store looks like the day after Christmas, in total shambles. Thank you for your time.


melissa October 30, 2014 at 2:29 pm

I place an order of a mattress pad, snow boots for my princess, and a couple other things. Very aggrivated because I hit the button to process it & it popped up on the screen that it wasn’t able to process the order at that time because of issues on the site. I stated all over a bit later & it processed. I received two of everything in the mail as the first order did process even though I was told it didn’t on the site. Now I have to haul everything to the store to return it. Then I place another order this past monday. I ordered an iron, leggings, shower curtain & a couple toys. I received two shower curtains in the mail today. Problem is……I paid $35.99 for the shower curtain & the back of the package has a compare to price of $30 & a retail price of $16.99. I am beyong upset about this. I am now waiting on corporate to return my call.


melissa October 30, 2014 at 2:31 pm

Plus, I received two shower curtains in the mail & was told I was only charge for one when calling kohls.com order center. Both receipts have two different order numbers on them.


Brandon October 24, 2014 at 2:42 am

So recently I had to Bryan out fit for a wedding! After I purchased the outfit online I found out I was not going to get it on time! So I called 5 mins after I placed the order. To cancel it and reorder it priority mail! I recieved a new order number and was told everything was fine and I saw the new order processing out of my bank so I thought it was fine! A few days later I went to track the order to find out the old one was still in route and the new order was never placed! I called in to find out there was nothing you could do for me and then was told the outfit I was looking for was no where in California! However I called 4 stores around me to find out it was! So I drove 30 mins 1 way to fix your screw up! On top of that the order that was shipped was wrong! Then I got to return it which was another 30 mins one way and you say you can’t find my order and I can’t get a refund because for some reason you cancelled that process! You then had my phone number and I was told I was going to recieve a phone call about the miss understanding! But instead of calling me you process the order again! Did I have the money in my account at that time I was lucky I did but if didn’t I guess that would of been my issue to since you all don’t seem to care about the little people and there money issues as long as the big corporation gets there money! So know I guess I am going to drive another 30 mins to return it and am I going to get my shipping money back that I spent probably not! My gas money to fix your screw up probably not! Think twice before working with this corporation it definitely will be my last! Oh and when I asked to talk to a regional manager I was told they didn’t have time for me they where in a meeting! So if you screw up there’s nothing wrong with that we have to just go with the flow but if you want your money everybody has to bend over backwards for you and take it up the a@@! I hate big corporations and there way of thinking! You wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for the little people! Don’t know to many rich people that shop at your store! If I can I will be looking into a suit and contacting my DA for my county! Maybe you might listen then!


Jennifer Vrabec October 21, 2014 at 2:01 pm

I do not have a question…I have a HUGE COMPLAINT! I placed an order on 10/1/14. The order contained 3 pairs of men’s pants. The following day I received a shipping notice e-mail that the one pair (navy Dockers) had shipped. Every time I clicked on the tracking number provided in the e-mail, all it showed was that a shipping label had been created…for DAYS, that is all that showed up. So after several days of seeing no actual movement/shipment of the pants via the tracking number, I called customer service. I was originally given an incident number and told my money would be refunded in 7 to 10 days. Numerous phone calls later (which wasted A LOT of my time), it was determined that my money had never been refunded and the original incident/case number was CLOSED!!! Someone CLOSED the case without ever refunding my money for pants that NEVER left your warehouse??? So I was given a NEW incident number and the customer service rep yesterday put through a refund (FINALLY) for the never-shipped and never-received pants. However, after all this time WAITING and all this time WASTED, I was told I will not officially see the refund on my account for about another SEVEN days!!! So now my credit card cycle is about to close (tomorrow) and I will be STUCK paying for the pants because the refund will not be officially hitting my account for “several days” (well after my cycle will close). This whole experience has been EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. I spend a lot of money every year in Kohl’s stores and on Kohls.com, but after this horrible experience, I may be taking my business elsewhere. NO PERSON should have to go through ALL THE HASSLE I went through over the past 3 weeks getting this ridiculous problem solved.


Brandon October 24, 2014 at 2:45 am

We should put together a class action no joke!
They don’t care about our money or time!!!!!!


Jen October 18, 2014 at 10:22 pm

I tried to place an order this morning but got an alert that there was no shipping city listed. When I tried to go back and fix it, my entire order disappeared. I never received a confirmation e-mail or number but was charged. I called Kohl’s customer service to see if the order went through or not, and the non English speaking woman swore to me that it did not but offered to put the order through if I gave her all of the SKU numbers. I did not have them since my order disappeared so I asked her again if the order went through and she said no. I went back on Kohls.com and selected the order again and placed it. This time I received a confirmation number and E-mail. I also received 2 e-mails with Kohl’s cash. Weird, I only had one order. Then I got an E-mail that part of my order shipped. When I looked at the items not shipped, it was from the original order that I was told NEVER went through. I called customer service again and tried to explain this to a few different non English speaking representatives that were very difficult to understand. NO ONE could help me! They told me to return the items when I got them and that was all I could do. I tried to explain that I would be losing money because of the Kohls cash and the point of shopping online was to avoid the store. I asked for them to cancel the second order since nothing had shipped from it but the told me they could not do that. They all told me that there was no one there that could help me and they were very sorry but I would have to simply accept the order and return it all, but I could still keep my kohls cash. But that is still $20 that I am not getting back on a duplicate order all because a kohls customer service rep. lied to me. So in truth, I don’t get all of my money back. I am so disgusted as this is the second time that I have had a problem with kohls taking my money and not returning it when it is their fault, and not mine. I would like someone to fix the problem rather than apologize to me in broken English and do nothing to help.


Michelle Staver October 11, 2014 at 12:13 am

Kohls lost my online order a month ago. I never received items and they keep telling me every time I call that the refund will take 7- 10 days. It has been a month now. Absolutely no one in customer service cares. They keep lying to me telling me to keep waiting. I do tons of online shopping and never ever experienced anything like this. Kohls stole $100 from me as far as im concerned. Really over a month to get a refund on a lost order? Kohls is terrible. Oh and none of your online customer service reps are worth a darn.


Jeannie November 25, 2014 at 2:03 pm

I am going through the same thing! I have called Kohl’s customer service 5 times and have 5 different case numbers and yet I still haven’t received my refund or my items. I’m out $130.00 and am so frustrated that I will NEVER shop with Kohl’s again. They should be publicly shamed for their lack of customer service. They are stealing from their customers and should be put out of business.


Doris McPeek October 8, 2014 at 4:23 pm

You have the worst customer service.We have been on the phone for over 4hrs.Kohls you su*k


Rose October 6, 2014 at 4:43 pm

(CONTINUATION) I will never return items via UPS/USPS/Fedex because no one seems to be able to reconcile items. If I shop there again it will only be with any needed returns to a store where I get an actual receipt.


Rose October 6, 2014 at 4:40 pm

Your online customer service is TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE..mark me another in your obviously long list of totally dissatisfied online customers. I asked a simple question of customer service which should have elicited a simple answer, nothing rocket science. So far I have gone through 4 customer service agents via email, none of them answering my question and only opening up more questions about my account, orders and returns. They are all either totally incompetent or stupid. Not one of them read prior emails and so keep asking me the same questions and giving the same incorrect information. Lesson learned.. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER


Cindy Cossen October 3, 2014 at 12:42 pm

The customer service is horrific, the people who are trying to help are obviously not in this country, Was on the phone for 2 1/2 hours the other night trying to straighten a problem out, it was beyond absurd, still nothing resolved


Barbara October 1, 2014 at 1:56 pm

This is the absolute worst customer service I ever experienced and considering my age, that’s saying something. I want to find out why my bill did not get paid but the jobs have been sent to another country and the people there are idiots and when you can even understand what they saying, they can only do the one task given to them which does not fix the problem. I tried to speak in short 2 sentences to tell what problem was, but was spoken over time and again. Upon telling the lady she needed to stop that and be quiet long enough to hear what the problem was, she got a rude attitude. When calling back to place a complaint, that lady transferred me to same department and then finally sent me to a voice mail which call was not returned. 2 days later, I still will not pay my bill because of the problem to begin with. I have now left a message for the CEO office to get someone with some sense to call me and address ALL the aspects of my problem so I do not have to keep going through this every month. This store needs to bring back the jobs to english speaking people and train them on how to look at someones whole account because they do not know how to transfer a call which customers should not have to do to begin with. What happened to this company and how are they staying in business with this training??


Sara Trotter September 30, 2014 at 1:55 pm

On the evening of September 15, 2014, I attempted to place an order from Kohl’s online. Unfortunately, my computer froze, so I called Customer Service to place the order. I was initially advised that they were experiencing computer problems on their end and could not help me with my order. I thought that was strange, but concluded our conversation. I decided to call back shortly afterwards that same evening. The person with whom I connected was obviously trying hard to be accommodating, but he was having great difficulty understanding me and I was having the same trouble understanding him. It took close to 45 minutes to conclude the order. Yes, I was able to place the order contrary to what I was advised initially over the phone. The order was able to be placed because this customer representative stated that in order to place the order he had to establish a Kohl’s account which he apparently did. We reviewed the order together, and he assured me that he would send my confirmation to my email address which we had repeated several times to ensure that it was correct. As I had not received a confirmation email by September 17th, I called about my order and was advised that there was no record of my order being placed. Funny….the amount for this order was then pending to be debited from my Mastercard account. At that point, I spoke with a manager who advised me to wait until just after the last day of the estimated shipping time which was September 24. On Sept 25, I called again and was advised that a claim had been established in my name in regard to this situation, but had not indication as to whether my account would be credited. A day later I received an email to indicate that after reviewing they had found no record of my order and to please send them an email with the transaction clearly outlined on my MasterCard account. This I did that very day because at that point, the transaction had now taken place and the money had been debited from my account. I called back two days later to follow up and was advised by the customer service representative that she would place an urgent on my case as I had provided the information asked for but had still heard nothing from Kohl’s in regard to the submission of the Kohl’s transaction on my MasterCard. I am really at my wit’s end. One thing is for certain and that is that I will not be letting this situation go without some kind of satisfaction. Kohl’s has my money and I have no Kohl’s product to show for it. What’s wrong with this picture? I am still waiting to hear back to ensure that what I have provided (as asked) is sufficient for my refund. Any assistance you can provide would be very much appreciated. the account is opened in my name – Sara Trotter. Meanwhile I will continue to pursue satisfaction in any way I can until Kohl’s gets tired of hearing from me and does what should have been done from the beginning and that is to credit my account.


suzanne dijirolanio September 27, 2014 at 8:17 pm

Where do I start??? First…you are doing an excellent job with quality….pricing and customer service in the stores. HOW EVERYTHING online is a nightmare ….the last two orders have left ALOT to be desired. The first order I will take some blame for even though my email went unanswered until I again called customer service and the girl rerouted my order but could not add my promo code and gave me 15% on my next order……wow what a drastic difference. I was cut off twice….bad connection??? Could not hear me??? THEN it got worse…..I was told there was another name on my charge….
They could not give me the 15% inconvience discount and the $10.00 I was in titled to from a previous promo code I did not get on my first order….she kept telling me what I saved and made no reference to what she did not/could not do until I questioned her and again I heard about the savings…..
BECAUSE of this terrible deceit on her part only doing what was easy or what she chose I was forced to adjust my order ….then she wanted my whole charge number……not my email or the previous order lookup…..she insisted….I was VERY uncomfortable and wanted to speak to a manager…….. SURPRISE…..I got my additional discounts and she only needed the last 4 numbers of my charge….Thank You Mary ….but the fact remains that I spent 1 1/2 hrs plus for my order. Not what I would expect from Kohl’s. Being in retail for many years I am sure this is something that needs to be looked into so we can receive the same service online as the stores…..I would have been more understanding IF she would have told me she was having problems and not railroad through it repeating my savings and not what I was over paying. I thank Mary for listening, checking and correcting the mess…..3 strikes and I will reevaluate who I shop online….I also question why we can not free ship to the stores for pick up as many do……TY…..I do hope I was of help to the problem you are experiencing.


Megan Lis September 27, 2014 at 10:08 am

I love the Kohls store in Apex, NC. The customer service is always amazing. I cannot say the same for their online department. My TV died this morning and my 2 boys would like one for Christmas. I looked online. I saw one I liked, but it was not available in my area. I put 3 in my cart. Next to the item it said some items are excluded from discounts. I clicked on the link and Samsung was not listed. I went to check out, put in my 30% off coupon and it told me it was excluded. I talked with an associate via phone and she said it was an error and she would bring it to someone’s attention. She also said ” I’m sorry, we don’t discount TVs”. The Kohls in my area would have found a way to compensate me. This promoted me to call back to speak with a manager. He told me the same thing. I suggested they just write we don’t discount TVs to avoid there being any errors on their end. He offered me a $10 credit towards an online purchase. I told him I don’t shop online, the only reason I was making the purchase was because it wasn’t available in my area. I heard I’m sorry, that’s all I can do. NO!!! You can admit your website was wrong and give me the discount. I told him I didn’t want what he was offering. I advise people to not shop online!!


Steve September 25, 2014 at 2:41 pm

for the second time within a year the Humane Society found products with real fur from Chinese fur farms mislabeled as “faux fur”. Racoons and other animals are being skinned alive on these farms, there are numerous videos on Youtube showing this cruelty. There is one video showing a racoon which still stands up and looks into the camera after being skinned. Obviously Kohl’s does not care.


anonymous September 19, 2014 at 2:07 pm

I too have been a “victim” of Kohl’s customer service. I find that most of those associates I have talked to about my issue are unconcerned and almost like they are enjoying listening to my frustration over my problem, (not all of them) which needed attention and a resolution to it, after asking for a supervisor, it was a little better but always “I can’t help you”. Finally sent an escalated email, got a call: same thing after a 45 minute exhortation no go! Again called the escalated number and finally after begging and almost crying got my monthly pymts back to normal. Kohls has lost a customer. I am emailing kevin Mansell CEO and faxing a copy of a letter from an Executive Correspondence Advisor . This letter was the straw that broke the camel’s back! Lies and little innuendoes to rub it in! Sorry all this over a payment that Kohls system did not pick up. My payment history is perfect!


Joan September 18, 2014 at 7:38 pm

You really suck, your people suck, your quality sucks, but most of all your people suck. You lie about your discounts, don’t accept your own Kohl’s cash. From now on I will call you “TROLLS”. If CEO Mr. Mansell is at all concerned there would not be this many complaints.


Tara Segro September 18, 2014 at 2:49 pm

It dissappoints me greatly to have to take the time out of my day to send an email about a unsettling experience I encountered this morning at your Linden NJ store. But I feel it is imperative that Kohls knows what transpired today and what kind of sales associates they have working for them.

I was making my purchase with one of your sales associates when I handed over my kohls cash and a coupon not realizing the coupon had expired – the day before. Your sales associate not only practically threw the coupon back on the counter but also rudely advised me I handed her an expired coupon. I apologized and politely asked if she could honor it due to it only being expired one day. She then proceeded to yell over to another sales associate on the register next to her that “this lady would like me to honor an expired coupon.” As to say I was acting with entitlement. Much to my surprise the other sales associate chimed in with ” why would we do that…. now I have to give it to all these pople too” I was speechless that a Kohls associate would speak to a customer that way no less in front of a line of other customers. It was condenscending and rude. As I was trying to figure out in my head what had just happened, the 2nd sales associate then said “just give her what she wants” and the coupon was applied. I was not only mortified at this behavior but saddened that the man who was standing by the registers “supervising” didnt say a word. I can only assume he was a manager or supervisor as I have seen him in the store prior doing the same thing… “supervising” the sales associates on the registers.

As I collected my bag I slowly walked over to the sales associate that humiliated me and quietly said to him “you should be ashamed of how you just treated a customer” and turned to walk out. He then proceeded to once again rudely embarrass me by yelling ” I did nothing wrong you are the one who tried to use an expired coupon”

Never in my life have I ever been treated in such an insulting manner. Kohls should be ashamed of themselves for hiring such an arrogant individual. When I arrived home I called the store and spoke to a manager. I was so upset that I didnt even get anyones names! I explained my experience to the manager. She was very kind and understanding and listened to me complain for a good 5 mins. After I gave her a description of the 2 sales associates who I dealt with she assured me she knew exactly who I was talking about and would speak with them. I feel there was no reason for these sales associates to verbally attack me in the way they did. I was not irrate, I was not demanding and I most certainly did not have an attitude of entitlement – because thats not who I am. I am a good customer and spend what I feel is a significant amount of money in your store on a weekly basis sometimes. My transaction today was minimal but that isnt the point.

I felt this email needed to be sent. I wont know if these individuals will be coached or spoken to about their behavior but at least I am trying. I truely feel this is an opportunity to make sure your sales associates know that their behavior represents Kohls Department store’s reputation and not just thier own. There are plenty of people out there without jobs that would love to work for a great company and do it with respect for the customers. People like your 2 sales associates I had to deal with today do not have what it takes to be on the front line of customer service.

This experience leaves such a bad taste in my mouth I will NEVER shop at the Linden Kohls again. There are lots of competition out there with great deals AND great customer service that I would much rather give my hard earned money to. No consumer should EVER be treated in the manner I was treated today.

With all this being said I hope Kohls takes the initiative to use this experience to better a situation that went sour. I am providing you with my receipt information should you want to look into this matter further.

1256/0003/8386/0 2022xxx
ID # 999-9081-8589-4155-8743-9616-1359

In the end, the coupon was applied. So all the unnecessary verbal abuse in between could have been avoided at all costs.

Thank you for takling the time to listen to my concerns.

Kind regards
Tara Segro


melissa crowley September 26, 2014 at 12:45 pm

Your coupon was expired. What part of expired don’t you get? You did feel entitled. Try that at Target or Walmart or anywhere else. They won’t honor it. Stop your whining. And look at dates. That’s why they are on there. Geesh!!


Sylvia November 18, 2014 at 10:02 pm

Hey Melissa! wth is wrong with you??? The whole point of this, is effing common courtesy! I don’t give a rats ass that her coupon was expired. Clearly you haven’t a clue as to what respect and common damn decency is. God help us all with people like you working in this industry! (Sounds like you do and took this personally). And I can only imagine how you must make the poor people in your life feel! What if that were your mom who was embarrased and treated like that? She didn’t realize it was expired and so asked because many Kohls stores do honor them late. Regardless, they were 100% WRONG. No decent work ethics anymore it seems. You’re a raggedy ass mean troll!!! Geeee ish!!


elizabeth t. gutierrez September 18, 2014 at 2:46 pm

I just called your corporate office to give a complaint about an employee in the customer service are at the store in Miramar, Fl her name is Linda (she is pregnant) lousy attitude first time I see someone in customer service so incompetent


Amy L September 10, 2014 at 12:13 pm

COMPLETELY DISGUSTED WITH KOHL’S CUSTOMBER SERVICE!!!!!!!! I have been dealing with Kohl’s customer service for over a month now on a case file that was created for me all because Koh’s sent the wrong package that I ordered to the receipent. I will NEVER order anything off Kohls.com again. Can’t express how DISGUSTED I am with Kohl’s customer service.


Angie Dearth September 10, 2014 at 10:27 am

One of the coupon codes I have didn’t work, so I called cust service. Spoke to Farah. She didn’t understand my email address or English and I had to repeat several times, she said she would order everything for me which took forever! In between all of this, silence and she said nothing until after periods of 5-10min I would ask if she was there and what was going on. After 39 min of this which should have taken 15 min like it has in the past, I wasn’t told anything other than, let me give you your order number five times which never happened. I then told her to cancel the order, silence. Then I asked for her supervisor, minutes later supervisor Christine got on the phone and raised her voice and was very rude to me and I’m so upset with the horrible customer service I was provided. I beg you to listen to my taped call (called around 9:30am- 10:15 sept 10-2014 -when I finally hung up). I’m considering canceling my card and never shopping there again. Ridiculous!! You are welcome to call me back any time!!!

Angie Dearth


Tammy Olsen September 8, 2014 at 12:44 pm

I am trying to get a problem resolved and been talking to 6 different people including 2 messages to supervisors and have spoken to a supervisor. Now 3 weeks later still have not gotten the problem resolved. Called corporate and was transferred back to the collection dept. But when you ask to speak to the employee whom you have been given an ID# for it’s impossible since there are to many employees all over their company.

The lack of customer service to resolve an issue of less then $25 is not worth their time and have since closed my accounts and will never again shop at Kohl’s. I will do my best to inform all my friends of the lack of service that Kohl’s. Talking to a supervisor does no good either.

Kohl’s does not warrant my respect or business any further.


Lily Zandel August 29, 2014 at 10:23 am

On 8/27/2014 I made an online purchase for a little over $100. Imagine my surprise when the next day I received an email with a $10 Kohls cash certificate. Never expected it. A gift. Here’s the cincher. This is Labor Day weekend. Kohl’s gave me a spending time frame of 8/28-9/01. REALLY????? I am leaving for San Francisco in three hours and I am wondering when I am supposed to spend this within three days. I started with the 800 # and went up the wasted chain of command. I ended up with Corporate, which is impossible to find unless you Google it. I was told that the certificate was placed on the calendar for that time frame. Usually Kohl’s gives you a week or ten days. I finally reached Bes at Corporate. She was very nice and understood my frustration. I have spoken to three people prior to Bes because of my frustration. Was it worth it, you ask? NO. But now I know what kind of a company I am dealing with. Taunt me and seduce me with offers and then screw me. SHAME ON YOU, KOHL’S.


April August 27, 2014 at 10:24 am

I think it is unfair for Kohl’s employees to use their associate discount plus the friends and family discount and if they have one more discount if they can also use that while the customers only gets you the one how is that fair to your shoppers. And why should Kohl’s employees get to use more discount it doesn’t seem fair to all your loyal customers does it.


April Farkelnapper September 24, 2014 at 6:35 pm

I would imagine they get a discount because it’s one of the perks of being an employee? Good for them.


Amy October 28, 2014 at 1:14 pm

If you only knew half the crap we put up with from customers, managers, and corporate you would change your tune sweetie.


Starla Wahl August 13, 2014 at 10:23 pm

I set up an auto payment online for $100. Three days before it was due to come out of my bank acct we had a financial hardship. I called Kohls and told the rep my situation and asked to cancel the $100 payment and to pay the minimum $26 payment instead. He told me the $100 payment was canceled so I paid the $26 online. Today, I checked my bank acct and was shocked to see a negative balance. When I looked as to why, I saw that Kohls had taken out a $100 and a $26 payment! When we saw our financial hardship coming I purposely rearranged things and planned ahead calling to cancel the $100 payment to prevent this from happening. I was told it was canceled. I had $150 in my acct to cover the next 3 days for gas or small any need that arose. Now our bank acct is negative with an over draft fee and the next paycheck comes in 3 days. This should not have happened! I called kohls today and talked to a lady rep who reversed it and said to send proof of overdraft fee and they’d reimburse it. Another lady I talked to told me it could be DAYS until the $100 posted back into my bank acct. Irresponsibility! If that first guy I talked to had done his job correctly when I called to cancel the $100 payment we would not be in this situation that I saw coming, and tried to avoid by canceling in the first place. I love Kohl’s and have spent a lot of money there finding deals, but after this experience I will not be shopping at Kohls any more. My goal is to pay off my kohls charge and be done with it.


Jose Ramos August 11, 2014 at 6:34 pm

I am going to sue!!! Customer service manager told me I am a worthless beaner even though I was very polite…. I have call recorded and he even said that it was not his opinion but the opinion of Kohls… I have a masters in engineering so kohls is crazy if they think I can’t do it and won’t do it…


Jessica Barraza August 11, 2014 at 4:38 am

I paid off a existing bill on 8-09-14, at the time of payoff, one of the managers at your call center informed me that the card would be re activated within 24 hours. 24 hours later I called back, and the customer service rep, #1151 was very rude. I asked for a supervisor and he put me on hold, only to later hang up on me 10 minutes later. I called again and informed them the card was still not active. The next agent #? (I have agent # at home) again put me on hold for a supervisor. The supervisor now tells me that the payment had not cleared and it would take another 24 hours. I informed him that I was promised it would only take 24 hours. I also informed him that I have a guarantee code from pay pal and wanted him to escalate the call.. He put me on hold for 20 minutes and then hung up me. Please follow up.. xxxx@yahoo.com or xxxx@empereon.com and thank you!!


Wendy Rohrer August 8, 2014 at 9:24 pm

I recently made payment online on 8/1 and it was not posted to my account AND AS OF TODAY STILL IS NOT POSTED. Spoke with Doris on 8/6/14 stated system problem for all payments made on 8/1 and problem would be fixed by 8/7. Not fixed as of 8/8,called again spoke with Anthony a “supervisor” stated problem being worked on and not fixed,said would stop past due call. Anthony stated the 800# I called was the corporate phone when I asked for it,is that true or was that false? FELT AS IF I GOT THE RUNAROUND EVEN WITH A SUPPOSED SUPERVISOR. DOESN’T KOHL’S NOTIFY CUSTOMERS VIA EMAIL OR MAIL TO NOTIFY OF PROBLEM WITH PAYMENTS NOT BEING POSTED AS THIS INVOLVED ALL KOHL’S CUSTOMERS WHO MADE ONLINE PAYMENTS ON 8/1?


Kristen August 19, 2014 at 7:13 pm

I spoke with Anthony also, as well as Fabiola- both rude and condescending. I closed my account due to poor customer service alone. Customer loyalty sustains companies and a company should treat those customers with respect. I plan on reaching out to a few different people. I would never treat a paying client this way, it’s unprofessional.


karen oliver August 5, 2014 at 7:20 am

Yes to whom:It concern at Kohl’s corporate office regarding your location in Columbus,GA 31907 I had visited your the store to return an item that was a gift.for my birthday.the item was a pajama set wasn’t my type so went to exchange my item at the cashier at the register where she informed me that I could exchange or get something else so went and picked another item out went to counter and the same cashier sent me to customer service where two individuals one was an associate and one a manager the which I have the name of the manager that was on duty stated without the person who purchased it or a Kohl’s credit card that I could not exchange my item that. Is not your policy and I think something should be done about these action thanks customer service not satisfied …


Sylvia November 18, 2014 at 10:24 pm

I’ve been to the Columbus, Ga store on Whittlesy, and I knew I should have put a complaint in. There’s one manager there, who is unprofessional and not very nice at all! She’s heavy with light colored hair, no class about her. It’s been many months, so don’t remember more than that. She was on duty in the afternoon.


Pamela Davis August 4, 2014 at 1:23 pm

I just watched a new advertisement for Kohl’s with a child climbing a rope, a group of children watching him below, and his coach/physical education with a gritty face telling him he can do it, the bell on top can’t ring itself! That ad brought me back to a very painful part of my life from the 60′s when one of the requirements for everyone in gym was to climb a rope.
I was one of a minority of children who did not have the upper body strength to do so. It was a devastating experience for me and the others who couldn’t do it when the rest of the class was watching and we couldn’t do it for one reason or another! We felt weak, clumsy, less than, and unworthy of the cheers and accolades that those that could climb received, some were teased as well by those that could! I think you need to rethink that advertisement and think of what it says to others who are not able to do so!


Anonymous July 30, 2014 at 11:25 pm

I work at Kohls and we did a survey for corporate about our managers, how we liked working there etc. I talked to almost half of the employees there and we put down a fair wage when asked if there was anything that needed improvement and of course you guys at Corporate ignored this. So when we are making 8.25 and hour and forced to go on food stamps and other Gov’t benefits you guys sit on your asses and collect huge salaries and bonuses, When will you pay a living wage ? And of course the managers are fake and lie to us about how they get no bonuses etc.It is almost like a high school atmosphere there with favorites amongst managers and employees of the month are usually the ass kissers.And people get promoted there not for hard work,but, for how much ass you kiss. And from what I have been reading online from other forums, this a company wide problem, And why do you hire so many damn employees and then cut the hours of the employees that have been there for years ? And if the store doesn’t make enough money, we get no hours,And then marking up prices, which is probably illegal.I know you guys got sued in California for it and can no longer do it there. I only stay there because of the job market I have no choice,otherwise I would’ve been gone a long time ago. You guys need to shape up or you will end up like K-Mart and Sears and we will all be out of work. How you can sleep at night knowing 80% of your employees can’t make ends meet because of this companies greed is absolutely disgusting.


Linda mc Connell July 30, 2014 at 8:09 am

Would kohls like to increase sales, improve profit margin, and grow? Maybe you should listen to what your customers are saying, good, bad, or indifferent . However when a person shares their concern the response is “I hear what you are saying but we can not make any changes. That is our policy and I can’t do anything about it.
When ask for the district managet and their number, that person cannot help either.then when you get to headquarters. As you move up the ladder they become more aloof and impersonal.
I thought the person at headquarters I was talking to sounded like a recording. So automated in response. The first words out of her mouth were this phone conversation is beingrecorded. I could not believe it! Then as I was sharing my experience, all I could hear was this clicking sound. I finally stopped talking and asked what the sound was. She was typing what I was saying. I could not believe it. If the conversation is being recorded (which were her practiced phone ettiquete, why was she typing. I felt I did not have her attention. It goes back to how she answered the phone,”This conversation is being recorded”. I asked to talk with someone else, like the CEO.
Boy was that the wrong thing to ask. CEO that is a big nooooo! Never going to happen! She is the next in line and this is the highest level there is. There is no one higher up. She works for the president. After the third time saying she works for the president, i had to ask for clarification, ” did she think I met the president of the United States”? I am only asking to speak to the CEO/ president of kohls, not Obama. ( that is how she was acting)
No she can not allow me to talk with him. She can give me someone else, a Roberta was suppose to call me back but that didn’t happen. I was not surprised. When I talked to the district manager that has no control over policy and unable to help you but offer $10.00 ( which i found insulting)I asked to talk to corporate the vp or CEO. I also shared to have them call after 4:00. Well she called me around 3:00. She would be there till 4:00. I called back at 3:58 ( by my phone) and she was gone. I was not surprised.
The ironic thing was after ,my situation I went home that night and read an article on msn ” some store trick you with fake sales.”One of the stores mentioned was kohls. Wow I thought, how fitting after what I went through tonight!
she is not the vice president, co, coo,and etc. there are several ” executive advisors” what is
an executive advisor ? The person I was talking to was cold, impersonnal, and her
monotone or automated voice made me feel she was responding from cue cards or she was from the step ford wives.
I would like to talk to the CEO, Kevin Mansell. I would like to ask some questions regarding kohls and why I and other consumers would want to continue to shop at kohls? I would like to share my views.If Mr. Mansell cares I would expect to hear from him, (hear means phone)Waiting to hear from Kevin. I hope he sounds more human ( if he even calls)


Stephanie Chodera July 28, 2014 at 8:38 pm

I have been a Kohl’s customer for years and have an excellent payment record. My balance is very modest. I submitted a payment past the due date and received a collection call. I was asked for everything but my blood type. Not realizing I had made a payment late I finally asked what this was about. Okay, fair enough. But when the person asked me WHY I made the payment late – and mind you it was a few days after the due date – I told her to cancel my account. Just what was the purpose of that? Would I get a coupon for the right answer? You won’t see one more dime from me on new purchases. I honor my oblgations.


Nabil July 22, 2014 at 6:26 pm

Hi, i am very upset about Khol’s customer service. I just made a payment and the guy on the ph was extremely rude and not professional at all. he ask me all sort of question my bd, ssn, acc number, home address, full name, last place where i made a purchase and how much there is balance on the card. Are you kidding me!!!!!, once i provide my account number that should be more then enough, i feel insecure about this questioner, and polices. whoever make polices should think more then twice and train you agents better, they are extremely rude on ph. I feel like not doing business with you any more i do have more options available.


Rose Nikas July 22, 2014 at 7:39 am

To whom it may concern:
I ordered from KOHL’S.COM last year and vowed to NEVER DO IT AGAIN. I forgot my vow. I will not next time! On July 16,2014 I ordered a $127.00 wedding gift for friends in MN. We live in Eugene, OR. I earned $20. in Kohls Cash and “would be receiving a confirmation of my purchase and Kohl’s cash within minutes in my email account. I DID NOT. I called the customer service reps (in India!) to ask why I got no confirmation of my order, nor any Kohls Cash. While on the phone, he emailed me 3 times: none of which have been received. I was on the phone with these yahoos for 57.52 minutes! I still have no answers and no Kohls cash. The Supervisor assured me that my purchase was on its way to the bride and groom and gave me a tracking #. Also, he gave me a number to give to my cashier when using the Kohls cash that was due to me. I was there tonight, AND OF COURSE THIS NUMBER DID NOT WORK. She also could not call Corporate because THEY ARE CLOSED AT THIS TIME. SORRY. It is 15 miles from my house to Kohls. This is going to be a 60 mile trip, just to redeem the Kohls cash they aren’t giving me! I HATE THIS WEBSITE. What year is this? HIRE AMERICANS, for Chrisake.


linda monge July 15, 2014 at 4:02 pm

To whom it may concern, I have been a Kohl’s customer for years, have truly loved your store, until my husband had an issue in trying to get a credit card for your store. First of all the girl at the store, asked my husband if he had a card with them, he said my wife does I don’t. So she asked him if he wanted to sign up for one to get a discount on the items he bought in their store. She mispelled his name Msnge intead of Monge, then she asked him for his s/s number, don’t know what she typed in????since she spelled his last name wrong. Because she told him his social security number was not valid. But when you get the letter in the mail, see what it says. Well it said my husband didn’t qualify! He and I have wonderful credit, and have never had this kind of issue anywhere in our lifetime. The customer service was HORRIBLE, I was on the phone over an hour with people who are from INDIA!!! telling me here is another number to call. Then I call, and they ask me to take a survey at the beginning. So I do the survey, then they say thank you very much and hang up on me. Then I call back, get someone else, they tell me I need to call the credit bureau and take it up with them why he can’t get a credit card with you.! I said our credit is fine!!! We have owned 2 homes, but new cars, have wonderful credit and I am not calling!!! We do not need your store if this is how you are going to treat us!!! and hung up on him!! I even told the guy at one point, before I got upset, can’t you see if the girl put the wrong s/s number in, because she didn’t put his name in right? He said NO!! That is when I got very upset with him. Right now, if this matter doesn’t get cleared up with my husband soon, I will no longer shop at Kohl’s, and will let my friends and anyone I know how we were treated, since we are highly respected at other stores and finance companies!!! This was very, very insulting, and upsetting, to the point my blood pressure went up!! Hope this matter can get straightened out soon. And also that you hire compontent, and couteous people within your customer service departments!!!! Not a happy camper with Kohls right now!!!


michael carapucci July 14, 2014 at 6:10 pm

I have an outstanding credit card bill that is 4months over due and I get called about 5 times per day 7 days per week.I never wanted the card but was basically pressured into it and this is the result I cant pay it. I am unemployed and caring for sick wife and nobody in this world has a heart or cares. I was wondering if somebody in corporate would overlook the hiring process and give me a job here in keene nh store not only to pay you back but to have a life and not be evicted from my home.Thank-you.Michael carapucci


Sylvia November 18, 2014 at 10:50 pm

Dear Michael, I hope by now, things are better. And Kohls took you up on your offer to work. You don’t see this everyday. Good luck and I hope your wife is better.


Janet Delgado July 14, 2014 at 1:03 pm

I placed my online order AND added a different shipping address. To my dismay, Kohl’s shipped to my billing address IN ERROR as I physically waited for the items to show up in another state. I was not aware of this until UPS sent me a notice (thank you) that the item was ready for delivery to the wrong house. I was told by UPS to contact Kohl’s to return the shipment directly to the Kohl’s warehouse for credit. No extra charge by UPS. I contacted Kohl’s Customer Service and they told me it would be done. Two days later, I receive an email stating my request was denied. So I call again. The nice young lady says “oh, I see the problem” and enters the information for the UPS pick up. Once again, my request is “denied”. I call again. I explain these items are sitting on the porch of a house I left 2 weeks ago. My neighbors moved out and I have no one local to determine if the items are still there after 2 weeks. I have no immediate plans to return. I am told by the Customer Service person in Monterrey, MEXICO they cannot help me because the “back office department” has decided against correcting this matter. I cannot speak to a supervisor and there is no other level of management to assist me. Really?? I thought Kohl’s cares, but with a customer service in Mexico denying service, my loyalty to this would be USA company is under serious consideration. Bargains or not, this is unacceptable!


Neddro Hall July 10, 2014 at 11:41 pm

After making a decision to shop at Kohl’s two days this week and bring a friend who opened up a charge card account, I feel much regret!! I was having a pretty good shopping experienced until I was rudely interrupted by Colleen while speaking to another floor supervisor about a damaged pair of shorts. She had a mouth full of gum and was loud and rude. She told me to go and buy a lint brush to clean a pair of black shorts that had food on it. She pretended that she couldn’t see the white marks on the shorts. She said, “Where, where, I don’t see nothing.” I took a picture of the stains. I couldn’t believe that was her answer to my question of asking for a discount. I asked three floor sales people to help me find another pair of shorts that was clean. They all turned me down. No one bother. Their answer we put everything out. I then headed to customer service to speak to a manager that was certainly useless. He told me that keys in the pocket causes these type of marks. I couldn’t understand because the pants never left the store. I also noticed that the other supervised was allowed to help her friend. The manager took 20 minutes to come out of his office. He was not willing to give me a discount. I don’t appreciate the rude manner in which he handle a customer who hand a cart full with items that had been embarrassed by one of his employees! I usually shop at Macy’s. I don’t get that type of treatment when I’m patronizing their business. Your new customer will be canceling her card too. She witnessed the whole ordeal, good management would have handled this better!! Disappointed with Colleen and especially the manager Ernie Agudelo. He was not very professional and Colleen was very out of line. No wonder the store is empty most of the time. They are NOT doing their jobs and they don’t care about the customers.


Amy October 28, 2014 at 1:28 pm

your surprised clothes are dirty. Customers leave everything on the floor. roll over them with your carts. spill bodily fluids from every direction everywhere, and destroy the store. we usually have one person working the misses juniors and mens floor. on good days we will have 2. we cover back up calls, breaks for cashiers jewelry and customer service, Half the time we miss our breaks. we have to clean disgusting smelly fitting rooms, wait on you guys as if we were your personal shoppers, try and fold down tables, clean up the crap left all over the place all for $8 an hour. that’s just a smidgen of what Kohls employees do during there work day. we have managers that speak rudely to there associates.


Sylvia November 18, 2014 at 11:01 pm

This is the second time I’ve seen your complaining…so why not get another job where you’d be happier, if that’s even possible, clearly you hate the one you have and the people too. And those you’re referring to aren’t necessarily the people on this site. Bodily fluids….really…. I realize there are some scumbags, and ruin it for others, but don’t take that attitude with everyone. And wtf ever happened to decent work ethics anyway! We aren’t all like that. In fact, I help pick crap up all the time and help straighten up whenever I’m in stores, don’t even ask me why! wtf!


Heather Devon July 7, 2014 at 10:49 am

I have been calling Kohls Corporate office for a solid week only to be directed by voice mail to the “Operator” where I receive a recording then disconnected!!!!!!!!!!!! Similar unprofessional service in the store.

I am a teacher and one of my colleagues (who happens to be a lovely Christian woman who is kind and loving to all) told me she ripped up her Kohls credit card and will not shop there anymore. I was surprised and when school let out I went on a little shopping “binge” and shopped at Kohls instead of my usual stores. I NOW KNOW WHY SHE SEVERED HER TIES WITH KOHLS!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not been able to speak to anyone in any authority. I spent hours on hold just to speak to someone in customer service who was unable/unwilling to help me. I hear from Kohls all the time Sales/Bills etc but cannot get a return call to handle this situation. To make matters even worse………..I never get my Kohls Rewards cash via email like promised. If I don’t get some resolution shortly I will be amongst the former customers as well. I have never been more disappointed in a store in my life.


ed October 26, 2014 at 7:34 am

Good luck I’ve been trying to reach someone for 6 months to get my $410.00 (corporate refund) b.s.


Gloria Nakamoto July 6, 2014 at 5:01 pm

To the CEO this message is in regard to a manager store Kohl;s in Santa Clara, CA as I saw this manager touching his lower part and other customers and associates been seeing this manager doing so often. It’s discuss it when you walk to store and happen to notice this type of behavior. Have them taken out of the store or address him that he shouldn’t been doing it at all. Gross//////.


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