JCPenney Corporate Office

JCPenney Corporate Office Address

J.C. Penney Company, Inc.
6501 Legacy Dr
Plano, TX 75024

Contact JCPenney

Phone Number: (972) 431-1000
Fax Number: (972) 431-1362
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CEO: Ronald B. Johnson
CFO: Kenneth H. Hannah
COO: Michael W. Kramer

JCPenney History

JCPenney, also called JCP or Penneys, was founded by James Cash Penney in 1902 as the Golden Rule Store.  Penney bought out his 2 partners in 1907 and began calling the stores J.C. Penny in 1913.  There were 35 stores at this time.

By 1917, there were 175 stores in 22 states.  In 1924, the 500th store was opened.  The 1000th store opened in 1928.

By 1941, JCPenney was operating in all lower 48 states.  They were over 1600 stores.

In 1956, the chain began advertising nationwide in Life magazine.  In 1959, the JCPenney credit card was launched.

In 1963, the JCPenney catalog was launched.  The catalog portion of the business was not profitable until 1971.

In 1971, founder James Penney died.

In 1993, JCPenney became the largest catalog retailer in the US.  In 2011, they closed their catalog business.

Today, the company operates over 1100 department stores in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.  Most locations are in suburban shopping malls.




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Vanessa Figueiras April 17, 2014 at 10:46 pm

Let me just say I will no longer shop at J C Penney. I was given a beautiful pair of earrings from a friend she was trying to cheer me up as I have cancer. Well the earrings are to heavy and I went to J C Penneys to either exchange or get store credit as I did not have a receipt. The jewelry is brand new in the box and in the bag. I was not asking for money just store credit and was told they could not do anything. I have never had this problem at Sears, or Macys so from now on I will no longer be a J C Penny customer. So if you wonder why your company is doing bad look at your customer service practices.


mary neuman April 16, 2014 at 3:56 pm

I am totally disgusted to find out JC Pennys gives out my information. I just got a call from Stonebridge Life because of my JCP charge card account.
How dare you share any information! As a customer I “trust” that all, no matter how insignificant the information is, would be kept PRIVATE. I don’t appreciate being set up for any scam that comes along because your company is more concerned about making the all mighty dollar at the expense of your customers.
Dissatisfied customer, Mary Neuman


Alejandra April 14, 2014 at 8:16 pm

I had an appointment at the portrait studio and was 10-15 minutes late. When I arrived, the girl working refused to take my family and I in. I told her we would be willing to wait since we were all ready and she wouldn’t do it. We walked around the mall to see if there were any other portrait studios and decided to go back to reschedule our appointment and the studio was closed. I guess the girl wasn’t willing to stay an extra 15 minutes to help us. Now I understood why she refused. I want to share with JCPenney that I used to work for State Farm Insurance and there were times when I would walk back into my office, turn my computer back on, and help a customer who was late for whatever reason(life happens).Not because I was told to do so but because I believe in GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE! I won’t be going back to this studio and I’m sure your worker couldn’t care less. However, I hope this complaint will reach someone who actually cares. I have been there before but loyalty meant nothing!


VM April 15, 2014 at 1:22 pm

That’s horrible! Because it’s not about the convenience of the customers at JC Penney, it’s all about the convenience of the employees. Customer are supposed to make their job easy, I guess.


VM April 14, 2014 at 4:38 am

I took my daughter to JC Penney Portraits studio for her 7th birthday picture and spring class picture on April 11, 2014 at 3:40 pm. I have been taking my daughter to two different JC Penney Portraits Studios in Las Vegas, NV since she was a baby. We used to live in Las Vegas and the JC Penney Studios where I used to take my daughter always gave us good customer service experience. So I became a loyal customer to JC Penney Portrait Studio after they have gained my trust and respect. That is why when my family moved to Colorado, I immediately looked for another JC Penney Portrait Studio so that I could continue the pictures for my daughter’s special moments, just like when she was a baby. Unfortunately, I haven’t been getting good customer service experience at the New Center Point JC Penney Portrait studio location here in Colorado Springs, CO.

Though I haven’t been satisfied with the New Center Point location since the very first time I took my daughter there after moving to Colorado Springs, I tolerated the photographers and the manager because this is the closest JC Penney to the air force base of where we live. The photo shoot at this location is always rushed. They even rush the customers to select their pictures right away. It didn’t matter if they were busy or not. The allotted photo session is all the same. I don’t know if this is JC Penney’s policy but this alone ruins the experience for the customers. This is not a work of a professional photographer. Taking pictures should take time. Selecting the best pictures takes time. It’s a process. Customers should be able to enjoy the photo shoot and should be given enough time to select the pictures without being rushed and being pressured to choose the pictures they want right away. JC Penney photographers are supposed to be professionals, as they claimed, but there is nothing professional about the employees from this location at all. I know JC Penney cares about customer satisfaction because I see it when I’m shopping at the store. There is always an associate on the floor greeting every customer and they are always offering their assistance. This is why I started shopping at JC Penney just for this very reason. I’m the type of customer who value companies that value their customers. I recommend good companies to friends and families. But I am also the type of customer who tells family and friends and social media when I have a bad customer service experience with a company. Unfortunately, JC Penney’s great customer service does not extend to the studio. Besides from my dissatisfactions with the New Center Point in the past, the last two photo sessions of my daughter was the worst. I wasn’t planning of bringing my daughter back to this location anymore but the pictures was for her birthday and I just renewed our membership again back on April 20, 2013. So I decided to give the New Center Point location another chance last Friday on April 11, 2014.

The first worse experience we had was back in October 2013. I brought my daughter in for her second grade photo. The photographer at the time, Stacy, took the required information from me including my membership information. I didn’t worry about my membership at the time because I knew I just renewed it back in April. But after I selected all the pictures I wanted, I was told that my membership was expired. Even if that were true, Stacy should have let me know before the session and not after. I tried telling Stacy that my membership couldn’t be expired because we were just at the studio a couple of months back and that I just renewed my membership that year and the year before. So I started questioning her and the studio for making me pay for membership every year. But she wouldn’t hear it. Rather than listening to what I have to say first and actually looking into the system to find out what had happened, she humiliated me in front of the other customers and turned me away. I tried telling her that maybe they got my name wrong, as they have done in the past, but she wouldn’t even try to help me. I even told her that my name was under different names because they kept misspelling my name and last name in the past and that I have been trying to get them to fix it each time I come in but they always tell me that the name didn’t matter. Stacy was already focusing on the next customers without even trying to help and solving my issue first. So my daughter and I left. I have never been humiliated in my life! But, just to prove Stacy wrong, I came back within an hour with the last photo proof receipt from our last visit back in April. On that photo proof it shows that I just paid my membership on April 20, 2013. This time Joanne, the store manager, was helping me because Stacy was already gone for the day. There were no other customers in the studio and most of the lights were out already, including the ones inside the studio. Joanne and another associate were just sitting on their chairs talking to each other. After I told Joanne what just happened, I asked her kindly if she could retake the pictures because I didn’t want to purchase the pictures that Stacy took. I told Joanne that I didn’t want to be reminded of the horrible customer experience I had with Stacy every time I look at my daughter’s pictures. But Joanne was quick to say no. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, especially from a manager. I asked her why, she told me that they don’t take pictures after 5pm and that everything is shut down after 5pm. Joanne asked us to just make another appointment for some other time. I told her that it was impossible because we were going out of town for my daughter’s Fall break and that I don’t understand why she couldn’t just take the pictures again rather than making us come back. I reminded her about the inconvenience she was putting me through. But Joanne was adamant about it and gave me no other choice. Rather than helping me since we were already at the studio, a customer who is in front of her, her solution was to turn us away and make us come back. Even after she saw my daughter who was dressed for the pictures already. As a manager, that was the best solution she could give me. She did offer to take the picture though if I rescheduled and offered a free 8 x 10 for my trouble. Offering a free picture does not solve the fact that Joanne’s lack of knowledge on customer requirements is horrible. Really, JC Penney! Is this how you train your managers? Joanne also lied about Stacy’s name. She told me that the photographer that took the picture wasn’t Stacy, when in fact I asked Stacy for her name.

We did manage to come back and Joanne did take the pictures. Though she took good pictures, I still didn’t like the fact that she made us come back. I saw that as a power trip on her part. She made me feel that she had the power to do that to me and there was nothing I could do about it. She thought right. I felt helpless because I had no other choice. She did manage to figure out the problem, my name was under different names. I have been trying to get them to fix my account but they never did. Does it really take that long to figure out your own system? Would it really be too much for Joanne and Stacy to go above and beyond to help a customer in need?

The second worst experience we had was on Friday, April 11, 2014. Nikki was the photographer and she was working by herself. When my daughter and I got to the studio, there was only one male customer with us but he was only there to select the pictures that his daughters took early on. When I made the appointment on the phone, I specifically said that the photos are for my daughter’s birthday and class picture. Upon our arrival at the studio, I told Nikki again that the pictures were for a class picture and birthday but to put more focus and spend more time on the birthday pictures because I just wanted something simple for the class picture anyway. Nikki took a total of sixteen pictures for both the birthday and class pictures. Out of those sixteen pictures, I only liked one picture from each session because the poses weren’t that great, my daughter’s smiles weren’t natural, and most of the time my daughter wasn’t even looking in the camera. This is the first time ever that I had few pictures to choose from. I normally have a hard time selecting the photos I want because my daughter takes great pictures regardless if the photo shoot is rushed, the poses are so generic, or the photographer is not even that great. But this time, I was so disappointed and upset because out of all the photos that Nikki took, I could only pick one from the birthday and one from the class pictures. I didn’t mind the only one picture I picked from the class picture because I only wanted one good pose to make a package from it in the first place. But I wanted a 10 x 13 multi pictures from the birthday shoot because I always get a10 x 13. But I couldn’t have the multi pictures because there was only one good picture I actually liked. For the birthday pictures, Nikki took seven pictures of my daughter and one picture of the balloon that we brought with us per my request. She couldn’t even take a good picture of the balloon. I wasn’t satisfied with her work so I kindly asked her to retake the birthday pictures and to not do the generic poses that they do so much because I already have those poses at home. I kindly asked Nikki to be creative with the poses and to give my daughter something new. I also asked her for a prop, like the number 7 for my daughter’s age or something nice to use for the pictures. There was no number 7 so Nikki spelled out the number. I asked for unique poses, she just had my daughter lay on the floor behind the word ‘seven’ and that was it. She claimed that she took good pictures the second time but those pictures didn’t load for me to see, unfortunately. But rather than just retaking the pictures again, Nikki tried calling the help desk and she wasted a lot of time on the phone just to be put on hold from around 3:49pm until after 5pm. But my daughter and I still waited patiently. I don’t know why Nikki just didn’t retake the pictures because that would have been a faster solution. We came in at 3:40 and got done before 3:50 including the retake. By the time she got a hold of somebody from the help desk, she was also taking personal calls from her cell phone. Her cell phone on the counter kept ringing while she was at work. She even asked the person from the help desk to hold because she had to take her personal phone call. That was so unprofessional.

The help desk couldn’t help her because they couldn’t find the retake pictures. Meanwhile, the next group of family after my appointment already showed up for their 5:20pm appointment. I thought they didn’t take pictures after 5pm, according to Joanne from my last visit. After seeing the next group, I knew Nikki wasn’t going to help me anymore. I was right. Nikki gave me two options: 1) To take the pictures that she originally took or 2) To make another appointment. I told her that I’m not making another appointment because I just pulled my daughter from school an hour and half early just to come in for the picture. I told her that I’m not available to come back again because I don’t have the time. But she kept insisting on the two options she was giving me because she had to help the next customers already. What about me? I asked. She asked me what I wanted to do. I told her that I wanted a retake because we were there first since 3:40pm and that she needed to take care of the issues with us first before she takes on another customer. She kept insisting that she couldn’t do that because if she retakes the pictures again, it would push the other family’s appointment back so she gave me the two options again. She even asked me if I wanted to talk to Joanne on the phone. I said no because I knew Joanne was not going to help me. At that moment, I was already upset. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Nikki called Joanne again to tell her that I wanted a retake. Unfortunately, Joanne’s solution to a dissatisfied customer is to make them come back. Joanne could care less about the inconvenience she is causing her unhappy customer. Joanne could care less if the customer walked out upset. Apparently, customer satisfaction is not guaranteed at this location! Nikki even had the audacity to blame my daughter for not looking in the camera. Is this part of their training, JC Penney? To put the blame on the customers when things go wrong. I told Nikki that it was her job to make sure that my daughter was looking in the camera. That is why she has a high-tech camera with a play back button to make sure that her customers are looking at the camera. She said she couldn’t see behind the camera and when she looked at the pictures, they looked fine to her. Then what is the purpose of the monitor inside the studio? Rather than just retaking the pictures quickly, which usually take less than ten minutes anyway, Nikki wasted a lot of time arguing with me and kept giving me the two options I was supposed to choose from. Those were the only two options and they weren’t going to make me a satisfied customer. In the end, I relented because I knew I wasn’t coming back to any JC Penney studio anymore. Nikki and Joanne made it clear that they weren’t gong to help me. I also felt bad for the family after me, whom I had to apologize to. I was so upset and embarrassed by this experience. However, I was more hurt because my daughter’s pictures didn’t turn out the way I wanted and I felt forced to buy something I wasn’t happy with. So I asked Nikki for the free pictures in exchange for my inconvenience. But those free pictures didn’t make me feel better when my daughter and I got home. I was still so upset. The whole experience still upset me throughout the weekend. There is no amount of free pictures that could replace the hurt and the horrible service that Nikki and Joanne provided me.

I had something fun planned for my daughter after her photo appointment. I didn’t plan on being at the studio for two hours so I left my daughter’s snacks and water in the car. My daughter waited patiently with me and didn’t complain at all even when she started getting hungry and tired after 5 o’ clock. But Nikki and Joanne could care less about their customers. All they care about is getting as many people. Shame on you, JC Penney if this is your policy! Your New Center Point location does not care about customer satisfactions. They don’t care about delivering quality service. They make it known to their customers that they are more important and that customers are supposed to take what they are given.

JC Penney, your manager’s solution to a customer’s dissatisfaction and inconvenience is to make the customer reschedule again. Shame on you for hiring a manager like Joanne to run your studio. There are plenty of managers out there who are more qualified than her and more knowledgeable about customer requirements. Do you really think that you won’t lose prospects and loyal customers over a horrible customer service? What ever happened to taking “stunning portraits while delivering a delightful guest experience, JC Penney? There was nothing delightful about Nikki and Joanne. Where do you find the people you hire to manage your studio? What’s your customer service policy? Do you even care about customer satisfaction? How do you expect to make loyal customers when your own employees can’t even deliver a quality service? Obviously all JC Penney cares about is how many customers they can take every ten minutes. No wonder why they rush their customers. Nikki ruined my daughter’s 7th birthday picture and the experience. Thanks to her, that’s what I’m going to remember when I look at my daughter’s picture. According to your JC Portraits website, “jcpportraits is committed to offering their customers superior service and providing high-quality, professional portraits while Creating Memories for a Lifetime”. Your New Center location really proved to me that this is a lie. I won’t be returning to any of your locations. I will surely not recommend JC Penney to anyone anymore.


Alejandra April 14, 2014 at 8:17 pm

I completely agree with how rushed the staff is. The customer service and experience are awful!


VM April 15, 2014 at 1:19 pm

It’s hard to find good customer service nowadays, sadly. But JC Penney studio takes the lead on poor customer service.


Karen April 13, 2014 at 11:52 am

I started shopping here when my husband lost his business. (4-5 yrs ago) I found that you could get wonderful deals, and it was an easy shopping experience. Now, you can not even find anyone at the checkout counters. (memorial City Mall location-Houston Texas 77024) When the line was over 5 deep, I asked for a manger. The woman that showed up was VERY rude and unprofessional!!!!! In addition to that horrible experience, I got a $25 late charge on my credit card. I have written to them explaining the circumstance (I was out of the country & my debit card that I use to pay my bill was deactivated due to the Target breach), and they will not waive it. So due to these horrendous experiences, I can certainly understand how JC Penny has alienated their customers-count me one and out!!


Edi April 12, 2014 at 8:52 pm


I shop at the Bay Plaza, Bronx NY office. While the store is undergoing changes in many facets of its operations, I am wondering why there is no assistance in the fitting rooms. It has become a “free for all” and oftentimes the mess can be overwhelming, not to mention the confusion on whether the rooms are occupied or “do I just go in?”. Hopefully this is only a transitinal issue.


Kara kimbrough April 12, 2014 at 10:50 am

I love JCP I buy clothes and shoes etc….I also have been getting my eye brows done here for many years and I went yesterday and this lady put some extremely hot wax on my face and burned me I called and spoke to the store manager who assured me that the salon manager would be calling at 10am which she never did so I called them at 1045am and spoke to a very nice girl who said her manager was very well I was burned but it was her day off and would the stylist who burned me to give me a call when she gets in,


Marisol April 10, 2014 at 2:15 am

Cannot find an email or direct phone number to get your opinion or complaint heard, had a horrible customer service on April 1st, JCP photography area employees are very rude, have no manners and do not know how to resolve issues I left my phone number and name trying to talk to the Manager from that department and still have not heard anything back from them. They do not have clear communication or work ethic skills and I left that department without making a scene after the horrible treatment they showed as I was with my children but if pisses me off that they can treat customers in that way, it is not my job to figure out or tell them what to, or how to do their job but if they are not going to do it how it’s suppose to be done, seeing as that is why they get paid, maybe they shouldn’t be doing it. I will not go into big details as it is apparent they don’t read this crap anyways.


Marisol April 10, 2014 at 2:17 am

Complaint is regarding following location
Thanks for getting back to me by the way.
444 Chicago Ridge Mall
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
(708) 499-0840


Norma April 8, 2014 at 1:14 pm

I placed an on-line order and instead of paying the $8.00 shipping fee, I decided to pick-up the order when it came in at the closest Penney’s store which is about 25 miles. Since it said shipping was FREE to the Penney’s store, I planned to possibly shop for other items at Penney’s when I picked up my order. When processing my order, it showed an $8.00 fee under shipping and handling even though I checked I would pick it up because that was FREE. As it turns out, it is NOT FREE, they still can charge a “Handling fee” even if you pick it up. The “Handling fee” to the store was the same as the shipping fee to my house and I, of course, had it shipped to my house. I feel this is false advertising to charge a handling fee equal to the shipping fee when they say it is FREE to pick up an order at a store. JC Penney’s is STUPID to charge a handling fee to pick up an order in their store – they loose that customer coming into the store and probably make other purchases while there. No wonder their business is declining, their management lacks any common sense.


Shaun mcgu April 8, 2014 at 2:55 am

Hi I have a couple things I would like to talk about first thing is I was in the store last week they had a nice Adidas hoodie for 39.99 the next week them same hoodies where up to $60 but on sale for $45.Theses are the type of things that make people not want to shop/support you guys and it’s sad because I can remember as a kid going to jcp every week end then going out for breakfast so it’s something I identify with and to see it going down hill this way is my second problem is your limitations you guys put on your egift card.We usually give our nieces and nephews and other family/ friends jcp gift cards but was told by a worker to try out the egift cards so I did only to find out later that they can only use 2 or 3 egift cards at a time.This seems pretty silly to me why would you guys want to limit how much I’m willing to spend it just don’t make sense. So can you tell me one good reason why I should continue to be a customer because from my point of view you guys are running more people off and I’m a pretty loyal person however if I feel someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes I’m going to call it out so I look forward to hearing back from you guys


Kenneth April 4, 2014 at 2:53 pm

It doesn’t pay to pay your J.C. Penney’s bill in advance. I recently had a problem with my account I had been making double payments on my account for the last 3 months, which was more that the $25.00 min, payment. I was paying a $100.00 at the store every month toward the month due bill and toward the month coming up. I found out that even though I was making these additional payments and asking the cashier to apply the payments as such. I was getting credit for trying to be a good customer, but was still charge a late fee. I have a very small balance and my min. was always $25.00 dollars so I decided to make more than min and double up on the bills to keep from having to drive out to the mall every month. This meant nothing to J.C. Penney’s! You would think a business would appreciate a customer paying their bill on time and in advance, but i feel like I am being ripped off cause they take my money and still charge me a late fee so my bill never gets paid down! I plan on writing a letter to the CEO. This is bull!


Jackie Noel April 3, 2014 at 1:07 am

Years ago I purchased a coat at JCPenneys. Tonight I’m saddened to find out that the fur around the hood is REAL and comes from China. In China, animals are skinned alive for their fur and then the fur is sent back here to the U.S. to be put on our clothing. This coat is a St. John’s Bay. At the time I bought it I wasn’t aware of what the animals suffer as they lose their fur, I really didn’t think much about animal fur. Now I’m horrified and if Penneys still puts animal fur on its clothes I want to know, cause I won’t shop there any more. please reply.


Joan March 30, 2014 at 8:00 pm

When are you going to bring back women’s St John’s Bay pants. They were the best pants ever. You need to bring them back.


Carrie March 28, 2014 at 6:32 pm

I am steamed..I went to JCPenny in Saginaw, Michigan and bought a Citizens watch for my boyfriend. I told the salesperson that it was for my boyfriends birthday she stated that she got her husband one and he loved it..So I give it to him for his birthday and come to find out it is a female watch. I called and spoke to the manager and her solution was to return it. Ok but the cheapest male Citizens watch they have is 200 more than I paid. She told me well
we can find another one that he will like but it will have to be
a different kind…WHAT if the sales lady would have told me
it was a womans watch I wouldnt have gotten it I would have spent the extra on the male watch because I had it at the time but I dont have two extra hundred dollars laying around…I am closing my credit account and never shopping at JC Penny again…they used to be a very reputable store not no more if they were they would have made this right


Anne March 27, 2014 at 2:42 pm

There’s no way to email -all “email us links” go nowhere. So here’s my complaint: I am writing to complain about deceptive steps taken to get me to open a jc Penney credit card. Last Saturday while shopping ay West Towne mall in Madison WI I was asked by a very nice salesman if I wanted to join the jcpenney rewards program. He told me it was easy, he told me that I’d get $10 for every $100 I spent. He told me I could use my debit card to make my purchases. At no time did he tell me it involved a credit card. He asked for my license so that I wouldn’t have to spell my name for him. He had me key in my ssn and household income and my husbands name but again…there was no mention of a credit card. When I got home and looked at the disclosures I realized that I had applied for a credit card. This is deceptive! I want the card cancelled and I want any record that I applied or obtained credit to be cleared from my credit report. But it appears that I have to write a letter!!!!!! Or call -but I want this in writing! Where are you JCPenney?????


Annette March 27, 2014 at 11:03 am

Will NEVER!!!!!! Shop or darken
the doorway of any jcpenny in my lifetime! Have never felt so disrespected by a employee in my life! Someone needs to train employees on customer service and on how to do hair at salon!!!


Stephanie March 25, 2014 at 6:40 pm

My Boyfriend bought me a ring for our anniversary. I only had it for a year and I have never had so many problems! We sent it out multiple times because the ring lost it’s color. It was a light blue color now its white. We also sent it out because the band broke. When I got it back the band of the ring wasn’t fixed. You could still see where it broke. It broke in the same place 2 days later! Today the band bent. I brought it in the the Joliet Illinois Jcpennys and told them the band bent and I am sick of sending it out its one problem after the next. The employee WAS BEYOND RUDE. I could not believe the service! She is standing behind the counter rolling her eyes at me and accusing me of bending it because I want the money. I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE SERVICE IT WAS HORRIBLE! she took the ring and told me they will be calling me because the way the ring is bent isnt normal. So they will be calling me asking me questions! THATS REDICULOUS. I SHOULDNT HAVE PEOPLE CALLING ME ASKING ME QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED. WE PAYED FOR THE LIFETIME WARRANTY. another employee told me if there was another problem with the ring they would return it and I would get my money back!! This employee said store credit. I don’t want a store credit I was my $96.00 back!

I am hoping for a email after this because I would like to speak to someone from corporate. After this experience I WILL NOT BE SHOPPING AT JCPENNYS AGAIN!


lucia March 25, 2014 at 3:16 pm

i purchsed a couple shirts maybe 1 month ago but they left the metal detector on it , i didnt notice until i wanted to wear it one day. ive lost the recipt because i dint notice until maybe a week later and i didnt have the time to go take it sooner, today i wanted to wear it and realised the magnet thing was still on so i call the store jc penny edingburg and they say they cant do nothing for me without a recipt!! well its not my fault the cashier left the magnet thing on it, so now what ??? i dont get to wear my shirt i bought?? jc penny took my money they should take off the detector !!! i will never shop at a jc penny again!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous March 25, 2014 at 10:15 pm

I just read that the CEO has received a big raise. For the past two months employees have endured pay reductions and drastically reduced hours. Some longtime employees (20 plus years) have even been denied health care benefits because their hours were reduced below company full time reqirements. All the while these employees are being told to hang in there, things will get better. The employees bend over backwards trying to make up for the mistakes that the corporate CEO changes have caused. Those taking the heat and still smiling and doing everything they can to keep it going, get crap.


Renee March 24, 2014 at 10:15 pm

**PLEASE READ** I am a regular customer at the JCPenny Salon in Orange Park Mall, Orange Park, FL. My regular stylist left to pursue a job in another state leaving me to have to try one of the other stylists in the salon. On FrIday March 21, 2014, I had an appointment with stylist “Annie”. Annie asked if I wanted a rinse with my perm. I replied, “No, maybe next time”. After perming, shampooing and drying my hair, she said she would trim my ends. Key word here TRIM. Instead of a trim, she gave me A FULL BLOWN HAIR CUT!! She cut my hair into A BOB! I knew something was wrong when she didn’t hand me a mirror so that I could see the back of my hair. I grabbed a mirror from one of the other stations and saw that my hair was now at least 6 INCHES SHORTER! I AM DEVASTATED! When I asked her “WHY WHY WHY did you cut my hair, she’s implied replied “breakage”. To add insult to injury she CHARGED ME FOR THE CUT! I paid for the service and left shaking and angry. The next morning I called and spoke to the manager (the manger had gone home for the day at the time of service). The manager refunded my $85, however I WOULD RATHER HAVE MY HAIR! It took me years to grow my hair out! Trying to style and manage my new MUCH SHORTER hair is a heartbreaking and depressing challenge. Annie was determined to get more money out of me from the time I sat in her chair and when I turned down her offer for a rinse she took it upon herself to CUT MY HAIR WITHOUT MY CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE. What Annie did was UNETHICAL inconsiderate, selfish and down right CRUEL! This website is the first stop in the complaints that I plan to file against her. I will file a BBB complaint as well as a complaint with the State Regulatory Commission. She must be held accountable for her actions and someone must make certain that this will not happen again!


Anonymous March 25, 2014 at 10:32 pm

Wow. I do not beleive this is Annies fault. I think you have issues with chang. Yes it is upsetting to lose a trusted stylist that knows you well. That being said, have you ever stopped to think about how much instruction you gave Annie. A trim and a haircut are the same exact thing. Did you specify exactly how much to trim. Perms are very damaging to hair, I didn’t even know that people still got them. Maybe when you said “trim” she thought you meant to get rid of the damage. Hair is hair, it groes back. As for her trying to get your money, it is her job, that is how hairstylist make a living. Salons coach their stylist to offer other services to everyone. It is a business. Your other stylist alresdy knew you were a cheap skate, so she knew not to ask. I’m guessing your hair looks a lot better. As for reporting her, what grounds do you have? Did she give you chemical burn to the point that your hair will notgrow back, are you damaged for life, did she threaten you physically in any way? My guess is that as soon as you left, you were so mean to her that she ran to the backroom in tears, while the other stylist sat and made fun of you. YOU should pull your big girl panties on and appologize to her, give her the money you took from her pocket for the time she spent trying to pleade you that she could have been using to please somone else. You should be ashamed of yourself for throwing such a child’s tantrum.


Renee March 26, 2014 at 4:45 pm

You have no idea what your talking about you are so far off base til it’s comical. I didn’t ask her to trim my hair and HELLO GENIUS….there is a big difference between a trim and cutting someone’s hair into a bob. I took it up with the manager and not with Annie directly so again you are WAY OFF THE MARK!! She kept the tip that I gave her, so cheapskate I am not!! Get a clue and find something else to do. ANONYMOUS??!!! Really? At least I gave my name so if anyone needs big girl panties ITS YOU.


Annette March 27, 2014 at 11:40 am

I too am fed up with jcpenny salon!!! Will never shop there again!


Annette March 27, 2014 at 7:42 pm

Also, I totally agree with ya! The anonymous person who replied to ya probably works for jcpenny!!! What a moron they are! Our hair means alot to us!!! That’s why I’m so pissed!! My hair will never be the same! And I had to find another salon to fix my hair the best they could!! Jcpenny told me (the salon)that I was too hard to please and I needed to not come back! You couldn’t pay me to go back!!

Tina Goebel March 23, 2014 at 2:01 pm

I went to a Salon in Vancouver Wa today. I was getting my hair dyed blond I have been ther before. I had one other bad experience. I should never have went back. She turned my hair red with a blotch of red where the highlights where suppose to be. She blamed the hair color and told me I could come back in a week if I still did not like it. It looked bad and she was going to let me leave. I told her she needed to fix it . She was very irritated. So she stripped my hair and then put some other coloring on it and it came out strawberry blonde. It is now frizzy and still not the color it was supposed to be. She still charged my credit and I left in tears.


M. Merenick March 20, 2014 at 8:40 am

I just wanted to start by saying how grateful I am that I had my hair done at your JC Penney Salon in Hermitage, Pa in the Shenango Valley Mall store. A friend of mine recommended it, but I usually get my hair done locally in Mercer, Pa. I had gotten my hair done at a JC penney Salon a while back and I was throughly disgusted by the service I received! I do have to say that this time I felt right at home from the moment I walked into the salon. For being a smaller not very up to date salon it was very organized and well run. I was impressed by the professionalism of all the staff, especially the Salon Manager Kyle. He made me feel at home right from the beginning and the whole time I was there I was impressed by the respect he showed to all the stylists and customers in the salon. He was willing to help them out with whatever they needed. It showed that he really cared about the customers and his staff. It’s not everyday you run across someone in the service industry that takes great pride in what they do. The higher ups in the JC Penneys can take some pointers from him in the regards to Customer Service! Its not always about the almighty dollar, sometimes its about treating people right! You need to be proud to have such a dedicated manager working for your organization. Now I can honestly say I have found a new salon to take care of my needs and will pass this experience on to all of my friends. Thank you all at JC Penneys Corp. for having such thoughtful staff and great service.
M. Merenick
Mercer, Pa.


Lydia Valdez March 19, 2014 at 4:00 pm

December, 2013

Laredo, Texas J.C.Penny we only have one local store. I had received a 20% coupon to be used along with my credit card. This store is a two story building. My first purchase was a pair of boots and a lady’s scarf. Which I used my coupon and then the associate marks my coupon with an X on it. I asked her why did you do this she said I been told to do so. I said but, I need to continue to purchase more gifts upstairs and now I can’t use it again. She just continue to tell me I’ve been told to do that. I asked her to call a supervisor which she tried several times on a radio to where no one was coming. I asked her don’t you have more the one or call your Director. She then pointed at me that the supervisor was by the shoe department. I had to walk ever as she was carring a coversation/laughing with an assoicate. I asked her if she was a supervisor which she answer yes what do you want in spanish. I told her the problem and she said that’s what we been told to do. The coupon in no place was it written to be used once only plus if that was the case I couldn’t be carrying all the merchandise with my hands and expected to continue shopping as they don’t have shopping carts or shopping bags like other stores in San Antonio, Texas or Houston, Texas has as that is the other stores I shop at. San Antonio is 150 miles away so I’m not just able to drive over just any time I want to shop. I was really upset because the so call supervisor kept saying in spanish that was the rule given to her. I asked to talk to a Director so by that time me being upset two other assistant persons came over because no upper management seemed to be around. They appoloized and gave me other coupons. A little late as I was already upset and left the store to shop where my money and other coupons were offered. So when I asked why was the associates told to mark the X on the coupon not to be used againg one of the so call assistant told me that corporate gives them the instructions because the MEXICANS tend to take advanatge. First of all the coupon if used once or six times its still only 20% off no matter what. I’m Latin and if I should be anyother race my money is good and my credit card is well used and my cash money also. San Antonio, Texas has plenty of Mexicans and other races who spend there monies also. All stores have a shopping cart and or shopping bags expect Laredo (maybe the MEXICANS still them ?). So will someone tell me the true about the 20% coupons and the MEXICANS taking advanatge of the coupons. The Laredo Supervisors either don’t understand directions been given or you need better communication directed to them. I took long to send this e-mail because I wasn’t sure if this was worth my faustration. I do my shopping in San Antonio when I go and I even visited the Beauty Salon this last time. Bad experience with I guess non qualified supervisors.


Elena Dippold March 19, 2014 at 2:53 pm

On March 15, 2014, I was at the jewelry counter in Dubois, Pa. This JCPenney store had for sale a “Sterling Silver” set which consisted of a Necklace, Earrings, Bangle and Ring with diamonds for $550.00. The Sterling Silver sign was quite large, but when I asked whether it was true Sterling, the girl did not know. I love Sterling and could tell that it was plated (which means it will wear off and is basically “Costume” jewelry). On the tag on the bottom of the box it stated that it was plated, but you could only read it with a magnifying glass. They also did not know what the Sterling was plated over. Now, please, JC Penney, false advertising does not go a long way. This is basic junk jewelry, and for the price I found the whole situation unreal. The store blamed it on Corporate, and after I talked to the Corporate office, they blamed it on the store. Considering the amount of money I have spent at JC Penney over the years and will be absolutely sure to take my business elsewhere.


Michael Kuchman March 18, 2014 at 10:43 am

My wife and I recently completed a mattress purchase, at the Penny’s store, in Poughkeepsie, NY. We had received a warranty credit, from Penny’s, for our current Spring Air Brand mattress. We were so disappointed with the quality of that Penny’s mattress, that we considered giving up the credit and purchasing elsewhere. We made the decision to, at least, begin with Penny’s, to find out what we would get for our money.

Choosing such an item to purchase, upon which you will be spending one-third of your life, requires very careful attention to the details of the product, as you do your shopping comparisons.

Because Penny’s was having a mattress sale, we were anxious to begin looking, before the sale ended. Our first visit to Penny’s, was with the manager of the department. Unfortunately, the experience did not go well. The person was not knowledgeable, and we were very disappointed, with her. We left the store thinking, this is one of the reasons Penny’s is in trouble with its customers.

Two days later, we returned to the Penny’s mattress department, and this time, we were greeted by a different employee.

He introduced himself, to us, right away, and we already felt better being there this time. Thomas was a delight to deal with. We could tell right away that he was experienced with the mattress products Penny’s is selling, as well as some of the competitions. On each of two visits, with Thomas, we had gone over the details of several mattresses. He made sensible recommendations. Due to his insight, we chose not to look further than Penny’s.

We can definitely say that our purchase was directly impacted by the attention given and the knowledge that Thomas possesses. He also made us feel more comfortable in making such a large purchase ($3,000), way beyond our credit.

Penny’s has been partially bruised by driving away customers. Beleaguered
Penny’s needs to return to its “old self” and not drive customers away en masse.

One such way, is to have knowledgeable, courteous, and pleasant employees available to serve we customers, who are looking for the old Penny’s.

As Penny’s begins to implement its new marketing strategies, it will be important to have the right employees in place to help with accomplishing some of them.

Store associate, Thomas Creager, is one important step in helping Penny’s achieve their goals.


AP March 18, 2014 at 1:56 am

I went to the jcpenney store today Slatten Ranch Antioch CA. I shopped around for a while. I had a pair of shoes I was going to buy. I went into Sephora. Shopped around was there for about 10 mins. Only 2 other customers in Sephora two employees. No one came up to ask me if I needed help because I really did. I walked out. Went to the jewelry department was going to buy a watch walked around waited waited and waited the lady never bothered to help me. I walked away to go pay for my shoes. 3 employees at the register. As soon as I get up there the 3rd lady gets done with a customer. I assume I’m next so I start walking to the register the lady doesn’t even look at me she says to the two other employees OK I’m going back on the floor now. I was flabbergasted with what horrible service this place has!! I threw my shoes in the aisle and walked out and I will not ever go back that jcpenney again!!


Sophia Perez March 18, 2014 at 12:04 am

Regarding store 5050 E. Ray Road, Phoenix, AZ 85044. Rushed off work at 8:30pm got here at 8:50. They close at 9 but locked doors by the time I got there. They saw me try to open the door and turned the other way. Horrible for those of us who work late. I knew what I came for. I would’ve been 5 minutes which means I would’ve been out by the closing time which is 9pm not 8:50! People just stared at me as I was walking back to my car. Embarrassing!


Esme Perez March 17, 2014 at 4:48 pm

Hi, good day,
I have a major complaint (as well as a suggestion) about the JC Penny Salon. I have had a ‘touch’ up on my base color as well as on my hi-lites at 2 salons, base color in Pasadena, TX (Fairmont store, and hi-lites at the Wallisville store) I pay a fairly hefty price for ‘quality’ products, (as I was told y’all use Matrix & Chi) my color should last ALOT longer than one wash. I have had my hair colored at JC Penny Salons for the last 2 years, but the color ALWAYS fades w/in one wash…(because I use light colors, I only wash my hair twice a week. (and most of the times just once in the winter) I should NOT be seeing my gray hair after the first wash. This is why I come in & pay $60 for a ‘base’ color only. The hi-lites are also $60 however, the stylist that did my hair 2 weeks ago, does NOT know how to do hi-lites. I am very disappointed with the service JC Penny salons provide. After being disappointed for the last time w/the Salons, I am formerly submitting a complaint. This is ridiculous. We pay a pretty penny for quality products & stylists, only to receive poor, ‘student’ like results.
I would like some sort of ‘re-do’ at no cost to me…..I also want to question the stylists that JC Penny hires. What kind of training do they have? I know that other salons offer training to their stylists so they avoid unhappy clients….Does JC Penny offer this?
Also, what kind of policy do y’all have as far as how long a color lasts?
I know y’all have a file on me because I have to initial every time I get my hair colored, so you can have proof that I have gone to the salon many many times.
Please advise asap!


Marcy Abston March 14, 2014 at 7:01 pm

I would like to file a complaint. I placed an order online on March 2. My credit card was charged and payment posted on March 4. As of March 12 and I have not received my order or any update on my order. I contacted Customer Service and they do not know where the order is. I wanted to cancel the order but I was advised I can not cancel the order until it arrives at the store. This is very poor customer service and at the very least an update should have been provided to me I should not have to call to check on my order. And the fact that when I call there is no not an update available is very upsetting.Everyone has apologized and written out the same script, but nothing has really been done to take care of the matter. I ordered merchandise from two other companies and not only received an order confirmation but also a confirmation once the order had shipped. I also have already received the merchandise that I ordered. It has been over the 4-7 business days and still nothing.As of today 3/14/14 I finally received a refund for my order. Sadly I do not think I will be ordering from JC Penny again.


Shawna Thompson March 2, 2014 at 11:47 pm

Management here is Incompetent at the Rancho Cucamonga CA inside the Victoria Gardens, salon is a ludicrous lack of efficiency.
Came in a few day’s ago to give it a last try, meet another new manager started and ended in a hostile manner.
Filthy Salon!


Kelly February 28, 2014 at 3:16 pm

I recently had a horrible experience with the jc penney salon on salem happened on a Sunday feb 16,2014..I went in for a haircut and full foil highlight and was a returning stylist took a lot longer than usual but at the end of it all I was pleased w cut and color.however I was not pleased with the dirty looks of the manager named Sharon who kept eyeballing my stylist .there were only 2 girls on that day and a few walk ins were turned away because they were busy w I sat there the manager kept punching in xtra charges to my bill to make up for the time I was there.stylist used a flat iron on me and I was charged.also charged for two toner treatments which I hav never needed at any other time I’ve had my hair done there.when I went to pay my stylist went to scan the slip she had for me which was a cut n color and the manager told her to use the 1 she printed out.very unprofessional..still tipped out stylist 50 bucks despite her managers glares n xtra charges.contacted jc penney n was told someone would contact me.never happened .obviously they don’t give a damn.will not see my name in their computer again for an appt.


Jesse Yamashita February 27, 2014 at 9:23 am

I bought a very lovely engagement ring for my girlfriend so glad that she loved it! I got insurance plan for the ring so it’ll be covered if anything happens. Gf so excited we went back to the store and had it resized from a 7 to a 5.5. Unfortunately, the ring came back with a missing stone! I forgot what the name of the ‘expert’ was but she was very rude when she said ‘That’s ok honey, there’s always hope.’ My gf felt.bad about the ring and had second thoughts about it thats why she asked about a refund and the lady responded ‘ph honey that’s only gonna happen if you keep having issues with the ring.’ WOW, the receipt said only 60 days for returns. We went home devastated it was so obvious they don’t have QUALITY CONTROL! So they sent the ring back again for another 2 long weeks just to replace one stone! 1st waiting time is also 2 weeks btw… This is the most exciting part of all.. After a 1month wait, they callled and said the ring is abavailable for pickup, ha! We went back again and SAW THE RING WITH THE SAME PROBLEM- STILL WITH THAT MISSING STONE. SURPRISE! ANOTHER TIME WASTED! We demanded to get it replaced ASAP and the manager told us that they’re gpnna have to pay for that stone if they will not send it for 2 weeks…. It’s totally nonsense to wait for another 2 weeks! Omg my fiance was so mad and devastated she pushed that ring that far! She could’ve returned it but she didn’t. It’s sad how they make lives of other people ruined with FALSE PROMISES.

Another 2 days passed. They replaced the stone. My gf don’t feel good about going to that JC store again cuz she knows something bad will happen again. I first checked the ring and was happy about seeing a stone. Finally! But my gf who happens to be a thorough type of person noticed with her naked eye that the stone that was replaced doesnt have the same QUALITY! GOODNESS! I CAN’T BELIEVE JCPENNEY! THEY PLACED A DIFFERENT STONE AND CLAIMED IT WAS THE SAME QUALITY. THE SALES EXPERT ASKED MY FIANCE ‘WHATS WRONG HONEY?’ AND THEY LOOKED AT IT WITH WHATEVER YOU CALL THAT TOOL TO GET A CLOSER LPOK AT A DIAMOND! AND SAID ‘OH,, YEAH I SEE IT.’ WE WILL DEFINITELY COMLLAIN ABOUT THIS TO THE HUGHEST POSITION IN JCP I HATE THE FACT THAT THEY THINK THEY COULD FOOL PEOPLE ESP MY FIANCE!

We were so mad, we returned the ring to another JCP branch as we don’t trust the employees who work at that certain branch. Returning that ring and getting our money back is not a good enough compensation from what your company did to US! WILL NEVER SHOP AT YOUR STORE AGAIN EVER! JCP DECEIVED ME FOR BEING A REPUTABLE COMPANY. I CHOSE TO BUY A RING FROM YOU OVER ZALES OR KAY JEWELERS BECAUSE I THOUGHT JCP IS A GREAT CO. BUT U WAS TOTALLY WRONG! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. LIARS! FAKES!


Shannon Hensarling February 26, 2014 at 7:30 pm


I had very bad experience at the JCPenney Salon in Hattiesburg, Ms on Feburary 17,2014. I went in for a trim and color. I’ve been having to wear my hair in a bun since the first night I left. A woman named Allison asked for my info of the JCPenney Facebook page on February 21,2014 and I was told I would be contacted by management and she would look into to situation more. I’ve heard nothing back and I truly need something done about my hair. I would like to know who I can speak with and explain everything to along with sending photos.

Thanks in advance,
Shannon Hensarling


Jim Berry February 25, 2014 at 8:07 pm

I bought a pair of Towncraft string tie casual pants about 25 years ago and liked them enough to buy many more over the years and have used them on days off since then. The company seems to have dropped them from the assortment offered online. I really hope you will re-order and keep them available as I am now retired and use them daily or did until they developed holes in the knees. Please, please reorder as I don’t want to change companies for something that has become such a basic in my wardrobe. 100 percent cotton, string tie, elastic waist pant in several colors, hopefully with the town craft or St. John’s Bay label. Thanks.


Jenny Paige February 24, 2014 at 11:51 am

I’ve shopped at jcp in Texarkana Tx, since I’ve been in college that’s been 20+ years ago! I always love how jcp keeps up with the trends!! And on Saturday my family and I were shopping and we were inline to check out and we saw a sweet little sephora girl get yelled at by a really rude employee! We were close enough to hear word for word everything that was exchanged and how the sephora girl apologized and told the employee she was doing what her beauty leader told her to do! The poor girl started crying and went back to sephora! I got so offended by this women I asked to speak with the manger and found out that her name was Deborah and she was the “employee” that had degraded and abused the poor girl from sephora. I couldn’t believe that she would have talked to her like that in front of tons of customers! It’s was very embarrassing and horribly rude the way she was treated! I made my family put back all of our stuff and we had tons of clothes and home goods and we went to find that girl! I hope that someone sees this and actually does something about this or jcp will lose a lot more business!!!


Edna Odendahl February 20, 2014 at 8:54 pm

I am really upset with Penneys. I printed off a coupon for $50 off hair color and haircut. I presented the coupon and they said it was not right and would only give me $20 off and the coupon read $500 off. The manager would not honor it. I think if the coupon said $50 off I should recieve it. Please let me know about my rights. T


CHARLENE February 18, 2014 at 10:48 am

Would someone please explain to me why I cannot be given my “P.D.” number? I paid for the service and I should be entitled to all of my information concerning my vision. It should not be a policy which states that they can not give that information out, because if you receive services from any other optical store, your pupils will be measured anyway. And, what if you decide to order online? Are we forced to order from your store. I have checked the prices of the frames…not inexpensive at all. I have my prescription and all my information is on it except the pupillary distance number. Please, please do not withhold information about my eyesight. I feel as if I’m being held hostage. Revise your policy.


Cynthia February 17, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Jcpenneys Visalia CA store has the worst Manaent ever Especially Letty and Tommy. Both degrade us as workers, having nothing nice to say to anyone, and never complementing when job well done, they belittle us and don’t appreciate any of the employees there.


Dennis D. Willioams February 13, 2014 at 7:01 pm

Would someone please tell me why J C Penny’s is closing store Like in Janesville Wi. When it has been here forever . If it wasn’t for their lack of people in the store to help shoppers find items and their own business practices I think they could manage .
Also when they have to pay a fortune to a bad choice in choosing last GEO they would not have to close stores .


Tina Verble February 12, 2014 at 2:27 pm

People who pay their bills on time BEWARE!!
I have been a loyal JPC customer for 30 years! This afternoon I checked my bank account and found that when I used JCPenney’s online bill pay service they deducted my bank account TWICE and gave me a credit on my account. I went to the account website and you can clearly see that they deducted the payment twice – once on February 8 (Saturday) and again on the 9th (Sunday). I called customer service and was told that I needed to fax the Supervisor, Tina Shu, a copy of my bank statement showing that the deductions were made twice and to note my bank account number. If… IF they determined that I had been charged twice they will reimburse my account in 10-14 business days!
Wow! I learned my lesson. Never will I use the organization’s online bill pay again, and I seriously doubt I will shop there in the future.


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