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Hertz Corporate Office Address

Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.
225 Brae Blvd
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

Contact Hertz

Phone Number: (201) 307-2000
Fax Number: (201) 307-2644
Website: http://www.hertz.com
Email: Email Hertz


CEO: Mark P. Frissora
CFO: Elyse Douglas
COO: Scott P. Sider

Hertz History

The Hertz Corporation was founded in 1918 by Walter L. Jacobs.  He started the business in Chicago, IL with 12 Ford Model T cars.

In 1923, Jacobs sold the business to John D. Hertz who renamed the business to Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System.

In 1925, Hertz sold an interest in the company to General Motors.  The remaining shares were sold to GM in 1943.

In 1967, the company was purchased by RCA.

In 1987, Hertz was sold to the Ford Motor Company subsidiary Park Ridge Corporation.

In 2005, the company went public.

In 2010, Hertz acquired British Car Auctions and rival Dollar-Thrifty Automotive Group.

Today the company operates in 145 countries worldwide.  The Hertz corporate office is located in Park Ridge, New Jersey.

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Mike Hutchinson September 19, 2014 at 6:06 pm

I will follow this up via letter to Scott P. Sider, but I have a Dollar rental dispute where I had reserved a standard size vehicle and was provided a under-powered, worn-out mid-sized vehicle to negotiate the mountains of Colorado. This experience was totally unsatisfactory and will not pass.
I have told American Express not to pay the full amount and you will have to sue me to get it. My travel community …. your target audience, is listening to my stories ….. sincerely yours, Mike .. an affluent, traveling senior that knows what is fair.


Scott September 13, 2014 at 11:21 pm

First problem was the long wait at the counter to get the car. Also, minutes after leaving Hertz and getting onto the freeway the tire pressure warning light went on. Then the low windshield washer fluid light went on. I had to stop at a gas station in bad area (seriously worried about my safety and my wife’s safety) to check tire pressure. After I filled all the tires with air the warning lights went off and stayed off, but I was worried the entire time I had the rental I was going to get a flat tire. Don’t your crews there check the tire pressure before the cars go out?? and don’t they check the washer fluids that I didn’t even need to use but the warning lights and dings kept going off throughout the rental? The car was also filthy dirty!! Stains on the doors and seats in this so called PREMIUM car. When I returned the car the attendant asked was everything OK and I said no and began to tell her about the issues I had, she NEVER said a word back to me. I will try NOT to ever rent from Hertz again in the future. This is my second Hertz rental in the past two months and I should have learned my lesson from the first time in July when I had to wait in a long line to get the car.


Mark September 6, 2014 at 4:26 am

I never ever leave comments about companies but this last experience wit hertz —
Who btw in the northeast and ct has an excellent reputation for being one of the best options for car rentals.
However my last experience takes the cake.
I was on vacation August 10-17
Reserve my car through west palm beach Florida
Prepaid for my reservation via Hotwire .. Did not remember making a previous reservation a few months earlier via my corporate website.
I arrived at the airport .. Customer service suck ..
There was two less than efficient representatives helping at least twenty people waiting to be helped…after about 90 minutes being third in line and becoming frustrated I was referred to a video phone option ..(possible outsourced) representative who was incompetent at best.
I explained to the representative and also confirmed with the representative
That the reservation to be affected is the prepaid reservation.
I was guaranteed by the hertz video representative despite my reservation with our communication that I was using my prepaid reservation .. To my surprise upon returning my vehicle .. She was wrong and I ended paying twice for my rental.
It has been three weeks since I started m attempt to resolve my issue which is purely the fault of hertz and their employees.. Four dead end contacts it is line talking to a doorknob no resolution… Three meal referrals no responses beyond an automated response communicating receipt of request .
To add insult to injury .i rented a full size / premium vehicle and received a bucket with almost 60k mikes ad breaks and a bent rim which means anything over 60 mikes per hour the car was shaking violently and when you hit the breaks up the entire car vibrated .. Also alignment was off pulled to right .. When I returned the vehicle the rep at desk apologized and after looking at car stated that that car should not have been on road.
Only gets better my brother got a toyota corolla .. Trunk could not close
My sister fora a Kia with exhaust hanging and broken ..burnt so much gas
She gave up ..
Our vacation was reduced to staying at hotel and staying local all road trips reduced or cancelled …
I rent cars at least twice a month for travel and business and this experience at a minimum if not resolve in a satisfactory way will prevent me and my family and friends from ever using hertz and their spinoff companies ever again.
M next step us writing to their executive offices and social media outlets.
My last contact into their customer service center which was civil and professional ended up with the rep hanging up .. After putting me on home for about five minutes.
Hope this helps …


shantel September 2, 2014 at 11:42 pm

Hertz antioch ca suck ive been a member since 1999 and over the years has gotten worse there are never enough cars there youll wait at least 1 hour plus the cars sre dirty inside and out im a 5star member and there is 0 gold counter service available they answers the phone and leave you on jold 10 20 or even 30 minutes i have proof on my phone there is 1 employee there that goes out her way to help a customer but the others simply dnt care I have done some home work and found a few names in the cooperate offices just need to figure out thier email address


Linda S. August 29, 2014 at 9:03 pm

I have been renting a car from Hertz for my son since Jan. 15, 2014 = 7 1/2 months. We went to pay & rerent a week ago today. She gave us a balance of $4,696.00 for 12 wks & 3 days. Well we paid it, & when I got home I checked the reciept, & it said, paid $4,196.00 -$500.00 not accounted for! Her word against mine & my son. I called the HERTZEXPLAINARECIEPT. Well, she also did not deduct the 10% discount for AAA, nor a $25.00 promo discount. They said they would give me my discounts & deposit , almost $300.00 back to my debit card 2-3 days. Well, if its 10% off of $4,000.00 why wouln’t itbe $400.00? Well its been 5 days, so I called today & he said “no, 3-5 days” same department & two different *Quotes*. Also, she had both of our licenses, & we both signed, but she did not add my son as a driver, as well. Are we really supposed to accept that she took $4,696.00, & is claiming that she only took $4,196.00. The Manager, said it was under investigation, since Monday, but I have not heard a thing, & probably never will. I am sure she needs the money working for min. wages, but why us? No cameras so like I said her word against mine & my sons. Well, we ae not lying! She messed up so bad, & we are supposed to accept that????????? I am trying to let them handle it, but I don’t see anything happening, unless they give her a lie detecter test, because she did take $4,696.00 from us. $1,000.00 on my visa & the rest in cash, & my son knows wht he had in his pocket! She took that $500.00 & we are supposed to accept that???? Reading all of these complaints, makes me wish I did read these before this happened. I can’t even sleep, knowing what she has done to us, & knowing that we will probably eat it. Really sad that this happened, but also mad.


Mike August 25, 2014 at 4:22 pm

I was in an accident recently and was made to rent a car. The car was rented by the other persons AAA insurance. Someone dropped the ball and Hertz is DAILY IS DEDUCTING $15.00 OUT OF MY ACCOUNT (putting it on hold tying up my checking balance).I called the rental location that put me threw to the Hertz billing Dept,all the way to Corporate and nobody can seem to help me out. To the point of reporting the card as stolen and fraud charges being charged without my consent this company is completely inept and out of control and AAA don’t seem to be much better I wouldn’t recommend Hertz or AAA to anyone that doesn’t have an unlimited amount of money for Hertz to help themselves too


Brian August 22, 2014 at 2:49 pm

They are real good at giving quality cars, prices,,

But when you have a problem they cant resolve it,
I had an accident 3 weeks ago and i have ldw , which mean i have full coverage so i cant be charged and well they are sticking their hand in my bank account

HERTZ SUCKS! I will make sure noone that i know rents from here


Charles Miller August 16, 2014 at 12:51 am

Well, my work arrangements are requiring that I travel from time to time. So I booked a reservation with Hertz 2 weeks in advance. The morning I went to pick up the car at Freedom Dodge
815 East Camp Wisdom Road. They tell me they don’t do Hertz anymore. Called Hertz, all they had to say was sorry. Not caring they messed up my trip. This was a prepaid rental. It was July 19, 2014, they still have not refunded my money. So I called them again today. Now, they had a mix up and I would get my refund in 10 to 14 more business days. Hertz Sucks! Gonna try Budget!


Dani August 21, 2014 at 7:35 am

I believe budget might be owned by hertz. I had the same problem with them…still waiting for my money. They’re a bunch of crooks!! Will never rent from hertz or give my business to ANY company owned by them. Stick with enterprise. May be a bit more expensive, but it will cost less in the end. I got my deposit back from them in 2days, and the customer service was awesome!


will August 14, 2014 at 11:50 pm

Why is there a deposit which I put down on my rental from my Visa and
I am still waiting. The difference to be put back from it. I put 200 down an my bill was 115.00?


Liliana E. Chae August 10, 2014 at 6:31 pm

I would like to have an English Speaking International liaison customer care for rentals in Mexico to email me with their number so I can explain my problem with Hertz Mexico Gualdaljara. First of all and most important, the service was below average. When I say service, the breaks failed on two cars, and the engine transmission light so it needed to be changed. We went through 3 cars until finally the trip came to an end. Second thing is that the paperwork and what the hertz associates say do not match up. ex. Gas level, and the things inside the car. Third, the price of the car rental is not what they say at the end of the trip. ex. we had a total for 5442.77 peso’s which is equivalent to $453 US. But they just tried to charge me $918.00 US. They say it’s a hold but in actuality it is a charge. I will be posting on travel advisor sites for public viewing if no one is going to come forward and handle this matter. I have been waiting for a call from you (Hertz) and still no answer! I wonder if there is anyone really scrutinizing this matter. Our Contract number is F1249298


Liliana E. Chae.


Linda S. August 29, 2014 at 9:06 pm

Will you please post if you get your money. I too am waiting for a refund.


Stacie Tovar August 7, 2014 at 2:15 pm

I’m a gold member. I reserved a car in my name. During my flight to my destination by mom passed out and when we landed she was taken to the hospital. I road with the ambulance and I sent my husband and my 2 kids and there 2 friends we brought with us to get the rental car and meet me at the hospital. Even though our name is the same, it was under his credit card and he is my husband Hertz would not let him have to car. They said he could however if he paid $1000 more to our already existing rate for a total of $1800 for the SUV I rented. Once my mother was settled I had to take a taxi for $80 back to the airport to get my car and family. The Hertz representative was very rude with no compassion. I won’t be using them again.


Michael August 5, 2014 at 5:00 pm

I recently rented from hertz at a set rate at the end of the rental my local hertz store manager raised the rental rate and wouldn’t have it another way but to charge my card the increased rate. Then they also charged a claim to my insurance company….double dipping at a jacked up rate.


Markiesha Reynolds August 3, 2014 at 9:39 pm

My rental was fine, but what was messed up that I drop the car off little before 12pm. The checked the car got my recipient. Left my phone on the passenger side. Went back to get it . They manger pass me my phone. I said “What the f***!!! Did u all do to it. They cracked my whole screen. He said we did nothing just sat it in the safe. I told him he was lying my phone was not cracked r broken. This is fresh still had the glass particles on it. He just walked away like so what we broke ur phone.


joanna August 1, 2014 at 10:55 pm

My rental car broke down while driving down road at 75 mph. I called emergency number to get help. No one helped me, I sat in 110 degree weather for over an hour with two babies. A guy from enterprise came by and took us to hertz 8 miles away. Five hours layer I got a call from hertz saying they would call me in a little while to confirm help was on the way. I am pissed


J.L.Calvet August 1, 2014 at 7:09 pm

In Hertz I will trust again.

I am a Spaniard who had ang incident in an office of Hertz in Paris (France), for which I felt seriously offended, due to the misbehaviour of one employee. I submitted a complaint in writting to the responsible of the subsidiary in my country (Spain) and a long time after that, the only thing that I received was a standard letter of an office in Ireland in order to get rid of me. I was very disappointed and dissatisfied, so I was forced to escalate the problem to the Corporate Governance. Their answer has been unexpectedly magnificent: very quickly, satisfactory and positive. My perception of Hertz has changed. The companies are the people who work there and I am very pleased to check, how in such a globally relentless and dehumanized world like the present one, there are still people who are worried about solving some problems which may seem insignificant for a company like Hertz, but not for the great silent and anonymous majority in which I include myself.

Thank you Hertz.


O.T. July 28, 2014 at 9:55 pm

After 6 telephone calls with zero help I am down to this non-sense of posting on a forum! We had a PRE-paid reservation (family vacation) in Hawaii I was refused rental with ZERO explanation. I was given a telephone number in Oklahoma, it was SATURDAY so no one answered……brilliant! After 25 minutes and finally getting a supervisor the discussion continued with NO SUCCESS, talk about vexation! Fast forward and I am back in Texas and learn I was denied a HERTZ vehicle for a toll violation in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious I have rented 20+ times since 2011 with multiple companies???? Come on HERTZ!!!! I had not been contacted about anything being owed in 3 years?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! In addition, I could have paid this phantom toll fee at the counter in Hawaii instead of looking like a criminal in front of 20+ people! Do your computers not have access to something this simple???? This is the new millennium, there are 14 year old kids that can link something that easy probably using a smartphone. Really sad organization if something this simple makes you loose customers. Now I can understand all the complaints on multiple sites and why the HERTZ stock is down constantly. I guess the move from beautiful N.J. to Florida is not working out as the customer service/relations reps are non-existent. Shameful, pitiful and downright despicable organization obviously ran by individuals from TWA or Kodak! Oh, how/when/where do I get my money back for pre-paying for a vehicle that I was refused, or do you just keep it to pay off the Class Action Lawsuit??? Thanks to NATIONAL for the upgraded vehicle at a LOWER cost as they will have a client for personal and business travel moving forward! I suggest that CEO Frossa (sp) pick up the phone or laptop and respond to very unhappy individuals personally as the employees beneath him are not responsive, qualified, trifling or useless!


kimberly farmer July 28, 2014 at 1:23 pm

I would like to file a complaint against the Hertz location listed below in the email that I am forwarding. The situation was that I was authorized a rental car by RK Chevrolet (Virginia Beach). The paperwork contained a PO# from the dealership for them to be charged for the rental time frame. July 8th I went in the afternoon and brought the paperwork in, and on that particular day the computers were freezing or not working at all so there were issues inputting the information. The car was turned back in on July 11th as normal. The following week on July 16th a charge shows up for the cost of the rental which was $88.00. I called right away, and the dealership contacted the Hertz Manager, and gave a him the original/correct information that should of been inputted on who was to be charged. I called the on 17th and asked if the transaction had been corrected and how this could of happen. I was told it was probably because of the system not working on the 8th, and that I should have the refund in a few days as per (Mike). I called back on July 18th, the funds were still not refunded, then I spoke to TY (Manager), he stated it will take a couple of weeks. As of this morning the funds are still not deposited and it has been 2 weeks. Plus when I tried to call and speak to the manager, I left a message but I was never called back. This mistake cost me financial issues, and throws a few items off of clearing. I would like to know when is this going to be settled. This situation is UNSAT. I am retired NAVY/ and a DOD Contractor. This type of mistake is costly. Thank you for your patience.


Edward McDevitt July 27, 2014 at 8:00 pm

I am very pissed off about the treatment I have received from the Hertz Co. I had ordered a car and paid for it online. I was picking up the car on July 14th at the Tallmadge, Ohio location and they informed me that they had to run a credit check because I used a debit card for the purchase. This was information that was not on the web site telling me that this was going to happen. I checked my bank information and the money was withdrawn from my account for the car rental. The credit check results came back and I was not aloud to rent the car, which meant that I was not going to Fl. to visit my dying cousin! She passed away on the 16th and was not even able to tend her funeral or say goodbye to her because your company and their frivolous policies!!!! Now they had informed me that the only way to get my money back was to call a number that was on the paperwork, to which I did. They refused to refund my money and said that I had to go to the website to do it, no more information was given by the operator on how to do it. So I go to the website, with no inclination on how to do it. There is no directory on how to get my money back in this case, only the phone number that I had called and was rejected. What in the hell am I supposed to do?


TRL July 15, 2014 at 4:34 pm

Recommend avoiding Hertz subsidiary Dollar Rent a Car at all cost! My experience with Dollar Rent a Car at the Denver Airport location proved to be the worst customer service experience that I have had in over 30 years of extensive business and leisure travel.

To begin, I reserved a vehicle weeks in advance for pick-up on July 4th at 12:00 PM. When I arrived at the rental location, the facility was full of travelers and there were perhaps at best three cars on the lot. The staff, starting with the counter associate up through the manager, was exceedingly rude and confrontational.

The experience significantly deteriorated from the moment when an incredibly unprofessional counter associate attempted to sway my wife to purchase optional gas, insurance, etc. I stated that we were not interested in any options and solely wanted the car. He then began arguing with me and told me he was not talking to me and then stated to my wife that no vehicles were available at that time since Dollar overbooked on that date. When I questioned how they could possibly overbook in light of reservations and known inventory, he became even more argumentative and condescending. From there, I sought out the manager and expressed my concerns and asked why there were no cars on the lot. The manager, in a very rude manner, stated that he had over 200 (yes, 200) vehicles break that morning. I advised him that I received conflicting information from the counter associate to the effect that they overbooked. He stated that was false and stuck with his story of 200 broken vehicles. He followed that up with the fact that I would have to wait for a vehicle to arrive at the location.

Note that I did have discussions with numerous waiting travelers, all sharing the same unsatisfactory experience and some of whom indicated they had been waiting there for hours.

At that juncture I contacted Dollar corporate and was greeted by an unresponsive and dismissive representative who stated that what the manager said must be the facts. The representative then took my phone number and stated that I would be contacted by corporate to discuss the situation (I have not yet received a return phone call).

The rental car that they finally gave me was filthy inside, had numerous scratches, dents, and abrasions all over the vehicle, and had wipers that did not function properly–I found that out after I left the lot. I was initially charged approximately $350 dollars for a four day rental. The only silver lining was the first day rental fee was removed bringing my total to $298.75. Naturally, the option to decline the vehicle did not exist because the location was out of cars and the other rental companies did not have inventory either. In short, I was essentially forced to accept a subpar, unsafe vehicle at a very inflated price by rude and condescending employees who would really expect me to believe that over 200 cars broke that particular morning.

Finally, when I returned the car, I had to show the associate the rental contract to remove the first day rental fee. She shared with me that she was working there until 10:00 PM and there were still folks who had been waiting for hours for a car to arrive. Unbelievable.


Jessica July 15, 2014 at 1:27 am

I rented a car for 3 days from hertz and did not have a problem until I returned it. The customer service at the Memphis International Airport is horrible! First when i pulled Up to return my vehicle no one was there to greet you. I had to park the car and go in the inside. I then proceed to the counter and there was one gentleman working and the line was very long. Finally another guy walks up with a frown on his face and ask can he help me. I explain that I am trying to return a vehicle and that no one was outside to retrieve the car. He looks at me and with an attitude and says, where are the keys? I said I left them in the car. He just turns to walk away with saying anything and leaves me standing there. He finally returns and says you want this on the card. I said yes and he hands me the receipt. The next day I call to inquire about an item I left on the car and a girl name Katrina answers the phone, also with an attitude, and before I could get a word out she says, we busy you gone have to call back in 30 mins. It was 11:30 and in 30 mins the location would be close. Why would you tell a customer that? I then state that I just wanted to ask a question and I will hold. She says well we got 13 people in line and it’s gone be awhile I said ok. The phone hangs up. I has to call back 10 times before someone picks up the phone, doesn’t say anything and just places me on hold. I hold for 5 minutes and she returns to the line and say how can I help you. I asked for the manager. It is crazy how we as paying customers are treated. If your job beings you to treating people horribly. I feel you should quit. I did nothing to the gentleman or Katrina but they both were nasty and rude. This surly proves that great customer service is dead and it is all about the money for these companies. How do hire people like this? What is the hiring process? Because if this is what your company is based on I will never rent from Hertz again. I will be contacting the cooperate office tomorrow.


Steve July 14, 2014 at 3:53 pm

My Experiences at Firefly Rental – Houston IAH

I utilized Firefly for what was supposed to be a routine rental. When I checked the car out it was explained to me that I could
either bring the car back full of gas or simply pay for the cost of the gas. This was presented as an either/or
and in a manner as if this was no big deal. I decided I will just pay for the cost of the fuel. When I returned the car just two days
later it was explained that they had charged me 9.89CENTS per gallon rather than the actual price of gas. What was supposed to be
a 50 dollar rental fee ended up being an overall cost of 150 dollars. The process of the fuel service fee and the actual fee itself
was NEVER fully explained to me. Why on earth would someone agree to pay 9.89 per gallon voluntarily?

I called their customer service line, I was on hold for at least 10-15 minutes. When I finally did receive an answer, the customer service representative
only recited the fuel policy which was NOT explained to me when I rented the vehicle. This was an extremely misleading business practice and these
people seem more concerned with billing hidden service fees than actual creating a positive experience with their customers.
I will continue to file complaint and send emails until I receive an answer as to why these policies were not explained to me fully. All I want is to be billed correctly
and not someone who is trying to take advantage of a customer.



Tiffany July 14, 2014 at 12:32 pm

I am completely unhappy with the customer service from the employees at the Broomfield Air Center @ 11705 Airport Way, Broomfield, CO. I get rude, condescending, oppositional attitudes. The very first guy that helped me was friendly. Theresa, one of the managers, was not rude. However, Alex, and the few other guys definitely are.
First of all, I have had 3 cars with Hertz in the last 3 months. The first one, I had to return after a day. We had a snow storm and the wipers stopped working. The second, I have been in for 3 months. The car itself was fine. However, about 6 weeks ago or so, I went to leave for work, drove off to find out that I had a flat tire. SO I parked the car 2 houses down from my home. It was parked along side the curb, but facing the wrong direction. A cop had saw it, and called it in for whatever reason, thinking it was suspicious. This was 9 AM. that I had left for work, by 10:15 or so I was getting a call from the police dept. They were asking me about the car and told me my agreement was up, but once he validated my story, he said just get that agreement settled with Hertz and let me go. So I called Hertz, to try to figure out if I needed to bring the car in or what was the deal. He said State Farm hadn’t gave them authorization for the car this far out, that he would talk to his manager when she got in and call me back. After that, I called my BF to see if he had fixed the tire. He hadn’t. While being on the phone, he said a tow truck was there. I call Hertz back they claimed it wasn’t them that sent it. Even though the tow truck driver said it was. I called the police back, she told me, Ma’am this is between you and Hertz not us. Hertz ended up leaving me a message with the cops name who had called Hertz and said he believed it could have been involved in a crime. I was getting the total run around. All this for a flat tire. In the time frame of 1.5 to 2 hours that the car had been parked there.
The next day, they tried to charge me $147 for a tow fee. The tow truck never took the car. So they removed the charges. However, when I called about this, I got a very bad attitude from Alex I believe it was. He did not have any empathy for the situation. He told me he would not be frustrated by this situation. He tried telling me the car was abandoned and left in the middle of the road. I said no it was not abandoned, nor in the middle of the road. It was along side the curb across the street. Which my neighbors even told the police who’s car it was. He was condescending and rude. This was happening while I was at work. I had to keep stepping away from my client. Then I kept getting the run around. I was not happy, then to see charges, who wouldn’t be frustrated? So this last Thursday, I called about a new $39 charge that came through to my account. Also, asked about who was responsible for servicing the vehicle. They looked it up, saw it needed an oil change and also that the tags we expired. I get to work, the tags expired 5/14. 2.5 weeks after they issued me this car. I never noticed, nor did I think to look at the tags. You would think this would be taken care of before renting out a car. So they have me come up Friday to exchange the car. On Friday, I find out they are still trying to charge me $77 for the tow that never happened. I said that is BS. I looked up the law. A cop has to give 48 hours for a vehicle to be towed if they believe it to be abandoned, which was the excuse I got for the tow. A property owner, can call after 24 hours to have a car towed. Like I said before, The car had only been there about 1.5 hours when I received a call from the Westminster PD. Hertz decide to make the final call to tow. They never called me to ask if I had the vehicle. They never tried contacting me about a thing. If they would have done that, I could have let them know. Then they could have decided whether a tow was necessary. Finally, yesterday, I notice some significant damage to the bumper that we did not mark. So I called, spoke with Alex. He argued that this was not documented when I picked up the car. I said I know, this is why I am calling. I tried to explain the damage to him, also, that there was a chip/crack in the window that wasn’t marked. He was once again rude. So I said, you know what. I will be there in 30 minutes to show you in person. When I get there, he looks. Makes a snide comment about, that’s not a crack. I’m like I’m sorry a chip, can you please just mark it. He said that’s nothing we would even worry about. I said please just mark it. He comes over, looks at the bumper. With attitude says, that’s it? I’m like, Alex, I have not had a good experience with you all, I am not chancing a damn thing, please, I am asking nicely, please mark it. He says you made it sound a lot worse on the phone.. He asked me if the bumper was hanging off, I said not but it’s sure separated. So with opposition, he finally marked both of our documents and I left. What ever happened to customer satisfaction or the customer being right? This whole experience has been awful. Thank god I am getting my car back by Wednesday. I will never rent from Hertz again.


Tiffany July 14, 2014 at 12:43 pm

I forgot to mention, when I went to pick up the car on Friday. The man went out to look over the car without me. Theresa made the excuse probably because it’s raining. I said can you please go look at it with me. He said I already did. Theresa had to speak up to say, can you please just go out with her. There was a few things he had not marked that I asked him to mark. He never had a friendly smile or attitude. While we were inside, I had noticed I accidently popped the hood on the car I had just returned. So I asked the man, to close it as he was walking in. He looked back, annoyed at me. Then walked over and closed it. He could have said no problem, or I can do that. Anything, but he didn’t say anything.


Dissappointed July 14, 2014 at 12:13 pm

My Experience with Hertz in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Rented a rental on July 21, 2014 I realized that the port to charge the phone wasn’t working. I felt that is was important for me to have a vehicle that I can charge my phone. So on June 26 I returned this vehicle in exchange for another one. This was when my problem began I realized after heading back to my destination I noticed my video camera case Video/Camera wasn’t in the vehicle. I called Hertz multiple times to see if I left it in the vehicle…. after several days of calling with no answer I drove to San Juan Int’l Airport to talk to someone in person. I didn’t recover my items and when I questioned if they can review their video surveillance they said it only holds five days of recording. If they would of answer the phone when I first called then they maybe could of saw something. I am disappointed at the service and the statement it states that they have customer service 24 hours….LIE. LIE. LIE. The 24 hours is for reservations just because this benefits the company not the complaints. Hertz don’t care about their customers. I do will mention that the actual clerks were friendly and courteous.


Mark Perkins July 13, 2014 at 3:32 pm

I am extremely disappointed with Hertz. I rented what was supposed to be a PRESTIGE vehicle (Mercedes Benz C250) and after driving the car for a day discovered how it wasn’t. There was a funny smell in the car when we picked it up and didn’t realize that it was because the previous renter had smoked in the vehicle. My wife became ill inside the vehicle (she is allergic to cigarette smoke) and I had to pull over for her. This was when I noticed something on the carpet in front of where my 5 year old son was siting. There was cigarette ashes on the carpet, rear of the seat and in the rear ash tray. As my wife attempted to maneuver herself out of the car, the assist handle almost pulled completely out of the roof. She moved the visor and almost took out her eye as it too was broken. There was paint ( I though it was dirt) on the drivers side door window. I took pictures of all these items. I attempted to contact the Tampa Int. Airport location to see what they would do to resolve the issues only to get transferred multiple times with no success in reaching anyone there. Your customer service rep transferred me to road side assistance which was no help. I was then transferred to the closest location to me Orlando Int. Airport. The manager there offered to exchange the vehicle, but I had to bring it in. So 1.5 hours of my time, tolls which I would have never had to pay and fuel that I shouldn’t have had to pay are all lost. What I didn’t mention was the original vehicle I was in had 35000+ miles when I received it. NOT TO PRESTIGIOUS. The manager at orlando assured me that he would get in contact with Tampa management and have them contact me. Tampa management never contacted me. He also said he couldn’t do anything to adjust the bill and compensate me for the problems and inconvenience. He told me that when I return the rental to Tampa, explain everything to the manager there and they should do something to compensate me. I was told by the staff at Orlando that they receive and exchange many cars with issues from the Tampa location. When I returned the vehicle to Tampa, I spoke with a young lady who referred me to the manager Sheshu Iyer. I attempted to explain to him what the problems were. He told me I should have brought the car back to Tampa and I could’ve exchanged it there as they are open 24 hours. He told me the best he can do is to offer a 20% discount on a future rental. I said it wasn’t reasonable for the problems and inconvenience for my family. He told me I could rent from someone else in the future. This manager was rude and inconsiderate. He didn’t seem concerned with my issues or complaints. I will be sure to inform all my friends, family and colleagues the problems I have encountered and inform them to also rent from other companies. I will also advise them that Hertz owns Dollar, Thrifty and firefly so they don’t use them either. COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED!


accounting clerk July 11, 2014 at 11:35 am



Charles Knight July 10, 2014 at 10:12 pm

I had a situation occur on the evening of July 8th, 2014, which I believe was an attempt of fraud.

I had returned a vehicle to the MSP airport ( Minneapolis, MN) on Sunday July 6th that I had rented at the Toledo Airport Express location on 6/29/2014. At the time of the rental a $710 hold was placed to my AMEX card. On the evening of July 8th I was notified by an AMEX email that another transaction in the amount of $710 was initiated from the Toledo Airport Express location. I spoke to an AMEX team member in the Merchant Authorization department and was informed that the request was manual (ie CNP) and a verbal authorization was requested. This smacks of fraud, and as a Presidents Circle Member I demand that this incident be investigated! I can be contacted at the email in this comment for further Facts!


Gail White July 9, 2014 at 10:54 am

Where do I begin. I called on Sunday to make a reservation. The rep acting like I was bothering her. She took my information but neglected to tell me about any specials so I asked after she told me the price for a one day rental ($219). I asked if she applied my points and she replied “no”. I asked if she applied my AAA discount and she replied “no”. I asked why and she said that is not her job. Ok now I’m pissed. I’ve been a Gold Club member for 3 years and I have had more complaints that I care to mention. So now I ask to speak to a supervisor she places me on hold for what seemed like forever and then I was disconnected. I call back just to find out she never put my reservation in and I had to begin the process all over again. I ask to make a formal complaint and I was told a supervisor would contact me in 24 to 48 hours. No one ever called 3 days later.
Now I’m on the phone again to speak with a supervisor. The first call I was put through to a supervisor supposedly the phone rang about 50 times then disconnected me. This happened twice. I am so very sick and tired of this company and I canceled my reservation. From the look of things I’m not the only dissatisfied customer. We need to band together to let this company know that THEY SUCK!!!!!


BPM July 9, 2014 at 10:44 am

Effective immediately all pilots are to remove all company credit card and contact information from your Hertz Gold Card accounts. I had a compromise with my Hertz card this morning and it is apparent Hertz does not have the processes in place to protect our company information. Use your Gold accounts for personal use if you like, but DO NOT use Hertz for company business unless it is the only option available or requested by upper management.


Jeff July 9, 2014 at 8:56 am

I have spent 50 minutes either being put on hold, talked down to or threatened by the customer service deck with Hertz. The company line is you should read the contract given to you. Though my issue with the refuel was an option verbally given to me, not in writing even though Marie “supervisor” says it was in writing. Long story is I chose the option versus refueling as I was told at the counter it was cheaper, not the fact they will charge you the full amount of the cost of a tank, even though I am asked to give them the amount of fuel left in the tank and the mileage. If you are desparate and have no other option other then walk, then I guess the walking part isnt bad. This is just one really horrible company.


Shari July 8, 2014 at 4:14 pm

I have rented cars from Hertz 5 times each time i have poor service I wanted to be a loyal customer service to this rental car place because I have already started a gold member ship with Hertz and wanted to build point to get free upgrades.I believe and giving people chances I mean we dont living in perfect world.each time i rented a car i stood in line for 40min to an hour this last time I rented a car was it for me with Hertz the last two they didnt have the car i requested july3 i rent a car a 300c the breaks was bad I spoke with the manager Lisa at ohare air port to complain about my car and how trouble the lines be at night when i come to rent my car that i have to spend 40min to a hour her exact words was “Well I see you rent with us a lot so obviously the line couldnt be that bad”.i was so shock of her respond being that she is a Manager.I then starting to tell her about my breaks on my car and the wrong return dates they had on my reservation Lisa the manager at Ohare airport was so very rude after i see that she wasnt trying to listen to my complaints and didnt care i become very angry.i ask for her name her respond again “you dont have to rent from Hertz and if you get loud with me i will call the police”.I trying to make the Manager Lise to understatnd what i have been going thru with the lines and the over all.she wasnt no help she didnt care some guy name Adains Henry who work there was so rude they both embarrass me after by saying they gonna call the police when i only was try to get great customer service and to fix my reservation.after a company tell me i dont have to rent there anymore who does that on your web site it says Hertz is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service. WHich is a lie I will never rent from hertz ever!!! after how the Manager out of all people treated me like an dog. as a Manager you would think she will talk to the customers respect but she dont. she need to be fired


Military Special July 7, 2014 at 8:12 pm



Worst Customer Service z July 2, 2014 at 9:57 am

I utilized the “pay in advance” option to book an online reservation. I called to change the reservation to the Hertz airport location that offered more flexibility and was told it would be “no problem” to change locations. I asked the representative did I need to cancel the first reservation and she “assured” me she would “handle it.” When I went to pick up the vehicle that I pre-paid for I was told they didn’t have any left but they would give me a comparable vehicle. That vehicle didn’t have the same room I needed for such a long trip. The agent at the airport suggested an upgrade and I agreed to pay the difference my credit card was charged again only to be told all the upgrades was spoken for. Out of desperation I agreed to a many van only to be told my credit card was “declined” The Rep who assured me she would cancel the first reservation didn’t. Hertz h


Ryan Halpin June 30, 2014 at 10:59 am

My fiancé and I booked a rental that was supposed to be picked up on June 17th, 2014. My fiancé made the reservation through Priceline with me listed as the primary driver, however she used her own credit card. Upon arrival at Hertz; Hertz denied us the rental car because I could not provide a credit card with my name on it as I was the primary driver. I understand this policy; my credit card had been recently stolen and we had no other option. What was more concerning was the treatment we received from Manager Kyle Mackee and his staff. Mackee offered us no other options and was dismissive of us. When asked for advice from the staff, they responded with “NEXT IN LINE” and ignored our request. As a small business owner in the area of customer service, this treatment was appalling. I have never been so disrespected by a company that I was trying to do business with. I thought these issues should be brought to the attention of corporate management as I am sure shareholders would like to be aware of this example of customer service.

On a brighter note, we took our luggage and other belongings over to Dollar Rental (a subsidiary of Hertz now) and were treated with the utmost respect. The staff at Dollar Rental agreed to honor the Priceline quote that we had received and were more than gracious seeing the frustration in our eyes. So kudos to Khalid at Thrifty/Dollar Rental for providing excellent customer service, especially in contrast to the atrocious experience with Mackee.


wideline June 30, 2014 at 8:45 am

Ive never in my life delt with a car rental company that was like this never will I rent from Hertz again propele dont wast your time ok. Should’ve stick to Enterprise worst compay ever.


Kimberly Keeton June 27, 2014 at 11:08 am

3rd Update: So my refund finally hit my account yesterday. Happy I got my refund, but I will still never rent from Hertz again because of the way I was treated when I rented the car, the run around I got trying to change my reservation and being overcharged. Not to mention all the horror stories I’ve been reading here. Who would have though it would be so hard for a company to rent car’s properly and make their customers happy?


Natoya Dorsey July 1, 2014 at 8:26 pm

I see that I’m not the only one who has been duped, ripped off, conned and dealt with in the rudest way by Hertz. we need to come together and file a lawsuit against hertz.

On Jan 7th 2014 I went to the hertz location on 18400 nw 2nd Ave and was given a special bodyshop rate. the manager who was Ernesto confirmed the rate of $400 but apparently Terrence the agent at the desk decided to put $200 per week instead of every 2 weeks in the system on purpose. I signed to $416 to be authorised to my card which was suppose to be for $200 biweekly plus the $200 deposit. instead at the end of the rental after 2 months I was charged 1545 which was supposed to be around $800. Terence told me that Ernesto no longer works there and he was the only one who could’ve changed to what he had agreed upon with me. I told Terence that he was the one who put it in the system so he knew how much he should’ve put in the system but did otherwise so he should fix it. needless to say, they did not fix it and charged me anyway as they had my card on their file. they knowingly put a different amount in the system than what we are agreeing to and had me sign thinking I was authorising for $400 per month. They apparently do not have any head office cause all their number route you back to their office saying only the location can help you with a refund!! no they won’t help me because they are the ones who ripped me off! I need someone who is at their corporate office to really do an investigation into this location cause I’m sure other people are facing similar issues with them and their fraudulent behaviour. I won’t let you just take my hard worked money Hertz. this is America and I will receive justice! if this medium won’t help i will personally rally on social media for the thousands of person that you ripped off and we can have a voice together in court! you need to set up a proper cot omers service system! it is no help! Hertz owe me a refund of $662.54 after you take out the right amount that I should be charged.


Nikki June 27, 2014 at 9:24 am

I have had the worst experience with a car rental company ever with Hertz. I have been calling for a week trying to get issue resolved and no one will call me back or email me back. Today I was told it would take 10-14 days for someone to return my call. Are you kidding me? I am going to file a complaint with the BBB, Dept of Commerce, and my credit card company. I’ve been renting for years as a member of the Gold Plus program and I can’t even get anyone with the authority to do something to call me back. Customer service is a joke with Hertz! All they do is take a message; an idiot can do that!


Margie June 26, 2014 at 7:55 pm

my Rental Experience with Hertz today was very upsetting! when I arrived I was told that I had to leave a 200 dollar deposit that I will get back when I return the car…. Nothing like that was stated/written when I rented the car!! and it’s not on any of my documents!! On June 23rd I went online to rent a Full Size Impala for pick up on June 26th 5:30pm. I arrive at Hertz June 26th @5:25pm only to be given a Camry with the front end bumper coming off! Loose AND Hanging ON THE PASSENGER SIDE!. I refused to take the car and asked for an upgrade and was told they didn’t have any! (I have to leave for my Trip Tonight!! I can’t wait until tomorrow to get a car! Thats why I made the reservations for June 26th! AND DID THE ONLINE CHECK IN AS WELL, That was a waste of my time! I WAS SHOWN ANOTHER COMPACT CAR THAT WAS SO DIRTY and deffinately would not accomodate me and my family! After the clerk called around and Nooo One could help me. Then the clerk said had one full size car available but the REGISTRATION IS expiring on June 30th! and that I couldn’t take that car… I demanded a car and although this car was dirty as well! I made the suggestion to take the car with the exspiring registration on June 30th for two days June 26th and 27th then return it when I reach my destination to another Hertz and get another full size car! Because I have to leave Tonight!! And every other rental place was closed I couldn’t cancel!! I Need someone from your corportate office to contact me!! Not Happy with my Rental!!


William June 24, 2014 at 8:49 am

Rudest people I’ve ever spoken with. Don’t return phone calls. Don’t answer the questions posed to them. I have been a loyal (too loyal?) customer for 13 years. I’m done. Avis…here I come!


discouraged June 24, 2014 at 12:39 am

look at all these complaints about hertz. Some are serious and life threatening. <Anyone interested in filinga class action law suit and have the governor of nw jersey investagate this company for further shakedown and incidents that may be corrupt and illegal.

I am willing to get the ball rolling. Because customers lives were in danger due to Hert'z's neglience. Someone one pass it alonga nd lets get this going. They don't seem to care about the customers. Even thought its been a 15 years loyalty and never had an issue until this pst week.

May the buttwipes at corporate reap what they sow and may karma come back to them.


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