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eBay Corporate Office Address

eBay Inc.
2065 Hamilton Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

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Phone Number: (408) 376-7400
Fax Number: (408) 516-8811
Website: http://www.ebay.com
Email: Email eBay


CEO: John J. Donahoe
CFO: Robert H. Swan
COO: Devin N. Wenig

eBay History

eBay was originally founded under the name AuctionWeb in 1994 by Pierre Omidyar in San Jose, California.  The first item sold on the site was a broken laser pointer.

Growth was rapid.  In January 1997, the site was hosting 2 million auctions per month.  In September 1997, the name was officially changed to eBay.

Also in 1997, the company received venture funding from Benchmark Capital.

Meg Whitman was hired as CEO in March 1998.  eBay went public in September of 1998.

In 2002, the company purchased IBazar and Paypal.

By 2008, the company had expanded worldwide and is one of the few success stories from the dot com bubble.

The eBay corporate office is still located in San Jose, CA.


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John C. Cox September 16, 2014 at 8:33 pm

I spent 4 hours on the phone and on-line today trying to rectify my e-bay account which appears to have been “hacked.
I was treated with no respect
No courtesty
No understanding of what my problem was, the people on the phone
knew only what their script told them to say!
and frankly I have had George Benson guitar music up to my ears on the hold
I want to speak to someone with ENGLISH as their first language.
Is that too much to ask?
Maybe the FTC needs to get a copy of this e-mail.
I haven’t even been successful in canceling my account which I’ve had
since 2001!
Are you a Stephen King kind of company?
I don’t expect a reply
That would indicate you care.
LTC (Ret) John C. Cox, MSSG


Mo Rezai September 15, 2014 at 4:38 pm

I have a serious issue with defect rate unjustly left on my account disqualifying me for the 20% discount was getting. Supervisor DON at the Resolution center referred me to the corporate office at the general number. but no appropriate extension to a live supervisor. I need a contact number to a responsible supervisor that can discuss this matter to remove these defects put on my account w/o my knowledge & cause. Or, you may wish to call me at 985 641-**** instead. Thanks


Deni Niethammer September 12, 2014 at 2:28 pm

I’ve been trying to get ahold of an eBay representative since last night! I’ve been a seller with you for over 10 years and NEVER had this problem before. I was on hold for an hour last night and gave up, a half hour this morning and gave up and now I’ve been on hold for over an hour!!! What is going on????


Kang Cutes September 9, 2014 at 5:02 pm

I paid for an item that was falsley listed as “NEW”. It wasn’t. The seller agreed to refund me the itme and shipping back and gave me a PO Box address. I shipped it back (62 lbs) … it cost $99.51. I told the seller and the seller said it was too much. How did the seller NOT know how much it was going to cost unless they did not and knew I would be out the money for shipping it back. I got the refunf for the item, but not for shipping. I am out $99.51 dollars for shipping and have nothing to show for it. The seller gets to continue to sell on eBay with their bad practices. Is this Fair eBay? The item was advertised as NEW when it wasn’t … wasn’t even working properly … now I’m scammed out of $99.51 just for shopping on Ebay!!!


Kang Cutes September 9, 2014 at 5:07 pm

eBay says basicaly I’m out the money I spent for shipping the item back … where is the Buyer protection! $99.51 for nothing but shopping on eBay!!


Jaunty September 9, 2014 at 1:35 am

This complaint is against the company eBay in San Jose, CA.

I’ve had an eBay account for several years and recently decided to explore Selling. Not more than one week later, eBay suspended my account (see below). I had a $10K+ seller limit and the individual price of my products ranged between $18-$95. I had about 12-14 listings total.

There was no explanation contained in the email from eBay nor was I allowed to reply back. I contacted customer support via phone and was told the following:

“I was only allowed to list 1-2 products per week”
“I listed items that were too expensive”
“I hadn’t established a seller reputation”
How is a seller supposed to establish a reputation if they aren’t allowed to sell within their seller limits?

No where in my seller limits was the above information listed. It is very confusing and misleading to tell the seller otherwise, AFTER the fact. Especially when eBay has already charged listing fees, final value fees and paypal fees. Both eBay and Paypal have charged fees and then closed my account while in the middle of a sale and communicating with my customers.

This is no way to run a business and I hope attention is brought forth to this matter.


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