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Dollar General Corporation
100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

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Phone Number: (615) 855-4000
Fax Number: (615) 386-9936
Website: http://www.dollargeneral.com
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CEO: Richard W. Dreiling
CFO: David M. Tehle
COO: Gregory A. Sparks

Dollar General History

Dollar General was founded in 1939 by Cal Turner.  The first store was located in Scottsville, KY and was called J.L. Turner and Sons.  The first store actually called Dollar General was opened in 1955 with the idea that all items in the store would be $1 or less.  The idea took off quickly and all J.L. Turner stores were changed to Dollar General’s.  The chain reached 29 stores by 1959.

J.L. Turner died in 1964 and Dollar General went public in 1968.  In 1977, Cal Turner, Jr. took over as president of the company, making him the third generation to run the company.  Cal ran Dollar General until 2002.

In 2007, Dollar General was acquired by private equity firms and taken private.  2 years later, in 2009, the company was made public via IPO.

Today, the company has over 10,000 stores in 40 US states.  The Dollar General corporate office is located in Goodlettsville, TN.


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Linda October 30, 2014 at 9:57 pm

My gosh! Are all Dollar General stores a mess? The shelves are never stocked but the carts loaded with stock are always sitting in the aisles! It’s really hard to buy something when you can’t shove the heavy cart out of the way to reach it! Many people are choosing to pay a little more and going across the street to Family Dollar. It always clean and well stocked. What is dollar general thinking?! Do they need more employees or are they just lazy and not doing their job? DG I hope you know you are losing lots of customers or don’t you care?


Walter W Hughey October 30, 2014 at 8:01 pm

My sons wife works at Dollar General in Manchester Iowa. She has Doctors notes to keep her off pending oral surgery to remove some damaged-now infected teeth. She was told she needed to file a leave through the matrix.claiming it was STATE LAW. Now we both know there is no such state law, at best a company rule. The problem is further escalated in trying to use the Matrix. It does not want to accept that information, and what can only be deemed an under trained, or unwilling manager cannot or will not help resolve the Issue. We are now attempting to go through the contact numbers listed above for help. Expect an email and fax from Manchester IA.


Bonnie Davis October 29, 2014 at 6:14 pm

I shop at a Dollar General near my work.. Today I used my debit card and I don’t usually get cash back, but I needed just $20.00 today and when I checked my receipt there was a $1.00 convenience fee charge.. I called one of your stores and was told this was started about a month ago… That is a ripoff especially since a debit card is not a check and you are guaranteed to get the money.. Just so you know.. You lost way more than $1.00 today, because I won’t be shopping at Dollar General again!!!


Rayshawn October 29, 2014 at 10:54 am

hello my name is Rayshawn and I would like to talk about the branch in Buffalo New York 8960the floors there needs some attention strip and wax would be perfect for this locationit looks very unprofessional on that sitewith shinier floors more customers will come youyou can reach me at 716 381 **** my comment is to help Dollar Generalthank you


Liz October 29, 2014 at 9:42 am

Just like to say that never had shopped at Dollar general before. I went into Dollar General # 15241 in east main st. New britain ct. And was using my manufacturer coupons. I shop with coupons to save money. Not so i can get everything for free. The so called female manager on that day on the day shift was pretty much applying her own rules when it came to coupons and what i could buy. “Im the manager” she said. I can t give that to you. Well if she wouldve taken The time to read it properly. The coupons specifically read ” any 3.5 oz or larger of colgate. But because it had certain pic of colgate she refused to give it to me. Did the same thing for the glade sprays. It said fall collection. She only directed me to the ones that were more expensive and wouldnt give me the ones that i wanted. I go to the store with items in mind that i no are the correct ones to buy to avoid hassles at registers. But obviously this shopping experience was untasteful. WONT!!!! be going back there again. Managers need to be properly trained on courtesy on how to treat customers and the proper way of handling situations. They need to make sure they can back up waht they say. Bad experience and rude female manager. I was so pissed i didnt get her name or i would blast it here.


Courtney October 28, 2014 at 3:00 pm

I would like to complain about the store in Celina Tx. (store # 08155) The moment you walk into the store, you see boxes upon boxes in the aisles, they are all unstable. Just to get down the aisles you have to leave the cart to get what you need on the shelves. Today I tripped over a box,and ran into a display. There was an elderly woman, using a cane, she of course tripped over some boxes on the floor.
This is a major problem for our town! We have tons of elderly people, that come into this store daily. Please address this problem, I would hate to see someone get hurt.
Thank you!


Jackie October 28, 2014 at 12:16 am

It’s Jackie again! By the way, some soft music would make anyone’s shopping experience and workday more cheerful. Even music for each season. I hope I get some feedback. If not, I will most likely start making some calls to corporate. I think it’s only common sense and fair to treat your customers and your employees with the utmost respect and dignity that the owners would like to be treated. Thank you for your time.


Jackie October 27, 2014 at 11:59 pm

I live in Edinboro Pennsylvania. The Dollar General here is really a mess. The store is connected to a little mall with pleanty of empty stores so that Dollar General could move into one of those locations. I love shopping at Dollar General but this store needs some help. I have applies there with no luck. It appears they prefer younger people then us senior citizens to work there. I would love to go in and move that store inside the mall area and organize it so that people may enjoy shopping there. The dollar General’s I have been in at other sates does nto look like this. Am I disgruntled for not being hired? Absolutely not! It’s just my obsession for cleanliness, organization and wanting a more pleasant shopping experience kicks in everytime I go in there. Everyone who works should love what they do and have fun going it. I just don’t think this is the case at this store. If your store is neat, clean and a happy working evironment then you can triple your profits. However, if it is cluttered, dirty, and the employees appear sad you are going to lose money. Moving further into the mall may and most likely will invite other stores to join in. Which makes everyone happy! Is this e-amil ever going to reach corporate? Time will tell.


Russell October 27, 2014 at 7:59 pm

I want to complain a,little about thet store in wingo ky the two workers in there tonight on 10/27/14 were very rude and left customers at the checkout to go out side and diddle around for 5 minutes then they came back both to the registers and stood and talked there sent everyone to the other register to be checked out just simply rude and no people skills whatsoever


DG Employee October 27, 2014 at 6:06 pm

I have worked at this DG for a month now, and have not been happy with it at all. I barely get any hours. This store is a mess, merchandise is in the wrong places. Shoved behind stuff. I got wrote up last week because I didn’t meet productivity on stocking. Well I would have gotten it done if it wouldn’t have been for having to fix other peoples mistakes! They won’t allow us to help each other, which in a way team work can get things faster. The manager there doesn’t seem to know what she’s doing unless the big boss comes in. I get told nothing from her. I always find stuff out from other employees that have told me. Which isn’t their responsibility! When I ask where something goes, the boss doesn’t know an always tells me to ask one of the other employees. I’m so fed up with this place not being organized. While we are stoking from 6am to before opening,seein as we can’t talk while we are stocking it gets so quiet in there and it’s so boring and there’s so much negativity goin on we ask if we can play music. To help the moods. We were told no. Which is ok, it’s probably a rule or something, i don’t know seeing As I don’t get told shit. I figured it would be ok since it was before we opened, so no customer would here it. Anyways, I was til it wasn’t allowed, well I went into work the next morning on my day off to check the schedule to see if it was done, ofcourse it wasn’t, and there was a radio up front where the cashiers are and it’s playing music. Like what the hell, and it was playing a station that I know shouldn’t be allowed, because I know that some songs on there that play customers would complain about. Once again, I’m so fed up with this place, I see why people keep quitting here. If I didn’t have a kid I would quit too. Then again I don’t wen get enough hours to raise my kid on.


tracey October 27, 2014 at 11:29 am

I had wanted to go to dollar general last weekend and when I got to the Winfield Alabama store, around 9:30am, it wasn’t opened yet. Since when is the store not opened at this time? It seems that there is a problem with Management there…..I don’t know what the problem is, but on top of that, the manager is rude. Her name is Jamie. Also, I didn’t think that Dollar General hired family members, but Lisa, who is in management, is the store managers Sister in Law…….Seems like that is unfair, especially with a star employee hanging up by the register with the sister in laws name on it………


A.R. Shelley October 26, 2014 at 2:51 pm

I have a small complaint, but an irritating one. In the middle of a pay period, I am trying to stretch a dollar as far as I can. Yesterday (10/25/2014) I go into The Dollar General Store on 4th Street in Hartsville, SC. I need some grocery items, and some cigarettes. Since Dollar General has cigarette prices comparable to the Tobacco Store, I decide to get everything at Dollar General. As I entered the store, I glanced over at the cigarette rack, and the price is clearly posted.($5 per pack) I wait in line for a while, and purchase my items. I got out to the car, looked at my receipt, and discovered I had been charged $5.49 per pack for the cigarettes. Is this not wrong, since a price of $5 was clearly posted on the cigarette rack? Seriously, Walmart is across the street, and they sell them for $5.17 per pack. Had I seen the $549 price, I assure you I would have gone to Walmart. Sorry, but this just seems to be False Advertising.


Kim October 26, 2014 at 2:39 pm

I have only shopped in DG twice …… It’s not the store per say, it’s the location and the frightening people loitering in the front of the store….eeeek..it’s like Halloween everyday. I would rather pay more than go into a DG store with these “crackheads” outside.
However o was in hemet ca for a family situation and ran into the DG on Stetson. While waiting for my pizza to be ready…..oh good lord the back alley drug people out front actually scared the pee out of me.they were in between the liquor store and DG……but I didn’t want to run across the street to stater bros….as I walked in scared from my life ……the front of the store out side was clean the sidewalks were clean so I said ok what the heck just get what you and get the hell out of here…..and to my surprise and what a surprise it was…the store was very very clean needless to say I was shocked at how clean and neat the store was…I got what I needed and a few other good finds and went on my way….during my check out I asked to speak to the manager…the clerk chuckled and said good luck with that, I said what the clerk said her remind she isn’t here…..I asked who was in charge the clerk said our Assistant Manager is here, I asked to speak with them…..the assistant manager came over to speak with me and what a wonderfully nice person she was, I complimented her on the cleanliness of the store inside and out…she said thank you very much I appreciate your kind words, it means a lot to me and my employees, she was so nice and friendly and seemed generally concerned about here customers and and the store, I was very impressed, during our conversation one of the …..freaks from outside walked in, and with a firm yet thoughtful tones he told him excuse me…you know you are not allowed in here, (he made me want to pee myself he was a bit frightening) he never said a word and turn and walked out, I was so impressed with how she handled that individual in front of customers…
Because of the kindness and friendliness of your assistant manager (Cheryl ) I actually went back into the store the day I left to head home.
So I just wanted to Thank her for making my experience at DG a pleasant one which actually had me go back….
thank you


Donna Hammersla October 26, 2014 at 1:13 pm

I’m sure everyone has heard about the cashiers at walmart that were hitting the cash back button, from their side, whenever a customer used their debit card without the customers knowledge or consent, then handing the cash off to a “friend” that came thru the line later, well I’m pretty sure you have a cashier like this at store #13532 in Williamsport, MD. I’ve shopped this store several times and, to my knowledge, never had this happen. Yesterday, at checkout, I swiped my card, put in my pin# and 10.00 cash back popped up on the screen, the cashiers hands were on her keyboard, as they usually are to proceed with the transaction. My hands were no where near the keys to even request anything. And I would never ask for just 10.00 back. When I said something to the cashier her reply was that “the keys are very sensitive and it does that sometimes.” Seriously? If this is a known problem, fix it! But I don’t think that was the case. As I said, my hands weren’t even near the key pad, I was putting my card back into my wallet, when I looked back up, it was popping up onto the screen. So I have to wonder how many other people have had this done to them and didn’t catch it and if all your cashiers are doing this. This needs to be checked into, you don’t want to get a reputation for your employees stealing from the very customers that make sure they have a job. I’d let you know who the cashier was, but there’s not a name on my receipt, or anything to indicate what her employee # is.
Thank you


S R October 26, 2014 at 9:13 am

When my wife was hired in bartlesville ok she was told that she would receive 17- 22 hrs per wk. the first week she was scheduled 17 hrs. The second week it was 9 hrs. The third wk it was 4 hrs. When she was hired the district mgr (Ronda) accepted the available work schedule. The last two weeks her schedule
E was zero (0) hrs. When she asked the manager the manager texted my wife and stated “I don’t have you on he schedule because of your avialability”. It appears that my wife is being retaliated against due to some conflict in management. When my wife called the district manager her phone call were not returned.


Sandy Robling October 25, 2014 at 7:28 pm

I would like to get information on opening a Dollar General Store. Are the stores franchises? Is there anyway I would be able to open my own store?
Extremely Interested,
Sandy Robling


Ann October 24, 2014 at 11:52 pm

First & foremost I am a customer and I should b treated with the utmost respect. In the name of convience, I had banking business in the same vicinity & proximity as this dreadful store location #110 @ 1019 tiger blvd. clemson, s.c. Unbeknownst 2 me that I would be in hell on earth, inconceivable is an understatement 2 describe my unfortunate encounter & experience. I’ve never, ever observed such unqualified disorder at the register with this so-called cashier there was zero common courtesy which is the bare minimum much less any customer service which was absolutey none existent. Consequently there was absolute silence no greeting whatsoever she was so unbusiness-like,indifferent, bias, horrendous, ignorant, reprehensible, inept, cantankerous, incompetent, very hateful and ugly. Ultimately it had the audacity 2 b facetious at the end of the transaction, then ask me where do I work so that it could possibly come & cause mayhem on my job. My response 2 to this ridiculous person was & I quote: “the Fortune 500 Company where I am employed is heavily secured & that security wouldn.t allow the likes of her anywhere near where I work” unquote.Therefore upon that disrespectful exchange I requested my money back, I will not patronize nor frequent an establishment with my monetary gains that has no-class associates that commits a blatant faux-pas. Then 2 add insult 2 injury, she & another associate formed a tag team alliance against me. No one tried 2 remedy the situation hence the description. My money should have been in hand by now, then they started lying saying that I called them the (b) word when I dispise that word myself much less part my lips say it, an outright lie, but they kept unleasing their ignorance. Ultimately they also threatened 2 call the police which was totally unrelated to this whole scenario which was a definite waist of my very important time because I work 80 ours a week & that was my only day off.. I truly hope Dollar General does not & wil condone this behavior especially in this area that has backward mentality because this is the 21st century 2014. I suggest and I recommend corporate Dollar General if there are associates of color in your ranks 2 have some hidden shoppers 2 visit this location, believe me it is desparately needed in oconee county if they can tolerate the country music, which should stay neutral at all the stores. I am not originally from this state had it not been for my job I never, ever experienced this at any other store except here,but never, ever, infinity here again. Thank you very much for your time.


DANIEL ESQUIVEL October 24, 2014 at 5:14 pm

7280 lskeshore store. Mentir Ohio. This store is always a mess. Stock never put up can’t get down isles. Very unsafe. Needs help. I am a schoolteacher. I would love to have a second job and keep your store neat. Clean and organized.


concered shopper October 23, 2014 at 12:58 pm

I am writing to inform corporate office of the store manager at store# 2199 Indianapolis, in.46219. She is very rude to customers and also treats her staff with the up most disrespect. This is not the way a store manager should act in a professional setting. I currently shopped in this store last week and seen an employee crying and saying they don’t even want to come to work. They are not able to talk to the district manager due to the fact that the store manager will cut the employees hours. I hope you can look into things and resolve the problem at hand. No one wants to shop in an environment like that. Something needs to be done! Thx


linda mcghee October 22, 2014 at 7:00 pm

I live in a small town and all we have is dollar general and food country. We have the worst store within 20 miles. There are 7 stores within this area.You cannot get down the isles for freight that somehow cant get put up no matter how many workers are there. the manager for whatever reason wont hire people who are willing to work and do a good job. I watch and cannot believe the lazy people that work there. I helped set up walmart in Marion, Va. and worked 16 hours at a time putting up stock and i was a lot older than the employees working out there. They brought the manager from another store to fix it. Thats a laugh. Now if something isnt done then you might as well close the doors on this store. Saltville, Va.


Ralph Smith October 21, 2014 at 3:25 pm

To whom it may concern, I live in the small town of Oakman, Al. we here in our town was proud when Dollar General came to our town. Now with the things we here going on in our store sometimes we don’t know if we are proud anymore or not. We had a great store manager whose name was Chance Cook and Asst. Genie Chappell. Chance left I guess for a better job and they moved in a new manager whose name I don’t know. She came in and started cutting kids hours where they couldn’t make any money some of them were cut to 10 to 19 hours a week those who had been there for a long time. She started firing people right and left for nothing. One girl got a drink and didn’t pay for it for seven minutes. Another girl got a drink and chips for snack and didn’t pay for them until it was time for her shift to be over.Chance always took care of his people. When you would go in the store before employees were smiling ready to assist you any way they could but now you go in and you can tell they are scared to move afraid they are going to get fired.I checked out yesterday and the cashier dropped a quarter when she was giving me my change and said I hope she didn’t see that I will get fired. I hope that changes can be made to make this a good place to go shop again. Companies need to take care of the people who make the companies what they are and it not always management. Its the ones who stocks the shelf and the cashier who check people out with a smile. This store is no longer that way.


Barbie Martin October 21, 2014 at 3:23 pm

I recently acquired employment at store#7335 and there is a dispute about my hair accessories. As it states in the dress code head coverings are not acceptable, however I am not wearing one. I take a simple black handkerchief with a white pattern on it and fold it to the size of a large headband (approx 4″ wide in the back or front depending on how it’s worn). I have been told that it could be perceived as “gang affiliation” ,I’ve been told it covers “too much of my head ” that it isn’t “bland enough” to comply with my “uniform.” No one can seem to give me a valid answer. Every time I suggest a way to make it “acceptable” there is another excuse. Traditional fabric/elastic headbands will not stay on my head, as well I have suffered from chronic migraines for 21 years. The way I wear my HEADBAND helps relive symptoms that make it possible for me to function at work. I think that this is completely out of line , in no part of the dress code does it have any stipulations on headbands ie, color, pattern, width, etc, etc. Please fix this nonsense, how can wearing a headband pinup style translate or be perceived as “gang affiliation?”


Brandon Norwood October 20, 2014 at 1:42 pm

Oh yea I forgot to add that I haven’t received any gas money for traveling to the store in Scott, Arkansas to help out. I kept getting told I had to do it myself on the website. I asked the previous manager Brenda Snyder she never helped me and I also asked the current manager Brandy Deboard and she didn’t help me either. My district manager was told and all he said to me was he they weren’t doing their jobs. I worked with them I know they weren’t doing their jobs I called you to get it corrected not be told that the managers he hired weren’t doing their jobs. He should seriously lose his, he is the worst District Manager I have ever had to work for.


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