Autozone Corporate Office

AutoZone Corporate Office Address

AutoZone Inc.
123 S. Front St
Memphis, TN 38103

Contact AutoZone

Phone Number: (901) 495-6500
Fax Number: (901) 495-8300
Email: Email AutoZone


CEO: William C. Rhodes III
CFO: William T. Giles
COO: Harry L. Goldsmith

AutoZone History

AutoZone was originally known as Auto Shack and was a part of the Malone & Hyde grocery chain.  The grocery was sold to the Fleming Companies of Oklahoma City and the name Autozone came to be.

In 1984, the chain had 194 stores in 13 states.  The company grew quickly in the 80s and had 513 stores in 17 states by 1989.

The company went public in 1991.

In 1995, the 1000th store was opened in Louisville, KY.

In 1998, the company acquired Auto Palace, TruckPro and Chief Auto Parts, which gave the chain over 150 extra locations.

There was currently over 4400 locations in 48 US states.  The Autozone corporate office is located in Memphis, Tennessee.


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armando April 13, 2014 at 1:01 pm

K were do I start been a autozone customer for passed 10 years+ up untill today went in for a couple parts to finish a project got a couple itiems off shelf as I walked to the parts counter to purchase my items noticed employee followings me as if I were stealing never have in my life I come to this store 2-3 times a week as I workn on cars as my trade store was dead 8am on sunday so asked the employee helping me if he could check my engine light on so I could fix problem funny thing is this guys was wearing a customer service badge so figured he the guy to talk to he refused saying he had a employee call in and he is short staffed I looked around said for real no one else in store beside me him and employee standing doing nothing so asked him if I could check it right away to get part since at this store every week he stated he couldnt help me I was parked literly right in front of store.but if I were a lady the jump like I said im here all the time and notice there practices so I ended up just returning all my items I purchased and drove 4minutes down to the new oriellys got say thank u autozone for having unprofessional employees always selling wrong parts dont know anything acting like they do to much employee turn around wish u guys da best cus my money is good anywhere and now its oriellys


Anuradha April 12, 2014 at 1:12 am

Good Service……


butch meyn April 9, 2014 at 3:43 pm

went to auto zone in ponchatoula. The manager refused me a empty castrol oil box. the other autoparts store in town said they would save them for me


RHONDA SMITH April 9, 2014 at 5:09 am

If your car wont start DONT YOU DARE leave it at AUTO ZONE!! they will have your car towed illegally! It wont matter that your buying products from them to fix it and conferring with the employees about your situation. Which is what happened to me, I have the receipts to prove how much money I spent on the advise of the employees there that my car just needed ONE MORE THING and then it would start…until finally when a mechanic got there, they didn’t even have the part that I actually needed, so I told them I would send a tow truck for my car….however when my driver got there my car was already gone, towed at my expense by Auto Zone….Which would have been free since I work for a towing company! Since I am a Dispatcher at a major Towing Company, I KNOW what can and cannot be towed legally and without signs posted stating that your car will be towed its stealing. To make the whole situation worse nobody would admit to having the car towed so it took forever to even find my car!! I am not even upset anymore, I am just pursuing legal action against ALL PARTIES INVOLVED!! I WONT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH AUTOZONE AGAIN AND I RECOMMEND NOONE ELSE DOES EITHER…there are plenty of other reputable auto parts stores that are not out to screw over their patrons!!!


anthony tiglio April 5, 2014 at 11:06 pm

So Now I Can Have My Drugs Delivered By Louis Schneider In Morro Bay Since You Hired This Medical Card Carrying Pot Head!Is This Your New Sales Gimmick To Gain Customers?Where Do I Sign Up?Free Transportation To Sell And Deliver Drugs On Autozones Dime.When Is Your Managment Going To Get It Together?I Have Seen 6 Managers Here Since This Store Came Into Being.I Am Not Going To Buy Or Have Parts Delivered By A known Drug Addict .


David Gonzalez April 5, 2014 at 3:56 pm

I’ve been with auto zone for some time and think that because I can not remember the phone number its under I forced to pay for the parts again.Is there’s any way that I can use my address.


S.Jovani LLantana April 4, 2014 at 11:10 am

Visited Auto Zone on Dysart and McDowell in Goodyear AZ store 2727 about an hour less than close. When walking in, noticed a very nice gentleman waiting outside with his hood up. He appeared to have been waiting on an employee to come and change his battery out. It appeared he had already been in contact with one of the two employees working. I proceeded to walk in noticing two male employees who I came to find out later were Eduardo and Rene. It was immediately apparent that both employees were overly consumed with a gentleman about his special performance car. No one was attending to the man outside and I could see he was growing impatient too. To assist a customer was one thing but for both employees to be overly consumed with one, taking their time very slowly and deliberately while joking intermittently, being lax about the other two customer’s needs gets old quickly. It became obvious to me they were familiar with this person or even perhaps knew him well as a friend or such because their conversation was more of hobby men then professionals…speaking about non relevant issues as well as high performance parts that were costing a fortune. I guessed the customer was spending a great deal of money and that trumped their interest over both of us who were just simply trying to get battery assistance to move forward. Every time Rene left the shop,to assist this guy or to take his car for a test drive across the lot Eduardo couldn’t get into the computer system without a password from Rene. So, both of us were left waiting for Rene to wrap up his business for which he never did for the entire time I was there which was 45 minutes until I was prepared to leave the business. FInally, the man outside was helped and shoved off now I was the last one left waiting. I explained to Eduardo that my battery was dying and I would need another. I told him I just purchased a battery there within the last 2 years. First he asked for my paperwork which I told him was at home. Then I asked him if he couldn’t look me up by phone number. He located two of my records on his computer and I immediately pointed them out. He quickly asked if I had another number for which puzzled me because he had already located the two records for which my battery was purchased with a 2 year warranty. I gave an alternate number and he pulled a 3rd record up on the an alternate computer. He immediately attempted to use the old number on the alternate computer to convince me that the sale of my battery was in 2010. I insisted he was using the old purchase of a different item on that year and that he was simply refusing to look at the much more recent record. After my insistence he pulled up the correct, more recent purchase and I pointed out that the battery was purchased on 07/26/2012 which meant that my battery was under warranty still. He attempted to claim that battery was not for this car. I told him that it was in fact for the 2010 corolla that I currently own. He asked if that vehicle was out front and I showed him that it was. He immediately said if the bad didn’t test bad, he coudln’t replace it. Time and time again he tried to disqualify my warranty. I insisted it was bad and that the vehicle that I purchased that battery for was in fact one in the same. He came out, checked the battery ascertained that it was bad and in fact validated that the battery was theirs and the same one that was listed on the computer. Now, he went to the back and brought out a battery that didn’t look anywhere the same as what I had. When I inquired he explained away the fact by saying the battery had changed and now was more updated, specific to our weather yatta yatta yaatta……but what he couldn’t explain to my satisfaction was the fact that the numbers of the crank and another category were much lower on the new one than the one I exchanged. I asked if he could print me off his computer the one that I had purchased that he had pulled up on his screen and he refused. I asked him to print the one that I was receiving and he did so. I asked if he could provide any documentation to me for the one that I was replacing so that when I got home family could compare the one that I replaced with the type of the one I was receiving. He refused. I asked if I could keep the bad battery so we could compare when I got home he refused. Immediately I felt as if he was sending me out the door with a much less quality, less effective, less powerful and possibly a substandard battery than the one I paid for. I told him I thought he was sending me away with one that may not last as long and wouldn’t be as powerful. He was dismissive claiming they were the same under a different code…but the fact remained that the numbers reflecting performance were much lower on the one that he was giving me under the warranty. Finally I noticed Rene finished up his lengthy visit with the other gentleman because I asked Eduardo for a business card and asked him where his corporate location was. Rene butted in and said why is there a problem? Now he decided to engage? really? I said Eduardo is handling this for me but insisted on a business card. Both claimed their business does not have one. Rene said they were always saying they were going to print some up but had failed to do so thus far. I inquired about the corporate location again and Eduardo said it was in Scottsdale. It was at this time that I found out both their names. Rene claimed to be the manager. He then walked back out and handed me a makeshift card with the name “Mike C. manager” on it. I asked Eduardo if this “new” battery had 2 years on it or if it too would be defective and he said no, it will only cover you until July 2012 like you had purchased. So I immediately thought he gave me a second rate battery sending me with a substandard one that may not even be new and I suspected I would be back around that time frame to purchase another. I left the store. I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the tactics they pull to try to disuade you from exercising your right for a warranty replacement. This was very deceptively handled all the way around. By the way did I mention that I strongly believed that because I am a minority female and the man that waited outside happened to be African American? Strong preference was given to only one customer and a bulk of their time, effort and eagerness to assist went to their favored customer…..


chris April 7, 2014 at 11:09 pm

If the customer wanted to get his battery installed at a faster pace than perhaps he should’ve paid someone to put it in. Autozone does it as a free service, so if someone inside requires two employees to complete a sale than the free installation will have to wait. Why were you upset that he would not replace the battery if it did not test bad? Many companies that test the batteries for free don’t hire employees that have automotive knowledge. So if AAA tested it and said it was bad, that would not mean its bad, could also be a loose/dirty connection, bad ground wire, or corrosive terminals. And why did you feel you deserved a new warranty on a new battery that didn’t cost you anything.


Martin Canales April 1, 2014 at 5:29 pm

I just wanted to let you know about one of your employees at the 1221 N.Main st. Store in Euless, Texas. His name is David. I needed some freeze plugs for my vehicle and nobody had all 7 that i needed. Well talk about going above and beyond, David went out of HIS way to get all the freeze plugs together (they were in different stores) and bring them to the N.Main St store so i could pick them up! Take about your taking care of the customer! This action that David did was EXEMPLARY! and deserves recognition to the fullest extent!
You don’t hear about employees going out of THERE way to satisfy the customer and to also show that Auto Zone is truly the “Customers Choice” in Automotive needs. I hope you will talk too David about his Unselfish attitude and desire to satisfy a customer. I’m still in awe over this and am Loyal Auto Zone customer for life! Hat’s off to David and to his dedication to service and to see that Auto Zone will continue to prosper due to his attention to customer service. Your truly Martin B. Canales


Gerald g March 27, 2014 at 4:23 pm

I was at your store today store 1086 iVisit that store frequently because I live 2 blocks away from the store.I am NOT very pleased with the service at that location discount auto store is another 2 blocks away but I choose to go to I was in line for nearly 30 minutes me and another gentleman I watched the line grew to about 8 people.3 clerks were taking care of customers, and I counted three other persons in the back room.I waited in front of the register to return the tool, and one of the managers redirected me to wait in the line.he knew that there were a lot of people out on the floor waiting for service and no one came out to help the customers.I asked to speak to a manager,and instead of inquiring about my complaints managers and staff remained quiet.the other issue that I have with that store is that they close the doors early before closing time


Brett March 24, 2014 at 10:37 pm

Yesterday 3/23/14 my wife had a few errands to run and auto zone was one of them . She parked in auto zone ‘s parking lot and walked across the street with my children . When she returned to auto zone parking our vehicle had been towed even though she planned to purchase windshield wiper blades and a tail light . Come to find out after the full runaround that the assistant manager marks the pavement with the time that you park your vehicle . When I arrived there were three tow trucks circling the premises like sharks . Plenty of parking available . Pictures to prove it . After 20 minutes you are towed . $300.00 dollars it cost to get our vehicle . Management was shameless and a disgrace to your great name . I am a rewards customer . I’ve never been treated so horribly and felt so violated by any establishment in my life . Who thought killing two birds with one stone would cost $300.00 This took place at the Auto Zone in Lynwood CA. Imperial highway . When I went the get my car out of impound person after person showed up the exact situation . Same location . Management lied and said towing is a last resort when there is no parking available . I know how the towing business works and is a priority vs a necessity at this location . A lot of money involved . I called corporate to explain what’s going on and was given a number that is a voice mail to the district manager that hasn’t returned my calls . Disgusting nauseating situation .


RHONDA SMITH April 9, 2014 at 5:18 am

Brett I had the same thing happen to me, only I did buy stuff from the employees urging there just to be towed…BAD BUSINESS!! I am a dispatcher for the towing company in our area that tows for the police departments and know for a fact in our area unless you have sign posted stating that vehicles will be towed at the owners expense it is considered stealing, im unsure about Californias laws but I plan on taking legal action against AUTO ZONE….I just hope other people start reading these comments and start using ANYONE ELSE BESIDES AUTO ZONE!!


Officer James Walden March 23, 2014 at 6:31 pm

I have a complaint about Autozone choice of location for stores to build. Why would you build a store that’s about 5-10miles from each other. Cabot,Ar has a store and your going to build a store in Beebe,Ar. How much sense is that? Your going to take customers away from the Cabot store. But my thing is this, you have all those stores around there, Cabot, BeeBe ” new store “, Jacksonville, Sherwood & NLR #23.
Lonoke, Arkansas needs a store!!! A lot of ppl drive from Lonoke, Ar to Sherwood,Ar. Now you do the math on gas prices, I spend 20-30mins driving to a store to get parts & if I have the wrong parts that’s another 20-30mins. You do that about 4x’s that’s a lot of gas.

Now I have recently visited your store at 1801 E. Keihl Ave, Sherwood, Ar ( store #372 ) and I was more than thrilled to be in the hands of an autozone employee who knew what he was talking about & gave me the correct part & told me what it will do and estimated how long it will take before I noticed anything.
I went back today 3/23/2014 and the young man was there & this time I looked at his name tag and the name on his tag displayed Shahn Freeman. I spoke with him and I admire his knowledge and effort to be patient and help me with my issues. If you build a store in Lonoke, Arkansas , this the guy who should be giving them hands on training, and I just mite have found myself a new hire. But if I ever see this young man again, I will truly encourage him to come work in Law Enforcement & to work in our HR department. Thanks for the experience & store 372 is now officially my new parts store to shop at all because of this man Shahn Freeman.


joe cuellard March 20, 2014 at 12:09 am

I recently experience the worse costumer service over the phone, and person.
by the store manager name Eddy at this store # 5656.
autoze needs to take consideration on this matter since the worse customer service is given
by the own store manager. AUTOZONE Needs do a back round check on this guy.
Try to fight to a costumer? something is going on whit this store manager.
AUTOZONE ( 5656 ) Need to take care of this guy before something happens to a costumer.


kali baker March 15, 2014 at 6:03 pm

Today is 3/15/14 I was in ur store at 4:25pm on division street in arlington to pick up a air filter I put on hold wen I walked in there were two ppl standing in line by the door so stood in line. One of ur employees i believe his name was julius who was bout 40 yrs old dark skinned wearing a gray shirt n jacket was standing at a computer wouldnt even even look at any of us the lady at front of line walked up to him n very nicely asked if they could check her engine light the man he said no she looked confused asked again n said her car was right in front of door. He then snapped at her by saying im not taking our machines out in this weather (it was bearly even sprinkling at that time) as he told her that he pointed at next person in line n checked them out. I then scooted up in line n waited to be called on as he went back to his computer. A guy stood behind me for a min then walked in front of me n got checked out by this same employee, I then spoke up n said excuse me sir but I was next ur employee snapped no u wernt I was helping him before all of u (wen this customer came up with wiper blades from back of store) I said oh excuse me but I didnt know. He snapped again and said the line is over there if u want help (and pointed at the ropes where u stand in line) I said no need for ur attitude I just stood behind the ppl that were in front of me wen I came in that u were so rude to. Then another employee named Johnathan was very sweet n checked me out I asked for the other mans name who was rude n he got a very scared look on his face like he would lose his job or something I then said dont worry bout iy ill get his name. While I was swiping my card to pay the rude employee covered his name tag n walked to the back. I know my mother has applied at auto zone and never got a job n she is very knowledgeable in cars n the sweetest lady I know yet yall employ a man that treats customers the way he did. I will not be going to auto zone ever again I will now go to O Rylie’s.


eddie williams March 13, 2014 at 1:11 pm

hi my name is Eddie Williams i have been employeed .anyway i gave you a email that i dont have a passward for . is my old email . the new one is . i dont know if this will keep me from being a new employee at autozoon. i was told ill git a email on 03/12/2014 so i can start working. i just wont too say iam sorry and thank you very much. ps eddie williams clearlake ca


Natalie March 10, 2014 at 7:22 pm

I bought two radiator hoses for my car in Dec from the Woodstock IL location. It was freezing for all of Dec, Jan, and Feb. Now that it is warm out side I went to go pick it up and got told that they sent it back because it was sitting over a week and the product had not be moved, I had already paid for the hoses and never got notified that if it wasn’t picked up with in a week it would be sent back and they never told me it was sent back they just kept my money for four months like it was no big deal. Which is stealing. I will never go back to another auto zone again they are theifs. And reading at the bottom to make sure they see this I have to like them on Facebook, bulls*** is this whole company. I don’t like you and I won’t like you on Facebook to get you more attention for being a crappy company. FYI you want to keep customers treat people better.


chris April 7, 2014 at 11:24 pm

Nor are they a storage facility for your parts. Idk about you but if I pay for something I’ll be sure to pick it up or at least call them to see what’s going on…


RHONDA SMITH April 9, 2014 at 5:20 am



Charles Townsend March 8, 2014 at 1:28 am

Store #5460 in Palmdale California is terrible. I have never had an auto parts place charge me for 3 of an item I only needed one of then not have the one I paid for. Two reversed floating in limbo plus the one I needed ($349 floating in limbo because it was debted then reversed) but the returns policy is 3-5 days (funny how they can take the money immediately but take days to return it) but could be as much as 10 days. District manager Ernie unhelpful and not responsive and regional office (Sabrina and Connie) could care less. On hold forever, promised call backs I never got and still no money returned, only receipts and paperwork.

I am sure that neither Mr. Rhodes of Mr. Giles read these or care but profit will be affected. Karma is that way.


jason March 4, 2014 at 12:45 am

I bought Aneutral safety switch 4 a 03 duramax they had two optionsthe only difference what is a brand name I bought and installed the one they said was for that vehicle after about a week trying to adjustedI did research finding out that it was fore a different trannybut their system still saysThat its the right one that need to update their system It cost me a vary expensive tranny





john woods February 28, 2014 at 1:06 pm

hello, my name is john and ive been a satisfied customer since i owned my first vehicle, id like to compliment middletown rhode island branch for beeing terrific, The gm carmine is a great guy and is really quick to help a customer.Recently my girlfriend and i tried to return a alternator beeing dissattisfied with it having to replace it multiple times every 8 to 12 months. and store policy came into play.I understand that parts are manufactured in mexico and any returned part is shipped back and rebuilt or remanufatured to proper specs,Solely Not your Fault This Part Fails, But With a lifetime warranty that is highly misunderstood ,I Feel it should be mentioned prior to purchase so that their can be no confusion or frustration for all of us loyal customers. Regardless of the outcome i received when contacting coorperate, im still very happy to have autozone as my parts dealer . And We all Must keep In Mind Without Struggle Their Is No Success, in other words ,Crap Happens Deal With It, Thank You Very Much For Allowing Us to Rant About how good or how bad you are, Atleast you have a comments page. Sincerley
John Woods Akucewich.


Sonnier February 25, 2014 at 11:47 pm

Purchased a battery charger for about $80.00. While attempting to charge a battery a week ago, it began smoking inside.

I was not told at the time of purchase Autozone would not warranty it. I did not learn about this until I attempted to return the item.

Customers should be informed when and when not items are not under store warranty.

Also, my wife was in the Liberty, Tx store and they would not wait on her rather they kept waiting on men customers that came in several minutes after she did. This is not the first time this has happened in the Liberty, TX. store.


hahaha March 14, 2014 at 11:36 am

if there was a warrenty they would ask you for your phone number…dont act like a dumba** and think everything has a lifetime warrenty…your a dumba**


V Garcia February 12, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Purchase a engine for my 1969 Chevy and after having it installed it never worked properly. At the advice of your Customer Service agent, I had it checked by two separate certified mechanics (additional charges I had to pay). Both mechanics stated the same problem, “Had a bad engine”. AutoZone replaced the engine and I again paid to have it installed. Your warranty states that if the item is defective and is replaced you will reimburse up to $800 for labor cost. I have spent twice the price of the engine in labor cost to install in my vehicle. When you received the bad engine back, AutoZone stated that there was “nothing wrong with the engine” . Two different Certified Mechanics stated otherwise. Just a convenient way to “Rip off” the consumer by selling products you really don’t guarantee… Your warranty means nothing if you refuse to honor its contents.


eric March 2, 2014 at 3:32 pm

you need to go file a small claims case and make them pay its not hard to do.


Heather February 8, 2014 at 5:42 pm

My husband worked at Autozone . He recently quit because it was a horrible place to work.
When he started he told them he knew nothing about working on cars. They said it was fine. He assumed he would be trained but they never trained him.
The “manager” was very unprofessional. Seems like everyone working at Autozone is a manager. The managers can also not hire or fire employees.
So you have a ton of people working at one store that are managers.
No one has any idea what they are doing.
You do have to buy your own shirt from Autozone but my husband was making 8.36 a hour. YES 8.36. What is that ? Why the .36 … because your first raise is .14 !
My husband was hired part time which is 25 to 30 hours. He never worked those hours.
his schedule would always be 38 right under 40 hours. However with the new law any time over 30 hours you get health insurance . Over 30 hours is full time !
Shady company. unprofessional. With the employees and with the customers.
The employees are NOT trained to do any work on your vehicle.


Kat February 21, 2014 at 10:09 am

I worked for autozone for 11 1/2 years. It was my experience that they were a great company to work for. My husbands health is the only reason I left. The people who work for AutoZone are not hired to be mechanics. You change batteries and wipers. That is about the worst of it in my experience. In my experience, I was trained to use equipment in the store and the OBDII machine . It gives diagnostic codes but you are not supposed to work on customers cars. Therefore, there would be no need for “training” to “work on your vehicle.” I have been gone from AZ for probably 5 years now, and will still stand behind my belief that they are a great company.


Tony February 28, 2014 at 9:47 am

You are a moron!! I worked for autozone as well. You are right, we did not work on customer vehicles except for battery installations, wiper blade replacement, light bulb replacement, battery/starter/alternator testing and OBDII code scanning. However, knowledge about parts and products(sound familiar?) are key to customer service. Especially when 80% of autozone’s customers are mechanics (commercial). When I started I knew very little about cars. I could do oil changes, change a flat tire and replace a battery. As far as training goes, autozone did not train me. I trained myself. I guess that’s not 100% accurate. Autozone trained me to run their POS system (cash register), sell “Witts” (Witts are add on sales like useless grease packets, battery terminal protectors, etc.), COC’s (checkout challenge), how to open and close the store, and how to f*** over customers. That’s about it. Seeing that I refused to f*** over customers, who are the reason retailers are in business, my employment was terminated. Autozone is not a good company. They are just another corporation looking to squeeze every dollar they can out of their customers as they can. Also, paying their employees as little as possible, yet working them like dogs!! So, If you want to stand behind autozone good for you. Just know that whatever fantasy world you have created in your useless brain… Is not real!!! Autozone is a s*** company that sells s*** products, has s*** employees with s*** customer service. I would love to hear your reply ;)


chris April 7, 2014 at 11:33 pm

Maybe because autozone isn’t a shop? Its a retail store. Does home depot install your toilet for you too? Also their dress code is red knit polo. Not required to purchase from autozone. Also wrong about managers being able to fire/hire. Basically everything you said now sounds stupid.


catherine wilson February 8, 2014 at 1:49 pm

Mr. Rhodes
I would like to inform you of how I was treated by your employees at the Auto Zone located at 330 Broadway in Bedford, Ohio 44146.
The phone number is 440-439-9911
I purchased a Sylvania Halogen Bulb for $10.99..cost is not the issue…the issue is how I was treated once i made my purchase.
I have purchased many items for my vehicle at your store many times and I was never treated this way.
I went to your store on February 3, 2014..I purchased the bulb..I asked the guy if he would put it in for me..he came outside looked at me car..which is a pontiac grand am and he said no i won’t put it in..i asked him why..he said he wanted to go home, it was too dark outside to see..and he wanted to go home. I was sortof taken aback by that comment, he said come back tomorrow.
I came back on the 4th asked them to put in my light..explained what happened the guy said he couldnt do it either cuz he would have to take my bumper off..come on now i have had this headlight light bulb replqced many times and not one guy ever had to remove my bumper.
So I thought I would come back again on the 5th..I did..I was told they didn’t have time..I was the ONLY one there.
I finally to my car on the 8th to an auto body shop and they replaced the bulb in less than ten minutes .


catherine wilson February 8, 2014 at 1:57 pm

This is so frustrating because these guys have done this for me before..
i felt you needed to be aware of this.
I had to pay for this .
Thank you for reading this and I look forward to your reply
Catherine Wilson


ginger gallego February 4, 2014 at 3:02 pm

i purchased a battery from auto zone and the employee offered to put the battery in my car for me.. of course i allowed him to do so thinking he knew what he was doing.. well he didnt.. he didnt fasten the battery down properly so within a few days my car had electrically shorted out the system which almost caught my car on fire fried the battery completely and costing me $400.00 dollars to have it fixed…also because i allowed another company to install the battery the deaership company where i purchased my car from voids any electrical warranties that i had.. so be cautious when letting someone install a batery into a new car..


R.GOODIN January 18, 2014 at 2:45 pm

I was at the autozone store in Oildale,Ca the store is located on no.chester ave and I witness’d the store manager sexually harassing one of the stores female employee’s by saying rude and what he wanted to do to her .He made the remark that he wanted the two of them to go to a motel and have sex .I feel that this is very disrespectful and that the female employee was infact very upset about the remark this Hispanic manager was saying ; the company that I work at we have a zero tolerance towards any type of sexual remarks made to the females that work there the person that make s such remarks a terminated on the spot .U’r manager should also be terminated.If the manager is treating the female employee’s this way why is he still there ,the company that I am employed buy’s a lot of autoparts from u .More than likely if the manager isn’t fired when I go in there to pick up parts and if he ever disrespect this female employee in my presents I will take proper steps to help this woman to obtain an attorney ;


Amanda January 11, 2014 at 7:21 pm

My fiancée was a very loyal employee for 4 years. Last July is when he got fired or that is what he was told. He had a district manager that knew how he worked. Her name was Valerie. She stepped down to a store manager and by this time last year Shoney was the new district manager. In 2012 that store had a bad inventory everyone that was there for that year got fired except Chris. The new potential manger heard good things and wanted him there or so we thought. With everyone being fired they brought in with the new store manager a new employee name James. The new store managers name was Patrick. Well soon after these new employees came in money from the safe came up missing primarily on days where James was working. You have to understand the situation a bit more. This store has NO cameras and everyone who has the code to safe has access to the money whether they are clocked in or not. So what does this mean if I was a manger and today is my day off and I wanted to steal money well all I have to do is go in and take it. See my point here. Ok well Patrick says he knows that my fiancé is not stealing which in four years not one single safe shortage keeps assuring my fiancé that they will catch night my finance is the closing manager and James leaves for the day. Safe gets counted and it’s all good Chris goes to back and the employee witnesses James come back in. Chris closes store and has employee watch and count money and surprise $100 is missing after James went to back. My finances calls Patrick to let him know what’s going on and says to him that only $100 was missing. The next day Patrick and another manager opens and Patrick is the only one that counts safe and now the safe is short $200. Hmm really after there is a witness that only $100 is gone so my fiancé is informed of this before he goes in and we go to the police station to file a report because this will fall back on my fiancé and put the blame on him. He goes in and that’s when he is told he was FIRED. He got handed a right up he soon goes back to the police station and the detective makes a trip to Auto Zone. When my fiancé goes to get his pink slip all of a sudden the story changes. About a week prior to this he puts a two weeks in because he didn’t want stealing on his record because this was turning out bad. He wanted to leave and let James get caught. They said that they let my fiancé go early on his two weeks. The guy who witnessed James returning to the store and witnessed the safe shortage of only $100 was told if he said anything he was fired!!! So obviously this was something to be covered up. The cop that went up there got banned from the store!! There is some shady shit going on at this Auto Zone but what I am pissed at is today January 2014 months later my fiancé went to the store to buy something for his truck and was told he was banned from store. Ummm he has been up there buying parts before and it was no problem. And not only did they tell him that he couldn’t be there but threatened to call the police!! He didn’t leave the store cussing or threatening anyone when he was fired he left peacefully now he will get arrested when he was NEVER informed that he was not allowed there. So yeah I will not be shopping there again and it’s too bad because we are planning to buy almost 2k in parts but whatever what goes around comes around and karma is a b****


Chinese Howard January 4, 2014 at 12:52 pm

I was double charged at autozone store #0899 1802 Hwy 138 SE Conyers, Ga 30013 the store manager(Michelle) tried to telll me it was a bank error but the cashier (Shay) swipe my deit card twice will never shop there again what an inconvience


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