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Aaron's, Inc.
309 E Paces Ferry Rd
Atlanta, GA 30305

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Phone Number: (404) 231-0011
Fax Number: (404) 240-6584
Website: http://www.aarons.com
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CEO: Ronald W. Allen
CFO: Gilbert L. Danielson
COO: Mitchell S. Paull

Aaron's History

Aaron’s was founded as Aaron Rents in 1955 by current Chairman Emeritus Robert Charles Loudermilk.

In 1964, the company began renting furniture.

In 1982, the company went public.

In 1987, the company enters the rent to own business after acquiring Ball Stalker.

In 1990, Aaron’s begins to offer franchise opportunities.

In 2008, the company sold their corporate furnishings division to Berkshire Hathaway.

In 2009, the company changed their name to just Aaron’s, Inc.

Today, Aaron’s has over 2000 stores in the lower 48 states and Canada.  Over 1200 of those stores are corporately owned.

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Amy Johnson November 21, 2014 at 4:18 pm

I recently rented a washer and dryer from an Aaron’s location in Nashville, TN. ON the day of delivery (my birthday by the way), I was told that the merchandise would be delivered between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. I called twice during those hours to see if I could get a better estimate of the time of delivery as I had reservations for a birthday dinner. Each time I was told that the merchandise would be there before 7 p.m. At 6:45 p.m., I called again as no one had shown up. It was at that time that I was finally told that due to “issues” (which were never fully explained), my merchandise wouldn’t be delivered at all and that someone would call me the next day to schedule another delivery time. As you can imagine, I was extremely upset as I had made several previous phone calls and had not been told that there was a possibility that my washer/dryer may not be delivered at all. Not to mention the fact that no one called me to inform me it would not be delivered, I had to call them!!! Needless to say, I did not make the reservation in time for my birthday dinner. After the washer/dryer was finally delivered the next day, I found out that they dryer was not working properly (there was metal rubbing on metal making an extremely loud and high pitched whine). When I called the Aaron’s store to advise them of this, I was first asked if I even knew how to use a dryer and then told that there was nothing wrong with it as it was brand new “out of the box”. After the rude comment and complete lack of courtesy when talking to me as well as the unprofessional way the delivery was handled, I simply told them I didn’t want to be bothered with it anymore and they could come get it and refund my money. I was told that they would send someone out to try to fix it but it would take an additional 2 days before they could come out. I advised them that this simply wouldn’t work and that there had already been too many problems in a short amount of time and that I didn’t want it anymore. I was then advised that I would have to speak with the manager. It took 2 days for the manager to return my call and when he finally did, I received no apology of any kind for the complete lack of professionalism, and was told to “just come get your money.” I’m completely appalled at the way this situation was handled. Clients are what keeps a business running and if this is how Aaron’s treats its clients, I’m surprised that there even still in business!!!!!


Reico November 18, 2014 at 2:55 pm

Aaron store in Jackson MS need some people that going do they job not collect checks I will never get anything else from aaron bad business


Ruth martin November 16, 2014 at 7:50 am

My experience with Aaron’s was very disappointing. I ordered the 3and1 which included a living room set, a dining room set, and a bedroom set. When it was Timefor my delivery I received a call stating that my dining room set was the display one which everything should be new so now I have to wait 7-10 days for my set. My furniture finally got delivered and come to find out they never put the frame for my bed on my order. Now y would I get a head board with no frame. So from the start my whole order was screwed up and the bad part about this is this is my first time renting furniture from Aaron’s. I would never recommend anybody to Aaron’s because the customer servicethere sucks and I’m talking about the one in the northeast on Levick st in the Mayfair shopping center


deirdre dobbins November 14, 2014 at 2:12 pm



Christyn November 13, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Who do I need to speak with about the Harassment that is happened by the Aaron’s that I have purchased my product from? This is absolutely out of control. New York State has laws and they are completely violating the law. Their methods are extremely illegal. Coming to my house at 9 at night when my children are asleep, pounding on my doors and windows all over my house for 15 mins. I refuse to answer the door because of the methods they are using, not to mention I’m home alone with my children. When someone comes to your house at 9 at night banging the way they do I doubt anyone would answer the door. I also refuse to give them any more payment due to their methods. May seem crazy, but I do not feel that the company operates professionally at all. They come to my work and question all my co-workers, they call 5 times a day to myself and my references. Quite frankly this company is absolutely ridiculous. I am filing paperwork with the Federal Trade Commission along with filing harassment charges with the local police department and seeking a lawyer. This is absolutely unacceptable business practice.


april s November 5, 2014 at 9:21 pm

Well I went in to an arron’s location in Edmonton, Alberta. I wanted a bed and a headboard. They said sure no problem just fill this form out. They booked the delivery and took the payment. I figured it was all good. I figured I would call the Wednesday before the delivery to make sure everything was fine. I was then told they had not even done anything with my file as well I was told that they did not have anything that they needed. If they had done there jobs and told me everything they needed I would have made sure that they had everything. As well I get told that they have no copies of my id. To me this was not acceptable.acceptable. On the Monday when my bed was to be delivered, I made sure I called to make sure I was getting.getting it. The employee that I talked to never said anything about the headboard that I was expecting. It did not come. When the two guys showed up they came up and had the debit machine in there hand. They proceed to asked for yet another payment but this time it was $92 and change. I told them not happening. After some time he spent on the phone they said it was fine and took a copy of they debit receipt I have. Then he said to me that they would go get my mattress box spring and frame. I said and my head board to right? He then told me that because no one at the store does sales the way it is suppose to be done and the staff is to scared to have to deal with an upset customer so they are left to tell them and get yelled at. I was pissed. To me this is stupid. They two guys where really nice and even put my bed together. I emailed asking for the regional manager or the person above her to call me. However I never head a word. I then called the head office and I was told that someone would contact me within 24 to 48 hours well I am guessing maybe they have forgot how to use a phone cause they had till November 4 or so they say but I say they should have called me by Monday. When I called head office back and I talked to someone there. I asked who was above the regional manager…….to this I was told that there was no one above her. So I have called the other store and have asked them to have the regional manager get a hold of me. I told the lady I spoke with to make sure that it was the regional manager and not someone from the store and that I felt no need to talk to anyone of the 15 people that think they are the store manager. Everyone I have talked to tell me they are the manager. To me this store needs a lot of work and someone needs to call me back.


kevin manuel November 4, 2014 at 11:10 am

I purchased a bedroom set from your Seaford location in June of 2014, in October of 2014 I had to move due to circumstances that were out of my control. I informed the store and after much deliberation agreed to relocate the bedroom set to a place that I was looking at in a town that was about 90 miles away. I could only find a furnished apartment to rent and informed the store that I was no longer in need of the furniture and they picked it up.
Yesterday I received a letter saying that I had not met the obligations of my contract and that I now owe the difference between the minimum amount needed and the amount I had paid.
I am relocating from Delaware to Florida on the 19th of November 2014 and would like to reinstate the contract in Ft. Myers. I have 2 contracts, 1 for the bedroom set then 1 for the extra nightstand. The contract for the bedroom set is F244-24836 and the one for the extra nightstand is F244-24942. It is for the EB-1 set.
Please let me know if the relocation to Ft.Myers is possible or if it is not possible. I am disabled and could only afford to pay $50/month towards the contract amount that is due. Please let me know if or if not this is possible as well.


gerry November 4, 2014 at 8:36 am

you can train your managers to be more professional, your store manager Milton left me standing at the register waiting for him to complete my transaction for 25 minutes or more. the customer service rep. name Anthony keep going into the office and Milton was blowing him off, after the 25 another manager named Arron Stewart came and was very apologetic and tried ti fix the problem. He said Milton was on the phone with a customer and I let him know that did not matter he was working with me first, I felt humiliated and disrespected because other customers were in the store and looking at me like I had done something wrong. You need to give more training on how to treat and respect your customers especially repeat customers . the worst expreience i have ever had and I will be letting other people know .


Crystal Daniels October 31, 2014 at 1:01 pm

I have an account with the Aarons location 7933 N Lindbergh Blvd
Hazelwood, MO (314) 839-1489. I pay about $150/monthly since May 2013 which comes to about $2400 for a 73 in tv that “blew completely out last night.” The problem that I have is that I went to the location on Oct. 23 to inform them that the tv was very dim and something was wrong. The location set up a service call for Oct 25. The store called on the 25th to cancel that appointment and reschedule for Oct 28. The instructions for that day was for me to call (since I work daily) for them to come out. Unfortunately they came out midday and left a door hanger. I called back to the store and was finally able to set up another visit for Oct 30th between 10a-1p. 1p came and went and I contacted the store and was told that they would come between 1p-4p. I contacted the 800# and received a ticket #190833 and a promise to hear from the Regional Mgr John Evans within 24 hours. The team from the store finally made it That day at 3pm only to confirm that the tv needed service. Was informed by the team that they would have to bring a loaner out and send the tv to service. Stated that they would need to go back to the store to receive the general manager’s approval for the loaner. Later that night the tv completely blew out. No picture only sound. Immediately contacted the store and was told that the manager would have to approve of the loaner and to call back at 10. Called back at 10 and was told by the manager that he wouldn’t deliver a tv until Tuesday Nov. 4th. So now I have no tv and they are located within 5 min of my home. I asked what am I supposed to do until then and was asked why I can’t do without for a few days. I then called back with my fiancé who is also on the account and the manager Marco became agitated and told my fiancé to come up to the store and then he hung up on us. I felt completely disrespected because when he began to talk to my fiancé he stated to him that “he had already talked to your wife, girlfriend, or whoever she is to you.” We asked for the Regional managers information and he refused hanging up the phone yelling “come up here.” I then contacted another location and was told that the Regional Mgr John Evans would be at one of 10 locations today. I contacted them all and could not reach him. So for over a week now of dealing with this situation and sitting here thinking of the constant calls that I receive on the due date (never missed a payment and never needed an Aaron’s employee to come knocking on my door to collect a payment). Now that I need service on a unit that I have already invested $2400 and counting I have to sit here with zero tv and a 73 inch unit staring me in the face because I get rudely accosted by the store manager Marco, and I have yet to hear from the Regional Manager John Evans. Why am I investing in Aaron’s when Aaron’s is clearly not invested in my satisfaction??


Josh robertson October 30, 2014 at 7:20 pm

Hi my name is josh Robertson, I have a tv I got from the Aaron’s in perry fl, 32347. In July I tried to return all the merchandise and they convinced me to keep the tv. I am a truck driver and I am starting from scratch financially, trying to get on my feet. I no longer live in perry I have told them that but they keep harassing people that still live there on my where abouts. I plan on paying the tv off completely once I get on my feet and I’m not purposely trying to avoid them which is why I haven’t changed my number. The references are getting tired of the harassment. I don’t live there anymore


trimble October 30, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Aarons came to our door and wanted their washer and dryer backand said that we didnt paythe previous month. Well ive got a credit card transaction that says it was paid. They tried to over charge us for a computer thats been paid off for 4 months. Tim spoke to my wife and was so rude. I just dont want to do business with aarons anymore. Im gonna tell them they can come and get the washer and dryer. This is in Terre Haute In. I am very dissapointed in your service.


trimble October 30, 2014 at 1:11 pm

And im sure that these issues wont even be noted.along with all the other complaints that ive read on here.


jason evans October 25, 2014 at 9:36 am

I was recently employed at store F1259 in Milford DE as a P.T. I was treated unfairly and harassed by my G.M. my complaints to my R.M. Tom Craig were answered with the solution of myself quitting(his advice). I was forced to drive or be passenger in an Aarons truck that had no horn and bald tires, this was documented daily on inspection sheet. I was forced to operate unsafe vehicle out in communities with children playing! When I complained about it I was harassed and mistreated. I will be seeking legal assistance with filing a lawsuit. If someone from corperate would like to contact me first please do. Store F1259 is the worst work environment I’ve ever seen or experienced. I am also a customer and now I can’t even get my merchandise serviced!


Crystal beish October 24, 2014 at 3:40 pm

I would like a corp manager to contact me I rent from clearfield pa and cant speak with them they rude n dont care I have in over a thousand dollars on a couch n they want it cause I was gone for awhile in Ohio for a family emergency n didnt pay well I can’t predict the future but they won’t work with me til I get a check from work I just went back to work after I came back from ohio. My number is 299-**** want a call asap plz ty


trimble October 30, 2014 at 1:14 pm

Just wondering if you ever heard anything back from anyone ? I am having issues with aarons to


Gary Gubbini October 21, 2014 at 5:30 pm

Had a store manager and employee come to my house and threaten me and my son with law enforcement . A Aaron’s Employee also stated that my son grab a employee of Aaron’s and escorted off my property . My son never touched anybody . Have witnesses if needed . The harassment went on for two weeks Non-stop . Store address 5108 US highway 19 New Port Richey , FL 34652 . The un-professionalism at this store is unbelievable ! Sorry to say I will not ever buy from the company again . I will be recommending the public to shop at your competitors on and off social media . If harassment continues legal action will be taken . Payment was withheld due to damaged merchandise . Issue still isn’t resolved . I have been lied too twice , there will be no third .


Thelma October 20, 2014 at 1:33 pm

I have purchased many items from Arron and I had to have this computer fixed because it had old viruses in it. I call the store and talked to a person and informed him that I would be late on my payment I told him when I would make the payment. They sent a collector to my door anyway. I have purchased many item from arron in June I just paid for an HP computer and this store insults me by sending a collector to my house. This store is ran by a white man and the other store I always bought things from was ran by people of color. What do you think it is. My husband worked for Arrons for 35-years. That’s the only reason I bought from you, but I think this will be my last purchase.


Danielle October 17, 2014 at 5:15 pm

So I purchased a bedroom set back in 2007 and I received a letter in the mail today 10/17/2014 stating that I owe them $2,782.76. I paid them in full back in 2007! I asked them to give me details in reference to the account and they told me that they did not have my info> If that’s the case how did they up and decide that I owe them any money and why in the world would they wait 7 years to contact me???? I have only been there once but I promise that I will never step foot into an Aarons store.


Danielle October 17, 2014 at 5:17 pm

I even called them 5 times today and was hung up on 4 times.


Gary October 13, 2014 at 9:24 am

I have been a customer of Aaron’s for several years and have paid off several accounts. I bought a computer which needed to be fixed before the last payment. The morons that work at the Fitchburg, MA store think I’m as stupid as they are. I have been waiting for 6 weeks for my computer to be returned with a new and dumber reason for the delay. I just want my property back in working order. As far as I am concerned this is stealing. I have called a lawyer and he told me this is not a reasonable amount of time to fix a computer, this shows poor quality of tech knowledge. Wake up or you will feel the fallout from open public forum.


Kristin October 11, 2014 at 2:35 pm

I dealt with the store in Sterling IL, and today the manager Scott Wallingford came to my house. He beat on the door for fifteen minutes, while shouting at my two children and their babysitter. He also was looking through the window of our door! Not to mention he entered our property, opening the screen door and stepping into the foyer of our house! He then yelled my account information loud enough for my neighbors across the street to hear! And when I called to make payment arrangements they told me my business was no longer welcome and to arrange a day when they can pick up the merchandise. I am ten days past due and am being treated like a criminal. And when I asked for an itemized list of charges Scott the “manager” told me that he refuses to do business with me. Ridiculous. I went to this place because I have bought numerous items from them in the past and had received excellent offers to purchase more merchandise. It’s just a scam.


Amanda October 10, 2014 at 12:47 pm

I have been a Loyal Customer of Aarons Sales and Lease for 10 plus years. I have always payed in full the products that I purchase. I have been called about 15 times in 3 days saying I didnt make a payment when i did. I have gave them receipt number who took my payment the time date and all but still getting Harassing phone calls. I have a call into corporate with the situation to see what can be resolved. At this point I will NO LONGER do business with Aarons. # ALWAYS KEEP RECEIPTS


Stepfanie Parker October 8, 2014 at 6:32 pm

I was actually just rear-ended by a driver from Aaron’s while I was at a dead stop in traffic in Nampa, Idaho, not to mention my 2 year old daughter was in the car. Neither the passanager or the driver got out of the van to check for any possible damage or to ask if we were ok. The passanger almost looked like she was laughing when I approached their van. The police were called but they said they would not come out unless there was over $1500 in damage, even though they were told there was a small child in the vehicle! So I went to talk to the store manager and the reponse I got was “I will talk to him about his driving.” I feel this was very poorly handeled! If they run their store the same way this was delt with then Good luck to them! Leagal action will be taken on my part!!


Marie October 8, 2014 at 12:40 pm

NEVER EVER USE ARRONS!!!! I have had several accounts with arrons!! My payments were scheduled to be ont he 15th of each month!! Because I was late they deferred my contact (without my permission) pushing the pay off date past the original date. The store manager is extremely RUDE! I have contacted an attorney and what they are doing is illegal, I also went to make a payment and they declined the payment because I was short 5 for fees THEY CHARGED ME!! I will go back to RENT A CENTER ANY DAY


William J Lewis October 8, 2014 at 6:11 am

This is a copy of a e-mail that was sent to me and my response back to it and since then I have heard nothing else from store or regional manager I figured I probably wouldn’t they got what they wanted here is the copy it is a little large .

From: “Brad A. McKinney”
To: ***@comcast.net
Cc: “F451″ F451@aarons.com
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 8:41:07 PM
Subject: Mr. Lewis: Huntington Aaron’s Sales and Lease

Mr. Lewis,

First let me apologize for your recent experience at our Huntington W.V. location. You have been an excellent customer at this location and we messed up and I hope you are willing to give us another chance.

In reviewing your account history I see that you were actually one of our “Highly Preferred” customers who received our “6 weeks with no payment” offer last December when you purchased your computer. This was the only time we had ever offered this special and it was only offered to a select few customers at each location. The individual who you spoke with back in August was a new hire on his second week and would not have been aware of your “Highly Preferred” status and that would be why he told you we would have to deliver your merchandise and not allow you to take it home with you.

In order to make things right we would be more than willing to extend this offer to you once again as our way of saying sorry. Just choose your merchandise and your first payment will not be due until Nov. 1st. Please contact the Huntington General Manager, Larry Lucas, at 304-525-0086 or myself directly regarding any merchandise you may currently need.

Once again, we are very sorry that we did not meet your expectations and hope you will give us a chance to make things right as we do Greatly Appreciate you being our customer.


Brad McKinney, Regional Manager

Shining Star Ventures dba Aaron’s

email: brad.mckinney@aarons.com

cell: 513-417-1664


From: “Aarons.com Online Store”
To: m***@comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2014 1:33:08 AM
Subject: Thank you for contacting Aaron’s

Mr. McKinney I am replying to your recent E-mail sent to me in re-guards to my recent dissatisfaction and unpleasant experience at the Huntington West Virginia Aaron’s location in your e-mail you wrote that I am

“one of our “Highly Preferred” customers who received our “6 weeks with no payment” offer last December when you purchased your computer. This was the only time we had ever offered this special and it was only offered to a select few customers at each location. The individual who you spoke with back in August was a new hire on his second week and would not have been aware of your “Highly Preferred” status and that would be why he told you we would have to deliver your merchandise and not allow you to take it home with you.”
I am not sure what information you was given but I have been a customer there for several years and in my several years of being a good customer as you stated I have gotten to know or at least met all the employees there or at least their faces all the employees that I have dealt with on my many visits to this location anyways I’ll come back to that. Going back me personally I have purchased 4 items from Aaron’s and a total of 6 items in my household alone not to mention the things that my aunt and uncle have came into this same location and bought on the same kind of lease I did. Anyways at no time was my problem that I went into the Aaron’s Huntington location and was told that I could not take the merchandise home that it had to be delivered my problem is what I was told over the phone and the when I got to the Huntington Aaron’s I was told that the information that was given to me over the phone was never given and that they would not be honoring what was told to me. I called Aaron’s because the Samsung 55″ HDTV I purchased from there just quit working all together a good while before I got the TV paid off I had a problem with it one of the HDMI ports quit working I called the Huntington Aarons about the problem they had a couple of guys come out and they looked at it and said there is several more HDMI ports so I wouldn’t worry much about it and I never heard anything more about it and with what I am going through now I know it was a very big mistake not to push having it fixed completely then because now its paid off and none of the HDMI ports work and the picture does not even come on hardly at all anymore. This is the second thing that I have got from the Huntington Aaron’s that has messed up or just completely quit working shortly after payoff the first was a air conditioner which I called exactly a week after it was paid off because it quit working and was told it is paid off there is nothing we can do other than I can give you a phone number to a repair center you can take it to I never had a problem with the air conditioner so I didn’t have any previous service calls on it but I did on TV. So my frustration started when and I refer back to the beginning about knowing the employees or at least there their faces so anyways I called and explained that my TV I got from the Huntington WV Aaron’s location had messed up completely and I wanted to see about getting another TV and that in previous month when I came in to pay a payment I thought that I was given an offer that if I could get anything in the store and not have any payments for (3) three months what would I get and I was wanting to see if that offer was still available and I was talking to a female employee I believe her name is Kaitlin I am not for sure though now it has been so long ago but I know it is the first time that I had ever spoken to her and still to this day have never seen her in person but anyways I was told by her that they do not give 3 months no payments but they do offer (1) one month with no payments if I wanted to come I could take advantage of that so the next day I made arrangements to have someone come to the Huntington WV Aaron’s and bring my new TV home once I got the paper work done. I arrived at the Huntington WV Aaron’s and was immediately greeted by and helped by an employee that I have paid my payments to numerous times when I went in and he also sold me a couple of the items that I purchased I believe his name is Jonathan but I could be mistaken, he asked what he could sell me and I told him about my TV situation and that I needed to get another one and just like before I did not receive a oh I am sorry about your merchandise or anything like that what I did get is what was expected well William I can definitely sell you another TV do you have anything in mind and he helped me with my decision on what TV I needed well I take that back the TV I wanted not needed. I found the right one for me and we went to the front counter to start the paper work and he asked for a payment and I told him that I had already called and talked to Kaitlin I believe yesterday and that I could do the no payment for (30) thirty days and he told me to hold on went back in the office and come back out and said he spoke to her and she said that she never gave that offer and that they have never given me any kind of offer like that so basically I was a liar and they would not be honoring what I said she offered so I was very upset so I left the store after I got home and cooled down I called and asked to speak with the manager which I had spoken to before Larry Lucas from the Huntington WV Aaron’s but this manager was not Larry I guess he was a new manager and I tried to explain what had happened and he basically confirmed what I was told earlier that I was never told anything like that and I am a good customer he can see that from my history but again I was never offered anything like that and when I told him to check my history that I was given the offer before as a matter of fact it was for the contract that I am still under he stated that I might have been given a week without payment when I paid my first month but nothing more. I knew I was not getting anywhere in this conversation so I asked to have Larry the general manager contact me when he returned and he did and the only place that conversation went was if I could come up with $30.00 he would let me take it and not have a payment for (30) thirty days and I told him that I would see what I could do and that was the end of the conversation. I am on disability and I only get one form of income and it is only one check per month so unless I borrow it its hard for me to come up with it if its not the first of the month but I tried for (2) two days and was finally able to borrow it and was going to go back and try and get the offer Larry had offered me but after the couple of days that I had to think about it I decided that after everything that went on and the way I was treated and never received an apology for buying the merchandise that I did and one of them messing up a week after it was paid off and the other started messing up before it was paid off and then all that has went on here and the fact that I was going to sign another lease this one for (2) two years just to purchase another TV and end up paying thousands of dollars for it after interest and everything else and to be denied the lease unless I could come up with $30.00 thirty dollars a couple thousand dollar deal stopped over $30.00 and not to mention my family’s future need of a washer and dryer combination I just have to ask was all this my fault did I ask for this I have given Aaron’s of Huntington WV a lot of business and my family has I know it does not mean much to a big corporation like Aaron’s but I believe this still should not have happened.


Freddy Myles Jr. October 6, 2014 at 9:19 pm

Tonight at 6:30pm. aaron’s sale rep came looking for a Shondra . when i told him she was at work he ask me could he come in to get the computer and i said no because i can not give you permission to take whats not mine . I ask him too try back when she is here and he acussed me of beening a theft . i ask him to leave Five times he would not leave i began to yell for help and the peoples next to me came out way he left. his conment was black peoples were all alike . i called the store and the peoples taught it eas funny. Van was the salesman and john the store manger they lied . i wont something done location Dothan Al 334-671-****


Megan October 6, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Aarons is nothing but a joke. I walked in one day to take a look at some things I was interested in buying and this guy was YELLING at a customer on the phone who was late on their payment. I was so appealed by his behavior to only find out this jerk has numerous complaints against him and yet they continue to let him represent the company. How stupid of arrons to keep that guy employed as a customer serivce but in general employed by aarons. I will NEVER STEP FOOT IN THAT PLACE EVERYTHING AGAIN


laquesha Battle October 5, 2014 at 7:35 pm

I love Aaron’s… I’ve bought a couple of things from them… Everything is okay until something goes wrong with what u are renting.. My fridge has been making noises for 2 weeks.. They have not replaced or anything I’m still paying on it and my food is steadily going bad.. It’s doesn’t keep temp… And it’s getting cold… I just want what I’m paying for… I guess I’ll have to get a lawyer involved!! Yeah I’m done with Aaron’s too… Just dosent make sense as much as they harass me over a one day late payment


Kimberly November 17, 2014 at 8:42 pm

I’m having the same problem at the Lincolnton NC store regarding a living room suit that the whole seam has busted loose in one seat of the double recliner. When i made my payment for September i made the complaint and was told that Jason would call me back because he was with another customer. I waited and after a week passed and no call i decided i wasn’t going to make the next payment so i would get my reiturn phone call…and i did too. Jason “guaranteed” it could and would be fixed. Their upholstery guy was on vacation and would be calling as soon as he got back in town. He did and came out and looked at the recliner and took photos and said they have been having this problem a lot with this model and that Aaron’s would have to come out and get it or have his equipment brought out to the house so he could fix it. well it’s November payment time and its still not fixed and Aaron’s still hasn’t called until now…cause its payment time again. BS


Julie October 4, 2014 at 8:35 pm

I have gotten several things from Aarons and have great success with them. I suggested to a friend to check them out he was looking for a couch and found one paid them in full. They ordered it brand new and no issues we were told they stand by their stuff and it was under warranty. About a year went by and the springs are starting to come out of the cushions we went in there to see if there was anything they could do for us they told us they aren’t affiliated with that company anymore but they would check into it for us that was 6 months ago i have been in the store trying to get something resolved because a sofa should last longer that 18 months! Every time I inquire which has been a lot the last few week they tell me they will check into it and call me back i have yet to receive a return call! 2 days ago when i talked to them they told me they would call a repair man to see if there are parts they can get to fix it uh what are their plans to cut open the couch and sew it back ? all we are wanting is a new couch or something similar to it. I would like to think that since there is a warranty and his account is paid in full they would be quick to fix the issue so he will return his business in the future. Might I add the manager is brain dead


Ron October 4, 2014 at 9:41 am

want Mr.Allen to call me But he is all Bull-shit Aaron,s will not call you back they suck.


ashley October 3, 2014 at 9:02 pm

I think that Aaron’s is extremely unprofessional by allowing their delivery employees to deliver merchandise to buyers/renters past 7/7:30 at night!! Let alone having them make deliveries till 10 at night. What are the employers thinking?? At that time of night, people are usually pertaining to personal and family matters and/or activities. Why would you put your employees in such an invasive situation?? I highly would recommend giving buyers/renters a cut off time for deliveries.


Tarah P October 2, 2014 at 9:07 pm

I have paid off 4 separate accounts w/Aaron’s in Anniston, AL. I now have a 5th acct w/the Aaron’s in Oxford, AL. Today, Oct. 2, at 7:18 pm, the manager trainee , Chris, called me about my payment that was due on the 1st. I told him I needed to pay Thursday, which would be 5 business days from now. Chris told me the only way he could taje my payment that late was if I wrote a post-dated check or put a credit card on file. Never have I heard of this being a rule of Aaron’s! After a very rude conversation w/Chris, I asked to speak w/his manager. The manager got on the phone a was even more rude! I asked why were they trying to make me write a bad check & he said, “because you’ve never went this late past my due date.” I said,” exactly. That’s how you know I’m gonna pay it! I only have 2 payments left to having 5accounts paid off!” Being a “trustworthy customer” should’ve been more than enough to pay next week. He didn’t even offer a deferred payment, which I know they have done in the past. I refuse to open any other account w/Aaron’s! I also recorded the call w/the manager after it went so ugly w/the trainee! I may file a lawsuit if its worth it!


Jeremy Oliver October 2, 2014 at 1:52 pm

It is bad when you go to the main website for a company and see so many complaints one after another like for myself I signed a contract that my bill is due on the 15th of every month yes I may have been late on the bill but not all paydays fall on that date and your employees change the due date on you multiple times I have contacted the general manager he took care of it once and apparently did not relay the message. I have had one or two managers call my wife treating her getting nasty with her and when I go in they still get nasty with me you keep running a business like this you will have legal problems and I am about to that point with this store here in New Mexico if you do not do something about all of this


Angel October 2, 2014 at 12:47 pm

This was my first time with Arron’s I usually go though rent a center.. I will not return my business to Arron’s. I’ve had nothing but problems.. I had the front loader washer and dryer with the storage under it the washer just kept breaking down I’ve had more loaners than the actually washer while I was still paying for it told the manager and different employees in the Troy NY store I no longer wanted the set up they gave me nothing but problems about getting the new washer and dryer I wanted it took me calming Albany store for something to get done. Now they are trying to charge me the amount I was paying for the front loader for a regular washer and dryer… Nothing but rip offs.. And on top of that I have a 60 in flat screen that has a big black thick line though it… The stuff is nothing but garbage


Jestin waterhouse October 2, 2014 at 12:42 pm

When I first started the process of my washer and dryer I was told if anything happend and I’m going to be late on a payment just call let arons know and they will work with me That’s a lie I broke my leg over labor day weekend and do to that can work can’t drive I called the store in indapendence mo off noland rd and ann told me that I had to come up with my payment and I asked if I could pay on the 3 rd and cauch myself up up to the 3 rd she said no I couldn’t I then said we’ll ok then ur not gonna work with me she tells me no so I avoided them and there harassing rude phone calls and stoping by the the kicker of this is the store is so un professional they have no communication whit hung the store and there employees becuse I talked to on of there employes finial end of that conversation they said they would work with me and pay my 135 dollers on the 3 rd of October tommaorw after talking with him I’ve had several rude calls and them stoping by still I feel it’s very rude and not professional at all I have read a few other complaints and I will not be paying the payment tomarow wand will be canceling my buisness with arons this is the worst coustmer servies and rude ppl and really they don’t need to be the way they r and I think they like to harass ppl and I’m not having it


Jestin waterhouse October 2, 2014 at 1:42 pm

When I first started the process of my washer and dryer I was told if anything happend and I’m going to be late on a payment just call let arons know and they will work with me That’s a lie I broke my leg over labor day weekend and do to that can work can’t drive I called the store in indapendence mo off noland rd and ann told me that I had to come up with my payment and I asked if I could pay on the 3 rd and cauch myself up up to the 3 rd she said no I couldn’t I then said we’ll ok then ur not gonna work with me she tells me no so I avoided them and there harassing rude phone calls and stoping by the the kicker of this is the store is so un professional they have no communication whit hung the store and there employees becuse I talked to on of there employes finial end of that conversation they said they would work with me and pay my 135 dollers on the 3 rd of October tommaorw after talking with him I’ve had several rude calls and them stoping by still I feel it’s very rude and not professional at all I have read a few other complaints and I will not be paying the payment tomarow wand will be canceling my buisness with arons this is the worst coustmer servies and rude ppl and really they don’t need to be the way they r and I think they like to harass ppl and I’m not having it I am alsos a disabled person on disability but am allowed to work a day or two a week to help with food and other purchases do to having the broken leg I can’t work a few hrs a week and it’s not like I’m buying TV sterioes I simply got a washer and dryer to wash my clothing when I called back to ask to speak to a manager to tell them to stop calling showing up at my house I was then told from the manager when I pay the 135 to cauch me back up I’ll have about her payment the 15th what am I gonna do about the 15 becuse he’s not gonna wait till the next 3 rd to pay the whole thing back up to date regardless I feel that’s rude I’m on Ss disabled and have two small children in home and am broken leged and to have to deal with this rudeness who cares as long as every 3 rd I’m paying the payments up to date in full every 3 rd I feel that this arons has Been the worst rental purchess I’ve ever had and will be telling anyone and everyone I know what they have done and thank u for all the other ppl comments I know now to make sure I get a recit from them picking up the washer and dryer so they don’t steal it and charge me thank u for the heads up everyone and sorry for all ur guys crap with arons rental yep lower case letter becuse they suck


sonja October 2, 2014 at 12:23 pm

I requested that the furniture I was renting from Aarons be picked up because I no longer need it. That was six days ago! I have called every day and have been told they are coming that day and nothing. They even lied to me about a truck issue. It makes no sense why it takes so long for them to come get their stuff and why lie about it? I still have the furniture. They are not so busy they cant pick up. This store, is located on Hope Mills Road in Fayetteville, NC. I will not be doing business with them again. And I will be letting everyone know how bad this experience has been.


Silvana cusnai October 1, 2014 at 4:01 pm

All I can say is that I Would NEVER do business with an Aaron’s again, I have never
Been treated so pourly by a company. I have had a broken couch that is under warranty for well over two months, I continue to get no we’re as well as get treated rudely by the store manager. I was told by the manager I don’t care how fustrated you are when I expressed how I felt about the situation which anyone would when you have to constantly call and see what is going on. Anytime contact has been made it has been because I have took the time out to see what is happeneing. I have called corprate to file a complaint only to HEAR NOTHING back from them either after I was told it would be 72 business hours. I will never go to another Aaron’s again and conduct any Kind if business. The store I am still waiting to hear from is in Lexington ky 40504 Alexandria Drive!


Deborah D. flynn September 30, 2014 at 8:51 pm

I would like to file a complaint, pertaining to one of your locations in Jacksonville, Fl. The location address is 4316 University Blvd, South, Jacksonville, FL 32216 (C0375)
Agreement # 131372

My complaint is that I applied for furniture at this location mainly to boost my credit score up. My husband and I were informed that once the account was paid in full, the payoff would be reported to both of credit reports, due to both of us being on the account. My husband being the primary and me being the secondary. Now, since I have paid the account off, I was advised that it would only be reported to the Primary account holder which is my husband. I agrued the fact of what I was told prior to purchasing the furniture, the Regional Manager by the name of Romey advised that I needed to contact the Corporate office, which I did. However, the corporate office advised me that they couldn’t reverse the names to make me Primary instead of Secondary, it would have to be done at the Store the items were purchased. I went back to store and spoke with Romey again and he advised me that, he couldn’t reverse the names. And the he’s been there for 8 years and he’s for sure that it couldn’t be changed. The reason why this matter was so important to me is due to the fact that I’m in the process of purchasing a new home and this account would’ve boosted my credit a lil bit more. That was my goal for even going to Aaron’s to make this purchase. I have had this account for 18 months Aaron’s, the amount I have paid within these 18 months was over $3,000.00 with intrest. This account is paid in full in good standing. I would think that since I have been the one paying on this account that a courtsey from the store, at the least would be able to correct the names listed. Yes my husband and I both are on the account, but I’m the one that handled and paid this account off. If I would’ve been given correct information in the beginning, I would’ve had my name as the Primary. But, they advised us that it would be reported on both of our credit reports.



Andrea September 29, 2014 at 6:49 pm

Though I am not happy that others have to go through hard times, I am glad to know I am not alone in the matter. I, like many people, am a single parent who dosent get my 40 hours a week due to slow season. I have paid off 2 computers and other things with this company. I got my daughter a twin size mattress, yes not the bed, only the mattress… Yes I have been behind buy I also am doing the best I can. I get harassed by these people daily, the leave rude and inappropriate comments on notes and hang on my door for anyone to see, they get attitude and call my kids liars, they threaten me over the phone and are very unprofessional!!!!! Over a $200 mattress!!!! I hate to see what they do over a $2000 tv!!!!!


Katrina Whigham September 29, 2014 at 6:02 pm

After me posting a comment on here last Saturday I recieved a call from the regional mananger, of the Laurel, MS store, Dennis Beard. He was apologetic but offered no real resolution. I was set up with a meeting with the store manager name Chris. Well at this meeting Chris tried to cover for the behavior Jason Vetter displayed in front if my home.Chris said that he was the one at my door, which was a lie. Then he lied and said that he was driving the truck..which was another lie and just pushed me to a point of anger but I kept it together. I asked him why he didnt come back he said they went to Taylorville and did not make it back that way. I am still contacting me a lawyer because it was a very comfortable feeling and plus the agony that my daughter face of being afriad that I was going to go to jail and hearing her mom had stolen stuff. My daughter who is only 9 yrs old should not have to be in fear in her own home of the police. Mind you I did not go alone because I feel the situation could have been worse. But I do feel the situation and the lies are too much.


Jennifer stone September 29, 2014 at 5:48 pm

We went into Aaron’s at 7538 beach blvd Jacksonville Florida 32216 904-721-1960 to rent a 40 inch smart tv on September 27,2014 were told tv was there by employee kim we go in do paperwork come to find out the tv is at another store…so we pay whats due and set delivery for the 29. 29th comes Aaron’s calls at 7:28am says everything went through t.v will be delivered. Come 5:00 no tv we call and get told oh we need to verify owner of house but everything went.through ? ok give owners # and name called back to store they never even called owner Carolyn the gm.said well the owners name is not showing its showing a llc I have rented.before and.never been through this which leads me to think that is not.the reason at all. In spades this is called reniging.


Yolanda September 27, 2014 at 3:14 pm

I rented, a bed from Arrons,the third day that I had the bed the bed broke which is not fair to me,if they have put the bed together correctly it wouldn’t have broke.My bed have been sitting on the floor for 2 months and nobody has came to fix it nobody called for follow-up nobody’s making sure that it has been fixed this is the worst service that I have ever had in my life of anywhere and I don’t want to or wont ever rent from here anymore I rather go pay 300 more than what I’m paying now to have my bed off the floor so thank you arrons for a waste of time but what I won’t do is pay for broken bed so the next time I’m Due they can come and pick it up because I’m not paying for it!!!!!


Luisito Rivera September 27, 2014 at 11:16 am

I want to let CEO: Ronald W. Allen,CFO: Gilbert L. Danielson and COO: Mitchell S. Paul l
want let you guys know what your employee’s in a Lawrence Massachusetts store doing. your employees are damaging my furniture when they move it. Then the store manager tell’s me that they will take one hundred dollars off my account and i have to stay with the damage furniture. Why he do not say let me replace the furniture. i’m working hard to pay for my furniture and to have your employees treat me like shit this is not right. And the customer service manager told what corporation do for you why not going to help you or you not going to resolved anything. do you think this is a way to treat your customers. this is not right that i have to pay for my furniture and your employees could damage them and you have to stay with them broken and continue paying for damage furniture. What kinda of company is this, i use to work for Aaron’s and a customer never complaint of me damaging they furniture.


Katrina Whigham September 27, 2014 at 10:52 am

I have been paying for the items I purchased and recently ran into a rough patch dye to my health. However on today Saturday 9/27/14 @ 8:05a.m. I was harassed and threaten at my home by one of your employees name being Jason. He works for the branch in Laurel,MS. I am a single female and when I informed him that he could not come into my house he got upset. Now store ours for operation is not until 10:00 a.m. and here he was at my door at 8. When I asked him if I could come to the store during store hours. He said no because charges has already been filed as me having stolen merchandise. Jason has made me very uncomfortable and was outside my home yelling anyone who was around could have heard him. I will be filing a harassment lawsuit,as well as, defermation of character law suite against Aarons and Jason. I think as customers we deserve respect and not to feel threaten.


Jeanette Medellin September 30, 2014 at 2:09 pm

9-29-2014 Oh my god. i thought i was the only one having issues with aarons, not only did emilo there GM here in Hermiston OR is rude, but also a liar, and he covers his stories very wellF he charge my debit card with out my authorization and i was not behind at the time but also they have left an ugly text message on my cell and i am in the same situation lost my job due to an injury, barely little income, only owe 3 payments left and they are saying that they are gonna file theft on me this coming Friday. So now I’m in the process of finding me an attorney. So sad that they treat us this way and try to get away with it


feleicia walker September 26, 2014 at 6:21 pm

Hello I have serval of accounts wirh yall and I paid my contact on what it said now I guess north Shepard has an new account and my agreements said one thing and I paid that than he call me with I still own money and my due date change from the 15 to the 1 that is not how I had it set up I only pay with the online tell me too along with what my agreements said please some one from your office call me and not the person name jame on north shepard because we are not getting an understanding


stephen September 23, 2014 at 7:49 pm

I just got into it with a store person that came to my house and threatened my 12 year old child to call the law to her if she didn’t get in touch with me and have me call them but its a screw up on there part but believe me Aron’s u screwed up doing that to a child and we are filling charges on him and he come to me like he was going to put his hands on me..I don’t think so I would have plowed him in the dirt..and there will be a million dollar lawsuit against Aron’s as of tomorrow so I will fix this problem with a lawyer and u will answer to them I promise..


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