Verizon Corporate Office

Verizon Corporate Office Address

Verizon Communications Inc.
140 West St
New York, NY 10007

Contact Verizon

Phone Number: (212) 395-1000
Fax Number: (212) 571-1897
Website: http://www.verizon.com
Email: Email Verizon


CEO: Lowell C. McAdam
CFO: Francis J. Shammo
COO: Bob Mudge

Verizon History

Verizon began as Bell Atlantic in 1983 after the baby bells emerged from the breakup of AT&T.  In 1997, Bell Atlantic merged with NYNEX.

In 2000, the company acquired GTE and changed its name to Verizon.  This was one of the largest mergers in US history.  GTE’s wireless operations became what is today Verizon Wireless.

In 2005, Verizon acquired MCI, making them the largest Telecom company in the US.

Verizon has sold several of its wireline divisions in the 2000s in order to simplify its operating procedures.

Verizon currently owns 55% of Verizon Wireless.


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Lorraine Green September 14, 2014 at 8:41 pm

I would like to commend your customer service representative, David, of the California call center (employee #V1GRD36). I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for many years and have, on many occasions, called for assistance. Although I have almost always been satisfied with the level of service I received, I have never been as pleased and impressed by a representative as I was with David today. He spent over an hour helping me understand several ways by which I might save money on my plan. He also helped acquaint me with features of several of the phones available through your company. I feel that he went way beyond any expectations I had and cannot imagine a more helpful person. I want to bring his exceptional service and expertise to your attention. Thanks to Vz Wireless for hiring such talented representatives.


Albert Whitehead September 14, 2014 at 9:03 am

Although I consider myself to be an intelligent and articulate senior citizen, words cannot express the incredibly poor customer service and extortionate practices that I recently experienced, for example.

On 9/12/14 I purchased the Mayweather fight. When I could not view same, I called customer service and was advised that the fight wasn’t scheduled until Saturday, Sep. 13, 2014. Realizing my error I cancelled that purchase 24 hours BEFORE the fight. Now I’m told, that although Verizon recognizes my call on 9/12, 14, that I will still have to pay the $79 dollars DESPITE THE DOCUMENTED CANCELLATION!

Calling customer service is a waste of time, energy, and is tantamount to psychological and emotional abuse!! I was put on hold for over an hour! I only stayed on “hold” to document the abusive customer service!!

In the final analysis, Verizon will lose my account because I will not accept this unconscionable practice that ADMITS the cancellation 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE, but insists I have to pay for the cancelled event nonetheless!


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