Time Warner Cable Corporate Office

Time Warner Cable Corporate Office Address

Time Warner Cable Inc.
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023

Contact Time Warner Cable

Phone Number: (212) 364-8200
Fax Number: (203) 328-0604
Website: http://www.timewarnercable.com
Email: Email Time Warner Cable


CEO: Glenn A. Britt
CFO: Irene M. Esteves
COO: Robert D. Marcus

Time Warner Cable History

Time Warner Cable was formed in 1989 when Warner Cable and the American Television and Communication Corporation (owned by Time Inc) merged.

In 1995, the company launched the Southern Tier Online Community which is today known as Roadrunner High Speed Online.  Paragon Cable was also acquired in ’95.

In 2006, they company acquired Adelphia.

In 2009, Time Warner spun off Time Warner Cable (TWC) as an independent company.

In 2011, the company acquired Insight Communications.

Time Warner Cable currently operates in 28 states and has over 15 million subscribers.

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Jarrod October 23, 2014 at 4:26 pm

I was told my internet, cable and all electronics was going to be $139 a month, which included free installation. Less than 30 minutes after the technician leaves we get a phone call saying we owe $141.17 for installation and my cable bill is now nearly $200? Are you kidding me? Then I have to talk to a resolution specialist who has the balls to tell me let’s just get rid of some cable boxes, drop your internet package and we can lower the price. If you can’t do what you promised then don’t give people quotes over the phone. Also, if calls are recorded then do your JOB and listen to them. Bait and switching is ILLEGAL and I’ve had enough of Time Warner and I’ve only had you for an HOUR.


Kaitlin October 22, 2014 at 8:35 pm

Dear Mr. Marcus:

I regret to inform you that your company is providing horrible customer service.

After moving from NY to Massachusetts, I have spent four months trying to resolve closing my account. I called when I moved, because my movers accidentally packed the equipment, and asked to ship a box to me to return everything to TWC. That box never came. Instead, I began receiving unsettling phone calls from bill collectors. No box was sent, nor was a bill sent to the new address I provided.

I called TWC again only to find out I need to pay to have everything returned. So, I shipped the equipment I had to TWC. This equipment arrived on 10/6/14 at 7:41am. I called a third time asking what I owe for the one cable box stolen by my ex fiancée. During this call I provided the tracking number from USPS and was told I would get a call in 8 calendar days with the total.

Today is day ten and the worst day by far. I called and spoke with service member ITK. He told me my shipment never arrived, although I had confirmation. Then this member had the audacity to put me on hold for almost an hour (I wish I was exaggerating). I called TWC on the other line to finally speak with a manager. This manager realized that my second phone call during this process, not only wrote the wrong shipping company, but also the wrong tracking number.

This means not only would TWC never have called me, but I continued to receive phone calls from bill collectors! I have gone completely out of my way to try and pay this bill and to be quite frank, your company doesn’t deserve a dime. This has taken four months, and it still isn’t resolved! I am disgusted with the incompetent workers and lack of empathy during this process.

I would have attempted to call you personally, but being that it took over an hour just to get a manager tonight, I thought my chances of ever reaching you were very slim.


Julianne Charno October 22, 2014 at 2:14 pm

I am a Time Warner user. In the past I paid for my mother, Libby Charno, Metcalf, Overland Park, Kansas. She passed away on May 7, 2014. Several days later I called TW to advise them to remove her name. I have continued to pay my monthly bills at Julianne Charno, 4024 W 94 St., Prairie Village, Kansas 66206. HOWEVER, I continue to receive dun messages and late payment messages from your company. At this date I have spoken to 7 operators, each of whom, have advised they understand the problem and will rectify same. Today, 10/22/2014, I spent 45 minutes and44 seconds speaking to first, Jean, then to her supervisor, Aewaena. The supervisor told me she could not correct the problem and gave two additional names, Bob Grey at 816-222-5872, and David Hultee at 816-918-1403. After dialing the ater, I was told that number was no longer in service. Several previous operators have advised that Libby Charno’s account now has $720.42. Of course, this account is not longer in service. Your whole operation is questionable. I have spent hours on the phone. Now they say I am in peril and my TM account will be discontinued. WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE CORRECT THIS ISSUE. I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THE $700.42 returned qnd my account pue in use.


Johnny-D-Cook October 16, 2014 at 4:07 pm

I am upset with your service. You can’t get a service tech here for four days when stuff goes wrong. They say they’ll take money off your bill and don’t. You talk to the girls at their local office and they don’t know anything and won’t give you names of people higher up. They don’t want to help. As soon as Uverse comes in our area, we are getting rid of TWC.


Donna October 14, 2014 at 7:48 pm

I have had it with time warner cable. They added services on my account I didnt ask for or authorize. I recieved a special with Dvr, phone and wifi. The special started in feb. Suppose to end in feb. They changed it when I moved and promised nothing would change. I lost cable for two werks because my dvr didnt work. It took 3 service techs to fix it over a two week span. They told me they can do anything they want. I have to pay or they have the control to turn off my service. Poor customer service and so many scams theyve pulled. The better business bureau is about to be involved. I have friends who work for the herald sun who will put this in their news paper.and the lady on the news fights for people who’ve been ripped off. As well as endless other resources to be involved. If they don’t fix this problem they’ve created. I work hard for my money and whats suppose to be a reputable company needs to abide by their promises and the agreements signed by both customer and themselves. Im so irrate right now. Satellite is sounding great right now. Or actually At&t has great specials. I’ve had their service through my cell phone for 5 years and they are always willing to accommodate their customers and value them. If corporate doesnt return my phone message. I promise they will remember my name.


Jaime Garrett October 14, 2014 at 4:19 pm

TWC has been a nightmare. I signed up for service September 8th to get 70+ channels and Wifi for $55.93 plus tax. COD when they hooked up the service was $75.94. Our apartment would be ready September 13th got a call and they were going to be there the 9th for istalation otherwise we would have to wait 2 weeks. The tech came out and the COD was $130.16. Wrote a check gave it to the tech and apparently they do not know how to deposit checks. Charged me $30.00. While the tech wa there I called TWC and talked to two people that did not honor that amount and that my monthly bill would be $80 plus tax. Now get this one I paid in full online $130.16 because they cannot deposit checks correctly. Then I get a bill in two week with the $30.00 credit and the $130.16 and my bill is $194.00. This is the only place that will offer service where we are. I am doing my best to boycott TWC. I have called at least once a week and argued with them for over a hour talked to serveral people that do not know what the other hand is doing. Now I was promised that if I bundled a home phone with the rest my bill will be $90 and some change with taxes. This is worse than any company in my many years to deal with because no one has a clue about anything.
If you have an option for some other company. I say run do not walk but run.


Claudia October 10, 2014 at 4:38 pm

Very insulted it has come to this…after several years of service for the past 2 yrs we have had very poor service with TWC due to the addition of the internet that was done incorrectly it caused continual issuesand interruptions with both cable/internet service problems. although many customer service calls, chats and email to i though was the corporate office all that was given to me was a discount of $80.00! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I paid for services for cable, internet, wifi and phone sevices which never work continually! Was always calling but per there technection that came out the wiring was not connected correctly from the get go! But ofcourse TWC does not want to respond….This is so sad but after today the best they can do is give me an extension to pay til 10/25/2014 REALLY?! WHAT A SHAME!!!


Jonathan Nagel October 9, 2014 at 6:17 pm

Agree this is the worst service I have ever dealt with in my time of internet. That CEO sits back robs people who have no choice in providers and pay huge outrageous prices for a junk service. I get 30mbs for $50 a month while a friend of mine has Charter and gets double speeds 60mbs x 2 = 120mbs just for being a valued customer and pays the same. Just last night he told me he was getting 150mbs. Something very wrong with this picture. I don’t like being ripped off and unfortunately Time Warner has this city I am in Monopolized. I am still waiting on my so called Easy Connect Kit which I have had to called repeatedly to get the correct modem for. Get this, they sent me an empty box with nothing in last time while I waited a week for it. I have talked to 4 different supervisors and can seem never to get the correct help. Their customer support is garbage as well. I have called the Corp office and spoke to the suppose secretary of the CEO and was told all nice things and promises like all the other folks at Time Warner have promised and still am being let down. I was forced to chose this utter garbage of service because I wanted a WiFi modem, which should be a standard for any service provider to give. Not many people use the hard wired type anymore with all of today’s tech and smartphones. Can’t wait to move and not chose Time Warner. Also I will start to petition this city bring in another cable provider so people have a choice, even after I move. Pissed Consumer Report Coming Soon. Jonathan Nagel


Marvin October 9, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Well I was not going to post a comment on here bu the thing is these people can not continue to be or I should say to operate no longer, it is a sad company when they say well we will get to you, but I am sure if you said well I will with you to pay my bill, I had the pleasure to know the last ceo before his death and I do not know the one now but it is a sad day when you get told the things I have been told, he is rolling over in his grave. Come on time warner please step your game and stand behind your people who when they promise something, do it not “well our policy is. I do not think the head of time warner will see this but if he does your welcome to call me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


don weissman, md DrDon October 7, 2014 at 2:33 pm

WARNING…absolutely the worst service EVER…from not answering their phones, to total incompetence after waiting over 30 minutes and then transferred to someone else …this company should be shut down, leadership fired and changes made to protect and service people who use and need then internet by whatever applicable laws or law suits that need to be brought…TIME WARNER cable is HORRIBLE..just read all the reviews…


Anyssa Corpening October 5, 2014 at 1:13 pm

I am writing to express my unsatisfactory service. In the month of September, I changed my cable service provider. When I called TWC to inform them of this, I was told that I would still be billed for the month of October unless I paid my balance of 321.79 on the same day. When asked why I was changing my service, I expressed that the rates are simply too high. I was transferred four times on my first call. No one could tell me why I would still be held liable for the month of October which would bring my balance up to 457.93. I expressed this was unfair and unlawful to bill me for a month that I do not have your service nor the equipment. When asked to speak with a supervisor, I was placed on hold for 10 minutes, then was given back to the representative who was assisting me. She told me what her supervisor said, and then when I asked to speak to the supervisor, her response was… “You can speak to the supervisor, but she is going to tell you the same thing I just said. Do you want to take care of your balance today?”. There are notes on my account which will provide more detailed information and documentation of the number of calls I have made to resolve this issue. I have no problem paying my past due balance, and even though I could not resolve the entire 300.00 amount, I have all intentions of doing that. However, I do not wish to be billed for another month that I do not have your service.

Upon my next call (after again giving my issue to an online representative who gave me a number that was NOT the corporate office), when asking for a number to the corporate office, I was transferred three times because no one seemed to have this information (shameful). Finally I was given an email address. Please contact me and let me know what can be done. I have been a faithful customer for the past 6 years and am very disappointed that arrangements could not have been made to keep me service and truly feel that I have not been valued as a TWC customer.
The number associated with my account is 252650XXXX.


Pam October 4, 2014 at 12:20 pm

Time Warner is the worst! This is the second time in a couple of months that many of us Roadrunner customers are not receiving our incoming email messages. After hours of being given the run-around and passed off from one tech service rep to the other, the issue is still not resolved and it’s been almost two weeks. This appears to be the same problem they had before with their server(s) not having enough space to accommodate their customers’ email accounts. My time and the aggravation and inconvenience I’ve experienced twice now is worth more than the measly $16 credit they issued to my account the first time around. They also make sure that you can’t reach anyone there who cares.


liz October 2, 2014 at 9:01 am

Both worth saying thing company is bad


Helen Hunter October 1, 2014 at 7:17 pm



Cornelia V Rogers October 1, 2014 at 3:31 pm

I have been a loyal customer with TWC since 1975 when TWC had a sattlelite on Monticello Rd in Cola. SC. and everyone had to pay there taxes there. In 2012 I left TWC because they kept raising my cable bill and I went to ADT for one ear and Came back in 2013 and they promise a $200 visa card which I never receive because the mistakely gave me 3 special for coming back and my fist bill Was $349 and I refuse to pay and it took me 3 week before they realize their mistake that cause me to pay late and because I paid late the $200 visa card was denied. Well now I want to drop my phone service and keep cable an internet and they say if I drop my phone service my bill will go up and that the cable an internet special was for new customer only. Ok then what is there for loyal customers. I see why people are going to FREE CABLE TV because there is nothing for loyal customers who have been with them over 40 years and asking to speak with a manager or a supervisor is a Joke! All I want is to be treated fairley, after all the tax payers in the Unitied States Paid for the launching or the Sattlelite into space in the first place and still pay for cable and now cell phone services. and TWC and cell phone companies are getting riher and richer. Cable is a Joke………


Todd October 1, 2014 at 11:05 am

worst customer service! promised services by 4 sales reps and one customer care rep.
3rd tier tech support said they were all wrong and now they want me to pay more. poor training. do not keep promises. bait and switch. some just need to be fired.


ashlee September 30, 2014 at 7:11 pm

WORST COSTUMER SERVICE EVER! i have been hung up on 3 times, my father was talked to in a very non professional manner, ans then my fiance got pushed off onto 8 different people who still could not help us out, our service was cut off after only 4 days of service due to a sub-contractor who had no clue what he was doing, i am beyond aggravated at dealing with these terrible people on the phone… TIME WARNER CABLE YOU NEED BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!


Ashley September 30, 2014 at 4:14 pm

We paid for our services to be installed on september 17th. The technician came out the next day and claimed that the line was bad so his supervisor had to come out and check it out. We needed what was called a bury drop we live on a private owned dirt road and there are so many people that have had their cable lines across the road! They said they couldnt do it because it was against the “law” what ever. So we waited for another week for them to send a different company out to bury our line and the supervisor and MANY customer service representatives said that when they buried our line that our services would be installed that same day. So when i called back they said they couldnt do that and they would come out the next day. They sent the same company out there to bury the line again completely did the wrong work order. That was a supervisor that i talked to that took care of scheduling this work order. So i called customer service AGAIN for like the 20th time since i paid my first fee to have it installed, they said nobody could come back out for 3 more days. It took me 5 calls to be able to talk to a supervisor and all i got was waiting that 3 days for my services and $100 off my second month bill. Then when the final technician came he had to run the line across the dirt road anyways because the new line that was buried was the WRONG LINE!! We have had our services since Sunday, remotes barely work, and our boxes keep freezing and we are supposed to have the upgraded boxes for the HDtv. I just got services hasnt even been a full week and i am already HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED with the services and customer service!!! I really feel that i should have stuck with direct tv. I dont know how much longer i will be with time warner cable and I would really appreciate if somebody from corporate would contact me! but if its anything like their “wonderful” customer service, they probably never will!


wyman September 29, 2014 at 2:46 pm

Your service technician was to be at my home today between 11 a.m. and noon. I called Time Warner around 11:30 because I had not heard from them. I called again around noon and was told that they may just be late. I called again around 2 pm and was told that the tech had tried to call me 3 times at 11:55. They had my cell phone and my home phone numbers. I was sitting by my phone all day long and neither phone rang. There were no messages on either phone. I checked missed calls on my cell phone and there were none. Your tech did NOT tell the truth about trying to call me. I suspect that since it was close to lunch time they just decided not to come and lied about calling me. I wish to file a formal complaint about this matter. Thank you.


Ashley September 30, 2014 at 4:16 pm

I had this same problem and the SUPERVISOR scheduled a wrong work order and i ended up having to wait 3 more days to get services, because of their mess up!


NATALIE HILTS September 26, 2014 at 12:33 pm



Regina September 29, 2014 at 2:18 pm

Hi the same thing happened to me. Did you ever get payment for the NFS charges?


wyman September 29, 2014 at 2:47 pm

Go to your bank and stop your bank draft with Time Warner. If the bank will not do so, close your checking account and start a new one at another bank.


stephanie October 13, 2014 at 7:57 pm

Omg! I’ve been going through the same thing since August. I placed stop payment on my bank acct. $332.75 they kept taking out 3x and I demanded to be reimbursed for the overdraft charges. They are horrible, good luck


Missy September 26, 2014 at 10:22 am

I have been with TWC for 6 years. Was tired of the expensive prices, so I went shopping and found that AT&T had a great package with all I needed for $67 a month. Called TWC to end my account and a young lady by the name of Mercedes helped me. When I told her I was leaving, she put me on hold. She came back on and told me her manager wanted to know what I would be paying. I told her the price, and was once again put on hold. When she got back on the line, she gave me a new price, something like $79.99 for the Triple Play. I told her no…that I had a better deal with AT&T. Fast forward 10 minutes and she gets back on the line wih a better price, taxes included. Well, I was impressed so I stayed. 2 months later I see my bill and it is NOWHERE NEAR what she said. I called and miraculously, the price she and her manager quoted is not in the system anywhere. Of course, my 15 month contract is. I explained to the agent the price they had quoted me, the girls name and the date that the transaction occured. All of that was in there, but no price. Needless to say, I was livid. Writing a letter to corporate, closing my account, and sticking with Netflix. As for internet…I will just get a HotSpot. My smartphone does everything I could possibly need from a computer anyway. I have had it with cable companies.


CNiesen September 26, 2014 at 10:05 am

Time Warner customer Service is horrible. I have worked Customer Service for over 27 years and have never experienced a situation like this. This problem would have been taken care of immediately!!! TWC did not post my August payment. Started making calls 2 weeks ago. Anytime I asked for a fax number to fax the cleared check and statement I was told it was not necessary, that a report would be filed on my account and taken care of. Of course it was not. I was told on my third call that it would be taken care that day and all late fees would be removed. That did not happen as a matter of fact they took the late fees of the disputed payment (there were no late fees on that one). I even went to our local office where the payment was made. Not too much they could do other than file a report. Today I made my 4th call and of course I was told that I needed to fax the statement and cancelled check. I was actually given a fax number!! Of course it took ten tries to get the fax to go through. I have already cancelled our cable, guess internet is next. So sad


Betty Gray September 25, 2014 at 9:31 pm

How convenient for TWC that you can’t email or call (and be connected to) the CEO, COO or CFO directly. The so called corporate website sends me back to the local website where I have to chose a topic that is listed by them.
There is not a day that passes that I don’t swear loudly ” I Hate Time Warner!” In the very small town I live in, TWC is the only cable company. And since they have no competition; they can provide abhorrent service, charge exorbitant prices, provide antiquated equipment that never works properly ; and they could care less.
I am a medically retired cardiac care nurse. I worked for 38 years, loved my job and all with whom I worked. I hate retirement. I am trying to make the best of my situation. I stay at home most of the time because I have a great deal of pain and have days that I don’t stray far from my bed. On those days; I try to re focus myself by watching tv or reading. Imagine my frustration when I turn on the tv and all the channels are blank with a “notice” stating “this channel is temporarily unavailable please try again later”.
Every time I turn on my tv (I don’t mean “often” when I turn it on, I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME) there is some problem with my cable service. Most often ; there isn’t just one problem, there are many. I recently traded in cable boxes 4 times in one week. Three of those times a service technician switched them out at my home. Once that week, I took all of my equipment in to my local TWC office to trade it for a newer model. The service representative that I spoke to on the phone the evening before; told me that if I went to the office myself and demanded new, never used equipment they would give it to me. I told her she was wrong because I had visited that office many, many times with complaints about faulty equipment and had traded in my ancient, “refurbished” junk for another set of faulty, ancient, refurbished junk. She assured me she was correct. Sadly she was not. (huge surprise).
In the 6 years I have had TWC as my service provider, I have had no problems with my home phone service. My email service is slow, but functions well enough for my purposes. The service technicians who come out to replace my antiquated , non functioning equipment are very pleasant and do their jobs as best they can with the antiquated, junk known as equipment.
My cable service is the worst I have ever experienced in my adult life and I am 61 years old. Prior to TWC I had the misfortune to have done business with Comcast. They rank at #2 currently on my list of worst companies with whom I’ve done business.
I have had so many problems with my cable service that I now know more about the equipment and how to trouble shoot it than the unfortunate, inept representatives with whom I have spent a third of my life talking to, while trying desperately to get the service that I am overcharged for. There have been so many problems and failures that I have lost count. This past year has been the absolute worst. Everything from loss of picture or complete channels, loss of sound or distorted sound, fragmented pictures (on every channel) failure of the remote to change channels, or to respond to any button pressed (yes; the batteries were fine), failure of dvr to record a program; even though it was set to do and there were no conflicts to resolve, failure of the box to reset even when unplugged or the reset button pushed, and many , many more. I AM FED UP!!!
Oh! And just this week; WONDERFUL news! I received a letter from TWC and they are offering me a “special” price of $20.00 more than I’ve been paying, for the garbage they call service. What JOY!! I am over the moon happy! What a deal! They should be paying me for all the frustration , headaches and unresolved phone calls at all hours of the day and night.
The last time a service technician came to my home to switch out my equipment, I told the service representative on the phone the day before, not to send him if he couldn’t bring me the new, never previously used equipment I was promised by the previous representative the day before when I went to the office to trade in my current equipment. The technician did indeed bring me new stuff. Just a few hours later; I was on the phone with yet another service representative because the equipment wasn’t working and I could not get the box to reboot and reset. The next day another technician came to my home with another box and remote. That night; I was on the phone again. We made another appointment for another service call. I called the next day and cancelled the appointment. I couldn’t take anymore.
I doubt seriously that anyone who matters will ever see this letter. What a shame. What frustration. Obviously; the CEO, COO and CFO are not concerned about how unhappy, dissatisfied and frustrated their customers are. Apparently, they enjoy great wealth from their paying customers but can’t listen to them or appoint a team to attempt to address the severe problems within their company. It is yet another example of how businesses so easily dismiss and disregard their obligations to their customers. TWC touts excellent service and excellent prices while turning a blind eye to their many failures. They can fail at every promise they make and every portion of their contract with their customers but I imagine we could not get away with that behavior if we tried.
I don’t want to be upset every single day about my cable service.
My tv is sometimes my only form of entertainment. When I am in too much pain to go somewhere or even to concentrate well enough to read a book, I would so enjoy the ability to watch a program without cursing and declaring that “I HATE TIME WARNER!!! When I worked in the critical care unit for so many years, I did my job. If I didn’t, people could die. And if I didn’t do my job, I would have been fired. I don’t understand why the big suits at Time Warner aren’t held to that standard as well.


Gary Beach September 25, 2014 at 4:58 pm

On September 19th I called to try to set service up and was give a day and time service would by should I have installed, was given a confirmation code as well. I went to the local office to ask a few questions about the service I ordered. I gave the lady at the counter my confirmation code and name only to be told the order was cancelled because my now ex wife had service before at the same address I live in. I was told I either have to pay her bill or she had to before I could get service. I told the person on the phone about her having service before and owed a bill and I was told that after 4 years all bills were wiped clean. I told the local office what I was told by TWC employee, only to be told they were lying. Why should I have to pay my ex wife’s bill, to get service….


wyman September 29, 2014 at 2:49 pm

CAll AT&T and get U-verse. I am seriously considering it.


Erik Babcock September 25, 2014 at 9:07 am

How can I get a tap installed on my property, the cable is located directly across the street?


Renee Vandall September 24, 2014 at 3:24 pm

This is not my first complaint with Time Warner, but it is going to be my last. I have never experienced such poor customer service. You call one day and talk to someone and they tell you one thing, then you call back the next day to check why something wasn’t resolved and you get another response. Noone or nothing is consistent with TWC. I am so sick of the crap that you get from Time Warner.


samuel dutra September 22, 2014 at 12:40 am

Since January 2014 I have had approximately 7 techs to respond to my house due to issues with my service which include, cable, internet and phone. I continuously have horrible internet connection due to fluctuation. I was given three month of free movies, come to find out I was being charged half price. I should of filed a cramming report when I found out, but a customer service rep reversed the charges with no hesitation. Today I called because my international calling to mexico was restricted. I was told by a rep that the account was changed even though no one called to make the change or authorized it. International calls to landlines in mexico is covered my by unlimited phone service. I keep having so many problems and keep requesting to be contacted so someone can do something about this, but I can’t even get a supervisor most of the time let alone a follow up to make sure my service is working or satisfied. This is ridiculous how horrible my service is and how horrible the management is. I’m ready to make a puc complaint if my service doesn’t start working properly.


Patricia A. Sulecki September 18, 2014 at 10:45 pm

Sept.17,2014 A person on my phone and on our computer,trying to get money from us,they said that they work for TWC,and to try and get money out of us by hacking into our TWC email account ec.rr.com;” after hacking into our account doing damage to our computer he said he can fix our problem but it would cost $199.00 for the first year & 2nd year $299.00 etc.etc.after that I knew it wasn’t TWC that these are hackers” I told him I was calling the police, I first called TWC 919-595-4892 to report the problem my call went to the Philippines,this was of no help it was a language barrier problem, before” like just a couple of months back if we had an outage problem” our calls would go to Wilmington,NC.or Jacksonville,NC. Sept.,18 2014 at 8:25 a Deputy came to my house to file a report” the Deputy said that TWC on their end” to help protect and value their TWC customers” they should do an” Internal Investigating” to find these people that are hacking into TWC accounts. This is an invasion of privacy” also very damaging an costly; for customers, we should be able to feel that our TWC accounts are safe ?


Victor September 17, 2014 at 7:25 pm

Time Warner Cable is a fraud.
When I signed up for the service the representative told me I qualified for a Dell computer, I talked to 4 different representatives they all said the same thing. They said I qualified but I needed a redemption code, I explained to them that I never received one so they were supposed to help me get one. They never got me one so I called again and talked to a manager she said that I had to call the rewards number they couldn’t do nothing, they told me to call sales and marketing they transferred me to another manager. This manager said I’m sorry but you don’t qualify there’s nothing we can do. I was really mad and disappointed with the company but I decided to no cancel until I solve this injustice.
I talked to another manager he said that she was going to send an email to another department, she told me to wait from 24 to 48 hours. After 2 days I call them again because I never received a call. They tell me the same just wait for a call there’s nothing we can do for you, we apologize for the misinformation when you signed up. This company lies to costumers. I checked online and found up that there’s so many complaints to BBB about this company. I’m still a costumer but I’m planning to cancel if they don’t resolve this faud.


eric September 22, 2014 at 6:20 pm

hey victor im faced with the same issues and if not I will be not paying a bill and they can cancel the service this is bs my next issue is to file with the state attorney generals office of consumer affairs to get issues resolved on my behalf im working with them diligently as I can, but im not going to be putting up with their mess any longer, they tell m one thing its something else and on top of all they tell me that with the billing system when they made changed on my account screwed up things that’s whats making me not to quLIFY FOR THE DELL PC and I did qualify cause my bill was not outstanding and it was in good terms of the billing period, 9-22-14 contact me back with a number by email and I will be checking


LostInTWCPurgatory October 8, 2014 at 10:44 am

Hate to dash any hopes, but I’ve been dealing with TWC for eight months trying to get the tablet or compensation. They don’t deny I qualified, they just continually close the escalation tickets without comment, don’t call back or email. I’ve escalated to supervisors with similar results. I spoke with the redemption center in the beginning and they put me in the system, but nothing happened. In the end, our only recourse will be to drop them.


Magda Pampallona September 17, 2014 at 11:42 am

Good morning!
I had my 5th appointment for cable / tv and internet installation .As usual nobody showed up . This is a waste of my time ,no one calls to let me know that they are not coming , I am just ignored . I have had TWC before , but due to becoming ill with stage 4 Cancer and the resulting financial situation , I had to cancel your service. Now that I have survived and are in remission I wanted my Time Warner Cable services back . Today was the 5th time for the technician to come out to install my services , I have been stood up twice in one day ,last Wednesday, the 10th ,the two times before they told me it was not possible to hook up because of a inactive tap. Today I had another appointment at 8am -9am for installation, and of course NO ONE showed up. I believe Time Warner does NOT WANT my business. They rescheduled me for 1pm today . This will be the 6th installation appointment I was given without success. What is the PROBLEM???? I am sorry ,but this has been a total waste of my time and I am very disappointed with the service I should HAVE had but did NOT get . Please do something about your services in this area, this situation is not acceptable .


Robina September 12, 2014 at 1:11 am

Time Warner Cable is the absolute worse EVER. Do not under any circumstances EVER select them for service or you will regret it. I have only had service for two weeks and it has been an absolute nightmare. The sales reps are liars and they don’t tell you all the complete details pertaining to fees, equipment and costs associated with the installation of their intelligent home system and will sign you up for the basic package knowing that it will not provide sufficient protection for needed zones in your home and then when the tech arrives to install the basic equipment you will be hit with an additional 300.00 cost to cover the extra sensors that you will need to purchase in order to have the proper home protection. And they don’t honor their advertisements on TV. They will not allow you to cancel service within the 30 day trial period and you will feel like you are being extorted for money. I will be filing several complaints and a lawsuit if they do not refund all of my money back. They are racketeers and act like loan sharks. DO NOT USE TIME WARNER CABLE SERVICE EVER!!!!!


Coretta September 11, 2014 at 9:31 am

Timewarner is very prejudice and dont care how they treat there customers .I tried to cancel service before my 30 days they gave me every reason I shouldnt now bill is very high. I talked to Jerry in cooperate i was treated like trash .


Richard September 10, 2014 at 9:03 pm

I am completely dissatisfied with Time Warner. The Customer Service Department has failed to help resolve my issues since I initially ordered service and at this point in time I am ready to cancel all my services. It took me 2 weeks just to get service installed because Customer Service kept loosing my information and kept telling me a supervisor would call me back since my new residence had a lock from the previous tenants. Once I did get service, I was charged for cable services that weren’t given to me. I tried calling Customer Service again and was told I paid extra for a cable box I didn’t need because I was only getting basic cable which is not what I ordered. I wanted HBO channels which is the reason I got a cable box to begin with. Your Customer Service staff is incompetent to say the least and this company has given me nothing but a headache for the past 2 and a half weeks.


Susan September 10, 2014 at 4:37 pm

I had Time Warner, for close to a year, Few weeks back It was on a Sunday turned my TV on and NO TV NO CABLE. So I caled a friend in the same building I live if she had Cable she said she did. So i called Time Warner, I asked what is going on withmy Cable, Now keep in mind I paid my bill first of August ( Paid 100 dollars) few weeks later No Cable. I Pay My Bills ever month I have never missed any payment to anyone since I have lived alone. First thing I was told is I owe money, WHAT Really Seriously…I think Not. I just paid you 100 dollars, the Rep I talked too was very rude, I mean very rude that is not necessary I was trying to stay calm but the way she was talking to me would put anyone into a upset state of mind. I was so upset, and so mad at them I had to hang up.so the next day I called again, to try to get this straightened up, well no progress at all I was very nice to them, but again this other person was worse than the first one I talked too. So, hung up got my self together called back an told them to comepick up their stuff, I am done with them. Of course They were telling me well U owe this for this, I said I owe for what, how can u say to a customer u owe for service they have to recieved as of yet is beyond me, but that is not the point, my point is I wanted to get it syraight, owe money or not why the rudeness why? that is not right, I must say, I will never have TWC for anything ever again, owe money or not owe money. I called to get things straight with them, but instead they got very rude wih me more than one time, and I no longer have TWC. No Loss No loss at all, they are terrible with the Customer. I don’t want to get into it how many times, I have be honest an up front with them, and paid my bill and that is what you get in return from TWC. If You owe money or not, you deserveto be treated with respect and given the chance to resolve the issue at hand but TWC, that never happened for me.


John Herbert September 9, 2014 at 10:15 am

We are a customer of TWC ad have had nothing but problems securing reliable internet service. We are a very busy law firm (Herbert Law Group LLC * Engle Street, Englewood, NJ, 201 490 ****) but the office number does not work due to failed TWC internet service. Nor are we able to access our electronic files. Our billable hours have been terribly affected, not to mention our relationship with some clients and courts. I also sent a paralegal home because she cannot work effectively without internet service. The lack of internet service is costing us considerable revenue and credibility. My cell phone is 201 450 ****. I am currently on line using a Verizon Hot Spot. Please respond ASAP.


Rita Aken September 7, 2014 at 8:46 pm

Ordered a cable box, explained the representative handling the order that it was for a disabled person who needed only the basics. I am responsible for the bill and the first bill was very high, called the representative who promised that it will put a block so that the disabled person would not be able to order on demand and extra channels. Again the bill came higher than usual, was given some credit and again a block was put.

Surprise, surprise the next bill was over $300.00 and the next one $275 plus, called the representative and this representative finally told me that the person handling the remote could overrhide the remote if he had the code. I explained to the representative that I did not know the code how a disabled person could do it? Was told that he could use my Social and my address and make orders, this person does not have this info, Went to the manager at Time Warner’s Office and he said that I should have known that this person could make orders without my permission, At this point was very upset and angry as every representative I talked to never explained this and assured me that the block will stop this disabled person to order any per demand channels or movies.

The total bill came to over $500.00 for two months as if you want service you pay it. Could not do so because this was the service provided but makes me wonder why these CEO could buy villas, boats etc, etc.




Amasalian September 4, 2014 at 3:56 pm

1- I am now on a mission with getting through to TW Cooperate. Been waiting for )listening to a recording tell me a customer service rep will pick up) someone to pick up at the cooperate office for over an hour now. Would not normally wait like this but I am just determined to prove my point now as to how bad this company’s customer service is.
2- Called 3 times this week alone and:
-waited on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes each time
-received nothing but an attitude from each so called customer service rep
-everytime I give them my phone # they tell me that I do not and have never had an account; even after I give them the account #
-all 3 times I get transferred to another person who is supposed to be in my region (using the same # that I have used in the past), they end up telling me the same thing. So I actually have spoken with 6 reps
3-called 2 times the week prior to last and opted for the “leave a message and someone will call you back”….nobody ever called me back
4-scheduled a time for a rep to come and pick the equipment up a little more than 3 months ago since I was going to be gone for a school. Left the money and the modem with a friend that I authorized through the TWC rep (they do not normally do this but made an exception due to the circumstances). The rep never showed up on the scheduled date, and my friend even attempted to contact TWC on my behalf but received no help. Really stopped calling and trying after being left on hold over and over again.
5-but the best part is a rep did come out and disonnect the service at the box the next day (the day after I had scheduled for a rep to pick up the equipment)
6-it has now been 1 hour 12 minutes and 34 seconds that I have been on hold
7-I had nointention of cancelling the service but rather putting it on hold until I returned from my school. Absolutely the worst company that I have ever done business with, and that says a great deal.


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