Time Warner Cable Corporate Office

Time Warner Cable Corporate Office Address

Time Warner Cable Inc.
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023

Contact Time Warner Cable

Phone Number: (212) 364-8200
Fax Number: (203) 328-0604
Website: http://www.timewarnercable.com
Email: Email Time Warner Cable


CEO: Glenn A. Britt
CFO: Irene M. Esteves
COO: Robert D. Marcus

Time Warner Cable History

Time Warner Cable was formed in 1989 when Warner Cable and the American Television and Communication Corporation (owned by Time Inc) merged.

In 1995, the company launched the Southern Tier Online Community which is today known as Roadrunner High Speed Online.  Paragon Cable was also acquired in ’95.

In 2006, they company acquired Adelphia.

In 2009, Time Warner spun off Time Warner Cable (TWC) as an independent company.

In 2011, the company acquired Insight Communications.

Time Warner Cable currently operates in 28 states and has over 15 million subscribers.

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Marilyn Pelfrey April 21, 2014 at 4:48 pm

I do not have much faith that this email will be read but, here goes. The service provided by Time Warner is non existent. I have been on the phone all day trying to find out when the repairman was going to arrive for my 1:00 appointment which was made 6 days ago. At 4:30, I finally reached someone who said no service order was written and they would be out next Friday at the earliest. This is not the first time this has happened. I guess when you are a monopoly, you can get by treating customers this way. I tried to find the address of the corporate offices and was told even the North Carolina office did not have that. It is nearly impossible to speak with a representative and if you call at night, after waiting 15-20 minutes, they hang up on you. A lot of people are getting paid for jobs they are not doing. Such a shame …..wish I had another choice.


Dorothy Daniels April 18, 2014 at 9:47 pm

The package that I purchased from Time Warner included a tablet (Ipad). I was not told that I had to register online in order recieve the ipad. I called to inquire why I did not recieve the ipad, and I was told the registration was closed and it was too late. I tried to explain to the representative (Crystal), that I was never told about registration and never received a card with a redemption code. Crystal told me to call, 330-433-4259. I called that number and was told by (Chris) that they didn’t handle this type of situation and I needed to call, and to call Crystal back. So I asked for a supervisor who told me they would send the people who handles the redemptions an email about my situation and they would call me in a week. I still haven’t heard anything from anyone and I’m really upset about this. I was given my redemption code by Chris ,and the supervisor gave me a ticket number. I really like the services provided by Time Warner, but your customer is absolutely horrible. Please look into this, I would really like my ipad. If not then I will not continue my service with youl


Sabrina Rico April 17, 2014 at 6:15 pm

Dear Time Warner,
Your company is money hungry and Greedy. how do you expect any to afford to have any type of cable, internet or phone? Every time I get a bill I have a Monthly partial payment because I removed a serviced. Are you freaking kidding me? Are you serious? I’m tired of dealing with your greed and not respecting those that barely get by and need certain services. I will with all my power take this national. Your customer service is not that great and no one seems to help. Your systems keep going down and never get I never give a response on status’s. DISH NETWORK & DIRECTV have way better rates and attend to there customers. I will not put up with this and I’m sure no one else will. GOD is good GOD is Great and he will be on my side every step of the way!!!!


Lynn April 13, 2014 at 10:53 pm

I’m so fed up with TWC. I received a letter in the mail a couple of weeks ago that stated TWC was working hard to keep rates low for customers but unfortunately costs were going up so they had to raise rates. The COO Robert D. Marcus makes over $3M a year!!!!!! Usually you get paid for performance…They have sh&#ty customer service, the cable goes out frequently and they price goug!!!! It’s unbelievable that he makes that this company makes this much money – RDM making over $3M a year and he has the audacity to say, “I’m sorry, too bad for you little minions who make beans, but I have to raise rates.” LOWER YOUR D$@m salary you ….. This is so frustrating. And now they are merging with Comcast…do you really think with LESS competition that rates will stay this way….NO! They will continue to raise rates, continue to line they’re pockets, all the while no giving a d____ about us. Just as soon as another cable provider can get to my area I WILL drop TWC. I cut cable last year because they added Al Jazeera America. But I still have to pay for phone, cable modem and internet. And they are finding every way possible to get more out of me.


Zachary C April 10, 2014 at 2:42 pm

seems to me i have tried for a week getting nothing but a run around after (owing a bill of $221.73) then moved and then a year half later moved back in with my parents. thus they could not let me get it re connected to the place i am due to this bill. so i would like to know how i was able to even to get it turned on. so i havent used my service since i paid the bill and came across this. so i get sent to every person that works for time warner cable. i would like to know why they are going to not let me have it here but yet give me the month bill i paid and did not use but use some of the money to have them shut it off?? i would always like to know why when people do not do their job its okay nothing happens to them but think they can over talk me as a customer and not listen. do to their mess they want me to pay $73 today to start it over at my parents. but yet the guy below her said i would have to pay $123.00 to be able to do this. then he sends me to wrong places to get it taken care of they send me to the right place. then have it frozen to where she cant. then i was told to take the box back i did and then they couldn’t even take it to the account to be frozen??? and since the 7th of april i have been putting up with lies and people not doing their job right??? then finally get it shut off so im not charged but yet when i have the money they want to charge me again to have it hooked up here again?? i look at it this way how about i charge them for every time i come back as a customer???? i don’t think they would like that do you??. im sick and tired of they way they act. acting like we the customer do not matter?? there has only been a couple of people in the system i have talked to that care about the customer. also how would they like to do this to a customer who would do a law suit?? i think they would laugh but its not laughing matter. im paying money to have a service old bill or not where in the job is it to send people all over the place to try and keep their money?? that it theft no matter what way you look at it. i would love to be able to talk to the CEO of this company and give him advice on how to run this company or would love to see them on undercover boss!!!. but i think they mess with people like they have with me who needs the internet to apply for work?? and i would love to see a law suit start on them and everyone wronged be paid for this. cause there is no reason why we the customer should have to put up with being lied to. (such as the lies of oh theres nothing we can do but really there is. then another oh theres no freeze on the account anymore then go to get it moved to my home bam pops up with trouble of doing it til i got risk managments boss. who finally got it shut off but yet im not getting my full amount of my bill cause they will be using it to shut it off.) now someone please start this law suit im sure many of us would be jumping abored. oh by the way this isnt all the lies i was told when getting it on i was told billing would contact me to to get it taken care of. no call no nothing oh and said they sent a letter out that i have never gotten at all so you tell me where this is legal an anyway shape or form????


Gary Asti April 7, 2014 at 8:05 pm

Oh yeah People another lie you will get from TWC junk is the visa of master card cad for 300 to 500 !!!! You will never get it!!!! Don’t ask don’t question.

Wow 4 page of complaints and nothing resolved on any. Only 1 fair comment.

lousey sorry trashy customer service like this will never change for the good only the worse


Gary Asti April 7, 2014 at 7:55 pm

Lousey s***ty exceptionally bad service. over chared me two month in a row for double the cost. Now bill averaging 35.00 a month higher. Have been hung up on so many times lost count. Lied too as many times. Lady (riding her broom) called and I said in doctor appointment and she state I will call you back at one calif time. Still out riding her broom cause have not her from her in over three weeks. Have trie to file complaints and get hung up on so fast its unbelievable. Incompetent, dense dumb stupid inbred ignorant people which have no idea which end is up. Free movies??? been charged for each and every on I was told to be free.
Be so glad when this company finally fold s up and blows away like rotten dust. Gonna do all I can verbally to help this company go down and laugh as the doors close. Companies like this remind me of the idiot obang ya obuttya oscrewya Obama——- gotta go . flush the toilet and laugh as it goes. everyone should boycott this lousey company till its gone


sara April 7, 2014 at 9:56 am

I was set to get cable April 5, 2014. No one shows up so i start calling.Ii get transferred many times. Everyone acts like they cant help. Then they tell me they will contact dispatch and have someone give me a call. No one ever calls me. I call multipal times to Time Warner and still no one helps me. Now today is Monday the 7th and i am still calling and getting no where. They tell me i have to wait till the 14 to get hooked up. I said fine i want my first month free for all the trouble i have been through. They got rude and said they cant do that. The girl i spoke with was very rude. That is the fastest way to loose a customer. Now i am calling the corporate office to try and get something done.


Kenneth C Meyer April 4, 2014 at 4:21 pm

THis is a lonnnggg story so I’ll try to makeit short.
I paid twc 415.50 on a wednesday they stole 400.50 on a friday (no authorization)
I called (, 4 reps 1 supervisor and an hour later ) NOTHING!
I went to my bank ( They have the same IQ.) after an hour twc replaced the money
and the bank manager dropped the fees.
Next friday twc stole 400.50 again. (3 reps 2 supervisor 2 hours later) they still can’t figure it out. On monday they replaced the money,but not their 30.00 fee or the NSF fee.(37.50)
I wrote a letter to the man in VA. just like they told me to,Have not heeard a thing.
The very next friday(you guessed it) ,They stole another 400.50!! I’m pissed !
To say the least I’m mlffed?
Well my wife got on the phone,I couldn’t talk anymore,She talked to people in Illinoise,
Virginia and finnally to NEW York (Did you Know all of their last names was Smith and not a one of them had an extension number for their phones) This isn’t over yet…..
we’re waiting for a return call! Ha! HA!
I’m tired I can’t go on, I’ll let you Know Kenny (somewhere around Cincinnati)


SFC Olivarez (ret) April 1, 2014 at 7:34 pm

Good day Sir or Maam

Below you will find the correspondence between myself and the construction department of TWC in Austin. I admit I was a little frustrated when I wrote it, a lot, but is there some way you could justify this amount.


So can I charge those that tap into that line once it in place or will TWC charge them thousands too?

How can you justify that amount? Is it really $ 7 a foot. You are not trying to win any hearts and minds.

What do you think main stream media would say about this situation “Disabled Combat army veteran charged 36K to watch TV by TWC” sounds like a great commercial for somebody.

These are question I would ask myself.

I am determined to take this as high as possible.

Frank Olivarez

US Army Special Forces (Ret)

Deo adjuvante non timendum

On Apr 1, 2014, at 9:50 AM, “Gutierrez, Charlie” wrote:


It will cost $36,000 to build.

From: Navejas, Pete
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 8:41 AM
To: Gutierrez, Charlie
Subject: RE: 1175 FM 1966

Yes sir

From: Gutierrez, Charlie
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 8:39 AM
To: Navejas, Pete
Subject: RE: 1175 FM 1966

Does he need to come up with all of it?

From: Navejas, Pete
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 8:32 AM
To: Gutierrez, Charlie
Subject: RE: 1175 FM 1966

Charlie if he call you again is 36,000.00 to build

From: Gutierrez, Charlie
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2014 7:41 AM
To: Navejas, Pete
Subject: FW: 1175 FM 1966


willie wallace March 27, 2014 at 4:35 pm



Vincent Toms March 26, 2014 at 12:05 am

I left AT&T for TWC some five months ago, and to my dismay I’ve had nothing but trouble. The cable has a problem with intermittently going out. I’ve had to stay at home waiting for four different appointments, one of which the technician was a NO CALL NO SHOW. I have had representatives make promises to escalate, but as of yet seen NO attempt at doing so. I know am still being charged for services that are substandard, and after going through all of this, Id NEVER recommend this company to anyone!


Cheryl March 25, 2014 at 6:07 pm

Since switching to TWC I have had nothing but problem after problem starting with the promotions and rates…to tech problems..to billing and customer service….I tried to resolve an issue that was not my fault and was told “sorry there is nothing we can do, when I asked about a corporate office I was told you have to look that up on your own! Why?…The problem came from a communication gap from a representative however I am being held resposible for it…….I really need this problem to get resolved


Robert March 20, 2014 at 7:33 pm

I gave up my direct tv for twc. I will be returning to direct tv as soon as I can. My direct tv recorder held a lot more data than twc dvr. While I do ,Ike the twc app I am having a problem with the cnn app on my ipad. There must be a least 75 providers that can unlock live streaming from the cnn app, but time warner cable is not one of the. This stuff makes no sense at all. I can get cnn on my tv, since I have paid for it, and I can get it on my twc app, which I would think is streaming, but cannot get cnn streaming through their own app, because time warner cable blocks it. I am so looking forward to the day when apple negotiates with all major players to allow their shows to be on Apple TV, thereby totally eliminating the middlemen like time warner cable. Time warner cable is one of the greediest cable providers in the USA. Look at the money the are making and what you get for it…. A blocked cnn. Also, all of the Disney Chanel’s on my Apple TV are also blocked by time warner cable. Direct tv allows cnn and Disney to be streamed. Can’t wait to return to direct tv!


Frank Alexander March 19, 2014 at 9:35 pm

“This is a helluva thing… I live in Florida. My cousin lives in Cornwall, NY. and doesn’t drive. Her elderly husband recently went into a nursing facility. She was expecting a repairman to arrive at her home today. She had a confirmation number but when she called TWC, she was told the technician didn’t have a work order. Hence the reason of him not showing up. They told her to call tomorrow and make another appointment. Is this how you handle your customers? Shame on TWC!!!”


Miss. Taylor March 18, 2014 at 10:38 pm

I think that Time Warner is really taking advantage of people, when they are purchasing Security Equipment. On the site, it states that the 1 touchscreen is basic equipment in ever package. but as soon as you end the monitoring then they want to take the touch screen. Which then cause the system to no longer work even though it’s not being monitored! So that would mean that I paid 399 for the a few plastic items, that won’t even work now. Unless I get a different security system, with another Security company who would offers different Items. This is false advertisement and I would like it if someone would contact me back about this, b/c I do plan to report this to the BBB. This is not fair to any customer. So I’ve now paid for equipment that I can no longer use, unless I get another security company that is not right. Then when I call customer service and ask them if I can cancel she says yes, but it will cost you 269. So in total I would’ve paid almost 600 for equipment that I can’t use.


Mrs P Goodman March 12, 2014 at 6:34 pm

I have made 9 phone calls within 4 days, made two trips to the cable store and my issue is still not resolved completely. I have spoken to a dozen different people, was told a repair man would come to my home today between 4-5 pm but he never showed up. WHen I called again today they said I was not on the schedule.

If I don’t hear from someone from this office tomorrow, March 13th by noon, I will be contacting the local newspaper to see if they will do an “investigative report’ about my situation and the lousy service and increase in prices with TWC.

My number is (919) 522-XXXX and I expect a call from 9 am to Noon on the 13th.


S Sko March 10, 2014 at 11:07 pm

I can’t even begin to express my frustration & disappointment with TWC. I’ve accepted that in the 25 years my family & I have been customers that prices will increase, however, each time I’ve called with questions & concerns there were people willing to help or accommodate me with my issues. Today I received the complete opposite. With, not surprisingly, another increase in my bill I called for at least some sort of satisfaction & recieved NONE. First, After spending 20 min on the phone w Ryan, who was willing to work with me & atleast offer something I was put on hold for 10 min & then cut off. I called back & spoke with Tyler, agent ID #CZ1, who was more than willing to cancel my package deal, which I did do with my HBO/Cinemax package, then offer any sort of alternative. Not even an offer to keep, at the very least, one of the channels at a standard price. I asked to speak to a supervisor & he eventually transferred me to Rob, Agent ID RC8. Rob was a courteous individual but again, was told there was no new package available or offered any standard deals. As I mentioned before my family & I have been customers for 25 years & have spoken to many representatives & this was the first time I have felt that my business went unappreciated. No credit, coupon, offer to upgrade, keep my channels, etc,.. nothing. Like I said, Tyler was more than willing to cancel my package & would have my service without any hesitation. I’ve cut loose my HBO & am looking for an alternative for a cable provider as well as there are many options & have been told to go away from TWC from quite some time not but always stayed with the company as I grew up with TWC & felt a willingness to stay with TWC. Expect to lose another customer soon now. Like I mentioned earlier, though Ron was sincere, a complete disappointment all around. Shame on TWC.


Wayne Brown March 8, 2014 at 9:31 am

After months of problems with my auto pay payment being declined I finally got to the root of the problem this week. I have been retired in Florida for 3 years and my 89 year old mother lives in Greensboro, NC. I have been paying her monthly TWC cable bill using auto pay and a credit card. Last summer my credit card company issued me a replacement card and I notified TWC of the change. After that my mother started getting notices every month that her account was past due and subject be being closed. I would call customer service, give them my credit card number, be assured everything was okay, only to have it repeat next billing cycle.
This week, on 3/3/14, we repeated the cycle, and after over 1 hour with a customer service rep in The Philippines, who agreed to a 3 way with my credit card company to see if there was a problem with my card, my connection with her was lost with a loud tone just before I was connected to my credit card company. My credit card company advised me there was absolutely no problem with the card, but they checked and saw where my attempted payments were repeatedly declined by the credit card processing company used by TWC, due to the zip code not matching the credit card billing zip code. It became obvious that the TWC clerk who entered my new credit card mistakenly entered my mother’s NC zip instead of my FL zip. When I would call in to pay, the customer service rep would process a payment without needing a zip code, but I suspect auto pay uses the zip code to get a better rate from the credit card processor. The payment rejection was coming from the processor, not my credit card company, due to TWC having the wrong zip code stored in my profile.
Armed with this information I again called TWC billing support and spoke with a gentleman named Brian, who happened to be in Greensboro, and he seemed to understand the problem. He consulted with his supervisor, issued me a $25 credit against the February rejected payment charge, and added an additional $50 credit he said was authorized by his supervisor due to all the problems I had. Brian assured me he had everything right in my profile. He then attempted to process my payment but found my account had been restricted by TWC due to multiple payments rejections and he was unable to complete a payment. He said he would escalate the problem to a higher level to get the restriction removed, since it was not my fault the payments had been rejected, it would take a couple days for the removal, and he would call me by yesterday, 3/7/14 to get my payment information to pay the February bill.
Yesterday my mother called to tell me she received a phone call from TWC and her phone, cable, and internet service were subject to being shut down. She was extremely upset. After over 2 hours on the phone, and being passed through 3 customer service reps, Laura in Raleigh, NC said she verified everything I had told her, including the action taken by Brian. However, she said the record showed that TWC billing rejected the request from Brian to remove the restriction on my account because of over 5 credit card rejections within the past year. No kidding!! She insisted I would have to pay the account by cash for the next year. I told her, “No way”, and there had to be someone within TWC, even the President, who I could speak with and who would understand I was not at fault in the rejected payment. She understood and connected my shortly with Gary Rinard, a higher level rep in the Office of the President in NYC. Gary was very understanding, told me he would get right on it, and that I should hear from someone within a couple of days. Based on this, I am hoping that escalation to the Office of the President is the answer to these problems. However, I am really concerned with the failure of TWC to identify why a credit card is repeatedly rejected without verifying the problem isn’t of their own making.


Jacqueline March 5, 2014 at 6:34 pm

I had to go through HELL before I just put an end to my misery and contacted the office of the president.to acquire the assistance of a customer care advocate. I’ve only had to do this twice now in the many years I’ve been paying top dollar for the Signature Home package, but I’ve put up with so many people with TWC,of which in most cases I could do their jobs better than they can AND they are real smart asses who think they can push you around.

But once I called the office of the President ( of which EVERY mediocre employee from techs to managers will tell you they don’t have the number to- just call your public library, ask for the reference desk and then ask for the number from the library reference person, they are a publicly held company, they belong to us, we don’t belong to them) I have 3 people I would like to commend.

I would like to commend Richard a tier 3 technician in Greensboro, NC- who was amazingly patient and was also perfectly willing to concede when he couldn’t fix the problems from inside the office. I so adore people who actually think about it before insulting my intelligence and simply admit they’ve done all they could- Richard, who tried so hard to get someone to me right away, but yet again, no one wanted to get anyone out to my home for a week. Richard tried. He’s an excellent, humorous, patient knowledgeable tech. Thank you Richard.

I would like to commend (I think his name was …) Steve, in the office of the President, who assured me that the “supervisor” Scott, who told me that calling the corporate offices would only get me sent back to him, wasn’t the case and that he (Steve) was confident he could get me taken care of in the immediate- it was so immediate that someone showed up at my door late in the evening, same day, and I wasn’t home. – But Steve stayed on it until it was done which brings me to….

ERIC!- Eric was the 12 year tech with TWC who not only came to help me yesterday, but came back again TODAY! 03/05/2014- He was the nicest person one could ever meet! He was professional, handled my son well, who can be a bit edgy and nervous. He showed him how things work and why things happen and how to keep it all good. Beautiful personality, patient, kind,and very, VERY good at what he does, So thanks Steve for Eric and a job well done! Ha! While Eric was here, some other guy called me to tell me he was sorry to disappoint me- his name was Stephen, but he just couldn’t help me until Friday. I informed him that I had an excellent person here now and that he could cancel whomever he had lined up for that and I told him why.

So, as a professional in client services, I would suggest that there be better communication especially when a customer feels so frustrated that they feel they have to escalate their own case to the President’s office in order to be heard or remotely cared for while they are spending nearly 300.00 each month for intangible services. There should be some way that those who have reached their level of incompetence within the company, to SEE, that the situation has been escalated and that they are trained in some
form of reassurance to the client, no matter who they are.

I can point out several levels of which client services with TWC could be improved. Of course, we must remember the merger is upon us, so watch out for the lower level people to just simply stop caring about the customer as time draws nigh for the merger, but when you get someone who does a good job, ask for their manager and take the time to compliment them just as you’re willing to complain about the ones that just can’t seem to get it, if you will. It’s only right…

So Steve, thank you for keeping your word and pressing through to help me, I can finally work again! Richard, thank you for helping me in the middle of the night and doing all that you could to help and ERIC!- You are too cool and thank you for making time for me the same day you were contacted even though I wasn’t home and thank you for coming back today, so far, so good with the repairs, thank you for your thorough inspection of my services. I hope if I have to call again, I’ll get to work with you again. Thanks for the education too, it certainly makes it easier to see things differently in my old dusty brain haha!

Now see? Look at this statement below this box… REALLY? Meaning that I most likely won’t get the attention I deserve if I don’t like you on Facebook???? Who’s idea was THAT? Like my money and loyalty aren’t enough??? I sit here rolling my eyes, thinking of how different things should be but probably never will be. What about people who don’t have a Facebook account just because they don’t want to bother themselves? REALLY?? And well, what if I DON’T “LIKE” what’s happening. Just something this small could lose customers. One day Google or someone else will come in and make a difference. i don’t think I would make,good service, an ultimatum…”Like” us or you just may not be heard at all. Please. AND please note that I am NOT “liking” anyone on Facebook I don’t care who they are.

My Kindest Regards,


Violet Evans February 22, 2014 at 1:33 pm

Wow !!! once again TWC is playing games with me Im so tired of having to fight with you people to just get something done right >> you get my money every month with out fail I shouldn’t get the same servious in return Since i had my cable , phone and internet i had nothing but trouble with it a get a month serves free and yet still haven trouble


Robert Banister February 18, 2014 at 7:54 pm

Well, here I am BACK AGAIN… COMPLAINING because I am getting MAJOR PACKET LOSS AGAIN…I posted something on this BLOG on February 9th, 2014 @ 5:27pm but it seems it was UNANSWERED… SOooooooo…
Here is a result of what I am getting when doing the following:
pathping -q 100 -h 100 http://www.twc.com
C:\Users\Desktop_i5>pathping -q 100 -h 100 http://www.twc.com

Tracing route to http://www.timewarnercable.com []
over a maximum of 100 hops:
0 Desktop_i5-PC.tx.rr.com []
2 cpe-76-186-208-1.tx.res.rr.com []
3 tge7-3.dllltx1901h.texas.rr.com []
4 tge0-9-0-5.crtntxjt01r.texas.rr.com []
5 agg21.dllatxl301r.texas.rr.com []
7 ae-2-0.cr0.chi30.tbone.rr.com []
8 ae-0-0.cr0.chi10.tbone.rr.com []
9 ge-5-0-0.ar1.cdp01.tbone.rr.com []
13 http://www.timewarnercable.com []

Computing statistics for 325 seconds…
Source to Here This Node/Link
Hop RTT Lost/Sent = Pct Lost/Sent = Pct Address
0 Desktop_i5-PC.tx.rr.com [192.168.0
2/ 100 = 2% |
1 0ms 4/ 100 = 4% 2/ 100 = 2%
0/ 100 = 0% |
2 33ms 4/ 100 = 4% 2/ 100 = 2% cpe-76-186-208-1.tx.res.rr.com [76
0/ 100 = 0% |
3 20ms 2/ 100 = 2% 0/ 100 = 0% tge7-3.dllltx1901h.texas.rr.com [2]
0/ 100 = 0% |
4 19ms 3/ 100 = 3% 1/ 100 = 1% tge0-9-0-5.crtntxjt01r.texas.rr.co
m []
0/ 100 = 0% |
5 17ms 3/ 100 = 3% 1/ 100 = 1% agg21.dllatxl301r.texas.rr.com [24
0/ 100 = 0% |
6 14ms 2/ 100 = 2% 0/ 100 = 0%
0/ 100 = 0% |
7 36ms 3/ 100 = 3% 1/ 100 = 1% ae-2-0.cr0.chi30.tbone.rr.com [66.
0/ 100 = 0% |
8 36ms 2/ 100 = 2% 0/ 100 = 0% ae-0-0.cr0.chi10.tbone.rr.com [66.
0/ 100 = 0% |
9 51ms 3/ 100 = 3% 1/ 100 = 1% ge-5-0-0.ar1.cdp01.tbone.rr.com [6]
0/ 100 = 0% |
10 49ms 3/ 100 = 3% 1/ 100 = 1%
0/ 100 = 0% |
11 51ms 2/ 100 = 2% 0/ 100 = 0%
2/ 100 = 2% |
12 51ms 4/ 100 = 4% 0/ 100 = 0%
1/ 100 = 1% |
13 50ms 5/ 100 = 5% 0/ 100 = 0% http://www.timewarnercable.com [71.74.42.

Trace complete.
This is why I was trying to do PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE with your DAMN SERVICE.
So, today, I checked the TAP outside of my APARTMENT, and still the DOORS are
WIDE OPEN and NO ONE has made any attempt to RESOLVE THIS FRIGGIN ISSUE!!!
Now, I am going to call your LEVEL 1 as a PISSSED OFF CUSTOMER..
I went thru this CRAP back in AUG, 2013, and it took you a MONTH and A HALF


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