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Sears Holding Corporation
3333 Beverly Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

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Phone Number: (847) 286-2500
Fax Number: (847) 286-8351
Website: http://www.sears.com
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CEO: Louis J. D
CFO: Robert A. Schriesheim
COO: W. Bruce Johnson

Sears History

Sears Roebuck and Company, or Sears for short, was founded in 1820 in New York City by Richard Sears and Alvah Roebuck.

The company began as a mail order business with their first catalog in 1888.  By 1894, the catalog was over 300 pages and reached over 500 pages the following year.

In 1925, the first retail location was opened in Chicago, Illinois.

The company built many stand-alone stores from 1925 into the 1950s.  Their strategy then changed during the 60s and 70s to building stores inside shopping malls.

In 2005, Sears was purchased by Kmart and the Sears Holding Group was formed.

The company currently operates over 2200 stores in the US.  The Sears corporate office is located in Hoffman Estates, IL.


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Gholamali Roshandell (Fareed) July 30, 2014 at 2:59 am

Dear Sir/ Madam
I don’t know if this is a right place discuss my concern, please if this is not a right place provide me with some advice and connect me with the right person or persons to discuss my situation. I am an injured worker who got injured while working at sears in San Mateo California store. During almost 9 years of my injury I realized that Sedgwick and their representatives are playing sears and myself as an injured worker to benefit their firm and make dishonest profit, since sears is self insured company they are trying to keep my case in their book as long as they can and try to make me to go court as much as they can so they can profit from it. Usually the best interest for the business is to settle the claim but Sedgwick and their appointed law firm is not willing to settle the claim just because they will profit as long as they have my claim on their book. Please if you are the right person I am asking you to take a proper action and if you are not please set me up with people who can help, your action would be great financial help to your company. I would like to provide more info as you need to resolve the issue. Thank you for your very kind consideration in this matter.
Gholamali Roshandell (Fareed)


Lori Rinaldo July 28, 2014 at 11:59 pm

The ice maker in my new sears frig didnt work well from day one
It never dispensed the ice properly..it was always clogged and then the shoot door stopped
closing all the way so thick frost started forming in the freezer. It took 3 visits from. different repair men to try to fix it which is worse since you have to wait around for 4 hours for all 3 visits. The 1st repair man messed with the wires and said it was fixed. He also knocked a nearly new clock of my wall not once but twice and broke it. He asked me to turn off breakers and pulled the wood trim off my wall. To make it worse the ice maker still didnt work…the cubed feature didnt work at all & the frost was worse than ever. I waited another 4 hours, he second guy just ordered parts & left. The third guy seemed great but we will see if its actually fixed. The service at Sears is not what it used to be. It took 3 visits to get it taken care of and I ended up with a broken clock and wood trim. After reading other feedback here they clearly dont care about their customer satisfaction. I probably wont purchase sears appliances in the future.


lou Hall July 28, 2014 at 9:17 pm

After several tries of reaching a Sears or Craftsman rep to actually handle my issue (1500 craftsman riding mower, less than a year old starter went out) I reached out to the corporate HQ line and after asking to speak with the CEO was rudely told I would be transferred to customer service solutions. The rep was very helpful yet stated he had no way to either exchange my mower for a new one, reimburse myself for wages lost while awaiting a repair person or would sears or Craftsman refund my money.

I asked to speak to Sears management and was told the customer service solution personnel did not have access to management. I then asked to speak with the manager of said department and was told this manager had no authority other than what each rep had.

I was able to speak to a manager of the customer service department. No progress what so ever. I suggest all, especially Veterans stop purchasing sears products

What happened to Sears, once a beacon of reliability and quality, now


Mrs. Joan Laufnick July 28, 2014 at 7:53 pm

I am SO disappointed in Sears eliminating the 10% Veteran’s Discount. All those military personnel, who put there lives on the line for this country, deserve better. My husband & I have been loyal Sears customers since 1972. He is a Disabled Veteran who is now bedridden due to herbicide exposure during the Vietnam Era.Sears now only donates to “Hope for Heroes” instead of helping ALL Veterans. While this is a good cause, Sears is now discriminating against 4 generations of men & women who honorably served the United States of America. I and my family will no longer patronize Sears or it’s affiliates, until Sears once again honors all our countries Veterans. I will be urging all Veterans & their families to do the same, via Social Media.


lou Hall July 28, 2014 at 1:38 am

I purchased a craftsman 1500 riding lawn mower. On July 22nd after a long wait period a tech came to my home yet due to not having the correct part, my mower is still setting idle. Why???? i have been informed at 1929 central time (From Andrew of Sears) that a part will not be in until August 13th.

During this period I purchased a push mower (6.5) and it does not work now either and is only a month old. I purchased both at the sears store in Grove Oklahoma.

No longer will I shop at Sears.


Vijendra Agarwal July 26, 2014 at 8:05 pm

Have you heard the phrase like how many engineers it takes to replace a bulb? The new paradigm is, “How many days does it take Sears Repair service to tune a lawn Mower?” I had my lawn mower delivered to a Sears store on June 24, 2014 with about 10 days for its tuning and turn around time which is already too long. Today is July 26, 2014 with no definite date for return yet. I am being promised July 28 but I will believe it only when it happens. The customer service is totally horrible; they don’t read emails properly; if they read they don’t comprehend and act on it. Return calls are rare and that too without any substance. Everyone at Sears has talked about the delay in getting the parts- what they needed is one spark plug for the tuning. It was perhaps being manufactured somewhere in China; I wondered what kind of supply chain management does Sears use? Would I go back to Sears? I don’t know.
The answer to how many days to have a lawn mower tuned- Probably ONE MONTH AND 4 DAYS- perhaps the Guinness record for Sears. Hail Sears Holding Co. for its financial issues. I would love to hear about your experiences with Sears Repairs.
Have you noticed their logo with their signature, “See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it” I would like to have it changed to, DO NOT SEE, DO NOT OWN IT, DON’T HAVE TO SOLVE IT, TAKE TIME IF DECIDE TO DO IT.


Ben Cartwright July 26, 2014 at 4:54 am

I scheduled an appointment for Friday from 1-5 and no one showed up. I called Sears and was told that no technician was assigned so no one came out, really? No one bothered to call me, I spent fours waiting for nothing. I was then told the best they could do was an appointment on Monday, Really Monday you stood me up on Friday, won’t help on Saturday and the best you can do is Monday—Very, Very poor business practice. I cannot believe that Sears Home Service operates like this.



LaDeace Moore July 24, 2014 at 12:54 am

My question is who do I contact in corporate office to resolve a situation with Sears I’ve contacted Sears on several occasions and I’ve been running around for the last 30 days with no real information or input to assist me. Parts Direct Dept. Please no representative. Customet care has not help me resolve my problem. Ms Moore (916) 534-xxxx.


Portia Moore July 23, 2014 at 10:22 pm

Sir, Aylwin B. Lewis, President & Chief Executive Officer of Sears,

My mother Ms Minnie Cooper was getting home services done to her bathroom-a
basic white wall with new shower head for 3,000. She put a deposit of 1,000

more than what was asked for by the salesman. The house is almost 70 years old. When the workers got to her house they looked at the bathroom which is old and had a hole in
the wall and told me that the work cannot be completed because she has mold
in the walls. I immediately call the restoration team to test the house for
mole and it was mole in the walls and under the floor. We were all devastated
and we were quoted close to 5,000 to get the house mold free. The house is very

old so we have some decisions to make 1, sale the house as is or 2. Try to
pay to get the mole done by a cheaper person. Our mother is on Social security
and she doesn’t have that kind of money to get the mole cleaned and get the
3,000 bathroom installed. We call and talked to the Carl Alope the office
financial director in Portsmouth VA and he was not very corporative in
refunding our 1,000 deposit. He talked about paying vendors and the
So we called customer relations and she took a report and told us to call
the Housing customer service team and she emailed the same person we talked to
in the first place Carl Alope –she added his boss Chris Adopey and his boss
Mr. Abcock. One was not available and one was on vacation so Carl Alope called
us again and said we should be getting only one hundred dollars but I will give

you 500. The worker came by the house just looked thru the hole that was
there and said we have mole and he was not going to do the job. But now
we are requesting our 1000 because we are loyal customers to Sears and this is
not fair or good practice for customers that were not aware of a serious
problem that could kill people. I hope that your company can see that this
is an unusual situation and we just did not change our minds we have no choice
in this case. We hope that we don’t have to be sent back to Carl Alope-we
talked to him more than enough and he is getting upset that I’m calling all
your services to get help. I found your email online and I hope your
Assistant can help my mother get her money.

Thank you Portia Moore (daughter of Minnie Cooper)


Lupe Villa July 23, 2014 at 10:16 pm

Bad, Bad, Bad Company! I purchased a Central Air back in 2008 for 8K, had it financed, salesperson at the time seemed to really care, haha! He got his commission and ran with it. Two years after my unit was installed, we started having cooling issues with the Central Air. It felt like we had our old swamp cooler back again cooling our home. I kept calling the sub-contractor who originally installed the unit, they were so friendly and little did we know that we should have been calling Sears. After the sub-contractor quit coming, cause they could not find the problem they said for us to call Sears and I did. I started making notes and documenting days and times with who I spoke to with. You may want to do the same because Sears does not stand behind their products or service. My warranty ran out last year in September 2013 for the parts and even though I kept calling they are now telling me, they cannot help me out and that I should have purchase some Warranty Protection Plan! I guess all the times Sears sent out A&E Factory techs who could not find the problem and one of them actually told us it was an Installation problem, Sears customer service and Customer Solutions dept acted like they did not know what I was talking about. They were to make notes and even gave me Case Numbers to refer back to but now they act like it’s all my fault and that I am in the wrong. I have made several phone calls to the Project Manager, and his boss they don’t really care. I explained how we have a Newborn baby and a 5 year old grandson living in my house in NM and they could care less. The Project Mgr. said his hands were tied and could do nothing about this. I did tell him I would be contacting my attorney and they should hear from him. Meantime, I contacted the Rio Rancho, NM Contractor dept and found out the sub-contractor never pulled a permit to this this installation! Am filing a complaint with the Attorney General office, BBB, and hiring my own lawyer. I will never, ever use Sears for anything else, they have bad, in experience customer service along with Home Improvement Managers. They do not care about customers, little newborn babies, or family. Need I say more?


Christopher Williams July 23, 2014 at 9:21 pm

I took my car to get services at Sears Auto Center 4807 Outer Loop Dr, Jeffersn Mall, Louisville, KY 40219 and it took 24 hours for the call to be even looked at. Once they did have time to verify what was wrong with my car it was Saturday and by then unable to order parts over the weekend due to none of the suppliers having the available part. When I called on Saturday and Spoke with Jeremy he advised me they did not even have a car for Christopher Williams. After further research he then found that a technician was looking over the car to see what was wrong with it. This is how I know it took this location 24 hours to look at my car. They then told me per the manager for the Auto center Tim that none of the suppliers had the part and had to wait till Monday to even order the part. However once the part was ordered it was not received until Wednesday. Long story short this location and business is suffering from a consistancy and being capable to even function properly. Also I refuse to ever go back to Sears for anthing else for this matter due to the poor service and quality that the continue to provide! This is very concerning for any customer that may experience poor service at any one of your locations through out the US.

Thank you,

Christopher Williams dissatisfied customer


Sylvia Gutierrez July 23, 2014 at 6:31 am

July 22, 2014
Chief Executive Officer.
I took my 2007 Chevy Aveo to the Sears Automotive Center in June 2014, to confirm that my alignment was still intact since I had purchased new tires from the same department shortly before my visit.
The auto representative Ed came back and stated that I needed new breaks and that they had to be done that day because if I did not my car would sustain irreparable damage. At that point I was lead to believe that I had no choice in the matter. I told him that I had previously had my breaks done as well and Ed said that I needed them again. I went in @ 8:00 am on and left @ 2:00 pm, and paid over $400.00.
Before I left that day technician requested that I do not step too hard on the breaks. I thought this was an odd request since I had never been requested that before. My breaks started making a grinding sound shortly thereafter every time my car came to a stop. I have been to the auto center approximately 5 times since then, and my breaks continue to be getting worse. The Service Manager Alex stated that it is dangerous to drive my car right now and that I need additional new parts for the front and back breaks and I am going to have to pay more money.
My car was damaged at the initial visit by the fist technician that worked on my car. I am requesting a FULL REFUND AND ADDITIONAL FEES THAT WILL INCLUDE PARTS AND LABOR to repair the damage done at your auto center. This does not include the time that I will never get back due to the ineffectiveness of the Sears Auto Center in repairing my automobile.
I am a working class woman, I cannot afford this kind of unapt services. I feel taken advantage of because I am a woman, I feel betrayed, and that I have been sold services that my car did not even need and now I am in danger every time I get in my car.
I have been going to Sears for several years. I know that I am over charged, but I am paying for quality, honesty and respect. I have NOT received that in my past visits described above. Not only that but I have not received that common courtesy to have any of the Store nor Auto Center Managers return my call.
Your cooperation and consideration in this matter are greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Sylvia Gutierrez


Lupe Villa July 23, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Report them to the BBB and get a Consumer Attorney involved, they do not care about the customer.


Francis Ford July 22, 2014 at 12:38 am

Dear Sears President:

Recently I called Sears Air conditioning repair to fix my downstairs unit in my dual system. The first day I waited all day past the time when the repairman was suppose to come, by the time he showed up it was raining so he could not work on outdoor unit. When rescheduled, the repairman worked on outdoor unit and added freon. Then he said he needed to check all the vents in the house, which he did. A few days later the upstairs unit stopped working and the pipe was frozen for upstairs unit. We called again, and the service tech came again and this time went into attic and tore apart the unit and left the panel door off and wires everywhere. He then came down and told us since the manufacturer had gone out of business he recommended we get a whole new unit because parts were hard to come by and it would cost between $800.00 to a thousand dollars to fix. He then had a salesman come to my house, and hospital room, who tried to sell us both a new air conditioning unit and furnace.
I called a local company who have been here before for a second opinion. Their tech was in the attic one minute and came down with a cell phone picture showing how your tech left our unit torn apart! He said no one else would want to work on it due to liability, because who knows what your tech had done to our unit! They have yet to return our calls since. He said Sears did “A GOOD JOB OF MAKING SURE NO ONE ELSE WOULD WANT TO WORK ON IT!”



Francis Ford
Norfolk, VA


Lupe Villa July 23, 2014 at 10:41 pm

Sears does not care about the customer, they are just money hungry. I have a similar issue with my Central Air.


Ross Newlund July 19, 2014 at 7:02 pm

I was scheduled to get a washer between 3 and 5 PM on Fri the 18th. It never came and no one ever called to explain.
Call one: At 5:15PM I called and your service center e mailed the driver to call us. He did not.
Call two: I called again at 5:45PM and the service center again e mailed the driver, who again did not call. I was told they were running late. They were at stop 10 and we were stop 13.
Call three: At 7:30PM I called. The service center said they are still running late but promised the washer would be delivered between 8 and 9.
Call four: At 9:30 I spoke to a manager at the service center, Fred. He said the warehouse was closed. He would leave detailed notes for the manager at 7:00 AM to call the warehouse to demand that our washer be the first stop on Saturday.
Call five: At 8:00 AM, I called, as no one called me. I was told the order never left the store, and the delivery date promise of the 18th was all a mistake. The real delivery date I should have been given all along was the 24th. A manager would call in a few minutes to explain further and apologize.
Call six: At 8:45AM I called back and spoke to Tyler. He called the warehouse twice, but no one answered. He promised a supervisor would call by 10:00 AM.
Call seven: At 10:15AM I called, Ellen. She called the warehouse and was told that we were called and no one could reach us, so the delivery was rescheduled. Ellen and I agreed this was a lie, as she has documentation I called three times before the warehouse closed last night. By the time we were done talking it was close to 11:00 AM. She said that no supervisor has been available for the last three hours to return the call/request I made at 8:00 AM.
Call eight: At 12:00 Noon I called Kate. She said that a supervisor would call when they were able, but no one has been available to call me back for the past 4 hour and 15 minutes.


Lupe Villa July 23, 2014 at 9:47 pm

Go somewhere else, like my uncle told me one time, if I am paying then I call the shots!


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