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Sears Holding Corporation
3333 Beverly Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

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Phone Number: (847) 286-2500
Fax Number: (847) 286-8351
Website: http://www.sears.com
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CEO: Louis J. D
CFO: Robert A. Schriesheim
COO: W. Bruce Johnson

Sears History

Sears Roebuck and Company, or Sears for short, was founded in 1820 in New York City by Richard Sears and Alvah Roebuck.

The company began as a mail order business with their first catalog in 1888.  By 1894, the catalog was over 300 pages and reached over 500 pages the following year.

In 1925, the first retail location was opened in Chicago, Illinois.

The company built many stand-alone stores from 1925 into the 1950s.  Their strategy then changed during the 60s and 70s to building stores inside shopping malls.

In 2005, Sears was purchased by Kmart and the Sears Holding Group was formed.

The company currently operates over 2200 stores in the US.  The Sears corporate office is located in Hoffman Estates, IL.


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anabel cruz November 25, 2014 at 1:24 am

I took my lawn mower to be repaired( it was smoking a lot), I paid $230 for the repair ( I had to be calling to ask if it was ready or when to pick it up because the repair center only called me to give me the estimate) I got it almost a month after, I used it once and it was doing a little bit of smoke I thought it was maybe normal due to
repair they had just done on it when I tried using it
the second time I could cut any of my grass I had
to turn it off because it was doing the same
smoke as before taking itfor repair. I took it back
to the repair center, the manager told me that
there was nothing he could do at store level that
he had to send it back to the repair center, which
he did; they called me back about 2 weeks after
with an estimate of $99, of course I called them
back and asked to speak to a supervisor, this
person was very very rude to me “supervisor” told
me that either I pay the $99 or the lawn mower
will be sent back to the store unrepaired because
it was only 30 days warranty then I asked to
speak with his supervisor he said there was
no one above him and he was going to end the call “either you pay or the machine is sent back to
the store unrepair” which he did he hung up on
me. I called the 1800 number, today was my third
time trying to speak to a manager after almost
a month the 2 first times they got my number and
had to explain the whole story after I was told a
supervisor will contact me within 48 hrs because
they were in a meeting at that time which they
never did, today i called them back and i was told that he lawn mower was back at the store ready to be picked up of course without being repair;I was so fustrated that the person who answered actually listed to me and tranfered me to a
supervisor to finally get the same answer “it was
only 30 days warranty so there is nothing I can
do, I see in the notes that 2 supervispr alteady
declined your case” ( they wrote their notes in the
system but I was never informed)so how is it that
after paying $230 dollars for the repair I USED IT ONCE and has the same problem again(carburator). I asked this supervisor what should i do with my lawn mower because i was just being told that it was back at the store she aske me to go pick it up because otherwise they will destroy it( really but they never even called me to let me know that it was back at the store I was still waiting for a supervisor to call me back).I really need help with this, if I do not get a
solution on this I will never spend a penny at
Sears again.


Vernon M.Usher November 24, 2014 at 3:05 pm

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing in regards to a visit to your Briarwood store in Ann Arbor Michigan..

After picking out a few items to purchase, I proceeded to a checkout counter, where a young man
and woman were standing. The Young man walked away to help another customer, and I was told by
the young lady that she was in training, and would get someone to assist me.

She walked away, and after an approx. 15 minute wait, she walked by and asked if I been helped yet.

I told her no, and to just forget it, I guess I didn’t need the items as badly as I thought..

I walked out of the store, and when I got to my car, she hollered at me outside and told me that the salesman
was back…I hollered back No thank you, and got into my car.

You see, I am a 68 year old disabled Vietnam Veteran, and cannot stand on my feet, nor can I walk for great distances
without severe pain, or I would have gone back in.

Anyway, I bought two of the items that I needed at J.C.Pennys.

Thank you in advance for anything you can do to make shopping at Sears a more pleasant experience for your shoppers

Vernon M. Usher II
** Share Ave.
Ypsilanti, Mi. 48198



Filomena Rosario November 21, 2014 at 11:03 pm

I purchased a service contract from Sear and I have never in my life received such Horrid customer service, They were suppose to acess my frig they orederd a conpressor waited 5 day with refrigeration and then when they replaced the compressor it still did not work again the service man spent about 45 minutes here and ran out and when i called to complain about the applaince the sent a tech that said the compressor was not working, I had already over paid 80. dollars for the compressor . Again the replaced compressor did one over to check for problems because of there overtime limits. Again I begged for help and they refused to help me I informed them that Vital medications had been damaged and they anserewd sorry for the inconvinince but that I had to wait another 3 day for part and labor , I went FRIGI. I purchsed a new frig and when sears deleverd they damaged my personal property when I informed the store manager he claimed that in 6 years he had never had a damage come thru him that it was not his departemtn when i called again they did not put in the claim and said that they would refund me within 3 business day well it is well pass 3 business day and Not one sent has been refunded abut they did bill me for parts and labor. Really Sears’s i cpuld have called uncle Joe and he would have done better. I will be calling thier legal department and informing them of my plight adn take it from there. Maybe if an attorney gets to them and bill them legal fees then they will learn to treat people accordingly.


nancy November 21, 2014 at 8:16 pm

I would like a call back from corporate not one of the workers who don’t know how to do their job.I ordered a jacket over a week ago they shipped to the wrong city after I corrected the mistake before hanging up after getting the email I called back to fix they said it was too late I called ups they needed a new label after 5 more calls back and forth I ordered another jacket now u sent wrong size. Called back to correct mistake your manager won’t give me the coat at the price I played only a percent off why should I pay a lot more for the same item when it was your fault to begin with I Usually order from sears after this probably never again they won’t even arrange for ups to pick up package I have to go to store to return I played for 2 day shipping I should have got right item or u should fix mistake. ALL I WANT IS THE SAME COAT IN THE SIZE I ORDERED AT THE PRICE I PAYED WHILE ON SALE IS THAT RESLLY TOO MUCH TO ASK


Steve C. Cozamanis November 18, 2014 at 12:21 pm

I purchased a Craftsman10″ sliding compound miter saw December 2012 and left it in the box pending shoulder surgery and never got around to installing on work bench. The other day I took it out of the box and used it to cut some wood and then in the process of moving to another location by the carrying handle, the handle completely separated from the saw and the saw fell to the ground. I called the Customer Help line today (11/18/14) and was told they would pay the postage but I would have to pay for the part ($17). Being an attorney I was surprised that they didn’t understand the liability that associates with this type of defect and told the rep to check with her supervisor. Again was told I would have to pay for the part. This was still in the box and has no signs of use. I left it that I would consider filing a claim. Can’t understand the mentality on Sears part. Steve C. Cozamanis, Esq.


Filomena Rosario November 21, 2014 at 11:05 pm

Once you pay they are cruel and do not care you are locked in and give you the run around untli you exhaust yourself. Well I am taking some boost and will not give up.


Elizabeth O'Quinn November 18, 2014 at 12:07 pm

I purchased a treadmill online October 5th, 2014. It was delivered on Oct. 18th. Then is scheduled to be assembled the following week. During assembly, the guy noticed that the console was cracked. He seems to think that Sears could just replace the console.. When I spoke with Sears, they said that the damaged treadmill would have to be picked up. I informed them that it has already been assembled. The said no problem, they could still schedule someone to pick it. After many phone calls and promised pick up dates, I still have this damaged tread mill in my home. I spoke with Sears on Friday Nov. 14 and was assured that someone would be at my home on Saturday the 20th between 9AM-6PM. After not hearing from anyone later in the day, I called Sears again. I was then told that it is scheduled for Tuesday the 18th for pick up. I just got off the phone with Sears and they have NO_RECORD of this being picked up. My first payment is due by the 20th-Thursday and I still have this DAMAGED treadmill with no credit to my account. I am so very disappointed with Sears and their Lack of Customer Service.
I just need this damaged item picked up and my account credited for the full amount ASAP!


Clifford wright November 14, 2014 at 4:13 pm

customer service is awful. Called for warrenty repair they mailed part and scheduled repair. I took a half day vacation from work to find out they forgot to put it on the repair route after few phone calls they managed to send a person from another town. Repair man replaced part but that wasn’t what was needed so he ordered more parts and scheduled another appointment. The parts didn’t show after another half day off work and had to make 3 more calls to try to get a new appointment but they were rude and the only appoint available would cause a third day off from work which I can not do. So no no fridge and no repair. For sears no customer I will not buy again from sears. Also I left cell phone number 3 times so they could reach me and they always called home number I believe they did that to avoid talking to me.


Jay Elliott November 12, 2014 at 3:39 pm

Thanks for making me a Best Buy or any other retailer customer! Obviously the residual goodwill hold Sears has been shattered by my most recent experience. When it came to appliances, tools, etc., Sears has always been the first place I’d turn. Recently, while undergoing a remodel, I purchased a high-end washer and dryer bundle for Sears. The sales folks were great. I had to delay delivery a couple of times due to construction and the delivery customer service team was great. Then it was delivery time — I got a automatic phone confirmation with day and time. I got an email confirmation. I eagerly awaited delivery on a Friday afternoon from 4:45-6:45 p.m….and then nothing. I called only to find out that they had changed the date without telling me! The W/D wasn’t in the warehouse! This was problematic because I had inspections and needed the W/D to be installed. But with no choice — and not happy about being the last to know considering all the confirmation notices — I waited another five days…BUT requested a morning slot since they picked the day, and the day wasn’t good in the afternoon. Well, today’s the day. I got the notifications for an afternoon delivery. Tried to get it changed, and the manager who I was escalated to was helpful. BUT this morning I found out that the dryer — and likely both pieces — were no longer available. Huh? I paid for these months ago! Seriously?!! I’m beyond furious. No one offered a solution and my delivery is, well, in a black hole. So…I’m online finding a company that CAN solve my problem and get my a W/D. How hard is this Sears? How far has Sears fallen? I’m never happy to see an old go-to business go out of business, but Sears — you’re toast! RIP – I’m done.


Lisa Smith November 10, 2014 at 4:35 pm

CEO: Louis J. D
CFO: Robert A. Schriesheim
COO: W. Bruce Johnson
I will never shop at sears again. What type of people are you sending out to install items. I purchased 2 garage door openers, and reviewed with the sales rep exactly what was included in the installation prior to purchasing 2 installations. Well, the installation “guy” came today, rude, and walked right into the garage and started telling me it would cost me an additional 195.00 per door because the springs had to be replace (which they didn’t); and then he said the sensor eye had to be installed at an extra charge! again, charging 2 times. Well, after speaking with sears and then with this rude installer who I actually told to get off my property or I’d call police…I brought back Everything. I knew for a long time that the quality of your clothing lines had become awful and I have not purchased any clothing from sears in quite some time. But, when this happen today, that’s it….I’m done. Lowe’s, home depo, macys, mom and pop businesses of any kind will be better than having to deal with unethical and illegal practices Sears is practicing. Completely disappointed and never will step foot in your stores again. Additionally, anyone asks, I will try to convince people to NOT shop at Sears. Multi media is a wonderful thing….
Completely disgusted in Sear.

Lisa Maresca-Smith
CEO of LMS Studios and Marketing


Tammie Andersen November 11, 2014 at 4:27 am

I purchased a refrigerator at Best Buy it stuck out into my kitchen too far and they didn’t have a good selection. So I purchased a fridge at Sears, where my parents has shopped since I was a kid, I thought “why not?” My parents shopped there since I was a child, when it was called Sears and Roebuck. A deliver man called me saying they would be at my house at 1pm. They showed up at 4:30pm. Moved the best buy fridge, dented it. Dented up my walls, broke my back door, marred my Linoleum, then wedged the new fridge into the cabinet space, the fridge makes loud noises. The crispers don’t close or open unless you really tug and push them. The hinges are off so badly that all of my food in my freezer is melted. There is black grease all over in the fridge side, when confronted about the damage and wedged in new fridge the delivery guys said “call and make a claim for it” the new fridge is damaged, the Best Buy fridge is damaged, and my house is damaged. Sears is not quality as my parents had. When I called the manager hung up on me. Is there a reason Kmart had to buy Sears? And does Sears and Kmart care about the consumer? I think not! I’m going back to Best Buy!


Don Snyder November 9, 2014 at 8:57 pm

Yes, I am writing in an attempt to find out what Craftsman hand tools are still made in America? I cannot believe that an american icon like Craftsman would now be made in China !! I have shopped at Sears for over 40 years even when other places were cheaper and closer, I did it because I knew that the quality and value were second to none. From clothes, appliances, tools to linens and bedding. My father told me a story 50 years ago and I know he was kidding but that he was also making a point. He said “Sears will stand behind everything they sell, except a manure spreader”. I understood what he meant but I cannot believe, China? How I found out was ,I had a 35 year old 3/8 inch ratchet seize up on me and I took it into Sears for replacement and they replaced it quickly, only after getting it home did I notice the “Made in China” on the label. I hope I don’t have any other tools break because I will not be getting anymore……..


Linda Sears November 6, 2014 at 11:04 am

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express my disappointment with the lack of service that I have received from the Sears Appliance Warrantee service department.

A repairman came out two weeks ago to repair my Whirlpool Casio washing machine that just quit working. The machine is only 4 years old. I was told the motor had failed and it would have to be ordered and mailed to my home. After the new motor finally came, two more repairman came out. After 4 hours, they determined it was NOT the motor and replaced a gear box and lid latch part. I did one load of wash. Then, it FAILED again! Wouldn’t advance through the cycles, wouldn’t adjutate, wouldn’t spin. I called again and a repairman was to come out the next day.

Yesterday, the appointment was scheduled for between 1 to 5. Around 3:00, the repairman said he was delayed and would be late. At 6:30, he calls again and says he cannot make the appointment at all.

I called the repair department again at 7:00 a.m. to see when they would arrive today, and was told by a supervisor that the soonest they could come out is November 14th! WHAT??? You have an appointment, the repairman says it can’t make the appointment, and then you go to the back of the line??? You start over???

I am frothing-at-the-mouth with anger. I have been without a washing machine for two weeks, I have taken two days off of work, they mis-diagnosed the problem being the motor, they replace several parts and it STILL doesn’t work. Then I’m told to wait until November 14th for another repairman to come try to figure out why the machine won’t work. Pathetic! Customer service is an OXYMORON for the Sears repair department. l willl never buy another appliance from Sears. EVER! Now, on to YELP, facebook, twitter, friends and family and the rest of my connections.

Linda Sears
Vice President
​Robert W. Sears Corporation​, San Jose, CA 95123



Deborah Renna November 5, 2014 at 2:43 am

I am having horrible problems with Sears. I had a gas smell in my house and I called the gas company and they told me that it was a Carbon Minoxide problem in the oven. The gas company shut the gas off to the stove. They told me to call a repair company to come fix the stove. I called SEARS to come and fix it because I have a Contract with them. I called and made an appt and it was scheduled to Wednesday Oct 29, 2014 between 8am-12pm. At 11:50 I received a phone call that the tech was running late and would be there around 3pm. At 3:45pm I received a call from the tech that he had to cancel the call because he didnt have a Carbon Minoxide dector and I had to reschedule the call. I rescheduled it to Tuesday November 4, 2014 between the hours 1pm and 5pm. At 3:45pm I got a phone call from the tech once again that the call was cancelled due to the tech didnt have the carbon minoxide dector for the call. Now i have been going 2 weeks with no stove. I am not a happy customer and I dont think that you guys are treating me right as a customer and I am a loyal customer and not being treated loyal by SEARS.


Robin November 4, 2014 at 11:39 am

my complaint is some thing i want to bring to your attention is you need to send or have your all your managers take a course on how to treat there employers at you Kmart store in Duluth MN store in west Duluth at 215 N central ave 55807
for they need to learn how to treat them better and you wonder why they have such a big turn over and they come and go so much… if they treat them well this wouldn’t happen
and they would want to stay..and if they pay more and stop trying to take advantage of them.. and it all of management not just one person including HR!! please take action and get this solved and make it a better place to work ..


Monika Webb November 3, 2014 at 5:52 pm

I would just like to say I will never shop at sears again. Approx. 2 months a go I bought a stove and paid cash. When it was delivered and hooked up the oven would not come on. I had also bought the service package, so the service guy came out said it was my wiring. So, I had to call an electrition. New wiring in. Still not working electriction said the stove had a short. So, out comes the service man again, “its the power source”. Then sent me a bill for the service call, still no stove. I have fought with my local sears in Paris, tn. Still no stove. All I have to say is I want it fixed or a refund. P.S. how does the top work if its not getting any power. Monika Webb


Mark Leonard Danderson November 3, 2014 at 2:16 pm

We recently had difficulties with our Monogram side-by-side refrigerator /freezer. The problem was that the freezer side was hovering at about a frightening -10 degrees below zero and the fresh food side was at about +50 degrees. Because we have always trusted Sears, we called you first to take care of the problem. Your techie came out to our house and told us that a little gizmo that controlled the flow of cold air from the freezer side to the fresh food side was defective. We said, “Fine, order the part and come back when it gets here”. After weeks with no fresh food storage the part arrived and your techie showed up to install it. No joy whatsoever. His efforts made absolutely no difference in the operation of the unit.

After waiting yet more time for your techie to return, I went on the web and researched Monogram side-by sides. It turns out that a build-up of ice in a little tunnel between the freezer compartments frequently hampers the flow of cold air between the freezer and fresh food compartments. I went out and purchased an $11.00 Con-air hair dryer and sent warm air through the cold air ports on the freezer side for about 5 minutes. With-in 7 hours, the freezer temp was a 0 degrees and the fresh food temp was a perfect 37 degrees. After 5 days now and no change in operation.

Today I called your service department and asked for my money back. I spoke to a junior member of staff with no satisfaction and then spoke with a young man identified as supervisor. He told me that the highest he could go was $45.00. He also told me that he, himself, was the highest authority and that his decision was final. I’m out about $550.00 for repairs that did not repair. A simple web search allowed me to take care of the problem myself.

Given the competitive nature of the retail environment today, I would think that it would be in your long-term interest to make sure that your customers remain loyal. After all, you are not the only game in town and your customers can easily go elsewhere. In closing, I would just like to add that I was extremely disappointed with your staff’s lack of concern for customer satisfaction and retention. Would you not agree?


Terry Romero November 3, 2014 at 1:53 pm

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have been insulted, neglected, disrespected, and refused within my legal rights as a customer of Sears for the last time. I personally have a list of names from customer resolutions to the office of Mr. Lambert office. I have tried to explain the situations that I have experienced to multiple levels of command, and have never been treated so poorly. Almost to the point of being abused by sears. I have requested to speak to the CEO, to inform him of exactly how his guest have been treated by his staff and sears as a whole. So upon trying to reach him at least 12 repeated calls to his office, I was denied contact. I completely understand there is a chain of command, as well as Mr. Lambert being very busy but to be hung up on and even being told that they do not have a legal department is just unbelievable. I am at a loss for words, and medically tired of having to fight with a corporation the just doesn’t have a care or have compassion for the people who have been loyal customers. If anyone could recommend I’m open for suggestions, because ever message here does not show if there was a resolution to the issues that they are complaining about.


Terry M. Romero


Susan Sheehy October 30, 2014 at 5:42 pm

Dear Sirs,
After years of being a loyal customer, I cannot help but describe what has probably been my very worst experience in ANY store EVER. I ordered a tire from Sears Automotive in Hickville, NY and received confirmation that it was in. I scheduled an appointment for the install the next day. I arrived early for my appointment, but at check-in (for which I had to wait 20 minutes on line just to talk to someone), the clerk said that it was a busy day and it shouldn’t be long. After that 20 minutes, I waited ONE HOUR AND A HALF in the waiting room, in full view of the mechanics desk. I had had enough and went to ask what the status was on my car. The man behind the desk said that they couldn’t find the tire in the shop. I showed him the e-mail (really, they looked for AN HOUR AND A HALF?) and he said that he would look in “the basement”. ANOTHER 15 minutes go by and no one comes to update me. I again go to the desk and the man claims that they can’t find it. Not only that, but they had no comparable tire in stock. The had NO MINIVAN TIRES AT ALL in stock. He told me to come back tomorrow and they would have “something”. When I complained that it took so long to “look for a tire” and no one came to update me with the situation, the clerk said that “well, there were two cars ahead of you”. No sympathy, no effort to find a solution to the situation, no updates, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ANY KIND. What happened to talking to the customer? Letting me know what was going on right away? Looking for solutions to problems instead of hoping that they would just disappear? I was so angry and disappointed in Sears that I have vowed that never again would I use them for ANY Auto issues. The entire team’s behavior was disgraceful. Sears should be ashamed to associate their name with a store with such poor customer service.


Cindy K. October 30, 2014 at 2:33 pm

The SearsOutlet website has not been working properly for more than a week. I have been attempting to purchase an item to no avail. I have spoken with customer service about it for more that 5 days. They said the tech people are still working on the problem. One cannot purchase from the outlet directly unless you have a sears card, whereby on the website there are mutiple choices Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal …. etc. Why not allow us to use other credit cards with the local store until this computer glitch is resolved? This would be the best way to handle it and demonstrate better customer service without more delay.


Michael FulkersonFulkerson October 28, 2014 at 9:56 pm

To whom it may concern,

who would I contact within the Sears organization that handles the real estate department I would be interested in purchasing any outlets are old buildings that you all might have please contact me at 502 419 **** to discuss this or simply email me at m*****@gmail.com


Gregory Moore October 27, 2014 at 3:50 pm

I purchased a dishwasher from the Athens, Ga. Sears store on Friday, the 17th of Oct. I installed it, and checked for leaks. There were no leaks where I connected the hoses, but it was leaking up around the pump. I called for a service repairman to come look at it, and they scheduled it for Wednesday the 22nd. I requested a morning repair, and they said they would document my request. I told them I had to leave at 3:30 that afternoon! I called them just after noon, and they told me he would be there at 2:54pm. At 3:35 I was calling them again asking where the serviceman was, and they said he was still in Athens and wouldn’t be there until later. I canceled that appointment and rescheduled it for today, Monday, October 27th. I again requested a morning appointment, and they said they would communicate that to the dispatchers. At 2:35, I found myself contacting Sears again to find out where the repairman was. They informed me that I was put last on the list of repairs for the day! I called to share my dissatisfaction with the complaint department, and the women I was talking with put me on hold for 35 minutes, and then hung up on me. When did this company stop caring about the consumers? I am so dissatisfied with the way they have treated me, and I don’t know if I will buy from them again! “That will depend on how Corporate responds to my letter!”


Liz October 25, 2014 at 7:44 pm

I went to Sears Bethesda, MD to purchase a stove and the sales person was great did not feel that was pushed for a sale. We never ended up with the purchase because of other reasons. We purchase a drill the young man was professional and great. Headed out to the tire center and one gentleman acknowledge us then 2 young ladies came in the store and the gentleman decided to attend them first then when we were attended the person was not friendly not sure maybe had bad day we try to advise that we saw a special on line we wanted to see if it was available he just said no and did not offer anything else so we left. Then at the end we headed to the rest room in the back of the store were the beds were locate my little boy wanted to lay on one’s of the bed as was lifting my son gentleman name Alejandro walked by and said no shoes on the beds and kept on walking no thank, no please , no eye contact as he return asked him to get me manager to discuss his manner in talking to customer’s and no manager ever showed . I will make SURE to NEVER purchase from your store ever again. I will pass the information on the horrible experience that we had from trying to purchase tires today to the rude customer service!!


Danielle Bird October 25, 2014 at 4:33 pm

I purchased a refrigerator from your Westminster, CO outlet store in September to be delivered 10/04/14. First of all they asked me if i need to buy parts and told me if i didnt have the right parts they would not install. They told me I could call the store back and let them know if i needed to add the parts to the order. When i got home i discovered i did need the parts so i called. They refused to let me add to the order over the phone I had to drive back in and pick it up myself. The delivery time is ridiculous. The auto call left a message at 8pm the night before of what time they will come. The time they offered was within the only 30 minutes i would not be home that day. I called and they refused to work with me on a time, my only choice was to wait another week for a new time and hopefully that worked. I asked to have a manager call me back, he didnt call back til 7am the next morning waking me up to tell me they would not be able to help me. I managed to have my roommate be home for the delivery, thank goodness because you offered me no other choices. Within the first week to noticed the doors were not flush, the width and depth were off. I called the outlet store and they told me I had to adjust them myself. I couldnt do it myself I didnt know how so i waited until a friends husband could come over and try to do it. He wasnt available until today. He tried to do it today to find out it was not possible. I called the outlet store back. Now they tell me oh you were given incorrect information you need to call the repairs 800 # because this is covered in the year man. warranty. I called repairs and they tell me no you should have called the delivery people back they are responsible because its in the first 30 days. I was very irritated by this point, being given the run a round by your outlet people seems to be you regular process of business. The repair people apologized and explained that the outlet store people have a bad habit of elongating the process so the customer gets beyond the 30 day mark and cannot request refund or replacement. WHAT????? So I’m basically being told your customer service policy is to run your customers around till you do not have to provide them customer service???? Totally unacceptable! I was then transferred to the deliver 800# where i have been given a date of 10/28 for repair that i will not know what time they are arriving till the night before giving me NO notice to give my employer so I most likely will have to take the entire day off work to provide you the space the try to fix something that should have never have happened in the first place. My side by side refrigerator doors are 1/4″ apart in the middle on top and 3/4″ apart in the middle on the bottom. There is also a 1/8″ difference in the depth of the doors so when they close they do not close flush. I know i did not notice this when i picked out the refrigerator or my purchase choice would have differed. I also paid delivery so i shouldn’t expect poor quality delivery services. I also paid for them to remove by old refrigerator, i did not need it removed but i wanted it left on my front porch so the guy charged me the removable charge just encase they wouldn’t leave it on the porch. I have never experienced such ridiculous service. I am in the market to replace all my appliances and a bed in the next 6 months, opened a credit card with you so i could. What i have learned from this purchase is that Sears is not a name I can trust. I will consider paying more somewhere else for better service next time.


Lesia Hughes October 25, 2014 at 10:40 am

What is wrong with Sears? I have multiple houses with Sears appliances. I have had a service agreement that I PAID for, for more than 20 years. I thought you paid for this service so that when things quit they would get fixed quickly. My dryer’s heating element stopped working. I called and was told that I needed this, this , and this. The parts were ordered. Then when we were making arrangements for the appointment it was explained getting the appointment was not a problem but that it had to be arranged far enough out to allow for the parts to arrive. I was told to call when the parts arrived. I was home when the parts arrived so I immediately called. I explained that I did not know if all the parts needed were in the one package I have received ( I have a refrigerator that the repair man has called a lemon since the same part breaks over and over and has been replaced many times. We go long periods of time with it broken due to time constraints) Anyway, when I called about the package arriving I asked if the appointment could be earlier as I had had plans to go out of town with my daughter to a walk/run, but I needed the dryer fixed! The guy kept saying you already have an appointment. I assured him I was aware since I had made the appointment. After feeling we were just going around and around I asked to speak to a manager, thinking he would check the schedule. I was told that the manager would not take my call at this time and I would need to call back in an hour. Sounded ridiculous but I called back, as instructed and got the same guy, went though the same stuff, and then he put me on hold for a manager. After 26 minutes I was cut off. I called back and started with another guy (Tony) explaining I was on hold for a manager and got cut off and would he please reconnect me to the manager. He refused. Said I did not need to talk to a manager. After going back and forth I finally said ” Are you telling me you are refusing to allow me to talk to a manager?” He respond was “That is correct, I am not going to connect you to a manager” Since your phone message says recorded for quality control you should be able to pull up the conversation and see just what your quality sounds like. I called a retail store and explained the conversation and asked for a number where I could report this. The person I talked to at that number checked and said there were no earlier slots. Everyone needs their dryer to work so I cancelled me plans so as to be home today. Last night a message was left on my phone saying I needed to call to reschedule my service appointment. I called this morning to say that I did not want to reschedule as I had changed my plans so I could sit and wait all morning to get the dryer fixed. I have now been told the man is “sick” and it will be next Wednesday. So now I move into another week with no dryer. No wonder Sears has issues if this is the way people, who have been customers for years, are treated. Sears only has one repair man? I was given the email for customer care/ service – no thank you, had enough of that “care”. So, I googled Sears corporate office which took me to this location. As I was reading the other post of how people have been so poorly treated, I can’t help but wonder what happened to Sears. When I was younger Sears and quality went hand in hand.


frank October 24, 2014 at 11:40 pm

been trying to get my vacuum repaired for over two months and keep getting the run around from local Sears. Online support wont even return E-mails. this is the worst cust service ever, will never buy from them again below is proof of horrible service.

Called again today regarding Vacuum, and the Rep at store # 3486 informed me that the vacuum was not in warranty, I had asked her how long is the warranty for?? She stated 1 year, I informed her that i had purchased it in Nov of last year and gave her the order #. she had stated that she could not locate proof of sale. Again unacceptable. please refund purchase amount.

This is atempt # 2 to get this resolved dated 10-24-14

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From: cleansweepjanitorialservice
To: Imran
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 6:38 PM
Subject: Re: Re order 093001454825 (KMM34081077V97358L0KM)

Hello regarding the Vacuum I have dropped off over a month ago, In the Brookings Or. location store # 3486, I have called regarding the delay on getting my Vacuum repaired for the last two weeks and I keep getting the run around, we don’t know have any info call back later. The last person I spoke with I believe his name was Marshall??? He called when I first dropped off asked a few questions and called back to ask for proof of purchase witch I dropped off then nothing after that, this is unacceptable.

I think at this point seeing how I was forced to purchase a new vacuum due to not having one for over a month, is a refund thanks..

This is attempt #1 to get this resolved dated 10-21-14, regarding store # 3489

—– Original Message —–
From: Imran
To: Clean Sweep Janitorial Service
Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2014 6:56 AM
Subject: Re1: Re order 093001454825 (KMM34081077V97358L0KM)

Dear Valued Member,

I am sorry to hear that the vacuum which you have purchased last year is not functioning. I understand that you would like to know about the warranty or the service team contact information. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

We appreciate your consideration of Sears for your service and warranty needs. To obtain specific information regarding your Sears protection agreement or warranty information, please contact us at 1-800-827-6655. For repair or technical services please contact 1-800-4MY-HOME. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for you.

Need additional assistance? Click here to Chat or Talk with us now!

Thank you,

Foy P. (speer4)

Sears Member Services


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Good evening regarding the order below, the Vacum I purchased last November, needs to be sent in for servicing, it has not even lasted a year, parts are falling off it. please send info so I can get it returned for repair. I believe it is under warranty. thanks

Order Date: 08-Nov-2013
Salecheck Number: 093001454825
Return code: 3869-1111-5531-3859-0619

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CINDY HOLLENBAUGH October 23, 2014 at 1:27 am

I am writing simply to address the service of the delivery of a Kitchen Aid Stainless Steel refrigerator from A Sears Outlet Store in Lawrenceville, PA The sales girls were awesome and I was so pleased and happy to buy this appliance. It was a floor model with no outside damage. The only defect was a cracked drawer on the inside. As for the delivery men…. They were by no means friendly or helpful and to top it off they damaged this refrigerator as to major dents and scratches on the front and dents on the side. They would not take it back to the outlet when I refused to accept it and told me to call the outlet office and they will take care of it and address it. I was sick as to why the delivery men would be so negligent to damage a perfectly good appliance. What a waste. Now I am battling with them picking it up because of my work schedule with no family to be here and to sign for the return. I have cancelled daily the pick up delivery because I was told the 2 hour time frame would always be the afternoon because of where I live. Furious that they are not willing to work with me on the pick up time. I guess they want me to miss a day of work on top of all the other issues I have had. I work with the public and have made it very clear NOT TO HAVE ANYTHING DELIVERED BY SEARS to all of my clients/customers. I will NEVER purchase anything else from Sears to deliver again in this lifetime. Very disappointed with your business practices in todays world with all the other choices I have to purchase my appliances or anything else I may purchase in the future. Bad Bad Business ethics.


Diana October 21, 2014 at 9:59 pm


My name is Diana and I have some concerns I would like to share with you. I have had some unpleasant, to say the least, experiences using your outlet website as well as dealing with some outlet store employees.

I’ve been meaning to buy a fridge from your website since two weeks ago and found it almost impossible to “guess” which items were actually in stock as oppose to the incorrect inventory the outlet website presents. Three times I placed an order for a Whirlpool stainless steel top freezer fridge only to get an email, three hours later, saying it was out of stock in that store. Not only was this disappointing but an inconvenience being that Sears doesn’t automatically put back the money into my account but I have to wait 3 full business days to get it. This is very inconvenient but not the worst of it.

So I decided to call every individual outlet store that carried the fridge I wanted, something not necessary if your employees did their job and updated their store’s inventory online. This only disappointed me further when certain stores never picked up, even after calling them various times, and others took down the item number and said they would call me back only to never call me back.

Even after all of that I was finally able to place an order, after I called your Portage, IN store and made sure the item was in stock. My order (12326329995) was placed in the early morning yesterday. I was so pleased that it finally went through all the other hassle seemed meaningless. However, I found it odd that I did not receive a confirmation email. I didn’t receive an out of stock email either so I was hopeful. Well to my surprise I received a cancelation email the next day and so I called the customer service line and they said that if the store ( Portage, IN ) did not clear/confirm the order before the store closed it’s automatically canceled.

Again, I ordered it early in the morning and to think none of the employees of that particular store looked at my order ( a part of their job) and cleared it, is beyond infuriating. I called the outlet store and the lady on the other line did not seem apologetic or even acknowledged there was a mistake. All she did was take down the item number to check if it was still in stock and said she will call me back. SHOCKER, she never did.

I am just letting you know my unpleasant experience with buying from your website and dealing with your employees. Because of this you have lost a customer and will probably NEVER attempt buying anything online or even calling your stores since your employees have ZERO customer service training and could care less about making a sale. Very disappointed, buying a fridge should not be this hard.


kim October 18, 2014 at 11:59 pm

I was emailing because I have a complaint. I called the sears store in midway mall in elyria ohio today (10/18/14) to find out if they had the eureka airspeed one bagless upright vaccum cleaner. They told me they had two in stock. I also asked if they price matched kmart online price. she said yes they did as long as they sold the same item at there store. So we drove an HOUR to this store to get them both and they had NONE in stock. She called the great northern mall sears store in ohio talked to manager named Bob asked him if they had some in stock he said yes they had two. We showed her the online price of $12.00 for One vaccum. She then told Bob on the phone he said they couldn’t give them to us for that price. I do not understand and told him I don’t understand why I can’t get an item that is on sale on your kmart website. That is false advertising. All we were told was no we can’t do it and we couldn’t buy it online or anywhere for that price. I’m confused as to why I can’t purchase these items for the price they are offered at. So not only did I drive an hour to a store that didn’t even have the items in stock that they said they did but I was told they wouldn’t sell me those items for that price. I think that is very poor business and bad customer service. It’s very unacceptable to do business this way. I don’t see how you offer an item for a price but are told no you can’t buy them. Hope to receive a response soon. Thanks, kim


Yacoub October 16, 2014 at 1:07 am

I’m 90 years old and blind, so I asked my daughter to write this for me. I have been a loyal customer with Sears and have held a service/maintenance agreement with Sears on multiple appliances for close to 30 years. This August/2014, I called Sears because my AC was not cooling my home. Three days later a technician came to check the AC unit, advised me that the compressor is broken and the whole unit needs to be replaced. He also advised me that he would report this to his manager and told me that an outside agent will come over to take measurements to determine the appropriate AC unit. A couple day later another Rep/tech/agent completed the measurements and stated there is an AC unit available for our condo. Then I heard NOTHING from Sears for 45 days!!! Throughout these 45 days I must have made a total of 20 calls and I would talk to multiple costumer service reps and got no resolution. Finally on 10/13/14, I received a call from Sears advising me that they no longer carry the same unit model as my current one, the new unit model would require dismantling or breaking through a brick wall and since their tech cannot do this, Sears will pay me a payout and I would have to find/buy the AC unit myself and find a tech to install it. I couldn’t believe this!!!! The reason I purchased the service agreement for so many years was because I believed that Sears would deliver on their promise and per their agreement would repair/replace/install the AC unit. I never thought I would be paying Sears and doing all the leg work!!! Sears expects a blind man to do job for them while paying them for a service. I hope that someone in corporate looks into this matter. Does Sears care about their loyal customer? Then prove it!!!


Jose l Arroyo October 15, 2014 at 10:14 am

I cannot believe that you have to wait over an hour to have someone pick up a phone at Service Department in Guaynabo P.R office. I had an appointment due on 10/7/2014 and today the 14 they have not given the service. I don’t know if I have a service agreement they don’t provide the service.I try to contact the service manager in P.R. but it is impossible to reach by phone since nobody answers.


Penny lynn October 9, 2014 at 5:56 pm

To whom is ever reading this

Currently I am mad as hell. I have a warranty(which I renew every year) on my refrigerator. Scheduled for in house service today between 8:00am and 12:00pm, it is now 4:51pm and four phone calls later and being put on hold for what seems like hours – nothing. Now, are you ready, they tell me that they have to reschedule for the 13th November. Are you kidding me? Service – non existent. This is totally unacceptable, I would appreciate somebody at the HQ level looking into this and getting somebody out to my house tomorrow to fulfill this contract that I have paid to ensure I don’t go through this. By the way 3rd party emergencies are a part of life and Sears should have a back-up plan. Thank you.


Rick Luckett October 8, 2014 at 11:05 am

I’d take the time to tell my whole complaint but obviously Sears does not care about its customers. I purchased over $15,000 in appliances for my new custom home and when it came time for delivery the items were discontinued and not available to me. I call that theft. Sears calls it an unfortunate situation. After 25 years of being a loyal customer I have cancelled my card. You’re customer service and entire company is deplorable. I will make sure everyone I know hears the way Sears treated me.


Melissa Moore October 7, 2014 at 10:16 pm

I have purchased Sears appliances for myself and my rental units for decades, with wonderful products and service. Last month I ordered a refrigerator from the San Leandro outlet store for one of my tenants and I have been on the phone for hours, for days, trying to get someone to deliver it from the store to my building. Two weeks have gone by and no one there is interested in delivering the refrigerator at all! What has changed at Sears? I need a stove for another tenant but have decided I can no longer depend on Sears. I need to work with a store who performs its part of the deal, who offers me good people giving good service. Sears no longer has customer service, just a bunch of kids with phones.


Samuel Gonzalez October 7, 2014 at 7:33 pm

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014 I had an electric stove top delivered to my house that I purchased from the SEARS at Oxford Valley PA. The stovetop delivered today was going to replace one that I purchased 4 months ago that we were having problems with. The original stovetop had been discontinued so Sears allowed me to select one just like the one I purchased before. When the installer arrived today, he proceeded to remove the existing stovetop. Once that was removed he proceeded to install the new one. The base of the new stovetop did not fit so he informed me that the counter needed to be cut however there would be an additional fee of $200.00 dollars even though I initially paid for the original installation


Tina October 7, 2014 at 1:44 pm

To the CEO:
I have RECENTLY purchased (5) five BRAND NEW GE appliances from Sears on line. I received the GE appliances June 27, 2014 and had the electrician install when they were done with my kitchen remodeling end of July 2014. On September 18th the Micro wave went out. I called service repair and was told it would be about 4 weeks before tech could come out to repair, I received the replacements parts in mail just 2 days after I placed service call. I called service again and reminded them we use the micro wave every day and really need repaired, after having to fuss they moved the date out to week ( I understand things have to go thru scheduling cycle and thought ok a week). Well I have been told I have to be there when repair man shows up between 8 and 5, We work 1 hour away from residence, so tring to be patient I took the whole day off and the repair man did show up (service order 41685526) after 1pm only to open replacement parts and tell me they sent the wrong part and would not matter cause the part was busted. Then I was told the earliest repair man could come back will be October 24th and again 8 to 5. Now I am really concerned that come October 24th second set of replacement parts that I have received two days after repairman left may be wrong again or broke, am I (the customer) to be put out another 4 weeks. At this rate by the time they get micro wave repaired the waranty will be out. We are seriouly thinking of getting back up micro wave (not from Sears). Needless to say I am not a happy Sears customer at this time. I have three (3) NOT 1 but three (3) warranties on ALL the appliances, (1) standard Sears warranty, (1) 2 year EXTENDED (extra $450.00) and the standard GE maufacture warranty. I have went round and round with your service department who I don’t think cares about the customer or customer satisfaction. I am not asking for miracles but just can not believe a company as big as Sears has such a slow repair turn around, is there that much defective merchandise sold. This is my last letter, l have exhausted all my time and energy on tring to make customers and Sears aware of the service given to customers once the money is spent.
You are the CEO and just thought you needed to know your service department really needs to give better customer service, maybe they need to add service techs to accomidate your sale of merchandise. I know you are very busy and you really do not need to reply, I truly felt you need to be aware of what goes on between your customer and service department……. Have a great day, mine will be much better when service is returned to my micro wave.


Jason Barbeau October 5, 2014 at 11:43 am

Dear CEO,

My wife recently left her lights on and the battery went dead. I came to her aid and gave her a jump. We drove to Sears to have the battery checked to see if it still held a charge. I asked the service guy to make sure that there is a computerized print out showing the battery was no good if needed he said ok. This did not happen and now there is no way for me to make sure that they did not just take the battery out and put in a new one in. $124 dollars is not really that much money but it angers me. You can’t change things in people’s cars with out proof of cause. I will be contacting the better business bureau, my congress man, and channel 4 news (NBC) regarding this if there is not a timely response regarding this issue.

Thanks Jason


Annie Ogletree October 4, 2014 at 3:23 pm

To Sears CEO
First let me give u history our family has been loyal customers over 20 plus years. All of our appliances in our home along with clothes, ties etc. Have been purchase thru Sears
Here is situation in order:
1.purchase washer, dryer over $1000. (2).paid additional delivery charge for saturday WOW!
(3). Delivery came was not correct. (4). Talk with customer service that was funny language barrier had drive to store. (5).Another delivery still WRONG seriously. (6).resheulded recieved two calls from automated system to reshedule Why? (7). Call customer service
they said disregard call. (8) delivery came it was WRONG again
told to disgread call. Delivery came and it was Wrong again!!!!!!!
These items were purchase due to flood august 2014..
If feel Sears should compansation for inconvenience your company has cause.
Another delivery is scheduled for October 11,2014 tentatively.
Will be another bad reflection of your company? Which appears you don’t a
was told to disregard call mistaken…

“disregard call”.
(8). Delivery comes product “DAMAGE”..
These items were purchased due too flood of August 2014..
call customer service and after 3 request for supervisor which I didnt get to speak with.
Inform her this call with be terminated.
I call back hour later and requested supervisor which again took 3 requests before some one was place on phone.
Now I have a tentative date for OCTOBER 11, 2014 really Sears mess up
and I have be inconvenience again??????


Elaine Mapp October 3, 2014 at 7:55 pm

October 3, 2014

Dear Sears,

My family has done business with your company for years. Unfortunately, that will no longer be the case. On September 18, 2014, I brought my vehicle in for a tire rotation and wheel alignment at your Concord California Valley Mall location. I specifically requested that my tire pressure to be checked – the low pressure indicator light was on, and I had a long drive scheduled for the following day.

When I picked up my car, I noticed that the low-pressure indicator light was still on. I immediately parked my car and went back inside the store to inquire about it. One of the mechanics (1) located another mechanic (2) who had actually worked on my car informing the guy that he hadn’t done his job in servicing my car. This mechanic replied, “I did do my fucking job.” The mechanic (1) returned to me and told me a bold face lie, “drive it around for 2 days – come back then if the light doesn’t go off. I told him that I was aware that once the tire is filled to its proper pressure balance that the light goes off immediately. He replied, “Oh, I tell people 2 days just in case they don’t drive that much”. I told him that I had errands in the vicinity and I’d be back before closing if this tire pressure light doesn’t go off.

Hours later I returned, only to have a supervisor lie to me again. He not only lied to me, he willingly put my safety at risk. Too lazy to remove the wheel covers and check which tire was actually low on air, he filled my front right (that was easy to access without removing the wheel cover) stating that it was very low. I knew he was lying to me, but I didn’t have anything left in dealing with such poor service.

The following day, I took the long drive and when I arrived at my destination I had a Costco tire service technician gladly take a look at all four of my wheel covers to check my tire pressure. Mind you, I purchased all four of my Hankook tires from Sears along with a three-year wheel alignment service plan, and Costco is happy to look them over and Sears won’t properly do so. The Sears supervisor even asked me if I had purchased my tites from Sears. The Costco service technician stated, “ma’am did you know that your right front tire is filled beyond the PSI?” “The PSI is at 60, and should be at 32 – this tire could have popped!” When Costco filled my tire to the proper PSI, the low-pressure indicator light went off immediately. The Sears supervisor intentionally filled my tire beyond capacity just to pacify me. What if the tire had popped on me while I was driving on the freeway (or just period)? Where is the integrity in your employees? The supervisor cared nothing for my safety, he only wanted to get rid of me. I had to ask for what I wanted (and previously paid for it) three times that day, and I didn’t receive it in its entirety.

Last year my daughter purchased one tire at your Sears Sacramento location. The technician didn’t bolt the tire back on well. That tire came off while she and her friend were on an extremely busy highway usually frequented by big rig trucks. It is only by the grace of God that they weren’t injured or killed. What you did do right is take ownership, but your insurance company treated us very poorly. At first they accepted liability, but then disappeared on us. I had to track the Adjuster down through other insurance staff members in the company. She literally avoided me for over two weeks leaving my daughter without transportation. When she did finally return my call in a very bad attitude she exclaimed that she had made no such promises (rental car and repairs), and that they weren’t liable. It was only when I threatened to sue and fly to her location overnight and cause her bodily harm (for which I meant) did she change her tune. We never got the promised rental car! I should in no way have had to become so enraged by poor service of your insurance company to the point of violence. I will never find myself enraged by your company again, my family as well as extended family members and friends will get our tires and mechanical services from a more reputable tire place like Costco. WE ARE DONE!




Eric Croker October 1, 2014 at 5:31 pm

In May 2013, my son accidently broke our front picture window while playing. We called the company who installed them back in November 2006. Knowing the windows were out of warranty, we still needed the window fixed. Sears sent out a technician for a service call on June 3, 2013. She wrote up a work order and we paid her $100 for the service call. We did receive a quote on 8/1/2013, which I immediately responded to and let Sears know I accepted their quote. The quote stated the glass pack would cost $180 to be replaced..including labor. I was told I would be called with a date for the window to be replaced. Today is October 1, 2014..the window is still not replaced. Over the past year and a half, I have called countless times to see why the window hadn’t been replaced. Countless times I was told that “the problem was found..don’t worry, we’ll be right out to fix it”.
On January 13, 2014, 7 months after the quote was accepted, I received a phone call from one “Andy Sims”, phone number 1-614-738-5876. I cannot remember his exact position but he called to let me know that “we(Sears) had not forgotten about the window and would be calling soon to set up a time to install it”. No one ever showed up.
There had been several other discussions over the phone with Sears..all of which never lead to the window being installed. I do remember one call in which the person I was talking to told me that Sears would be replacing the window for free due to the time and aggravation I’ve been put through. This was the best news I had heard so far…but today, I found out that even that was a lie. On September 26, 2014, I received a call to schedule the installation of the glass pack..which has now been broken for well over 18 months. It was to be installed on October 1, 2014 after 12:00pm. I thought “great..finally!!” Remember, the last time I had heard anything about cost was from the phone call with the Columbus Branch of SEars Home Improvement, which told me the window would be installed for free. The technician, which knows nothing about any previous phone call, shows up with an invoice showing that it will cost me $350…not the original quote of $180 and certainly not what I was told prior..about it being installed for free.
Well, this is a problem due to the fact I only had $100 to my name today. Recently, I had to close my business down due to an unexpect sell of the builing I was leasing..so my income is extremely limited at this time. I explained to the technician..if this would have been replaced when I originally called it in, there wouldn’t have been any money issue..but the way it is now..$100 is all I can pay. The technician called his superiors and explained the problem to them. Within in 30 seconds, his superiors told him to “pack it up..if he can’t pay the $350, then just leave.” The technician asked them to hold. The technician’s name was Mr. Lamp. He asked me if there was anyway I could pay the $180..I again told, then showed him all the money I had available at this time…which was a $100 bill. He went back to his superiors and asked them if it was possible for me to pay the $100 now and collect the remainder at a later date. His superiors, again, told him to pack it up and leave. He said they replied “if he can’t pay at least the $180, then pack up the window and your tools and go to your next job. I have to say, Mr. Lamp was a very nice and understanding gentleman and Sears should hire more gentleman such as Mr. Lamp.
The broken window is in my front room, where the family watches television and spends most of their time in. I also have a wood pellet burner in this room. Last winter(2013), I burned twice as many wood pellets than any previous winter due to the windo being broken. Granted, it eas colder, but I’ve used that pellet burner for the past 10 years. I average right about 1 ton of pellets per winter season. The 2013 winter season, I burned right at 2 and 1/2 tons of wood pellets.
The broken window has been covered with packing tape..yet there are places where it can still cut a person if rubbed up against.
So, tomorrow will be October 2, 2014..and I still won’t have my window replaced. Since June 3, 2013, I have been waiting for this to be done..and Sears has put me off continously. One time I called..and was told that the window had already been replaced. I told them they were mistaken..and once again I was told they would get the window replaced.
All I know is Winter is right around the corner..and I definitley do not want to go through another winter with this window broken. I have talked to a lawyer, but he suggested this route first. I don’t know what else to do. If I don’t get any kind of response from Sears Corporate..I will be retaining a lawyer. It’s funny, If I don’t pay a bill or do something wrong, I get sent to collections or possibly to jail. If a large corporation does something wrong..like blow someone off for over 18 months after a work order has been drawn up and accepted..nothing happens..they just get away with it. Funny..isn’t it?

Eric Croker

PS: In November of 2006, we hired Sears to install 36 windows and put vinyl “WeatherBeater” siding on our house. The total cost for both came to around $32,000 ..and here we are quibbling over $180… WOW!.


Jason McKinney September 29, 2014 at 9:43 pm

To the parties at Craftsman and Sears concerned in this matter:

Hello my name is Jason McKinney and I have been a Sears customer for almost 20 years. I am currently on my third Craftsman lawn mower, my second washer and dryer from Sears (The first model was the HE3 and my most recent is the Kenmore Elite). My cordless power equipment is the craftsman 19.2 V pack, my toolboxes are both metal and plastic Craftsman with Craftsman hand tools and Craftsman wrenches. I purchased a craftsman power washer in February of this year and even my water hose is 100 foot craftsman heavy-duty rubber hose. I have been very good to your company and have never had a problem with your products until recently.
I have spent almost $5000 this year alone on Sears products–One of those items was a 54 inch Craftsman lawnmower. When this mower had only 22 hours on the engine it was making an odd sound. I checked the dipstick and found that there was no oil on the stick. It was then that I noticed that there was an oil leak coming down from the engine to the bottom of the front of the mower. I went to the local Sears store and told them what had happened. I was told that everything had to be handled through customer solutions and they gave me the phone number.
When I called customer solutions they scheduled a date for a technician to come out and look at my lawnmower about 3 weeks away. I requested off from work because I live on a corner lot and there was not a secure location to leave my mower out in the open. When the technician (Tony) finally came out he was there for less than five minutes and told me that he would have to have some parts sent out so that he could repair my unit. He also told me that I probably overbought on my mower. Not sure why your technician felt compelled to tell me what size mower I should have. The last time I checked the items I purchased were with my money. I felt it was extremely unprofessional for him to judge or gauge what size mower I needed for my yard. He also said that they did not clean the mowers and I would have to clean it myself if I wanted all of the grease and gunk gone.
It took about one week for all of my parts to come in and at that time I called customer solutions to have Tony come back out to service my mower. AGAIN, another three weeks until someone could come out. I was not going to take off from work again so I took the lawnmower to my parents house which was 6 miles away and had shade since it would be around 95 degrees plus it would be a safer place to leave it. I called customer solutions on the morning of August 3 to make sure that the technician called me before he came to my house so that I could tell him where the unit was. Not only did Tony not call me per my instructions but it is your policy that they call prior to arrival which HE DID NOT DO! I received an automated message from customer solutions that said my technician would be at my house between 8 and 10 AM because I was the first on the list. Tony arrived at 10:40 AM and left a notice that he would have to reschedule for 9/24/2014 because the mower was not there. If he would have called me when he was supposed to there would not have been a problem. I arrived at my house 20 minutes later and called customer solutions to tell them to have him call me because I needed the mower fixed immediately! I was angry because I had purchased another mower since this one had issues since its first hour of use (I just didn’t know it until the engine started making an odd sound) and had someone who was wanting to buy it for $1,500 because their mower had just quit and their yard was getting out of hand. I needed the mower fixed IMMEDIATELY!!! I called customer solutions and talked to someone and told them to send a message to the the technicians headquarters and have someone call me ASAP so the issue could be fixed. Nothing. After work I called the customer solutions again and talked to Juanita about everything. I told her that I did not want Tony to come back out to my house because he was extremely unprofessional and was not doing his job. She said that she was going to try to get another technician out the following day and would call me the next day. Again, nothing!!
At this point I went back to the store and spoke to the manager because I wanted to talk to the district manager. He said that even he wasn’t able to talk to the DM but he would email him and maybe something would happen in 3 or 4 days. I was expecting a phone call because he gave my phone number in his email but he meant that maybe the DM could have someone come out in 3-4 days. Again, nothing. No phone call, no rescheduling a sooner date.
On 9/24/2014 Kenneth Thomas came to my house around 12:30. He had called me twice and was a great person to work with. He showed me that only three sides of the valve cover had sealant so that is why the engine had leaked from the beginning. On 9/28/2014 the mower was used to cut my one acre lot. It was run for about 45 minutes. After the engine was turned off, I noticed grey smoke coming from the bottom of the front of the mower. It appears that the head of the unit is still leaking. I can’t even sell this mower because your company wants to save a few dollars on gasket sets yet wants to charge a premium for this mower. Your MSRP was over $2,400 and you are cutting corners by using silicone on the heads. Will someone please answer this email? I do not want this mower. It may run fine now, but it will never run like it should because it has been run with so little oil that it did not even show on the stick. I am VERY disappointed in this product.
Finally, I want you to know that I spoke to someone at customer solutions about the mower and said that if I could just get 75% back I would be happy because this mower has been a HUGE headache. She called the store here in Palestine to see if he would be willing to accept the mower and sell it used. He refused and said that it was past the 30 day return period. So this entire time he was hiding behind the company saying “we can’t do anything unless they okay it” and “our hands are tied”–yet when customer solutions called and asked him he refuses?? That seems like a coward trying to hide behind customer solutions and hoping there are so many hurdles that I’ll just give up. Again, I have spent almost $5,000 this year alone. I know that’s probably not a lot to anyone dealing with million dollar budgets and expansions but it is a lot to me. Not sure if this email will accomplish anything but I hope so. If this issue cannot be resolved I guess you will come out ahead on this deal but there are about 40 more years and other places where I can find similar products. I have never tried to cheat your company and will not begin now. But I will not be treated by the Palestine manager or the first technician this way ever again.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sorry for its length. I assure you it’s been even longer and worse for me.

Jason McKinney
(903) 724-XXXX
Case# 2770707


Kathleen Sampson September 27, 2014 at 2:32 pm

After reading all the above emails I am getting the picture that my claim will also be ignored. July, 2014 I bought a washer and dryer from Sears. (I also bought your 5year coverage on both appliances.) When it was delivered the washer was incorrectly hooked up. The hose was kinked going into the drain pipe. The technician was in such a hurry that he started the washing machine on a wash cycle, told me to let it run, and he left. Ten minutes later I went to check on machine and found it flooding the floors. The water ran in to my hall and damaged some of the oak wood flooring.
I filed a claim with the delivery company. After a few months Sedgewick took over the claim. After numerous calls, I was assured a claim adjuster would be over in three days. I was given another claim number. Never heard from them. Every call I make, and I mean every, I am either put on hold and no one answers, told some one will call me back, or the person who handles the claim is not there and will call me. No one ever calls back. Sedgewick claim number L1407245121.
The damage will cost me approximately $2000.00 for me to have the work done. Both my husband and I are retired and handicapped. This has caused extreme stress on me as I have to deal with it. My husband is deaf and cannot understand anyone on the phone. I have explained this on every call and given them my home and cell numbers.
I don’t know what else to do. I hope this matter will at least receive the courtesy of a response.


JSB September 26, 2014 at 2:16 pm

D/A: 4/11/2013, Store#: 06854, Claim#: L1304155012-0001
My SUV was in the care, custody and control of Sears for replacement of tires. Upon pick up up my vehicle was damaged. Immediately, I brought the damage to the attention of the manager. He stated, “I saw a customer’s vehicle make a turn very close to your SUV, but I didn’t think your car was hit.” I requested a report be taken. Sear’s security/safety people took a report, examined the damage and took photos within 15 minutes. I reported the incident to Sear’s third-party-administrator Sedgwick Claims Management (SCM). Due to life issues I could not get three estimates to SCM at that time, but stated to the adjuster Paula Davis (PD), I woud pursue the claim at a later time.
Months later, I contacted SCM numerous times leaving voice mail messages for PD to no avail. Finally, in May 2014, I spoke to a Merredith Hoffman (MH) who stated Paul Davis is no longer handling my claim that she was. Per her request, I emailed three estimates of my damaged SUV to MH. On each occassion I followed up, I was told the email I sent was not received. I requested MH acknowledge receipt of the email and attachments (including photos) I was about to send her on or about the first week of May. Finally, MH emailed me stating she received my email. I asked for a date when MH would contact me regarding resolution. May 15 arrived and I did not communicate with MH. May 23, I called her several times; no return call was received.
Getting through to Sedgwick on their general # (to speak to a supervisor) takes a miracle! Their outgoing message directs a caller to press _to leave a message, but there’s another message directing the caller to press _ to leave a message. Bottom line, I could not communicate with a human.
Called Sears spoke John a customer service supervisor. He called Sedgwick on another line connecting me with a supervisor who was rude and unprofessional. She showed absolutely no respect for the Sears employee. Instead of listening to my concern this unprofessional supervisor got an attitude and told me I never submitted documents to MH because she does not handle property damage claims.
After weeks of getting nowhere, I called Sears customer service and was directed to their Blue Ribbon service where I communicated with Jennifer Lacey. I forwarded to Jennifer the email I sent to MH along with MH’s acknowledgment of receiving my estimates and photos. I was asked to email the photos and estimates AGAIN, which I did. However, it appears that the photos were not being received. There was no cell # available to text the photos to Sears. I reiterated several times throughout this process that SEARS EMPLOYEES TOOK PHOTOS OF MY DAMAGED SUV. These photos should be requested from the store. Apparently, its no one’s job in customer service, blue ribbon department or Sedgwick to do so.
Today, I called customer service ( I have not communicated with anyone about my claim in about six weeks) spoke with John who has no authority! His plan is to send me back to Jennifer for whom I left several messages in August, and she has not returned my call. I was transferred to Kayla whose solution is to send me back to Sedgwick. In response to asking for a supervisor, Kayla cannot give me a name, as she has to get authority to give me a supervisor’s name. Seriously??
What an inefficient bureaucracy! Layers and layers of customer service, blue ribbon service people who are not empowered. Here’s a company that Sears hired to manage their claims, and they do not give a dam about Sears’ customers…and that’s just dandy with Sears. Sedgwick has not provided me with one status letter since I pursued this claim in the spring. MY VEHICLE WAS DAMAGED WHEN LEFT WITH SEARS TO HAVE WORK DONE. THIS IS THE ERA OF TECHNOLOGY. I HAVE THE DAMAGE TO MY SUV ON MY CELL AND LAPTOP WHICH WAS FORWARDED SEVERAL TIMES. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. SETTLE MY CLAIM! IS THIS SEAR’S BRAND? I AM SO FRUSTRATED, I THOUGHT I WOUL HAVE CORONARY TODAY SPEAKING TO KAYLA. WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY WITH SEDGWICK? DOES ANYONE IN AUTHORITY AT SEARS SINCERELY CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS? WHO?


Robin Jenson September 26, 2014 at 10:21 am


I’m very unhappy with the service I have received from Sears. I have an order that was not delivered when I have ask it to be and then after the delivery mess, the day and times were wrong twice. The experience is a sore spot in my back. The product was damaged and I still have not gotten the order straighten out. Sear’s CEO needs to get a handle on what is happening with the consumer doing business with Sears. If this order ever becomes correct, I will not do business with Sear’s again in my life. Sear’s has had no problem charging my credit card and charging me for assembling, which did not happen.

How can Sear’s be so sloppy with doing business with the public? I want to hear from the CEO on this matter. I want a credit applied to my credit card for all the STRESS this has cause me. I will forward to hear the response and correction of this matter.


Alina Tejera September 21, 2014 at 12:58 am

I placed an order less than 24 hours ago that I need to cancel. It has not yet shipped. I spoke with a representative at 1 pm who confirmed my order was cancelled, but I received no email. I then did a chat and that representative also confirmed that my order was cancelled. I then got a shipment confirmation email and called customer service. She said the order was being shipped and I couldn’t cancel. She sounded drunk and could barely string a sentence together.

This is ridiculous. I have been a very good customer of Sears over the years only to be treated like crap and incredibly aggravated.


M Brown September 19, 2014 at 4:23 pm

Two weeks ago I bought a King sized mattress and box springs so that my husband who is dying from COPD can rest comfortably. I was told it would be delivered no later than today, September 19th and could possibly be delivered as early as September 12th. I was also told that I would receive notification 24 hours prior to the delivery. The 12th came and went so I knew that was not going to happen but last night on the 18th I got a voicemail saying that the delivery would be made between 5 and 7 pm on the 19th, or the next day which is today. I had some friends come over and help this morning and removed the bed from our bedroom so that it would be ready for the delivery. Then at 11:30 AM this morning I get a call (just 5 hours before the delivery window) saying that the delivery was postponed and left a number to call. I called the number and they say it will be another week at the earliest. Now what the he!! am I supposed to do? I have a dying husband and because of your ineptitude he has nowhere to sleep. THAT IS INEXCUSABLE! This after my husband has spent over 7,000 at your lousy company in the past year. I have no idea what we are supposed to do now, but you can bet this story will be posted anywhere on the web I can put it, and also the local news if they are willing to air it. You people should be ASHAMED for the treatment of your customers. This is unbelievable.


Alfred Wiltrout September 19, 2014 at 3:01 pm

Hi , I have a Dodge Pickup truck and discovered after a Sears oil change i was 2.2 quarts short/low on oil. Not enough oil was put into the engine. I was told the POS software had an error and the instructions printed from the POS were incorrect. Now my engine is making noises. Could you help me make my engine repairs. thanks


Vincent Kemp September 17, 2014 at 5:36 pm

To the Corporate Office.
I am the caregiver of my 95 year old grandmother, She has been a loyal customer with Sears for over 40 years. Her ac unit went out in the middle of the summer here the south hot, I called to service and appointment on the unit that was repaired last year around this time, to my displeasure I was told the next available date for a technician the 24th of September. I called the corporate office talked with three customer service representatives to get and earlier date, one of the customer service transferred me to the routing department, to my surprise I encounter a female who was rude, did not give me her name and ended the called, I called back to the corporate office not happy about the treatment received, he apologized and stated that’s and internal department not associated with corporate. I also pointed out on last year with this problem the technician came out to service the unit and had to order another part which took another week, my poor dear grandmother is the one who has to suffer. Sears recommended that we get a license technician to come out and check the unit, but if the amount is over $300.00 my grandmother who is on a fixed income would be responsible for the amount until Sears could reimburse her. I think it is unfair for a loyal member of Sears to come out of pocket on any expenses while under warranty. Sears should be responsible for all out of pocket cost since they cannot me the customer needs. We are so disappoint with Sears and really considering not renewing our warranty on next year. I hope Sears will bring that pride back to the company on making sure the customer is first.
Vincent J. Kemp


Tiffany Drummer September 17, 2014 at 3:03 pm

To Mr. Louis J. D:
Let me start off saying that at this moment I am furious. I called 847-286-2500 where two ladies who answer this line tag-teamed hanging up on me for 10 minutes straight. It is unprofessional and I am angry. It’s bad enough that I’m calling about a defective television that was given to me; then to receive this type of customer services is appalling. I’ve never felt so degraded and helpless in my life. I purchased a television from Sears on September 5th. When I paid it off, it wasn’t available. The manager over merchandise pick up stated that she would call me Monday because it would be in. She never called so I contacted her Tuesday. When I called, I was told the television was not there. 30 minutes later, I get a call stating that I was being given a much newer model television to accomodate me for my troubles. I tried putting it together yesterday and it is defective. This is so frustrating to me. I should not have this man problems purchasing and getting a television that is not defective. I’ve paid for a product that I can’t even look at. I called the store (Independence Mall, Independence, MO) and was transferred around and placed on hold. I just want my television. I’m being inconvenienced as well to find someone with a truck to be taking this television back and forth, back and forth. Can somebody please help me!! I just want what I paid for. 816-536-****.


Patricia Taylor September 17, 2014 at 10:07 am

I had an appointment for a dryer repair yesterday on 9/16/14, with a window 1-5pm. Tech called at 9:49am to advise he’d be arriving between 4-5pm. At 5:30pm he was a no show and no call. I spoke to a “Manager” at Sears sevice..employee Aaron 260783 who advised the tech put into the system he postponed the appt. until 9/18/14. It would have been professionsl to have been called to advise me as I had and missed a 6:00pm appt.due to the tech wasting my time. Now I have a window 1-5pm again for 9/18 so lets see if the no-show-no-call shows up to honor service contract I paid for. Will put this thought into my head when buying another dryer. I plan on spreading this non-customer service issue.. Another issue Sears has is the techs don’t carry enough minor parts and have to set up another appt.


john lindberg September 15, 2014 at 6:10 pm

to the ceo of sears
on Sunday September 14 2014 we took our car to sears in Maplewood mn to get 4 tires put on we got there about 11:30 am stood around till about 11:45 for a service person to help us there was 3 cars on lifts and no cars in line we did the paper work picked the tires and so on he said car should be done by 2:30 pm so we walked the mall and eat lunch went back at 2 pm to see how the car was doing nobody around went outside the car was there with nothing done to it at 230 I went and found someone ask what was going on with the car he said he would check at 2:45 pm the car was bought into the shop left running it sat there running till 3:10 pm then put on a hoist and tires taken off then they bought some other cars in and the work on my car stopped till about 4:15 pm then they put the new tires on we did not get out of there till 5 pm so I was upset by this time when I left and got on the freeway the car starts to shake a tire not balanced right I live an hour from the store now I have to take it back there spend 2 hours on the road and the gas and my time again to have them balance the tires that was to be done the first time
so yes I am vary upset now I have always bought my vehicles to sear to get tire and aliments been treated ok better then a dealer but this blows big time I have 2 more vehicles that need tires looks like I will be taking them someplace else we have bought our appliances my tools and so on thru sears but I don’t think I will shop there anymore
not after talking to the guy at the service center he more less called me a liar over the phone I have worked on cars for years I know what’s going on I am not happy at all
it would be nice to hear back from someone if I don’t hear from somebody I will never shop sears again for anything
if this is sears customer service no wonder you are loosing money
now this is a car that has 45000 miles on it and never had a shake or a vibration
thanks you
Mr. John Lindberg
a vary upset customer


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