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Rent-A-Center, Inc.
5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX 75024

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Phone Number: (972) 801-1100
Fax Number: (866) 260-1424
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CEO: Mark E. Speese
CFO: Robert D. Davis
COO: Mitchell E. Fadel

Rent-A-Center History

Rent-A-Center or RAC for short was founded in 1973 by Thomas Devlin and W. Frank Barton.  Mr. Devlin came up with the rent to own idea after working for an appliance rental company in Wichita, KS.

Current CEO, Mark Speese, joined the company in 1979.  The company went public in 1995 and has gained many of its current locations through acquisitions of other companies including DEF Investments, Thorn Americas, Rent-Way, Rainbow Rentals and Rent-Rite.

Rent-A-Center currently operates over 3000 locations in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.  Although originally founded in Wichita, the corporate office is now located in Plano, Texas.


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Lakeithsha king April 11, 2014 at 4:23 pm

Rent a center came in my house without my permission and took items that wasn’t theirs and when I took a receipt to the store they told me it was a mistake and a month later I received it back damaged and I’m having to try to replace what they messed up


Anna April 10, 2014 at 7:47 am

9 April, 2014

Mr. Mark E. Speese
5501 Headquarters Drive
Plano, TX 75024

Dr. Mr. Speese,

I can not see, in any regard, how lying to your customers could be considered a good way of doing business (particularly for a company such as yours)…but your Rent-A- Center, or at least, your location at 5150 Overland Road in Boise, Idaho seems to feel differently.

I would like to (as briefly as possible) relate to you my experiences with this store in regard to a rental my wife and I made of a new washer and dryer combination…as well make you aware that we are quite angry in regard to our time wasted on the telephone, waiting for deliveries, and in having to put aside other matters to take the time to write this letter to you…as well as being treated as if we were a couple of “suckers”.

We had rented a washer and dryer combination from this location last February…and on the 7th of this month the dryer failed to generate heat on any of the settings supplies (i.e. it worked as if on “air dry” mode – no matter what the setting).

I called the location and was told by one of your male representatives that a loaner would be supplied and the dryer would be repaired. As we are currently in the process of selling our home (and we often have 1 or 2 or more people viewing the property daily) – I decided to ask if it would be possible to just replace the unit with another new one instead (to avoid multiple deliveries) and was told that “yes, that would be no problem” (please note that had it not been possible to do so, it would not have been an extremely big problem to us – only less convenient – had your company not been able to supply a new replacement unit, I would have allowed your company to deliver a loaner and repair the unit as previously described).

I set up the delivery arrangements with your company and then asked (to confirm again) that this replacement would be a new unit and was given an answer that “it definitely would be”.

Shortly after this, my wife (who was at work and unaware that the arrangements had made by me at home) also called your location, and was informed of what arrangements had been made. She, too, confirmed with your representative that the unit to be delivered would be a new one.

Upon delivery (which occurred about 45 minutes later than the scheduled time frame I was given) I met the driver at his truck to inform him of the problem with the old unit and direct him as to the best way to bring it into the home. I noted at that time that the unit to be delivered was not boxed (merely covered with a protective blanket and strapped to the inside of the truck)….however, as I was looking at it, I was told by the driver that it was a new unit (so I just assumed he unboxed it at your store for convenience of delivery).
As your delivery person was removing the old unit, I then noticed some scratches on the top of the unit to be installed (where the controls are located)…I pointed this out and was, once again, told that it was a new unit, and that the scratches “sometimes occur at the factory” (I felt this statement to be dishonest and assumed the driver may have damaged it in loading or transit…as the scratches were not a big problem to me – I allowed it to pass).
I assisted the driver in bringing in the unit (as he seemed to be having difficulty…and I might note here that he stated that “most customers don’t help me, but just stand there and watch”…which I felt to be an odd statement, as I would assume a customer is not normally involved in the delivery of a product) and allowed him to install it…when the driver tested the machine he discovered the supplied instructions were inside the machine (along with a packet containing plastic legs)…he took them out and made the statement “here’s the instructions – which is proof the machine is new”…actually, to the best of my knowledge, this is no proof at all and I felt that the instructions were usually supplied wrapped in a plastic cover (these were not)..I also asked about the use of the plastic legs supplied with the machine and was told that they were “in case you wanted to raise the machine up”… but as I was now running late (due to the lateness of the delivery) I made no further inspection of the machine, tipped the driver, he left, and I soon left my home for my appointment.

Upon returning home, my wife and I both inspected the unit and found surface scratches all along the top of the machine, in back, around the bottom, and noted that most of the underside paint was worn away….obviously not a new machine – and one that had several points of damage and a top that appeared to have been scoured with an abrasive pad. We also found the instructions we had saved from the previous machine, which were, indeed, packed in a plastic sleeve, unlike the ones stored in the supposedly new unit…apparently more proof that the machines was not new.

We found it quite aggravating that we had now been lied to by your company 4 times, as well as being insulted by the idea of anyone at your company thinking we would not notice that a used machine was delivered in place of a new…and kind of appalled that such a deceptive practice was employed on us…at this point I also questioned as to whether the above mentioned plastic legs were actually supposed to be installed on this machine (as well as the defective one) – which they were not (done on either)…if so, that makes 5 lies (and 2 unsatisfactory installations).

We then called your location and we’re told the other (defective) unit could be fixed and returned…with no mention or explanation made in regard to delivering the used unit in place of a new one.

Although we had planned to keep both the washer and dryer units we rented (and take them to our new home after closing on our current home) – we decided to return the dryer altogether and hang our clothes on a line outside…the washer will also be returned as soon as our home sells…and we will never again do business with your company and will persuade anyone we know (who might consider it) not to do so. I might also add, that when we asked your representative over the phone for the email address of your corporate offices, we were told you did not have one (that also does not seem to be the case)

What kind of way is that to do business? You put us through all this time and trouble — when simple honesty could have happily resolved the problem and kept us as customers.
And, I will note in closing, that during the inspection of the dryer, my wife and I noticed some damage to the linoleum floor in our laundry room as well — as I am not liar, I can not say with absolute certainty that your delivery person did the damage, but I can say for sure that my wife and I never noticed that prior to this last delivery (and it is fairly prominent).

I wish I could fully describe how we feel about this experience…but it is so outrageously ridiculous and blatantly stupid and dishonest that I can’t quite find the correct descriptive word.
What in the world would possess your representatives to tell a customer that they would be delivering a new appliance and then deliver a used one…why could they not just tell us they could not do that, or did not have one (or whatever the problem was)? Did they really think we would not notice or care? This nonsense and dishonesty has caused us a great deal of wasted time, inconvenience, and aggravation…and it has lost you a long term customer (who may well have been inclined to rent additional appliances, as we are currently in the process of trying to purchase a new home and might well need kitchen, living room, and bedroom items).
I will say your company is very foolish, dishonest, and should be ashamed of itself.
I will also note that I will contact every agency and website that deals with dishonest business practices and fraud with a copy of our experiences…and we may consider contacting an attorney to discuss any avenues of redemption which may be taken against your company


tOM b April 9, 2014 at 12:06 pm

What is the current ceo telephone. I am tried of the issues and customer service is alll the time running around


beatriz rivera April 8, 2014 at 8:37 pm

people from ur office keeps calling me and harassing me about someone i dnt know the numbers r are 210~836~XXXX, 210~854~XXXX they need to stop or i will be calling someone in law


Lemke April 4, 2014 at 3:02 am

Tracy CA , the worst customer service ever. Purchased five big items in which never late and always paid off in the 90 days. Decided to purchase a 3pc sectional and lied to on it being new when it was used and being charged New price. Being told a new one is on order and it’s been past three weeks. Can’t get a follow up call back and constantly being told there’s a delay in delivery when I call to follow up. Always getting lied to when they say I will get a call back.


Berdia Gallien April 2, 2014 at 9:00 pm

Many, Louisiana has the worst employee’s I have ever seen. I asked them to take my 12 year daughters name off an account that is owned by husband but they refused to do so. The Rent A Center here in Many, La is poorly ran by some un-educated clowns. All of them need to be fired.


Sherry Guy April 2, 2014 at 7:03 pm

Eddie from Pennsville, NJ was both unprofessional and harassing towards me. I was late by 2 days but made my payment in double the amount and he stated that wasn’t good enough and threatened to come get my refrigerator the same night.


tom poth March 31, 2014 at 12:14 pm

would like someone to call me due to one of your branches harassing and bothering me all the time. 239 895-XXXX


Vanessa Lewis March 28, 2014 at 6:37 pm

I recently had a stereo from a Rent A center in Great bend. I was harassed by the employee john. I was one week behind and I had ten calls from him a day. Along with voicemails. I called him and told him I would be in the following week to get current on my bill. I also told him to not call me anymore since an arrangement had been made. He then told me if I paid my bills in time I wouldn’t be having this problem. The very next day he proceeded to call me numerous times and he called my job and references. This is unacceptable. I was being harassed. I returned my merchandise. Then he had the nerve to call me again to ask me if there was anything else I would be interested in.


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