Rent-A-Center corporate office

Rent-A-Center Corporate Office Address

Rent-A-Center, Inc.
5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX 75024

Contact Rent-A-Center

Phone Number: (972) 801-1100
Fax Number: (866) 260-1424
Website: http://www.rentacenter.com
Email: Email Rent-A-Center


CEO: Mark E. Speese
CFO: Robert D. Davis
COO: Mitchell E. Fadel

Rent-A-Center History

Rent-A-Center or RAC for short was founded in 1973 by Thomas Devlin and W. Frank Barton.  Mr. Devlin came up with the rent to own idea after working for an appliance rental company in Wichita, KS.

Current CEO, Mark Speese, joined the company in 1979.  The company went public in 1995 and has gained many of its current locations through acquisitions of other companies including DEF Investments, Thorn Americas, Rent-Way, Rainbow Rentals and Rent-Rite.

Rent-A-Center currently operates over 3000 locations in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.  Although originally founded in Wichita, the corporate office is now located in Plano, Texas.


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joshua December 20, 2014 at 3:05 am

i need or would like to know which dept in rent a center home office i can talk to about getting a price for paying off some rented items and also some restution ?

would you get back to me asap


Mary McCullar December 17, 2014 at 4:40 pm

rac store # 1636 my issue is on 11/19/2014 i moved and changed my elc. dryer for a gas dryer that i was current on my monthly payment . the dryer they delivered never got hot so i called store 1636 to let the manager casandra know and she said she would send charles out to look @ it he came out on 12/2 14 and confirmed that the dryer wasn’t getting hot and they would pick it up and bring one that work which was fine with me . But cassandra decided to just end my contract and keep the rest of my already paid payment for november from 11/19/14 to 12/3/14 when my next payment was due. i called on 12/16/14 talked to cassandra the very unprofessional manager and she said oh the dryer been wrote off and i am not getting any credit for money paid on product in november , i told her i will be filing a compliant in my state with the BBB, A.G , and consumer affairs her response was go ahead , so i will to see if this issue can be resolved . i have a washer also that’s fine but i don’t intend on losing my credit for the two paid weeks. ms.cassandra is very , very unprofessional and so is the staff she’s leading it was so funny to her to take my dryer , not give me another one and to keep my credit on the dryer , poor customer service skills and this isn’t going away it’s not so much as the money , it’s more of who do she think she is ! the law protect us all and i shall be exercising my right , something isn’t right on 12/17/14 one of her employee robert called me to say my dryer payment was over due if it’s an closed account then why is he calling me for a payment . dist. mgr. mr. ryan probably should look into his Detroit store # 1636 it’s not being run for customer satisfaction thanks


Dannilyn Edwards-Alexander December 17, 2014 at 2:49 am

I am dealing with the Rent A Center in Wahiawa Hawaii

12/15/14 – I was set up to have a new queen mattress and bed frame delivered on Tuesday 12/16/14 between 1-5. I went ahead with signing up to rent both because of the price and how fast they told me I could get it.

12/16/14- I had old queen mattress removed in anticipation of the delivery. Also made sure I was home for not just the hours of possible delivery but way before and past.
called right before 5PM in inquire about delivery: A Justin told me that he would get in touch with the delivery divers and have them contact me.

No one called me back

Called again 6:05PM Justin said he hadn’t been able to get a hold of delivery drivers, would call me back when he did also told me that there were only three deliveries before mine.

No call back

Called store again sometime in the 7:00 hour: was told that my items were picked up from the store in the morning and were on truck for delivery. I asked about closing time(8:30 HST) and was told again that I would be called when he got a hold of driver (spoke to Justin again) I also informed Justin that I had already had my old Queen mattress removed.

No call back

Called around 8 PM: Justin said that one of the divers came back but still no sign of the second and Justin said he still couldn’t get a hold of the second driver/truck. I was told that even though the store was going to close at 8:30PM, that the deliver should still be making it out to my house. Which by the way is not more than 15-20 minutes away from the store.

It is now 9:13PM and still no delivery, of course the store is closed so my attempt to call just resulted in a non-stop ringing telephone.

While I do appreciate Justin’s attempt to sound concern and seemed to be trying to get my delivery to me. the lack of initiative to call me back, has been quite frustrating and put out the impression that he was just waiting for his shift to be over so that he wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore.

I do not understand how there can be such a wide window for delivery but yet your delivery drivers do not make it in time, I would understand if there were so many other deliveries before me that they couldn’t make it, but there being only THREE on a small island like Oahu, there should be no excuse for not making a delivery.

Another issue is the lack of communication between store and delivery trucks, store and customer, and also communication between delivery trucks and customer. NO ONE updated me, NO ONE informed me that I would NOT be getting my delivery today. I highly doubt I’ll be getting a call from the store tomorrow. I will probably end up calling first.

I have rented and came to own a couple items from RAC, and it is quite unfortunate that I was treated this way. I’ve always appreciated the simplicity of renting items, making payments and the variety of items available. I will be moving my business to either another Rent-A-Center store or even more possible to another store completely. This has been very disappointing.


Robert December 15, 2014 at 3:40 pm

Good Afternoon

I worked at Rent-A-Center for about 4 and a half years. I was dismissed and grateful for the dismissal; due to a personal decision and poor management of my store. That is intended as validation for my concerns of my old store (2766 in North Bend Oregon). I just went into the store to see the changes and bring back old memories. I walked all the way to the back of the store across in front of the counter, and then back the length of the store and out the door without even a nod from the gentleman behind the counter.

When I worked there the corporate mandate was two people in the store on Monday’s at all times and greet the customers before they make it halfway across the showroom floor. As the former sales manager i enforced this rule in the CARs and myself. I had even confronted my manager and the credit manager to make certain the mandate was fulfilled.

I have been hearing bad things about 2766 from customers that remember me and ask that I return there. I had dismissed them because I remember the prevailing opinions change when payments become due. I was shocked that I was able to walk in, through the store, and out again without even acknowledgement…. Perhaps someone needs to remind them of the expectations….


Tiarra Mitchell December 13, 2014 at 5:20 pm

Hello…. I’m on here to complain about a store that is very unprofessional and disgusting . Store#3679 North MIAMI Florida. These people have a very nasty disposition and I really dislike doing business with them . The store manager Christian is very rude with broken English . I’ve put money into this company and feel like they really don’t care about their customers. I rather deal with Aaron’s or someone else . Very displeased and I feel they need to be investigated. I pay more than I suppose to…they don’t keep confirmation numbers for payments and when you try to speak with the manager he hangs up in your face. Please hear your customers I am very disgusted with these people in this store


Heather Hayslett December 11, 2014 at 11:11 am

I contacted your business yesterday. I found out due to a pending job and apartment that when they ran my background, a dispute was discovered. When I called onsite (the background investigation service), I was informed that Rent-a-center has taken me to court in INDIANA. I HAVE NEVER LIVED IN INDIANA and will never live there. First off, the name on the account is HEATHER HAYES! THAT IS NOT MY NAME. I was told by the customer service representative that no personal information can be seen by her. I told her that this is identity theft. She informed me that I NEEDED TO PROVE MY IDENTITY THEFT WITH A POLICE REPORT!!!! My social security number is linked to MY NAME and my drivers license number is linked to MY NAME. this means your credit authorization did not do its job. I should not have to prove myself. My name IS NOT HEATHER HAYES. I will never use rent-a-center. When I asked to speak to someone who can see the personal information, I was put on hold well over 10 minutes and then transfered to a voicemail! If this is how your company does business, I am surprised that you are still in business. You are not only affecting my life you are affecting my three children. Im trying to get a better job and live in a better enviroment for them and instead I have to deal with your company and the inconciderate person that stole my identity with the WRONG NAME!


Don Holbrook December 8, 2014 at 3:13 pm

I’m having issues with the store located at 7145 N Michigan Rd in Indianapolis.
I have always made my payments and have rarely been more then a day or 2 late. This time I’m 8 days late due to some medical issues.
I called the store and made arrangements to make my payment on the 12th of this month. A gentleman said he had to check it with his district mgr. I called him back and he said it was good and I could make my payment on the 12th.
Todat 12/08 I find out that the store has been calling and harassing my references. I have no phone at the moment.
I called the store and spoke to a gentleman who called himself a manager.
He said that no notes were on the account and more or less called me a liar. he stepped away to check on it and came back and said the arrangement was ok. I asked him to please make sure my account was noted and they stopped calling my references.
That all happened before noon. About 1pm a rent a center truck shows up at my apartment. I got to the door just in time to see them drive off.
I do not know what kind of game this store is playing with me but I DO NOT appreciate it.
I have made arrangements and I will NOT release the tv to anyone who comes around.
You need to find out what is happening in this store and straighten it out before this escalates.
Feel free to email me back for any questions.


stephanie December 4, 2014 at 11:54 am

I called one near me in chesapeake, va. to ask about a nintendo ds bundle. He said he would call me back and never did. I think they had an attitude because they sold me a bed buggy mattress 2 years ago. Its sad because it used to be a nice store


Tierra Holmes December 8, 2014 at 11:01 am

Walbrook Junction Baltimore, MD 21216
This store is unprofessional I walk in they do not greet u I greet them, they scraped paint off my hallway wall and Knicked the edged of my living room wall..no one did anything about it and i even tipped them because i didnt see it until right after they left….I try to make payments then they will tell You we cant accept it.. My account was 38$ then when i called the guy got rude carribian accent and stated O what you dont know what your account is..One day the same guy asked me in a extremely rude way why didn’t I answer my phone for him in a Scary tone similar to as if he was a jealous boyfriend in a very rude tone of voice…My account has two items in which a 38 dollar payment was was put together in my bill for both items , then my payment increased out of no where.I owed 3 payments of 38$ Then I called to tell them I’m coming and paying 3 payments of 38$ then instead of 119$ he stated O you owe 208$ which just a few days before it was half less..the same rude guy said This O what you don’t know what your payment is sacastic and rude..i talk with respect and just asked a simple question..and could not understand how it up in a few days..i went in 2 days later ..with 208$ they literaly told me No they wont accept it..which would have covered my payment then they told me i owe more,, i said ok..after all I was already cheated out of 3 free payments i got the sectional on a managers specail ballon on it with a sign three free payments Which I never received…then today i called and i asked them why do they refuse to make my payments monthly instead of weekly i asked them two weeks ago to do this and today they stated they can’t accept any money for my payment and hung up in my ear..Which does not add up or sound normal. How do You take a persons money , deny them the 3 free payment discount which is why I was excited to get the sofa then increase my payments, then go from consoladating my payments to taking my money for two items and only paying on one , then after i asked for a monthly payment deny me a month to month to month a still call everyday ..then today I said I will be in to make my payment that is due this young guy said no we don’t want your payment we want the couch..So I am thinking that this is a scam and I have asked for my balance and sometimes the won’t print it clear sometimes they tell me they can’t give it to me…I still have not seen the 3 free payments I was promised yet…I fill like they are running a Scam. I have no idea if this is the Renter Center way or if its the unprofessional employees So instead of being allowed to pay.. I was told No..they can’t accept a payment give the couch back after they took half my payments and now they refuse to allow me to make a payment.. And how rude after scrapping paint off of two walls in my home


Peggy Thompson December 1, 2014 at 12:40 pm

My sons daughter has acct with store in mooresville nc,and went to pa for holidays and had accidentally left her purse in her car in n.c. and missed her weekly payment bc she had no money on her..they called her, and she tried to explain to store mgr that she wld be in as soon as she got back..and the store mgr went off on her,cussing her..threatened her..I called back to the store, talked to a very nice young lady, and I made her payment for her but im doing a formal complaint. .The mgrs name is Chris Hartis…He needs to be fired…this is not someone i would employee..I ran stores for years and never treated ppl that way…..


Ronyonce December 2, 2014 at 9:43 am

I can concur. The Manager in Winston Salem is no better. Nasty and Rude . They called me one c day and stated that they had spoken with me prior the same day. I assured them that they did not speak with me nor my daughter. I wanted to know if they had documented who they spoke with. I was concerned. Needless to say nothing was documented , they didn’t know who they spoke with. The Manager started arguing with me basically called me a liar and it was a mess. I t sounds like these managers need a course in management and communication skills.


Tina November 25, 2014 at 10:40 am

I have been with rent a center for 7 years never had a problem till now found out that the store that I was at was sold to buddy’s which I do not like my accounts was sold with the store I had no idea till I went in to make a payment this is so not right to the customers


Ebony November 24, 2014 at 9:19 pm

I am located in Memphis TN and I just received a bed fram and set which had pennies in it and trash then I got a 42 inch flat which they so called upgraded from a 40 and the screen is messed up you can see lines all thru it THE REMOTE DIDNT WORK . So I called rent a center and told the girl who worked their name TAMEKA and she said that I busted the tv myself AND SHE DIDNT KNOW WHAT THE PUNISHMENT WOULD BE .I I just got the stuff 2 hours ago I took pictures of everything AND im reporting this to the local news IN THE MORNING ASAP. THEY WERE VERY RUDE THE MANAGER AND TAMEKA WHO WORKED AT THE LOCATION ON SOUTH THIRD ST IN MEMPHIS TN .I WILL NEVER EVER AS LONG AS I LIVE GET ANYTHING FROM THEM . IM VERY PISSED THE HELL OFF IM BEYOND MAD AT THIS POINT THEY JUST GAVE US ANYTHING .


Jessica Aungst November 24, 2014 at 5:16 pm

I have been renting with you since the end of june. I got a stove for around $480 (I still owe $317 on!!) and a washer dryer set for $680 $still owe $219. they were all used. and July i got an air conditioner for $163 that got returned the same day and i never got back it got replaced and they went behind my back and changed the price and “lost the paper work” and changed the price to $290. I am still not paid off and still owe about the same on the stove, the only reason the washer and dryer set is low is because i paid extra and Ian rolled my dryer down the drive way, and broke it, after it came back from being out all summer. so the manager took $50 off, my washer still leaks, and bangs, and they wont fix it. your “90 days same as cash ” is bull shit. you have hidden fees, aim looking into lawyer, rather we call and you give me my stuff and leave me alone, or the lawyer wants to take you for everything up to him. i am done trying to talk to you guys. i am sick of hearing there is noting wrong with my washer or dryer, my dryer was not even taken back to be checked after the top was busted off. i have pics of it. and yea calling and threatening me when i didn’t have a payment due, and i was two weeks ahead on payments. hmm that just got lost. wtf. your company is so shady. when i am done i will own you. tried to be nice. i have paid over 1000 on the washer and dryer, and 800 on the stove. your own csr told me that!!! so yea we are even. come to my house i will call the cops


karen November 22, 2014 at 2:52 pm

So my mother rented a heater from rent a center. It is the only source of heat she has at the moment. It broke down on the third day and would not kick heat out. My mother called them on the fourth day and asked them to come fix it. They said they would send somebody out on Wednesday. Nobody showed up. My mother called on Thursday and they said somebody would be out friday, but again did not show up. So my mother called them just a few minutes ago. The gentleman on the phone got very rude and snotty with her, calling her a liar about calling and asked y she didn’t just call on the day it broke down. Ummm she would have if they would’ve been open. Then he asked her, if it was such a big deal, y didn’t she drive it there herself. My mother works from 6 pm to 6 am and we live an hour away. We renters r the ones who pay ur checks, would it kill ur employees to treat us like human beings.


Diana November 21, 2014 at 1:25 am

I have been a customer for a few years and I’m very displeased with the way I get treated by the rent a center nearby me, I pay my payments on time with no hassles or delays and I was told as I’m renting a tv from two workers this month that I have two payments left on my tv and than I was told today that I have four by one worker and than he persisted to insult the company I choose to do business with, by saying the next tv I buy will break in 30 days, that was really uncalled for! And I need someone from you company to contact me because I feel I’m being ripped off and lied to and I need answers, on why you guys allow your employees to be that rude and disrespectful to your customers! And I feel like filing a case with The Better Business Bureau for poor business practices and rude behavior towards me! And by the way this was done to my previously before I paid off my computer! I think because of the poor treatment my last two months should be waived and for me to be given my certificate now!


jackie hart November 17, 2014 at 5:10 pm

i was resently inspected for bed bugs and then 4 days latter rent a bed for daughter from rent a center n marion for not only she could have a bed but too what catch bed bugs and now they wanna bug me for a payment on there couch that i have had but took the bed back too them you think u would be wanting too reinburse what i have had too put out for a bug guy too come out too spray my house thanks for renting your bed bugs too me


winfreddale November 17, 2014 at 3:21 pm

To whom it may concern.
I have been a long time customer 25th 30 years and a gold card member. I probably furnished 4 plus homes from you guys, brought in customer’s for you guys recommended your product and services. Then one day just recently I needed something faxed to help me out I’m told we can’t do that. So from now on I will no longer use your services or products or recommend you guys again. I’ll go to arrons. Thanks for nothing!!!


Jose luis November 17, 2014 at 3:02 pm

I Work for Rent A Center in west hartford CT i was just transfer from PR, and I have been working in the company for 4 years, the store where I’m coming from in Puerto Rico are so humble and nice, and I concider them as family, but the store in CT its a hole diferent thing. I was transfer by Freddy Vega, the first time I put a foot on the west hartford store never meet Freddy a was ricibe by a “DM” call Jose Delgado who his first words as welcome for me was “I heard in PR they treat you guys like shit” no welcome to CT, no name, no nice to meet you just that, the employers are rude and there’s mo companionship at all. I am a assistan manager and they have been treating me like a regular employer from the first day, especially that Jose Delgado who have doubt my position at the job by asking me a a rude way “are you sure you are a assistance manager”, and his favorite saying is “nobody can tell my nothing I have done it all y now everything “If been ther just for 4 month and I’m ready to come back to PR where the company has real profecionals working and leaders not bosses and were I can have a lunch time of a hour and not a 30 minutes lunch for 10 or 11 hours shift. Now tel me where they treat us like shit?


Gary November 17, 2014 at 1:25 pm

Worst service ever!!! Thanks for the bed bugs you a** holes! And your s***ty f***ing service and s*** complaint dept!! I hope you all lose your jobs and the company goes under you money grubbing f***s!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jackie hart November 17, 2014 at 5:43 pm

they wont get my couch that i had treated till they pay my treatment bill period drity f***s nasty bedbug renting f***s


Diana November 21, 2014 at 1:42 am

Yeah they suck, they’re a bunch of crooks!


john November 15, 2014 at 1:40 pm

I have been doing business with RAC. For well over 10 years now and I FEEL the same way too.
That my local RAC . IS operated by a bunch of very rude employees and they could care less who they install . My issue with the employees there at my local RAC. In DELAND FLA. is just yesterday I called them up on the telephone to ask about a smart T.V
and the sales employee was installing me on the telephone by the way that I talked……..
This man was rude to me yesterday ………..
While I did try to report this RAC employee to his area district manager yesterday right after this happen
I left the district manager office my telephone number
But up till now I have not received a telephone call by from the area district manager office.
I just goes to show me that RAC can care less about
the customer such as you and I.


Jason McCray November 14, 2014 at 5:53 am

I am getting the run around by every person at rent a center. The newest member is one Scott Verhalen, my claims person that a previous person named kanesha gave me. Before that was Rossi and before that Shannon in my local town. None of these people called me back until I emailed corporate as I am doing right now. I have left two messages for Scott with no results. My wife and I are running out of options and just want this issue of the bedbugs in our rental bed fixed and at this point some sort of compensation for all we’ve had to endure. This includes sleeping on the floor in the living room and multiple itchy red bites all over our bodies and just the thought of living with these parasites is a very unpleasant experience.


Gary November 17, 2014 at 1:26 pm

I have the sand issue, that asshole rassi would not return my calls for over 3 weeks


yahaira November 13, 2014 at 3:49 pm

Hello my name is Yahaira Mendez. I rented a frig from rent a center in thorndale PA. I have ask them for the past week n 3 days to come pick up the frig. Here it is Nov 13th and they have not pick up the frig. I don’t know how to take the doors off because if I did I would have loaded it on my truck and took it to them. I have told Ms. Carmen this many of times and she has not made any time of attempt to come and pick up this frig. I need some here by tomorrow Nov 14, 2014 to pick it up or I WILL have to be forced to call the BBB. This is a shame. I have already had to deliver the washer n dryer n bedroom set to them since for some reason no one could come and pick it up. I really need this out of my house A.S.A.P.


annie November 11, 2014 at 10:14 pm

I just found out that it is illegal to sell rent used mattresses


annie November 11, 2014 at 9:20 pm

The store I deal with is in boston mass on hancock st


annie November 11, 2014 at 9:19 pm

I rented a bed from rent a center n I recently got very sick and im behind on payments they just threaten my mom they broke in the building where I live these people are crazy I told them im in the hospital and ill be home in two weeks and all they did was yell and threaten me with the police now I never said I wouldnt pay I just needed a lil extra time because I cant sleep on the floor they dont care of anyones hardship or situation and I always paid on time just got sick and it got hard for me I dont know what to do now because they are threaten me with the police can anyone give me advice


Ebony November 24, 2014 at 10:29 pm

Hi the police cant do nothing about it I know people who have pawned the stuff and ran off to another address and they couldn’t do nothing about it.


John C. November 11, 2014 at 10:00 am

The guy there..Kermyt he seems stoned all the time, and he lies about everything. Im never going back to this store again. I havent dealt with the other people there, but I probably wont go back to the store in Greensburg In anymore.


Hillary Wary November 11, 2014 at 9:51 am

I have been trying to get a refund of money they took out if my account for over a month now.. I have proof they took the money my bank even got involved. This company says they don’t have the payment which is a lie.. I have gone as far as to write an email to the CEO.no one has called me back . the district manager lied to me and I had to consistently call them. I am about to get a lawyer over 60 bucks. I have called customer care. I have done everything they ask. Even the switch board people have hung up on me. .. I will never ever rent from here again they gave me used stuff at more then the full price.. I waited almost 2 weeks for my items to be delivered. They were taking payments out before I had the items. They took payments after my items were returned. The customer service was horrible the district manager was horrible. The whole company is a joke. Never EVER rent from here. I didn’t even get the right remote for the TV. It never worked.. They delivered beds and no mattresses again I paid for and had to wait another week for them. ..


Andrea November 10, 2014 at 7:46 pm

Rent a center employees are rude they call all day long and they are never considerate of any situation a customer may have they trash talk you and tell lies one minute they can give you an extension the next minute they say they don’t give extension it’s like every employee is on a different page I’m sick and tired of the harassment


donna coddington November 10, 2014 at 10:00 am

I HAVE BEEN HAVING A BIG PROBLEM WITH RENT A CENTER IN LIBETY NY.been waiting for a call back for weeks now from this ass Hector but none yet .they screw over senors like they are dirt . i should have listen to my son after they did the same to him.if i dont get a call from corprante soon they can hold there hand were the sun domnt shine .been sitting here for 20 min. wait for some one to pick up the dang phone this place sucks


Marlene Blair November 8, 2014 at 6:39 pm

I recently rented items from this company, which I am extremely dissatisfied. I was help by a lady name Olga ion your Margate store who tried to sell me a bed set that was broken, in which a young man name Landon Anderson was very helpful. He told me that bed was broken and asked do I still want it I said no. Olga gave me another bed off the floor, when it was delivered it was first sent without a box spring. Landon went back a got the box spring. However while viewing the bedroom set it’s flimsy, holes in some drawers and bent frame. The matress seems to have bedbugs, My account 0120110098. I will never rent from this company again… Those types of defective furniture should not be rented to people, that’s a disgrace. They need to be thrown out..


Denise Johnson November 8, 2014 at 5:15 pm

I will never rent from Rent A Center ever again in life . They are rude and they harass their customers when they are only one day late on a payment . They always calling all day like they have nothing to do with themselves . They shall never get any service from me again , and I PROMISE to never recommend anyone to Rent A Center .


michelle November 8, 2014 at 12:53 pm

Rent a center i can not to see you in court. First you hang up on me call me a bitch and then when i go in the store throws my laptop at me and breaks the whole damn thing. You can bet that i will see you. You hire garbage employees and don’t do anything to help fix the problem.


mccoy November 8, 2014 at 9:56 am

Omg I rent out of Springfield Ma and the manager Heather was so nasty and rude and when I told her I had a hardship her response was I’m fortunate enough to not have to make choices on what I need to pay first! ! I am furious I will be making a formal complaint and a written one!!


Justin November 7, 2014 at 3:33 pm

Harassing aholes disclosing personal information to my neighbor and so rude


vicente vasquez November 6, 2014 at 9:00 pm

I live in conroe texas and the manger of the store was rude i went to make my payment two days late and they did not want to take it they wanted all the fell month or they would pick my sofas it was at west dallas store both the manger and the cashier were rude thank you corporate office need to repermand them


Aireal November 6, 2014 at 12:03 pm



lynda gaskill November 4, 2014 at 12:59 pm

I need Michael with Corporate to return my call for concerns and complaints with the Cleburne store. Lynda Gaskill


Clarresa Stamps November 1, 2014 at 11:30 am

We just finished paying on our washer and dryer and thank God because I never will rent with rent a center again. It was horrible. The employees are always rude and hateful and have no clue as to what they are doing. The one I am in reference to is in hobbs nm on bender blvd. I will not recommend anybody and I will never rent from them again. I was quoted four different prices on my last bill and when I said something the guy I talked to was ad at me cause I was not happy. He rudely said do you want to talk to my manager. Well yes at this point I wanted to and her excuse for him was well he’s new. That doesn’t give him a right to be rude to customers and he should ask if he dose not know how to do his job!


mike ferguson October 31, 2014 at 9:37 am

My daughter is having a problem with one of your employees at your store on sam rittenburg charleston. employee is abusive and insulting. i have talked to him and he lied to me! i tried to call your corporation ‘customer service’ was on hold 10 minutes. called your corporate office line in plano texs operator said you do not talk to customers at this number and i’d have to call back on the customer 800 number. i have never in my life heard of a corporate office that flat out refused to talk to a customer.. i’m going over there this afternoon and try to talk to a store manager. i’m betting no one even reads this


alonzo October 29, 2014 at 10:15 am

I was a dedicated employee at rent a center #4275 in princeton ky. I never had one issue with any coworkers above or below me. On 10-7-14 I interviewed with district mgr Rob Perry d0219, for the store mgr position. The DM decided to go another direction and hired another employee for the position, which was ok with me. But what happens a week later, I get fired over someone accusing me of making threats towards this new manager. Not only that but the police get called to escort me out. Even the cop said it was bullshit, because it was hearsay. Rent a center is a joke. Save your money people!!!!!!!!!! I personally can assure you you dont want any of the roach infested shit that they have, that is a fact, not hearsay. Anyhow I found a better job in 3 days of being humiliated, just wanted to say GO TO AARONS!!!!!!!!!!!


Adrian October 28, 2014 at 6:43 am

Rent a center in monticello ar have there pick in choses i had got a tablet from them in i was three week late on the paymeant so i gave the tablet back to them now this was back in january 2014 now this is october 28 in they want let me get anything the manger there is terrbile in i call head quater in they said its her desion if she want to let me get somthing from them.they say no credit needed but the way they ack like i need credit aaron is the better choice in the crazy thing i call once every month in she say the same thing :im sorry adrian i just cant let you get anything because how your account was before: i only had a tablet in i bring it back so whats the problem….THEY NEED TO BETTER.


lisa rivera October 25, 2014 at 1:24 pm

I have been paying on a fridge I didn’t receive for three months . When I received the fridge it is not working . Service comes out to fix fridge and he can’t fix the problems. I dont want the fridge they won’t put the money I paid for it towards something else on my account. I haven’t even been able to use the fridge . Money down the drain.


Adam Aldridge October 21, 2014 at 1:07 pm

I’ve been going through rent a center for quite some time with an Acer icona tablet. Had issues with store manager upon servicing it when the screen was cracked one morning upon waking up. Manager told me I couldn’t replace the cracked screen cuz the insurance only covers wear and tere on it. I’m curious as to what the is when pertaining to an item that is touch screen and would get wear and tere. I eventually got it replaced after a long argument, my sexual preference being thrown into the situation by the manager, and the fact he slammed my SD card on the table and crackedat the store locationin the meadowview shoping area of Kankakee Illinois which is where I reside. They replace it but instead with a new one like I was guaranteed to be receiving but with a one the has appsbuilt into it that upon opening are causing it to crash and restart the tablet every time. If this issue isn’t handled the right way this time I’m making it into a legal matter. I will not be screwed out of my money.


mario October 23, 2014 at 2:03 pm

It didn’t crack on it’s own lol either you or someone cracked it and he’s right it will only cover wear and tear. That’s like you buying a car and telling the dealership to replace a broken windshield with manufacturer warranty it’s not gonna happen. And second of all why would they give you a new one it should be something similar, you don’t total your vehicle and get a new car lol get real.


Victoria October 20, 2014 at 5:03 pm

I owe 160.00 on a lab top from rent a center. I started having problems with it the same month. So the employee from rent a center gave me another laptop that was supposedly new. That was a joke, just as the employees are. I will no longer do business with rent a center. Anyone thinking of doing business with rent a center, run!!!!!!


Lawrence Dale Cmar October 19, 2014 at 1:00 pm

Be careful which store you do buisness with in PittsburghPennsylvania. I recommend going to the Mt.Oliver store to deal with a awesome Manager named Angela McCullough. Do NOT go to the south side East Carson street store. It is run by AssClown Jagoffs. They will destroy your property trying to bring in or take out furniture. The associate Eric was like a bull in a china shop ripping apart my wooden banister. His reponse was “My Bad”. And the store manager, Josh, cant multi task whatsoever. Again..go to Mt.Oliver and deal with Angie McCullough only. She cares about customer service and is very professional.


Kymberley October 19, 2014 at 10:10 am

Well i started out with aarons and then went to rent a center, they did beat aarons price on a king bedroom set and before we even signed the lease we were promised that they will ordrer all new for the king set because the set now is all beat up. well now we hear that they dont know if they can give us a new set for the same price. Do you think im gonna fork out all this money for a beat up bed room set? NO iam not so if they dont keep there word on this new bedroom set. I WILL write the worse review out there for the Apopka Fl location. and BTW we where promised the new set by the Manager in the store. we shall see because otherewise they lost a NEW customer. and i will let it be known that they DONT keep there word on something NEW! and i will BE RETURNING to AARONS!


Thomas Sanchez October 17, 2014 at 6:34 pm

Hello my name Thomas Sanchez.. and I had bought a tv from one of your stores.. Well I paid mine off and my sister had added her name to my account so she could get her a tv as well.. Well her tv broke. So she took it back and still had to pay in it.. Well I played mine off.. and rent a center in Dinuba ca is saying I owe the money on my sisters tv that’s not rite. There saying I have to pay it because we lived at the same address.. and I told them I didn’t want her on my account..so something needs to get fixed because it’s messing up my credit.. please call me at 559493xxxx. Thanks


Bobbie October 16, 2014 at 8:19 pm

I have been dealing with the rent a center on N young blvd, chiefland, fl for some time now. Since they have changed managers several time along with the staff they have been nothing but rude, especially a employee named Amy. they call me a day in advance to make sure that i will be in to make a payment and they call the day it is due. I spoke to amy on the phone to let them know that i would be in to make a payment and she said that I was already late (which I am not) and that they would be sending a truck out to get the laptop ( i owe $110). I was told from a previous manager that if a certain percent of clients make their payments on time they get a bonus for the month. I will no longer do business with them.


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