Rent-A-Center corporate office

Rent-A-Center Corporate Office Address

Rent-A-Center, Inc.
5501 Headquarters Dr.
Plano, TX 75024

Contact Rent-A-Center

Phone Number: (972) 801-1100
Fax Number: (866) 260-1424
Website: http://www.rentacenter.com
Email: Email Rent-A-Center


CEO: Mark E. Speese
CFO: Robert D. Davis
COO: Mitchell E. Fadel

Rent-A-Center History

Rent-A-Center or RAC for short was founded in 1973 by Thomas Devlin and W. Frank Barton.  Mr. Devlin came up with the rent to own idea after working for an appliance rental company in Wichita, KS.

Current CEO, Mark Speese, joined the company in 1979.  The company went public in 1995 and has gained many of its current locations through acquisitions of other companies including DEF Investments, Thorn Americas, Rent-Way, Rainbow Rentals and Rent-Rite.

Rent-A-Center currently operates over 3000 locations in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.  Although originally founded in Wichita, the corporate office is now located in Plano, Texas.


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kenny July 31, 2014 at 4:56 pm

I am a former customer from the little rock area , I was renting a tv, washer and dryer, and couch and love seat. When I was preparing to move from little rock I set up 3 different times for them to pick up the stuff all 3 times they failed to show up while only calling me 1 of the 3 times . We called them again once we had all of our other things moved out and I informed race that we were no longer living there and did not want to leave this stuff there , due to the fact that we did not feel it was safe there I told them I had the tv and washer and dryer with me , I was then ask to return it to the old house for pick up. Now I’m being told my stuff is missing and I’m being harassed and called a thief and a liar ! I feel like I have been taken advantage of and possibly deceived and I feel like I have been set up. I have asked the guys at race to stop harassing me and have placed a call to report the issue. I feel that I went out of my way to get they’re stuff back to them and now I’m having to deal with all this. If I would have had a way of moving it all to them I certainly would have done so just to avoid all of this . I have spoken with them several times and asked for the harassment to stop , every time they call it ends in an argument and I will not tolerate the harassment any longer the next step I take is changing my phone number and I really don’t want to have to do this.


danielle riddle July 22, 2014 at 9:24 pm


I recently returned a “Used” Whirlpool refrigerator to the Claremore, Ok Rent A Center location as of July 21, 2014. I also paid this location up until July 31, 2014 with a small amount of funds left in suspense on the account to apply for August 2014 Rental charges.
With several conversations with this locations employee’s and management it was communicated to me that once they received the refrigerator in their store – I would be able to collect what I overpaid towards the account, this was also communicated to me as I was following the RAC truck back to the location to get my balance.
Once I arrived at the location I was then told they could not refund my money, I was extremely upset due to the fact that I wouldn’t have over paid if I was told correctly when I did pay as I told them I was going to get a refrigerator at cash price and would no longer need this one at $1,000.00 when I had already paid $300.00 est. on it.
I just lost my father April 24, 2014 and I am a single mother. I am so upset with the service and with the multitude of family, friends, business partners and local business owners I know – this could be very bad for this company’s reputation.
I was brought to tears that this company would do this to me.
I am a respected business owner in Kansas (Smokey Racks BBQ, Inc.) and I hold a position at MetLife Insurance in Tulsa, Ok. I cannot believe this is how you treat your loyal customers.


paige July 20, 2014 at 8:38 pm

I would like to know if anyone knows anything about being a consumer but not the rental customer. Basically my ex boyfriend was living with me and wanted to rent a TV from rent a center. He went in to so the application but said because my apartment was in my name and he wasn’t on the lease, I would have to come with the lease and my id. I did it but I never signed the contract. Since then my ex and have broken up and all his things including the TV are no longer in my home. The manager is threatening to press criminal charges but he won’t say if it is against just him, or me ad well. I told him I don’t know where my ex or the TV are, and I have nothing to do with his contract or financial state. I’m not his wife and he is an adult. The manager said I did have something to do with it because it came to my house. Does anyone know if I am responsible for this or not? I don’t think I should be, but the way the manager talked to me I’m not exactly sure.


Chris July 30, 2014 at 9:03 am

I am a former RAC credit manager. You are not on the hook for the theft. It is used as a tactic to get you to confess to the where a bouts of the tv. Although they do have your I.D., If that agreement isnt signed by you on every page possible. Charges will not be against you. Hopefully they have his I.D on file along with his signatures that way he can be held responsible for this.


ashly murphy July 14, 2014 at 11:19 pm

I am from statesville NC, I am renting from the rent a center on East Broad st. We have ALWAYS PAID but yet we’re not even two weeks behind and they harass us saying they are coming to get their bed and fridge. I am calling corporate tomorrow, this is wrong!!!!!!! When tax season comes they can shove the fridge where the sun don’t shine…. Their head manager Justin is a complete *sshole.


Josh July 12, 2014 at 12:59 pm

I had went to rent a center on 98 north in lakeland FL, to get a bedroom set. After speaking with Brandon in sales, everything seemed to be going well.. I was told a set price for a mattress, box spring, head board, foot board and chest of drawers. However after reading upon leaving the “set price” went up $40 a week.

I had been told that everything would be delivered on time and everything was in stock.. but unbeknownst to me.. that wasn’t true.. I had to wait another 7 days for my foot board to be delivered while I had everything else.. I wasn’t even able to set up my bed because they didn’t provide me the right hardware. So it was sitting in pieces in my closet and Ipieceseeping on a metal frame on the floor for a week and a half. Until i call again, a guy shows up and hands me three pieces of wood for center support.. well they were all three different ones. So i call back and they send brandon out who was banging my walls, and doors anf ceiling fan and mini blinds with the side pieces. And he didnt even had the right pieces either.. went to lowes to gey more.. he was scheduled to come between 12-4pm and showed up unannounced and 11:15 with out a phone call or warning.


Latoya July 11, 2014 at 9:21 am

I have had an on going horrible experience with a store in Las Vegas 2775 s nellis they are very unprofessional and they have shared my personal account information with people at my workplace. And why I was away from home and my minor children were at home they talked my minor children into letting them in the house without showing any identification and my son told them twice that there was no one of age home they proceeded to ask to see an item that I was renting and took it didn’t leave a card or anything and left. I don’t know how long they were in my home or the background of the workers all I know is that they were alone with my minor children in my home without my permission.


terry young July 7, 2014 at 12:19 pm

Gave me a couch that is filthy a rug with a stain and two twin mattresses that were used. This is the Lodi, Ca store. Was told by law they have to be professionally cleaned. Its a joke. They know that nothing will happen if they don’t


Pamela Bellino July 5, 2014 at 9:01 pm

First week of May set up a 90 day same as cash for a used bedroom set from the Rent a Center on Mobile Hwy in Pensacola , Fl. After the guys left I noticed 2 decent scratches on my wall and that one of the decorative emblems on the bed was missing. It took there assist manager Blake 2 weeks after that call to come out to my house to take pictures AND the store Manager took over 6 weeks to file a claim. Now at 8 weeks I get a letter saying Rent a Center did nothing wrong so they will not repair the DAMAGE!! One very pissed off consumer who is returning bedroom set and will never deal with a Company that does not fix there damages!! Looking at speaking to a attorney on this situation since the store managers tried to stall a claim!!!


william hand July 1, 2014 at 4:18 pm

My company here in Orlando fl. do alot of servicing for 3 Rent a Centers. It has been Over 2 Months and we have not recieved any checks for any of the last 3 jobs we have completed for them. Every time i call, its something different as to why they havent mailed us our checks. I am very disappointed in the corporate handlings of my money. I would NOT RECOMMEND working for this company. This time they are telling me I basically have to wait 45 days for them to even send out a check for the work I performed. (HOW STUPID IS THAT!!!) I mean, if i wait to send them my payment for items i have rented 45 days, they would send their boys knocking on my door. for this reason, we are cancelling ALL contracts with these stores. We are also sending all items we are currently renting back due to this. RENT A CENTER can shove it in their asses all I care. i do work for a few other rental companies as well. never have a problem with them at all. Why rent a center all the time.


Kenneth Wilson June 30, 2014 at 5:10 pm

We send our stuff back and they took along time trying to get it one of their trucks was two houses down unloaded stuff and they didn’t bother picking it up we put the stuff out side and they said no one could come a pick it up and they were short of staff last time I checked that wasn’t my problem so they said that if we leave stuff outside then we were held responsible for it we called them up and they never came and got it we were one day behind and we got harnessed everyday almost I m not renting from rent a center anymore I moved on to Aaron’s thank u


Kenneth Wilson June 30, 2014 at 5:11 pm

This store was elkton md 21921 on route 40


Ashley June 30, 2014 at 12:37 pm

I recently, in May, decided to do business went rent a center. Today is 6/30, and the furniture that I purchased is still not here, meaning in my home! Since May I have called and promise my furniture would be here. They keep blaming it on the manufacture but yet, as a store manger and customer service rep, you all should be keeping me up to date as to what is going. The manager response is: “I can’t push the truck here myself and neither can my district manager.” really? Is this how you treat customers? It’s has been over a month 1/2 and still no furniture. No calls from the DM, no nothing. Why am I’m waiting almost two months for furniture, that I do not have and have been making payments on?????


Dee July 1, 2014 at 5:21 pm

Ashley, if your paying the rental fee without the benefit of having the furniture,
you should call customer care. The number is 800-422-8186. I hope that helps.


brenda patterson June 28, 2014 at 12:36 pm

I rented a sec. sofa and mattress and frame at the Marrero Louisiana (westbank) branch. the sofa was in repair the cotton was hanging out. the sofa bed was very dirty with trash and pony tail bands and dirt and food. I was told someone will come out to clean it last Monday and no one showed. So today I am having it picked up. When I called to see what time was pick up I told the sales lady that no one came out last Monday to fix and clean it, that is why I am returning it. she said that she did not send anyone because she knew I was going to return it. It has been in my house for two weeks and I can’t use the sleeper for the nasty trash all over it. and I had to put a cover over it to set on it. the is bad business. So if you need to rent something DO NOT GO TO THE RENT A CENTER IN MARRERO LOUISIANA ON THE WESTBANK.


Cassondra June 26, 2014 at 1:02 pm

I’ve been a Rent-A-Center customer off and on since 2004, but mostly on. I started renting with them in Virginia Beach at the Holland Road location. They were actually AMAZING, and I didn’t have any problems there. Upon moving to Ohio in August 2006, I actually still had a pretty good experience with the Garfield Heights location, and because I had the protection on my washer & dryer, they replaced a part for me just as I was paying it off. When I had to become a new customer again upon moving to Brunswick, Ohio, boy did I start having problems with the store. I ALWAYS make my payments, whether they are on-time or late, I ALWAYS make the payments. They offer 1 week, 2 week and 1 month payment options. So, if I owe 2 payments, since I’m set up on the 2 week payment cycle, then how can I really be late?? It would be just as if I was on the 1 month option. I was put on some stupid card program, and charged for it, without my knowledge. I have been yelled at, threatened to have my merchandise taken back, tons and tons of door knockers left, tons and tons of voicemails left, and now they are just calling and not leaving a message to give them an excuse to leave yet another door knocker. Do they think I don’t see on my phone that they called? I told them that I had a vehicle payment set up, but my loan company tried to take it out of the wrong bank account, so I had to pay almost $2,000 to get my van back. Then, our electric was shut off, because we actually didn’t receive the bill. I know it seems lame, but I have 5 children, 4 of which are at home. We are constantly on the go, and my one child is mild mentally handicapped with 8 other diagnosis and a hearing aid. I explained to them the situation, and they seemed to agree with the arrangements. I got a call a couple of days ago saying if I didn’t make a payment they would take further legal action. They really need to stop threatening. So, a friend took me today to get some testing done, and my son tried to call to make a payment. The manager would NOT take the payment. He said that it wouldn’t touch the amount I owe. So, since you rejected my payment, does that mean I get my stuff for free now??? That’s what it means in most cases. I’ve complained to corporate customer service several times about the harassment, and the DM does call me. It usually gets worked out. I don’t know who these managers think they are. They are normal people, and threatening me is NOT going to help the situation any. They can’t do anything until you go to court over it, and they can’t garnish my wages, because I DO NOT work. My husband is mostly out of town for work, but they shouldn’t be allowed to garnish him, because we’ve attempted to pay, and work the rest out. I can prove that I attempted to make a payment, per their requests via phone messages, and they would NOT accept it!!!! Hmmmm…..guess that manager would look pretty foolish then. I’m sick of having to worry about them knocking at my door, and having to leave my blinds closed. If people around where we live see what they do, and how they are, do they really think that will help them get additional business??? I DO NOT THINK SO!!!!!


Frankie Keith July 30, 2014 at 12:58 am

We had the same problem in Anniston Alabama. My grand daughter has stomach cancer and my daughter was with her in Birmingham Alabama at the childrens hospital and they started beating n pounding on the door at 8am even waking up the neighbors and i was visiting my daughter to help her while she was at the hospital with her daughter and they threaten to call the police witch he did and he told me that he wasnt leaving and he would beat on the door all day witch he did untill the police arrived and the police told them that there wasnt anything they could do and they still herassed me all day.Now i am dissabled with palsey and im ptsd and i have panic attacks and heart problems on top of other things.when my daughter came home we took care of it. I went into the RAC office to talk to th manager and he wasnt there and the boy in charge got smart with me and told me that he could do what he wanted as long as they didnt force their way in and i am a christian man is how he got away with talking to me that way. And by the way i am not a resident. It is the most unbusiness unprofesionalism i have ever saw or heard. It was bad enuff that i had a verry bad spell and had to go get checked. Now this is way out of hand. I have plenty of witnesses that saw and heard every thing.


grace June 21, 2014 at 10:03 pm

I am a close friend with some of the people in the waimea/kamuela branch in hawaii. The general manager joe gallegos always steals his employees sales and uses the company card to buy house supply for himself and his family like toilet paper; bedding and other house hold cleaning supplies. As well as using the card to fill up the tank in his personal car. He also Sends his wife to stalk his employees and take pictures of them while they do deliveries. He has been picking on the other employees that work under them all he does is sit him his fat ass… literally *FAT* every time I’ve been in the store he bosses around everyone and never leaves his office chair. He never does his returns on the same day they come back to the store . sometimes when the bug bosses come into the store he takes the Unreturned merchandise home so the bosses will not see it lying out. His wife and family are always in the store. And recently he rudely put up a help wanted sigh and they are fully staffed saying that he’s going to fire one of the employees that hr makes go deliver huge couches washers dryers refrigerators etc all alone. To top it off he only keeps the ladies in the shop with him.


Rainy Oseguera June 21, 2014 at 9:54 am

I live in st joe mo and the store is horrible. I was renting my tv, stove and refrigerator from rent 1st. Where they would really work with u. Well rent a center bought them out and refrigerator quit working it took my husband going up there and him telling then to take the pos refrigerator they finally exchanged it with same payments as the other one. Today they have come to take my refrigerator and stove.they dont give a shot about their customers. I could have my kids taken from me because I dont have refrigerator or stove I am calling Aaron’s today.


larissa June 20, 2014 at 6:11 pm

I have been a customer with rent a center in Brighton co for a long time and have an item with them now that I’m almost done paying there manager is rude instead of greeting u right he says ” welcome to taco bell” not only that has a bad attitude and is not a understanding I have payrd my iPad late BC they don’t fix my pay date and also the lady working there one time went off on me . I’m try to rent another item from rent a center in a different city so I don’t have to deal with the manager in Brighton co and once I have all mg paper signed they say no u can’t BC u have another account with rent a center in Brighton and the manager says he’s had some issues with u” excuse MD but I’ve paid and continue paying and need a laptop and can’t afford to pay a full price one up front so CEO hope your reading these BC that is defenetly not professional the greeting, not going thru renting me the item after signing documents just for a manager that don’t like me BC I got him in trouble with the ” welcome to taco bell” when he should be saying welcome to rent a Center


Tabatha Flores June 9, 2014 at 11:55 am

I have an attorney for a lawsuit for harassment if anyone else on here has had the same problem and would like to join…i have been renting a TV for almost 2 years now and have paid over 2k already and only owe a measly 500 to pay it off and we have already paid off other merchandise but now that my husband and i are going through a rough time because my husband is out of work right now and i lost my job they refuse to work with us!! Is all hey could do was harass us constantly. I never one time received a call from the store manager so I called the dm and she said well let me see what I can do and I will call you back but she never returned my calls again…i never wanted a free ride I just asked them to work with us for a little while until things get better but they refused now I receive a letter from an attorney threatening to take legal action because they cannot get in touch with us!! That is a blatant lie!! How can they lie like that??!!!


Tabatha Flores June 9, 2014 at 12:02 pm

And there’s much much more to the story but i could go on for days about the things that they have done and the un professionalism of this company and their employees especially the manager of the store in san bernardino ca on highland ave and the dm over the stores.


David Beck June 16, 2014 at 10:48 am

Tabatha, My name is David Beck And I am going through the same thing. Except I have become disabled. They worked with me for several weeks until the manager “mistunderstood” specific payment info that I gave him. Instead of telling me he made a mistake. He became beligerent and belittled me and demanded that I make payments that He and I both know I cannot afford. Also I got this manager on recording treating me this way.


David Beck June 16, 2014 at 10:52 am

I have decided to make an In my opinion sign and stand in front of the store and then tip off our local newspaper. I was an excellent customer until this new manager came on board. I live in Union Mo. and am dealing with the Washington Mo. Store.


Ellie June 26, 2014 at 10:36 am

these people have nothing better to do than harrass you all day long! I get called 6x in a row if I don’t answer, WHILE I am at work, its rude! and theyre calling me over 38$, I told them id be there to pay it the following day because I was stuck at work and not even an hour later they were calling me non-stop… is it even worth it to complain? if im getting charged a late fee then why are you still blowing up my phone? ill gladly pay the late fee since I could not make it that day, but they shouldn’t still be harassing me its disgusting… these fucking people have no lives.


Hello. June 27, 2014 at 1:32 pm

We have no life because working at RAC TAKES UP ALL OUR TIME. Most of us don’t want to harass you. But sometimes we have to, we could even lose our jobs if we don’t. To be nice in this business is putting a target on your head to be lied to, stolen from and treated with disrespect. So you have to understand that some of us are trying just to make a living.


Suzie July 26, 2014 at 3:26 am

I am a coworker at the store in Athens GA. Let me tell you it is no piece of cake working for rent a center. I am at the store from 9 in the morning until 9 at night. I am constantly being yelled at and cussed at by a coworker of mine. I get called outside of my name and belittled more than anyone should. During our Easter Party, she was cussing out our store manager and slamming doors while my children, my friends children and other customers were in the store. My friends, who are customers of Rent A Center, were having to help customers because she was unwilling to help them. I have had customers complain about the same things I have been reading about on here, but in reference to her. I do my very best, as a coworker of Rent A Center, to help my customers anyway I can. I use my personal time to pick up payments, fix peoples merchandise, and help them find jobs or places that can help them get jobs. I understand your frustration about the calls, I really do, because I make them every morning. If you dont want Rent-A-Center to call you… be proactive. Call your account manager, explain your situation, we know life happens… And if you call a day or two before you know its due and you know your not gonna have it, they can put in for an extension to help. If you have Benefits plus and you lose your job, file the claim… They can help. I wish you all had me as your account manager! Maybe your experience would have been different. My customers love me. They know I am just doing my job, to the best of my ability, and that they can trust me and come to me with their problems. I know its hard to swallow pride, but is it harder to ask for help or listen to the phone ring 100 times in a week because your 3 days behind?


Chris July 30, 2014 at 9:11 am

Former Rac Credit Manager here, We do call alot, visit you at home and some cases your work. The reason is simply “ARE A RENT TO OWN COMPANY” “NO GRACE PERIOD” ALSO. You get set up to how often you get paid, we understand that things happen and in most cases I am willing to help. But there are people who abuse the system, lie, steal etc. Someone comes in and pays 30 bucks to get a #$1399 retail TV, then pawns it. Now he is damaging the stores goals. People lose their jobs over stuff like this. To better understand it, just imagine being solely judged on what other people do/pay their bills on time. Granted I am no longer with the company, If the difference in me feeding my family every week depends on you paying your bill or returning the product. My family will eat because I was that guy making them calls/ visits etc.


Tina C June 6, 2014 at 12:42 pm

Cannot get reply from corporate on no delivery of washing machine. DM mgr # constantly goes to VM. Think I am going away? Think again. Was cust over a decade and now this crap!


patricia lopez June 3, 2014 at 10:53 pm

I also would like to talk to someone…the bull I have been thru in the last month is amazing..fully paid a month ago…just got merchandise today, guess what all the parts are not there, so perhaps they will be back thursady..on top of that the store calls me to collect this months bill, still don’t have the furniture, paid in full one month ago, and they want more money..are you guys hurting or what all your customers being screwed…wow. p.lopez


Tina C June 6, 2014 at 12:44 pm

You won’t get a reply we all do not get replies.


Debbie June 3, 2014 at 6:39 am

Wow….I’ve already took back my IPad,computer, and furniture and went to Aaron’s. Your store in West Des Moines DOES NOT CARE about your customer NOW I’ve had your rent a phone and am planning on taking it back also!!!!! For 2 months I’ve been telling them that the phone wasn’t working properly and nothing was done. My husband has the same service I have but he can have service wherever we go my phone no service, can’t send or receive picture texts, I have a hotspot on mine but what good is it if I have no service. Sooo yesterday they finally give me a new phone..GUESS WHAT no service the phone keeps saying insert SIM card and now I have NO data service on it….I feel I should get all of my money back or at least half so I can go get a phone that works!!!!! No one seems to care that I have issues!!!!,


Debbie June 6, 2014 at 1:00 pm

Update on my situation…a very nice young gentleman (Adam) helped me by getting a different phone. Used but it works but he wasn’t able to do anything more but he tried. Took me calling Corporate daily to get a regional manager to call me. Well their solution is to be. Completely paid off in 13 weeks instead of 18 months…..Still not happy as I’ve already laid 6months in figured phone should be paid off but oh well once I’m done I’m done going to Aarons…


Jackie Overstreet May 31, 2014 at 7:46 am

Been a Good Customer- Since the Temp Manager Jackie left- I am going to stop my Rent a Center. I asked to change out my furniture set (yesterday) and pay cash for the differance.My son, being autistic- couldn’t handle being in the store. So I asked them to call me…. Since the “Girl” had closed her office door as soon as we walked in…..Came out after another customer entered and went back after she paid. Customer Service-No ” Hi, How are you today?” SINCE THEY HAD NO CLUE IF I COULD CHANGE IT OUT– I asked them to call me and see if we could use the money I have already paid and pay the difference. No call. My bill is due also. Wouldn’t you want to collect? I also have a washer & dryer. But if this is how I am going to be treated–I am going somewhere else.
Customer Service? Please pull up my account. I don’t know why “They” wouldn’t try and make a deal. How about smiling? How are you today? Get out of your office.
Astoria, Oregon


Now an Aaron's Customer May 24, 2014 at 9:29 pm

Prescott Valley, AZ Store manager Joel Kain is a lying and scanless bastard. Why you would want such a dishonest man representing your company is beyond me. Also an employee by the name of Stephanie is also a lying bitch.. They have continuously lied to us. Harassed us at home and work for no damn reasons.. The only good employee they had there was fired.. Several family and friends have left RAC and went to Aaron’s. . And after years of renting and paying off items I now have returned what I have left and took my business to Aaron’s. . At least they treat you like a human and not like a POS.. Your companies best interst is to fire the two scumbags Joel and Stephanie.. This is a small town and Ive lived here for years. Bet your sweet ass that the word will get out quickly.. Also, ymy cousins husband was fed up with your Manager and Stephanie he decided to go to Aaron’s
. Your manager called Aaron’s and stated that he was my cousin and canceled their order.
. They both need to be FIRED A.S.A.P!!!


Georgine Sable May 24, 2014 at 11:50 am

I am very upset with Rent-a-Center in Depew NY. Communication is horrible. They have sent me on a wild goose chase since 5/19/14. I received a call ton 5/19/14 asking when I was coming in to make a payment and I said I did already on 5/17/14. Little did I know the online system still had my one account set for bi-weekly payments and the other account was on weekly payments. The reason this had happened was due to an employee not doing his job on 4/26/14 like he was suppose to. At first it was my fault that the payments had been reset on my account to bi-weekly as I did make a couple payments late. I had rented appliances and on 4/26/14 I had gone into the store and made the weekly payment so my account could be reset for my furniture and this way my furniture and appliances would be due weekly on Saturdays. I had talked to the rep on 5/19/14 to take the extra payment I made on the furniture and apply it to the appliance account and I was told I need to speak with my boss and I will get back to you and he never Did. On Tuesday 5/20/14 I was at work and they tried to contact me and when I didn’t answer not only did they leave a voicemail stating they needed to talk to me right away about my account but decided to contact one of my references and when they were asked why they were calling the rep told my reference my line was disconnected and they could not reach me. I then called the store and talked to the manager regarding all this on 5/20/14 in the afternoon. I was told I needed to contact the e-pay department as they do not handle any account updates when it comes to due dates and The manager would be sure the rep leaves a voicemail for me and will not contact my reference again after all they have my house phone # and cell # to contact me and there was no need to contact one of my references. I contacted the e-pay department and OMG talk about not understanding English they told me I needed to contact the store when I explained in more detail mind you it was at a kindergarten level they tried to transfer me to a store rep and hung up on me. I called back in and they told me I needed to call my store. I told her no I need to speak with someone who is going to handle this instead of just passing me off. I was then transferred to a supervisor She had told me she will have the district manager from the corporate office contact me regarding this. Once again no call and it is now 5/24/14. I went to check on my account this morning and my payment date for both my accounts was changed however one account is still bi-weekly payments while the other remains at weekly payments. I contact the store at 11:30am today 5/24/14 to ask why this was not fixed and once again I was told to call the e-pay center they have no control over it. I told the rep if no one has control who changed my account information and I got the response I have no clue you need to contact them. I said this is unreal furniture will be coming back on 5/29/14 and I got ok talk to you the. Unreal I have been a longtime rent-a-center customer for over 10 years and this is how they treat me I don’t think so!!!!!!! Guess I am going else Where and I will be sure to take all my referrals with me!!!!!!!


Imakemoremoneythanu May 22, 2014 at 7:44 pm

This goes out to the black girl and Joe at the Rivers Ave office. I took the computer back because 1 it was a piece of s*** it always crashes and I didn’t need it. So the smartass comment that Joe made when I was going out of the door about me not paying my bills I am not going to pay for a crap ass computer when I can get a new one anyway. I know I make more money than both of you put together so when we talk about paying s*** I got mine but yall can shove that piece of s*** computer up your ass and learn how to be professional its not your s*** so don’t be mad over it you are so dumb dumb to take it personal you really make me lmfao at yalls stupid asses. So keep on collecting your minimum wage and food stamps and look for a new job if you don’t like it. And fyi its North Charleston Sc office


September F May 19, 2014 at 6:52 pm

I try not do complain to much about most businesses. Rent-A-Center in Monroe MI has to be the worst hand down. Now if you can try to figure the amount that we have paid to these vultures, (putting aside I am disabled and on disability), We started paying on this at the end of May 2011. The workers have came to my home and received payments providing us with hard copy receipts. My fiancée and I moved in November 2012, the store manager just informed us that all the payments prior to us moving became null and void when we moved, and that we had started over with our payments. Prior to our move they told us that we would receive full credit of what we had already paid. Now Whirlpool sent us the first of 3 warranty papers in October last year. The manager told us to just throw the paper away because they take care of that in office. So then we get the second one in November so she told us to bring it in and they would take care of it. Well then we got a third in December and again she said to throw it away. I didn’t, I call Whirlpool last ,month to ask why I had gotten the three papers regarding my washer and dryer and she said they only send those to customers who have paid off their products. Now I confronted them last month after I had spoke to the Whirlpool rep, and she replied that that was false information and I should have come to her. Now there branch is trying to tell me I still owe 6 more months of payments so I am so ticked at this company. I get the run around from this store to the district store and now I am awaiting for the district manager’s supervisor is supposed to contact me within 24 hours. And I get the pleasure of them beating on my doors and windows. And also looking into my windows. Now another thing that bothers me is they have contacted not only my references in this but also my landlord who knows when we got it because it had affected our rent. So I give a negative review for this whole company I will not recommend you to anyone ever. Be wary people of these con artists. You will let all my friends, family and anyone I meet know just what kind of people they are and the way they conduct business is extremely unacceptable. As far as my washer and dryer set take me to court, we will see what a judge will say to how you take advantage of people, especially the disabled. Thanks for 3 years of hell Rent-A-Center, hope someone does to you what you’ve done to us. You will not receive another penny from us.


ollie May 19, 2014 at 2:47 pm

the rent a center store location @ 3617 S. NOLAND RD, INDEPENDENCE, MO, is why I am not happy with rent a center anymore I have dealt with them for 7 years at two different locations and I have paid them for several items, I am getting harassing phone calls at my job and at home from them I do plan to pay them but after I’m finished paying for the item I am done with you all, are you all ever grateful for long time customers or you just got what you could out of me and then say f–k me.


ollie May 19, 2014 at 2:02 pm

first of all I have not felt so harassed in my life I have bought and paid for a bedroom suite, mattress and box springs separately, computer, and a dryer I paid a lot of money from 2007 til present I am currently buying a television LG from you all I lost my job in January I gained employment in march and I am trying to catch up I have worked with the manager at the store and one other employee which were very understanding I am not expecting you all to give me anything all I need is a little time to resume my payments, there is a new employee working at this location she have gone above the manager’s head and she is harassing me all day long on my job at my home multiple times per day this is unnecessary I paid for everything else why wouldn’t I pay for this item I’m calling corporate to get this harassment stopped if not I will never buy another thing from you guys and you can bank on it. thanks


Jeanne Rhein May 19, 2014 at 12:33 pm

I left a previous message-will not discuss the issue with me due to the fact that the account is in my sisters name therefore making it a private matter. However the very explicit and totally unprofessional note left taped to my sisters front door by an RAC employee certainly takes this issue from a private matter to a public one. Well if RAC wants to make this a public matter we are certainly up for the challenge. My sister lives in Las Vegas, I in North Carolina and there are friends and family in every state between.


Jeanne Rhein May 19, 2014 at 12:18 pm

I have been on the phone for hours, I guess this is part of a strategic plan so people will give up. I promise you I will not. I am like a hair in a biscuit-I will not go completely away. I will continue to force this issue until an agreeable solution is reached.


andrea May 17, 2014 at 1:59 pm

I’ve been renting from rac for years and the last 2 products I’ve gotten from them have been nothing but broken down pos. luckly the manager for the most part has been supportive except with the current washer that i called bout 3days ago. they have had me jump threw hoops. it was supposed to be picked up yesterday and instead of picking it up they had the man push 3buttons and say he will be back in a few hours. i called the manager and he said they didn’t understand and he would send them back in which they never called or showed back up. i spent over 6hpurs waiting for them. i called 1st thing this morning and spoke to the manager telling him its still here and broken and they never ahowed. he said ok and said it will be taken care of. that was 4hours ago with no returned calls or them showing up. this washer has been fixed 4 times and still continues to break down. I’m livid at there poor communtcation and and ability to fix products right.


Vanessa May 17, 2014 at 11:00 am

These people are a bunch of ripoffs I’m sick of them right about now. The store in Tyler Tx, on Front St,& Beckham Ave, Is Joke they suck at costumer service. They don’t have a manager with good managing skills. They Love there payments but hate to deal with costumers. They try there hardest to keep your money. There Has to be someone out there that can put them in there place. Millinda you need to stop Being so Darn Racist and Do your Managing Job without thinking your Better than everyone. Anthony you need to Grow up and take your job more serious hanging up on someone is childish thats not costumer service. If you weren’t ready for that position why did you take it. And at the end all they can say is ” I need to go to another Store ” lol REALLY???…


Diane Severns May 14, 2014 at 3:20 pm

on the second week of April I win in training center and wanted to get a small computer which was on sale for $365 it it was it is Jeff Dunham is for my budget in my budget range in D minor as a add on okay and by the way and I put through four people that day at what I felt like I was getting passed on it didn’t matter because rain grateful and excited about my new apartment in an hour ago on it I filled out the paperwork and chat while I was doing that yesterday asking my friend about my credit that that I was with a customer of theirs about all my business she ran a credit check on me and found out that I only had she will you on your nerves at 3p credit card or she must not look very good because I am the bank ok into her name is Erica and your stocking up anyway so I let all that go in and she said when I came back at as if she appointed to make me has at night landlord sign a paper because they didn’t rest of our lives where I live they didn’t read anything I said on that paper they had to call every single person on that paper and I felt like ridiculed I feel like a big difference in right away still a very really in Bethesda way anyway I had to wait nine days until they decided that they would deal with me so I called corporate nasty me know what was going on in so they finally let that be an Amex black top sure but it wasn’t even the same one it was just a little rinky dinks you one that didn’t even have windows on it okay I asked you if I can dig it was someone else they said no that I had to deal with the present that I called corporate on again I was in tears because I didn’t want that computer she made me take that computer and I’m so desperate to do anything sexy in your two weeks in my apartment with cancer and you know I need to get my mind off things and so on so I was just grateful for whatever like my game at your 90 days same as cash that was fine and I said that’s all I’m liable for even though I die I get it paid and you didn’t forget but she would not give me out on that even lamp she said she could do the lamps on the under 80 for 20 bucks but not at the Anaheim but you’ll find some for me to the Internet


Nancy Diamond May 12, 2014 at 11:33 am

I have been renting from this company since 2008 and i have never had problems like this before i called the cape coral store around the 1st and told them i didnt have the money this month if they could come and pick everything up and they scheduled it for the week after i stayed home all day waiting for them and they called at like 5pm and said they where too busy to come out so today they said if they came out to get it i would have to pay them 117.00 when they gothere or i could bring them all the stuff and i wouldnt have to pay the 117.00 which would cost me almost that much in gas to get it all back to them because of all the trips i would have to make. Im very unsatified costumer i feel as though being a costumer for over 5 years i should get a little more respect. Iwould like something to be done thank you.


Carolyn May 9, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Rent a Centre in Stockton CA off of Wilson
Lies I ask Juan to pick up washer And dryer I spoke
With him in the morning, I told him I would be home all day if I leave I told him I would call he said ok. Someone called me about 4:00pm a Lady asking why i wanted to turn in the washerand dryer I said I dont want it no more. I told her i been home all day no One has showed up. She gonna act like she didnt know someone was picking the washer And dryer up. I called at 6:50pm speaking with Edgar he says their waiting for the delivery drivers, ok leaving me holding to check to see when someone is comíng out to pick these items up. When he came back to the phone he said it tales a couple of says for a appointment to pick up the equipment, I said thats not What Juan said, then EDGAR had the nerves to ask for a payment for the washer And dryer when I made a payment with Juan earlier. This company lisa continuously a month ago León said my balance was $200.00 And something yesterday Juan said its almost $400.00 my balance, really


T Wright May 1, 2014 at 1:52 pm

I experience a very disrespectful and nasty employee at Store #2505 Utica Ave Brooklyn NY. I have be dealing with the Company for over 15 years and never felt till now that they are hiring unprofessional and not courteous employees. I had rent a sofa and bought a carpet a few days ago. The Sofa chair was delivered but no carpet. I was told by delivery person he would bring it the next day, no carpet. Call in the day after and a manager told me it would be deliver not today I call but the next day. I was upset, since the carpet was already 2days late..and did I mention pay in full already. I told him no, I need my carpet deliver today, he got nasty and told me to call the Corporate office if I wanted too. Well I did just that yesterday and still waiting for a Director over this division at Utica Ave Store #2505 to respond back. I’m at the point of sending the sofa back and getting my paid for carpet and leaving Rent A Center Division Alone for good. Need to hire better employees at Renter Center Company will lose loyal valuable Customers; like myself.


larry clark April 30, 2014 at 8:14 pm

please contact me at 928-219-XXXX iv been with rac center for long time then when I was out of town they stop by and put those door tag on my truck on windshield and scratch paint they tride saying it wasent them my truck has custome paint wish I could add pics called and getting the run around from them.


Cassie April 30, 2014 at 4:43 pm

I won’t ever use Rent-A-Center again.This is the second time using them and all they do is harass you the entire time.My phone recently got cut off so they started calling my work over and over everyday mutiple times.yes we have to send a nintendo ds back but we called them and told them that my boyfriend’s 7 year son has it and he is out of town and we will get it back as soon as he gets back this weekend and the next day they are calling my work..again and stopping by the house while we are gone.


patrick April 29, 2014 at 3:03 pm

I agree with anna. Rent a center is a poor company who has no values and employees people without values as well. They lie and mislead and harass there customers. They don’t believe in customer loyalty or respect. I rented a set of bunk beds from the Dothan Al store on main st. And they told me they had to go get the bed and the parts from another store. When we finally got the bed it had no parts to put it together. 90 days later we still hadn’t recieved the parts. We also rented a energy efficient washer dryer suppose to be new. But it took 4 times to dry the clothes. That’s not efficient at all.


Lakeithsha king April 11, 2014 at 4:23 pm

Rent a center came in my house without my permission and took items that wasn’t theirs and when I took a receipt to the store they told me it was a mistake and a month later I received it back damaged and I’m having to try to replace what they messed up


Anna April 10, 2014 at 7:47 am

9 April, 2014

Mr. Mark E. Speese
5501 Headquarters Drive
Plano, TX 75024

Dr. Mr. Speese,

I can not see, in any regard, how lying to your customers could be considered a good way of doing business (particularly for a company such as yours)…but your Rent-A- Center, or at least, your location at 5150 Overland Road in Boise, Idaho seems to feel differently.

I would like to (as briefly as possible) relate to you my experiences with this store in regard to a rental my wife and I made of a new washer and dryer combination…as well make you aware that we are quite angry in regard to our time wasted on the telephone, waiting for deliveries, and in having to put aside other matters to take the time to write this letter to you…as well as being treated as if we were a couple of “suckers”.

We had rented a washer and dryer combination from this location last February…and on the 7th of this month the dryer failed to generate heat on any of the settings supplies (i.e. it worked as if on “air dry” mode – no matter what the setting).

I called the location and was told by one of your male representatives that a loaner would be supplied and the dryer would be repaired. As we are currently in the process of selling our home (and we often have 1 or 2 or more people viewing the property daily) – I decided to ask if it would be possible to just replace the unit with another new one instead (to avoid multiple deliveries) and was told that “yes, that would be no problem” (please note that had it not been possible to do so, it would not have been an extremely big problem to us – only less convenient – had your company not been able to supply a new replacement unit, I would have allowed your company to deliver a loaner and repair the unit as previously described).

I set up the delivery arrangements with your company and then asked (to confirm again) that this replacement would be a new unit and was given an answer that “it definitely would be”.

Shortly after this, my wife (who was at work and unaware that the arrangements had made by me at home) also called your location, and was informed of what arrangements had been made. She, too, confirmed with your representative that the unit to be delivered would be a new one.

Upon delivery (which occurred about 45 minutes later than the scheduled time frame I was given) I met the driver at his truck to inform him of the problem with the old unit and direct him as to the best way to bring it into the home. I noted at that time that the unit to be delivered was not boxed (merely covered with a protective blanket and strapped to the inside of the truck)….however, as I was looking at it, I was told by the driver that it was a new unit (so I just assumed he unboxed it at your store for convenience of delivery).
As your delivery person was removing the old unit, I then noticed some scratches on the top of the unit to be installed (where the controls are located)…I pointed this out and was, once again, told that it was a new unit, and that the scratches “sometimes occur at the factory” (I felt this statement to be dishonest and assumed the driver may have damaged it in loading or transit…as the scratches were not a big problem to me – I allowed it to pass).
I assisted the driver in bringing in the unit (as he seemed to be having difficulty…and I might note here that he stated that “most customers don’t help me, but just stand there and watch”…which I felt to be an odd statement, as I would assume a customer is not normally involved in the delivery of a product) and allowed him to install it…when the driver tested the machine he discovered the supplied instructions were inside the machine (along with a packet containing plastic legs)…he took them out and made the statement “here’s the instructions – which is proof the machine is new”…actually, to the best of my knowledge, this is no proof at all and I felt that the instructions were usually supplied wrapped in a plastic cover (these were not)..I also asked about the use of the plastic legs supplied with the machine and was told that they were “in case you wanted to raise the machine up”… but as I was now running late (due to the lateness of the delivery) I made no further inspection of the machine, tipped the driver, he left, and I soon left my home for my appointment.

Upon returning home, my wife and I both inspected the unit and found surface scratches all along the top of the machine, in back, around the bottom, and noted that most of the underside paint was worn away….obviously not a new machine – and one that had several points of damage and a top that appeared to have been scoured with an abrasive pad. We also found the instructions we had saved from the previous machine, which were, indeed, packed in a plastic sleeve, unlike the ones stored in the supposedly new unit…apparently more proof that the machines was not new.

We found it quite aggravating that we had now been lied to by your company 4 times, as well as being insulted by the idea of anyone at your company thinking we would not notice that a used machine was delivered in place of a new…and kind of appalled that such a deceptive practice was employed on us…at this point I also questioned as to whether the above mentioned plastic legs were actually supposed to be installed on this machine (as well as the defective one) – which they were not (done on either)…if so, that makes 5 lies (and 2 unsatisfactory installations).

We then called your location and we’re told the other (defective) unit could be fixed and returned…with no mention or explanation made in regard to delivering the used unit in place of a new one.

Although we had planned to keep both the washer and dryer units we rented (and take them to our new home after closing on our current home) – we decided to return the dryer altogether and hang our clothes on a line outside…the washer will also be returned as soon as our home sells…and we will never again do business with your company and will persuade anyone we know (who might consider it) not to do so. I might also add, that when we asked your representative over the phone for the email address of your corporate offices, we were told you did not have one (that also does not seem to be the case)

What kind of way is that to do business? You put us through all this time and trouble — when simple honesty could have happily resolved the problem and kept us as customers.
And, I will note in closing, that during the inspection of the dryer, my wife and I noticed some damage to the linoleum floor in our laundry room as well — as I am not liar, I can not say with absolute certainty that your delivery person did the damage, but I can say for sure that my wife and I never noticed that prior to this last delivery (and it is fairly prominent).

I wish I could fully describe how we feel about this experience…but it is so outrageously ridiculous and blatantly stupid and dishonest that I can’t quite find the correct descriptive word.
What in the world would possess your representatives to tell a customer that they would be delivering a new appliance and then deliver a used one…why could they not just tell us they could not do that, or did not have one (or whatever the problem was)? Did they really think we would not notice or care? This nonsense and dishonesty has caused us a great deal of wasted time, inconvenience, and aggravation…and it has lost you a long term customer (who may well have been inclined to rent additional appliances, as we are currently in the process of trying to purchase a new home and might well need kitchen, living room, and bedroom items).
I will say your company is very foolish, dishonest, and should be ashamed of itself.
I will also note that I will contact every agency and website that deals with dishonest business practices and fraud with a copy of our experiences…and we may consider contacting an attorney to discuss any avenues of redemption which may be taken against your company


Ashley June 30, 2014 at 12:51 pm

Hi April,

Did you received a respond from their Executive office? I haven’t, just curious.


Ashley June 30, 2014 at 12:51 pm

I meant Anna, not April.


tOM b April 9, 2014 at 12:06 pm

What is the current ceo telephone. I am tried of the issues and customer service is alll the time running around


beatriz rivera April 8, 2014 at 8:37 pm

people from ur office keeps calling me and harassing me about someone i dnt know the numbers r are 210~836~XXXX, 210~854~XXXX they need to stop or i will be calling someone in law


Lemke April 4, 2014 at 3:02 am

Tracy CA , the worst customer service ever. Purchased five big items in which never late and always paid off in the 90 days. Decided to purchase a 3pc sectional and lied to on it being new when it was used and being charged New price. Being told a new one is on order and it’s been past three weeks. Can’t get a follow up call back and constantly being told there’s a delay in delivery when I call to follow up. Always getting lied to when they say I will get a call back.


Ashley June 30, 2014 at 12:38 pm

Hi Lemke, I’m currently in the same boat as you!


Berdia Gallien April 2, 2014 at 9:00 pm

Many, Louisiana has the worst employee’s I have ever seen. I asked them to take my 12 year daughters name off an account that is owned by husband but they refused to do so. The Rent A Center here in Many, La is poorly ran by some un-educated clowns. All of them need to be fired.


Sherry Guy April 2, 2014 at 7:03 pm

Eddie from Pennsville, NJ was both unprofessional and harassing towards me. I was late by 2 days but made my payment in double the amount and he stated that wasn’t good enough and threatened to come get my refrigerator the same night.


tom poth March 31, 2014 at 12:14 pm

would like someone to call me due to one of your branches harassing and bothering me all the time. 239 895-XXXX


Vanessa Lewis March 28, 2014 at 6:37 pm

I recently had a stereo from a Rent A center in Great bend. I was harassed by the employee john. I was one week behind and I had ten calls from him a day. Along with voicemails. I called him and told him I would be in the following week to get current on my bill. I also told him to not call me anymore since an arrangement had been made. He then told me if I paid my bills in time I wouldn’t be having this problem. The very next day he proceeded to call me numerous times and he called my job and references. This is unacceptable. I was being harassed. I returned my merchandise. Then he had the nerve to call me again to ask me if there was anything else I would be interested in.


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