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Pilot Flying J Corporate Office Address

Pilot Travel Centers LLC
5508 Lonas Dr
Knoxville, TN 37909

Contact Pilot Flying J

Phone Number: (865) 588-7488
Fax Number: (865) 297-1972
Website: http://www.pilotflyingj.com
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CEO: John Compton
CFO: Mitch Steenrod
COO: Mark A. Hazelwood

Pilot Flying J History

The first Pilot station was opened by James (Jimmy) Haslam II in 1958 in Gate City, Virginia.

In 1965, Marathon Oil purchases half of Pilot and provides them with $4 million to expand.  By 1973, there are 50 locations.

In 1976, Pilot opens their first convenience store.  The following year, the company acquires Lonas Oil Co. and converts their locations to convenience stores.

By 1981, there are 100 Pilot locations.

In 1988, the company buys back Marathon Oil’s shares.

In 2001, Pilot and Marathon join forces again to form Pilot Travel Centers.  In 2003, the company acquires Williams Travel Centers.

In 2006, the first Canadian location is opened.  In 2008, the company buys Marathon’s shares back for a second time.

In 2010, Pilot buys Flying J’s travel stations from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Pilot Flying J is formed.

Pilot Flying J currently operates over 550 truck stops, convenience stores and restaurants in the US and Canada.




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C Flowers September 17, 2014 at 9:31 pm

This video was taken by someone else but before I posted this I verified that there is a Pilot on I-75 at exit 341 in Ocala Florida. As you can see, there is no gas coming out of the pump handle but the money continues to add up. Seriously!! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10202620392579084


kayla September 15, 2014 at 3:47 pm

I worked at pilot flying j in whiteland indiana and had an awful experience. The GM is verbally abusive to employees and has an inappropriate relationship with one of the older cashiers.


Chris September 9, 2014 at 12:05 pm

Anyone else experienced any problems at the store #293 in Ocala FL?


Bev September 9, 2014 at 10:06 am

Pilot 337 in Florence South Carolina is full of it… If an employee and manger are sleeping together shouldn’t both get fired not just the employee… They show favoritism at that store they look out for each other… I want to know why this manger isn’t fired also


Tom Powers September 8, 2014 at 9:31 pm

I’ve been loyal to Pilot/FlyingJ only to find as I’ve used them to fuel my RV across country that I haven’t been getting My Rewards although I am registered as an Advantage and a Good Sam member. What;s even more disappointing is that their customer service email does’t seem to work with Apple Safari web browsers and when I called customer service the agent thought it was funny I traveled from Charlotte, NC to Portland, OR using Pilot/Flying J almost exclusively but I’ll use Love’s & TSA on the way home.


x PFJ Employiee August 28, 2014 at 7:59 am

I Was a loyal employee at the Simpsonville one in Kentucky but then was falsely Excused of threatening another employe they may seem nice but however when theirs no customers they will take food and drink the one that accused me often sat and watched TV though out her whole shift half of them smoked pot why there so much for a drug test. i do not Recommend this PFJ to any one at all


Kathy Harts August 25, 2014 at 9:44 pm

On 8/24/2014, I went to one of your truck stops on Richey Rd (15919 N. Freeway) in Houston, TX. Now I had driven all the way from Ohio with another person and we decided to get some rest at one of your stops b/c Flying J/Pilot is one of our favorites of the truck spots. And until last night we never had a negative encounter until we decided to get some rest and not even five minutes after we stopped and started to get a little shut eye for about an hour or two, the security came up to our car and told us that the manager had told him to tell us to leave unless we were waiting for someone. We thought that they simply did not want us parked in their Denny’s side of the lot so I asked if it was okay if we just moved to the other side where there were other cars and an RV parked and the security guard told us that his manager told him to tell us to leave. He told us we could talk to the manager if we wanted to and I told him I would like to and he left but never returned. We went around looking for him about five minutes later and found the security guard on his cell among truckers. I asked him if he forgot about me and he said that he had not that he told the manager and the manager ran to his car and left work for the evening. He informed me that the managers’ name was “Dave” but that he did not know the managers’ last name. He said the manager claimed to be concerned about car thefts on the premises. I was offended b/c neither the driver nor myself carry ourselves in such a suspicious manner and felt that the manager was just making some lame duck excuse because he was roaming around the lot in his truck after work hours stirring up trouble. This is bad business insulting long term supporters of your business; I always buy gas and other merchandise from your franchise and I possess one of your member rewards cards. I wanted to go on record to display my offense and ask that the company to do something about such disrespectful behavior towards their long term customers being disrespected.


Chris August 20, 2014 at 11:56 pm

I have been a loyal customer of Pilot flying j for many a year but feel its now time to voice my opinion about what i see lacking at your trucstops. I dont want to nitpick or seem disgruntled like most of comments i read but there is an obvious decline in quality of staff and management. Yes the trucking industry has changed a lot and the new generation of drivers just dont step up to the plate and rightly this is apparent if you see the way that the facilities are damaged and grounds and parking area messed up. Yes lots of the public also use the truckstops and are also accountable but there are still thousands of old school truckers who take pride in their work and see the Pilot as an oasis after a days driving However you might stop at one where the service is lacking and food lousy. I understand when all the trucks start rolling in. fuelling scales and showers turns a trucstop into controlled choas but then a manager should manage and not be part of the staff tied to or behind the counter in this bedlam. He cannot see the wood for the trees and then you start losing customers. I personally know of three drivers that changed to Loves this week and comments were service and food Somebody is not checking or following through. Long story short i visited your truckstop in Warrenton MO at exit. 188 tonite After my shower i decided to have my favorite Chicken Pot Pie soup which is a winner and suited the rainy
weather. I was appalled to see the condition of the soup counter. Old soup stuck to lids. Ladels old soup on counters. Dirty containers for soup. A total mess. I decided i would just have coffee. Bless me no Columbian coffee in both urns 1 Bold urn also empty and the other contained cold coffee. Not to give up i went to the hot deli to find something. There was a multitude of products available. Chicken. Meatloaf wings burgers. sides and a few salads but alas a staff member came out with more prepared food and these dishes were stacked on top of each other on the food. I shudder to think what contact had been made by these serving dishes on the underside. I decided to buy a sealed bottle of milk and let that be my supper. Yes their is a Dennys but have never been a supporter. They have of the worst service and stay away. What can be done about this to reaffirm the trust some of us still have in your group. I understand recent doings by staff at Pilot has cost the group millions but this is not my 1st bad experience at these trucstops. Plenty have occured and u just wish senior management have become aware and there will be changes. Apparently not the case. Imagine this reported to Health services and your food areas and restaurants get shut down. Man the competition will have a field day. I think it was a year ago that the Loves in Phoenix was quarentied or temp shutdown. C’mon Jimmy its not your fault and we still support you but can you whip some of these places back in shape. I did not approach the gentleman who was duty manager as there were too many people lined up at the counter too much choas. and did not need to embarass him. Will be coming through here next week and bring you up to speed if there has been any changes. Thanks for the ear




carlos morales August 17, 2014 at 5:38 pm

The truck stop in Wildwood, GA is the worst store in this country…Run by a little girl so un profetional that went to the extent of calling police officers on me…The officers said them selfs, (“I cant belive she called us for a parking issue, trucks do park here you know”)
I asked the officers if I could just leave the property an never return to a pilot, he responded “Yes Sir” I got in my truck an left…..this store SUCKS ASS…


Craig Davies August 7, 2014 at 10:12 pm

I am President of HamrDown Products….introducing NEW pigtail plug/receptacle sleeve shim to the market… Your distributor, das, out of Pennsylvania will not even talk to me….and I’ve got a product every driver should have in their tractor and/or on their pigtail plugs!!!
It is both Corrective and Preventive; in that it will tighten up a loose plug connection and keep lights on!! Used on new plugs and receptacles it will prevent the kind of wear that leads to them loosening and lights going out while in travel….especially at night!!!
It saves companies a lot of money in replacement costs, it raises Safety Ratings, it lowers liability, and most importantly it protects lives and property!!!
Let’s get HamrDown Products pigtail plug/receptacle shims in every PILOT and Flying J location across the USA!!! Please. It’s for all our best interest.

Craig Davies
HamrDown Products


alan August 6, 2014 at 3:03 pm

I have to say after reading all of your comments im glad our store in salina,kansas off 9th st.is very good for acting professional we may be understaffed but so you all know its team work and relying on your team.and the costomer always comes first at our store.


CJ Jones August 5, 2014 at 6:15 am

just wrote complaint on BBB website and now writing here. been truck driver for over 20 years, drive from CA to FL. always use my TAB bank, comchecks, cash or credit cards. never had any problems using my credit card to load gift card anywhere but at the Pilot #381 in Hesperia, CA. few times that i try to use my credit card to load up gift card, i always have same answer:”we don’t do that” or ” we only do that with cash”. even manager of the Pilot told me same thing. not sure if that specific store have different policy the others but it’s very inconvenient and not to mention lost of my times. TAB bank only located in Oregon and ability to use my credit card to load gift card saves me time and stress…i think truck drivers deal with enough as it is and this one is just “no need” for anybody. please look into it and hopefully resolve this problem. thanks.


carla August 5, 2014 at 6:08 am

to whom it may concern.. I was lucky enough back in feburary when I had to drive over a hour and a half one way to the Tennessee cancer center that pilot donated me a gas card to help me out.. people don’t relize 3 hrs every trip takes a lot of gas ,,n the gas card helps out tremendously.. I hope I can eventually get another gas card if the lord prevails.. I know there are many many people out there that need it more than me..thank u pilot .


anonymous August 5, 2014 at 2:10 am

Been going to the pilot in rotterdam ny for past few months due to my dedicated route being right out of rotterdam. I feel this is worst place to go but still went nonetheless because of the customer service, that is until today every truck driver that goes there knows your more than likely going to have to wait to get fuel make purchases or whatever the case is because the managers don’t like to staff enough people knowing how much traffic goes in and out of that place well I got fuel pulled up after was done went into store to get food. I ended up encountering another driver who got up on wrong side of the bed or something started yelling at me to move my truck now this bothered me but not to where it would stop me from going back because I know slow the store is and how busy. No what chose me to not ever go back today was the fact that when the other driver told cashier not to wait on me manager said we going to wait on him so he doesn’t cause any more problems and be more inconsiderate towards you. Excuse me I’m inconsiderate? And whoever reads say I’m inconsiderate why don’t you stand in line for 20 minutes waiting to check out.


zen July 31, 2014 at 11:31 pm

Was at flying j in gulfport, ms. off canal road managers were extremely rude and one manager named charles did not want to help me find what I was looking for and was very rude. I then went to another manager named carl I believe and asked him for assistance. He then told me he was busy and I needed to ask someone else. After a few minutes of looking for what I needed I gave up and left. On my way out the door I saw both managers standing outside laughing and talking and smoking cigarretes both there eyes were also blood shot. I do not recommend ever going to this truck stop and gas station. The people there are very inconsiderate and in my opinion lazy drug addicts as well. Why people like that are allowed to work there is beyond me.


Alex Subway June 28, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Pilot Flying J store 440 is where this incident occurred. There were four young men of the ages of 20-22 that were coming up to my store on third shift harassing and attempting to intimidate me. I told a friend of theirs that they were not allowed to come up to the store again. When they returned I told them they had no reason to be there as there was another Pilot travel center 500 ft away and two gas stations within the same distance. They said they wanted a sandwich, I was the night shift Subway employee, at which point I told them I would not make them a sandwich so they had no reason to be there. There was another employee, the cashier, that witnessed this encounter. I had informed personally several of the management team of these encounters at which point it seemed that my complaints about them were being taken seriously. Again, the young men came up to the store and I asked them why they were there at which point one of them told me I couldn’t ban them from the store. I am aware that I have no authority bestowed by pilot to ban people from the store and never told them they were banned. I went to the shift manager at the time Christina and told her that they were there again at which point she sent Mark to tell them to leave. About a week later I went in to talk to the Subway “general manager?” Kelly Goodlet. As soon as I walked into the office she started accusing me of telling the young men that they were banned from the store and using the term sandwich artist as an insult, of which she has spent over 10 years as and has been tasked to manage the employees at subway. Subway referring to its employees as sandwich artists in an odd attempt to make the job seem like more than fast food service representatives. I tried to explain that I didn’t tell them that they were banned from the store but that they had no reason to be up there, I didn’t WANT them up there and that I had to take special precautions, time out of my work day and take on an unnecessary amount of stress in order to deal with them, fearing that they may at some point become more emboldened and attack me or my vehicle. Kelly told me I couldn’t even tell them that I didn’t want them up there at which point I assured her that I can tell anyone that I don’t want them up there and my expressing my fears is not something that she or anyone that employs her can dictate. Closing her eyes and shaking her head she said very simply, “no.” I don’t understand how this manager can not comprehend human rights or why she feels the need to constantly lie to her employees but I feel that it needs to be addressed. She has lied to me about food safety regulations(which working in the field for over ten years shouldn’t be something she is ignorant of) Subway and pilot uniform policy and at this point what I can and cannot do as a human being. She has lied to the whole of the staff about lost product in which she tried to push off blame on the very young employees that work for her and takes no accountability for her actions. I then and went to talk to the pilot general manager Emily at which point she acknowledged my concerns, not being demeaning or callous as kelly had been about the situation and listened to what I said without accusing me of doing something I had not. She however told me that they were going to do nothing about the young men that had 3 or 4 times already come up to the store during the overnight shift. She suggested that I try to avoid them if they come up there. She had also informed me that one of them had come up to the store earlier in the day to talk to her and she encouraged him to continue coming up to the store. This is unacceptable. I take this as complete disregard for my well being. After this I talked to every employee that works the overnight shift about it and told every one that if the young men came up to the store again that I would be walking out and quitting. On August 26th the young men came back up to the store again and I turned off the lights to subway, told the employees there(both of which had just started working within a week and were unfamiliar with the situation) that I quit and that they should contact Kelly or Emily to have someone come up to the store and replace me. I apologized to both of them about the inconvenience at which time they expressed their sympathy exclaiming there is no reason I should have to deal with it and I left. I have not had one complaint from a customer in the time I have worked there, about 4 months now. I had regular customers that proclaim that the only reason they come there is because they enjoy the sandwiches I make for them and my company for the short time that they are there. I have only had once incident since I have worked there in which we changed the schedule 3 days prior and I forgot about it, calling after I was supposed to be there and told that the shift was covered. Otherwise I have had only good experiences and feedback since I have worked there and I feel that the way this situation was handled was unacceptable, grievous and dehumanizing. I will no longer work for pilot j travel centers and will encourage everyone in my small town not to work for that particular store and discourage business with them. I understand that only the quality of employees could possibly be effected as 90% or more of the income to that store comes from interstate traffic and corporate deals with shipping companies. I am in the process of trying to figure out how to submit complaints to HR and have them filed through the BBB so that the complaints are on file outside of the PIlot flying J network in which I can reference future employees. I have not dealt with such a situation before so I am not sure how to go about it.


Tina Rivers July 6, 2014 at 3:40 am

Young man I am not an Attorney but you should Google Employee Attorneys for your area for assistance. You have rights.


shannon June 27, 2014 at 11:50 am

I was working for pilot in Decatur il. Until today I came in on my shifts on time and ready to work even being 6 months pregnant is come in early or stay late, even on my off days.. Apparently they can fire you because they change the schedule when your not there and they don’t have to call and inform you, they just tell you your unreliable and let you go. I think that’s a horrible policy because that was the second time that happen n they blame the employee.


Elaine Barrow June 25, 2014 at 4:48 am

I worked at a pilot station in Perry, Georgia back around 1984 and when I left I never got my 401k plan money and I would like it now


Jose June 18, 2014 at 10:23 pm

Have been stoping at the flying j In odessa tx store 580
They’ve had great employees hard working and great
Costumer service even know some of the girls personally by name great lady’s
Some are elida Perez, jocelyn, Elisabeth, marisela lady who cleans
Showers and does a great job and Jessica
Tienda great lady who’ve been there since
About day one… But I am sad to say I will no longer be stoping there due to that they
Got a new manager who’s has hired a lot of rude and
With poor manners and a dirty store it has become really
Hate that because I really likes that store but it’s become horrible
Within the past 3 weeks


W. Westing June 16, 2014 at 6:45 pm

I don’t know what happened at your Brookville J, but you use to have this guy there that made it a great place to stop. He always made your day when you walked through the door. He even had a pizza named after him, we all loved to talk to him especially about history. Did he go back to teaching or something, please let me know. I would love to see him back up there, its just not the same place without him. A lot of us truck drivers may only get one real person interaction for the day, and I would push the extra miles just to talk shop with him. Please email and let me know what is going on, I sure hope he is not in the hospital or something. Nobody seems to know where he went.


Timothy S Taylor June 13, 2014 at 6:35 am

You have a sorry ass mgr for the overnight hear there were three employees standing around not very bussy no shower clean she dose not clean shower on her shift somebody tell that drie out cunt that this is a 24/7 business booneville mo.


Darryl June 12, 2014 at 12:24 pm

Pilot #260 in Albany Georgia is the nastiest place I’ve ever been. I travel extensively across the south east and stop in Pilot stores all the time. I had planned on buy a Subway sandwich when I stopped for fuel but based upon the general condition of everything else there was NO WAY I was going to eat any food prepared at this store. This location needs to be bulldozed flat and a new one built.

If I had only one word to describe this location the word would be disgusting.


anonymous June 9, 2014 at 11:00 am

I work at store 406 , exit 22 cornersville tn. That place has most hostile work environment I’ve ever had to deal with. The employees are treated VERY poorly by shift leads and other employees but for some reason the new boss who has been there for 5 years… won’t get rid of the people causing problems and won’t put her foot down to stop all the issues in the store. All these problems really started when Louis Sacaski was our GM and he aouldnt do anything about the problems either. He was the worst boss and done everything so wrong and pushed employees into quitting but we could never have anything done about it because his dad Lou Sacaski is a part of corporate. He is now at the Dickson, Tn store thank God but the store has been handed down to our RSS who was only a deli host before she became a RSS few months ago. She doesn’t give all the full time employees full time hours like they’re supposed to have. She’s keeping dead weight around . The 2nd shift maintenance is a joke he doesn’t do anything to help out. And a cashier is making false complaints on other employees but yet she is still working there!!!! I would never recommend anyone to work there. New hired are hired at more than what some current employees make and they’ve been there longer. So there for when they get a raise they end up making more than what team leaders make after being there over a year. This whole company is screwed up!!! We need a new CEO for the company.


Anonymous June 8, 2014 at 6:39 pm

There is a a child predator workings for the pilots in the Sac area. He is a fueler. He had sex with a minor while he was a recruiter in the US army. I’ll be calling corporate offices tomorrow so they can have hisilitsry records pulled. I don’t think he should be around gas stations where minors fuel up. He admitted to me that he looks at them all time when he drives around when I used to be married to him. His name is Adam Justin Graff and I will personally see to it that his boss pulls his military records where he personally lost rank getting caught. I even have a letter he wrote to this little girl telling her things about her sexually to lure her in He doesn’t deserve. High paying job. Most pedifiles aren’t allowed jobs like this where they can just grab a girl a rape her in his truck!!!!


daniela May 29, 2014 at 9:31 pm

I hven never worked for a company as bad as Pilot.I was hired in colonial heights , va and they started on training me for a manager position. I missed one day due to being taken to the ER as the paramedics thought I was having a heart attack. My Husband called my job from the hospital letting them know what was going on.When I came in the next day the store manager ignored me.After a few hours later he called me in the office and asked me what happened. I told him what was going on and that they gave me narcotics and I wasn’t going to drive to work after the ER risking my life or anybody elses.I had a doctors note stating the meds I have been giving. He didn’t even look at it and ignored me.The week after he cutt my hours and gave someone else my job without even telling me.I was treated like crap.Never in my life have I been treated like that by any employer.I was in Management for 3 years and always treated my employees with respect.


Renee May 29, 2014 at 5:48 pm

The GM at the Pilot Flying J in Chemult Oregon is horrible. I work there and our staff is minimal we have some great employees who keep our store stocked, clean and do whatever possible for the drivers. Our GM does not care about his store or anyone. Our GM (Wayne) has called the employees morons to customers, has said that everyone working for him is worthless, that nothing ever gets done and takes no responsibility for his own actions. We are in a staffing crisis right now because when corporate changed their management structure we lost the store manager. We have lost 3 shift managers/team leads and multiple employees (4-5) in the past 4 months and more are leaving in a matter of months. More and more of us want to leave everyday.

We have GSL’s (guest service leaders) that have recruited for the company trying to bring in quality employees, one highly qualified person was turned away because his ex-wife is a GSL3 in the store even though they have a pleasant relationship and they requested opposite shifts. The GM had told him he would start on Tuesday or Wednesday at the interview, a week later the guy called Wayne because he hadn’t heard from him and was told the GM was “still thinking about it but wasn’t sure he wanted him because of his relationship with the GSL”. He overlooks an experienced person but has hired a person who is suspected of having a hard drug addiction because of her actions while at work. There are multiple employees at this store that are related we have one manager a GSL2 (a higher level manager) who has two of his brothers working at the same store on the same shifts, almost 2/3 of the employees in the Pilot Flying J are related in some form or another. Last year we had a mother and son team working the same shift when the mother was a GSL2.

The GM does not address problems in the store and we run out of product weekly because he is trying to keep the bottom line low in order to bonus. We have ran out of toilet paper on more than one occasion in the last 6 months. We have employees that refuse to work beyond standing at the counter that are in leadership roles but other employees who stand at the counter get talked to about needing to be productive.

When concerns are brought to his attention he ignores them. A few months ago we had an employee who was sexually harassing another employee, it was brought to Wayne’s attention multiple times and it was not addressed. This employee even threatened to “cum” in an underage employee’s drink and it was not addressed. Finally another employee called the employee alert line for corporate and the employee was terminated when the ex-employee kept coming into the store and harassing people it was allowed to continue until one of the employee had to get the police involved. Only then was the ex-employee trespassed from the property.

These are the types of behaviors that the GM thinks are appropriate and our employees are the one’s who suffer for it. IT is ridiculous that a GSL2 who has worked in that store for 5 years and helped train the GM gets overlooked for promotions and raises, but we have others brought in from other stores to help because “no one in this store is capable of doing anything right.”


Dave May 28, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Wanna let pilot know what a great memorial weekend we had. Planned an RV trip from Florida to Illinois to see family. Had a $600 debit Visa card for gas. Got $90 in gas in Seffner, Fl. They put a $500 authorization hold on my card that can last up to 5 days, of which I didn’t know until I tried to get gas in Georgia. Apparently all gas stations are doing it to RVer’s. Pilot/Flying J holds the most. So, do the math. $90 in Florida & a $500 hold, put us dead in the water & spending our holiday weekend in a Walmart until the banks open after the holiday. You can call all the Pilot staff/help desks you want, they are all on holiday! I get puttin a hold for twice the purchase, but 5 times the amount? What corporate America doesn’t get, is most families travel with a limited budget. Most don’t have unlimited funds on several credit cards. I personally feel this practice borders on fraud & theft of which I plan to investigate. It’s not bad enough that we get raped at the pumps by the high prices, now the oil companies feel free to hold our money! Lesson learned. Don’t swipe your card, always pre-pay for gas. I have posted this to every RV site & will boycott all Pilot/Flying J’s.


Steve April 29, 2014 at 10:50 pm

agreeing with JBhunt drivers down there, why is Jonathan Peace back at store 243 in nitro, he is nothing but a rude unhappy person! no people skills, stick around for more then a couple minutes and you’ll see one of his little ‘fits’ !! never seen such a hateful person, negative energy all over the place with him there!! i just feel bad for his employees the most


yep June 20, 2014 at 3:58 pm

You have no clue what we go threw


JBHunt April 19, 2014 at 12:58 pm

Why is Jonathan Peace a GM at 234. He is the nastiest, hatefulist peace of human being we have ever seen. Can he continue to get by with all this???


Sean April 18, 2014 at 3:18 pm

I was terminated wrongfully and told I could return after 2 months now I call and they say sorry hr won’t do rehires!! Well its a shame I worked here for a year and a half and was terminated on the spot and policies set in place with warnings and ect. Weren’t followed I am now about to loose everything my new truck and within months possibly my house. I need my job back badly!!! Please reconsider these policies with rehire I was a good employee worker and worth my salt, I deserve my career back. Just because management at times wants to make a point it shouldn’t be done at the employees expence.


Mike summers April 15, 2014 at 4:49 pm

Pilot 234 has the worst manager in history. He yells constantly at his employees and the customers. Please get rid of the jerk while you still have a store.


Tyler Gray April 14, 2014 at 8:33 pm

I was recently in pilot In new Albany ms! The dude called himself the manager, named dwayne Russell, he cussing and degrades employees in front of customers I feel like this man has no idea how to handle being respectful or doing his job, he was also rude to me talking about me too himself. I will not be back


Paul Krueger April 10, 2014 at 10:54 pm

To Whom It May Concern,

On a recent trip while traveling South on I-15 through Beaver, Utah, I stopped for fuel at the Flying J located at Exit 112. As I was preparing to leave I was stopped by an employee of Goober’s (Tire) Service, it is the tire shop on the west side of the parking lot by the RV diesel pumps. He told me of a tire tread separation on my 5th wheel trailer. By now another employee had come out to help, and they offered to sell me four 14 ply tires at 389.95 each! That seemed like a terrible price but with few options available and as we were just starting our vacation I bought them.

As they were replacing the tires they told me the equilizer and shackles attaching the springs were worn out and could fail, they showed me a Dexter Axle Eqilizer kit that was much heavier than stock equipment. When asked the price I was told $700 plus labor. I questioned the high price and was told, it was a better price than Camping World would sell it for, which is not the case. I looked up the kit on the internet when I got to my destination, dexteraxle.com listed the very kit they tried to sell me at a regular price of $162.82 I also had the above mentioned parts checked at a reputable RV Dealership in Salt Lake City and they found nothing wrong with parts.

When I arrived home from our trip I did an internet search on Goober’s Service and found multiple complaints, several of them very similar to my experience. I also checked several reputable tire stores and found out I had been severely over charged for the tires, I can get the exact same tire from Les Schwab for $207.29

I spoke by phone to the Goober’s employee who had originally told me about the tire problem. He was a manager, but said he couldn’t do anything about the price and told me to call his boss, Slade Smith and he would “make it right”. I spoke to Mr. Smith and told him I felt like they had taken advantage of me and from what I had been reading on the internet I believed Goober’s was ripping off travelers on a regular basis. When I told him that I wanted $400.00 dollars refunded to my credit card immediately he readily agreed to that, which makes me believe they know they are ripping people off because if only one in ten customers calls and complains and they have to give them a refund they are still making a lot of money on this scam!

I am bringing this to your attention because I believe this is a poor reflection on your business, in fact due to my experience I will be using the internet and other sources to warn as many people as possible to avoid doing any business with Flying J, in general and to specifically BEWARE OF GOOBER’S SERVICE IN BEAVER, UTAH!!!

Paul Krueger
Murray, Utah


Ray Yeoman April 2, 2014 at 5:59 pm

I realize that it is hard to find good help and winters in Canada don’t help but I find the J’s in Canada are extremely dirty at the fuel islands and the parking lot but today I went to through garbage out and decided to put it straight in the big bin . Well the mess behind the resleraun t was enough to take any ones appetite away. after all he spears I have used Pilot and J in Canada and the US. I would think that if I even see another one like this it will be the last one. ITalso bothers me that you charge Premium prices for #2 fuel Most people don’t realize what that means. If you told them youwere going togive them regular gas and charge them for # 1 they would not be happy as well as I- think I should have the choice. my fuel milage isimportant to me and


janice maxim April 1, 2014 at 6:19 pm

Every pilot I’ve been to is a mess drivers park on the fuel bay go inside and eat the fuel pumps mess up and it takes an act of Congress to get anything done they pass the buck and drivers are tired of it


andrew weldon March 29, 2014 at 10:18 pm

As i walk into the bathroom at flying j in altoona iowa your night manager is walking out of the men’s restroom with a trucker. I blew it off until later. me and my lady proceed to pay for a shower and told by the man at the desk its ready after i had confronted him about his manager in the restroom with a customer. as we are waiting for our shower the night manager comes and starts attacking my lady and me curseing us up and down. she then proceeds to threaten us both. Then refuses us services for the shower we paid for. i in turn go outside and call the police. we explain to the officers what had happened from the beginning of the night at flying j untill the had come back out to tell us she said none of it had happened and refused to let them see the video of that night. the man at the desk and her had lied to the police. they then told us that her actons were very defensive and they ruled with us letting us plug in for heat for OUR SERVICE DOGS THAT HAD NOT ENTERED THE BUILDING. (Ada act on service dogs mean they have RIGHTS) i beleive something needs to be done about your night crew for discrimination harassment misconduct and sexual misconduct. people have rights too she is just a night manager and she refused to let us fill out a complaint or give us the number to contact any hire management. I did file a police report.


jimmy March 27, 2014 at 11:28 pm

Why is your flying j why is ur flyng j in okc ok running expedieters off we have dot numbers cdls like trucks do we buy fuel shower coffee etc. We are business to if your gonna do that why not run everyone off that has cdl. Then you won’t have any business Ty. You need to talk to manager in okc Ty the one on west I 40 Ty


Michael Pearson March 26, 2014 at 9:53 pm

I am so frustrated with the shower credit policy.  My company and the powers to be dictate where I buy fuel.  For weeks in a row I’ll fuel at pilot or flying j. Then for a week or two other places.  I shower only once maybe twice a week if lucky.  Having more credits than I need.  Then when I need them they are not there. The trucking Industry does not allow me to stay at a truck stop every night.  I never know where I’ll land.  You think the policy of showers falling off promotes buying more fuel.  But most of us have no say on where we buy.  Plus if I did I would only buy 50 or so gallons at multiple places so I could shower anywhere rather than filling up like I always do.  This is stupid.  All I wanted was a nice shower.  And instead I am frustrated and too dirty to sit down in your restaurant.  Happy now?


mike March 15, 2014 at 6:34 pm

Just to let you know corporate. I was called by manager Will
Whiley. He informed me he had my bag.I was going to have shipped to me by fed ex last Monday. He said to call him when I was ready to ship it . After we went the Fed ex store to make arrangements to ship it we called him . He opened the bag and said it wasn’t my bag. I can’t believe after he described it to me and put my name on it that it couldn’t be mine.He is either lying or found something in this that he wanted. what’s the odds of finding the same kind of bag on the same night that I lost mine at the same location that I lost it? This t.stop needs to hire all new employees.Just to let you know I will ask are company to change fueling companies since this couldn’t be resolved honestly. Also my company won’t be fueling there either.
You may not care but remember this: A business is made one customer at a time.


Kaitlin Sheets March 10, 2014 at 12:45 pm

I worked for the Harrisonburg Virginia pilot flying j for about I would say 5 months or so, I never missed a day, if they asked me to work I never turned them down. I may have been late once or twice due to the weather but it would be only like 5 minutes behind. I was a faithful employee and I actually liked being there and working. Well we got a new deli / kitchen manager who came in to “make the store better “. I have no problem with change what so ever. He was basically re training us but only when he saw us doing something he didn’t like and if he asked why we were doing something and we said because this was how I was trained he copped an additude and told us its an excuss….ummm no that is how we thought it was supposed to be done…anyways to turn a loooonnnggg story short I ended up getting taken off the schedule nothing was said to me at all I had to call and find out I was laid off over the phone and the reason was ” we are just going in a different direction with our employees”. Not to mention I’ve never been written up for anything, not one word was ever spoken to me about them having a problem with my work. Which I find to be bs. But noe I’m trying to apply for unemployment and pilot will not give me any information I need, I call pilot they tell me to call hr , I call hr they tell me to call pilot. We also had a employee logo. And the info I need is on there, well I can login but they blocked me from the page I have to get to to find that information. All because they know they had no reason to fire me aand they don’t want me getting that unemployment. Oh another thing I would like to throw out there the oh so great new manager decided he wanted to have relations with a much younger girl that also worked at this pilot flying j and he tryed to save his self by making her quit when people started finding out. The thing I find funny about it is kyle the big boss man is buddy buddy with this manager and the only thing that was done about it is another employee being terminated because he knew about it. I guess the main point I’m trying to get across is pilot could care less about its employees it really is all about who you know and who you can manage to become butt buddies with. It has to be the worst place I’ve ever worked for between the gossip and nothing ass managers they have its terrible.


mike March 9, 2014 at 1:04 pm

Talked with manager at hope hull f j .This morning after missing call from manager at 6:52 Pm. last night.Manager was busy on counter. He said he would call right back . 2 hrs later ( still no call) Just goes to show how much flying J cares about their customer drivers. I guess our company needs to take their business to another truck stop.


mike March 8, 2014 at 11:52 am

I stayed the night at hope hull truck stop .After not getting any service in Dennys I got pizza from service desk . I left my over night luggage by mistake.at the service desk not realizing I left it until I got home in Indianapolis I called manager , he said he would put my name on bag and put it up till I got back down there.I called couple weeks later . Nobody seems no anything about it . They said they would check and call me back.never got called.I will never by fuel there again until this us resolved. Buy 1600 to 2000 gals. Monthly.I can fuel anywhere.


Latosha Clair February 21, 2014 at 12:34 am

I am a former employee of store 876 …. I was working there and liked my job. I would work if someone called off or they needed me to do a double. I never told them no! I worked a 16 hr shift and came back in next night. Doing them a favor when they need help. I heads medical situation come up and was off work for 5 days and had a doctor note and for fired for that. I thought after all I did for them and stuff and they can’t work with me when I have a medical situation now. The new gm ( Ed ) then follows me out of store one night yelling at me in front of customers. No excuse me you don’t do that in front of customers and u call itself coeperate. Hahaha. I still don’t see how they can fire me but NEVER WORK FOR THEM !!!! Check was never right always short on hours !


douglas January 30, 2014 at 8:50 am

i have worked for pilot going into my third year was transferred from a cstore in Knoxville to a travel center in Lavergne tn on the premise of being promoted when i was hired it was made known that i have two permanent fractures in my lower back and an allergy to sanitizing chemicals and that i fall under the workers with disability act but when a maintenance employee was fired for stealing i was asked to cover temporarily they forced me to work that position for almost six months despite me telling them my medical condition even changed my title without my consent and gave me no training in the position and no protective equipment i had to deal with hostile and smartass belittling remarks from all members of management when they ask me to fix a pump or get something and i didnt know how or where it was or what to do with it and would say them in front of customers and belittle me and when ever i complained about what was happening to me was told i was a negative nacey by there shift leader jennifer but what am i supposed to do its there job to report this crap and they did nothing the gm continued to hire people but not replace the maintenance guy i was still covering for or move me up as i was told upon my transfer screwed me on benefits by not changing my address until it was past the 90 day period for me to dispute the money being taken from my check and now my taxes are messed up and i cant file a full return and there 180 bucks i cant get back from wells fargo i have been hear a year and have never received kiosk or training on chemical use until the new gm told me i had to get all the kisok certifications done during my weekend shift last week and another emplyee had to show me how to acess it since i had never used anyhting other than atom box i had to find time to do it well as my job and with no maintenance i was doing all that and his job but i got it done and now nothing not even checking to see if i got it done correctly i have no clue if it is or not becaus eour employee kiosk doesnt work half the time i brought all this to the attention of the management staff throughout the pasat year l only to find them hostile and unbelieving rolling there eyes when i complain about my hands splitting and bleeding through the skin wich they have clearly seen and watched as i suffer and did nothing didnt even report it and my back hurting from the constant up and down in the showers and having to life bags of piss left by truckers that bust all over me for them not using heavy duty bags outside i have had to cover manager shifts maintenance and cashier shifts and deal with hostile co workers because i wasnt a manger given an employee card and access to the safe told multiple times id be moved up only to have them hire there friends into the positions and leave me suffering even tho i have more time and experience with the company than most of there staff but down the road at 404 they move a girl up in less than a year thats fresh out of high school and i hardly have a check without overtime on it showing that im dedicated to covering the store and the customers keep telling i need to be in management because im the only one that help them in our conjested and filthy parking lot that makes coffee at night and keeps them from having to wait on every thing from showers to cups for coffee and i haven’t even been giving the opportunity to advance and ive been here over a year with plenty of open management positions from them not showing up to work quitting in the middle of a shift and getting me cover them because i make less than there new hires becasue i came from a cstore so i called the alert line and ever since the staff have been even more hostile accusing me of stealing which ive never done i wouldnt eat a wasted hot dog if they hadnt told me i could now i have to pay for a cup of water and am constanly paranoid about loosing my job after everything ive done to keep this store going accusing me of taking the keys or remote for the radio wich ive also never done going as far as calling me after a 14 hour shift i had to cover to complain that its missing im now living at a hotel with no guarantee of hours and the new gm wont move me up either or even keep my schedule just beats around the subject so he isnt liable for anything and im afraid if i take my vacation hours the new gm wont put me back on the schedule ive tried call the regional manager during all this past year with no contact even the regional hr dawn has failed to contact me after calling her all i get to do is leave a message im on brink of suing unless something gets done fast this is flat out criminal neglect and the fact that i called the alert line makes there hostile action towards me an act of retaliation and its not fair when ive shown my commitment and dedication through multiple stores and still get passed up with out any performance reviews or documentation this was supposed to be a career not a dead end maybe you work maybe you dont job i was guaranteed a 35 hour position upon hiring now im at risk of no hours at all to new hires and having to put up with belittlement on an almost daily basis and ill i want is to be givin the same opportunity they were instead of being forced to put up with more and more crap i cant even sleep some nights im in so much pain and its directly their fault for over a year they could have done the right thing by the very guidelines they are supposed to uphold in the handbook but have failed to do there job


R hughes January 29, 2014 at 1:40 pm

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