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Menard Inc.
4777 Menard Dr
Eau Claire, WI 54703

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Phone Number: (715) 876-5911
Fax Number: (715) 876-2868
Website: http://www.menards.com
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CEO: John Menard, Jr.
COO: Scott Collette

Menards History

Menards was founded in 1962 by John Menard, Jr in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  In 1969, Menard began to add manufacturing capabilities to the site including lumber and doors.  A distribution center was also added.

In 1994, the post frame building division of the company was sold.

In 1998, a second distribution center was opened in Plano, IL.  This was followed by 2 more distribution centers in 2007 in Holiday City, OH and Shelby, IA.

Today, Menards has over 270 stores in 14 US states.  The Menards corporate office is still located in Eau Claire, WI.

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Jay Fletcher October 29, 2014 at 7:23 pm

I have had an okay time shopping at Menards, that was until last week when I couldn’t find my receipt to return an item. I purchased a 100 year old home this year and have been rehabbing it for over the past 8 months. I have been at Menards at least once a week, every week. I have spent a few thousand in this store. We have had to drywall the entire basement and 1st floor because it had plaster walls that were cracked and falling. Redid the electrical wiring, refinish the original hardwood floors that were damaged from carpet installed on top for a number of years. Etc. So me returning a water filter with no receipt seems like not a major issue. The cashier was processing the return as normal and told me I would have to get a merchandise credit. That was fine because I was 95% done with the house and needed to pick up a few things so that I could finish. Since I didn’t end up using the water filter, there was no need to keep in hanging around in the basement. Before she finishes, a man in a Menards vest, talking on the phone, proceeds to the counter, take the item and walk away. The cashier stops, excuses herself and goes to talk to him. She comes back and says she cannot give me a refund, I ask why. She hesitates and I ask for the Man in the vest to tell me why he took the product before she was done. He comes back to the counter with an attitude to say because I don’t have a receipt. Okay, that is why I have to get a store credit. He says no because I have no proof that I purchased it. I say excuse me, I just walked in the door with the item. He says that means nothing because that store doesn’t carry that item. I said I purchased it at a different location and I pulled up their app that’s on my phone and showed him that the other location does and that they have numerous of them in stock. He said but I have no proof unless I can go to the kiosk and print up the receipt. I say that would be a waste of time because I don’t know which credit or debit card I use or my husband, or if it was cash or rebate credit. This is only getting me more angry because he cannot tell me an straight answer nor one that sounds like policy. Even the cashier looks dumb founded. He says he is sending it to headquarters and walk away. I walk away and I am angry, this was my first time at this location and I only stopped there because I wanted to drop off the supplies at the new house before I went home for the evening, my current home is at least 30 mins away. I am getting wet outside because my hoodie isn’t meant for Chicago wind and rain. I call my husband to see if he could find the receipt in the big bag of receipts that we have for all the supplies we purchased for the house. After talking to him I get the feeling that the manager was being racist because I was black and covered up in a hoodie. I went back in the store and an Caucasian older lady asked if she could help me. I told her I needed corporate number and I receipt showing what I tried to bring back. First off her picture was on the wall and said she was the front end manager, but the man in the vest wouldn’t even give her the product so that she could write down the name and item number, she had to manually search through the computer to write me out a receipt. The original cashier brought the paper to me and said the older lady apologize and will call me in a day or two. This was over a week ago and nothing. I am upset because there have been times were I spent forever looking for a person to help me, there is never anyone in the yard to help, they have sold me items that the yard didn’t have and I had to go through the process to return the things that wasn’t in stock and either come back or get a different one because somehow the system doesn’t know what they actually have on hand in the yard. Just the week before the doors that took forever to get, finally was loaded onto my truck only for the employee to say one of them was damaged and to tell the front desk to give me a percent off. I am highly upset. I am trying to finish my house that is 95% percent done before Chicago snow hit. I went to a different location and they couldn’t help me but did say that wasn’t how things were supposed to be done. Okay that doesn’t get me my money nor in-store credit . and when I finally made it home it was once again an rebate credit sitting in my mailbox. I wanted to scream. Really, I get at least 2 of these a month and how can they use these to pull up my receipt? when the money is gone they take the rebate receipt. So how can say I didn’t purchase that item. I have 3 rebates sitting in my car with money on them and I refuse to go back to Menards. They don’t care about their customers. They do whatever they want to get your money and don’t care. BTW the item that they don’t carrying also was in that week sale paper. Yet “they don’t carry it.”


R P Fjeld October 29, 2014 at 1:17 pm

On Oct. 24, 2015 I purchased a Bemis Water Wick for my humidifier. I selected the wrong Wick. It was on sale, and all sizes were the same price. On Oct. 27th, I exchanged the wick for the correct one. They were no longer on sale, and the Menard’s employee wanted to charge me the difference in price. I wasn’t purchasing the item, I was exchanging the item I had already purchased. Price should not have been involved in the exchange. She called a Supervisor who said the same thing, but did a price adjustment when I was obviously upset. Then, the Supervisor removed a rebate receipt for another item and crumpled it up and walked away. I noticed it and had to ask for it to be returned to me. The first clerk apologized, but not the one who did it.
Menards, you did not get as big as you are by doing business the way you do today.


SHARLENE October 28, 2014 at 5:27 pm

I ordered a counter top to be cut to my requirements, which it was (31 3/4) In the ordering process they fail to tell you have to pay for a four foot piece which left 16.25 inches. Okay so I thought if any material was left I would get it sent back to me when the counter top was returned to the store WRONG I paid 22.00 a foot and could have used the other piece on another cabinet I would have purchased at Menards. Wrong of them to keep something I paid good money for. Don’t care if they keep anything under two foot I should have been given that choose if I wanted it back or not, even if it didn’t meet there two foot requirement then they shouldn’t require you to buy a four foot piece and keep the rest ,I’m thinking to resale again. It’s not like 22.00 is an amount everyone has laying around. I buy a lot from Menards, not anymore I will buy somewhere else.


Jeff October 28, 2014 at 1:36 pm

To Whom It May Concern,
I don’t usually say a lot of my experiences with a merchant but I’m making an exception to this. Menards and Customer Service are not synonymous. It’s appalling to continually go into any of Menards stores and first never able to find anyone for assistance. Secondly, if someone happens to wander close to you, they try their level best not to make eye contact with you or act as though they’re doing you a favor by gracing you with their presence. Furthermore, when you point out something to them, they treat you as though you are either stupid or not worth their time. This is not the first time or first store this situation has raised its ugly head. Some serious customer service training is long overdue and I’m sure Lowes or Home Depot will be glad to get my business. Furthermore, I’m a veteran and the other named stores as far as I know offer vets a discount if you mention it to them. This may be the last time I go to any Menards anywhere. Thank you for your valuable time.


Tony Holguin October 27, 2014 at 11:27 pm

I have to tell you about my recent experience at the Jackson Michigan Menards. I was putting a new roof on the shed at my summer vacation place and went into the store to buy some shingles. I gave the shed dimensions to the guy behind the counter and he calculated that I would need 3 bundles of shingles to do the job. He wrote up my shingle order, I went to the cashier to pay and then around to the storage yard to pick up my shingles. I was disappointed that there was really no help in the yard but after roaming around for a while I found the shingles and went on my way.

Well 3 weeks later I had the contractor installing my roof and we ran out of shingles! So I went back up to the Menard’s to get 3 more bundles. I went through the same arduous routine of standing in line at the order desk to standing in line at the cashier to pay for them and then around to the back to pick them up. Well this time I couldn’t find them…they weren’t where they were before. After roaming around for about 45 minutes I finally got someone to help me and finally found where the shingles were SUPPOSED to be!! They were all out of my shingles!!

I am not sure why they would even sell me something they were out of stock of but they did. The workers in the yard really didn’t know what to say and tried to sell me 3 different colored bundles. When I told them it wouldn’t work they kind of bailed out on me stating they “were going to go get some help and possibly take the shingles out of a deliver order.” Well after another 30 minutes they still hadn’t come back!!

Finally a manager came out to see me and told me he was going to do “whatever it takes to make it right.” Well I have to say he did! He sent one of the workers to the Battle Creek store (about 45 miles away) to get the shingles AND he personally delivered them to the front gate of the campground where my camper is the next morning!!!! We finished the job and everything worked out great!

Cudos to the Assistant General Manager Chris Thurbur at the Jackson Menards.

You have earned a loyal fan!



Dennis October 27, 2014 at 5:32 pm

The worst customer service I have ever encountered.


Kristi October 27, 2014 at 9:05 am

I visited the Menards Store in Wausau, WI on 10/25/2014. Our visit to the store was to order our counter tops. We dealt with two gentlemen for our ordering, the first visit took two hours to tell us that we could not have our counters cut the way that we wanted. So we went home and remeasured as a precaution to ourselves. When we returned we were assisted by another gentlemen. Whom at this time also told us that we could not have them they way we wanted them cut, This took us another hour, now I have 3 hours investe to sitting at this back counter, with a hyper active 7 year old, my patience has definately grown thin. I suggested a custom order, which was never brought up by the employee. So he wrote a qoute. While we were finishing our shopping we were found and told by the manager that we could have our counters the way that we wanted them. If you can understand my frustrations at this point. I was wild! 3 1/2 to almost 4 hours of disputing with some kid in the back to be told by the manager that it could be done?!? Well I got my cabinet hardware, went and got my stain (which I’m already frustrated) to find out that they don’t have what I need, cause despite that they have samples for every stain they don’t carry it all there…wtf! So we pay for our order and our supplies 1/2 way home while examing the receipt we find that they over charged us on our BOGO items. Now to turn around and go back and have things corrected.

Now as a normal person, I wait a day to calm down because I had some not so friendly things to say and I call to talk to the manager Trish or Krish, I know it’s close and the converstation starts out friendly but, when she starts to be sarcastic and telling me that I’m over exagerating on my time, and that it’s all hands on training, I can’t expect all the employees to know everything that the managers know. My question to her was when you are sitting around the corner how hard would it have been for them to ask you the question. Her reply back to this “I was with another customer, so your saying your order is more important than theirs” Is this honestly the hands on training Menards that you give your managers? To be rude, to your customers? I do not feel confident in your employees or your managers from this point. I would not suggest this store to anyone. Not because your quality of the product but, due to your quality of Customer Service.

I wasn’t looking for a free order, but for some sort of compensation for my wasted time. I didn’t want $100, $20, or even $10 but, if you would have said here’s a $5 gift card or 5% off your next order to make me feel as if I was valued and that you truly cared about your customers. It would have been appreciative to me as a customer.

The sad thing in re to this, I was specifically told by a friend not to order my counters from here cause earlier in the week when he placed his order, he had some of the same issues. However, since we haul materials with our trucking buisness for you and have usually dealth with nice people in the yard we figured we would give some of our buisness to you as you do to us. Well we were definately wrong.


Cassandra Jones October 27, 2014 at 2:57 am

I was driving to work at about about 9:15 PM. There was a semi-truck with all of Menards logos on it, could not get the plate number. However, I continued on Hwy 20 to Hwy 83 and the semi-truck was parked on the side of the road past Burger King. The driver of the truck was driving sporatic. He had his bright lights on directly behind me and he would pull up real close with his brights on and then back off. I assume that I was not driving fast enough for him. I picked my phone up to try to find the sheriff’s phone number and he must have seen me so he backed off and turned his brights off. We get into Mukwonago, WI and he called the police and lied to tell them that I was texting and driving and I was pulled over. I explained the situation and nothing happened but he should not be driving at all. This type of behavior is unacceptable.


Lori graber October 26, 2014 at 5:16 pm

Menards stores suck the customer service team are very. Rude and they really don’t care about customers we ordered a special delivery and they put In the wrong item and they wanted us to pay another delivery fee to deliver the right items that they messed up in the first place. Are you kidding me. My husband built the store on morse road in Columbus Ohio and he is saying I wish menards would have never come to ohio. They have been ripping people off since they opened. I also heard the rebates are a joke too just to get people into the store. Mr menard you need to do something about the way they treat people.


Patty Alonen October 24, 2014 at 2:06 pm

We purchased a 30″ louver bifold door at the Rhinelander Menards on 10/19/2014. We had to go to the loading doors to have this put into our truck. Lined up a carpenter to put the door in the house come to find out the person that did this put a 24″ in the truck. Now remember we had to borrow a truck pay 50 dollars in gas so we could drive the 100 miles to a Menards to buy our stuff. I Guess a person learns the hard way. When contacting the store manager Troy at the Rhinelander store he said there was nothing he could do. The stores fault and he expects me pay another 50 bucks to exchange this at the store. There is something wrong with this customer service I have just received at this store.I keep thinking “not my fault” but they do nothing about it to help fix there error.


Diane Clark October 23, 2014 at 11:35 am

My issue is for $13.00, not much money it is the principle. If I was to lie it sure would not be for thus little amount of money. I have e-mails from 9-10 to 10-7 & then nothing, not even a reply to a solution I had. Sure would be nice to talk to a live person. Fleet Farm is opening up a store in Mankato, Mn., so myself & others are quite excited, more choices for shopping.


Victoria Bonanno October 22, 2014 at 10:16 pm

We ordered counter tops two weeks ago and come to find out that they haven’t even left the company that makes them!!!
We were never informed of a delay and now this will become costly to us.
We have had other dealing with Menards before the last counter top we ordered they dropped them and they broke in half!!
I think this is the last time I will use Menard’s for our construction needs they just can’t deliver


Jim Robbins October 21, 2014 at 6:58 pm

I purchased a 5 foot Santa bronze. When I go back home to Tennessee and opened it I found it broke in half. The store offer to exchanged but but I live to far. I wanted an exchange they offered a refund with a picture of damage. I sent the picture I was hoping you could see if any way get us a replacement. I really didn’t want the refund. This was done at the Tipp City Ohio store.


Ron & Linda October 20, 2014 at 7:22 pm

We are in the process of building a house and our contractor found the best deal on lumber and floor I-joists to be from Menards. Yippee! We’re new to Wisconsin and like to support local business wherever we are. The order was placed and paid for weeks before the target delivery date of October 9th. Come Thursday the 9th lumber was delivered but no floor joists! Is this a joke? Or do these people really not understand how building from the ground up involves placement of the I-joists FIRST? After a couple hours of work everything came to a standstill. Frustrating for sure. Our contractor was assured that the I-joists would be delivered NO LATER THAN SUNDAY MORNING though he pushed for Friday or Saturday as we were wasting the best weather of the month for construction. LIARS! The latest BS from the distribution center in Johnson Creek was that there needed to be a full truck in order to deliver. WHAAAT? It was their error that the whole order wasn’t delivered in the first place! Next promise was for Monday morning. Monday came and went. Tuesday morning at 9 am FOR SURE! Would you believe Tuesday at 1 pm? In the rain. The driver had yet another story: the I-joists just came in from Canada that morning. Really? Is that the REAL story and if so why couldn’t somebody relay the message that they were in production or some other reason for a hold-up rather than making promises they clearly could not keep? They don’t care; no one is accountable. Bottom line–in the future we’ll drive 100 miles out of our way to another home improvement store rather than buy so much as a screw from Menards. Perhaps instead of sponsoring a NASCAR team corporate should invest in better customer service. Based on the many negative comments I have read (and heard in the course of conversation), the impact on their bottom line may soon preclude any participation in extra-curricular activities.


Timothy October 20, 2014 at 12:03 pm

I was injured at a Menard’s store on August 14, 2014 and I have been getting the run around from their liability insurance carrier ever since. It appears that Gallagher Bassett doesn’t see general liability coverage as what it’s for; to cover liabilities like injuries on the property of the company they cover. Sick of big business behavior!


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