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Meijer Corporate Office Address

Meijer, Inc.
2929 Walker Ave
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Contact Meijer

Phone Number: (616) 453-6711
Fax Number: (616) 791-2572
Website: http://www.meijer.com
Email: Email Meijer


CEO: Hank Meijer and Mark Murray
CFO: Jim Walsh
COO: J.K. Symancyk

Meijer History

Meijer was founded in 1934 in Greenville by Hendrik Meijer.  The first employee was Hendrik’s 14 year old son Frederik (Fred) Meijer.  Additional locations were opened in Ionia and Cedar Springs.

By the 1960s, there were two dozen locations in Western Michigan.

In 1962, the first modern layout “supercenter” design was opened in Grand Rapids.

Under increased competition from Wal-Mart, Meijer has had to lay off a significant number of employees in recent years.  They have also outsourced almost all their Information Technology positions to India.

In 2011, long time CEO Fred Meijer passed away at the age of 91.

Today, Meijer is one of America’s largest private companies.  They operate nearly 200 stores in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky.


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Lloyd July 22, 2014 at 1:19 pm

We are building a Veterans Park along side the Meijer Trail in Belding,mi. We have the WWll Wall, Korean Monument in place and Labor Day we will have the WWl Monument placed in the park. We now have a dream of placing a Monument with the names of the veterans from Michigan that were killed in Vietnam next in the park. Please visit our site at beldingveteranspark.com
for more information. We have a model of the Vietnam wall that we dreaming on putting in the park and would be glad to show any an all Meijer leaders what we are doing. I am sure that Meijer would be proud to see it off to the side of the Meijer Trail. Please call Denny Craycraft at 616-550-XXXX an allow us to show you this great dream. Thanks so so much. P.S I think that people from all over will use the Meijer to visit the Vietnam Wall with the names of those from Michigan killed in Vietnam on it.


Lynda July 15, 2014 at 5:09 pm

It amazes me how you people don’t care of what happens to your employees especially when you have so-called supervisor’s that tell the stock handler’s to f’n shut your mouth. Expect those employee’s to come to work when they have restrictions. The ones you have for supervisor’s have no people skills & would rather sit on their butts instead of helping to get product on shelves. I would never recommend anyone to shop at your stores again & I will never step foot in one either.


Ryan Yeager June 30, 2014 at 9:04 pm

My son worked at the Loveland oh store for eleven months an was termanated for horse play Prior to the Loveland store he worked in Westerville, Ohio store for 13 years.In both stores he worked in the warehouse unloading trucks. My son has disabilities that happen at the time of birth. He had seizures up until he was six years old now he only has tremors every two to three weeks that last for about 10 seconds.

Ever sine my son started working at the Loveland store he has been bullied, spit on, and had ketchup, flour and pasta sauce thrown on him. He also had a 40 lb bag of bird seed thrown at him. His neck was twisted and grabbed many times, the co-workers made sexual harassment comments and they would go around imitating his disabilitiy. On April 25,2014 a co-worker made a video him having a tremor and showed it to different employees and maybe he even put it on social media.He was fired for doing this video and my son was fired for horse play. My intent going to the store director was to make him aware of what was going on in the warehouse so my son wouldn’t end up paralized from a broken neck and to protect the other co workers from getting hurt.. So the bottom line is if you work for meijer’s and have a problem don’t take your problem to meijer’ because you will end up losing your job.

The definition of horse play is a person with disabilies trying to protect himself against bullies


Charlene June 25, 2014 at 2:37 pm

I am a retired Team Member of Meijer that is very upset over there corprate scholarship program. My daughter has recently reciever her letter stating that she was not going to get any scholorship from the company. How can she not be a candidite with a 3.98 GPA 5th in her class. 3 years on the National Honors, 3 years of SADD and being the vice pres. on top of all this she ran cross county track and Forensices (Competive Speach). We are a 3 generation of meijer family. My father (Retired 25 years) myself (25 years), my sister is (at corprate) my niece at store 25 her dad at 174(30 years) and her aunt at 25 has 15 years. What more dedication is there then this.I would apreciate a better explaination as to why she has not recieved this scholarship rather then a genaric denial form letter.


Matt June 20, 2014 at 9:36 pm

It amazes me how there are never any lanes open until someone from corporate shows up. I was in the store the other day and of course there are a lot of lanes open then I look over and notice all the corporate people. I think you guys need to show up at store 45 without notice and see what really happens around there. The store director is very rude and so are the managers that are up by the registers. I over heard a manager tell the lady that is running her butt off at the front say “sorry your going to have to deal with being backed up” and then walked away. What has happened to Meijer? ????


audra witgen June 8, 2014 at 10:09 pm

I am so disappointed in the changes you made to your online photo service. you are no longer using snapfish which i found much easier to use. what you have now, is very confusing and hard to use. I will not be using it again. i would much rather pay extra and send my photos to the Lansing Camera Shop. i tried 4 times tonight to get enlargements ordered, and they gave me no option to add pictures.
If in the future you go back to Snapfish, i will come back.
thank you for your time…


Jane Rowe June 5, 2014 at 9:45 pm

I was so excited about Meijer being opened in Danville Illinois until now. A very good friend was going through chemotherapy and found out it did not work, she sought treatment in Chicago. Her only son and family member Jeremy Morgenson was her only way to and from treatments. He lost his job due to absences for taking his mom to her appointments. His mother will not be with him much longer and I just can not wrap my head around a company that cares so little for an employee’s situation. I understand there are rules for reasons but there are also exceptions to rules. He will have no where to live after she is gone because he no longer has a job to support himself. Isn’t there something that can be done to help this young man? So disappointed in your management at the Danville store.


Gregg May 29, 2014 at 6:24 pm

I am disappointed in some of the supervisory personnel that Meijers has when simple task of stocking shelves takes precedence over saving a life. My daughter along with another employee who works for the Meijers Store in Traverse City saved a fellow employee who went down with a heart attack on May 29th, 2014. The lady went down and my daughter started compression on her chest along with monitoring her pulse, the other employee performed the breathing technique. They did save this lady’s life. My concern is the supervisor was more concerned as to why she didn’t get all of her stocking done. She received no Thank You from him only grief. Very disappointed.


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