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Les Schwab Tire Centers, Inc.
20900 Cooley Rd
Bend, OR 97701

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Phone Number: (541) 447-4136
Fax Number: (541) 416-5488
Website: http://www.lesschwab.com
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CEO: Dick Borgman
CFO: Jack Cuniff
COO: Ken Edwards

Les Schwab Tire Centers History

Les Schwab Tire Centers began in 1952 when Leslie Schwab purchased OK Rubber Welders tire store in Prineville, Oregon.

In 1966, Schwab decides to operate OK Rubber Welders as a separate company.  He changes the company name to Les Schwab Tire Centers.

By 1972, there are 35 tire center stores.

In 2000, Modern Tire Dealer magazine names Les Schwab Tire Centers as dealer of the year.

In 2006, the company was sued over allegations of gender based discrimination.  The case was settled out of court in 2010.

Dick Borgman is named as CEO in 2006.

In 2007, founder Les Schwab died.

In 2008, the company headquarters moves from Prineville to Bend, Oregon.

Today, there are over 375 Les Schwab Tire Centers in 9 Western US states.

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Bob Micheli April 4, 2014 at 2:59 pm

My wife found the Grand Canyon of all potholes in a construction zone on Interstate 84 north of Burley, Idaho 4/2/14. . We had to change to our doughnut tire and limp into the Burley’s Les Schwabs. The service we received there was stupendous! They didn’t have Toyota wheels but they changed our damaged ones around so we could get back on the road and they replaced a missing oil cap all FREE OF CHARGE! We two Seniors entered their bay all shook up about the pothole from hell and we left with the same smiles they greeted us with in the first place. Some times I think Les Schwab tires are too expensive…now, I know this may not be true! Thank You—-Burley Tire Center!


Steven J Nickson March 29, 2014 at 5:19 pm

I have a 97 Ford F-150 4X. I went in to the “new” Sparks, NV. location, on Los Alton Parkway. I spoke to the mgr, Cory Witters, about wheels to make my old truck look a little more modern. He asked me the size, 17″ was the size that was on the pickup, and he looked through a number of catalogs. He said he couldn’t find anything, but would make a phone call. I stood there while he made the call, listening to him humming and hawing. He then told the person on the other end, that he would tell him that. Tell me what, I was wondering?! He hung up and told me,”That “they (whoever “they” is)”, said for me to get my friends to take my truck, have my friends burn the truck, tell my insurance that it was stolen, collect the insurance money and go buy a truck that they had wheels for! I looked at him and said,”what?…….”. I walked out the door, got in my truck, and drove to Discount Tire, about a 1/2 mile away and bought wheels there. They were on sale, which made it even better and I didn’t need to commit “insurance fraud”! I would NEVER do what they were suggesting!
Les Schwab Tire Centers are a whole different world, now that Phil Wick was let go. And not for the better, either!
I went back to a different store, on Wednesday, 26Mar14, to check out some tires for my car, figuring that I don’t hold grudges and I’m an adult in this situation. I did tell the person at this store, that I would be calling Les Schwab corporate, and let them know about the attitudes, and the “general” way their staff and management, feel about potentional customers and customers, alike!
I would really appreciate a response to this matter, and what they can do, to make this situation “better”! Anxiously awaiting your reply. Thank you, Steve N.


Sonny Landers March 28, 2014 at 6:05 pm

i had a blow out on my way to oregon and i had just bought sum tires from another tire store so i called less schwab they sent a guy out he took the tire back to his shop and he was suposed to call me to let me know what the prices where gonna be so i could say yes or no to the price and then the guy shows back up with a tire and it came out to $380.00 for one tire if he would of called me like he was suposed to i would of told him never mind.and just bring my tire and rim back and i think its bullshit cus they wont give me my money back.i think less schwab is just tryin to get over on people.what about the comercial that says if ur not happy just bring it back less schwab will never get my business again and im gonna smutt them up on every websitr i can find cus i feel like the took food out of my kids mouth and that is just totaly unacceptable


Carl March 24, 2014 at 4:16 pm

Les Schwab Tire Store #387, 10312 East Sprague, Spokane, WA. 24 March 2014. Had snow tires removed today, switching to previously purchased Les Schwab summer tires. Requested wheel spin balance on summer replacements. When I returned to pick up vehicle, I asked the receptionist if wheels were balanced, she said yes. Asked her if they re-use the wheel weights when doing the balance, she said no. Was given receipt stating that $13 was charged per wheel, total $52, no charge due to complimentary spin balance. Prior to taking vehicle in for tire work, I took a permanent black magic marker and placed a small dot on each summer tire wheel weight. Since the vehicle was in the parking lot, I checked the wheels before entering the store so I knew they were not re-balanced. It is also apparent the wheel weights were not changed just by looking at the dirt/rust surrounding them. The invoice provided to me from Les Schwab’s #38700131228, states that this work was done. It definitely was not done. This constitutes theft on your part.


all pissed off March 15, 2014 at 8:43 pm

wow. i cant believe the lack of concern for customers,.i brought my Lincoln ls in because it was squeaking. when turning.from the passenger side ball joint. brought it to les schwab to get it fixed they said that they would fix the problem.and that they would need to do an alignment after the ball joint was replaced. i asked if both should be replaced. because they were original parts.they said no the other one was fine.and that the only had one in stock. they fixed it.and did an alignment.when i picked up the car.they said that they could not do a proper alignment without a shim kit.you think they would have known.
picked up the car and drove home .while pulling into my driveway it made a slight noise.i was worried
.after that i drove to work on the way the ball joint went out and was grinding metal to metal. part failure?thats what they said. so that was monday .they said they were ordering parts and that they would call in a couple days and would fix for free under warrenty .went through the whole week with no word back.
i guess i should have called and made sure they did there job.its 6 days later i called them they kept me on the phone for half an hour.after talking to three people i found out the tec i was working with didn’t order the parts. he sat them on some shelf and forgot his boss called him a dumb a**. and apologized to me. BUT THAT DOESN’T GET ME TO WORK DOES IT ! i have been working with my company. we have bought 60 sets of tires from les schwab this year.they sure took care of me that day.did it fast called me back asap to confirm order came in quick.
i hope they take good care of me during this problem. i sure dont want a quote dumb a** working on my steering and suspension. please do better thanks


Varun Sharma March 7, 2014 at 7:37 pm

I will never ever refer anyone or myself visit Les Schwab. They always are in a selling mode. I bought the tires in the past for my Civic in two month duration, first for front and then for rear. Both times I bought from Les Schwab and they gladly put the pair with different tread design(but same specification). I changed to winter tires and tried to reuse these tires on Audi(same specification). When I took the tires to Les Schwab, they refused to put these. I understand that the tread design should be same but why did they not raise this point when they were selling for the front wheel drive.
Now I am held up with extra pair of tires. I always feel cheated when I go there. This time I have made up my mind, not to visit this chain again forget about recommending it to anyone. They just want to make money out of you, nothing else.



Kristine Strachan February 27, 2014 at 11:02 am

I took my car to the Les Schwab in Aloha, Oregon. My car is old, but the alignment was fine when I drove in. When I came to pick up my car, they told me I needed an alignment appointment and it would cost extra. I drove off and my car was now pulling severely to the right. I came right back because it felt dangerous to drive. They switched the tire to the left and now the car pulled to the left. They said it was not the tires and that because my car was old with old tires it caused the alignment to be off when new tires were put on. They made an appointment for me for 5 days later, so I would have to drive like this until then. I went home and noticed the front left tire was certainly much flatter than the rest. I went to the gas station and checked the psi, it was 32, and the other tires were at 35. The max psi is 44. I filled all tires to 42 and now my car drove fine. I called to let them know and they said I should not fill my tires that much, and go by the recommendation on the inside of my door. They said if I filled my tires to 42 psi the tires would wear out faster. The only recommendation is for 32 on rear tires when towing.
I was most certainly taken advantage of and forced to drive a dangerously out of alignment car. Shame on you for trying to swindle more money out of me, I had a 3 year old in the car. I confronted them and told them I felt like they were basically causing a problem to make more money. I wonder how many times they do this to people. My husband called too and it was a bad confrontation. They absolutely did not care. I now spent $476.00 on tires to a deceiving, conniving company.


Tina Gollyhorn February 17, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Please see the notes from our community mud run….. Just a heads up to you all. The scappoose Les swab, don’t go there. Got there yesterday after the mud to air up before I drove the rest the way home. After waiting 10 min to get air. First thing the guy says is “please wash your truck before you come in here again (don’t worry I won’t be coming back) you left mud all in our parking lot” umm okay. I just drove 9 miles in the rain and washed it off before so whatever….. I was nice and said ohh I’m sorry, can I please have my tires put up to 45 psi. He finished and we left. This morning my dad went out side and noticed my tire was completely flat. I figured I hit and nail or something on the way home no biggie. So I aired it back up. Come to find out my valve stem had been loosened, so I fixed that and aired to 45. I figure well I might as well check the others. Not only where the stem caps barley put on, they where all at 37psi….. Wow…. Thanks…. Won’t be going back there. Ever….. I would recommend to you all, to do the same.
My reply to our fellow mud runner…
I will be happy to give them a call tomorrow and explain how many of us from the Mudding Community spend $1,000.00 of dollars on a couple of tires for these big trucks and if they can’t take a little mud we will be happy to spread the word and take a few 100 trucks to another tire shop.


Joe February 14, 2014 at 4:08 pm

My wife called Les Schwab in Portland for help with a flat tire on a set I bought there. One and a half hour wait. The store was 1/4 mile away. Said they no longer fix repairs, but will gladly put the spare tire on. Then they charged her $45. Really? What happened to the “free flat tire repair” that’s adverstised on their website. You just lost two customers. Hope the $45 was worth it.


denise boyer February 12, 2014 at 11:31 pm

971217XXXX unsatisfactory work. Part put in upside down. Damaged car.


Mark Spada February 12, 2014 at 7:34 pm

Can you email me back who to contact from LS for event sponsorship? I’m located in Everett, WA.


Hal Shore February 11, 2014 at 3:17 pm

I will never again refer anyone to Les Schwab again. I have been an ongoing customer for many years and have been satisfied.with their service up until now. I had brake work done on my 1993 Explorer in 2008. I was under the warranty time & mileage when I had to have work redone. That was in 2010. It is now 2014 and a little over 15,000 miles on the new set of brakes and still less than 30,000 miles and they are metal on metal. Since YOUR policy is 3 years or 30,000 miles I have to spend another $300.00 plus to repair my brakes. In my opinion, your policy should change to reflect when the LAST date of service was.


Jesse Gonzalez December 19, 2013 at 10:46 pm

Today 12/19/2013 I dropped my Honda off for a rear break service at 7 am when they opened. I was the first customer in the store. My schedule has been crazy and I chose to leave it there for the work to be done by the time I got off of work today. I received a phone call at 12:17 pm today during my lunch break and spoke to Victor M at the Stockton, CA store on 1717 W. Charter Way. Work Oder 67300041771.

He advised me I needed the work done to my rear breaks and I agreed. When I got to the store at around 4:30/5 pm. My Honda was not done!! I talk to the technician working on my vehicle when I arrived and he said he didn’t know why it wasn’t done and he had just started to work on it.

I entered inside and ask the technician who opened the work order that morning why my Honda wasn’t done and he said, they had to order parts. Nowhere!! in his phone call did he say he had to order parts or did I receive a phone call that my car would not be ready.!! I left there at 6:30 pm. Eleven and a half hours for a rear break job!!! I had to wait an hour and a half!!!

With no apology or acknowledgement of the inconvenience!!!! REALLY, I was the first in the store there is no reason why this should of happened. The manager Matt and the technicians knew I was upset and an apology or some sort of discount could have and would have sufficed!!!

My time as every other customer(s) time is valuable, and lately I have little of…an hour in a half after working three weeks straight in this Les Schwab store was unnecessary and RIDICULOUS!!!

Even more so, I got the feeling from all the employees and especially the manage Matt they didn’t seem to care and their actions confirmed my feeling and FRUSTRATING experience!!!!

I WILL never visit this store again!! I hope this complaint does not go unnoticed or even more disappointing that it will be replied by a computer generated sorry email!!

Social media goes a long way…Just saying!


carolyn hovdahl November 16, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Your company is losing credibility. Seems your company is no longer interested in customer service. When a customer has to wait 3 hours to get a flat tire fixed it becomes insane. If the company has become too big to service their customers it is time to close your doors or expand. However I am sure you could care less about the customers as long as you are making big bucks off the customer. My experience with your company makes your commercial a lie!!!!!!!


Ken Wharam November 6, 2013 at 8:22 am

I’ve been watching the videos about the Jordan Valley Rodeo and was utterly disgusted at the way the f***ing evil scumbags abuse the poor animals, especially the calves which are just babies..
What kind of a**holes are you to sponsor these lousy pieces of s***?
Everyone involved in this barbarity deserves to die screaming in agony.


Scott Distler October 26, 2013 at 12:37 am

I went in for tires .come out with warped Brakes.they said they would fix it.took back they replaced rotors again . But also told me my lug nuts were bad .and tryed charging me for them .
And they warped them again . So this is the one in union gap .so go to the one on yakima ave. They tell me the guys from the other shop shaved my rotors to Low so he said he fixed it with new rotors again I’m haveing the same problem so I take it back in and they say my brakes are shot well Yah after 3 sets of rotors and didn’t change the pads the pads are bad.so they say. So as of now my brakes are shot due to warped rotors .trying to let them fix there mess up
They take advantage of people .
I’ve been in the business for 20 years , YOU DON’T TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT !
first of my brakes were fine just had them done before i went to les scwab .ive owned this car sjnce 2004 . Had a couple of different sets of tires & Never had a problem UNTIL I GO TO LES SCHWAB. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO THERE AND I WILL BE TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUT HOW LES SCWAB TREATS THE CUSTOMER


william February 12, 2014 at 10:24 pm

I have been a coustomer for along time until now. Not only are your people in the Yuba City Les Schwab incompetent, they are arrogant, rude, uncoropitive and crooked. $916.11 worth of inferior Chinese parts and extensive frontend repair that was installed incorrectly, not to mention wrong parts. Six months later 5 visits in two states and a trip to a frontend specialist”,NOT LES SCHWAB”. and an additional $ 1590.50, Problem solved, BUYER BEWARE……


Stephen Butler October 1, 2013 at 2:58 pm

I brought four tires this am. When checking me out William B told me that a stud broke on
my left front tire . He assured me that it was safe to ride on a missing stud. He also said I could not get it fixed today. I then asked him how long I could on it. He said one to two days. Fiist, since he broke the stud why did he just fix it and send me home. Second he could have come out an told me sad story and I would have said fix it.
Thrid, If he broke way do I have to pay for it to be fixed? You can look my history and see I havge with for a long time. Do you really want to loose me as a customer?
Steve Butler Crow Creek Dr. Galt Ca 209-744-XXXX
Awaiting reply Steve


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