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450 N Brand Blvd 7th Floor
Glendale, CA 91203

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Phone Number: (818) 240-6055
Fax Number: (818) 637-3131
Website: http://www.ihop.com
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CEO: Julia A. Stewart
CFO: Thomas W. Emrey
COO: Mike Archer

IHOP History

International House of Pancakes or IHOP for short, was founded in 1958 by Al and Jerry Lapin.  The first location was in Toluca Lake, California.

In 1960, the company begins franchising and in 1961 the company goes public.

In 1973, the acronym IHOP is introduced in their marketing for the first time.

In 1985, the Rooty Tooty Fresh N’ Fruity is introduced.

In 1992, the 500th IHOP location opens.  In 2001, the 1000th IHOP location opens.

In 2007, IHOP’s parent company DineEquity successful acquires the Applebee’s chain of restaurants.

Today, IHOP operates over 1500 restaurants in the US, mostly franchises.

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Anon April 22, 2014 at 3:54 pm

So from the following comment “Want to make sure IHOP sees your comment or complaint?” Share this on fb or tweet. Well that tells me that these people don’t care and will not answer people. I was suppose to hear from Miguel Fragosoa and to date have not. If there is anyone else waiting for a call don’t hold your breath. IHOP has time to only care about themselves and getting your money. The only thing right on our visit was them taking my money. I guess they don’t need anyone’s business. I also feel that if I were a MINORITY my concerns would have been addressed!


Bea Larson April 22, 2014 at 1:21 pm

I visited your location in Temple TX. Was the worst experience of my life! I’ve never complained in my life but truly felt you should know how horribly this restaurant is !! I came in with my family on Easter Sunday (4-20-14) No customer service skills ….no hello or how are you?? We were seated and given menus and then waited about 5-8 minutes for our drink order to be taken….that took another 10 minutes ! It was not even really busy but I know the waitresses had enough time to stand and jabber to each other! We finally put our order in and once received …it was totally wrong ! I finally asked for a manager and the waitress said he’s not here. So I asked for someone in charge and she said hold on….We waited again !! No one ever came to our table! I can only say I will be contacting BBB and Health Dept. Because those bathrooms were horrible! Maybe need some retraining???


Melanie Spano April 22, 2014 at 9:57 am

I filed a complaint against an IHOP location. I filed this over 5 business days ago. I have had no response. You say that you will respond, well that is a lie. My case number is 360298. This number is of no use unless you actually do what you say you will do. I had a valid complaint that my pancake was RAW and was delayed because of a so called inspection. Well I guess you don’t care about the customer and only worry about your image. I figure if I were a minority I would have gotten attention. it is sad when a regular person cannot get satisfaction. Try to treat people EQUALLY no matter what their race is.


Latorya Spraggins April 21, 2014 at 9:29 pm

Thursday 4/17 me and my bff went to Ihop for breakfast it was delicious that day. We decided to go back today 4/21 unfortunately I didnt have the same results. We arrived about 9:30 am I had a doc appt at 10:30 we did get our food promptly but my bacon and hashbrowns were hard and partially burned. I didnt have time to send it back because I was hungry and had to hurry and finish up to make my appt however I did flag the waitress and tell her she apologized I saw another lady asked her was she a manager she said no and did I want to speak to the manager when she came out I explained to her that I wasnt trying to get a free meal I just wanted her to know she replied she understand but when the waitress came around I should have told her then I told her I wld have and that im very outspoken but she never came to ask the waitress said she did and to look at the camera the manager told me they had a chef in training…to make a long story short she said she was gonna look at the camera and took my name and number and said she was gonna get back with me it’s now 9:30 pm lol I work for Publix….guess im just not use to this type of service our valued customers are VALUED!


Latorya Spraggins April 21, 2014 at 9:35 pm

Oh yeah this happened in Bradenton, Fl us41


sheyla salomon April 20, 2014 at 9:18 pm

My apologies on my spelling I wrote it to fast I however have the images for proof and are warning my family and friends about that certain location.


sheyla salomon April 20, 2014 at 9:05 pm

This passed week on 4/17/2014 location 2620 Central Park Avenue Yonkers NY 10710-1126 .I usually enjoy going there from time to time but this experience changed my WHOLE ideal of ever stepping foot in IHOP again.It was about 9:00 when we arrived.The Host wasn’t around for about 10 mins. Finally after finally being seated my fiance decided to order something out of the ordinary of what hes use to and I myself stood to my steak tips with eggs.Once ready to order my fiance order a chicken bacon club sandwich short.Not long after ordering both are meals came & hungry and tired after we both worked and ran errands we began to eat I looked over and stopped and ask him why does hes sandwich looks like that we opened up to find the chicken still bloody and raw.The manager came over whom by the way barely spoke proper clear english had no remark to the cooks actions other then to simply take it off the bill.Not really what I was expecting knowing my fiance could have gotten salmonella.


shery April 18, 2014 at 1:03 pm

This morning, I took my three girls for breakfast at the Ihop on Uvalde rd, Houston…First they forget to bring my toast, then they want to charge me for a refill on the hot chocolates, which each one of us ordered. Then they want charge me a higher price on my drink, when it’s exactly the same thing that the kids got, and finally to to top it off I give them a discount card that doesn’t expire until September and they want to come back and say they’ve discontinued the discount, corporate rules….WHAT???, It’s a pitty that such a large corporation is so hard up for recognizing their coupons and refills, UNBELIEVABLE, and after a 20 minute wait to get sat down.


Rita Newberry April 16, 2014 at 9:56 pm

My group went to IHOP this morning (4/16/14). We usually have 8-10 people when we go.This morning we were paired up and we had coupons from the mail to use. They were “buy one entree’”and get the second one free with the purchase of two drinks. We were told by a manager that we could only use one coupon per table???? Why couldn’t every two people use them – that was how it was stated on the coupon and it didn’t say anything about how many were in the party or anything.
I feel that this was false advertisement to get people in and then you don’t honor your coupons. Now we won’t be going back and you will be losing business from us and others we talk to. Thank you for listening??? Rita Newberry, St. Joseph, MO


Austin April 16, 2014 at 9:43 pm

I am commenting on behalf of all the gluten free people in the world. IHOP should be a food chain that does consider making gluten free pancakes. It’s not that difficult to make a gluten free based batter. The business would gain so much more profit and popularity. The level of positive ratings would be significant, your business would all in all be one step closer to being Number one in superiority


tracy smith April 16, 2014 at 6:11 am

Not a complaint! Asking you to please consider gluten free bread, biscuits, or pancakes for the hundreds of thousands of people with a gluten allergy due to celiac disease! Be the 1st chain to offer & watch every other chain restaurant follow you. Thank you


Lionel Burns April 15, 2014 at 6:59 pm

I am very disappointed in ihop. I went in to place a to go order and it took them 25mins to just to to take my order the service has definitely droped. I dont want to but looks like im going to Dennys for now on…and to be honest the food taste much better at ihop……


jhonson April 15, 2014 at 11:13 am

i live in The state of Colorado and I have been a coustomer for 3 years and I noticed your ihop standard are to low comper to the bad management is so sad to see are favorite people are in happy because bad management and olse I see your are raises and you don’t see how your people work hard in the kichen and I don’t see a single different people in the back of your restaurant in also I will like to the owner to take a close looks and see what is rown in your restaurant because your staff in your restaurant are not been treat with respect no one is allowed to treat employes like slave if you don’t take care of the issue I will personali report to the right agency someone need to take care of your staff if you don’t care is very sad because seems like you don’t appreciate your employes it is a very bad person who don’t no how treat your employes and I feel so sad about this situation she screams walk with that attitude and she never have a smile sems like she doesn’t care abut to your business in this a store in the small town in castle rock


Jacob Hall April 15, 2014 at 12:33 am

Im employed at ihop in rivergate I witnessed 2 employees smoke marajuans in front of the manager.and the manager jeremy hall did nothing


dale April 12, 2014 at 12:10 am

I will never eat at an ihop again after reading the story about the girl who was given a $200.00 tip and then fired. Shame on you. No more Ihop


Kimberly Watson April 1, 2014 at 11:00 pm

I worked at ihop in Brunswick for 13 yrs. They terminated me several times and told my new job at Ruby Tuesdays medical information which was not true i was never that bad i can’t go back to my job it embarrassed me so bad. My doctors have said it is a little depression and attention thing. Please handle this or I am going to take further action and call my lawyer.


Ms.Nealy March 30, 2014 at 2:35 pm

I wephop store In Perrine, Florida. Here I received the worst customer service ever waited 45 min for take out only to find out that it was just sitting there and no one bothered to let me know. Then when I asked the waiter for my food he straight up lied in my face and said he had just brought it out even though I had just watched him pick it up from the underneath the conter and give it to me. I checked the food and it was ice cold. So I asked for a refund and he walks away and leaves me waiting for another 10 minutes. Now im furious and asks for a manager which was no help. I explained what happened and no apology she leaves me there waiting as well. Now after an hour and still no food and an hungry child I’m finally helped. This place is not customer service friendly and don’t appreciate their customers.


ANONYMOUS March 29, 2014 at 7:12 pm

I am a employee of Ihop store 1731 in California. I have been working there almost two years and have witnessed favoritism, nepatism and hostility towards the employees. I am a responsible person and have the full schedule of hours that no one else wants. I follow sop, most of the time but it does get hard when I am understaffed….we are constantly harassed about surveys, they post the surveys up and highlight and make comments such as this is embarressing, you call this customer service, very discouraging comments. I have worked in many restaraunts and have never been made to feel inadequate and worthless. I do everything they ask of me but customer surveys are unpredictable, even when I tell every table.Now they have decided to take away two of my shifts without telling me why…..I don’t see management much but they could call me and say that we have a problem to discuss before they take action. I will take responsibility if I messed up, but not knowing is stressful. But what I am most upset about is that I have co-workers calling me telling me that the asst. managers girlfriend who is a server there knows everything about why I am off the schedule and is telling others before I know. My disciplinary actions should be between me and management, they are violating my privacy sharing this info with their family and girlfriend all of whom work there. IHOP you could benefit more under new management. I am also being told that they took my days away hoping I will quit, guess what I am going nowhere, you want me gone fire me and it better be for a legite reason. This isn’t the first time something has happened like this, I just have never spoken up for myself. They have me on edge constantly, always fearing that I am going to be fired. This is not a healthy mental enviroment for anyone, I have seen so many people quit because of Marc Schamp and Job Ramirez!!!!!! Take classes on better people skills, stop treating the employees like everything problem is their fault, better management equals happy employees equals happier guests, simple and easy to understand…..


sharon walker March 29, 2014 at 4:09 pm

I came to your restaurant IHOP for the last three evenings
A gentlemen waited on me superbly. Soup and tea. When he left each night no one came and refilled my tea croft or asked if I would like anything else to eat or drink. Due to my vehicle brakes going out I came to your restaurant. I have been there before. Not one came after he left 3/26/24/3/27/14 and 3/28/14. I paid each night with a gift card and added a $1 gratuity. I dozed as no one came and got bored. I am a Senior and a different race or color of skin than the staff. I am a woman. It was necessary for me to be close to where my vehicle is being repaired. It is taking a while. I took my croft to the front the second night with the bill and paid it after the earlier shift. No one came to collect it. That is when I asked for additional hot water and went to the ladies room and then carried the hot water to my table. I dozed do to the late hour. I took my soup dishes and cups to the front and left. The third night I came in seated myself. A girl brought my soup and hot tea and two tea bags. I paid her and left a $1 gratuity. The third night 3/28/14 no one came to refill the hot water. I waited and dozed off. A large group came in and they got served. No one came to me. I dozed off waiting as I did the second night. When I woke up there was a $10 sitting on the table. I still had money on my gift card. Someone left the $10 on the table. The group had been calling me a rhino all night. The woman apparently in charge was at the front as I left. I was insulted by the $10 and worried who would bother me? The woman at the front said I should not come in any more. I still have money on the gift card. I told her the restaurant is open 24 hours a day. The 3/27/14 she spent cleaning and never came and asked me if I would like anything else to eat or a late meal or additional tea or water. nor on 3/28/14. I told her also that I had left a $1 for the gentleman who waited on me 3/26 and 3/27 and I did not think he had received it both nights. I also handed her the $10.00 cash and requested it to be given to him. He is dark short haired and lean and I thought Latino. She said they had no one like that. They do. He waited on me and my gift card, ticket and checking with the waiters and staff should evidence that. He is to receive it as he was the only employee that provided excellent service, showed no prejudice and showed me and every one he waited on respect. He was courteous and cared about the product and service. Please commend and reward him. Maybe even a management position. I know this is a company that cares. This is a neighborhood in which is diverse, Mormons, travelers, other religious groups, business persons, referring customers and Seniors and those dealing with emergencies are your customer. Also every economic level, race, color, age, health, handicapped and other and should receive service according equally pleasant and as long and as often as they come in. This is also a community in which military and political parties are your clientele. Yelp! Blog! Internet people read. So too word of mouth. Thank you. Sharon Walker aka Dear Friends. 3/29/14 RE: IHOP Bidwell St Folsom, CA


Kaysie March 29, 2014 at 11:37 am

I am a frequent customer at the IHOP in Brick, NJ. I’m usually provided good service, however the manager, whos name I’m not sure of, is always cursing around customers (including children) and talking badly about the customers. On 3/28/2014, I visited this location. They close at midnight, however I walked in at 11PM, and a waiter said to the manager, right in front of me, to say we were closed. The manager then came over, didn’t smile or say hi, just came over and said “What do you want?” I asked her nicely for a table and she said they were closed. Lights were in, doors were not locked, and they were still serving other customers.


Erick Sheppard March 23, 2014 at 1:00 am

I also forgot to mention that a party of alot of people just left without paying and this better not be put on her shoulders because of the lack of help and attention from her manager…

I hope you reply to my email please… again the Ihop is the one on gale in city of industry California… Please just be fair


Erick Sheppard March 23, 2014 at 12:55 am

Hello I just want everyone to know that in the city of industry Ihop on gale there is a waitress that I think is being abused for her work because I see every time I go in and have dinner I see her working hard as hell and her team mate is just chatting with her manager and an other waiter… I carefully looked at they’re name tags and the hard working waitress name is “evelia” and the very lazy and chatty waiters are “rudy” and “Jenny”…….. I asked a bus boy what the restaurant managers name was and he said it was “armando”… so I’m here having dinner at the moment and want everyone to know that I just witnessed that “evelia” is really working hard the back section of the restaurant and she looks like she needs help bit it’s not being provided by her manager, I haven’t seen him once since I’ve been here and has not visited my table at all… I just think that this waitress deserves more help and more recognition because I work in a restaurant as well and we all work as a team and that’s how it should be here….


anymous March 19, 2014 at 10:41 am

I worked for ihop and it was the worst ran resturant i have ever worked for. On third shift the food takes way to long to get out of the kitchen, managers refuse to talk to angry customers which hurts us the servers. Managers cuss out employees infront of customers. I worked a 12 hr shift and when i was about 1 hour away from the end of my shift when one of the managers cussed me out infront of guests for my uniform being dirty. Mind you i had been working since 7pm the night before and she cussed me out at 6am. That night i had taken two parties one of 15, and one of 35.
Another inccident the general manager told me that she would not work with my school schedual because when i was hired 6 months before i said i had.open availabilty. School is very important to me and for a general manager say she would basiclly fire me if i didnt drop out of school.

durham nc, i hop


theresabridges March 18, 2014 at 5:44 pm

They also took a month took get paper work done from being hired. I didn’t watch training videos and they kept me on training at minimum wage for 3 weeks and management did not even realize it! Training is only really suppose to be 5 days. Didn’t even remember where to place an employee. Like they forgot about me.


theresabridges March 18, 2014 at 5:39 pm

I recently worked at the rockford il location. I’ve never met such Un responsible, disorganized organization at this place of employment. I was being sexually harassed continually by employees and told management and nothing was done. I also told man agent that there was drugs being sold and used at this location between employees. I called in sick because I got tired of dealing with the situation. My boss then called me, I then finally told her the real reason why I was not comming in and her reply was: thanks for leaving me hanging. Then she hung up! She did not care about the situation or me! I also did have tables getting up and just leaving after ordering because the food took to long. Management picks favorites! They don’t treat all employees fairly! I felt very unsafe and hurt. This location also has roachs! Very lazy management! Not very productive!


Melissa Secondine March 16, 2014 at 2:03 pm

My mother was recently incarcerated and given a three year sentence. She then made me her power of attorney so I could take care of her needs. I went to go pick up her check from the location she worked at which is 11237 St Charles Rock Road in Bridgeton Missouri. I spoke to the general manager whose name is Hanon. I’ve never met a person so disrespectful & helpless than her. She was rude & inconsiderate. I asked her for my mother’s check & she told me that I couldn’t pick it up that Michele had to even after knowing she was incarcerated. I was told the night before I could pick up the check myself by the night manager, Heaven, yet when I got there the next morning it was just embarrassment from Hanon. I asked her what my options were & she said that my mom could call or write. After explaining how she’d have to press one to accept her call and as I was about to give her my mother’s address she said, “You can’t do that. How will I know it’s her.” It should not have been this much of a hassle for maybe a $30 check. I’ll be calling tomorrow before 5:00pm to make sure that my complaint has gone through about Hanon & to see what all I can do to get this taken care of. Thank you.


neesy March 14, 2014 at 2:45 am

I was recently dismissed for not having the right shoes on. I had informed my employer that the pair I had had a hole in them so threw them away cause I have enough problems with my feet without them getting wet. They said I couldn’t work the one day I needed to just to go get the shoes. They said I couldn’t come back I til I got the right shoes. And pay for them with what my d*** looks Phenix city,al IHOP is as messed up as they get they complain they can’t get any help but they won’t let the good workers do their job. And wonder why they have a problem with staffing.


kat March 12, 2014 at 6:54 am

I was recently suspended from my job as a server at IHOP. I work hard daily and complete the task as a server more efficient than majority of my coworkers. Customers enjoy my service and often request to sit in my section. My managers receive compliments from customers daily expressing how pleasant their visit was, due to my execellent and efficient customer service. Since the beginning of my employment at IHOP I noticed the discrimination with the restaurant. When I was hired there was only 2 African American servers total. This caught my attention when I noticed how many African American woman put in applications vs. How many are pulled for interviews. I’ve seen management tell a black woman that the company is not hiring. But give a white woman an application and an interview appt. The same day. All the minority hired is located at the back of the house. Also as I was training my trainer stated how she don’t like to serve black people. I did mention this to management just to make them aware. The N word is used daily in a discriminatory manner all the time. I use to be blamed for intimidating my employees for demanding their respect, so to avoid conflict I went from passive aggressive to passive. Since it was brought to my attention that my coworkers were intimidated by me because I was a black woman . My appearance alone they feared. So this is when I began to “tattle tell”. Meaning go tell the manager when I am disrespected. I just have zero tolerance for disrespect. When disrespect was expressed at work by my coworkers I would just hold them accountable by making sure they understand that their actions are disrespectful. I’ve seen white servers bully other servers to the point they force them to quit or cry. Management even participated in going into someones personal property took their diary read it and was entertained as the servers taunted them and black mailed them about it. Last week this same manager was present when a white male server got into a heated confrontation with a black female guest to the point where the manager mentioned calling the police to calm the situation. This issue disturbed the entire restaurant but was not documented nor were there any consequences for his actions. But in the past a black female server was fired because she made a hot tempered comment to a coworker and a guest over heard. Once the white employees see the discrimination they take advantage and who could blame them. So this brings me to the situation where a white server not only disrespected me by making racial / prejudice comments but she taunted me with curse words and foul language. I reported the issue to my manager like following procedure. When I spoke with the district manager Eric Burtner he told me that the white server wrote a statement saying I threatened her. Hey never mention the racially discriminatory remarks she made nor does he accurately know the details of the issue. So he informed me that he will do things by procedure collect statements just from her point of view and get back with me to discuss consequences. Red flag went up when he never asked me for any statements. Fair is treat both parties equal but the red flag became brighter when I’m being view as the suspect when I was the victim in this case. So I returned to work finding ou tha I was suspended pending termination. She was on the floor working. And again no consequences to the white server.The white server expressed that she feared me. Not because of my actions but because she knows how disrespectful her comment was. Well Mr. Eric Burtner did state that he would speak with me before he made any decisions. I haven’t heard from him since this day Thursday March 6th . I have tried contacting him no reply. I just want the community to know how IHOP Hull street Chattanooga plaza treats its black employees and guest. I work hard for the company being that I take pride in what I do. I was promoted within a yr and have built wonderful relationships with regular customers. Its like this at IHOP management word over team member. I have had managers disrespect me and tell me they can because they are the manager. Yes I reported it but no consequences. Management likes to gossip about the things employees tell them about their personal life with guest and other employees. They claim to have that “open door policy” but they dont honor it. Due to this observation i am reluctant to share details about issues that I address with management. I just want to be heard since IHOP Hull street Chattanooga plaza not listening


Dio Reed March 11, 2014 at 5:51 pm

My name is Dionisio Reed, I worked at Ihop on University Dr, and i know as a former employee that that place is beyond nasty, i have videos and pictures posted on the web about this place. The food is also nasty!! Im working to sue the franchise for its unfair treatment towards me when i was their employee buy making me clean blood off the side walk without proper equipment. I was told if i didnt do it i dont have a job, this one ihop gives them all a bad name!!


Mrs. Biggs March 8, 2014 at 12:25 pm

I called 3/8/14 to place a to go order at the ihop located on apalachee pkwy for 3 individuals and the representative answered the phone said they were not taking any to go orders for the day because they did not have the containers to do so. I then ask to speak with the supervisor I was placed on hold just for her to come back and say he was busy.


Terry McQueen March 7, 2014 at 7:30 pm

I was fired from ihop on Hull st in Midlothian VA for missing work and had doctors notes for all most everyday out I was never told that if you miss another day you will be fired I was always told to brind a doctors note which I did I spoke to the Distinct manager Eric and he said I’m fired as well he also implied that my doctors notes all seemed to be written by the same person actually he ask me if they let us write them what nerve of him but the propel is after our talk he said if I didn’t like his decision he would give me his bosses number but failed to do so I’ve called him twice with no return call I fell I was treated unfairly and would love to talk to someone over his head this job was important to me contrary to what anyone thinks I take my job seriously thank you Teresa McQueen


Kathy Carrillo March 4, 2014 at 9:42 pm

I came to IHOP on March 4 for the national free pancakes that is advertised from 7am-10pm and the IHOP located at Route 66 in Neptune Nj and they were closed, mind you it’s a 24 hour restaurant and it was only 9 when we came. It’s false advertisement and I’m not going to stop until I get reimbursed.


Miss Smith & girls March 4, 2014 at 7:07 pm

My girls & I decided to go eat at IHOP today so that we could make a donation to a wonderful children’s hospital. We were seated immediately, yet waited 30 minutes to order. When our waitress finally came, she was rude and very loud. I had some questions about what to get because I planned on also getting a couple stacks of “free” pancakes. I was told I couldn’t get them without a donation so it wouldn’t be worth it. The whole reason for even going to IHOP during the week was solely to make a contribution! I was already spending a good amount of money, so what was the problem? This left me disgusted so I asked the manager for to- go boxes and left. The manager did not ask me what was wrong or anything. Furthermore, the restaurant was NOT busy, it was 2pm. I also NEVER got those buttermilk pancakes even though the tables all around me had. I spent more money than all those tables put together, yet I was given the attitude? And YES i still left a tip!


Tiara March 4, 2014 at 2:13 pm

Today i attempted to place a to go order at this ihop location: 12780 W Ih 10 (De Zavala), San Antonio, TX 78230-1046. As soon as the woman answered the phone i was met with extreme rudeness. However, i maintained my politeness and began to order my food. Right in the middle of the order she said i am going to have to get with you in a minute. I asked why? Is there someyhibg wrong with the order? And she rudely replied no its because im swamped. I was already fed up with her rudeness from the beginning of the conversation so i told her cancel my order. Before i could finish she just hung up in my face!!! So i called back and of course the same woman answered the phone. I asked if i could speak to a manager and once again the phone was hung up in my face. This was by far the worst case of customer service i have ever seen and i am sure i am not the only one who has experienced this type of conduct from this location.


Devon Hynson March 3, 2014 at 9:11 am

IHOP in Delaware makes their employees go out in extreme weather. On Monday March 3, 2014 the city, state and county offices were closed. All of the school districts closed and the Governor called a state of emergency. I think the corporate office received the memo that there would be a winter storm covering a number of northern states and accumulating an estimated 12″ on snow. I say that because the corporate offices were closed. However a retail location in Wilmington, Delaware was live and kicking wit a total 2 customers.

I contacted the manager and he said I was harassing him asking who made the decision to force the employees out in the snow. I also asked if there was a contingency plan in place in the event the storm became so severe that travel would not be possible or in the event of power loss as anticipated. I asked finally what happens if an employee gets stuck attempting to travel home? To all of these questions he responded “I answer to my bosses who make whose decisions.” I asked who they were and that I needed to be contacted today and he said they were busy because of all of the snow. So I asked what are they plowing or something? I think IHOP should be considerate of the weather in the pursuit of their profits. I will never eat at IHOP again…


Jorge Alvarez February 28, 2014 at 11:50 pm

I went to Ihop with my Wife and Three Children on Sunday Feb 23rd at about 5pm.
We waited about 5 Minutes to be Seated, As we wear being Seated I Glanced and Noticed that there were only 2 other Tables being Occupied.
In others Words they had hardly No Customers…..
Well We ordered our Drinks and Food , it Took a Long Long Time to Finally get our Food and when we got it, We were Missing pancakes and also on my Little ones order it came with Sausage, So I said excuse me my son’s plate was suppose to come with Bacon not sausage, he is allergic to sausage. …The Waitress Rolled her Eyes and just stood there, Looking at me with a lost stare…..I asked can you please take this sausage back, Thank You.
We did not see Our Waitress back again. Not to ask us how Everything was or if we needed Refills or anything else. …..Finally ….When we did see Her again it was to Bring us The Check, Yes you heard right The Check……
I Turn to her and said can we get Refills on our Drinks and I was Told that she already totalled the Check and it will cost us Extra……I said that’s fine and said that’s why you should off checked to see if we needed anything else! ?
She Rolled her Eyes Again and went to get us Refills. …
Get this, Our New Adjusted Check got to our Table Before the Drinks??
It was Awful Experience. …Our Waitress was Rebeca 305.
Steer away from her if you ever stop bye the ihop in Palmdale on 21st East…..
I called in the Survey and left message for ihop Representatives to call me Back and still have not Received that call..?


sherri olson February 27, 2014 at 2:45 pm

I went to ihop on 5601 zeroes stood at front counter for 8 to ten min. A elderly women with a cane came in after me the manager was seating people I’m still waiting to be seated the elderly women asked politely are you seating people the manager answered very rudely and sarcastically ya there wiping down tables there was 4 clean tables on the other side this manager was polite to me but her tone of voice and said Ness to the elderly women actually embarrassed me this disturbed me threw my whole meal needless to say the elderly women left the resteraunt I feel this manager don’t deserve employment where she works with people and hope it comes back 3 fold on her when she gets old


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