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CEO: Mark S. Hoplamazian
CFO: Gebhard F. Rainer
COO: H. Charles Floyd

Hyatt Hotels History

Hyatt was founded in 1957 when Jay Pritzker purchased the Hyatt House motel from Hyatt von Dehn.

In 1962, the company went public.

In 1968, Hyatt International was formed and hotels were opened in Hong Kong.

In 1979, the Pritzker family took Hyatt private.

In 2004, the company acquired AmeriSuites.  Summerfield Suites was acquired the following year.

In 2009, the company went public again as the result of lawsuits within the Pritzker family.

In 2011, the company acquired the Hotel Sierra chain.

Today, the Hyatt Hotels Corporation owns over 500 properties worldwide.   These properties operate under several names, including: Park Hyatt, Andaz, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Hyatt Resorts and Hyatt Residence Club.


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Angela December 16, 2014 at 8:52 pm

During a recent travel soccer tournament we were assigned to the Hyatt in Lithonia, Georgia. During our second night my vehicle was broken into and sustained over $800 worth of damage. I asked the hotel who reviewed the security footage from the parking lot. I was told that they don’t have security cameras in the parking lot. I am disappointed that the Hyatt does not provide this layer of security. I am now out over $500 and three days without a vehicle due to the vandalism and theft. Now that I know that Hyatt does not provide security cameras in their parking lots I will not be staying again.


Savi singh December 3, 2014 at 6:02 am

i just got back from Trinidad and I stand at Hyatt regency, such horrible and degrading supervisor RICK JUPITER!

Details as follows-

) On the night of Tuesday 25th I requested a rollaway bed since I hired 1 Sargent and 2 police officers due to having a business in Trinidad and the county being unsafe,in any event very rude young lady brought the rollaway bed and dropped it at the door and told the Sargent “here you go ” never even said hi goodnight etc.

2) It was approximately 3:30am on November 28th myself and a undercover policeman went down to get coffee and a snack however the Cinnamon pastries deli is ” supposedly” 24hours as per hotel. We were waiting on a staff to assist,then a young man that was a hotel staff (waiter) saw us and said some one will be right with you so after 10-15mins or so I decided to help myself to a cookie, then I proceeded to the waiting area which is 30 yards away and sat awaiting the arrival of a staff to assist us still no one got there
Then a female security guard came and said you took a cookie and I said yes I’m aware of that and will pay for it once Someone is serving in the deli, she then rudely pulled down the blinds and proceeded to call another security guard to stand watch as if I’m going to “steal” a cookie,that’s how it made me feel so degraded and ashamed.
A few minutes passed and at that point a very RUDE young lady by the name of “Adana” arrived with an attitude very rude and hostile feeling.
I ordered my stuff she even forgot about the cookie in which I mentioned earlier and never rung it up I reminded her to kindly charge me for the cookie.

I went to the front desk spoke to a very nice gentleman by the name of Amit explained I don’t like to complain but I felt the need too because that type of service is not what I expected @ the Hyatt.
Mr Amit called Rick Jupiter(“SUPERVISOR”) this man had the nerve to tell me I should not stick my hand in the jar because its stealing I said to him “sir if you see a sign that says “24hrs” would you not think someone will be there at all times? Granted I comprehend people need to Use the restroom etc.. Or at least put a sign up that says will be back soon? But don’t treat a guest that’s staying there for days feel like a cookie is being stolen. My entire issue with this situation was after my conversation with Jupiter he walked me to the elevator and he proceeded to walk behind the deli counter and said something to the rude “Adana ” and they both started to laugh,obviously it was regarding me! Then he saw me looking at him laughing,and then stopped.

That type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable and after all that money I spent and to feel so degraded that made me never ever want to go back to Hyatt because I was laughed at and if you kindly put yourself in my situation how would you feel? Thank you for listening.

Customers pay for a certain level of treatment and customer service and in that situation so called SUPERVISOR Mr Jupiter did nothing but made it worse by laughing.
I will not ever return to Hyatt.
Please don’t get me wrong the front desk staff was great! Mark at the poolside bar was amazing.


Michelle Nathan Hanish November 30, 2014 at 1:06 am

I just wasted 45 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. My husband and I just signed up for a Hyatt Platinum card and we were excited about using it. I have to take a few trips without him so I called the Platinum line where you are supposed to get great customer service and spoke to the most arrogant clerk and Manager I’ve ever encountered. I asked about making a reservation without my husband and the first clerk told me I couldn’t do it. She said it’s his account he needs to be there. I assumed she just didn’t know the policy so I asked to speak to a manager. I am then left on hold for 15 minutes. I hang up and call back again only to be placed on hold for another 25 minutes. I finally speak to the “manager” Max who rudely reiterates the same rule and tells me I cannot use our account without my husband present (what is this the dark ages?) I told him I’m furious and ready to switch to another chain and he doesn’t budge at all. Said he’d be happy to help me close the account. Hire some people who know how to treat customers. I’m done with the Hyatt. This has completely left a bitter taste in my mouth. Learn some customer service.


Mark Parrish November 26, 2014 at 9:56 am

My wife and I travel all the time and always stay in upscale hotels. We’ve stayed in a few Hyatts and have never had problems until now. The trip was a surprise for my wife so I paid for the room via Western Union so she wouldn’t see the deduction in our joint account from the hotel. Again, the hotel was paid for way in advance. Our stay was fine despite the trouble we had getting up to our room bc their system was down and they couldn’t make additional keys. What I am furious about is that this hotel STOLE $226.88 from us after our stay. I understand that it is required to put a credit card on file, but I do not understand why the hotel double charged me and stole this money and I really don’t understand why they sent me a letter stating that they had to put a hold on the funds. They are not entitled to my money and I want it back right now or I will be forced to put these matters in legal hands. Like I stated before, we travel all the time but we will never stay at this hotel again.


Sharon November 20, 2014 at 9:41 pm

I recently stayed at the Hyatt Place in Houston Tx at Bush International I was with a group people from my church attending a conference. I reserved a room for someone in the group when they checked out the paid for the room in cash that was on Oct 25 then on Nov 7 they charged my card for 522.00 when I called them on the 10 th of Nov they said they did. Ot charge the card my bank sent them a copy of the withdraw they sated they would put it back into my bank account on the 20 they still had not put it back in my account, ever tine I call they said they will have someone call me it never happen, I call corporate they transferred my to the accounting dept no one ever picked up the phone. I love the hotel but this is no right if u owe them money they hound u for it but they don’t get I a hurry to refund your money


phyllis and robert brodsky October 14, 2014 at 6:15 am

Guy Naillon , Guest Relations Manager of the HYATT REGENCY IN PARIS is one of the most sensitive people I have ever met at a hotel.

When we arrived at your hotel in July, 2014. I wanted something across the street .I was too tired to go after an international flight. He went and got it for me. I felt loved and cared for.We were privileged to stay at the HYatt Regency and you are privileged to have such a sensitive person in your employ. The men in the club upstairs also showed us much consideration, when we came for breakfast. Forget their names. Knowing i like chocolates, they sent some to our room. You have a great team at the Hyatt Regency.


Disappointed Guest October 10, 2014 at 10:29 pm

This past week I was a guest at the Andaz suits which is located in Savannah, Georgia. I have visited this particular location on a number of occasions and have found it to be an extremely welcoming and pampered experience and interaction with your staff. Unfortunately, When I approached the front desk for assistance and directions, I found the staff to be extremely frustrated and distracted with the treatment and interactions with a member of your staff whoes name I have found to be Sharon. While speaking with a member of your front desk staff, one of several whom I favor based on previous visits, I have found that everyone does not seem to be treated equally. Ms. Sharon is afforded certain privileges that others in the same field are not. I have never seen her assist a guest on any occasion that I have visited the establishment. These actions are affecting the moral of your staff which in turn affects their ability to effectively assist your guests. As someone who is a frequent visitor of Savannah and of the Andaz, I would greatly appreciate someone in management to take a more detailed look at these issues. I absolutely adore the staff members that I have come in contact and most definitely don’t appreciate the wonderful young people being treated in this manner. I am looking forward to visiting again in the near future and observing the wonderful people and much needed improvements. I thank you in Advance for your time and attention to this matter.


Nguyen Thi Hoang Bau September 30, 2014 at 8:48 am

I have been thinking thoroughly to write down my experience here, that was awful and i promise myself as well as recommend all people i’ve known i would never come back to Hyatt again even just for entertainment. My case is Hyatt Regency Danang resort and Spa in Vietnam.
First, I am a master student in Taipei, Taiwan. On summer vaction (2014), i went home and applied for being an internship there ( i loved Hyatt so much that i nearly visited when i had time before). Human resources department i may say have ” specially arrogant style”. I did make clear to them about my motivations and purposes that i had a survey and hoped during time i tried to work hard there they would approve me to do survey for my thesis. They said i must work there as a full time employee for 2 months and 10 days without getting any pay even transportation fee support. I accepted ( i had no complaints) as long as i was allowed to do survey as they promised. That is not the most interesting part. I came and totally surprised that all most managers there do not even graduate from colleges ( that’s ok if they are really qualified enough with their experiences). They almost got high postions based on their relationships only , some has relatives and some uses other strategies to get postions like dating with boss. Ridiculously, They all use their power at their position to force someone to leave their job or recruit someone they want for a job. I just felt like this is not a big global corporation but a family company. I did tell the truth when my friends work there and define in me. Meanwhile i saw it by myself. They made use of their power very clearly and dont hesistate showing it at any time any where. They look down on people with low positions as i am as an example. I worked from 5:30 am to 3:00pm and sometimes at 1:30 pm to 11pm always started at 4:00am and 12:30 for preparing and got home at 4:00pm and 12pm. I had no complaints because i did accept it at first but the point is they never trained me anything all the things i must do was cleaning all the time. There are so many sides at Hyatt Danang to retain power, you must wisely choose the right one to survive well, i was sick of that kind of environment and frustrated to see working hard people have to suffer a lot in silence from this time to time without asking for anything since i do not even have voice and higher postions there take it all. Low educated, rude and arrogant management staff are the top of Hyatt. I totally lost faith when i expected to learn at Hyatt and finally got nothing but unlimited exploitation. Finally, two months was over and i thought days i suffered there were gone, just went ahead for my survey and left there with gratitude that they are still human when agreeing to help me at last. Unfortunately, they said my questions are not appropriate, they couldn’t allow me to do survey for confidential information they explained. I was shocked and speechless. They didn’t say that at first. They even destroyed my plan and my future. I wasted too much time for them and i couldn’t join my conference in Shanghai because i couldn’t finish my thesis on time. SHAME ON YOU HYATT. YOU ARE BIG BUT SMALL. With the same questionnaire, Hyatt refused me i sent it to Regent Hotel in Taipei i don’t have to work for them even a day, they still say yes. Does my questionnaire have problems or You Hyatt? . If i have any recommendations for you Hyatt, please just recruit the high educated and qualified for jobs, do not let some people to use their power to destroy you from inside. If you do not trust me, please check 90% of employees at Hyatt Danang are from the same hometown (same hometown with someone in Human resource department). some good people who contributed for Hyatt since it was first built left the job because of some high postions force them to. Hyatt you definitely owe them. I am writing here not for me only because i do not have faith in you anymore and i dont have to waste my time here but for my friends still suffering there day by day.
PS: later when i left i found out that i was not allocated for internship at Front office but Food&Beverage as a waitress though i have two foreign languages, master degree in tourism and experience working at hotel before because human resource department do not like ” someone is more outstanding than the rest of them” and high seasons need more cleaners. YOU ARE AT HYATT TO BE EXPLOITED NOT TRAINED. and i was innocent to get myself involved in Hyatt because i believed HYATT IS PROFESSIONAL TO HELP ME IMPROVE MYSELF BY EVEN THE SMALLEST POSTION. I was wrong!
Best regards


j steel September 16, 2014 at 4:38 pm

September 11, 2014

For all of my married life my husband and family enjoyed staying at Hyatt Regency Hotels. Our experiences were always productive and positive until recently. Presently, I am a 74 year old widow living on a fixed income who is a victim of the incompetence of your staff at the Hyatt Regency, 151 West Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
I attended my family reunion August 22-24. As customary, my daughter and I chose the Hyatt for our stay. I had secured the reservation using my MasterCard debit card, and was quoted the cost as $497.10. When I check in and presented my debit card I was told the charge would be $497.10 as I expected.
When I returned home and reviewed my debit card statement I discovered that I had been charged $647.10. I immediately called the Hyatt to report the error and to get it corrected. The person I spoke with agreed that an error had been made on the hotel’s part. He then stated that the amount overcharged me would be credited back to my account in 7 to 10 business days.
As stated above I am a 74 year old widow who closely budgets my fixed income. This mistake made by Hyatt personnel caused my bank account to be short of the money I had budgeted for food and other essentials. This unfortunate occurrence put me in the embarrassing position of having to borrow money from a family member.
I am sure that your customer service policy allows for some type of apology/compensation when situations that cause this kind of undue stress and inconvenience occur. Please know that I wish to continue to stay at Hyatt Regency Hotels. However, if I do not hear from you, then I will know that you do not value my patronage, and my family and I will not choose your hotels again.

Justine Steel


Joseph Wills September 9, 2014 at 10:57 am

I booked a room at the Hyatt Place in Richmond on Cox Road and I am sorry to say but it will be the last time. Although some of the staff in the evening were very helpful, the manager during the day was not very cordial at all. During our stay one of the lights in the bathroom fell and hit my girlfriend in the face. I informed the front staff the next morning, whom referred me to the manager on duty. After waiting for her to come from the back for approximately 20 minutes, she directed me to the seating area where she pulled this form. After answering all of her questions she just simply stated that someone would be in touch. Really? Not a sense of sympathy what so ever. No “I apologize, Is there anything we can do to help you?” Nothing. In addition, how does it make sense to have a mini fridge in the room but no microwave? Lastly, I paid for my room in cash and am still being charged for the room on my card.


Never Again.


marcus calco September 6, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Every year I fly my granddaughter [from Seattle] to Ohio and we go on a very lavish vacation… this year we spent four nights at the Hyatt in New Port RI [ two rooms] my wife, my daughter and granddaughter and I will not be staying at a Hyatt again. All the bath fixtures were falling apart, MOLD growing on the bathroom wall paper and in grout of shower….lots of little black bugs flying around and spiders in the beds, this was typical n both rooms. Our rooms were not ready even though we arrived well after check in time….lady desk clerks were border line rude…. when I mentioned problems…. with the exception of two gentlemen who tried to correct problems to no avail. I have always tried to be a loyal Hyatt customer but this was the straw that broke the camels back…by the by your daily thirty five dollar resort fee per room is a total rip off….Total vacation dollars spent this year exceeded $8500.00 for five days, Hyatt will not get any of my hard earned money unless I hear from corporate Marcus Calco confirmation # 4126822901 and 412682****


Dr. Raymond Knuppel September 5, 2014 at 11:49 am

When visiting Corpus Christi, Texas, on several occasions, our family has always had good experiences with our accommodations. We always reserve two to three rooms, and also recommend the Hyatt Place to other parents and grandparents of TAMUCC students. The last time we stayed , however, turned out to be very disappointing ! Your hotel staff ( other than housekeeping and those in authority) was exceptional. When we left the room we stayed in, we unfortunately left behind, clothes hanging in the closet and electronic chargers plugged into sockets . After discovering this, we immediately contacted the hotel and spoke with several employees who were courteous, polite and who appeared to want to help find the items, They always took our phone number and told us they would ” get back to us”. After making several of these calls, and a couple of days,we were finally connected to the head of housekeeping, who told us that she would “investigate” and call us back. After not hearing from her, once again, we contacted the corporate office, in order to be connected to the general manager of the Corpus Christi Hyatt. She told us that she would “investigate the missing items” and would get back to us. My guess is that you know the rest…She never ” got back to us”; nor return our calls left on her voicemail . After several weeks, all we were told is that “according to our records” nothing was left in the room you occupied. We have to question the integrity of your employees!!!!


Karen Dyer August 30, 2014 at 4:29 pm

To whomever this concerns, I booked a room.at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Princeton, Nj. The experience has not been the greatest. The time is now 423 pm and I called the front desk at 10 am after awakening and noticing what appears to be a dried blood stain on one of the pillows. Also I left my room for several hours expecting to come back to a straightened room. Boy was I disappointed. I then once again called the front desk to ask for a fresh pillow to only be greeted with the front desk answering the phone with the word. “Yeah”. I am very dissatisfied and will be posting this gripe on facebook and yelp.


Tosha Ponders August 27, 2014 at 4:12 pm

I was working at the Hyatt Place in Park Meadows in Lone Tree, CO for a about a month. My first day of training was by a young lady who had started a few weeks before for me. It was a horrible experience with the training her food skill and preparation was just out right nasty. I spoke to the General Manager the next day to address my concerns. During my time there I experience from the Galley host who have been there a short time as well very rude bossy behavior. Again, I spoke with the manager in regards to there behavior towards me. I told him I RESPECT everyone there and i wish the same in return, One Gallery Host went on a rampage yelling and screaming in from of guest.The General Manager was in his office did nothing about her behavior, But he says to me I have to have thick skin to be in this type of business. I work with the public most of my career and I never experience the foolery that goes on in the Hyatt Place.If having “thick skin” mean being disrespected by my coworker then Hyatt has it’s priorities really messed up. I refused to be disrespected in the work place where we are suppose to be in a team environment. It’s unfortunate that the General Manager has no type of control over his staff no wonder the high turnover. From my first day there they were complaining what jerk he is, and he will screw up your schedule just because he feels like it, and this came from his management staff. All my complaints to him was please tell the Gallery host to show RESPECT in the work place, something so simple. And I was basically told to get “thick skin” and suck it up, that this might not be the right fit for you. That I’m a prideful person. Shouldn’t I be a prideful person, If I don’t have pride in myself then where does that leave me. In a work place I don’t care if I’m working for the President of the US. if I’m disrespected I will no longer work for him either. So I told him know what, your right, this will not work for me. RESPECT is KEY!


Stan Frazer August 25, 2014 at 5:18 pm

Hyatt Mission Bay San Diego is not the place to spend a relaxing and peaceful get away. The entire reservation process ( messed up 3 times), check-in process (slow, late and inaccurate) and front desk attitude is not in keeping with Hyatt standards. We had a large group in for a wedding (event staff was outstanding) with reservation mistakes causing some to get rooms elsewhere, rooms not ready, doors broken and not working, TV channels fuzzy, leaky bathroom sink drains, no waters or hair dryers in some rooms etc. No attention to detail that one would expect for a resort. Management must have low expectations for their workers.


Eric J Gaines August 21, 2014 at 12:50 pm

Very poor customer services at the Hyatt Place Orlando/Universal in Orlando Florida. Please remove me from the Hyatt Gold Passport program. I will no longer select Hyatt when needing a room.


Sylvia Gutierrez August 18, 2014 at 2:20 pm

I was given two Hyatt Stay Certificates (Classic) to be used at any Hyatt Place. Hoping I could use them at the Hyatt Place Vista/Carlsbad, CA. I come to find out that this hotel will not accept the Classic category. I called the front desk inquirying if I could use them paying the difference for an upgrade but apparently not all Hyatt employees seemed to be familiar with these coupons. I spoke directly with one of the hotel managers, Wes Lavender, again thinking I could request the upgrade with no problem. However, the answer was “NO” and offered his apologies for not being able to help which leads me to believe that Hyatt is not willing to empower even management to better serve their guests. As a former travel consultant my training in hospitality has always been …FLEXIBILITY will always keep yours customers coming back. I suggest that if you’re planning to market these certificates through third parties like everything else in today’s world we have to give our customers better options to upgrades and our employees better training and knowledge of these services.


Raymond August 18, 2014 at 12:59 pm

Ruined Anniversary!! My wife and I had planned a 3 day weekend at Hyatt Grand Tampa Bay!! When we showed up there were at least 500-1000 bikers in the lobby! They partied none stop for the 3days we were there. The hallway noise at all hours of the night was more then we could take. Called desk staff and asked for a new room and they told us NO that there was nothing we could do. I don’t blame the bikers I blame the staff of the hotel for not preparing the hotel to accommodate all there guest’s. When I emailed Hyatt corporate they offered me a 100.00 gift card.. What a slap in the face. 1000.00 hotel stay, a ruined weekend with my wife of 20 years and you wont even attempt to at least give me back my weekend.. Shame on you Hyatt!! I will recommend that the 6300 employees that work for my company stay at HILTON hotels from this day forward!


Carlos diaz August 11, 2014 at 9:54 pm

Hope mr.: Mark S. Hoplamazian CEO has read my comments. Carlos diaz August 11, 2014 at 1:40 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I will leave tomorrow this hotel hyatt time square and glad that i am leaving this hotel in new york. I have two rooms 3301 and 3101 for all the family and very bad situations

1) front desk call me to say casd(visa) was rejected. I was surprised since i travel 6 to 8 times a month and never had a problem. So a gave them my master card and they said that one is ok. I called my bank and was very upset but they told me it was hotel error not my bank. So. I went to the front desk and told them the card was ok. Then they said o yes it alright. Wow what a situation. But that night when i got back from a show the front guess person told me the master card rejected i said imposible and after rechecking the card he said sorry mr diaz your alright. You have to give better trainning.

The day i arrived people don’t know how to solve situations in regards to my arrival to the hotel.

Then i went to the skylounge and had another situation with a guest it was his fault and bottom line situation was not taken care properly. The bar manager name Brendan Shorrock.

I always stay at the marriott marquis for years never a porblem. I wanted to see what the hyatt was all about and beleive never will come back to thos hotel you don’t have the touch that it takes. The reason i did not leave to the marriott was that it was full

For the sake of others better get on your heels and get better.

Carlos diaz
Interhational Ethical Labs
xxx San Juan,PuertoRico00918
787-765-xxxx Office
787-934-xxxx Cel



Robert Boyd August 9, 2014 at 8:03 pm

Looking for rude, arrogant management staff? Then the Hyatt in Merida Mexico may be for you.
After years of both using and recommending the hotel, I told a recent college graduate friend with a degree in tourism that the Hyatt would be an excellent place to apply. I was wrong. She was unfortunate to encounter rude Human Resources staff at this hotel. Not only, rude but they lie for which their is no excuse.
My friend had an interview and after being told of an available postion, she was assured of a phone call to set up an appointment time the next day. After 10 days, she is still waiting. Needless to say, she was excited at the prospects of working for Hyatt. Really no excuse for treating a potential employee in this manner.
I do not know the name of the Hyatt employee involved but can give you the name of my friend and I am sure you can locate her application and resume to see the person involved.
Really a disgrace.


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