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CEO: Mark S. Hoplamazian
CFO: Gebhard F. Rainer
COO: H. Charles Floyd

Hyatt Hotels History

Hyatt was founded in 1957 when Jay Pritzker purchased the Hyatt House motel from Hyatt von Dehn.

In 1962, the company went public.

In 1968, Hyatt International was formed and hotels were opened in Hong Kong.

In 1979, the Pritzker family took Hyatt private.

In 2004, the company acquired AmeriSuites.  Summerfield Suites was acquired the following year.

In 2009, the company went public again as the result of lawsuits within the Pritzker family.

In 2011, the company acquired the Hotel Sierra chain.

Today, the Hyatt Hotels Corporation owns over 500 properties worldwide.   These properties operate under several names, including: Park Hyatt, Andaz, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Hyatt Resorts and Hyatt Residence Club.


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Joseph Faucette July 23, 2014 at 6:45 pm

You must have a lot of dissatisfied guest if you pass out a printed WE
CARE generic postcard. (attached).

We (my wife and our granddaughter) Checked in to your hotel on July 16
and the room assigned was directly over pavement activity with
Jackhammer noise and tar odor. We called the desk and requested another
room. Were told your computers were down and you could not reassign .was
told to check in the am . On the 17th Amy at the front desk said she
had a room on hold for us. I asked if we should move our belongings and
was told to do it later. I asked to speak to the Mgr and was told he was
out but would call me at my cell phone number. I later received a call
from Brendon resolving charges for the first night. we then begin our
tour of San Francisco. upon returning to the hotel about 9PM. was told
the hold on our new room was only good until 6PM. The arrogant and
uncoopertive Mgr on duty that day said he tried calling me about the 6pm
hold but could not reach me. He never called my cell but left a message
in our room which we were not in since we came to see the city. Another
night in a room we did not want. The next day we were reassigned to room
625. After a long day and in need of a restful evening,We came home to
the noisest room on the planet.The man bringing the requested roll away
told us every Friday there is Happy Hour on the patio below us.Why in
Gods name would you put my Family in a known noisy room. I am totally
upset with Hyatt and feel I wasted Earned Platinum points during this
stay. Your manager Brandon credited back 15k points for the first night
debacle. I feel credits should be issued for at least one of the other
horrible nights (especially Friday)

I Plan on Sending a copy of this to the Hotel General Manager if I can
find him or her.


Mary Anna B Leverett July 2, 2014 at 2:31 pm

I saw the Fox News segment where Jesse Watters did an interview with the NOW women at their convention in the Hyatt Albuquerque, NM location. I’ve stayed at the Hyatt’s and always enjoyed them but much to my surprise I saw where Mr. Watters was asked to leave and not return or he would be arrested! I saw his interview that they showed and his questions were a bit silly but the answer that the president/head of NOW gave made no sense to me whatsoever. She seemed to ramble somewhat. I can certainly understand if the NOW group didn’t want Mr. Watters attending their convention meeting with even an ugly woman saying she didn’t answer questions from people she didn’t like. Did she know Mr. Watters personally? So I saw them, NOW, as the ones being nasty and offensive. I am a 72 year old WASP, white, anglo saxon, protestant, and was around when all that “Women’s Lib” started back in the 60′s and 70′s with Gloria Steinham, bra burning and all that craziness. They and the NOW group did not and do not represent me in anyway, shape or form. I’ve always viewed those groups as very bitter, angry, no life Lesbians and since when did the NOW Organizations run the Hyatt Regency Hotels???

I doubt I’ll be staying with you anymore and will give my business to the Hilton Group.
Thank you for your time,


Glen July 1, 2014 at 1:56 am

I saw the way in which a Fox News reporter was treated at your Albuquerque, NM location on the O’Reilly Factor tonight. While I have not stayed extensively at Hyatt, I am a Gold Passport member. To have security escort him out and then have the Albuquerque police criminally trespass him from the property was inexcusable and an abomination. I work at the largest hotel on Las Vegas Blvd. in Las Vegas and I have never seen any legitimate person ever thrown out the way your staff did. I can assure you that I will never stay at one of your properties ever again and I will make sure that I can inform as many people as possible as to how you treat people that enter your hotel. This is a huge public relations blunder and someone should be fired or held accountable for this transgression. Again, a truly hideous example of guest relations. You should be ashamed.


Mike July 1, 2014 at 12:42 am

I have read through the horrible complaints from most people on this page, and it is right in line with what I just became aware of in the news. There was a women’s convention at a Hyatt Hotel in New Mexico, and one of the newscasters was doing interviews of the women at the convention, when the security asked him to leave the property. Then the New Mexico Police addressed him outside the hotel and gave him a Criminal Trespass warning, that if he came back they would arrest him. There are two things that are Despicable here. First, the fact that if you disagree with someone these days, they attack you with such ridiculous treatment, and threats, instead of realizing that we all have the right to free speech. The second is that the Hyatt backs up the attack on free speech, and just made a name for themselves, to be a hotel that needs to be avoided and NEVER should be a place that anyone ever stays at again! Don’t believe this….believe what all these people have written, that shows how despicable Hyatt really is! Who the hell would backup a hotel that treats a customer with a service dog, the way they treated that minister and his daughter! Outrageous! Read it in these comments, for yourself! This guy needs to sue Hyatt for every penny they have left, before going bankrupt very soon, treating people the way they seem to find commonplace! I suggest everyone finds a Respectable hotel to stay at, and boycott Hyatt forever, so they go bankrupt and go away, forever! It is outrageously expensive to stay at Hyatt, and then you get treated the way all these people are being treated and paying for it! No Way People! Go elsewhere!


Anonymous June 29, 2014 at 8:41 am

Hello I am an employee of hyatt house fishkill, and I have been working here as a housekeeper for over a year.Recently we came across a new supervisor who was very nice the first day but now she believes it is her duty to take over and control us as grown women.The way she talks to us is like we are dogs or trash to her. She Doesnt communicate to us as a supervisor. She yells at us when she talks and she.demands respect.She tiptoes to our cart just to be sneaky,and report our business that has nothing to do with and she wont even let us know if we have extra rooms to do or early checkouts.She makes.us feel like crap and as if we dont belong and it makes me not want to come to work when this is my only job.My supervisor is paola and she is very rude


Maurice Randall June 28, 2014 at 7:45 am

I spoke to Mandy, the Front Desk agent at the Hyatt House Charlotte Center City, since there was no manager available to speak to or on duty on June 27, 2014. Per my conversation with Mandy I advised her on June 20th I checked into the Hyatt House Charlotte Center City hotel, however I left never going into the room. I originally reserved the room since I was the best man for the groom for preparation for his wedding on June 21. An hour later I return and spoke to the same agent I checked in with to let her know due to an emergency with the groom I do not need the room. The agent sent a security guard to the room to ensure the room was not being used or was used. The security guard returned and advised the room had not been used. The agent told me I would not be charged for the room. However, three days later I was charged and my account was overdrawn. I am furious because the original agent who checked me in and I spoke to the evening of June 20th about not needing the room no longer lied to me that I would not be charged and this morning I could not even get a manager to talk to. Instead I got another agent, Mandy, who told me I was charged a no show fee that is why I saw the hotel charged on my account. Because of the false reporting from the original agent on June 20th my account overdrawn. All I got was an apology and a refund, but what about the overdrawn fees due to the hotel negligence!!!!!! And what about my time and frustration I have to go through because of the agent from the hotel mistake. The time I have to take to call the hotel, the bank and my family headaches of having money taken out after being told it was not going to be. This hotel does not care!!!!


Terry Hurtt June 21, 2014 at 10:56 am

My wife and I were encouraged to join your Gold Passport program, which we did. We try when ever possible to use Hyatt. The Grand Cypress in Orlando has and will continue to be our favorite. Our choice of rooms are in a class that do not allow us to apply Gold Passport points towards the price of a room. We would like to know what value this program serves with the restrictions that are policy. In short my accumulated points are invalidated.

Thank you


Employee June 14, 2014 at 10:47 pm

Hi it’s me again from the hyatt house in fishkill see the reason I wrote what I said is because I was very upset because of housekeeper, and I didn’t mean to put our gm in this.he did nothing wrong.what I said about him was not true he is a good gm. but what’s true is about the housekeeper. The one that works on the first floor. see I work at the front desk and she is very rude to us at the front desk I do apologize for what I wrote. Thanks again for your time


Employee June 14, 2014 at 7:33 pm

Hi I’m an employee at the hyatt house in fishkill ny you guys really to see what’s going on there the gm doesn’t care what happens there he doesn’t care about his employers at all the housekeepers do what ever they want the hotel looks like crap because the gm doesn’t care espaiclly the housekeeper that works on first floor her name is Elaine she like make everybody life hell there she really needs to be fired she thinks she the boss there instead of the gm his name Eric because she tells them she gonna call you guys so they let her do what ever she want and I don’t think that’s right guy please help we other housekeepers need your help here because the gm treats us like slaves here and doesn’t respects us at all so if you receive this message please act on this matter because what there doing is wrong thank you for your time I know I didn’t leave my name is because I love my job I’m good at what I do that’s why they hiried me I’m been doing hotels for about ten years and this is the worst experience I had ever so please act ASAP thank you


Brian Arbuckle June 11, 2014 at 11:30 pm

I am a disabled person with a service dog. I took my daughter to Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa for spring break 3 months ago. It was a complete nightmare. My civil rights were violated daily with questions by the staff as to what my medical condition is and even being excluded from areas of the resort. All of which are civil rights violations and against the US Department of Justice ADA guidelines and laws. My daughter was in tears the entire trip. This was supposed to be a get away to forget about my fatal future. She cried everyday as more and more staff accosted us. Jesse was one of the worst offenders. I requested that the Maui Police be called but instead, the head of security came from his house to our hotel room for almost 2 hours again making my daughter cry as he asked about my medical problems. The staff made many notes in the computer about the problems we encountered. After returning home, I called the Hyatt corporate offices in Chicago. I spoke to people on a March 18 and 19, 2014 and was offered a free weeks stay at the resort if we ever chose to return to Maui. A very amicable solution on my part to what could easily be a multi-million dollar law suit. Being a minister, I did not want to sue. My daughter required months of counceling and is still traumatized by the events. The counselor suggested that we take up Hyatt on their offer and let my daughter experience the adventure and relaxation that we should have the first time. Yesterday, I called to make the reservations. SURPRISE! They don’t show anything in the computer about the free week with exceptional service that we were promised. However, they do show all of the notes in the computer about the horrific experience that we had in March. I’m now being told that I have to wait until the resort can contact the corporate offices in Chicago tomorrow to verify the offer. I am mortified. I’ve been vomiting blood for hours now from the two hours spent on the phone with the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa. Do they think I am just making this up when there are notes still in the computer and Jesse as well as the head of security admit to the manager that they remember us very well and all of the problems we endured. The airplane from Maui almost had to turn around and return to Maui because I had heart problems on the airplane from all of the horrific treatment we endured. Luckily there was a Dr. onboard that stayed with me the entire flight and monitored my condition. I’m supposed to receive a call back in the morning after Mr. Salem from the resort contacts the corporate offices in Chicago to verify the free week. The hotel is the least expensive part of the trip. We are spending $8k+ just for the airfare. I was willing to let all of this go for the offer of the free week of exceptional service and accommodations at no charge. A very nice gesture on my part considering the alternative, a lawsuit with huge media attention when you violate a disabled persons civil rights. PLEASE Hyatt, do as you offered to do and give my daughter the relaxing, stress free vacation that we paid for in March and did not receive. I asked for nothing. This was an offer given to us. Now, it’s being taken away. PLEASE Hyatt, read my comment and do the right thing here. I’m literally sick about this.


Rob June 11, 2014 at 2:35 am

Letter of complaint;

We stayed at the Hyatt mission bay in San Diego for two nights . It was one of the most horrible experiences my family has had. The rooms we got were part of a block reservation my sister had made for her wedding party. We checked in around 4 pm and the front desk manager named Clayton checked us in and at first he said my sister had to be there to check in. Our understanding was she asked for an X amount of rooms to be held for her wedding party but each individual guest makes and pays for their own reservation at the rate that was pre-negotiated. (Which makes sense) but the manager refused to check us in without my sister being there. Well after a while we were able to check in. Next we asked for two connecting rooms, he said they were not available, I told him a I had call well in advance requesting two connecting rooms and he said that connecting rooms at that hotel was a first come first serve. Well we took the two rooms he gave us, when we were going to our rooms we notice a strong urine smell and that there were no elevators. Si went back and ask to be moved because if the smell and no elevators. He moved us to a different room but you can see he was already frustrated and would say comments to himself that I was not able to hear. As we were going up to our room, we happened to see two connecting rooms being clean near the ones given to us. By us I mean my sister in law and her husband and daughter and me, my wife and kid. So I went back to the front desk and ask if we could please have the connecting rooms that were being clean and hadn’t been given out yet. The lady told me they were already reserved, but could accommodate us in a different area. I was happy and didn’t mind waiting. By this time it was already over 6 pm. As the lady was in the process of issuing different rooms, Clayton came in, cut her off and told me he had ready helped me. I told him the reason I was there and asked him why he told me there is no such thing as reserving connecting rooms in advance but yet there were two empty connecting rooms reserved for someone? He said the lady taking care of me doesn’t know what she us talking about. Anyways, we left because we had to get ready for my sister wedding rehearsal. So we left for the rehearsal and returned to the hotel at approximate 11 pm. To our surprise, when we returned, my sister in law and her husband’s luggage was at the front desk!!! Clayton was at the front desk and at first. He said my sister had taking it out because someone had issued the same room to someone else I then say, it hiw can my sister take stuff out? With what key? And she was with us at the wedding rehearsal. He then said he had taking bit out because he had found connecting rooms. (Magically he found them) i said we don’t want to move anymore as we are tired, it’s almost midnight and we just want to go to bed. He then said, someone had told him to get stuff out, by this time, Clayton didn’t know what to say and he told my brother in law to calm down, otherwise we both be spending the night in jail because he believe we wee intoxicated. I said, you know Clayton, it’s midnight, we have sleepy children with and we come to find our stuff in the lobby and instead of you apologizing for illegally breaking into a guest room, taking the luggage out you have the nerve to make threats of thus nature, we have all the right in the world to be upset and instead if rendering an apology you keep blaming others for your mistakes. Needless to say that we have not had anything to drink for ur information admvd if anybody should be calling the police it’s us on you for illegally breaking into a guest room without the proper authorization and taking the stuff out! Finally, we begged him to give us the room and he gave us the same room he had taken the stuff out. The whole thing didn’t make much sense as to why he would do that.
I hope Hyatt corporate see this posting and does something about that inconpent manager that all he seems to care is his ego!


george bornyek June 10, 2014 at 1:06 am

I worked for the Hyatt for over 30 years. A friend of mine who is an engineer there was telling me how his difficulty with the catering depart. The catering department will not give him ample information prior to events and think nothing about changing the wiring of setups after they are in place. It is always a last minute notice for setups. He has also been to HR and never gets suppor.t. Nothing has changed with these problems for years and years, etc. I suggest that he approach the GM with his complaints and suggestions. But it seems that his department is taken for granted. Perhaps a visit from corporate having a general meeting with only the employees and asking for their direct comments about problems that management is not taking care of. These could be printed out and placed in the box anonymously and after a brief break they could be read to the employees for comment. A lot of problems will come to lite that otherwise, Corporate never hears about. With corporate’s intervention things will run more smoothly especially if approprate training is give about protocol and communication between departments improves It is not wright treating other departments or employees as, let me not say gofers, but as rats. You may respond to this email and let me know if you intend to improve the running of the Hyatt Mission Bay and Marina. Thanks for listening. George


Marci Williams June 6, 2014 at 3:09 pm

Rakesh Sarna,

I hesitated taking this survey because it usually doesn’t matter what you say or what comments you make. But then a second email came through and asked me to take the survey again so I complied.
The grades I gave the Hotel above were generous at best.
This Hotel should not have the Hyatt sign hanging on it. I feel it does not live up to the reputation of the chain and certainly doesn’t match other Hyatt hotels I have stayed at in the past.
The only truly positive comment I can honestly make, is the clerk that checked us in was the highlight of the three night stay. If the conference wasn’t being held there, I would have checked out the very next day.
Lets begin with the fact I asked for a wake up call at 5:30am. It didn’t happen.
The hot food on the Breakfast buffet looked like it came out of a microwave and was not edible. The coffee was luke warm the milk and juices were room temperature.
Then we ordered lunch as a group from the conference I was attending.
It took 1 hour and 15 minutes for a club sandwich. Needless to say, we didn’t get to eat because the afternoon session was starting.
Next, I went back up to the room at 4pm and it had not been cleaned.
I called the front desk and asked if housekeeping was still on duty. I was informed they were gone for the day. But she would bring some towels since the room was not serviced. This left the front desk unattended.
As I started running the shower, a pool a water started gathering in the tub. The drain was clogged creating a few inches of standing water in the tub.
The safety strips in the tub were worn down to the point of making the tub slick and very dangerous. I decided to put a towel in the bottom of the tub to have some traction. Otherwise it was impossible not to slip and possibly fall.
During my stay I went to get some ice. The two rooms next to the ice machines (4th floor)were being renovated. I knew this because the doors were open, paint and tools scattered around the hallway and a sander going full blast creating a cloud of dust on the ice machine and dust falling as I dispensed the ice. Perhaps drop cloths were not provided to the workers.

Day 2 – again, no wake up call. The same dried up french toast, rubber eggs on a bun etc on the buffet. I settled for toast and coffee.
To my complete astonishment after I left the conference at 3pm my room was not cleaned AGAIN! Trash overflowing towels under the sink bed not refreshed. Housekeeping was no where to be found. I called the front desk again and finally an attendant come to clean the room.
I thought I would take a break at the pool. I was surprised that on a 85 degree day the pool was empty.
I soon realized why. There was a layer of slick grease on top of the pool water and debris everywhere.
The chlorine smell was so strong, I didn’t dare go in the water.
The general condition of this Hotel is an embarrassment to the Hyatt chain.
The fountain in front of the lobby was not running which is not a big deal except it had trash in it and was in terrible disrepair.
Like I said, I didn’t respond to the first email asking to take the survey, but then the second request came in the same time as the $201.68 charge was posted to my credit card.
I feel very shortchanged by Hyatt concerning this stay.
The reason I was there is a nursing conference was being held. I have written to Marie Biancuzzo ( The person holding the seminar) and expressed my concern about having the next nursing meeting there at this Hyatt.
I hope this finds it’s way to the right person.
I also hope something is done about the condition of this Hotel and its operation.
I’m absolutely sure you have received other negative comments about this hotel.

I would appreciate a response to know I didn’t waste my time taking this survey.
I was in room 423.

Thank you
Marci Williams RN

cc: Hyatt Corporate (Mark S. Hoplamazian) (H. Charles Floyd)


Greg Carlson May 29, 2014 at 12:52 pm

Stayed at Hyatt Santa Barbara, CA. Checked out on May 5, 2014 and the invoice showed NO charges/credits etc. I asked why – the clerk said because the room was booked by Expedia.com. On May 12th/2014 our banks activity page showed two charges – !) first was the actual room charges – that statement was accurate. 2) second charge from Hyatt Santa Barbara was for $91.24? I have called the hotel 6/7 times talking to clerks, hotel manager, and people in accounting – NO one has a clue as to $91.24 charge to our account.
I twice called the hotel only to be told I need to speak to someone in accounting – they transfer my call to accounting – I get a voice message saying they are on vacation and back in office on May 27th. Why would you transfer a call to a person on vacation and not answering their calls? I called the Hyatt today, 529, again transferred to accounting and again a voice message – “on vacation through 5/27″ WOW – what a way to run a business.
Called Hyatt corporate office and once again explained my timetable and billing problem with the Santa Barbara Hyatt – the person on the phone said he would check on my complaint and placed my call on hold – waited about 3-4 minutes – then a different person comes on the line and asked if he can help me???? Now I have to explain the entire story/experience over again – probably the 8th or 9th person I have had to explain my complaint.
How can a major world-wide cooperation NOT know how to identify a costumers charges from a recent stay at one of their sites?
No one from the Hyatt Corporation will read this complaint or even attempt to respond.


Cathi Lefton May 19, 2014 at 10:01 pm

Dear Corporate Headquarters,
I just warned to let you know about the fabulous experience my girlfriends and I had at the Hyatt Times Square this past weekend. There were four of us celebrating two big birthdays. Our flight was delayed arriving in New York, it was pouring rain and crowded in the lobby. But the lobby we entered was bright and cheerful and the wonderful young man at the desk (Floyd) was so friendly and welcoming that we were able to forget the previous aggravation. When we opened the doors to our rooms we were thrilled. Two very comfortable queen sized beds, terrific lighting in the rooms (which were immaculate) and fabulous, well appointed bathrooms. We loved the products in the bathrooms and the showers were great. All of the linens and towels were in perfect condition. We all loved the magnified mirrors in the bathrooms as well as the hair dryers and the full length mirrors in the room. The lighting in the bathrooms could have been a little bit better for make-up applications.
But the very best part of our stay was the amazing staff. We were greeted with a cheery smile each time we entered or left the hotel, handed an umbrella in the rain, and constantly made to feel like this is where we belonged. We are all women in our sixties (but seem much younger) and we all do a great deal of traveling but we will only be staying at the Hyatt Times Square on all future trips to New York. Thank you so very much. Cathi Lefton
P.s. If you ever need an anonymous traveler to check out any of your hotels and give you reports, I’m available. I travel by myself on business sometimes (I’ve stayed at the Hyatt Wacker many times), with my husband, with girlfriends and sometimes with young grandchildren.


Shon Ginnis May 16, 2014 at 12:40 pm

While sitting in a very expensive class, my wife contacted me about an issue she was having while checking into the Hyatt in Richardson Tx. Upon making the reservation on the computer, her name was not placed on the reservation so the person at the desk by the name of Chaena was giving her problems because her ID did not match. She was very rude to my wife. I then called to discuss the issue with this person, she became rude with me too. We attend the Richardson Wild Flower Fest every year and chose to use a different hotel because of Hyatt being a better deal. I have a serious issue with being treated this way. I chose to stay at your hotel…..I don’t work for you…. You work for me…. Sorry to be so blunt…..


Jake Neville May 14, 2014 at 8:31 pm

My name is Jake Neville. The reason I am contacting Hyatt corporate is because I have a major concern with one particular operation at the hotel I work at. The new key system we have at my hotel often times is faulty. Ethier the front desk agents accidently made a mistake while making the keys, or the guest does not use the key properly and they can’t open the door to their room.

Ok. In regards to the first point I made about mistakes happening concerning making keys. At the hotel I work at we are constantly having guests complaining their keys don’t work. Often times their clame is legit. The times their claim is not ligit is because they have never seen the kind of locks my hotel has. The locks we have you need to place the room key directly against the (black cylinder) lock. So many guests have trouble unlocking the door to their room because they wave the key up and down. Waving the key up and down does not work. There are two places you need to use the keys that is the elevator’s and the rooms. Maybe it would be helpfull if we can plar a sign in the elevators and next to the bedroom door that would help them use the key.

I have mentioned this idea to the hotel I work at (Hyatt mcMcCormick Place), but it seems they don’t really take interest in what I have to say. Maybe its because im a bellman and they don’t want to listen to a bellman.


bast oxossi May 14, 2014 at 6:46 pm

Hello! I wanted to voice my disturbance at going to The Two Hyatt’s downtown to eat as I occasionally do in Denver, the one 15th and welton and the other one on 18th and welton. I went for their all you can eat has been awhile since last being there and what disappointment foreal. the newer one on fifteenth and welton, well I had to make the approaching waitress say hello in greeting , I had to? also prices of certain items were not known in asking. I decided to go to the grand which I use to love to go to and it was the highest disappointment of all the food quality has gone down, the person who approached me did name amy had absolutely no selling skills I had to couch her a few times she made no suggestions on a expensive menu, also when I had went to the food bar it had lost its lustered in the Pub as they call it everything was geriatric and when I questioned the person Amy again on what happened she could not give me words instead, She was worst person with no interaction or selling skills and it was tragedy all the way around. Hyatt has lost me and now I can only think of not staying their in future as in the past the grand was even more a disappointment the other ate elsewhere I had guest cards for hotel eating not interested and the food needs another look it was a tragedy what I saw in the grand restaurant on 18th and welton.I ate elsewhere not a good experience on Monday at 1:30 not happy with the two especially the grand. needs work tremendously then new interior designs.

Bast Oxossi


Amber Patterson April 16, 2014 at 11:25 am

The worse experience ever at Hyatt Regency downtown Tulsa, OK. Paid $15 for valet parking to come back and everything stolen out of the car with no sign of break in!!!! Coincidentally the valet worker did not sign off on the ticket and was nowhere to be found. Asked for a general manager and the Assistant General manager came down being flat out rude and had the audacity to tell us that they are not responsible for what happens in the parking garage! But you should be responsible for your employees! One either your employee stole our things or two he left the door open for someone to steal everything!!!!! He also told us “How do we know that stuff was in there in the first place?” Are you out of your mind why would we be wasting our time letting you know things that were in our car every day but not in there now!!!! It was the principle of the fact that we trusted our car with YOUR valet service and to get treated like we did something wrong was the craziest thing ever to me!!!! I will not ever stay at another HYATT ever!!!!


Roswell April 15, 2014 at 10:30 am

Dear Sirs from Corporate (Human Resources),

Every year we travel to Aruba for our special vacation. We have been doing this for the past 8 years and are still pleasantly surprised when meeting your most cordial employees.
I am writing you on behalf of my family and group in order to request you consider giving a special recognition to one of your employees Mrs. Luz Mery who works at your pier.

We always observe and discuss about what makes us want to go back to Aruba and it is the way we are treated is what makes us feel special and makes us want to go back every year.
The most memorable moment was during our last visit when we visited the Hyatt pier. It is amazing to see your employee work so hard to please everyone yet maintaining a smile and the ability to still crack a joke with everyone.
Her name tag said Luz Mery (she introduced herself as Lucha). We think she said she was from Colombia but has lived in aruba for more than 10 years. She deserves an award plus plus! Excellent service!.
We just thought it would be nice to send a special Thank You to the Hyatt and your employee for making our vacation as special as possible.
We really appreciate your services.

Kind Regards
Roswell family


Matt Gale April 11, 2014 at 8:32 am

Just wanted to give a huge “Thank You” to the GM and HR Manager at the Hyatt Bellevue In Philadelphia. I am the Director of Education and Training at a job training program for low income youth. Yesterday we sent a group of students to tour the hotel and the experience was fantastic. The students in our Hotel and Lodging program returned with a whole new outlook on professionalism and customer service due to an amazing experience facilitated by The Bellevue. It is now the goal of every student to work for Hyatt! Thank you for taking the time to pay it forward and inspire the next generation of hospitality professionals!


danielle simmons April 10, 2014 at 10:05 am

I’m writing this because of the Hyatt house Cobb galleria in Atlanta..so I applied for a job on the website and was called in for an interview the interview was at 10:00 a.m. but I arrived early so when it was time for the interview they called the lady Cecilia to let her know I was waiting on her well she never came to the lobby to get me at the schedule time for the interview this was 4-6-2014 so she didn’t come until a hour later so she took me in her office interviewed me and showed me a room and what I would be cleaning. So then she said well I couldn’t find your application on the computer you have to do another but she hired me that same day well that following Monday I had to go back to the Hyatt but was told to dress in all black bring my I.d. and social security card because I was going to be working that day well my friend was also told the samething so we get there at the scheduled time which was 9:00a.m. we informed the front desk to let her know we where there well once again she didn’t come until 10:00 so we are just sitting lookin dumb and then she comes out stood in front of us and couldn’t even remember my damn name she was looking confused so o Tell her who I am then she says oh yeah you need to redo the application so she put us on the computer and left well we filled out another application and we was finished so we went and had a seat back in the lobby we sat in the lobby for four hours before she came back up to the front to get us so when she came she said I needed to do paperwork and she had to interview my friend took us to the break room in the housekeeping department and then told us you could just hang around in there and just forgot about us.. I feel that she is very unprofessional and does not need to be in that position she don’t know what she is doing because I went yesterday to do paperwork and she told me I shouldn’t be there she would call me but the day before she said I had to fill out paperwork she tried to say that the guy name josh told her to wait and she will call me because they had a lot of turn downs and they failed they inspection yesterday well I see why I feel like that didn’t have anything to do with me I just wanted a job and she had me coming back in fourth for nothing very poor management and she shouldn’t be in that place if she can’t even pull up a damn application off line its sad and ridiculous that I waisted my damn time buying black clothes being told I was gonna work And then I’m suppose to wait on her to call me I think not I have worked for way bigger hotel’s and have plenty experience in housekeeping and never in my 36 year’s of living ever experience no bullshit like that I spent five hour’s dressed in black clothing hanging around the Hyatt for nothing we I could have been trying to find a Job somewhere eles I just moved to Atlanta from Florida and never went threw this much just for a housekeeping job and I see why they failed inspection cause she unorganized and very very unprofessional and she don’t need to call me cause I won’t be going so just to let you guys know you might need to find someone else that knows what they doing cause Cecilia d*** sure don’t


HB employee April 8, 2014 at 11:29 pm

This is an interesting story, a Hyatt Huntington Beach employee quit because another employee by the name of Bianca Herrera bullied the employee. That did not stop, Bianca called the employees new job and got the employee fired. The employee was applying for other jobs and Bianca would give bad references I know because I called and spoke to Bianca and she told me not to hire this employee. She even said that the Hyatt HB thanked her for making the employee quit. The employee committed suicide. Bianca is a Human Resources Assistant Director I wonder home many more employees will have to die before they make her resign?


no named worker April 6, 2014 at 8:47 am

Dear Hyatt corporation, I would like to let you know of the ill treatment and substandard wirking conditions at the Hyatt Regency Saipan. I came to work here as an intern for 5.55 an hour and I was ok with that because they offered me free housing. So I come to my first meeting in HR and they all look at me like I am crazy and I was told by a person that would be my boss that I looked ridiculous, why you might ask, because I was wearing my hijab seeI am Muslim and in my religion I must wear it. Instead of the head of HR scolding this person she looked at me and asked me to remove my cover because it made them uncomfortable. I explained that it was part of my religon and they didnt care so I took it off. I started my work as an intern and I received my first check and I noticed that they had charged me to stay in housing a discrepancy that they have yet to fix. I also thought that my unifoms were provided for us but alas no not at least for 6 months, not because its the policy to take forever, but because they really dont care about their new employees or anyone that is not in management
So I bought my own and was not reimbursed. I was left to my own training because no one took the time to show me how to do anything correctly and if I did make a mistake I was yelled at instead of shown properly. But enough about that lets talk about the substandard conditions. None of tha a/c units in the kitchens work, the refridgeration systems in the chillers and walk ins never work right and instead of fixing them theu just say oh its ok jusy serve the food which is always well within the temperature danger zone and some were evem spoiled but its like they dont care. I was put in another outlet in the hotel to work by myself and I was actually electrocuted by a burner on the stove, that the maintenence department had claimed to have fixed in the past but alas it wasnt because if it had been I would not have been electrocuted. While I was out no one called to check on me and the day that it happened they had the nerve to ask what I had done. When I came back to work because I was off for a week after the incident, I asked if the problem was fixed and theyvsaid yes and thats when I saw that their idea of fixed was the guy putting electrical tape around the exposed wire. I asked to be moved to a different kitchen and they moved me to another kitchen. Before I was moved I witnessed and incident with a guest that slipped and fell. The guest is severly handicapped so to me it was a big deal so I told the one person that I knew could get things changed and his response was well its a pool area people will fall. I told him that though it was a pool area a reasonable amountbof safety is expected especially if the area was covered and near stairs where there should be a handrail, which there isnt. This is the same person that told his waitstaff that he dudnt care about their credit card tips because the money wasnt going to hyatt. He also said that the new cooks were slow and they could all be replaced. The problem with that statement is this the new ataff was trained even less than I was and getting rid of them will onlybstart the cycle over again, he wasnt holding the people accountable that needed to be held accountable. Oh dud I mention he us the food and beverage director. They are ruining a good company by weak leadership and pushing out the local people. I am ashamed to say I work there because the people in town always say oh hyatt the food there is expensive and it sucks. We are the only 5 star restraunts on the island people shouldnt be saying these things. Your name is being tarnished if not ruined by these people. Before I came here I used to stay at the hyatt when I traveled but never again.


Kathy Leone April 2, 2014 at 5:10 pm

I called your property in downtown Houston to make a strange request. My daughters birthday was going to occur while staying there. I called your concierge Sheila Bowie, and asked her if she could grab some of her staff and go to my daughters room and sing her happy birthday. Her response was I call you back when I’ve done so. Twenty minutes later she called me back to relay that her and some of the staff were successful making my daughter very happy. Sheila was one of the people that sang happy birthday to my daughter and I feel she went above and beyond the call of duty and should be recognized. She really made my day and of course my daughters too! Please recognize her for being the professional that she is and stepping out of the box to make a mothers request a realization. Thank you so much Sheila Bowie!!!!


Robyn March 28, 2014 at 9:52 am

We had a company event at the Hyatt Place in Houston, on 300 Ronan Pl. We flew in, and went to the location where the shuttle picks you up. We called the hotel, and the person on the phone said it would be 25-30 min. (they are 15 min from the airport). We waited for the 30 minutes and no show. We called back and was told they could not find the shuttle driver, but would put in a call and let her know we were there. Another 15 minute went by and we called again. She said it would be another 35 to 40 min, and that we should get a taxi, and they would pay us back when we got there becasue the shuttle driver took some guest to a resturant. Deciding not to wait another 40 min. we did take the taxi, but upon arrivial the girl at the front desk did not appologize, and said it was not their fault but they would give us a drink to make up for it? really? We decided to order food from a local resturant, and while sitting by the front door we experienced this. The 2 employee’s left the front desk for 15 minutes, and the phones were ringing off the hook, a customer walked in and stood there asking if anyone worked here, she proceeded to run the halls looking for someone to check her in, at the same time a gentleman at the bar walked to the office to knock on the door to see if he could get help…. NO ONE….then one of the employee’s came from the back with 2 boxes of pizza for a man who was sitting at one of the tables. Not sure if he did the run himself since pizza would be delivered through the front door of the hotel? Around this time the Shuttle driver came in, and when she left again we heard her say to the 2 employees at the front desk that she was leaving but had her cell phone this time. She was gone for a while, and we watch her come in later with a new printer (shopping)!. Needless to say I talked to the Sales manager the next day who really did not seem to care much. I informed her we would not be having any future events at this hotel. All she could say was they were short a shuttle driver. Maybe the 1 they had should not be making special trips, and keep the pick up stickly for customers who are waiting at the airport for a ride. This hotel is old, dirty, and needs quit the update. Would not recommend this hotel to anyone. We will not be having any future recruiting events there.


Royce Johnson March 20, 2014 at 5:56 pm

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Northwest and I was treated like crap at this location and was charged 250.00 for a smoking fee that I wasn’t made aware of that the facility was non-smoking. I was told I was authorizing one charge only when I checked in and the guest service person Michelle failed to inform me of any of the hotels terms and conditions. I then called to speak to the reservations manager named Kishma about the authorization they went back and took the next day of 250.00 without my knowledge and consent and she was rude to me. Refused to refund my 250.00 that they went in and took without notifying me and informing me that the facility was non-smoking. Kishma then gave all kinds of excuses about how she was sure the guest service person told me it was non-smoking so I then asked her to pull the cameras and she claimed that the cameras record but the audio didn’t work. That was my way to prove what was said on my behalf. Then Kishma proceeded with being rude telling me I should’ve looked for ash trays in the room and since I didn’t see them I should’ve known it wasn’t any smoking in there. Also Kishma told me there is a little foldable card in the room on the desk by the tv that says its no smoking and that I should’ve been responsible enough to look around the rooms for the cards. Again she still have yet to take responsibility for her guest service not informing me of the hotel terms and conditions at check in. I wasn’t provided with a receipt or anything. Kishma and the controller of the location named Nadeen called and laughed in my ear telling me how the guest service don’t have time to inform all of their hotel guest about the terms and conditions for that hotel yet again they still charged my account 250.00 trying to back up their employee as well as themselves. Nadeen told me that she has no manager above her and that it stopped there. She laughed in my ear telling me that Kishma was willing to refund half of my 250.00 and I should’ve took that so I told her no I’m not paying for something that your employee failed to inform me about neither do they have a visual sign big enough around the hotel facility to point out that it is non-smoking. they then told me to call the consumer relations which when I called there they kept sending me back to the hotel location where the reservation manager and controller were already rude to me. The consumer relations told me it was nothing they could do other than to go off what the hotel decision was which was no point in me calling to consumer relations. I had to reach and research myself to get in contact with someone higher up that was over both Kishma and Nadeen because they refused to provide me with that information. Finally after going through hours of being on the phone being treated like I wasn’t a human being, getting laughed at in my ear and the employees telling me that they wouldn’t give my money back said they can do what they want to do I ended up speaking to someone at the Chicago headquarters. My blood pressure was extremely high from the way these ladies talked to and treated me. I had to take two bc powders because I was just that upset and had headaches from dealing with the issue. Mark who is over the Atlanta regional location then called me and apologized for the way I was treated and understood what I had been through and agreed to refund my 250.00 fee they charged to me without my authorization and approval. However the things that I went through and the experience I had from these ladies whom call themselves in the management field of this hotel I think I should be entitled to a free night stay at a different location other than theirs. That was my very first time staying at the Hyatt on Windy Hill and my last. I will never refer anyone to stay at that location because of what they did to me. How do you charge someone card after not going over any terms and conditions as well as the fees for the stay at the hotel and then didn’t contact me. I looked on the Hyatt website and saw similar issues such as mine to where the guest wasn’t informed of the terms and conditions of the hotel and was charge a fee the next day with failure to notify the guest when they went back to charge an un-authorized charge. I have to now wait on my money to be refunded which is very inconvenient to myself because I had bills pending to come out of my account. I would like a free night stay in a suite at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta location for a future stay. I do not want to go back to the Marietta location where my experience wasn’t pleasant and I was treated like crap. Being that I experienced this difficulty and nightmare for the experience I have very bad reference to provide about the Hyatt and the way they do business with their guest. I would like to have the option of getting to know what its really like to get fair treatment at the hyatt regency with great customer service. Until then I will not refer that anybody stay at the hyatt due to my experience until im showed otherwise.


Don Kingly March 29, 2014 at 1:47 pm

At this time and day you still don’t know smoking is prohibited on almost all areas (if not all)??! In what planet did you came from?


Jeannie Leavenworth March 29, 2014 at 1:51 pm

I agree that they are so rude. You shouldn’t had that kind of experience. In fact, they should encourage you to smoke. What are they thinking? You wouldn’t experience this kind of experience when you stayed in any of our hotel. You ought to move in our place. – Jeannie of planet Venus


Lydia Miller March 11, 2014 at 2:08 pm

I stayed at the Hyatt Regency Reunion Blvd in Dallas from Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2014. I checked out via the express checkout in the room, but called the front desk about a copy of the bill. I was told it would be sent to me in “a day or two”. I have been trying to get a copy ever since, without success. I need this copy so I can be reimbursed. I got an email from Johny Elkahwaji, a guest services specialist with an Omaha address, saying my request (the latest one) would be forwarded to the hotel. Today, I got an email from Janet Caldarone of Starwood saying I needed to update my Outlook account so they could send me something. So I have these questions:
1) Is the email from Starwood legitimate for your hotel?
2) Can a copy of the bill be sent via regular US Post Office mail ASAP?
The stay was fine, but the aftermath is beyond irritating.


K. Czys March 6, 2014 at 2:54 pm

I will NEVER again stay with your hotel. While on what I was hoping to have be an enjoyable vacation in New Orleans – has turned into a nightmare. I have charges on my credit card that were not authorized, “property damage” that was never shown or identified to me – even though we pointed it out to your housekeeping staff upon our arrival to make sure that we were not blamed for it, we were required to buy wrist bands to access the place where we already paid and had a reservation at even though it was never listed on the website or identified as an expense – which significantly cut into the spending money of a few of the people in our group. Your manager’s customer service skills were lacking to put it nicely, housekeeping services were only available until 4:30 p.m. despite requests for varying times, the pool side bar that was so prominently described was not staffed, front desk clerks were rude and seemed annoyed when asked questions about general information like regular parades and times, the lobby was the only place with free internet service, and I could go on and on. When I called to question charges to my bill after my stay because I didn’t want to take up more of my friends vacation time I got told that the manager couldn’t handle it in a timely fashion because he wasn’t able to contact the appropriate staff and he didn’t have any knowledge of the incident. The manager doesn’t know what is going on in his own hotel? Are you kidding me?? Items went missing from our room as well, but the manager claimed we must have misplaced things and that his staff is completely trustworthy. The things didn’t just walk themselves out of the room and we specifically left them in the room so they would be safe. I can not even begin to explain my disgust, dissatisfaction or complete irritation – so much for a relaxing and fun vacation that I spent over $4000 on. My money will go to other places more inclined to make my stay enjoyable in the future – and I travel a lot. I will also encourage my friends to stay other places as well.


BD Dale February 23, 2014 at 2:22 pm


Greetings. I came to deliver a Word from the MOST HIGH God on yesterday, out in front of your hotel at Hyatt Regency in Denver Tech at around 5:00PM, Saturday, 22 February 2014. I was sad to see the female manager’s total loss of composure – Amy Lowe? I worked for Marriott for quite a few years as a General Manager and and was most sad to see such loss of bearings by a leader while front line staff watched.

The situation, for me doing nothing more than sharing Christ while exercising my first amendment right to free speech, could’ve gotten much worse Hyatt. I am an African-American male, tall and the cops who showed up were vicious race bigots with their hands on their guns when all I had, in my hand, was a Bible. The point is, especially to the female manager – you must effectively see the bigger picture when managing the property. All you could see was your immediate need to get rid of a pest and the strategy for doing so was heightening the paranoia against blacks, of law enforcement by speaking lies? Did you notice, when they showed up how nervous they were having neither spoken a word to me (yet) strictly based on what you called and said? Was there a reason, other than the manager telling lies, for them to have their hands on their guns when all I had was a Bible? I am a combat, Marine Corps Veteran and I recognized the look in those officers eyes – this could’ve gotten really bad Hyatt – really bad.

Sure, you may say “Well staff and guests were bothered by what you were doing”. You mean SOME staff and SOME guests, right? A few of your staff gave me the ‘thumbs up’ and the Believers who PAID for the event, did the same. Now, suddenly, if things would’ve escalated based on your totally inaccurate police call, there are conflicting accounts of what happened. As a business owner, this would’ve only meant one thing for Hyatt – LIABILITY.

What about Hyatt’s reputation globally? Headlines such as “Black Pastor killed by Denver Police was un-armed after false report by Hyatt” could’ve been devastating. All I am saying, especially to Hyatt Leadership, is more training is needed because the manager, even now I am sure, has no idea of what her incompetence (as measured by my Marriott GM experience) almost lead to. All she had to do was say “Hey buddy – leave”. Law enforcement asked (and I quote) “Wait. You mean no one came out and asked you to leave from the hotel”? I told them no, they didn’t. Most of those youngsters working that night would’ve done so but based on my observation, the lady manager passed her fear onto them. She paced, yelled into her phone and, wow – this woman, at some point Hyatt, is going to cost you money and I don’t only mean her salary – I guarantee it.

OK – I am a black man and she a white woman so, she was afraid. I get it. Just an FYI – I am of mixed race and my mother is white :) There was a young black man working who certainly didn’t share her fear. He was looking over at me smiling. Why not send him to say “bru, we need you to leave NOW”? When people ask me to leave (I street preach often), I always do, first amendment right no withstanding. The officers threatened that I’d be arrested, even though I was on public property and this was after they were ready to shoot me down, especially the young blond guy. Further, they said I was to never return to Street Preach. I told them I wouldn’t guarantee that and as a matter of fact, I probably, at some point, will. (This is the 2nd time I’ve been down there). Now that I think about it, I am going to each Denver Hyatt and share the good news of Jesus Christ as many times as I feel lead to! Praise the LORD.

Just an FYI – I shot video of the ENTIRE scene and offered to show law enforcement what really happened and I assure you all, it is contrary to what your manager reported not according to what I say but law enforcement shared with me. Essentially, the manager made a false police report.


Glenda February 19, 2014 at 8:53 pm

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Please email me asap with numbers as to who I can speak with regarding a problem with Hyatt Hotel in Crystal City. To be considerate to your hotel company, I will not write the issue for the public to view.
I hope you will be responsible and take this matter into action.
Thank you.


Smith April 11, 2014 at 11:56 am

I have the headquarter number for Chicago Illinois the numbers 312-750-1234 hope this helps


Lisa Gardner February 2, 2014 at 6:09 pm

A remarkable, unforgettable, wonderful customer service experience at Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus in Oakbrook, Illinois: on January 23rd (just past) my husband and I traveled from Florida to Illinois for a shareholders’ meeting. The last leg of our trip left us at the Hyatt Lodge check-in desk exhausted and out of sorts. Our rental car had been so heavily doused in perfume that we both had headaches and I was having trouble breathing. Hyatt employee Chris patiently and sympathetically listened to my sad story, then checked me in. Later, we went to swap out our rental car, joined colleagues for dinner, and returned to our room to retire for the night. There, a bottle of wine, a cheese and cracker tray, and a welcome note from Chris awaited us.
Every Hyatt employee at The Lodge was attentive, personable and accommodating. My sister noted that the staff made us feel like we were the only guests when, in fact, there were at least two other large groups (in addition to ours).
The restaurant and snack bar food was excellent. The rooms and common areas were spotless. The service as well as the services provided for all our functions over the course of three days were faultless.
We often stay at Hyatts. We wappreciate what you have done with the Orlando Peabody — another superb staff. We are never disappointed but this most recent experience at The Lodge was exceptional.
Good job, Chris! Thank you, Hyatt!


Kashyra Farley December 28, 2013 at 10:03 pm

I did have $4 in my possession because I told him he can search me and he can call the police if he have to but he said no that don’t need to done but when I told the GM upon the following day of my termination that I’m willing to take a polygraph test and he said that’s not needy also. So now I thinking its something going on with this picture because neither one of the member of manager want to take action but to fire me which I think I will be filing against this because of what the GM manager at that location have said to me in the passed about saving money he want all temps and Mexicans to work for him.
And with me being an house keeper supervisor I truly think that my family is suffering bbecause of some lies that was told. And now its out between other staff works that work their.


Kashyra Farley December 28, 2013 at 9:37 pm

Dear Mr. Hoplamanzian,

My Name is Kashyra Farley and I’m writing this letter to you because I truly
Think I was terminated for a false allegation that cause me not to have a Christmas.
And not just a Christmas but be without an employment due to lie’s that a member of
Your management team told which the GM manager was very nice through the whole or deal until when he returned from a weekend of fun with his family. I was told that I took $4 from a room that I had went into to check to make sure that it was nicely clean and clear for
Customers. Which I know in my heart, and god knows I didn’t take this $4 because I have a husband that works really hard and with three children I wouldn’t sacrifice $4 for my job.
That was supposed to be left behind from Management Thomas Harris of Hyatt. Which on the day of my suspension I had a conversation with Mr. Thomas Harris and suppose
He said that he put $4 into a room where my supervisor card swiped which it did but


stephen elliott December 25, 2013 at 8:13 pm

Mr. Hoplamazian, CEO Hyatt Hotels December 25, 2013
Dear Mr. Hoplamanzian,
My name is Stephen Elliott and I am 20 year Hyatt Gold Passport member. My number is G@#%$%%Q. I have truly enjoyed staying at your hotels for both business and personal travel and would look for, especially, Hyatt Place hotels when travelling for business. This relationship with Hyatt has spanned two decades and now is in danger.
I have been very hesitant to write this because my family has truly enjoyed staying at the problem property and lodging a complaint will mean we should not stay at that property due to being labeled problem guests. The Jersey City, New Jersey Hyatt has provided my family a nice safe convenient place to stay on our visits to New York City. We have truly enjoyed this property.
Over the past six months, myself and my daughter have been having our credit cards billed for phantom charges from this hotel. We will call, get placed on hold for long periods of time before someone would finally address the problem only to have the charges reappear a couple months later. One of the credit cards was linked to my business checking account and recently one of these strange charges caused the account to go into overdraft status. I had to place the charge in dispute with my bank for fraud, fill out a bunch of paperwork and change my credit cards. It was not fun and none of the charges were valid.
My two choices for travel has always been Marriott or Hyatt. Anytime I had a problem with a Marriott property is quite rare and was handled very quickly. The very rare problems never happened again. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with Hyatt and I think I need to find another choice for my travel needs. Trust me Hilton is not on the list because their customer service is far worse than what I recently experienced with Hyatt. I wish it were different because I truly enjoyed Hyatt Place for my business travel.
It is shame it has come down to this but I just could not allow this to just pass without making you aware. If you will notice I have not stayed at a Hyatt in the past few months. I will not, by choice, stay at any of your hotels again.

Stephen Elliott


Jessica Martinez December 17, 2013 at 2:26 pm

I am frustrated beyond belief. Several of our staff members will be staying at the Hyatt in Jacksonville in February for a conference. I had one simple question to have answered, do think that has happened? No! Over the last week I have spoke with hotel staff, called customer service and been placed on hold and never answered, left voice mails and emails. It started off with calling the hotel first, I was transferred to 7 different staff members, 2 of which were extremely rude to me. During the 8th transfer, I finally grew frustrated and hung up. I then called the customer service number listed on the bottom of the reservation twice I sat on hold, once for 25 minutes the other for 30, neither time was my call answered. I have left voice mails and numerous emails. My question was simply this: What is the check policy? I have several staff that will be attending a conference in February, I wanted to know what address should the check be mailed to (to pay for the rooms) and how far in advance should the checks be received prior to the stay? That was it, simple enough right? So today after all my attempts, I finally get an email that states the invoice I was requesting could not be located….what??!! After all my attempts that was the reply, which had nothing to do with my question.If this hotel was not the conference hotel, I would defiantly be cancelling all the reservations and booking elsewhere. Very disappointed and still no answer to my question.


Anonymous December 11, 2013 at 11:13 pm

My name is Earl King and I work for the parking garage through Laz Parking at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore, Maryland. I am an ex-convict and I really appreciate the Hyatt Regency and Laz Parking for giving a nigga a job. It’s sweet, I come and go when I feel like it and have no set schedule. I am really suppose to be a full time employee, as of to date, I have not had a full time pay check because I do what I freaking feel like doing. Yes-Hyatt Regency I love you all. Good friends with the manager-we cool!


Barbara Ramoneda December 6, 2013 at 5:53 pm

I am very disappointed by the treatment I received today in the hyatt regency, coral gables. I am the owner of a photography company for over 43 years and have never been treated so badly. The new catering manager has treated me like a second class citizen since I have been taking my customers to the hotel for a photo session. I have very good memories because we have been visiting the hotel since 1988 and have paid for permission to take our customers. We are non intrusive with our sessions and the hotel guests loved to see my brides during the photo sessions and have even taken pictures with them as part of the hotel experience. The general manager did not help the situation because he was also very rude and unresponsive to the problem at hand. Unfortunately I will no longer use the hyatt regency or recommend it my customers for future events or sessions.


Gustavo Cadena November 15, 2013 at 6:00 am

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Joseph Grubbs November 12, 2013 at 11:24 pm

I am a Tour Director with a major company who is having the most difficult time getting an issue at you downtown LA property resolved.
This has been ongoing for almost one month.
It involves the theft of $600.00 from one of my tour passengers rooms.
The money was in the room vault and management has admitted that one if their security personnel was the culprit.
My passengers have been promised for the last two weeks that the money would be deposited in a special bank account they opened with their bank in Australia.
It seems as though this was an inside job and no one is willing to resolve this issue.
We have been told evey non truth you can imagine, and still no money.
My next step, should this not generate an appropriate immediate response, is to contact the CEO and COO of Hyatt to see if they can be if assistance in hastily resolving what has become a nightmare issue.

I can be reached via email; monumentXX@ymsil.com or via cell at. 901.399.XXXX

Regards ,

Joseph Grubbs


Anonymous November 12, 2013 at 10:48 am

It seems like there seems to be much discrepancy concerning this company; however, after having worked for this company, in addition to, the personal experience of maltreatment; I’ve learned that it takes time to change the bad reputations that has been instilled by so many individual experiences with terrible customer service; yet, to know that change is occurring is encouraging. Furthermore, to know that there are people in the corporate mainframe that are actively seeking to render resolution bringing forth more positive paradigm shifts regarding the company is also most certainly comforting – to say the least. Hopefully, there are not many grudges being continually held toward the company, if so, it might be helpful to contact the corporate office Chief Executive Officers via written letter professionally expressing the concerns. They are more helpful then what many people further down the chain have allowed them to be perceived.


Diana Conaway October 29, 2013 at 9:40 pm

On OCT 26, check in to the Hyatt place in Richmond va it was not a good place to stay it was very noise and loud and doors slamming all throu the nite check out on OCT 27, and breakfast was a joke there were not plates and we had to wait a half hour to get the plates by then the food was not good and the doughnuts were picked over and the coffee was just a couple of drops left in the coffee pot I have never had that problem at the J W Marriott I will not pick the Hyatt again we are military and we will tell our friends not to ever stay at any of their facility’s ever we were very upset and I told the front desk as well and she act as if she didn’t care


MARK OBROCHTA October 25, 2013 at 3:01 pm

I was at the hyatt in Orlando (old Peabody hotel) me and my fiance were swimming with are daughter, my fiancé cut her foot on a piece of glass in the pool, I went to the towel hut person, and the man supervising the slide, they had no first ad kit, they called security it took 15 min for the first aid kit to get their, im very upset with this.


Mark October 17, 2013 at 2:12 pm

Letter of Complaint

Grand Hyatt Tampa, Fl

Bad experience at this property!

Skinny girl that was hotel manager lacked the proper training and guest service experience required to properly handle any situation. Was overheard saying to a bellman: ” I can’t handle this you deal with these people!”..and walked away! This young woman should NOT be in a management postion with what we witnessed and overheard.
They have a woman who is a bellman/shuttle driver that is driving a shuttle van with only one hand? Turning left, turning right, backing up and steering this vehicle wlth guests on board and lifting luggage with just one hand (left). On her right hand and wrist she wears a brace. Are you kidding me! This was a shock and concern to us. Accident waiting to happen. Another shuttle driver (wayne) was swearing and cursing the whole time my wife and I were there. Very awkward and unprofessional!

Stay far away from this property!


Marie Q October 8, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Stayed two nights at the Hyatt Regency in Paris France. It was the worst experience I have ever had with a hotel especially a Hyatt. Was with a tour group out check in was for 3PM we arrived after 4 none of the rooms were registered. Our luggage was outside the hotel we were told to get our own luggage no one stopped us security was really bad. We had an extra night. When we inquired we were told there was no reservation even though we showed a voucher showing we paid for the additional night. We were finally given our rooms on the 12th floor. Open the door the room was a nice size but in shabby condition. Holes in the walls run should be replaces. Only good thing was the bed which was comfortable. I will not recommend this hotel to anyone even thought the lobby was very impressive the rooms were not.


Ruvy October 4, 2013 at 7:45 pm

Dear Sir / Madam,
I don’t know where to go to voice out my feeling against Hyatt Regency Saipan. I am one of the job seekers last September. Our interviewers that time are late of almost 45 minutes ( they did a group interview actually its not really interview its dramatization of the job). After waiting of 45 minutes, the interviewer announced that they are not accepting cw1 ( cw1 are foreigners that are legal to work here in Saipan). My points are, first they should inform us a head of time so that we don’t waste our time. That cw1 people are not accepted. Second this is discrimination, yes, we are alien workers but we have US citizen kids to support. Last, HR people should be on time. Thank you for reading this letter. I am not expecting anything. Thank you… Have Great Day


Robert Hamblin September 30, 2013 at 12:39 am

I wanted to extend a special thank you to Brenda at your Northstar Lake Tahoe Hyatt residence location. From the time we arrived until we left several days later we were exceedingly impressed with the staff. None however, more than Brenda. Her infectious personality and hospitality truly amazed us. We felt at home and due to her actions and professionalism we hope to return often.

Truly Brenda should be groomed for positions of higher authority. She is a consummate professional and worthy spokes person for any establishment. Thank you Brenda you made our trip special. R. W. Hamblin


LeChelle Akiens August 22, 2013 at 2:03 pm

I stayed at Hyatt Place in Baton Rogue. Worst check out experience ever. My company sent me there on business and had paid for the stay in advance. Well when I checked out they charged my card that I had given them for incidentals REALLY that was my company card for Gas I live in Texas near Austin. I called back when my card was declined and Lauren assured me my card was going to be credited in 2 business days (it was a Saturday). Then Monday I called back just to make sure it was done and the Mgr Gary assured me it was done. Well Tuesday I call Customer Service and got the rudest person in the world on the phone. I then called the location was placed on hold 12 minutes and 20 seconds and spoke to Sheree and she feed me an unbelievable story about how the card kept getting declined (No one ever told me that my entire stay) then Kat picks up the phone I tell her I was holding for Sheree and she says Sheree walked away from the desk . A few minutes later Kat comes back and tells me she’s transferring me to Sheree and it goes to some guys voicemail. By this time I am so upset I decide not to call back and try and get someone a corporate to handle and let them know how I have been treated.


Jo Berry August 21, 2013 at 2:32 pm

I worked at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek , Santa Rosa, Ca. I was a nail techician at your Spa Le Carre under the supervison of Charles Castellisi. I was let go without notice! I called in for my hrs and was told over the phone I No Longer Worked There, I am a professional for 30 yrs.owned my own salon and have never been treated so un professional by a salon in my life. Never recieived my check, they mailed it to me, unlawful! I requested it to be paid and they refused. I have turned Charles into the Ca State Labor Board, he has cheated me on my hrs and my tips, and I have proof! I thought you might be interested in knowing that “Charles” Does Not have a Ca State Board of Cosmotology License. I am turning him for No License! Charles is working illegally, he has interns working under him, that have to work for min. wage and hes not even legal, he treats his employees like second rate people, unfairly, I have always respected the Hyatt properties so I thought you should know! thank you Jo Berry


John Sharkey July 24, 2013 at 6:13 pm

A special recognition for the housekeeping crew at the Hyatt, Dulles Airport, VA location. On July 24, I left my iPad at the hotel and was happy to hear that housekeeping gave it to the Lost and Found section. They are mailing the iPad to my house. It’s gratifying that the staff at your hotel are trust worthy people who accomodated an absent minded client!


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