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Gold's Gym International, Inc.
125 E John Carpenter FWY Suite 1300
Irving, TX 75062

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Phone Number: (214) 574-4653
Fax Number: (703) 645-8812
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CEO: Jim Snow
CFO: Aaron Watkins
COO: Todd Scartozzi

Gold's Gym History

Gold’s Gym is a wholly owned subsidiary of TRT Holdings.

Gold’s Gym was founded in 1965 by Joe Gold in Venice Beach, California.

In 1970, Gold sold the gym for $50,000.

In 1977, the gym is sold to bodybuilder Ken Sprague.  The movie Pumping Iron featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger is released, providing huge publicity for the gym.

In 1979, the gym is purchased by Pete Mrymkowski, Tim Kimber and Ed Connors.

In 1980, the first franchise opens in San Francisco.

By 1988, there were 270 Gold Gym locations worldwide.

In 1999, the company is purchased by franchisees Kirk and John Galiani.

In 2004, the company is purchased by TRT Holdings, who still own the chain today.

Today, there are over 700 gyms in 42 US states and 30 countries worldwide.



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Marty April 17, 2014 at 3:11 pm

I was sold my membership at the ELKRIDGE MARYLAND location on false pretense by BRUCE BUSBY. He not once told me that it would cost monies to use other Golds He did sign me up on a great traiing rate though. With that said when I tried to use GOLDS in ELDERSBURG, MD Mister muscle behind the desk making a shake was more then rude when i seemed confused about the 7.50 charge per day. I was perplexed by his homophobic attitude and way. With that said I noticed a string of homophobic behavior and realized that it was uncomfortable. Also I began to really look around at the CLEANLINESS OF THE ELKRIDGE MD LOCATION MOLD and BACTERIA IN THE DRY SAUNA AS IT WAS NOT FIXED FOR 2 MONTHS. MOLD IN THE STEAM ROOM.. LOCKERS FILTHY NEVER CLEANED.. TOPS OF MACHINES FILTHY AND THEY FINGER PRINTED ME…??? ON TOP OF THAT WHEN i TRIED TO CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP THE RUDENESS HAPPENED The GM of Elkridge MD was nasty and condeasending. Could not help sent me to CUSTOMER CARE Or does not CARE.. First Carolina Remeriez would not even talk to me yes she was a supervisor… Rude and hateful. Then I escaleted on FB and Twitter and got an email but no call I Called again and a month into and talked to MIA Good lord let me tell you if you have a complaint this is not the person to talk to Beware ATTITUDE straight off the street.. I was beside myself and left another formal complaint..and low and behold after all i have said they had Miss Carolina Rameriez call me again. That lady has the cooth of an armadillo. I have since voiced another complaint.. All i wanted was my training monies back that I did not use that they are keeping… lI let them charge me the extra month membership.. I think it is time to contact the health Department.. and send the pictures and videos to FB and Twitter and Pintrest and yelp…. I still have not got refunded and or an apology notta…..GOLDS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR ANYONE STAY AWAY


Unhappy Client April 15, 2014 at 1:46 pm

I am very disappointed with the hospitality and service I have received multiple times at Golds Gym in Lincoln, CA. The owner often runs the front desk and is very rude and condescending. He never greets guests with a smile and acts as if we “owe” him. Every other gym I have been to, greets guests with a smile and treats them with respect. I feel extremely disrespected every time I come across the owner and I believe his behavior is unacceptable.
As a small business owner, you should treat people with kindness and respect.


erika harvey April 7, 2014 at 8:45 pm

I have attempted to have someone talk to me about my billing and membership cancellation and renewal and neither the gym or the collection agency will discuss it. Once you are late for two mos, your account goes into collection. I have attempted to call every month and they told me at the gym or collection agency that they could not find my name because I did not have my ID#. I have not paid for my membership due to severe pain in my knee which I sustained when I signed up and got a free session with a trainer. It took 6 mos for my knee to heal . I also had severe family issues and monetary difficulties, No one cares. I looked on line for a billing/ corporate office for members and can’t find it. This is terrible service. They just want to take your money and that’s it. I left L.A. fitness because of that attitude now I am in the same place.


Walter Raybon April 7, 2014 at 11:55 am

My name is Walter, I am writing this letter to thank gold’s gym for a certain product. See, I am a 45 year old parapledgic who has been trying to workout for years, My wife purchased resistance bands that you can attach on a door. It has enabled me to workout at my leisure with little or no assistance. I just want to say THANKS!!! It has changed my life for the better. Once again I want to say THANKS!!!

!!!!!! THANKS FOR RADING !!!!!!


Lori Connoyer April 6, 2014 at 7:32 pm

i am writing this email one time only. if i get no response within 24 hours, i will contact the attorney general of the state of Missouri. Your Florissant Mo. location is FILTHY! I REFUSE TO CONTINUE TO WORK OUT THERE FOR FEAR OF CATCHING AN ILLNESS!
I have left my comments to the Manager on the comment board, and to no avail has my complaint been taken serious. This is a very serious problem, putting your members health and well being at risk is a very serious matter.

Obviously you do not take any of your emails serious, i have seen nothing but complaints without responses from the corporate level.


Nadine April 3, 2014 at 11:46 am

I am writing this note (which will be followed by a hard copy to your offices) as a founding member of the Culver City, CA location. I just learned that this location will be discontinuing the group exercise classes as of 5/01/14. I thought this was an April Fool’s joke, but am told that the decision is in the works. Whoever has authorized this move has seriously put this location at risk of being shut down completely, as I and several other long time members, will decide to terminate our memberships.

Article II of your contract states that the company has the right to “reasonably” cancel classes or equipment. To take away all group classes is not reasonable. The ONLY reason I attend this gym is to take advantage of the group classes. Your long-term instructors and members deserve to have input on this matter. Not once have I been contacted or notified. I know the facility has my email address, and I check my spam inbox regularly. I have received NOTHING regarding the dissolution of classes! When several members went to facility manager to complain about the class cancellations, his response was “It’s Corporates’ decision. We will happily refund your money.” Good luck with that! I was once owed money for an over-charge to my account, and it took about 4 months to get MY money back! The company sure is quick to renew my membership automatically, which I saw in small print in the contract and will overlook. Not once did I get a notification that my membership had been renewed, nor did I receive even a “Thank you” for continuing my membership. I have always PAID -IN -FULL for my contract, which is two years at a time. You have taken my money up front, yet not given me a decision about how my money will be allocated. Don’t tell me to go to a reciprocal facility: that is not convenient for me or any of the other members who paid to use THIS facility!!!

There have been many instances of lack of follow-through by your staff. I went to the gym and it was closed because someone had not shown up to unlock the doors. We were all told we would be contacted and something arranged. Never heard a peep or an apology for the inconvenience. However, the yoga instructor did not want to disappoint her loyal followers, so made the decision to provide a short class on the sidewalk in front of the facility! How’s that for dedication!?

I have a treadmill, stationary bike, weights and other equipment in my home. What motivates me to continue at your facility is the schedule of classes that prompts me to get dressed and head out of the door and battle the deplorable parking of the mall location in order to see the friends and instructors I have met while working out at the fitness classes. You don’t get the same interaction on a machine. If you do a little research, you will find that the classes generate more people coming to your location; look at the sign- in sheets. Determine which classes fill and which ones don’t. The Fire Marshall had to come and shut down one of the classes a few weeks ago, due to overcrowding. Rumor has it that the classroom is to be outfitted with Astroturf and the mirrors (which we were told cost $700 each) were to be taken down. This is another example of fiscal irresponsibility. By the time you figure out this idiotic move, most of your long-time members will have gone, and you will not get us back. It was also quoted that each member costs the gym $3.81 per class, and the gym does not recoup this dollar amount in offering classes to pay for instructors. Where did you get that number? Have you even contemplated asking us to contribute $1 or $2 per class to save us the inconvenience of going elsewhere and offsetting your costs? NO!

I am urging you to reconsider. I still have another year and a half to go on my 5th and 6th year. I would like to remain, but if the gym is not working for me (or many others), I will be formally requesting my fees be returned.

Please feel free to contact me. I would welcome the discourse to provide you insight into your own facility’s core group of dedicated members and instructors (who by the way, had every opportunity to go to a new competitor’s facility, but chose to remain with us because we are passionate about our classes!)

Nadine Wright


Marsha Pasarow April 2, 2014 at 10:43 am

I have recently learned that the Culver City Gold’s Gym will be canceling all classes soon. This letter is to protest such a move and to express my dismay and anger at this decision.

The ONLY reason I, and many of my fellow classmates, attend the Culver City Gold’s is for your classes. I believe that offering the variety of dance and yoga that you do is precisely what makes Gold’s unique and special.

It is clear that this is strictly a budgetary move–that you no longer wish to pay the teacher, thereby “saving” money, but you will actually be losing members.

Do you really believe that putting down Astroturf in the dance room and adding some equipment will bring in new members? I think not. As a gym-goer and former gym manager I know that people want convenience, affordability and fun, which your dance classes provide, not to mention the opportunity for personal growth. People who have never taken a dance class and see what’s going on in the dance room will drop in and –guess what!–become dancers!

Your decision tells me that Gold’s doesn’t care about its members and is only interested in the bottom line–making money. I would urge you to reconsider your poorly thought out choice in canceling classes and reinstate dance, Zumba, yoga–and maybe add a few more. The club will thrive, I assure you.


Alane April 2, 2014 at 12:28 am

To Whom It May Concern,
I also am devastated by the news that all classes in Culver City will be canceled as of May 1,2014. I have never received notice and there is no sign noting this. The instructors received emails at the end of last week stating the above information.
No one knows what is going on except to state “it’s a corporate decision”
All gym’s are the same. The only reason to choose one over the other is because of the amenities. Gold’s gym Culver City has none. The only reason to join is the choice of classes and the amazing instructors. Now you have taken that away so there isn’t a reason to stay. This is a costly error in judgement on your part. By the time you realize your mistake too many members will have gone elsewhere.
I know you tried this in Santa Ana and it apparently worked however you still offered classes. Please reconsider your decision. This gym will surely close it’s doors if you don’t. We are asking to protect our future and yours.


juliet March 31, 2014 at 9:05 pm

I talked to Mr. Jim Snow when he came down to have a meeting with the Culver City Gold’s gym staff. I was impressed with his statement that “I am not important, it is the members that are important”. Today, which is just a few months after speaking with Mr. Snow, an announcement was made by one of our class instructors that starting May 1st, 2014, no more group classes will be offered at this location. Many of our members are furious that a decision like this was made purely based on your profitability considerations. Some of us had just renewed our membership for another 18 months and the only reason we chose Gold’s Gym over the other gyms is because of the group classes and the quality and the professionalism of the instructors. We do not use the machines or trainers by choice and attend Gold’s gym strictly for the classes. There is a brand new L.A. Fitness Center at the corner of Jefferson and Lincoln in Playa Vista which probably is less than three miles away from Gold’s, with new equipment, huge ground and a beautiful setting. All of these didn’t change my decision to sign up for another 18 months with Gold’s gym in Culver City because of the group classes that you offer there. If you had let us know this is what you were about to do, many of us who only take group classes for sure would not have signed up with you again. Many of us are original members, and signed up when you opened this location. You sent your brochures door to door in our neighbor, emphasized that we could choose from many group classes for free as long as we joined your gym. You are still advertising the same free group classes on your web site, while at the same time, you are telling us that you are cancelling all the group classes starting on 5/1/14. This is unacceptable and false advertisement. We understand that you do business to make money, however, satisfied members should be one of your priorities too. After reading all the complaints posted on your corporate complaint page and finding most of the complaints were not addressed, this does not give me too much confidence in getting a response from you to find a resolution. However, I decided to let you know what my concerns were anyway and hope that you will think twice before you make your next move. In summary,do not advertise that you offer free group classes and tell potential members that they can pick any free group classes while at the same time take all the classes away without early notice for existing members to take actions without signing up with you for another a year and half. Whether Mr. Jim Snow is still with Gold’s Gym or not, I hope that the company maintains the same attitude and values all the members, either existing or new, and decides not to cancel the existing group classes at your Culver City gym!!!


Sandeep Sharma March 31, 2014 at 3:57 am

Sir I am a member of your Gold’s Gym Gurgaon Palam Vihar Haryana (India) (address- H Block Commercial Complex
Opp Celebrity Homes
Palam Vihar,
Gurgaon – 122017, Phone 1:+91 – 124 – 6463345 / 6463334
Phone 2:+91 – 9212153335) but presently I am staying in Mumbai Kandiwali West (India), I was not be able to continue my gym regime in Gurgaon Haryana because of my shifting to Mumbai, I have requested your Gold’s Gym employees to transfer my membership to (address- B-2, “V-Souk Mall”,
Above D Mart, Mahavir Nagar,
Sector 10, Kandivali(W),
Mumbai – 400 067
Phone 1:+91-22-61503000 / 01 / 02 / 03 / 20
Phone 2:+91- 9223593167 / 9223394380) on 12.03.2014 through email but till now date these people did not have transferred my membership and I have also called many times to receptionist (Manoj),(Provjot) & Manager (Devesh) Gurgaon Haryana branch, but they are not transferring my membership rather than they are making excuses and trying to ignore my matter,the process of transferring the membership is of 14 days,my travel card of 14 days workout is expired.Also employees of your Mumbai Gold’s Gym branch has told me that fees of your membership will rise (Rupees thirteen thousand three hundred to eighteen thousand something) from tomorrow i.e 01.04.2014 but till today your Gurgaon Palam Vihar Haryana branch Gold’s Gym have not given me any solution,sir I want to know that who is responsible for this? kindly request you to please look in the matter at earliest as it is spoiling the reputation of Gold’s Gym.

Sandeep sharma
Membership no-1758
Contact no- 07715097297,09911763879.


Sanjeev Kumar Sharma March 31, 2014 at 2:45 am

Dear Sir,

I have taken membership for my family in June-2013 for six months at Sector-14, MG Road, Gurgaon (Haryana)-India. My family had enjoyed that period & very much satisfied. But due to some health problem I have not utilize that facility & visited at Gym for only 8 days in my tenure of six month. Now I am ok & want to use of same. Can you allow me for 2-3 months as FOC on behalf of my that membership which I have not used. Is it possible.


Sanjeev Sharma


JAMES March 20, 2014 at 12:12 am




Donald James Bane March 19, 2014 at 9:43 pm

Would sure like some one from Corporate finance(Irving) to contact me about my missing W-2. E-mail me or call me (512)364-XXXX…Thank You.


Andrew March 17, 2014 at 6:52 pm

I too – like many of you – have had the same problems with membership cancellation since 2011. At one point Gold’s Gym bought out my local gym (Aspen Athletic Club – Edmond, OK). During this time, my billing was being sent through Aspen, but once Gold’s Gym took over it was transferred to their corporate offices. Fast forward now to 2014, and I’m still being billed my original membership fee.

I don’t know if who is exactly at fault here: the local offices or the corporate offices. But apparently, the local offices had sent in a request for membership cancellation to the corporate offices. For the first few months, I let the system do its thing by allowing their corporate offices enough time to receive notification for my cancellation. A year later and nothing happens. So I went to their local offices and ask what was the deal. What I was told that perhaps the notification was “lost in the mail” and that I should contact corporate.

Here’s the thing. I have had contacted corporate. I have had left them voicemails. I have had wasted my time waiting on their lines hoping to speak to a corporate associate. But everything is lost to no availability. I have had to pay the sink cost every month since 2011 on my credit cards just so that my credit score doesn’t get shot. At this point, this is financial slavery with no regard to the consumer to contact their offices to resort this matter professionally.

For a corporate company affiliated by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, this company lacks extreme professionalism in handling small matters as membership cancellation. It goes against any ethical and moral bounds of which to regard a consumer attempting to conclude a solution professionally without malice. What’s even more pathetic was that I had justified reasoning: medical issues that forced me to drop out of colllege and potential graduate school studies in order for me to work full time to solve my health.

It’s really simple. No one wants to resort to ill will toward any one else, but with the lack of professionalism in taking care of their customers for the simplest of reasons, I will tell anyone and everyone to stay away from Gold’s Gym. For any of those who are researching gyms, it’s best to start endorsing your local gyms.

As of now, I will continue to fight these charges, no matter how petty the charges may seem – the average gym membership cost anywhere in USA. But the principle of the matter still remains, treat your customers with respect and they will be more willing to do business with you.

For those that are still having trouble.

Contact your local State Attorney General’s office, then contact the Gold’s Gym Corporate area’s State Attorney General’s office (appears to be Texas according to the information provided here).

Contact your credit card or bank company, and start issuing disputes.

Make sure to have all necessary paperwork included in your claims: proof of cancellation, initial contract paperwork, proof of any medical visits, proof of bank/credit statements regarding anything to your cancellation. proof of relocation/change of address, or anything else that is pertinent to fighting your cause.

Afterwards, start assembling your own legal team.

But you know what’s really silly? It does not have to get to this point. The petty membership fee that I have had to pay monthly for the past 3 years could simply be cancelled. What is 3 years of monthly membership costs matter to a large corporation? It is petty money compared to other costs associated with living.

Otherwise, if you really want to take the fight teeth to teeth with Gold’s Gym itself, start contacting the Governor himself – Arnold Schwarznegger. Because really, who’s going to really listen to mere productive citizens of our respective communities who work hard to fight for a living, fight for progressive movements, or fight for the betterment of tomorrow?

I’m not sure corporations care.
I can only hope other more important people of higher stature care to acknowledge our fight and see that these matters cease and desist.


Ms.Miller March 17, 2014 at 1:04 pm

Wowww, unanswered mail??smh I see writing corporate about my complaint is useless.


DIANA TORRES March 14, 2014 at 8:59 am

I signed for golds gym membership a few years back.. i cancel my membership on October 2013.. but for some reason the gym keeps drafting money out of my account.. i have try to cancel my contract several times.. and each time its something different.. they are not available, o the send me to a voice mail.. o i have to call o come to the gym when they are available, they have told me several times the they will call me back.. its been weeks and i haven got a call.. i call this morning again, apparently the owner doesn’t come as often to the gym, so i cant talk to him.. i explain my situation again to the person i was talking to.. and again he said its nothing i can do.. only the owner can help you.. but he is not here,..SORRY..what its wrong with you people.. what a horrible service.. I’m still waiting.. I will contact a lawyer if this problem isn’t resolve soon.. thank you,..
Diana Torres
Lakeland Florida


Angie March 12, 2014 at 9:49 pm

I guess I’m not the only one with issues with Gold’s. I can’t seem to get my account cancelled. I moved to California and there are no Gold’s within 25 miles of me. I don’t want the membership anyway and was told it would expire after my year contract was up, but now someone else is saying I have to fill out a cancellation form, I have to go in the San Antonio I10 location, I have to call the corporate office, etc….Always a different answer. The only one who knew what they were talking about was a Sacramento location, nice girl. I’m going to rip someone a new one tomorrow. I will never join Gold’s again.


Melissa March 7, 2014 at 1:26 am


My name is Melissa, and I JUST joined your gym YESTERDAY. I saw that you had a children’s center and was very happy about that so i joined, Today was my first day at the gym and i brought along my 4 year old daughter and took her to the children’s care center, The lady said ” Go ahead and sign her in and your good to go.” So i do and an hour later i come back and there’s a DIFFERENT lady in there. So i go to the sign out board and sign her out and she didn’t even look at me. I proceeded to grab my daughter and she didn’t question me or anything she just let me take her so i walked up to her and said ” i’m her picking up my daughter and she said “Great have a wonderful day” I then asked ” Do you need to see my ID?” she said “No you’re fine” I have never met this lady in my life it was my first day at the gym, none of the staff are familiar with me or my daughter, they changed staff and she just let me take her. If someone were to walk into there and pick up my daughter and sign a fake name and say “OK I’m here for my daughter” The lady would be like “OK bye have a nice day” and let a stranger take my child?! and then what would happen? I WOULD SUE THIS COMPANY IMMEDIATELY. I am asking you to PLEASE ENFORCE higher security for the GILROY, CALIFORNIA Golds Gym and require a simple ID to come pick up your child. It’s so simple and easy! This is a huge problem and liability and i am not the only one who is upset about this. This is a risk for a child’s life. Please do something about this. 24 hour fitness, anytime fitness, Health and fitness ALL have a requirement for an ID to drop off and pick up the child. Why can’t you? And if you do require that then the GILROY, California Golds gym isn’t following policy. If action isn’t taken i have a lot of people willing to join me in taking action on this.


Jessica March 4, 2014 at 3:37 pm

No one will return my money at golds gym fullerton they do not know how


Jessica March 4, 2014 at 3:36 pm

I am coming from the golds gym in fullerton and i have visited some other gyms and the machines are not as good is there a way you can tell me if some of these are there the pictures i am sending or iof you can purchase these products for here the machines are different everywhere else the octane machines and the machines you stand on that give exercise i can’t see all your machines on yelp can you put more pictures on yelp?
can you purchase more products none of these machines compare to fullerton


Sandy Conway March 3, 2014 at 12:38 am

Uhhhh, I’m so tired from fighting to get them to stop taking my money that I can’t even write.


Janette Key March 2, 2014 at 12:17 am

Would a Gold’s Gym leasing space WITHIN their club to a private fitness studio that teaches fitness class that not only Gold’s Gym offers, but offers at almost the exact same time be a conflict of interest? Not only is this happening, it’s happening on the same floor of the facility where the group ex studio is. There is a common entrance into the facility and I cannot for the life of me figure out how the front desk member services staff will be able to keep people from using the facility for free when all someone has to do is walk in and say “I’m here for the classes at ‘blah blah blah’ studio”. This presents a huge liability risk for the Gym, and 100% undermines the efforts of the group ex instructors that have been hired by the gym and work to provide a high quality class.


Devri Kilcrease DeLaurentis February 28, 2014 at 3:39 pm

ATTN: CEO Jim Snow. I have attempted many times (3) and just sent the 4th letter to be removed from Gold’s Gym. I found out Thanksgiving I was being medically discharged from the service at Fort Gordon, Augusta, GA. I was stationed at Fort Gordon. I went to the Gold’s Gym at Walton Way Extension and Bobby Jones Expressway. I have been trying to cancel since November and I was just charged again and I should not have ever signed up, because I have had nothing but problems with the personnel. I just contacted the manager there and he is not there, and the personnel were not exactly personable with me. All I want is my membership cancelled and refunded for December-February and if it comes out March 7th. I will await your email.

Thank you for your time!

Devri Kilcrease DeLaurentis


Susan March 1, 2014 at 5:20 pm

I received an email from Jim Snow that stated he no longer worked for Golds Gym. He wished me good luck with my complaint letter that was addressed to him. In November 2013 he was aparently ousted and replaced with Aaron Watkins.


marc koenig March 30, 2014 at 12:04 pm

can you please send me Aaron’s email, if you have it? Thank you.


Joseph Sneed February 26, 2014 at 12:49 pm

I went to the gold’s gym in Brownsville, TX. It is right next to the texas roadhouse and comfort inn near alton gloor off the frontage rd. I waited forever just to try to buy a smoothie. Finally, I got tired of waiting and I said Sir? with no tone whatsoever or anything. I called him numerous times to no avail. He ignored me, and then finally tells me Hold on!!! Wait!!! He does this with complete obvious attitude, disrespect, and pretending like he’s suddenly someone tough because he lifts a few weights up and down. They do not know how to conduct business in the Valley at all. I didn’t take his complete rudeness and proceeded to put him in his place. He is too much of a coward to say anything back when he started the disrespect to begin with. He then waves to his team that works there that is hugging eachother and doing everything they’re not supposed to do because in the Valley they think they can just do whatever they want and they’re all gay and work together and give eachother jobs. It’s ridiculous there. I know how the whole system works, and all it is is people who are broke pretending to be someone with other people following them and kissing their a**. I told this guy to go ahead and call the team of people, so I can let them know the same things I’m telling you. He looks surprised, confused, and afraid now. They proceed to tell me you need to leave sir, which is saying it’s ok for someone who works there to be disrespectful to a customer when they are asking for a simple smoothie and for them to do their f***in’ job. I don’t have to sugarcoat s***. I am more successful than anyone in the Valley will ever be and I have done it all by myself. I didn’t suck d*** to get where I am, I worked my a** off for myself, and didn’t just work for the government and be a b**** who sucks d*** to the system. Something is going to be done about this. Period. You corporate people are going to do your job like you are supposed too. You, like our government work for me, not the other way around. You don’t like it, too bad. Quit your job then p****, and do what I’ve done. Oh, wait, you can’t!!!! hahahahahaahah I told the team to make me leave. They did nothing and the f****t in the front who could never get a girl in his life tells me, “It’s this easy.” and proceeds to call the cops. I walked out as slowly as possible, and waited for someone to come outside. You disrespected me, but you’re all p**** when it comes time to back up what you say. Keep hiding. Last I checked you weren’t ever able to hide from me, and this is why I f***ed up everyone in the Valley with a problem. None of you are men, and you’re nobody, and you are not strong and do not know how to work out. JUGGERNAUT INC. COERCION ENT. B**** OH YA AND EVERY GOLD’S GYM I’VE EVER BEEN TOO IS JUST A BUNCH OF WANNABES WHO PRETEND THEY’RE TOUGH WHEN I LIFT MORE THAN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IN EVERY SINGLE GYM AND EVEN GO AS FAR AS TO PUT THE S*** ON CAMERA. YOU’RE ALL FULL OF S***!!! DO YOUR F***IN’ JOB OR RESIGN B****


Brandi Gonzalez-Garcia February 21, 2014 at 1:02 pm

Attn: CEO: Jim Snow
CFO: Aaron Watkins
COO: Todd Scartozzi

Good day gentlemen, I am sharing with you my distress with your corporate practices and the lack of resolution in this matter. I have repeatedly contacted several of your billing specialist and finally had the displeasure of conversing with Lori Johnson to no avail. I am sharing with you my response to her lack of resolution to this situation. This is a copy of the email sent to Lori Johnson, Sr Manager – - Sales and Commission.
Please review and advise me to remedy this injustice.


We spoke at length of the illegal way your sales representatives signed me up for what should have been a month to month agreement but was amorally exchanged with a two year contract which I DID NOT authorized. He did not supply me with a copy of the computerized agreement nor inform me that it was a two year agreement. 

I asked to be forwarded a copy of this ill-got contract to my email address at . I am still waiting…

I have found many groups that have the same complaint as mine and many more. I will be soliciting a partition of victims to your company’s abuse and lack of resolution to create a class lawsuit if possible. I am attaching one of many websites that shows the mass distaste of your corporate practices that stains many. For your review, .

Again, please send me the copy of the contract of tricky that you have on file for me.

Awaiting your response, 

Brandi Gonzalez-Garcia

ttn: CEO: Jim Snow
CFO: Aaron Watkins
COO: Todd Scartozzi

Good day gentlemen,
I am sharing with you my distress with your corporate practices, trickery of sales and misleading of computerized, swapped and veiled contracts. I have repeatedly contacted several of your billing specialist and finally had the displeasure of conversing with Lori Johnson to no avail. I am sharing with you my response to her lack of resolution…Please review and advise.
Email composed and sent to Lori Johnson, Sr Manager–Sales and Commission


Diamond Ware February 20, 2014 at 10:00 am

We are seniors at University Prep Science and Math HS. This public high school, located in Detroit, offers a pre-engineering program which focuses on preparing students like us to excel in math, science, and engineering careers. As a final project in the program, my team members and I are required to find, justify, design, and test a uniquely individual research project. Our project is entitled “Waking Up Early.” It’s primary purpose is to innovate a kettle bell by incorporating an alarm clock. With this project, we plan to use a simple exercise routine as a way to address our research that states 40 percent of teens in Michigan have trouble waking up in the morning. The purpose of this letter is to request support for our project prototype design. After research we found on your web page that you carry kettle bell weights in your facilities. Would there be a way for your company to help sponsor my team members and I with 2-3 used kettle bells? Can you also provide us with any information regarding kettle bell manufacturers and specialists in the state of Michigan? We will be more than happy to give your company recognition in our multimedia presentation and record your help in our final documentation.

If you are able to help us with our project, we can be contacted at the address found on this letterhead. Our email addresses are as follows , , and If you wish to confirm our project and material needs, feel free to write or call my Engineering Design & Development instructor, Alicia Lane. Her email address is Should you not be able to help with these supplies, can you recommend another available source or supplier that might be willing to help?


Greg February 16, 2014 at 7:46 pm

I attempted to contact my local gold’s gym about prices, programs offered and Military programs but the 2 people I spoke to didn’t know anything and the ladies said they just work the front but don’t have that info so I left a message for a gentlemen named JJ who is in charge of that. The first lady I Spoke to took my message and said he shouldn’t be but Minute and he’ll call you write back so I waited an hour and a half and nothing. I then called back and the second lady said yes he’s here but busy I’ll have him call you back because she didn’t know anything. Three hours went by and nothing. I then called back again and a third lady answered and she didn’t know anything but she JJ wasn’t there anymore he left. I was told twice he’d call me write back and nothing then he left. This is a terrible first impression for someone who was trying to get some information for my wife to join the gym. I hope that this isn’t everyone’s first impression. I couldn’t even get information to tell her which is terrible. I was hoping to get more information but I may have to take my business elsewhere since it doesn’t seem like I can.


sherina Ulshafer February 16, 2014 at 3:04 pm

To Whom This May Concern:

Hi I have a huge problem and need help. My husband and I have a Gold’s Gym Membership in which we absolutely love . Our problem is we moved to Florida and no Gold’s gym here. If you search your database etc you will see this memberships have not been used in a year . Meaning your company has got $599.76 for free from us , wouldn’t you agree that’s alot for no service or anything? If their was a Gold’s here we would be good. Anyway we need to cancel our account and don’t have the extra money to do and I can’t afford for this to still keep coming out for nothing. Can you please cancel our accounts?

James Ulshafer
Sherina Ulshafer
Michigan Rd Location Indpls, IN

I’ve called several times with no help. I’ve even been hung up on and this is very rude . Please help


Roy Champion February 5, 2014 at 12:27 pm

Attn: CEO: Jim Snow
CFO: Aaron Watkins
COO: Todd Scartozzi

Gentlemen, I am addressing this to all three of you as in part, it needs to be addressed by each of you as this has to do with both Gold’s Gym Policies and a very adverse incident that occured in your Round Rock, TX gym last week.

As a bit of background history, I have been a member of Gold’s gym on and off (dependent on my duty station) since 1991. Overall, I have been very happy with Gold’s gym. Thus, I have continued my membership. That is until Saturday 1 Feb 2014.

On Saturday, 2/1/14, my family and I were forced to endure a situation that was simply unexcuseable. My 7 y/o son, loves your Kids Workouts. So much so, that it was the #1 reason my wife and I joined Gold’s Gym with full membership and would drive 30 minutes to go to the Round Rock, TX location when we have a Gold’s Gym Express roughly 2 or 3 miles from our house. Before joining the gym, we asked the manager specifically about my son being able to use the locker rooms to shower and change. In fact, the management even walked us back to show this to us as part of our tour. For the past year, there has not been a single problem. Nearly every Monday & Wednesday, he would come to the gym and use the kids club area while my wife and I would get in an evening workout. I would then take him to the locker room to shower and change before taking him to his Kung Fu lessons. Then on saturday mornings, I would pay the $5 for him to attend the hour long kids workout. After an hour long workout, I am sure you can guess how sweaty my son would be. Hair matted, shirt all sweaty… need I say more? As such, I would walk him to the locker room and we would shower and change before going out and spending the rest of the day doing family activities. Again, this was a weekly routine for almost a year with no problems.

Then comes Saturday 2/1/14. We did our typical routine. After the kids club workout, I started to take him to the men’s locker room as usual. I was stopped by a staff member and asked where I was taking him. I explained to the lockers to shower and change before going out to lunch for my wife’s birthday. I was then informed that Gold’s Gym has a policy that prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from going past the kids club room. When I explained that I understood that my son could not be on the workout floor and that we were on the exact same path she herself had just taken my son to do his workout, I was directed to speak with the manager.

As I said afore, the General Manager had informed both my wife and I before joining that although he could not be on the workout floor, there was no problem in his going back with me to the men’s locker room. Thus, I had no problems with being directed to the manager. Here is where the problems started. The manager was no in on Saturday. As such, the Sr. Fitness Manager, Nick Klugiewicz, came out to “assist”. Please note that I put the word assist in quotes as that was certainly not his intention. I say this as he came out from the back with a major attitude and obviously felt that we were a bother to him. When I explained that I just wanted to take my son to the men’s locker room to shower and change before going to a birthday party, I was rudely informed that there was a LAW that prohibited children from using the locker room to shower and change. And yes, he said there was a LAW. I am capitalizing the word because he emphasized it. When I explained that I somehow doubted that there was a federal law prohibiting children from showering, he assured my wife and I that is was an actual law. As such, I explained that prior to joining with the full membership, I asked specifically about my son using the men’s locker room to shower and change. I also explained that I was told that there would not be a problem as long as he went to the locker room with me. It was also explained that he could not be in the workout area and thus would have to stay on the same flooring path, that the kids club workout takes to go to the basketball court. (the basketball court and the men’s locker room are a few feet apart). I also explained that this was the reason we joined with the full membership instead of just the Express Gym membership. We were then rudely sent to the front desk to cancel our memberships and given the proverbial Bum’s Rush out the door.

My wife, son, and I were publicly and with mal intent, humiliated by Nick. He breached a verbal contract and handled the situation with a complete lack of professionalism. We were treated as if we were not wanted at that location and did not belong in a gym.

As this was obviously an issue at that location – and the fact that I have never, not once in 20+ years of being a member at Gold’s gym, seen any staff member treat any patron with such destain – I called customer service on Monday to change my membership. I wanted to simply to go from a full membership – that included the Round Rock, TX location – to a Gold’s Gym Express Gold membership. I was told that this would not be a problem. I just needed to go to the Express Gym and have the manager fix it. As such I happily did so.

Alas, I was informed, “Sorry I missed you after your workout today. I spoke with my superiors and we will not be able to cancel your memberships immediately, or downgrade. The cancellation forms will be processed and given the normal 30 day cancellation process. Your last bill date will be 2/21/14. Your wife’s membership is in a contract through April, and her last bill date will be 4/4/14. You can join at our express location whenever you want, but you will be billed for your full size membership during these next 30 days, so you can wait until after those 30 days to rejoin. Let me know if you have any other questions.”

This is simply not acceptable. We joined with full memberships specifically because of the kids club workouts and the fact that we were told that there would be no problems with my son using the locker rooms to shower and change. Thus, Gold’s Gym breached a verbal contract. Gold’s gym thus does not have the right to continue billing for a service that they have no intention of honoring. This is called FRAUD.

Now as for the “LAW” prohibiting children under the age of 18 from going past the kid’s club room. I find it somehow difficult to comprehend how if it is a “LAW” then how is it that Gold’s Gym staff are allowed to break that “LAW” and take children to the Basketball Court for a workout. I also find it difficult to understand how Gold’s Gym is allowed to charge for that service. Then again, if the “LAW” prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from going past the Kid’s club room, would you mind telling me how it is that Children 12 y/o and up are sold gym memberships and are allowed to use the workout area as long as they are accompanied/supervised by their parent?

As a Registered Nurse, shall I discuss the health concerns incurred by prohibiting an child who is obviously very sweaty post workout from being able to shower and change. Then again, what about the social norms? For a facility that prides itself in promoting good health, I find it curious that you staff are allowed to take actions that directly prohibit good health and hygiene. (care to discuss the temp of your hot tub and the actual law it is currently breaking by being open when the heater is not working?)

Now, all that aside, all I want to do is change my membership? And I am being told that you can’t even do that? No wonder, why Gold’s Gym is receiving a rating of “F” from the Better Business Bureau.

As you are the senior management officials, I am certain it is well within your power to fix this. Thus, I respectfully request that our memberships be changed as follows; I would like to be placed on the Gold’s Gym Express Gold Membership and my wife on the Gold’s Gym Express Standard Membership both effective 2/2/14.

Roy Champion, RN
SSGT Retired

(512) 864-XXXX (home)
(512) 538-XXXX (cell)


marc koenig March 30, 2014 at 12:06 pm

Can you send me these guys email addresses? Thank you.


vhd January 16, 2014 at 8:00 pm

I’ve called the Culver City gym everyday for a week asking to speak with a manager to no avail. Time to move on to LA Fitness.


Gym rat January 20, 2014 at 2:41 pm

I too have been trying to reach a manager via phone and email for 3 weeks, to remove services from my bill. I have already started a new membership elsewhere and plan never to return. Ever since the original managers moved on, it’s gone downhill as far as respectable, mature, professional counter people, trainers and management. Sad really


Jill D. Dosee January 15, 2014 at 7:11 pm

Jim Snow
Gold’s Gym International Inc.

Dear Mr. Snow,

I have included the following paragraph in a new book that is being published. Although I have been given verbal permission to reference Gold’s Gym, having something in writing will be a little more reassuring. Is it possible for you to e-mail something to me that looks official? Following is what will appear, with your permission, in the book:

“Just this morning I had an opportunity to put this into practice and watch it work. We were in the first segment of a BODYSTEP class at Gold’s Gym when something very odd occurred. My right knee felt like it had popped out of place. The pain was intense and I could barely move that leg. But I had prayed for God’s protection just a few moments earlier, and I was certain that the pain was an enemy attack. LESMILLS designs the best classes in the world, but I kind of suspect he may have younger people in mind when he does. When they say, “We don’t burn calories, we incinerate them,” they’re not exaggerating. Since I know what’s in store for me, I always thank God for strength, energy, balance, and protection before I take any class. Now, just minutes into my workout, it appeared I was not going to make it. But instead of leaving the class, I put my hand over my knee and commanded it to be healed in the name of Jesus. The pain did not let up. Convinced that the devil was attempting to weaken my faith, I spoke to him and commanded him to take his hands off of my knee in Jesus’ name; and then by simple faith I continued to step. The pain left immediately, did not return, and I enjoyed a very invigorating workout. After I returned home, I examined the knee and there was no swelling or sign of injury whatsoever. Had God not come through for me, I believe there is a very good possibility I would still be limping. Use your authority in Jesus Christ to keep the devil under your feet and take back what rightfully belongs to you. Yes! If God is able to keep the universe in place, surely he can and will keep you and me. He’s our Father. He wants the best for us. We can trust Him.”

This is pretty important to me and will advertise the benefits of Gold’s Gym to many. Please allow me the privilege of including the Gold’s Gym story in my new book.

Jill Doseé


Tim Shanefelter January 14, 2014 at 6:04 pm

I am writing you because you have helped me I the past to enhance my Gold’s Gym experience. I love the facility and the people I have met there and look forward to a healthy and fit 2014!
There something you could help me clarify. I have a training contract with Gold’s Gym for two sessions a week. I am a small business owner and my attention is needed by my business at this time. So I switched my training sessions to one day a week with Charles. (He is an AWESOME trainer, very knowledgeable) In doing this I have built up a back log of 25 unused sessions.
In August I tried calling the number on my contract to cancel my training contract. My call went to voice mail and the recording said the mailbox was full. After three attempts at this I went to the general manager at the gym and ask for his help. He gladly assured me that it would be taken care of. He cautioned me that, being close to my payment date, there may be one additional payment obligation I may need to satisfy. September came and an additional payment was taken from me. I once again ask the general manager to reassure me it had been taken care of. He told me he would take care of it. October, November…….there were payments being taken from my CC. December I spoke to Charles my trainer about it and he gave me a card with an email and phone number on it. I wrote to the email and received a response within 24 hours.  Finally Results!
Then one day I received a phone call from a man named Brock. He told me my account was delinquent. I spoke to him and the general manager explained the history and sent him information (emails, phone numbers, etc.). They agreed to investigate. I had not heard anything since the meeting. Today I went to train with Charles at 6 a.m. and was told by him he could not train me as per Brock. He told me my training sessions are cancelled until I satisfied my delinquent account. If I have 25 paid session banked, how can Gold’s Gym refuse service??????
As I have taken enough of your time can you help me resolve this matter?
Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions. I want to be part of the solution, not the problem.
Tim (Strat) Shanefelter


melissa fiedler January 9, 2014 at 8:02 pm

Dear sirs, I have been a member at golds since march of 2011, we have had good and bad times . When I came in today I didn’t know till I had already got in class that the chlorine levels were so far out of balance that my aqua gloves are now a light shade of pink. When I first got these gloves( BTW I had to save up for them) They were a royal blue and my first time in the water with them they turned grey after one workout session. they are now as I stated a light shade of pink, I can not afford to get more gloves just because the people cant get the water straightened out. So many things are broke , missing, or closed off because no one cares for their gym. I love this gym and my instructor BETH LOPEZ she is fantastic. Cant somebody be hired who knows whats going on. I am going to have to go without gloves( and my hands will hurt so bad) to work out. Get someone in there to address these issues and others. PLEASE HELP


Susan Keffer January 9, 2014 at 7:01 am

This morning I arrived at the Germantown, MD Gold’s location at 4:45 a.m. After patiently (or persistently) waiting MORE than 90 minutes, the gym was still not open. It would have been interesting to count the number of memebers pulling up, waiting and then leaving.

This lack of facilities creates a couple problems for me. This gym is 20 miles from my house but very close to work so I plan to work out, shower and dress for work. Not today. I also pay a trainer to work with me for an hour, I have missed that hour. My health insurance will pay me if I go to the gym a minimum days per month, not now.

I had taken a six month leave to to work schedule and personal issues but just came back with the new year. Quite frankly I am disappointed with the deteriorated condition of the gym, the cleanliness has slipped and now this. Not much motivation to keep it up. The “other” guys down the street are looking inviting.


AL January 2, 2014 at 5:32 pm

Today, i encountered a highly bad situation. My car keys went down one of the shower drains and I could not retrieve them.
I contacted the manager at this location(Bandera Trails @ San Antonio, Texas) and told her of my dilemma.
Without hesitation she had one of her employees, Mr. DC help me retrieve my keys.
I am very grateful for Mr. DC for getting my keys.
Thanks again Mr. DC.
Mr. A. Martinez


Dr. Patrick Estes December 23, 2013 at 1:37 am

Jim Snow
Gold’s Gym International Inc.

Hello Mr. Snow

I have created a very unique product for athletes, but I do not know how to market nor do I have the money to do this. I am looking for someone who would be interested in teaming up with me to get the product known and used in the sports world.
I invented an electronic computerized machine that will implant a certain set of frequencies into just about any kind of material. It took 5 years of research to develop the right frequencies. So when you wear the implanted (charged) glove, shoes, wristband, etc. the frequencies will be implanted into your body. There are no negative side effects from using the charged products.
Lets backup at present time most people’s bodies are not operating at 100% what I mean is the energy level for performance is not 100%. The reason for this is because something is affecting their major organs and/or tissue and this takes energy from inside the body to deal with this. Every organ and tissue resonate at a certain frequency when they are healthy and toxin free, these have been recorded. So when the organ is affected by toxins, virus, bacteria, etc. it will throw the organ out of balance, and when this happens the body will take internal energy to deal with this and that will take away from the energy level of performance for any individual.
Example: Your liver is out of balance that takes 5% of your energy, Lungs 3%, heart 4%, kidney 2%, so that would mean you have only 76% of your energy available.
What we have done is found away to force the organ and tissue to resonate at the proper frequency by sending the organs and tissue signals of the proper frequencies. This is what the implanted (charged) gloves, shoes, wristbands, etc. do. So when you use the charged item it forces all of the organs and tissue to resonate at the proper frequencies and this gives your body 100% of its energy for your performance at what you are doing, whether it is golf, tennis, basketball or just walking.
This is what instantly gives you more strength, better balance and flexibility, greater endurance when the body is able to give 100% of its energy.
This has been tested on a D-league basketball team here in the Philippines and the players say they do not get as tired as they did before using the charged uniforms. Tennis players would get tired after two sets, when they wear the charged wrist band they can play 4 sets and not feel tired at the end. Runners can run further before they feel winded. A wrestler in the USA could never do better than third place wearing charged shorts is now always first. The stories go on. I have a product that works I just do not know who or how to contact the right people to market my product.
Dr. Patrick Estes
Quezon City, Philippines


Desiree Olivas November 12, 2013 at 1:27 am

I have had several billing problems with Gold’s Gym Fullerton. I have been billed double the membership, and no one caught this error,because it is on a recurring account. I review my accounts monthly and caught it. I have spent thousands of dollars at Gold’s, and expect a refund. Again, unauthorized funds were drafted from my accounts. This is highly unethical, and I can’t support such a business. Please address this to the appropriate franchise. Unfortunately, I have lost all trust in this enterprise and therefore I will also expect a refund for services not rendered in training.

Desiree Olivas


Glenda Skinner November 2, 2013 at 11:48 am

My husband and I joined Golds gym about 8 months ago and have found with our different work schedules that it is very difficult to get to the gym together to work out. We went to the gym and asked about cancelling the membership and we were told that we could cancel but that only on line. We were given a sheet of paper with information on the website to go to to cancel. We came home and immediately went to the site and cancelled the membership. No one at the gym said that we couldn’t cancel so after we went to the site and filled the form out and sent it back via internet we assumed it was cancelled and stopped paying the bill. a few months later we got a bill which we paid because it said we had not cancelled. We again went to the website and tried to cancel again. Golds gym has now sent us a letter stating that the account is in collections. I am requesting a reply to this email and acknowledgement that we have made every effort to cancel this membership several months ago. If I do not receive acknowledgement that it is cancelled and our bills adjusted to indicate that then I will be forced to seek legal counsel at our military Jag office as well as notifying the BBB. Thank you and have a good day.

Steven and Glenda Skinner


NANCY RODRIGUEZ September 23, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Dear Gold’s Gym representative

I signed up to use your gym several years ago

MY CONTRACT WAS supposed to expire, but your company neglected to

acknowledge THIS AND Despite numerous attempts to cancel service in person

at the gym

continued to draft from my account the only way I found out was in 2011

when I was over drafted at my bank in2011 in order to cancel membership I went in

person again and problem was supposed be resolved but then again without my

consent. Golds Gym put me into a month to month membership even after I told

them several times that I did not want to continue my membership I wished to

cancel my membership immediately.

2013 aug I was then overdrafed from my bank again come to find out golds

gym had been drafting from my bank account all this time I had been paying

for services that I never agreed to or provided to I was forced to close my

bank account and open a new one in order to stop the automatic debts from

occurring. I spoke to a member at goals gym and according to their records I

had not stepped foot into their gym since 2011 . I have discussed this

matter with several people that also experienced the same thing Would you

like to explain the coincidental nature of which everyone I have discussed

this matter with also experienced the same thing I’m sorry but your company

conducts its business in an unethical and manipulative manner

This is clearly a scam and there should be a class action suit filed against

Golds Gym. I request immediate action to refund all the unauthorized funds

that had been drafted from my account

I will be contacting a attorney if the is not resolved immediately as well

as the media






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