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Gold's Gym International, Inc.
125 E John Carpenter FWY Suite 1300
Irving, TX 75062

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Phone Number: (214) 574-4653
Fax Number: (703) 645-8812
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CEO: Jim Snow
CFO: Aaron Watkins
COO: Todd Scartozzi

Gold's Gym History

Gold’s Gym is a wholly owned subsidiary of TRT Holdings.

Gold’s Gym was founded in 1965 by Joe Gold in Venice Beach, California.

In 1970, Gold sold the gym for $50,000.

In 1977, the gym is sold to bodybuilder Ken Sprague.  The movie Pumping Iron featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger is released, providing huge publicity for the gym.

In 1979, the gym is purchased by Pete Mrymkowski, Tim Kimber and Ed Connors.

In 1980, the first franchise opens in San Francisco.

By 1988, there were 270 Gold Gym locations worldwide.

In 1999, the company is purchased by franchisees Kirk and John Galiani.

In 2004, the company is purchased by TRT Holdings, who still own the chain today.

Today, there are over 700 gyms in 42 US states and 30 countries worldwide.



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Joanne Sommaruga November 22, 2014 at 12:04 pm

I have been a member of Golds Gym in Smithtown, NY for almost 10 years. I love the group fitness classes. The instructors are wonderful. Unfortunately this is the only positive thing I have to say right now.
I sustained an injury that is aggravated by the Zumba classes I enjoy so much. I ended up picking up a membership at NYSC to have access to a pool and Aqua Zumba classes. My contract was up at Gold’s but I decided to continue on a month to month basis to have access to the classes that I still can take and enjoy. The problem is that Golds is double billing me both for month to month and for my expired contracted membership. Should be easy enough to rectify this but a manager has to do it and there is not one to be found. Apparently they are generally available during the time that I work. I work full time in healthcare and cannot make calls from work. One person suggested I make arrangements to take off from work to come in and see a manager to fix this. Really, I should use vacation time to fix someone else’s mistake? No one knows when I can see or talk to a manager. Apparently their schedules are kept secret. After 3 days of calls with no answers my husband finally was able to get a call back from someone who gave him somewhat of an attitude initially. Supposedly the problem will be fixed next week but I will believe it when I see it.
Mistakes happen. I don’t appreciate being given the run around. If you don’t like dealing with unsatisfied customers occasionally then don’t work with people. This is way too much work for a 29 dollar charge. I do want to avoid additional charges however and I don’t like paying anything for poor customer service. All I needed was an appointment with a manager where this all could have been taken care of.


Sarah Siler November 14, 2014 at 8:52 pm

On 3-31-2014, I joined Gold’s Gym.in Dundalk , Md.. My monthly payments were $29.99 a month with a contract for a year.in the middle of July 2014,I had a problem with my check card, I had to have it replaced. I forgot to call Gold’s Gym to give them my new card #. Around, Aug.11,2014 I received a letter from ABC Financial Services,, telling me that my payment was past due; payment is due on the first of every month. It was almost 2 weeks late. The letter was nasty ,threatening me with a judgement. I quickly called ABC FInancial, and gave my new credit card number. Next day I received another letter. This time there was a past due payment,late charges,service charges amounting to 48.49, The letter stated that my next payment of $39.99 would be due on 8-15-2014. I called them back and asked , What are all these charges? I was told that the charge of $48.49. was because I was late on my payment. I told them that I was’nt even 2 weeks late , and your going to charge me all this money? I told this woman I don’t have a monthly payment of $39.99,she said ,you better look @ your contract. I hung up the phone, looked @ my contract, I did not see anything about dues. I called ABC back and told them what my contract said.. They said I would have to talk to Golds Gym about it. I talked to the Office manager and told her I did not know anything about paying dues.There is nothing on my contract that states that I would have to pay yearly dues . She said “You don’t have the right papers.” My problem with Golds Gym is this – when I signed up for a membership with Golds Gym I was not told about any yearly dues , had I known I would have cancelled right away.They did not give me a copy stating this fact. My initials and signature are not on my contract . Golds Gym should have given me atrue Copy of the contract.. This is FRAUD , I intend to press charges against Golds so called Gym .Sarah Siler


Christian November 11, 2014 at 8:23 pm

Hello my name is Christian , been a golds member for 5-10 years . Love golds first off . Hit quite a few golds in the St.Louis MO area . My hometown golds is the one in florissant Mo , & have to say it’s a dump compared to the other golds I hit in the st.louis area . Always last to get new equipment, attachments are unsafe & never enough . Equiment is always broke / padding ripped , barbells & bumbells are loose & unsafe !! I can take pics for YA is nessary. Not trying to hate on gym . But all other golds Are up to par . Florissant need to get it together !!! Just wanted to bring it to your attention
Can you help lol


Judy Isaacson November 9, 2014 at 6:53 pm

I have a medical problem and the doctor wrote a note to suspend my membership for Sept. and Oct. I was told I had to call and when I did I was told that I would have to cancel my membership and adhere to the 31 day cancellation policy and then I could join again but would have to pay the joining fee.
I have never known a business that wouldn’t let you put your membership on hold or pay the joining fee again due to medical issues. I didn’t know 31 days in advance that I wasn’t going to be injured and couldn’t use the gym.
Please let me know if that policy is correct or if there is something else that can be done so I don’t have to pay when I can’t use the facilities.


Sgt. J Hobbs November 8, 2014 at 6:07 pm

Been going to Gold’s gym for 2 years had a personal trainer Mike and recently decided on doing so again. I was introduced to a new trainer Ricardo at the bobby Jones location who upon appearance seemed professional. Upon starting our initial introductory session i could smell marijuana on him and he was constantly on what seemed like personal calls. We finished out session with a degree of tension and I guess he noticed my demeanor and tried to offer 2 more free sessions. When I declined he then preceded to tell me about a special he had for $20 a session personal training he does during his lunch hour or days off at this point I was outraged. 1 being that I paid a tremendous amount of money for this service before and 2 because of the lack of loyalty by your employee. I highly suggest that you raise your standards when it comes to hiring trainers because this guy obviously isn’t what I would call a model employee. I am no longer considering a personal trainer and I am reconsidering my renewal as a member as well. I have tried to call the corporate number to no avail during business hours which is also unprofessional on itself. I hope that you take your members more seriously than your employees do.


Chester Johnson November 6, 2014 at 12:11 pm

The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is ruining the Gold’s Gym brand. During the past four months I’ve been attempting to get employed there as a personal trainer. My first interview was with Scott, he’s the director, I believed the interview went really well; however, I did not get the job. A couple months later I reapply for the position and Scott interviews me again, informs me that he will be in touch with me in couple days. Two WEEKS later he tells me that Gold’s Gym is on a “hiring freeze” and I cannot be hired at this time.

I find that hilarious because the next day, Gold’s Gym Pittsburgh posts an ad on Craigslist for a training director. Teusday November 4th Scott called me to once again be interviewed for a Personal Trainer position, this is the third time. This time I interviewed with a training director named Tom. He said he was interviewing people all day and if the company was interested I could expect a call by the end of the day, I did not get a call.

I am not so spoiled as to expect to be hired just because I am dual certified by NASM or NPTI, or because I have ten years total experience. What upsets me is that after the first or second interview Scott knew he did not want to hire me for whatever reason, there was no need to make a fool out of me for a third time. I’ve Loved Gold’s ever since I was in high school and worked out at the Paramus NJ location, but Scott has made it impossible to want to work there in any position.


Mari Licon November 1, 2014 at 10:28 am

My husband and I have been members of the Hill Country Gold’s Gym for several years. I utilize the gym at least 5 days a week religiously and sometimes more often. When it came time to renew my membership this October I was extremely surprised at the increase in membership fees compared to just last year. With my PLATINUM membership we were paying approximately $27/month/membership. Since my husband doesn’t use the gym I inquired about what it would be for an individual membership. It was outrageous! Almost double the amount and that was for me to go to a Ruby level! When the manager called me to finalize which level I was going to pay for we reviewed the cost and she very nicely told me that rates had changed and that she understood. I proceeded to tell her that although apparently those were the rates for my fellow gym friends it would be nice to see that the gym & bathrooms were kept up. There is mold on the celling, chipped paint, faucets sometimes don’t work right; supplies aren’t always refilled, celling tiles are stained from roof leaks, poor air-conditioning in some areas. They have literally eliminated most of the early morning classes (hello, some of us have to work!) and the classes they do have are outrageously expensive. Yes you hire a Food Network star to be your spokesperson but you can’t put the money in the upkeep of your gyms. If it weren’t because the gym is so convenient to the expressway I certainly would look elsewhere. Funny how the Evans Road and Rogers Ranch facilities don’t have the same problems! When the person that is some big wig with the company came to talk to the gym members when the facility was Spectrum he raved about your gyms and how you can go to any Gold’s gym in the country without any problems. He didn’t explain that you can go only for two weeks at a time and only a certain amount of times each year. Again some of us travel in our work and it is sometimes more that two weeks at a time. Same problem: a lot of lip service just to appease the masses!


gail October 30, 2014 at 8:12 am

I belong to the Gold’s gym on Babcock in San Antonio Tx. I go take 3 classes a week and the studio has no air conditioning. Its has been this way since July possibly August. We had a fan that helped but it was stolen and never replaced. Texas is hot and its impossible to work out with out a/c and nothing is being done about a/c or buying a few fans to stir the air. You get our money now fix something. We just get excuses. My membership is up in December and unless something is done I will be moving to another gym and taking as many others members with me. By the way it took 6 months to replace a hair dryer. Where is the manager? Where is the concern for your clients?


Scott Simpson October 29, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Golds Gym has taken over the RUSH Fitness Center in Hixson & Chattanooga, Tennessee. Golds Gym has inherited a very messed up gym. There are weight plates laying everywhere. No one puts away their weights, The equipment are all falling apart. The pads on the equipment are cracked and torn open due to not wiping their sweat from the pads, and the Sauna bath does not work half the time. When it does work, it’s way below sweating temperature.
The management there is poor. It freezes during the winter time inside causes mussels to tear consistently all over the body. The music is either aerobics sound, or soft slow ballads. Boring music is a tough thing to work out in. Especially under a very heavy bar. I like most people love hard rock, but I’m willing to listen to RAP in order to make my point here. If you look into the gym, everybody is wearing head sets. No body wants to here the music the gym has to offer.

I work in retail, and it is ALWAYS good practice to understand that the customer is ALWAYS right. This should be a religion in Golds Gym, but right now it’s not in Tennessee.

It’s disgusting to see some senior citizen having to pick up or remove heavy plates from the equipment that another has left on. It’s especially disgusting to see a handicap having to remove these 45 lbs plates from the equipment. I have seen this not once, but repeatedly. Not to mention the smaller weaker women.

When management is sloppy, the atmosphere is very uncomfortable.

My question to you is: What are you going to do about it.

NOTHING like RUSH did?



Jumaili mothana October 23, 2014 at 11:04 pm

On October 23, 2014 approximately around 5:30 PM I walked in to golds gym located at 35 S Stephanie St
Henderson, NV 89012
to get free pass before getting a membership, I was directed to fill out all the paperwork I had completed and return it to the front desk representative, then I was call in to meet with Josh the fitness consultant and we talked about the possibility and my fitness goals and the prices and types of memberships, I asked Josh due to my tight schedule if it’s possibly I could get a pass for at least one day to check out the atmosphere for the gym he immediately the client and he said he can’t do it he has to ask his manager, and Josh left to ask his manager three minutes later he comes back and he informed me that he will not give me pass because I’m not local as my ID from California by the fact I lived here for four months, I respectfully thanked him and I said if it’s possible I could get my application and my information back then Josh the fitness consultant asked me to wait for a second he will try again with his manager he could allow me to have a pass
3 to 5 minutes later Josh and the manager came back the manager was extremely confrontational and rude also he was constantly flexing his muscles despite the fact I’m way bigger than him and,
The way he looked at me and the way he spoke to me was unbelievable especially for level of management, and all the way to the and he rejected any pass for me and I said okay no problem I just need my information
And I told him I’m a part owner of energy company and I gave Josh my business card after he sought my business card he realizes he was talking to the wrong person in the wrong way and he agreed to give me four day pass

So my main problem with this location is
A the management skill is completely unacceptable and he is incompetent,

B Management should calm things down one not escalate them which this manager it exactly that

C when management having a conversation with client our member don’t approach the client as you want to fight with them and you give them a dirty look and flexing your muscle as you speak to them which I strongly recommend to review the camera or the videos if you have any

D I believe Josh The fitness representative was understanding and was respectful he just couldn’t make an exception due to the restriction he was on I completely understand

E if this situation happen under circumstances this manager could end up with that huge fight inside the gym as he disrespect people who are bigger than him in size and knowledge

F The location looked okay it was very likable but I just feel management intimidated by Jim members is not acceptable and it should not be an issue as that could escalate to a bigger problem

G I respectfully declined the past and I will not go to any goals gym instead I will keep my 24 hour fitness membership

H managements and gym representative should make people feel comfortable to be there not otherwise

I can be reached by phone or email

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