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Farmers Insurance Group, Inc.
4680 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010

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Phone Number: (323) 932-3200
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CEO: Jeffrey J. Dailey
CFO: Scott R. Lindquist
COO: Jeffrey J. Dailey

Farmers Insurance History

Farmers Insurance Group was founded as Farmers Automobile Inter-Insurance Exchange in 1928 by Thomas Leavey and John Tyler.  The first office was in Los Angeles, California where the company is still headquartered today.

In 1935, the company launched a division specifically for truck insurance.

In 1942, the company launched a division specifically for home insurance.

In 1950, Mid-Century Insurance became a subsidiary of Farmers.

In 1953, the company acquired New World Life Insurance Co.

John Tyler died in 1973 and Thomas Leavey became CEO.  Leavey retired in 1978.

In 1988, Farmers was acquired by BATUS Inc. in a hostile takeover that took 8 months.  Zurich Financial Services was created as a holding company for Farmers Insurance.

In recent years the company has acquired several larger insurers including Foremost Insurance Group in 2000, Bristol West Holdings in 2007 and 21st Century Insurance in 2009.

Farmers is currently the third largest provider of consumer home and auto insurance in the US.  They current insurance over 20 million individual policies.


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Yamin Chu April 10, 2014 at 6:51 pm

I had an accident with farmer insurer on Nov 2013. I get rear ended at the traffic light.
The adjuster is worse person that I ever met. His name is Nicholas portnoy in phoenix. His manager is Michael Beale. I have to do adjuster’s work and he is saying that he is giving a favor to calling me back, follow up my case. I don’t really understand what is his job is. He is the insurance adjuster so he has to follow up the claim and request the paperwork. I am not the one who is doing a job for him. I was out from work almost two months. I sent him the paper from HR saying that I was out from work from period of time . He said that he is not able to figure out the letter from my HR. He want the LETTER HEAD from my HR stating that my hourly wage (not yearly salary) including how many days that I was missing from work. Can’t he able to figure out from my pay check. My HR letter is already stated that from the first day of missing work to the day that returned back to work. I was even get told by him saying that I should not seen the doctor by looking at the pic of my damage during my injured. I just want to let Farmer company know that every employee is the image of their company. They have a right to know that who is working for them and how their employee are treating to other people. I am not going to recommend anybody to use farmer insurance and let other people know about my experience with farmer insurance.


Dennis Anglin February 26, 2014 at 9:09 am

Just watched on our local tv news and saw that you are refusing ot pay ms. Shey the two million judgement for the head on collision. I am in the process of changing my homeowners and car insurance and my neighbor is a farmers agent but this make up my mind you will not be getting my business. I thought only allstate pulled stuff like this. If this goes back to court I hope she gets a larger judgement. You should be really ashamed of yourselves a I will contact all of the different veteran posts across the U.S. and see if I can take away at least two million dollars worth of business


mike February 3, 2014 at 10:33 am

I guess I am not the only one who finds farmers insurance to be the biggest sham of all times, I had farmers for 4 months until my agent which I didn’t find out about until later completely screwed up my policy docs causing me too loose full coverage, then loose discounts, which made my police almost triple in price! and all farmers has to say is wow we are sorry! complete B.S.!


Cynthia Gardner February 1, 2014 at 3:00 pm

An open letter to Farmers Insurance and all clients & prospective clients!
ON May 14, 2013 I was PARKED in my auto at a gasoline bay where I had just finished filling my tank. I had a passenger, both of us, 60 something Grandmas. We were hit by a truck taking a shortcut thru the station. He was insured by Farmers. When asked to provide a Driver’s license, he provided a Peruvian ID. They were good about paying for the damages to my car. Will give them that, they accepted 100% liability via email within a few hours. HOWEVER, we both suffered whiplash type injuries and required treatments from a chiropractor for a few weeks. Imagine our surprise when we were told that Farmers only pays what they consider to be “usual and customary” fees for medical treatment and they get to decide what that is! They decided that they would pay roughly half of our expenses. Mind you, we are out of shape grandmas, NOT out looking for lawsuits, just expecting our expenses to be met. We finally decided to try small claims court where we won the case but because we neglected to provide a letter from the doctor stating that the accident caused our injuries we were not awarded the medical payments even though we presented the bills in court.
KUDOS to HARTFORD, my insurance company who accepted the bills from the doctor and paid them without question!
SHAME ON FARMERS! You may have avoided paying a few thousand dollars (less than $9,00 for both of us) but the bad publicity and loss of respect for your company and business practices can’t come close!
Please share!


Danny December 12, 2013 at 6:20 pm

The WORST customer service department. People were given 2 ears to listen. Why must I be transferred to 5 different people to get one answer. If Farmers were the only car insurance company left, I’ll be driving with no insurance. Very sad to know Framers executives read the countless complaints about their customer service, but still don’t do a thing about it. Farmers, you are the WORST!!!!!


Diane Lucas, MD November 23, 2013 at 11:13 pm

Absolutely the worst treatment I have ever received from an insurance company!
And they wonder why we sue! After contacting the corporate headquarters to complain, I will return with full details for the public. People deserve to know what they do to injured parties in the name of corporate profit. Beyond disgusting!


lisa November 12, 2013 at 4:58 pm

farmers is the worst company ever and after our count case is over, I will make sure this is all over the internet and that everyone I know never uses them again.


Ronald Gonzalez October 12, 2013 at 9:37 pm

Desafortunadamente Soy uno mas de los desafortunados en escojer una compania de prestigio como lo es FARMERS INSURANCE. Digo de prestigio porque asi lo es… Farmers Insurance esta utilizando vendedorespara de asuguranza de autos para estafar a la jente haciendoles creer que la aseguranza es de buen precio para luego aumentar las tarifas sin que los consumidores se den cuenta. Hace varios meses tube que vuscar otra aseguradora y Desafortunadamente la cancele por regresar a farmers, este Nuevo vendedor ni siquiera mensiono los descuentos y encima de ello opto por que me dedujeran los pagos mensuales, um mes antes de terminar my contrato me dicen que me han cobrado mas porque no he mandado pruebas de buen eatudiante y aparte me estan cobrando mas porque ellos sacan mi denero del banco automaticamemte. Que VERGUENZA DE ESTA COMPANIA QUE SE DICE SER UNA DE LAS MEJORES……. Y NO SE DAN CUENTA QUE SUS TRABAJADORES ESTAN DESACREDITANDO SU NOMBRE,,,,,QUE VERGUENSA Y DESFACHO… Y QUE LASTIMA QUE ESTA NOTA NI SIQUIERA LA LEAN estos Executives
CEO: Jeffrey J. Dailey
CFO: Scott R. Lindquist
COO: Jeffrey J. Dailey


Anthony Mendez September 19, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Farmers Insuarnce like all the Insuarance companies in USA they want to have total control over the government, Insurance commissioner and for them to set new laws that will benefit them exclusively, and the general public not to received not even 60% on their claims.


Pamela Martin September 16, 2013 at 3:15 pm

I was a Farmers customer for 27 years and have recently switched to E-surance. My previous agent was great, but due to illness sold his office to Geoffrey Baughman in Boulder City, Nevada. I didn’t like the coverage or rates last fall through Baughman, so as my policy was up for renewal, I switched to e-surance. Great customer service and rates!! I didn’t cancel my policy, just didn’t renew with Farmers. I recently received a refund check of $78.07 I didn’t know they were holding, but appreciated the return and deposited it. This past week I received a letter from a collection agency for $15.00 for a cancellation fee Farmers agent says I owe. How can they charge you for something you didn’t do???? Didn’t cancel policy, I just didn’t renew. Now I’m gonna have a credit ding!!! Thanks.


Kathy Gutierrez August 21, 2013 at 6:30 pm

I was a Farmer’s Rep. Due to health issues I had to stop selling insurance. I was convinced by my District manager to remain on until the end of the year. I trusted him, however, I was being charged for advertising fee’s etc until December. First mistake trusting. I was told by another Agent which I trained with that I could do paper work for her a couple days a week when I was up to it. Jeanine Atiq, well again Trust is non-existent for this company. Two years no longer an agent, I receive a W2, called not nice at all won’t listen. Then a few months later I have customer’s that I introduced to farmer’s tracking me down. My name is show as their Agent with a phone number (not mine) that is disconnected. It took me 3 days of being on the phone to find someone that would help these customer’s. Same thing happened a 2nd time, customer used every fowl word out there, me crying or staying how sorry I was could not make him stop.
They cancelled policies, actually spoke with someone and Farmer’s continues to take money from them. They now want to cancel their life insurance policies. Which I must stay that they do have good policies for kids. Again tried to find someone to help them, someone called then told them “well I can’t help you unless you have the policy number”.
I have lost so much money with this company trying to be a good agent. I had no help from my district, who promises you the world when they interview you. However, promised a mailing and a couple of other marketing tools to help me out. Which I was excited about until the funds came from my check..
With all of the negative and money loss I encountered with Farmer’s I knew it would not be good to jump policies, well my 3 years is up and Thank GOD I finally get to take 6 auto policies, homeowner and life insurance policies to another company. I know they will find away to get extra money out of me and I’ll be ready. After all I know how their trained.

Kathy Gutierrez


Jessica August 15, 2013 at 1:22 pm

Greg W. Howard is threatening people and calling them libtards again. He’s vowed to hunt down every person who complained about him. We HAVE Farmer’s insurance here, we bought our house two years ago. Libtards use Farmer’s, too! Don’t we have a say?


@am_just_michael August 14, 2013 at 6:57 pm

Well I have seen it all. A great company like Farmers Insurance has hired a Rep from Dothan,Alabama., Greg W Howard– Twitter ID @GregWHoward. The man is a financial idiot, misogynist, a racist bigot who claims to be a *Conservative* Andrew Breitbart (RIP) said Greg is a nut nob. He claims to be a Marine but does a Marine have others fight their battles ANYWHERE? NEVER!!!! This man is a liar of the first order and ANYONE who buys from him is an idiot. There are too many good people in the Farmer’s family to have a low life like Greg Howard even remotely connected. So here’s the deal. Next week, my insurance is going to be with another company unless Greg Howard is let go or his vile Twitter account is deleted. This about individual Freedom of Speech that Howard regularly tries to subvert. He goes after the jobs of people he disagrees with… well guess what Greg… this is a quid pro quo deal right here. Next step will be an all out campaign against Farmers Insurance. We can cost Farmers Insurance MORE money in week than Greg Howard will bring in in his lifetime. Next week begins #BOYCOTTFARMERSINSURANCE


Lillian Johnson July 1, 2013 at 11:37 pm

I really do not where to start complaing about this company. I am a new customer
I received a quote May 21,2013 for a policy that I wished to open July 14,2013. I paid the agent $115.o5(as requested) four apolicy in the amount of $720.00. The fee was 20.00 If the insurance was not paid in two payments. I receiverd a V.I.P policy with a payment due in the amount of $ 17.780 for june 14,2010. I called to ask why I owed money before July 14,2013. I was told that the policy had been sent in error and that I could not have that policy. I was given a different policy that was changed several times. I was charged additional amounts for a policy due before July 14 , 2013. I recently received a bill for $70.22 due, July14,2013. I have called several times, I was placed on hold for mor than a an hour. My agent refused to return the phone calls. I have requested a paper copy of the policy. I have do idea what my $115.05 was used for,or how much coverage I have or why my insurance is countinuously going up. I have not signed for any of these changes. I need a different agent, a policy that I agree with, a reduction for having a car insurance policy with Century 21. I am waiting for you clarification of these problems. The original policy was a V.I.P policy. I should receive a discount for car insurance with Century. I would also lilke to select a new insurance agent. I have not signed for any policy.

I have not received a new policy. I have received several bills due before the policy was effective.I paid $115.05 may 20th for a policy effective date of 7/14/13. That money has since been used to reduce coverage changes prior to the policy effective date. The policy recieved May 20th was a V.I.P policy, which the agent said I was not suppose to have. I than had to agree on another policy. I have not recieved a paper copy of the policy( I previously advised the agent that I donot want to go paperless).I have called Mr.Lauri office several times to speak with him or his assistant. I have not received a response. Several changes has been made to this policy before it’s effective date. I did not make them. The first bill was due in June fo $17.80.. I have received two more bills since than each one higher than the last one. The last one was $70.22 a month. I have not signed for a policy or receved a policy. The letter recieved from the company seems to state ” that Farmers is not resposiblle for coverage of the home insurance policy if the company does not have the money to pay for the for the coverage on the current policy” Is that Correct? I need agent that can answer some of the policy rules. I also need to eighther agree or disagree with the policy that I have not received before any additional payments are made.


jennifer. D June 28, 2013 at 8:55 am

A little over 3 months ago I was in an accident that was not my fault. I have talked 2 different adjusters, & a couple supervisors. I received 2 calls back. Ive been calling them leaving messages @ least twice a week. It wasnt a horrible accident, praise God it could have been worse. Rick my first ajuster said I could notbbe treated for my injured back. I have herniated discs & horribe pains shoot down the sides of thighs, my left knee keeps goingboutbon me. I had to drop out of school, which landed me on probation status. My Dr. Ex-rayed my back but wont go any furthur without the policy #. Ubguysbhave failed yet this far to do an ofbthe supervisors I spoke with told me I had tobtake pictures myself & send them in. To make a long story even longer, I want results starting today. This is bull. ITS BEEN 3 MTHS SENCE THE ACCIDENT!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH U PEOPLE??


Cassie June 7, 2013 at 8:17 pm

To Mr. Dailey: I just received my renewal policy premium for my homeowners insurance from Farmers, and my rate has gone up 40% (a $700 increase)!!! The premium is due in less than 3 weeks. I have sent a note to my agent for an explanation, and would also appreciate an explanation from you why this excessive rate increase has occurred? I simply do not understand this? I am in shock. I have been a customer of Farmers in Texas for 13 years, and have had 1 roof claim — a few minor claims that were denied (including a large pipe burst that flooded our kitchen while we were out of town, destroyed the ceiling and more). I have also filed an inquiry with the Texas Department of Insurance. I would appreciate an explanation why Farmers has imposed this EXCESSIVE and unreasonable rate increase on its loyal customers. (P.S. — I have also had my auto insurance with Farmers for 13 years). I will expect a response to this inquiry as soon as possible. One other quick note – I noticed in the management section of the Farmers website that you have 13 men and 1 WOMAN in leadership positions. I’m sure your wife and daughters will tell you this isn’t 1950 anymore.


Cindy June 24, 2013 at 10:54 pm

Hi Cassie -
I have the same complaint as you. Have been a Texas Farmers customer for 22 years with no major claims – just a few broken windows. Now my rate went up $700 this year. I asked my agent, Curtis Hart, for an explanation, but he would not return my call. I left a second message and then received an updated Declaration page in the mail, where he cut back our coverage to provide a refund. I didn’t ask for a reduced rate, just an explanation. Is it even legal to make changes like that without the insured’s consent? Never talked to the guy since I got stuck with him two years ago when Farmers moved my policy to his office. Whenever I called there, the secretary took care of whatever I needed. Obviously customer service is not his thing. Just went to another Farmers agent today who explained to me that it was an across the board rate jump with all insurance companies because of all the damage from storms in recent years. I don’t see how it is fair for me to pay extra when between my cars and house, we have made a huge contribution, without ever receiving a benefit. At least the second agent treated me like my concerns were important. Just switched my policies to his office today. Good luck to you.


kimberly clay-simmons and reginald simmons May 21, 2013 at 12:52 pm

From: Kimberly Simmons
Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 11:35 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: very upset: claim # 1023264035

To whom it may concern,

My husband and I were involved in an accident on April 26th 2013 around 2:00p.m. with one of your policy holders. The past 4 weeks has been the worst experience in our lives with an insurance company, we have been treated very poorly and feel a since of disrespect by your staff that works for your company, as if the accident was our fault. my husband Mr. Reginald Simmons Sr. has tried on several occasions to reach your staff Adam Lynch whom has stated on more than one occasion that he’s not the person that is handling our claim and informed my husband that someone by the name of Ryan is the contact person my husband informed Mr. Lynch that he has not had any luck reaching Ryan, and that at this point the only thing that he’s concern about is getting his truck fix since it has already been 2 weeks in the shop, Mr. Lynch informed my husband that he has a rental and that Farmers is paying for it, as if that should ease his mind of the concerns of his vehicle, to us that was an insult we don’t want a rental we just want our vehicle fixed!!!!! Before repairs started my husband received a call from one of your adjusters stating that the damage that was wrong with the vehicle was not cause by the impact of the accident which included the engine light coming on and the speakers not playing but before the accident none of this was an issues, my husband had just purchased his truck 2 weeks before the accident, my husband said he didn’t want to argue with the adjuster, he’s a very easy going person and don’t like confrontation, but I on the other hand don’t take being treated unfair easily, there was not one thing wrong with our vehicle until April 26th 2013!!!!!!!!! After putting our vehicle in the shop we were told that there were several things that were broken during the impact which clearly states that we were hit harder than the adjuster assumed doing the observation of our vehicle. we were informed that your company ordered the wrong part for our vehicle during the first week of repair instead of letting the repair shop do their job, and the part did not fix. after speaking to the repair man from Crain’s on several occasions we were informed that they were waiting on your company to send payment for our vehicle , we are very upset with the hold process this has been the worst experience ever dealing with your company.

Personal injury: Ms. Sara Black has contact my husband on his claim for injuries but I Kimberly Clay-Simmons has not heard from anyone at this time,

I’m very concern about the hold process I feel that we are not being treated unfairly, I pay my insurance faithfully and to think that if I cause an accident with someone and they are treated the way that my husband and I have been treated I’ll surely change insurance company.

Sincerely , Kimberly Clay-Simmons


Lillian Johnson July 1, 2013 at 9:02 pm

I have not recieved a policy or information concerning the bill That I recently recieved with


Norma J Sorell May 20, 2013 at 8:48 am

I have been trying to cancel my policies on my house and car since March 6, 2013. My new insurance and I have given proof and given proof that I have new insurance. My Policies are 947350287 and 186937308. The agent David Buoy. I have contract the district manager and she assigned Elizabeth Mares to get my refund. That was May 6 and on May 10th I personally took the paper work and handled it to Elizabeth Mares. She told me she would call the office and get it canceled on May 13, 2013 and have them send me the refund overnight. As of Friday she said she delegated it to someone else to do and they did not do as told. Now I am going to cancel my trip to see my 81 year old mother because I had to pay the mortgage company back for sending farmers the check for house insurance on February 18, 2013. I am at wits end and I will be filing a complaint with the insurance commission at noon today if I do not hear from anyone. That is so unfair that Farmers would do this to a person. They totally lied to me since I had insurance with Farmers. I need help from the corporate office. I can pick up the check at the 37th st office in Wichita Kansas and I told her this too.


Milam May 17, 2013 at 3:03 am

Dear: Jeffrey John Dailey

I was in one of your training courses and lost all interest when I asked the District manager for help in learning the policies so that I could sell them properly. He replied I you are trying to learn the policies before you sell them you are going to fail. Just sell the policies that is why you have Errors and Ommissions. Is this the way that Farmers want there agents to sell there product? If so then I could not be affiliated with this company. My friend that works for the CA. Department of Insurance says that this must be just one bad apple. It would be unethical to do business this way. I am hoping to get a reply to this Email quickly. I enjoy what I have learned about insurance and I have always liked Farmers. But after spending 21 years in the Military protecting our country I can not bring myself to do something unethical. Errors and Ommissions should be for an honest mistake not because a district manager is to lazy to properly teach his people. I do understand that he is the owner of his district but I am sure that there are rules that Farmers says he has to follow. There are other things that he is doing that I don’t feel are right but this was the most unethical of them all. I can’t wait to hear your reply.



Karen DeBack May 14, 2013 at 9:37 am

Dear Mr. Daily: This is a letter of complaint.

In September of 2012 I began asking for proof of insurance for a customer. On May 10, 2013 I was told that there is a “corporate computer issue” but am unclear as to what this issue is. As you can see, I have been waiting for proof for more than six months.

I have been in contact on numerous occasions with the agent and district manager and the blame always goes back to the corporate office. My other customers who use Farmers Insurance receive their policy information in a timely manner. I am unclear as to why only one of my customers is having this problem.

Since I am unable to obtain information and assistance locally I am asking for help from the corporate office to resolve this issue.

My customers information is as follows:

Melvin Schrock
Policy #XXXXX-75-70
Property Address: XXXX Mark Avenue, Elgin IL and XXX Kathleen, Elgin IL

I am asking for a copy of the policy that indicates both properties, which, if I am to understand correctly, is an issue with the corporate office.


Chris Rath & Lori Weber April 29, 2013 at 1:37 pm

I just found out that one of your agents : Lee Rockwell Of Mount Pleasant, WI. Just admitted to me that his office had some sort of computer issues and it seems to be happening more often. He also admitted that it seems his office is the ONLY one with these problems. He also mentioned that not only was there an issue concerning our account but a few others as well. He had 3 of our credit card numbers. ( as well as the other clients with these issues(?)) And normally he would destroy them after he put them in computer. Question 1: why would he have to write them down? he should just enter them into the computer (like everyone else). Not writing them down where others may find. He also admitted he kept them (in his safe) just in case something like this would occur. WHAT should OCCUR ??
Incident 1: He charged wrong card number. Money was withdrawn and because THAT money should have NEVER been charged to that card when a purchase was made an over draft occurred – causing one huge headache and more money out of pocket. I am now out triple the amount of what my policy would have been (had it been on the CORRECT card this would have never happened)!!! Wonder who plans on paying that amount back? That’s right we are just out of luck on that one- correct?! Then added other card…money was also with drawn. So, 2 payments 1 policy ???
Incident 2: We were talking on the phone he had rattled most of the numbers off to me (of 2 out of the 3 cards)- now if he was able to do that… how were they in the safe!?! He has absolutely NO BUSINESS keeping that information, Makes one wonder.

I am sorry I NO LONGER TRUST THIS MAN! And neither should you!!! You really want someone like this representing YOUR company? If so, you will loose many many clients in this area (at least the clients in his office)!!

I want you to understand we do like Farmer Insurance and have never had ANY trouble before. We plan to stay with Farmers. However, we will be changing agents and hopefully not another one like Mr. Rockwell!


Robert February 23, 2013 at 8:57 am

After paying a deductable why do you still have to pay a surcharge cost. Please advise. Thanks.


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