Family Dollar Corporate Office

Family Dollar Corporate Office Address

Family Dollar Stores Inc.
10401 Monroe Rd
Matthews, NC 28105

Contact Family Dollar

Phone Number: (704) 847-6961
Fax Number: (704) 847-5534
Website: http://www.familydollar.com
Email: Email Family Dollar


CEO: Howard R. Levine
CFO: Kenneth T. Smith
COO: Charles S. Gibson Jr.

Family Dollar History

Family Dollar was founded in 1959 by Leon Levine, their first location was in Charlotte, NC.  The company quickly expanded to South Carolina (1961), Georgia (1962) and Virginia (1965).  The company expanded rapidly in the 60′s and had over 50 stores by 1969.

The company went public in 1970 and continued to expand rapidly.  The company opened their 100th store in 1971 and had 300 stores by 1978.

Leon Levine retired in 2003 and was succeeded as CEO by his son, Howard Levine.

The chain currently has over 7000 stores in 44 states and opens 300-500 new stores each year.

The Family Dollar corporate office is located just outside Charlotte in Matthews, NC.


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Sheila Smith October 28, 2014 at 8:13 pm

I live locally and shop in store #04864 in Garland, NC. It is a new store and the community really needed a store like this so that we won’t have to drive 17 to 20 miles to the next nearest town to shop. I’m not one to complain or try and get someone in trouble, but this is the messiest store I have ever shopped in. I shop in the store several times a week, and it is always messy! Empty boxes are everywhere all the time, shopping carts full of junk, etc. I heard another shopper comment about how junky it was tonite. I know employees have to re-stock shelves, but I have never been in other stores that were in this big of a mess. Someone could trip and fall because of all the clutter. Sometimes, you can’t even get down the aisles. Tonite, three isles were messed up to where you had to step through and over boxes. You need a manager who knows how to manage and keep a store organized and the way it should be.


Pamela Brantley October 6, 2014 at 11:03 am

On October 5, 2014 I visited a Family Dollar in Kenosha Wi store # 1761 on 22nd ave. The outside of the store was filthy with trash all over the drive area and diaper boxes over flowing with trash at the front of the store. I got my 2 items and headed to the very extremely long checkout line. There were about 20 people in line waiting to get checked out. I asked the cashier if she could open another lane she said no! The gentleman in front of me was telling her how filthy it was outside the store and she said they have someone clean it every Tuesday. A lady behind us got out of the line proceeded to the other register, opened the register and to check out herself! We could actually see her scanning her own items. She got a lot of money from the cash drawer and thats when i told the working cashier that it was not fair to the other customers and asked for her store number and told them that i would report them. She saie she didn’t care. She told me that i didnt have to come back to that store and told her you are absolutely right. I had scanned me debit card for the purchases and left the store. One of the three people that were working came to my car and told me that i had not completed my transaction. So i politely gave my purchase back. This was the most unprofessional place on the planet. There were at least 4 employees that I saw and not one of them would clean the garbage from outside the store. That store needs an intervention or undercover boss. Dollar Tree should consider this before they purchase this piece of crap. Dollar General should be glad that they dodged this bullet. From the looks of all the complaints on this site, the corporate office is just as unconcerned and has been that way for long time.


Merle Boggins September 30, 2014 at 2:14 pm

Store in Forest Park, Ohio should be closed down or get new staff. I go to this store when I am in the area seeing my family. The floors and shelves are nasty, products are put anywhere around the store making it hard to find anything, and customer service is extremely poor. That is not the worst part during each of my visits I felt embarrassed, felt disrespected, and felt as though I was at a bar with a group of foul mouth drunks. There was a young african-american lady (I believe she is the manager) that dropped the “F” bomb at the start of and end of her sentences. She was arguing with another worker, a gentleman, which must be having relations because she told him that just because they have a child together she doesn’t have to put up with his BS. If I was the owner of any company none of this behavior would be acceptable and I wouldn’t wont a staff in my place of business like this staff. I’m only one customer and this review might might not go nowhere and i really do not care but I will never go to another Family Dollar store again.


karen September 23, 2014 at 9:57 pm

Stopped by our local family dollar in aitkin minnesota. Bought some chocolate milk. Silly me. Didn’t realize they would keep spoiled milk in their coolers. Six day past expiration and tasting mighty bad. Code 27 180 23:38 242, expired on 9_18_14.


Mrs. Hawkins September 18, 2014 at 2:04 pm

On September 18, 2014, I visited the Family dollar store located on Rhode Island Ave. N.E. DC. Store # 06519 2305; in the morning. There is a sandwich shop across the street and, they told me to go to the Family Dollar store and they would allow me to get cash back from my credit card; due to the don’t take credit cards. I went into the store wondering what do I really need. I was walking around being undecided what to buy when I heard over head a potential shoplifter with the description of my clothes. Yes, I had a my work bag with me caring my mom’s health documents. She has had 3 congested heart failure 3 times in a 90 day period. There fore, I don’t go anywhere without her records information. To me that does not justify thinking and putting Mt description over the load speaker as potential shoplifter. When I got up to the register I asked the cashier can I get cash back off my card and he allowed me to. One of the customer told me you should do something about that because there was no cause to warrant such harassment on a customer.


Sharonda Rivers September 11, 2014 at 5:51 pm

I had a very similar issues at a family dollar store #07136 in new York…It’s crazy how no one wants to take responsibility for this disgusting behavior of there employees.. I will be seeking other options to make this company response in a more satisfying manner.


Givette Hogan September 8, 2014 at 9:16 am

I shop at Family Dollar everyday & if I miss just one day they think something is wrong, I have come to know almost all the employees which most of them are very kind and pleasant however on Saturday September 5, 2014 the store manager took my bag of clothing that I had just pursued from another store and refused to give me my bag because I would not buy him anything to eat or drink I had to leave the store and get the police to come back to the store with me to retruve my bag, the police unformed him the store manager that he could be arrested for strong arm robbery I told the officer know I just wasn’t my bag of undergarments so I could leave the store, Yesterday Sunday September 7, 2014 we my daughter & myself returned to that same store #5990 only to have an female employee approach us in front other employees & customers and threaten me and to say that herself and the store manager have been having sex in the basement of the store for the past 8 months and along with other employees as well as customers agreeing.. I fund this to be awful, nasty and every form of sexaul harrasment on my part and the employees but she is fine with it she started she has to in order to keep her job so I told her the next time he tries to feel or touch me I will cut his fingers off..Family Dollar use to be my favorite place to shop as I stated I go in there everyday but after this weekend I will no longer shop at Family Dollar…


christina September 5, 2014 at 8:39 pm

The family dollar in kennett ,missouri is one of the most unprofessional business kennett has to offer. It’ a cluttered mess and ale’s are always blocked. That has to be a fire hazard. Even if the ales were clear there are no shopping carts. Their products are damaged and rarely stocked. Because the manager can’t keep help ,and the reason for that is he is rude and hateful to employees ,and the customers. I’m one that he has been very rude to.I’ve seen how he treats his employees. Some only stay because a job is hard to come by. And some would rather take their chances on finding a job than to stay there any longer. I don’t blame them. The manager never wears a name tag or a belt to keep his butt crack from showing. I know one things for sure I’ll never go back to family dollar in kennett ,missouri.


Cheryl Welch August 29, 2014 at 11:00 am

I’ve already put complaints at different sites to be contacted by someone from family dollar this is in defence to espanola New Mexico. The manager, Jonathan, was approached by me and asked where the scissors are located in the store. Rather than being helpful he was sarcastic and rude. He said there’s three types what kind do you want? I said sharp pointy ones he said well we have sewing ones and we have kitchen ones and we have these round ones after I was already specific in my needs. I said kitchen shears aren’t called scissors they are called shears his response was how would I know I’m Mexican..I said why are you being racist dude I don’t need to know your race I want to know where the fuck the scissors are. I was very frustrated by that time and don’t see what his race had to do with anything except the fact I’m white and he may be racist. He said you are being beligerant. Well yes I was after all that and he said I had to leave I got in line and he proceeded to tell me he refused service to me. When I asked for his supervisor number he told me well good name is Tomas Ponce and he’s a Mexican too. Now I really hear discrimination screaming at me!! The number he gave me was incorrect so I went back into the store to get it from another employee. Jonathan had all the employees except the one on register circles around him in the front of the store and was telling them what happened. Very unprofessional behavior for a manager. The number given for Mr.Ponve said the voice mail box was full it was a cell number so I did send a txt message and am waiting for a response but feel I will be racially profiled and discriminated against since Jonathan made it clear repeatedly that he is Mexican and the fact I’m white I don’t know what race had to do with his unprofessional rude behavior but I want to be contacted by someone other than Mr. Ponce from the corporate or regional office. Since I frequent this store at least three times a week and have never dealt with discrimination before I feel that this is a personal problem with Jonathan. So can someone please contact me..thank you


Patricia Gore August 18, 2014 at 4:59 pm

this store is in Charleston on james island.store#00066 9 -d folly rd.


Patricia Gore August 18, 2014 at 4:57 pm

I shop in this store quite a lot, and half the lites are out, the store is always junky. right now you pull up and it looks like the store is closed. they have been like that now for over 3months. this is very unsafe, and not cool. its really dark in this store. also the a/c does not work half the time, its always hot in this store.i came in and they had a single box fan upfront. could not shop that day.i love shopping in your stores but this one really needs to be checked out.


nae claw August 10, 2014 at 9:45 am

Hello the reason I’m writing is because I feel this should be brought to youre attention I was shopping and somebody stole the color developer Out of the box of a hair dye and the store worker told me she has to do a bag check on me because I was in the aisle so I let her and she didn’t find anything in my purse or on me because I didn’t take it So now everytime I go into the store she’s always following me so when I go to check out I have to open my purse real wide so when I go into the family dollar I can’t even carry a purse I see a lot of ladies with big purses and she don’t follow them or check there bags its coming too the point to where I don’t want to go in but due to the fact this is a small town lp
I have nstore woo choice I’m not sure what the store number is its the wendover Utah store and the name of the person is Jennifer not sure if she’s a mana workerger torstore


nae claw August 10, 2014 at 9:53 am

Her name is Jennifer don’t know if she’s a manger and its the wendover UT store also there’s been times where she’s rude to customers so please resolve this issue its so frustrating thank you for you’re time hopefully something gets done


Gloria cooper August 9, 2014 at 7:41 pm

I am complaining about no bugging in the store on Metropolitan Pkwy sw Atlanta ga.i am 68 and can’t carry a lot in my arms. This store is the close to where I live.. Please see to i this matter for me.


Carl D'Alessandro August 9, 2014 at 3:56 pm

To whom it may concern,
I was employed at store 7839 in Lake Mary Fl. three weeks ago I requested to work a morning shift through my store manager Adrianne Barrett I told her my son was coming in town from Charlotte NC and need off for his early evening arrival as well as the following Tuesday and Wednesday to spend time with him at the beach in St. Petersburg, she approved the time off as I rarely request special days off. This morning when I arrived at work she was on the computer making out the weeks schedule and had me scheduled to close Sunday. I told her she approved my schedule and was told all I do is ask for time off and never said I could have the requested time off, after a few more words with her she told me to shut up at that moment an argument with yelling started. I told her what I think of her management style and she brought up the race card, I then clocked out , gave her my name tag and stormed out of the store. I enjoyed my 13 month tenure with the company and am sorry it had to end this way.I currently have 40 hours of vacation time accrued and will expect a check deposited into my checking account ASAP.
Respectfully yours,
Carl D’Alessandro


Melody August 8, 2014 at 8:27 pm

Hello everyone,
I currently work for family dollar in parma ohio and I must say our new manager is already on my list. My last day working here is Saturday well supposed to be. My great uncle passed away and I called my store to ask for someone to come in for me since I have a funeral to go to. The manager says hold on and puts the cashier on and tells us to figure it out. Last time I checked a MANAGER is supposed to fill in the spot. Im sorry but I think going to see my family at a time of loss is MORE important than working out my last day. Ive been here for a few months and my old manager had more sympathy for things like this than this one does. I already told the cashier if my spot is not filled I will not be in. This is upsetting me and my family because of how rude this manager is. Ive never in my life met someone who is so rude and inconsiderate. I hope that HR returns my phone call so I can tell them about the situation and get it taken care of. This is the worse company I have worked for yet. And I hope other stores are not unfair and hurtful like this one is.

Sincerely, Melody.


Suzanne August 7, 2014 at 12:21 am

Store # 05169 is my local store. I shop there often and usually buy more than I should. Today, I was overcharged for an item but did not realize it until I got home. I returned to the store to have this matter corrected. I was serviced by the store manager who initially said “uh, no”, but proceeded to go to the product location where she pulled the Clearance tag off the shelf and proceeded to refund the overpayment.

I’ve worked in Customer Service for most of my adult life, including periods of time in retail establishments. This manager has absolutely NO customer service skills. I have witnessed other customers comment to her that she never smiles and she comes off as unfriendly. She didn’t even attempt to apologize to me for the inconvenience of today’s issue. I work hard for my money and I am known to stop patronizing companies that are disrespectful and unappreciative. Since this manager was brought to this location, even the employees seem less friendly and more stressed. I just don’t feel good about going in your store and thought you might care to know what’s going on here.


PS. I would have contacted you privately but I couldn’t find another option for customer feedback.


mary mack August 3, 2014 at 2:58 am

I am a frequent shopper in Family Dollar in Hancock N.Y seems Like I have trouble paying by check–today a different story 2 checks being DECLINED BY CUSTOMER–very embarrassing– as I am a senor citizen- love the store but when everyone looks at you –and you know them–I have sufficient funds to cover the check -why would it say this???? WHY would I decline my check if that is how I was paying—after reading some of the complaints –it make ya wonder why we shop here


Becky Linder July 30, 2014 at 10:41 pm

The turnover for the Waskom, Texas Family General was a horrible idea!!! It’s becoming filthy, unoraganized and the new workers are plum rude!! I will not be back in there!!! The drive to Walmart is worth it


Loriann Cleary July 25, 2014 at 11:26 pm

You have not heard the last of me. I am sure by the time this situation if taken care of my name will be familiar to everyone from top to bottom of the list. I will not stop making this SWEAT SHOPPE situation public until it is resolved. I am customer and have the right to see that your employees DO NOT HAVE TO CONTINUE TO WORK UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES ….Store 6763 Trinity Texas.


Loriann Cleary July 25, 2014 at 11:19 pm

STORE 6763 in TRINITY TX. I have guit working at this store because of the Major A/C problems. Why has this situation not been taken care of. I have seen notices about a temporary system to be installed? This has been a problem for many years that y’all are aware of. I don’t understand why this problem is not taken care of by installing your temporary systems every year before it gets HOT. With temperature reaching triple digits next week. How can you expect people to work under these SWEAT SHOPPE conditions? Why don’t you send MR UNDERCOVER BOSS to work in this store for one day. They don’t want a new car or college paid for. Just want to work in a safe environment. Working in this heat is unsafe. Please for the safety of these Team Members GET THIS A/C PROBLEM TAKEN CARE OF.


Ron Bizzle July 18, 2014 at 7:02 am

July 18th 2014
Inventory shrinkage:
In financial accounting, the term inventory shrinkage (sometimes truncated to shrink) is the loss of products between point of manufacture or purchase from supplier and point of sale. The term shrink relates to the difference in the amount of margin or profit a retailer can obtain. If the amount of shrink is large, then profits go down which results in increased costs to the consumer to meet the needs of the retailer.

An estimated 44% of shrinkage in 2008 was due to employee theft, totaling over $15.9 billion. Another 35% was due to shoplifting, totaling over $12.7 billion.
The prevention of this type of shrinkage is one reason for security guards, cameras and security tags. Other causes of shrinkage include:
Administrative errors such as shipping errors, warehouse discrepancies, and misplaced goods.
Cashier or price-check errors in the customer’s favor.
Damage in transit or in the store.
Paperwork errors.
Perishable goods not sold within their shelf life.
Vendor fraud.

Loss at the POS terminal:
Shrinkage in retail that is caused by employee actions typically occurs at the point of sale (POS) terminal. There are different ways to manipulate a POS system, such as a cashier giving customers unauthorized discounts, creating fraudulent returns, manually entering values in the system or making a no-sale, which means that the cashier opens the cash counter without registering a sale. These transactions that differ from normal transactions are called POS exceptions. Traditionally POS fraud is fought by surveillance staff monitoring a POS terminal or by manually searching in
surveillance video recordings. Modern POS systems can have automatic alerts when specific exceptions are detected. Also exception reports and listings based on employees, refunds, terminals etc. are possible to detect with modern systems. Modern networked based POS systems can also include network video to POS exception listings, giving quick access to detailed information of what has happened.

Retail loss prevention:
Retail loss prevention is a set of practices employed by retail companies to preserve profit. Profit preservation is any business activity specifically designed to reduce preventable losses. A preventable loss is any business cost caused by deliberate or inadvertent human actions, colloquially known as “shrink”.
Deliberate human actions that cause loss to a retail company can be theft, fraud, vandalism, waste, abuse, or misconduct. Inadvertent human actions attributable to loss are purely poorly executed business processes, where employees fail to follow existing policies or procedures.
Four elements are necessary for a successful loss prevention plan:
1) Total support from top management,
2) A positive employee attitude,
3) Maximum use of all available resources,
4) A system which establishes both responsibility and accountability for loss prevention through evaluations that are consistent and progressive.

With all this being said, I would like to know (in writing please) why I am
being held accountable of inventory shrinkage. I have mentioned my concerns of the high volume of shoplifting taking place to several managers (You, Scott, Ed and Zeb), yet nothing has changed as for security to help alleviate the shoplifting problem.
I would also like to know (in writing please) as to how that store provides me with safety and security with current security measures.


Veronica July 15, 2014 at 3:24 pm

Hello I am from El Paso, Texas and your Family Dollar store in some areas are so dirty and so stock up you can barely walk. One of your stores only has one door for customers to walk in or out of the store. This is not acceptable fire codes, if there was a fire how many people can actually walk out through one glass door or if their was a hostage situation. If they are locking the other door for theft than they should consider another solution. It is an inconvenience as a customer having to deal with this. Another thing they do is that as a mother with a baby I am not allowed to take my diaper bag nor stroller or backpack. This is unacceptable again. I am reporting this Family Dollar to the consumer business and Fire Marshall’s office. Please look into this The store’s address is 7105 North Mesa, El Paso, Tx I will not be shopping at this store due to the way they treat you as a human being or second as a new mother with a baby. I feel like I am in prison. It never used to be like this when I shopped in the past years, Maybe under new lazy management that doesn’t want to do their jobs.


sbrownent1@yahoo.com July 1, 2014 at 12:59 pm

When will Family Dollar start to take care of its store employees?? I noticed the store manager in my neighborhood works open to close DAILY due to no assistant. And she is not allowed to hire her own assistant. So she works 100+ hours per week!! This is unheard of but I hear its common now at Family Dollar.
Mr. Levine obviously lied on Undercover Boss when he stated he didnt know certain things were happening. It’s very common in Georgia area for his managers to work over 100 hours weekly and the “salary” then equals out to 7-8dols per hour.
The DM’s dont care at all about the people.


Veronica July 15, 2014 at 3:38 pm

By the looks of it Family Dollar could have been founded as a good store idea but your employees and management really need some training. Or you will find yourselves bankrupt. That is if you even exist or read the comments and do something about it.


sime June 29, 2014 at 11:10 am

Dan the stor manger needs to go to attica ny and the manger that is at attica ny now should go to buffalo ny or even batavia ny


Nessy June 29, 2014 at 12:36 am

Hello, I have been reading all the comments and see that they aren’t so good. I understand that family dollar needs to stay competitive with other stores and labor hours are one of the if not the biggest cut to the bottom dollar but here are some of my opinions to help make your company back on top.
1. Customer service should always be at it’s best. I see managers that are overworked that will lead to being burnt out and just stop caring. If they stop caring and slack then their employees will follow. Everyone deserves 2 days off. Everyone deserves a life outside of work. Employees are being rude because they don’t care anymore. People have stopped taking pride in a job well done usually do to lack of recognition and overworked. I have ran stores my whole life and have never seen so much disorder.
By being such you will continue to loose customers they have options.
You will have more sales if you focus on customer service. More sales will provide you with more payroll dollars.
2. Your manager shouldn’t be running a reg they should be making sure everything is done sets,sales,clearance,out of stock, out of dates making sure they are within their budget and making sure customers are feeling welcome. If I walk in a dirty store I’m walking out, I would be afraid of buying something there, I would ask myself how long has this been sitting out is this out of date there is dust on this when was the last time they dusted. These are some of the first things I would say. I would rather spend a few extra dollars on a product from a clean organized store. I feel like I’m walking into a garage sale some of the time some of the stores. I wouldn’t buy food at a yard sale so why do so there.
Store appearance also attracts your cliental yes, some stores are just in bad areas but doesn’t mean they are all bad people but if I was going to steal and I walked in a store that had stolen merch. Empty packages I would say to myself this store would be easy to take from. Your people and store conditions are what can make or break you.
I know that I will probably be disregarded or someone is reading this and they have never worked store level and that’s the problem. Big companies need to get behind there companies. If you ask a manager to run on x amount of dollars and then have a said list they have to have done you should try it and see if you can do it properly if you can than there shouldn’t be a problem if you can’t then why would you ask another to do something you can not.
3. You need to bring family back into family dollar. I remember walking into one and pretty much getting everything but not so much anymore. Excuse me for being so blunt but it’s like trashy. It doesn’t have to be no matter where the location is. I personally don’t feel safe bringing my children in there just because not only are the employes (most) (mainly cuz they just stopped caring) but the cliental is bad. I could be dirt poor with no car and would walk an extra 5 miles to feel safe where I shop. Half the time you only have 1 employee working this send many red flags up. Your stores are to big of an area to cover for 1 person.
It’s not safe for your employees nor your customers.
You can make money that won’t cut into the net profit and make a good profit after cost but to do so you MUST WIN YOUR CUSTOMERS BACK. You are attracting lower income cliental and there is nothing wrong with that except you want all potential buyers not just some. Redirecting your business in a different outlook. You will see less theft with cleaner stores that have the appropriate employes and being staffed to where the customers come first. I would do so by cleaning up the stores giving your manager 2 days off if someone calls in you should have a rover or your manager should cover it they are on salary for a reason. If they have 2 days off and only put in 52 hours then there is no reason they can’t cover their own store. See who is running the stores are they properly trained do they get complaints? Or were they just thrown in there to fill a hole? Maybe have a grand reopening a BBQ serve hot dogs get you vendors involved it wouldn’t cost the company much at all if vendors were involved. Like Pepsi, coke and so on they donate so much just to promote their product. This will grab customer attention. I know how much is on corp people plates as well I’ve never had to run 8000 stores and make sure I turn a profit but I find a lot of problem is no one ever thinks like a customer or a store level employee. Times are tough so your company should be succeeding more but how can you when the people that go there are buying 5 dollars worth of stuff but stealing 30 dollars and the honest people are being yelled at, disrespected and treated like they are thieves so they don’t come back but that real thief will every time. I have faith that you guys can turn this back around and make it a place I would want to shop at again. You guys really are a good company but just have some bad judgement calls from some corp people. To stay competitive you must be a contender if you are not feared by other retail stores when you open up next door to them than there’s a problem. If Kmart went up next to walmart I don’t think Walmart would be that worried so that should tell kmart something. You can be rich or poor people will shop to what near them as long as they are treated fair don’t have to wait 30 min to check out because you only have 1 cashier and having a nice clean organized zoned store and stuff just thrown on a shelf looking like a flea market. You will have my attention for sure. These are just my thoughts on everything you can hit delete or you can read it. If one thing comes from this just remember customers are what makes your business alive without them you would close your doors treat them right. Reply back to some of the maybe all of the complaints and even the ones from employees or x employees I’m sure 90% of them are telling the truth. All this bad reviews hurts you can start by winning back the customers who took the time out to email you with an issue most people just want you to know that they were done wrong and just want to be heard and not brushed under the rug. Thank you for your time and good luck with the success of your long lived company I hope to see family dollar around for many years to come but fear I won’t.


Venita Jeremiah June 24, 2014 at 7:52 pm

Good morning to the Family Dollar staff;

This message is let you know that I always purchase bottles of water at your store. On your bottles they have recycle and they have five cent refund. I guess you don’t know
what the word refund means. I have over one hundred bottles from your company and I took them to the various supermarkets who recycle bottles, each one of the supermarket recycling machines refused your bottles (Family Dollar). I took them to the Family Dollar on Dumont Avenue, Brooklyn, NY store and they said that they do not recycle bottles. If your company dont recycle bottles, and the supermarket dont accept your company’s bottles, what do you want us, customers, faithful customers to do?

I took the bottles back to your store on Dumont Avenue, and they took the sixty-six bottles and they did not give me a refund, I was ashamed and very surprised at your company. Customers should be treated fairly and be satisfied with even the bottles they are returning. Shame on you Family Dollar!!!!!. If your policy dont change on refunding bottles, I will discontinue purchasing water from your company and I will discourage my friends in buying your water. I am very sorry it comes to that that’s the way I am feeling right now. Thank you! I hope my message help your company to do something to make the customers happy/satisfy. Have a good day!


Kimie June 22, 2014 at 6:01 pm

This is a complaint about a Long Prairie, MN Family dollar employee and her name is
Paula. I’ve been living here for 3yrs so i usually go to that store for groceries n etc.. she
doesnt greet some customers esp. tan/dark colored people and she has this mood that pisses me off. i definitly think she’s a racist amd something has to be done before
someone meaner than her does. She needs a customer service training if she wants to continue to work there.


Quannah June 21, 2014 at 7:57 pm

My daughter has worked at Family Dollar for 14 months. She was hired my David, great kid, great manager! He left due to an employee who was causing drama and strife between her fellow employees making everyone miserable. (He should have fired her instead) The next girl in line to be manager did not get the job because the drama queen made allegations against her so she could get the job and of course fire the assistant manager. Then there was my daughter left, she stayed and endured abuse for the past 7 months because the manager wants her gone to hire her own friends. In the past 7 months my daughter has worked every holiday, every weekend, weeks with no days off, had to quit college because of refusal to work around her hours, refusal to work with her hours for paid daycare. If an employee needs a day off they get the exact opposite of their request because of passive aggressiveness. She has been verbally threatened, made to work long 12 hour shifts alone! Asked to do things against store policy, forced to work her days off, had her schedule changed daily (to fit around her managers life). My daughter has seen fellow employees set up for money missing that just happens to be registers that the manager was on. She even accused another manager who was doing her a favor by helping her store when they were short staff of stealing cigarettes in attempt to get him fired!!!! She is abusive, gossips about her employees and needs to be removed from her position! Finally my daughter has had enough, this is a girl who has never called in, worked while sick, came in every time she was asked ( except when she tried to get her to come in during my daughter son’s birthday party that she knew was going on!) so she puts in her 2 week notice and is told to turn in her keys (after she works her shift today because it’s Saturday night) this is inexcusable behavior and needs to be investigated but not by your district manager because he isn’t doing anything about it for some unknown reason. (Might want to check on that too!) Quannah Owens, BSBA Management and Human Resources, Miami, Oklahoma


bill browning June 20, 2014 at 9:28 pm

This message is for any possible future employees of family dollar..My son benjiman has managed his family dollar store for 2 consecutive years with extraordinary numbers in every aspect of store managent. He has worked from 60 to 80 he’s a week for just as long for a salary that calculates to around $8 per hour. Having pride in his store and his accomplishments in the past years he has worked so many hours due to minimal budgets given for employees. Recently he was told by corporate that he had to again cut his budget and release an employee which he did .Fallowing his termination this employee felt that he needed to retaliate against my son.He subsequently sent an e-mail to family dollar corporate and accused my son of doing drugs in which corporate instead of chalking up as disgruntled employee they felt they needed to request a drug test from their exceptional employee without even as much as an investigation or even an inquery to the value of this persons trustworthiness..over the past years my son has more than proven he is a trusted and valuable employee..In conclusion my son who is drug free felt so devalued and mistreated by the same company he worked so hard to please every single day that he decided his only choice was to resighn from his managers position. I am only posting so that any persons that might be thinking about a career at family dollar can have a perspective of the loyalty they have to their MANAGERS…While I am very proud of the job he did for them I am disappointed that he worked so hard for so little respect. Sometimes its not whether you you should go along and take the test and get on with it but whether you should stick up for yourself when being completely judged and prosecuted.. I know no one from corporate ever reads these but I sincerely hope they start because they lost a great leader …oh p.s. he already got new management job at Burlington for another 10k more than family dollar.


Narda Franco June 17, 2014 at 8:20 pm

I was shopping at your Newark, NJ store #4530 and a lady ringing me up rung up 3 body washes instead of 2 that I was purchasing. I kindly told her that there was a mistake and one needed to be voided because 3 rung up. She kept insisting that the receipt was right. After me showing her several times where the items appeared, she kept telling me that it was voided. I again told her that it was not a void I was charged for the item now showing her again 3 times the item being rung instead of 2. She then rudely snatched the receipt out of my hand to look at it and then proceeded to tell me in her exact words “if you shut up i will fix”. First of all, she barely spoke English, can barely read it as I see, and is telling a customer to shut up and that what they are reading on the receipt is not right. I have never in my 10+ years of retail experience have ever had the nerve to tell a customer to shut up. As a customer spending my hard earned money have a right to look at my receipt and be charged what I am supposed to be charged for what I buy. This is the most despicable store I have ever been in. Another time, the same cashier left a alarm on a pair of PJ’s I bought and I bring it back with a receipt and she refused at first to honor I bought it until another cashier remembered me buying it amongst other things and acknowledged I did buy it. Please stop hiring this uneducated, rude, no manners having people. It makes your stores look bad and very unprofessional. I shop frequently in your stores and after this experience I don’t think I ever want it shop at your stores again.


michelle June 12, 2014 at 7:31 pm

the only thing I have to say about the employees from Family Dollar all of them have a really bad mood in Orange Cove California Family Dollar I think they should fire them take them out whatever because people are going to stop going to that Family Dollar just because of them


Veronica July 15, 2014 at 3:28 pm

Maybe they should use Undercover Boss so they can see how they actually treat customers.


Brandon haas June 12, 2014 at 7:11 pm

I recently visited the Family Dollar store on Southeast 46 street in Oklahoma City Oklahoma today at 6 PM and I was treated very very poorly I was waiting in line for about 25 minutes and then the lady at behind the cash register as signaled to women behind me to go in front of me and be checked out and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m white I spend a lot of money Family Dollar and I think that it is crap that I was treated like this in something you could be done about it when I stated my concern with what was going on both of the ladies did nothing and said nothing to me ignored me like I was not there unless something is done about this I will never shop at Family Dollar again please respond thank you for your time


sdianas June 11, 2014 at 5:39 pm

After reading these comments, I am not suprised that the clerks at the Valley City, ND store are surly or that the email and phone customer service is nonexistent. Apparently this is just the way it is done at Family Dollar.

My experience is that I contacted FD through their website to ask them to re-stock a favorite tea that I’d bought for years but which was not on the shelves. I received a nice email from Chad Tolsma saying that they would re-stock the tea if I still had the box, and even asking if there were anything else I used to buy at FD and would like to get again. He didn’t say how my having the box would help – e.g. should I send or take it somewhere, give them info from it, etc.? I emailed back to ask and did not receive a reply. I tried replying several more times and eventually emailed again through the website, but this time I received no response at all.

I’ve tried phone support, but “We will call you back” apparently means the same thing as “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” No response there either, and no way to talk to anyone. I will just have to buy my tea online, since the only tea FD has now is Lipton, which every other store also has and which tastes like cardboard.


sdianas June 11, 2014 at 5:45 pm

I just found a typo in my message – “suprised” for “surprised.” I would be grateful if the moderator would correct the typo and delete this “reply,” since I see no way to edit the message. Thanks!


Ron Bizzle May 30, 2014 at 9:23 am

so…. the shop lifters are stealing 1000′s of dollar’s worth of merchandise every day and Family Dollar targets it’s own employee’s for thief. Women wearing huge purses slung over their shoulder makes it real convenient to steal merchandise…. I feel threatened by the fact Family Dollar/over the phone security has done nothing to stop shop lifters who have been running out the door loaded down with merchandise (with their pants down to their knees of course like some stupid idiots)… dashing across the parking lot to a get-a-way car…. This is no joke….I could be killed by one of these jerks.


mike hanson May 24, 2014 at 11:46 am

I was shopping at ur lucasville ohio store.my daughter who is 2 years old picked out a toy she wanted(bubbles) and she had opened the package but as i went to checkout a worker named amanda looked at my child and its stealing if u havent paid for it when u open it.i was quite pissed because i had put the empty pakage on the counter to b scanned.i was humiliated n so was my child.i said i want to speak to a mamager and this amanda lady said she is one.i think u need to find nicer emplyees.and one that dont use bad language…..


Dennis Boyd May 13, 2014 at 5:23 pm

I brought half gallon of milk from one of your stores in Greenville nc on sunday may 11th and it was spoil the experation date may 15th all i wanted to do was replace it for another one the mananger on tuesday may 13th told me he wouldn’t replace it for me because i could have had the milk for 30 day and that couldn’t be. I’m disable and don’t have the money to give away like that. tried to return it that morning, The store in on memorial drive. #please make this right. I really don’t wont to start a facebook post on this matter Thanks for your cooraporation. XXXX Dickinson AVE. Greenville nc, 27834 is my addresss.[252]751-XXXX


mandi May 13, 2014 at 4:18 pm

Family!Dollar!Stores!ACCEPT!Manufacturer!and!Family!Dollar!issued!coupons!including: • Printed(Coupons • Internet(Coupons • Mobile(Coupons !
requirements: • Only(ONE(Manufacturer(coupon(and(ONE(Family(Dollar(coupon(can(be(used(per(ITEM(in(a(
transaction.( • Duplicate(coupons(in(one(transaction(are(accepted(as(long(as(there(is(an(item(purchased(for(
each(coupon. • All(Family(Dollar(coupons(must(have(a(scannable(barcode(or(valid(promotion(code. • Printed(coupons(must(be(original((no(photocopies)(and(have(a(printed(expiration(date. • Internet(coupons(may(either(be(in(black(and(white(or(color(and(must(be(legible(and(read(“Family(
Dollar”(or(“Manufacturer(Coupon”. • Mobile(coupons(must(have(a(valid(promotion(code. (
Please!note: • Coupons(can(be(redeemed(only(for(items(that(are(described(on(the(coupon.(The(copy(on(the(
the(coupon. • Coupons(can(be(redeemed(if(the(value(of(the(coupon(is(greater(than(the(price(of(the(item.(In(this(
case,(the(value(of(the(coupon(will(be(discounted(to(match(the(price(of(the(item.( • Family(Dollar($5(off($25(coupon(is(accepted(as(long(as(the(net(purchase,(AFTER(all(other(offers,(
coupons(and/or(discounts(have(been(applied(is($25(or(more. • Coupons(are(acceptable(for(use(on(sale(or(clearance(items. (
Family!Dollar!does!NOT!ACCEPT!coupons!that: • Are(from(other(retailers. • Are(expired. • Are(in(home((internet)(printed(“Free(Item”(coupons(that(do(not(require(a(purchase.(( • Are(manufacturer(coupons(that(do(not(have(a(“remit(to”(address(on(the(coupon. • Are(bottle(caps. (
Please!note: • Competitor(coupons(are(not(matched.

All stores should be aware of this policy and trained as such.
Miami Florida STORE #3829
I’ve attended this store for years since I was a little girl and I’ve watched this store front store go from a place of cleanliness and professionalism to an unorganized place of light controlled management and complaints. According to the police officers in the area this store front Family Dollar store exemplifies what a store should not be.
Costumer Service is key to any establishment and I asked for a product in hopes that I would receive assistance I finally spoke to someone and I was told by a young lady there “well I am not sure of it and sorry look over there” she flung her hand to the back of the store and walked off.

I approached the front of the store in an attempted to make my purchase. No one whore a name tag. I explained to the front cashier that I had a few coupons that I wanted to use (total of 4). She said before I could complete my sentence “only one coupon.” I explained to her that they were manufactured coupons for the products sold here at the store. She looked at me and proceeded to yelled across to the next cashier in the line next to where I stood and asked her about the coupons while she was attending to another customer, the next cashier turned in a puzzled look and approached the next employee and asked the same question .I stood there witnessing her ask five of her co-workers about the coupons that no one was able to assist her with. After about two-minutes my cashier then yelled to the back for “NOEL” the manager. He came up to the front as I was placing all my items on the counter Noel then approaches the counter. My cashier at that time went to explain to him the situation. Noel then turned to me and said well do you have this and do you have that (pointing at the coupon pictures looking in my basket on the counter his tone was very sharp rude and very aggressively. I said yes these are manufactured coupons and they work for the items I have here. Can you wait for me to place everything on the counter” My tone was very subtle and surprised, but I did not respond to how nasty his tone of voice was. Noel then started to project his voice even louder and said well look if you don’t have this stuff I’m not giving it to you this is my store and I say what coupons we use” I stood there in disbelief of his tone, attitude and body language as if I didn’t know how the coupons where applied. As I placed the last heavy item onto the counter Noel said “Don’t throw anything on my counter” I looked up at him again and said I didn’t throw anything, do you want me to throw something? At that time I was disgusted with his attitude. I never put forth any effort to throw anything at him and I never did. The 1 gallon liquid washing soap was extremely heavy by the time I picked it up to place onto the counter I was already exhausted with the previous bags I held for a course of 2 hours from stores I already purchased walking around the shopping center. Noel then took my coupons and flung them at me while still in his hand yelling and saying to get out of his store. I said no I’m not leaving I’m calling the police. Noel said I don’t care “call who you want” Noel then stepped up to the edge of the counter and held the coupons up to my face attempting to drop them on the floor demanding me to leave I pushed his arm forward to remove it from being so close to my face . I then reached in my purse and called the police. Noel paged the security system and I stood there until the police officers showed up. I showed not one sign force or displayed any attitude both officers showed up right away. The police officer spoke to Noel first and then asked me to come outside to speak to him. I gave a very detailed description of what took place and he stood and looked at me shaking his head and said “I believe everything you say because we get calls all the time about this guy Noel. Officer Fernandez also suggest that I call the corporate office and make a report, the officer asked me if I left anything in the store and I said ‘yes my coupons where left behind.” As I waited outside I notice the second officer that I called approached the store and he so happened to the on duty supervisor who I also explained everything to as well he then turned to Officer Fernandez and gave him a look of disgust as he exited the store. Stating the same thing about store # 3829 he explained to me that the store is owned by a private owner and they can’t make them do anything. Both officers stated that this had not been the first time they received a call for this Managers behavior and rudeness and suggested that I contact the Cooperate office and “B.B.B” to make a compliant. My attorney is also now working to look further into this situation to assure that Family Dollar Corporation is held accountable for the actions of their employees. This has been an ongoing thing and there is no reason why he should be allowed to enter into another Family Dollar as Manger or crew member until he is grounded and knowledgeable in policies, procedures, and customer service. His behavior was unacceptable and uncalled for. The stores Staff needs training in policy and procedure customer service and should have store identification on at all times including the mangers and shift leaders. This stores cleanliness is also horrendous. Store items were not labeled with prices. Merchandise was located on the floor viewable upon to customers upon entry in the store. I had the worst experience in store #3829 located in Miami Florida than I ever had. This use to be my childhood local store but I will not purchase anything from this store until I see a change in Management and customer care.
March 12, 2014


Mansur Hussain May 9, 2014 at 1:55 am

Concerned Party and the following

Sharon Davis (no phone available)

April Bragg Ph 704-708-1602. Fax 704-814-4181
Mary Lira Ph 704-708-1984
Lorraine Cyr Ph 704-708-1967
Family Dollar Ph …… Fax 704-814-4119

Good Evening all

Many times I have called and left messages and email to April Bragg, Mary Lira and Lorraine Cyr, and many email to Sharon Davis as I have no contact phone of her.

We had closed on the above Store on October 23,2013.

At Closing we paid Insurance Premium of $6153.00 which has not been reimbursed.

For the month of May we have not received the Rent as of today.

I have checked with the bank (First National Bank, Columbus TX. Shalor Townzen Ph 979-942-1670 / 979-732-2003 ) if they got the check and they have not.

The check comes to my PO Box 2143, Cypress TX 77410 and I have requested many times to be paid via ACH through our bank.

So I am very kindly requesting to help me in resolving the issues pending since the last 7 months.

The rent check can be sent via ACH to:- for this month if not possible for a direct deposit please overnight the check to the bank Att: Shalor Townzen

For Deposit in the account of:-
Routing No 113104880
Account No 1500135

First National Bank, Columbus TX

Very Kindly Yours

Mansur Hussain
Jabbar Investments LLC

Mansur Hussian
PO BOX 2143
CYPRESS, TX 77410-2143
Phone 832-877-9786 – Fax 832-529-4145

Real Estate – Investments – Business Services


d May 4, 2014 at 3:36 am

this is a complaint about total disrespect and treatment of me “the customer” by multiple employees of family dollar store #06879 in Omaha,ne. this just happened last nite I arrive at FD with my merchandise I bought hours earlier with my receipt to return it cuz it literally fell apart in my hand ,it was a lazer pointer for my dog and me to play,the first cashier starts to do my return but decides its break time and stops helping me and sends me to other register the wo an at the second register looks at it and says”you gotta be fuckin kidding me a dollar” and rolls her eyes at me.i pay it no mind cuz this is the customer servise ive lernd to deal with at my neighbor hood FD.as she returns my $1.07 I tell her im going the get one of the computer mouses to our left and would like her to unlock it from the rack for me.Eyes roll again but no response to my request so I wait by the items for assistance..and wait..and wait..she checks out and chit chats with customers in line looks directly at me and goes over to other side of store to stock shelves.i begin to get a little upset but say nothing after almost 20 min.of waiting with not one “can I help you” I just grab one I don’t really want but is unlockedand continue shoping but decide
no this is wrong I don’t even wantthis one and she can do her damn job I put it down on shelf and go backto the register and say I would like to get one of those computer mouse over there she then says”no I don’t think so didn’t you already get one”i tell her ya the wrong one and I want this one.she asks were is the other one I tell her on that shelf back there.she then says”ya I doubt it we’ll see about that” call other guy back from break and yells “come take care of these customers and ima take care of this fool rite here” after the store laughs she comes over to were im standing and again yells”weres the other mouse!what ya do with it!”as she looks me up,down,and around for the comical enjoyment of the store.i tell her back there and point .with hand on hip and neck she says “hum,we’ll see about that”i follow her down isle and ask are you accusing me of something? she ssys maybe- but you seem to be guilty of something allrite.so after she finds it on shelf were I said it was she tells me “go wait up there somemore” I tell her this place has the worse customer service ever and she tells me”well now you get no service…bye”and points to the door. I leave after ahalf hour of waiting being lauged at and publicly slandered with nothing. typical here I say and leave


Sydney May 3, 2014 at 11:34 pm

The store in Worland, WY is so filthy it’s disgusting. And I don’t mean just cluttered, though it’s that too. It doesn’t look like the floor has ever been swept or mopped and I can’t imagine how the clerks find room to stand behind the counter with merchandise and trash stacked in there. Actually the whole store has merchandise and trash scattered everywhere. I tried to shop there today and couldn’t get up and down the aisles because stuff was spilled or merchandise wasn’t put up. The cooler hasn’t ever been cleaned either, from the looks of it. Even though we have almost no shopping here, I won’t be going back in there again until the place is cleaned up. This is a commercial business. I think if the fire dept ever went in there, they’d close the place.


Sarah King April 29, 2014 at 7:39 pm

I was shopping in your Family Dollar located in Essex Center, Vermont.
It was just my 4 year old Daughter & myself. My 4 year loves to shop w/me and when we do run errands and shop, I always give her a little list of items she needs to help me look for. First of all, when we walked in we were not greeted at all. The man who was working and who was in charge was very cold and unwelcoming. So, right from the get-go I just did not have a good vibe, just by the way he didn’t interact with us period. Coming from a family of business owners, just a simple greeting can make a huge difference for the customer. As we went on to shop, my four-year-old with grabbed the items I asked her to grab, bring them to me, put them in the car etc. I was very proud of her, she was doing a wonderful job while we were in the store. As anyone with a four-year-old or small child knows, shopping can be quite a task when you have your little ones come along. Since she was doing such a great job & being such a good helper, I told her that she could pick out one inexpensive item in the toy aisle. When we got near the toy aisle, I was looking at items in the next aisle over and I told her that she could go in the toy aisle, look at all the different choices and figure out what it was that she wanted to get and then to come get me in the next aisle over. Well, as I was looking at things in the aisle I was in, she would come back and forth from the toy aisle to the aisle that I was in to show me different choices that she was looking at and thinking of getting. She came over showing me a red sun hat that was in the toy aisle, she also showed me a couple different toys, etc. I could tell she was very, happy and excited and we were almost on our way to check out and be done. When I finished up in the aisle I was in, I walked right to the toy aisle she was in & told her to make her selection so we could go. She finally chose what she wanted to get and put anything that she had touched & looked at back and it’s an original spot and then we went on our way heading to the check out. On the way to the check out we stopped at one of the aisles close by and we wanted to look at the, “As Seen On T.V.” Items that were being displayed in that aisle when I spotted what I would describe as, decorative, wooden, treasure chests that you can store stuff in. I asked my daughter to take one out and open it up for me, so I could see how much room was inside because I was thinking of possibly buying this item. No sooner did my daughter open it up did we hear a man’s voice yell, “HEY MA’AM!!”….. Startled, my daughter jumped back in fear and I was taken aback and my daughter ran back, behind my leg to hide because she was so startled and then the man continued to yell in a very, angry and aggressive tone, “YOU NEED TO CONTROL YOUR KID!! ALL I’VE SEEN HER DO IS TOUCH THINGS, PICK THEM UP, SHE WAS LIKE A TORNADO IN THE TOY AISLE, TOUCHING EVERY, LITTLE, LAST, TOY IN THERE, WHILE YOU WERE IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT AISLE!!” Then he grabs the wooden treasure chest we were looking at and were possibly going to purchase and slams it back onto the shelf and says, “SHE SHOULDN’T BE TOUCHING THINGS LIKE THIS!!” And as soon as I started to talk to him, he put his hands up and said, “I don’t have time for this, I have a customer at the register and walked away….. I then comforted my daughter who is in tears and terrified & as I walked around the corner to the check out, I saw the same man, complaining about my daughter and me to the customer he was ringing up!! He was saying, “THIS WOMAN AND HER BRAT, THAT’S WHY IT TOOK ME A MINUTE TO GET TO THE REGISTER..” And as he was saying that, he then spotted me and realized I had overheard him and he immediately stopped what he was saying and got really quiet!! I was humiliated, hurt, angry and appalled especially, that he was telling another customer about it!! How unprofessional!!!
This man did not have any name tag on his shirt and did not have the work logo on it, it was just a plain, red, shirt. If I hadn’t needed all of my items that I had in the cart, I would’ve just taken my daughter, left all the items there and walked out!!! Me writing up this post in here is my first step. I will continue to take step after step until I get some feedback on this and I’m not going to rest until the situation is address and taken care of!! My Daughter is very very upset over this, even 24 hours later she is still talking about it, telling me that, she “never, ever wants us to go into that scary store, ever again with the mean, scary man!” I am beyond disgusted over this and upset!! I am a long-time customer since that store was put in that complex. I shop that particular Family Dollar every week, sometimes a couple times a week. Unless and until this is taking care of, I don’t think I can return to that location or any Family Dollar for that matter. It’s very unfortunate because I’ve always enjoyed shopping in your stores. This man working is one of the most unprofessional and cruel people I have ever come across, anywhere that I’ve shopped.

I am expecting and will appreciate prompt attention on this matter!
If not I will figure out what the next steps will be to take to have this situation addressed! Employees and managers cannot go around verbally and mentally abusing customers like that.

Thank you & I look forward to hearing back from somebody ASAP!

Sarah K.


Barb Duncan April 28, 2014 at 3:25 pm

I was recently shopping in your store in Ft. Lupton, Colorado. I picked up an item that was marked $1.00. When I got to the check stand it rang up $3.00. I told the clerk (who is new) She went back to check it out. Turns out it was stocked in the wrong place, When she asked the other person she was working with she replied the other new employee must of stocked it wrong. She said I should be comparing the ups codes to the item I am buying. #1 If all shoppers had to compare every item they bought they would not get any shopping done. #2 I am a retired store manager and we would never been allow to treat a customer that way. I will not shop in your store again. This is not the first time I have had a problem with your store policies.

Barb Duncan


Elizabeth Watson April 25, 2014 at 11:20 pm

To whom it may concern: I live in Big Sandy Tennessee. You are in the process of building a new store here. I am very interested in applying for a position at this store but am not able to find a store number yet. Please send a reply back on how I should apply.I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much, from hopefully a future employee, Elizabeth Watson


Kelly Cook April 24, 2014 at 11:06 pm

Hi I was in the family Dollar in Plainville CT the General Manager There never says hi how are you today very rude and unproffesonal and if I did that at my job I would be fired im a manager at my job and I feel like this is crazy how she is running a store like that and there was a problem I went to check out with my boyfriend and he put the chip in the bag and I was going to pay and she was like very rude you need to put that back I have to scan that and he was like my girlfriend is going to pay she said rude that I have to scan I would be happy if she said it nicely but she didn’t and he told her he hopes she has a good day she replied back not you now if I said that to a customer at my job I wouldn’t have my job so I don’t think she should it should be looked into ASAP


Jarred April 23, 2014 at 4:01 pm

I’m a business owner out in Springfield, OH and I use the family dollar at 1857 S Limestone st. 45506. I’ve dealt with one of the most unprofessional, rude, and lazy “managers” from this store the past 3 times I’ve been there. Her name is Shannon. She literally just walked away from the register when I was trying to buy a pre paid card from y’all for one of my customers. I seriously have no idea how she managed to get the position she has right now.


Diashanna Logan April 22, 2014 at 9:19 pm

I went to the family dollar on North Tryon near Tisuns beauty supply store to pick up some bandaids because I cut myself pretty badly and needed more. I pulled to the store at 8:55pm and the young lady who saw my car pull up ran over to the door and locked it. I proceeded to the door hoping they would understand that I just needed bandaids. At that point a gentleman came to the door and said “we are closed” I replied back I only need bandaids and it’s not yet 9:00.” He laughed and responded “yea but we are still closed”. I myself work in customer service and I’m also a manager at in my line of business. And I believe that if the store doesn’t close until 9 pm then the doors should remain unlocked until that time. I am very upset that I wasn’t able to get what I needed and that the customer service was so bad. I do understand that your employees may work hard and may be ready to go home but the store hours clearly state the closing time to be 9 pm and this should have been honored at the time.


bernardo solano April 22, 2014 at 8:49 pm

this is to let you know I want to do complainyo in fort Lauderdale fl the a Store#08315 the address is 2789 David blvd fort Lauderdale fl telephones number 954- 581-5781 the time 19:54:15 your supervisor it was on the phone care less what she was doing on the register will no respect for a customer I think the ID number is 08315 you gotta do something about it


ericawynn April 22, 2014 at 11:11 am

Ever since the previous store manager has moved on,store #00468 has been so unorganized and rude to the customers. From the new storemanager to new associates. They are so gutter and ghetto. I have been a loyal customer at this store for almost 8 years and it sickens me that as a black female shopper, I have to witness some mindlesscrap.Mayybesomeone from your office need to come down and see for themselves, period. Thank you.


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