Dish Network Corporate Office

Dish Network Corporate Office Address

Dish Network Corporation
9601 S Meridian Blvd
Englewood, CO 80112

Contact Dish Network

Phone Number: (303) 723-1000
Fax Number: (303) 723-1999
Website: http://www.dishnetwork.com
Email: Email Dish Network


CEO: Joseph P. Clayton CPA
CFO: Robert E. Olson
COO: Bernard L. Han

Dish Network History

Dish Network, commonly referred to just as DISH, was founded in March 1996 as Echostar.  The company was originally a distributor of C Band satellite TV systems.  They launched their first satellite Echostar I at the end of 1995.  They made their first broadcast in March of 1996.

In 1999, Dish was the first to release a HDTV tuner.  In 2003, Echostar IX was launched, which allowed broadcasting of all local channels to US consumers.

In 2011, Dish acquired the assets of bankrupt Blockbuster Inc. and subsequently added Blockbuster Movie Pass to their offerings.

In 2012, Dish dropped Network from their name and just goes by DISH.  Their parent company is still called Dish Network.

Dish currently services over 14 million customers in the US.

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Patricia Moore November 20, 2014 at 2:13 pm

To whom is in charge of resolving this serious issue in hopes that this may help all the hundreds of others that have had the same thing happen to them that are our hundreds of dollars and unable to buy food for the rest of the month!
I have e-mailed you desperately trying to get someone who might help resolve this serious issue that I have had with Dish Network and the unkind treatment and the threats that I received when attempting to discontinue my service on November 11th, 2014..the day that I would be moving into my new place. I placed this call to cancel service on 10-10-2014…to let you know in advance that I would be moving on 11-1-14 to another location and that I would be unable to take the Dish service with me as they only allow cable there. Upon speaking to one of your representatives to cancel service she began threatening me that if I cancelled before 2-years that I would immediately be charged at least $400.00 early termination fee and that it would be taken out of my account immediately because they had my card on file. They were never given any authorization to use my card like this…I only paid my bill each month with it. When I tried to explain to them that I never signed any such agreement and that I was never told that there was a two-year contract for my service…(which I had bundled with a local telephone co.) When I tried to communicate with this person…I was transferred to “The Office of the President” LOL to another unkind woman…and was threatened some more. If they would have taken money out of my account I would have been overdrawn and had no money for the rest of the month. Well, at that point I realized that I had better get a grip on what was happening here and told them that I would wait and call them later before I cancelled. I immediately went to my bank and cancelled my card. I still have not cancelled only via e-mail yesterday…and am waiting for a response. I have been very concerned over this and have had much anxiety over this treatment…. and I am not at my expense….sending their receivers and remotes or anything else. It used to be that you could drop it off at a store or a dealer would pick it up…. I pray that others will heed this and maybe we need to get a class action suit over this ???


Patricia Moore November 20, 2014 at 6:44 pm

How long and when will my blog be out of the moderation process? and why what is this moderation process….do you alter my blog? Will I hear from you soon??


Michael November 21, 2014 at 11:10 am

every customer has a 2 year commitment in all honesty, I work for them and can tell u the best thing to do is lower your package to the extreme lowest and just finish the two years.


Th November 19, 2014 at 5:34 pm

We switched from Dish to DirectTV and even though I called them to remove the equipment from my roof, they billed me for three months becuase they stated ‘I never canceled my service.’ It took me about 10 hours of call to get them to agre that requesting they remove the equipment was the same as cancelling and thet finally credited my account. As for the equipment, the dish is still n my roof and they never sent boxes for me to return. their records state I would not need to return the LNB (a lens on the dish I believe) i but the entire time I was talking about all of the equipment.

Since they never sent boxes, I recycled the receiver and now they want me to pay $200. the customer service i received from them was horrible.


Th November 19, 2014 at 5:53 pm

Forgot to mention that once they said I had to pay the $200 dollars fee ro non-returned equipment, I told them I would call their legal department. The person I spoke to then said “is there anything else i can do for you?” I said no and called their legal department. t cost them more than the $200 in time and phone calls (6-8 hours on a toll free line on their dime) than they were going to get from me.

So I call their legal team and spoke to a senior paralegal and she looked into this. I heard back from her today and they will waive the fee. So if you have major issues, call the Dish Legal team. I am now waiting for he email from them confirming I owe nothing.


Brian Wood November 19, 2014 at 4:12 pm

Technically, I have had few problems with Dish TV, except of course, they keep
raising the monthly fee and, lately, dropping several Turner channels.

I have been receiving directly from Dish, offers to bundle my TV service with their
Internet service. However, when you call to inquire how you may receive this service,
you are told it is not available in your area. They run constant ads on TV, where
people in the middle of the Sahara Desert are delighted with their Dish Internet, but
where I live, in a 2 million population center, it’s not available? Perhaps I need to
move to the Sahara to get this service!
Anyhow, after reviewing the comments here, I will NOT be interested in getting
Dish internet and, in fact, am trying to find a new cable TV service! It is high time
that a class action suit be brought against these cable companies for fraud and
false advertising, in addition to breach of contract.


E. H. November 17, 2014 at 4:42 pm

DISH Network is the worst!! I moved and due to my location I was unable to transfer my services. I agreed to pay the termination fee. I received an email stating that the money would be deducted from my account 11/20/2014, not on or around that date but ON 11/20/14. To my surprise on 11/16/14 DISH Network deducted money from my account and caused my account to be overdrawn, as I was not prepared to make the payment until 11/20/14. I tried calling to find out why they were in my account before the scheduled date and the common phrase was “there is nothing we can do.” I would NEVER recommend DISH Network to anyone. They are not customer friendly and they have access to your account and can withdraw money when they want to. DON’T USE DISH NETWORK!!!!! Especially when they have access to your account!


Linda Brown November 16, 2014 at 7:38 pm

This lousy company ripped me off for $206,96 and then promised to refund this amount in two days and they LIED! I went into the hospital for 5 days learned I have BONE CANCER and might lose my leg and this company is now refusing to refund my money! I HAVE NO MONEY NOW TO LIVE ON FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS BUT YOU THINK THEY CARE? Look at all of the complaints on this page and they could a crap less if they took our last dollar like they did me! I talked to some moron in the “president’s office” who tells me they won’t refund the money and they use that sneaky tactic of theirs for billing a month in advance so they feel, AH HA, I have her card number so I now I can charge that amount and this was NOT authorized by me one bit and I have contacted the police as this is unauthorized charge in other words THEFT! IF I even keep this company, from now on, I will be sending a money order by mail and you can wait for it as you will never ever have my card number again! I contacted a local TV affiliate over this, the BBB, Consumer Affairs and I expect this money to be in my acct tomorrow and if you gave a crap you ripped off a senior citizen and a disabled woman, you COULD refund this money as now I don’t even know how I am going to EAT for the next three weeks but you don’t give one crap do you? And then we are paying for channels we know longer have and it is all about how YOU want more money from Turner as I called them and asked! “Want to Make Sure they see the complaints”? Like they care? 483 complaints on this site alone and many many others on other sites and used to be a company wanted to keep your business and would not ever rip a customer off like you did me and all these others, your take is this, there are more suckers out there that will sign up so why would you give a crap about a disabled woman? I WANT THIS MONEY BACK TOMORROW IN MY ACCT BY 2 PM AND I HAVE ALSO CONTACTED MY ATTY AND HE RARELY LOSES A CASE! I WILL HAUNT THIS COMPANY, I DON’T TAKE BEING RIPPED OFF LYING DOWN, i WILL GET MY MONEY ONE WAY OR THE OTHER YOU PEOPLE SUCK!


jo November 14, 2014 at 9:47 pm

DISH — PLEASE ADD ‘CREATE’ TO YOUR LINEUP OF PROGRAMS. Home and Garden started out great, but you dropped some of its best programs, and others are same-o, same-o. We really want create!!!!! thank you. i’ll expect to see it soon, since i know you want to keep your customers happy.


Bridget Fown November 14, 2014 at 7:19 pm

DISH Network
9601 S. Meridian Blvd
Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 723-1000
(855) 318-0572

CEO:Joseph P. Claton
CFO: Robert E. Olson
COO: Bernard L. Han

Well I have been with Dish 2 years January 2015. I can can say my service has been pleasurable until around this past September.I began to experience varies minor issues id called in to trouble shoot, at this time I assumed my HD Reciever was experiencing difficutlies figured tech support issue a signal and bam back in service. I work for a cable company so more than fimilar with the processes that should take place.

Well while trouble shooting my HD Reciever the very nice technical support Representative advises I do not have HD equipment. This point I feel feel lied to as thats what I set my account up with to find not one of my two recievers are HD yet thats what I requested. Your lovely representative promised a credit for the reason I was Lied to on my install and had non HD recievers!. Nice gesture let the issue go.To find the credit was never applied so I call in to customer support to get this corrected I mean your representative promised this she repsents your company. Oh this got esculated to the Presidential Offices, finally apoligized to after 60 hours on my cell between being on hold, hung up on, advised just seeking a credit cause I didnt want to pay my bill. ( almost 2 year my bill has been paid monthly) your Presidentail Office Representive issues me the months credit. Well sort of as you do mot credit the recievers taxes and such, well ill deal with with it. This was October now she advised will take 24 hour to post to the account 48 to be visiable on my account online then. She said she coukd issue me the HD Recievers but will renew my Contrat! Now why would my contract renew if this is what was requested, I have 3 LED flatscreens why would I not want HD but im defiently not stupid its October my contract ends in January and my channels keep dropping! Well October 13,3014 I come to discover that I lost even more of my service well all of it. I call in to be advised I didnt not pay and I was a non pay disconnect! I advised the Representative that a credit was going to be applied per the “Presidental Offices” oh well yes a fifty some credit however you owe $300!! What how does my bill go from $78 minus a fifty some credit to a $300 balance?! The repsentative refused to explain this refused to connect me to someone who could and would not do anything but demand my payment method! So I disconnect the call totally pissed. I call back got a very nice gentle man mind you im in tears at this point explain everything from square one to the current issue of where this $300 balance came from. Well this representaive advise no my credit is there the balance is $29 so they disconnected me for $29. He apologized and we processed a payment and my services would be restored fully as I told him ive only been getting 5 -10 channels and my card keeps say it needs inserted. No problem take his advise , well no channels came up that night nor the rest of the month. Countless hour trouble shooting advised my wiring was bad needs replaced. Ok so I hire a company to replace my cable wiring. Still no channels I call back ill with having these issues and getting no where! Finally October 26 I reach my saviour technical support goddess who tells me the 3 codes are related to a faulty dish causing the problem and one faulty reciever. I advised I was told if they replace to recievers im then renewing my contract and a service call is $98 no matter if its on my end or Dish networks. Advised im not paying either she advised no they will replace the recieve and no service call fee and a tech will be at my home first thing November 2 & she would see to it I didnt get charged for the month of service. Oh my god this lady is a saint finally I get my service back fully!!
Tech arrived first call 7:30 ish November 2nd, my representative pulled through and the Tech in my home was great. Faulty reciever and part on the dish itself. Finally peace in my home service back kids happy but disappointed with no Cartoon Network. Thats fine I work for a cable company im more than informed with network contracts it will be adressed no complaints I know it takes time.
Well then I get home November 13 and im sitting with NO SERVICE!! I call in request a supervisor the Representative is a bit short but did deliver me to Matt BF1 who pretty much advised me I need to just pay my bill so I start to review my issues oh no he was going to listen I owe the amount pay up or do without attitude. I had to request him to look into my account I have a credit as I did not have any service in October untill November 2. Oh yes a credit was applied on October 13 pay your bills he tells me! Wow really? I requested to speak with the Presidential Office Matt BF1 tells me no! I request it 15 times before his rude snide self finally transferred me to Crystal in the Presidential Office, who advised no credit will be given and not her problem I stll need to pay the balance or services remain off! No after 160 hrs into dish since September on my cell phone and im being charged for the service I did not get Not even the Dish Self Help Dummy Channel all my main reciever would show was insert dish card and the other just had 3 error codes but im suppose to just shell out eighty some dollars and deal with it oh then advised im being charged the service call. NO at this point 160 hours of my time being treat ingnorantly by your staff and made to feel like im a cheap ass trying not to pay my bills when ive been with this company just shy of two years and no issue paying or my services till September and this id how you allow your staff to treat your company? No send me return boxes! Oh yes I get charged for those and $300 for early termination!
My staff that work under me do Not treat my customers in such a poor manner as your staff members anf if they did they would be in the unemployment line! I cant seem to get this resolved so ive issued a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and contacted several local news statiseveral local news stations as I cant seem to this resolved with Dish and im still with out services and I do believe a month of no service due to your faulty equipment voids my contract and I should NOT BE BULLIED TO PAY FOR SERVICES TH AS T WERE NOT AT ANY FAULT OF MY OWN BUT YOURS!

Looking Forward to see if I get a response or if I will have to contact legal assistance and seeing the mounding esculations and enormous amounts of similar complaints maybe a class action suite should be presued!

Sincerely a “Valued Customer”,
Bridget Fown


Bonita Hill November 14, 2014 at 6:50 pm

I have contacted dish on several occasions for the past year and have been told lies about billing. When I contact customer service and request to speak to a manager I am told that I cannot. I am getting representatives who refuse to let me speak to anyone higher without telling what the issue is. I have been calling constantly and at this point I am sick of the runaround and sick of repeating my story. The customer service I have gotten sucks to where I have requested first and last names on the last two conversations and employee ID numbers. I was told that whether what they are doing is unlawful does not matter, I will have to get a legal team for their legal department to get involved because they are falling business rules.


Marletta Fomby November 10, 2014 at 4:31 pm

This is my second step before BBB. This is addressed to:
CEO: Joseph P. Clayton CPA
CFO: Robert E. Olson
COO: Bernard L. Han
I would like you to go back into the records of my account and see and hear my conversations with who you have representing your company. I want to say you all flock together but I’ll know that in our later conversation. Don’t ask your Reps anything, nor me, just listen and read my bills, and than I would like you 3 to question us, after you make the Godly decision. Your company makes me physically Ill when I realize I have to deal with them. I am so upset and please note, that being upset comes in stages. And now we’re at exit stage left, I’m tried of being bullied by this company. It does not matter to me who exits, there are other’s company’s out here, just as well as more battered customers that you can keep abusing, I’m done with the bulling it ends now. Giving this company a chance, so that I can think in a level arena of thinking. Because right now I am highly upset, disappointed, and there is no more room for abuse.


Bridget Fown November 14, 2014 at 7:21 pm

Oh they dont keep records of your account. Ive been advised this by several representatives and even requested a copy of my accounts notations which by law they should have and produce them but no!


debbie nargi whyte November 10, 2014 at 11:30 am

I recently got dish on October 28 10 days ago I called to cancel well I’m stuck with something I don’t want because they will charge me $480 to cancel I can’t even afford other high priceses if any one needs TV or internet service call art much better priceses I’m not really stuck I’m getting to the bottom of this with they CEO Joe clayton


Joel November 5, 2014 at 12:58 pm

Add me to the list of disappointed and disgusted subscribers of Dish. The CEO ‘s position on the Turner Network channels could not be more wrong. CNN, HLN and TCM are three incredibly valuable assets in the lineup of Dish channels. Dish and it’s corporate demagogues should be thinking of the public they serve and not just the bottom line. WE WANT THE TURNER CHANNELS BACK!


Susan Sauter November 4, 2014 at 10:56 am

I want it known that I think it is BS that I have to pay to return your equipment! You dropped it off for free, I think you should pick it up for free, especially since you are sending out a tech. to get the receiver out of the dish itself; why not pick up the rest with it!? And $17 a box!!
The fact that I would have to pay should have been disclosed when I signed up!!!
Never again Dish Network and I will spread the word!
This is BS!


Marletta Fomby November 10, 2014 at 4:37 pm

I meant that last comment for this post. I typed that I wish I found this page before giving this company my loyalty, and that I completely understand you!


Dorothy Cerasi October 30, 2014 at 8:02 pm

I’m so upset with dish my husband is dying of cancer I’M signed up for 12 months of dish which was up Sept 26th when I called to stop the service I was informed that they use a bate and switch the contract is for two years I’m out of work do to my husband
Being sick and they won’t let me out of a contract that I believed to be a year not two the most uncaring people I have every dealt with SAID IF I WAS DYING THEY COULD HELP ME BUT SINCE THEORY CONTRACT IS IN MY NAME THEORY IS NOTHING THEO CAN DO PLEASE DOT USE DISH Thank you


Janis Tiffin Hemmings October 28, 2014 at 3:38 pm

Dish Network has a lengthy history of carriage disputes. As a Dish Network customer for nine years, we’re sick of it. Now TCM and CNN have been dropped by Dish. Really Dish? This is outrageous and ridiculous! So the contract with Dish has expired and Turner wants more money for it’s excellent programming. So pay up Dish. This contract dispute should never have reached the stage where channels have been dropped from my Dish programming. One would expect Dish to understand and budget for increased programming costs when renegotiating expired contracts. Or if Dish’s profit margins are so slim as to not allow for increased payments for quality programming like CNN and TCM then at least allow me the option of paying extra for TCM and CNN, JUST DON’T ABRUPTLY DROP MY FAVORITE CHANNELS!


Rick October 25, 2014 at 11:31 pm

my friend got Dish Network about a month ago and it’s the worst job that I’ve ever seen of insulation look like a two year old actually did it. its obvious to me that they do not have to be qualified contractors to do installation.. just drill a hole and put the cable in wherever you want to, who cares how ugly it is to look at.


Marie Ortiz October 22, 2014 at 2:17 pm

I am so sick of Dish taking channels away but the price doesnt go done how is this fair?!?!?!?! When we first had gotten Dish we had both Lifetime and Lifetime Movie channelswell they took away LMN with some stupid excuse. Now there are 3 more channelsoff channels 200,202 and 143. In the past there were several others!!!! Oh there are plenty of channels but alot are channels with infro ones selling things who the heck wants them?!?!?! I WANT ALL MY CHANNELS BACK!!!!!! SO VERY SICK OF DISH DOING THIS!!!! I hope everyone reads this and sends emails so we dont lose more!!!! I want to see if Dish even reads these and will reply!!!


Brian Wood November 19, 2014 at 4:01 pm

DISH, like all the cable companies, have a monopoly and just don’t care. You sign a contract for specific channels, but they drop channels all the time. In the REAL world
this is called FRAUD. You can’t go and buy a Mercedes and the dealer gives you a
Toyota instead! If channels change, then there should be a decrease in the monthly fee! I am not one for more government regulation, but it seems that the cable industry
is inviting just that. Then they complain about ‘over-regulation’ – you can’t win!


stacey reeves October 16, 2014 at 11:55 pm

I have a past with dish network, which is not good. I had a dish network system installed on 15 Oct 2014 and the next day 16 Oct 2014, 2 of the systems don’t work, to include my external hard drive which I paid $105.00 for. I called dish network 4 times and one of their managers said we had a bad connection to call him back, which I did 3 times no answer. Ph # 866-240-2347 ext. 80017, thank you Felippe for not answering your phone. Great service let me tell you. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. TERRIBLE SERVICE. I will call the BBB IN THE MORNING. Military members beware.


William Watson October 16, 2014 at 4:51 pm

I agreed to purchase both TV service and Internet service from DISH. After several attempts, I actually got a technician to my home to install both services. TV was hooked up, 1 TV worked, the 2nd did not. Different Tech came out got the 2nd TV going. Neither knew anything about internet service. I called the DISH office and got a different Tech to come out and install the Internet service. Worked all day and failed to get it operational. Said he tried I everything he knew and could not get it operational. I called the DISH office and after several long conversations they said I would have to get internet service somewhere else that they couldn’t provide it. Received my bill from DISH and it indicated that I owed $99 for Internet installation. I called DISH and argued with several layers of people to get this service charge removed. Finally got them to agree to removing the fee. I asked to receive a paper bill indicating the reversal of charges. When I received it I paid it electronically through my bank. They cut off my services even though the bank has paid from my account but has not been received in their system. I argued with a Customer Service rep and her supervisor regarding this subject indicating that sending an incorrect bill charging for services never received was the root cause of this problem. Extremely poor customer service at all levels I have dealt with. Do not use DISH network if there is any other option available to you.


Jackie Wright October 15, 2014 at 3:10 pm

RE: My Acct
I changed to DISH TV about 1 year ago and at that time was bundled internet with Frontier. About 4 months ago, I unbundled with Frontier and bundled with DISH NET. Going with DISH was THE BIGGEST mistake!!! When the DISH TV was installed, I had to have the Technician out a couple of time because I did not have the correct receiver for what I wanted to be able to watch, i.e. ON DEMAND or even Pay Per View after I had told the person I put the order in with for the service that this is what I wanted to be able to do…get HBO, On Demand and Pay Per View.

About 4 months ago, in June, I decided to unbundle with Frontier internet and to have both internet and TV through DISH. Another MISTAKE!!! I was not told up front everything I needed to know that was included and NOT included in this internet service. I began having trouble right away with not getting an internet connection and having to reboot the Modem every 2-3 days. I was told when I called DISH and talked to an internet tech there that was normal and he had to do it all the time! This is NOT normal! You should not have to keep rebooting every 2-3 days with ANY Service!!!! After having the “system light go out an not come back on even after rebooting, Dish sent a Tech to the house to check out the problem. He (he is now the Manager of the Local Dish office) found that the connectors were loose at the Dish and at the Modem(I had been checking the connection at the Modem to make sure it was tight…and it was not each time), he was afraid that water may have gotten in to the cable, so he replaced the connectors. When making sure things were working properly before he left, he told me that if I have anymore problems that I should call and they would send him back out to change the Modem since that would be the next thing to change. I asked him why he didn’t just do it then and his reply was that DISH had to authorize him to install the new Modem and they hadn’t authorized that. So just the next week or so, I had more of the same problems…couldn’t get an internet connection. I once again called DISH and was told that my computer was running slow (it took over 1/2 hour to down load a picture) because we had gone over our Gigabit limit!!! WHAT????!!!! This was the very 1st I had hear of any limit to Gigabits and have NEVER had a Gigabit limit on any other service I have ever had!! And I’ve had several!! After making yet another call to DISH, I finally got someone who told me that the signal at the DISH was good and going to the Modem but was not continuing to the Computer for the connection. I had all that figured out myself long before this, but couldn’t convince the techs that I talked to one the phone!! I guess they must think because I’m a woman, I’m not smart enough to know anything about computers……I’ve worked with computers for years and know what they are capable of! Plus the fact that I have a son who was a technician for Mediacom and a nephew who is the head of Supreme Radio office here in Illinois and have set up all the 911 systems….the man knows computers inside and out!!!! I do have the advantage of their input on anything to do with computers, so I am not stupid and I DO have common sense and logic which is needed to figure out most computer problems like I was having!!! Anyway, the last tech that I talked to about the Modem sent out another tech to install a new Modem and, SO FAR, that has fixed the problem.

The internet problem is not the only problem, however! When I received my 1st bill from DISH, I noticed the DUE date had changed, of which I was NEVER notified! I am on Social Security and get my check on the 3rd of the month. The DUE date was changed to the 15th….the 1st bill was dated to be paid by the 15th of that month instead of the 28th of the next month. I received that 1st bill after I had already paid them the initial bill and final bill to Frontier so I no longer had funds to pay the 1st regular bill. I know that this seems confusing but when DISH looked at my account when I called them and explained the situation, they understood my situation and that I did not want to have to pay the $7 late fee, so they told me that they would wave the late fee. The next bill I got, I again called and told them the situation and they told me that they could NOT change the due date until after the 2nd billing period and I should call in and they would change it at that time. Ok….so I did just that and was told that I could not change the due date until I had a ZERO BALANCE….so now I have gotten 3 different stories!!! I have called each month to tell them the situation and NOW they tell me that they CANNOT change the due date because it is internet!!! WHAT??????!!!!!!!! I know that all it takes is an entry into a computer to change a due date….IF THEY WANT TO and to help a customer out!!!! Obviously this is not their goal to help…or keep their customers!!

Since changing from Frontier internet to DISH NET, we have incurred more problems with our TV. WE COULD NOT ACCESS PAY PER VIEW OR ON DEMAND!!! When I called to see what the problem was the 1st time, we were told we needed a “Router” for our computer…so we got one and installed it! Still had problems accessing and so we returned the router in exchange for a new one, thinking it made have been a bad router.
Yesterday, October 13, 2014, I again called DISH to tell them we cannot access On Demand or Pay Per View. The technician I got helped me to go through the Menu and find that we had NO internet connection! We went through all the steps and got the TV connected to the INTERNET to be able to pull up HBO ON DEMAND. The trouble did not stop here, however! It would NOT pull up the list of episodes to select from so the fellow and his supervisor said to wait for 30 minutes and try it again because it may take that long for the information to come up on a reboot. Okay, and the tech tagged my phone number so that in 30 minutes or so, I could call back and get him because he knew the situation. OK…we are on the way to progress and ultimately success…..NOT!!! I waited about 45 minutes and the same thing….no list to select from!! I called DISH and got sent to another tech because the one I had talked to was busy with another customer…Fine! The next tech I spoke to proceeded to tell me that it was an issue that was being sent to the Engineers and was not fixable then! WHAT????!!!!!! He transferred me to yet another tech who informed me that we may not be able to pull that list up because we may have gone over our Gigabit limit! WHAT???!!!! Should not have used 20 Gigabits or even 10 GB for no more than we do!!! I was then told that they don’t recommend “streaming” videos because it uses Gigabits!!! Pay-Per-View and On Demand go through the Internet and uses up Gigabits!!! Never had that trouble with any other providers with Gigabit limits or with On Demand going through the internet!!! I promptly told the tech that obviously if this is the case that DISH needs to definitely upgrade their entire system!!! Even people I know that have DIRECT TV haven’t had that problem!!!



I just got off the phone with DISH and ONCE AGAIN, I got a different story and got treated as if I’m an idiot and have not clue!!! I called to drop HBO, STARS AND HAVE THE PAY PER VIEW AND ON DEMAND DROPPED!! I was told that I didn’t get charge for PPV unless I ordered something…..WELL DUH!!! I AM NOT STUPID!! I had to tell this woman 3 times to drop this from my bill!! She insisted that she connect me with the Accounts Services to “see what they could do to “help” me”…..I told her 4 times NO!!

This is not the only problem I have had with DISH. Everytime I talk to them about the bill, I get different figures that it is supposed to be!! The last I knew it was supposed to be around $150, when I called in and the amount due on the automated system says $130.86! Then this woman today told me that by dropping HBO, Stars, etc. it would bring my bill down to $181.00!!! My bill has not or will not ever be $181!!


I do have one good thing to say about a very nice man who is a technician for Dish….he did tag my phone “on shore” so that when I call in, I GET A FLUENT ENGLISH SPEAKING AMERICAN!! To that man, I Thank you!!! He told me that was his job and I was sure to let him know that I GREATLY APPRECIATED that simple gesture!! It’s bad enough that you call in and have to “Press 1 for ENGLISH” and STILL get a FOREIGNER who not only CANNOT speak English but CANNOT understand what you are trying to tell them, let alone you trying to understand anything they say and all the while they are reading from a paper that is supplied to them by the company to tell the customer what their problem is…..even if it isn’t that problem!!! THEN you can’t even get straight answers from DISH when you call in nor get the full story when you take out their so-called service!!!

Isn’t it amazing….About 10 minutes ago at 2:40 pm, my Husband turned on the Guide on our DISH TV and found that they had already, by a stoke of a computer key, taken HBO OFF our lineup……..I called them at 12:25pm today to drop HBO and they have it deleted from our line up already! BUT…they can’t make a computer key stroke to change a DUE DATE on a bill!!!


Jerry October 13, 2014 at 9:58 am



Jim October 9, 2014 at 12:01 pm

I got their service based on their advertisements. Started with the 10gb PKG AND ALL WENT WELL FOR FIRST FEW MONTHS….THEN STARTED “RUNNING” OUT OF SERVICE. Mind you, we were told you can’t listen to music, play games, or watch movies with their service! So, I called, and they said I was out of Gigs and needed to buy more….this occurred for a couple months til I couldn’t stand it anymore and succumbed to their insistence of “going up to the next pkg!” Well, all went well for first few months, I think 3. Then, the nightmare started over again, and now they are saying we need to BUY more Gigs! SOMEONE NEEDS TO INVESTIGATE THEM FOR FRAUD! I was in sales ALL my life, but finally got out because I couldn’t work for THIEVES ANYMORE. Sales in the US today is nothing but CORPORATIONS STEALING FROM AMERICANS, AND WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! INVESTIGATE THESE SOBS!~ Please write a review if you are going thru the same challenges!


Charles and Jessica Monroe October 8, 2014 at 1:19 pm

we are new customers to DISH Network when the installer came out she broke my HDMI port on my 50 inch television claims department admits that she did it now they keep putting me off on having it fixed saying that they’re trying to find a repairman most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with I would never recommend anybody to go dish its been over a week and my television is still broke


Sandra Farley October 7, 2014 at 10:43 am

We keep getting harassment over equipment that was not returned. we’re had a TOTAL HOUSE LOSS FIRE! nothing to return. We have already paid for the new equipment. What more do you want. stop the calls and emails.


Mirella October 22, 2014 at 10:42 pm

Satellite television provider: File a complaint concerning satellite television issues with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). File your complaint online or by phone or mail at:

Phone: 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322)
TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322)
Fax: 1-866-418-0232
Federal Communications Commission
Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division
445 12th Street SW
Washington DC 20554
If you are not satisfied with your cable or satellite rates, look for alternative services that may be available in your area.

***Dish Network has reached an agreement with 46 states’ attorneys general to pay nearly $6 million plus restitution to settle allegations of deceptive consumer marketing and a lack of disclosure about costs and service limitations.The states came after Dish after thousands of consumer complaints were lodged.


Parthina November 5, 2014 at 12:33 am

Oh I can believe all the problems with which these consumers have had. A very nice gentleman I have known for 50 of my 53 years on earth just had a house fire. He is in his early 70′s fighting cancer and had just hooked up with Dish about a month ago. He calls to cancel the service and they want $400. Really? What has America become when the Corporations rape the consumer so much they cringe at the mere mention of it’s name. It is really sad that I know of many people who move or just leave a bill for a couple years and are just ask for a deposit and they drop the dues which the person had from years past, to get their claws in them again! I am just shaking my head as I read these problems and Thank God I do not have a television, television provider and no intention of getting either. Just not worth the upset.


Emmarie October 5, 2014 at 2:23 am

I have had the WORST experience with Dish Network and their LACK of customer service! I have currently had Dish for a little over two years.and I have never been disrespected as I was today ! Firstly, I made a payment to Dish for 82.51 on Sep 21, 2014. I didn’t have service prior to that for about a month because I pay in advance. On Oct 2 a warning message appeared on my screen that said, “Your services will be disconnected in 48 hours.” I immediately called Dish and the Rep viewed my account and noticed I paid on the 21st he then told me to press “ok” so that the system could recognize the payment and the message wouldn’t apear. However two days later on October 4th my service was cancelled. When.I called Dish the 1st representative wasnt rude, however unaware of how to help me with my services. She insisted that she couldnt help and that she would transfer me to her supervisor. When her supervisor answered the call he presented himself as Dusty. As I explained my situation to Dusty he was VERY defensive! His Tone, attitude, and professionalism was horrific! He began to over talk me and i let him continue. He went on to explain that my bill generates on the 19th.and due on the 2nd. I explained to him that I have a “Pay in advance” account and very rarely pay at the beginning of the month. As I said that, Dusty exclaimed, ” YOU barely ever pay!” This BLEW my mind amd I went quiet. He then said “Not trying to be rude.” I them stopped him by saying “May I speak with a different supervisor? ” He then went on to say there was no other supervisor available. I then asked for his director or SOMEONE other than him who was RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL! He went on to say he was the ONLY one available! Long story short, I paid 82.51 for two weeks of service. It was suppose to be a month service on the 21st, being told I would have service until the following 21st. I was disconnected two weeks after on the 4th and treated like my services and money wasn’t important. I eventually called back and asked to just cancel my services and refund me the difference of the amount I paid ! They wanted to give me a credit but in order to restart my service they wanted my to pay 45.87. ( the prorated amount i should have been charged up front since i didn’t have service until Sep 21st until October 2nd) ! This has been a headache and a horrible experience and i would NEVER recommend Dish Network! Customer experience is HORRIBLE especially coming from a “supervisor.”
Dusty was a nightmare and Dish is A RIP OFF


elliott norris October 3, 2014 at 4:00 pm

I had dish installed 3 months ago. it was not working properly. a tech came over and fixed the problem.

when he left, I had no dial tone on one of my fones. another tech came. he said he could not fix the problem, as he knew nothing about fones.

another tech came over last nite. when he left, 3 fones were not working. I called their cust. service. I was on hold for 15 min. the lady finally said, you do not have our fone service. I cannot help you. I tolod her that dish broke my fone service and I want them to fix it. then she hung up.


Edward W. October 2, 2014 at 8:36 pm

I thought Dish was the best but I see you all are like Direct,Comcast but it’s the same.Now my bill was 43.92,and I upgraded from the 200,package to the 300.How can my bill go from 53.00 to 74.00 with the up grade. Before I upgraded I asked the Sales Rep how much would it be before I upgraded and he told me it would be 53.00 I get a bill for 74.00 When I questioned about it I was told next month it will 53.00.I saw the Boss on undercover Boss and I thought he was so for real. Another thing say you get a 200, channel package you got 30 cd channels about 15 movie channels and 2 channels every channel you turn on. You must buy a new package for one or two channels that Comcast offer with their basic channels.I see the comparing to Direct TV how you save with Dish Yeha you save one way and pay double for something else.I think some should be done.You can’t keep ripping people off.I wiil take this to my Congressman and further if I need to.


susan September 30, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Angry & Incredulous. We contracted with DISH after a lengthy inquiry on our part because our local internet provider could not provide a good signal with any consistency, which we reported to Dish before buying- we are out in the country in Northern Nevada. We queried the sales rep to be sure they have a good signal and that we would not continue to have daily lapses in service, a signal so weak we could not use Skype for business calls, and virtually no service after 7PM. He assured us it was a great signal and sold us the works.
After weeks of the very same issues that we’d been having with the 1st provider – many hours of phone calls, 15 minute hold times and “supervisors” we were finally told that, NO, DISH was not providing a good, strong or reliable signal, Yes, DISH is sorry, and incredibly, (DISH) was not even providing the signal! They were contracting with our PREVIOUS provider whom we dropped because the signal was so weak! Which we explained in great detail to the sales guy!!!
We finally gave up, telling DISH we would not continue paying for a service/internet service that DISH ADMITS they do not, are not and CANNOT provide in our area. We were asked to return the equipment and assured that our “early termination fee” would be waived.
Today (months later) we got the bill for the “Early Termination” fee. We called and explained the above and were told we had a “Contract” – Duh. It says SERVICE IS PROVIDED in exchange for payment!!! 30 minutes later, 15 on hold, we were told our only recourse was small claims court.
Really DISH? You acknowledge we paid for months of NO service- told us you would NOT charge early termination since you have weak/no service here, but now you”d like us to pay for the privilege of not paying for 20 more months of NO service?
Sorry, that is NOT going to happen.
Shameful business practices and horrible customer service. I’d like to be paid for the hours of wasted phone calls and inconsiderate hold times.
No business should be allowed to treat the public in this way. Do you guys read your own reviews? Hulu/Netflix looks better every day.


Gina September 30, 2014 at 8:50 am

I am sadden so many people have had such a horrible experience with Dish. I however have never had any major issues and rather enjoy the service. I have been with Dish now 9 years and have moved it about 5 times one of them being from another town to where I am now. I have always had great customer service and the Techs have always been nice and really fast at getting my service up. I want to Thank you Dish for providing family programming my family loves and enjoys.


Lisa September 29, 2014 at 6:41 am

Received an offer for HINDI TV – based, I assume on my last name “MOHAN” – not Indian, but Irish. Let me know when you have Celtic TV. Just saying….


marianne September 28, 2014 at 7:22 pm

I will be writing the federal attorney general office and federal trade commission and all my elected officials on this matter.

I am asking for the resignation of those involved and prosecution of all involved.

I do not authorize and never did authorize, nor do I continue to authorize Dish network to use my name and social security number for the account of ….. Remove my name and social security number from this account immediately.

I have asked for over one plus years to have my name removed from this account so I am not responsible for this account. Please see all documentation including emails, post to Dish network. Without fail Dish refused to honor my request and continued to use my name and social security number without verbal, written or otherwise my consent.

Dish tells me the only solution is to turn in the Ipad and equipment that I never had, never signed for to an address that I never lived at. Why am I being held responsible for another person account? This isn’t even legal.

To this date I asked for and to this date have never received the documentation that states otherwise. Dish employee Christina refuses to speak to me regarding this matter.

Then another Dish corporate employee calls me and goes on hearsay without find out the facts. Hearsay is not evidence and again this isn’t legal to go on


marianne September 28, 2014 at 5:50 pm

I called, emailed, posted on dish blogs telling Dish to remove my name and social security number from my daughter account numerous times in 2013. I even received my $600.00 back from dish when they illegally taken from my checking account.

So with dish knowing all that including knowing I did not give my consent to let my daughter originally to use my social security number I choose not to deal with a dishonest company.

The choice is yours to make things right and Dish chooses not too. Why all the times in 2013 when I called, emailed and blogged why did no one listen to me and have my name removed from my daughters account. But yet continue to fraudulently use my name and social security number.

I will not be blackmailed or snow balled by corporate office dish network, who would rather be dishonest, bottom line dish doesn’t need my business and there are other companies who will take my money. It is that simple.

So, goodby dish network, send me the mailing box, this is the official letter to close out my account immediately effective Monday, September 29, 2014

Why did dish refuse to send the paperwork on the supposed investigation. Because they never did one and it is easier to do nothing than do the right thing including Christiana talking to me on the phone.


Andrew McDowell September 26, 2014 at 2:27 am

Warning!!!!!please if anyone is considering DISH NETWORK please don’t you will thank me later. They are completely liars I’ve been on the the phone with them for over 5 hour getting the run around no one does what they say they going to do. They even gave me fake customer ID numbers wtf. This is a pos company I wish I would had read the reviews before I signed

DO NOT SIGN WITH DISH NETWORK YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Star L. Piskuran September 30, 2014 at 11:04 am

They apparently don’t read reviews on their own web site…. I am warning others as well. Post to all social media , continue to warn others…


Star L. Piskuran September 25, 2014 at 8:13 am

I was going to write a review, which was not going to be favorable… yet I see NO ONE is happy with DISH! How embarrassing for them to only have horrible reviews! Apparently they don’t concern themselves with these, nor do they try to adjust the way they do business. In today’s world with competing companies, how odd that they think they are the only company to provide service to consumers. Who wants to deal with a foreign person on the other end of the phone you can barely understand? Who wants to only get a deal and fair pricing when you cancel your service? Who wants to take their time to package their product, drive it to a UPS location and then get charged 17.00 dollars for the return label, and a 30.00 charge for canceling their services??!!! I have and will continue to post on social media about the customer service at DISH, not to mention the actual service of having the wind blow or a drizzle of rain shutting your TV off! I have nothing positive to say about DISH, and I will make sure I inform others regarding my experience, which according to their own corporate website is the normal way of conducting business. I am also reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, just because they are a larger company doesn’t mean they are above being investigated. DISH, YOUR CEO SHOULD BE RELIEVED OF HIS DUTIES.


LEESA EDWARDS September 21, 2014 at 6:35 pm

I am disappointed with the way my television’s picture is being shown when you watch it, the pixels leave a great deal to be desired if you get to see them amongst the continued complete loss of signal messages flashing over the screen. This has been going on the whole time i enrolled for a second twenty-four month term. I only have two months and two weeks before my contract is fulfilled so they don’t try and put it on my credit. When the tech checked it out today, she wanted to send someone out to do what can be from their end with guided direction. Told me i have to sign up for something for six more months. I have been paying for the use of three tvs when i can only watch two; They want you to sign up for six more months of service and i haven’t even gotten to enjoy the two years i paid for previously? Truly, i wish the CEO and the two under him had to watch their tv in the same condition as mine. “I WILL NOT BE RENEWING MY SERVICE WITH THIS ENTITY AGAIN!!!”


Robert September 18, 2014 at 12:11 pm

This company claims to have better service than direct tv or anyone on the market!!!! What a load of B.S. This company’s customer service is on a scale of 1-10 in the negatives on all counts. People yelling at my wife telling her that life is just hard sometimes and they don’t care that our service wasn’t working and then hung up on her. It gets better she calls back and gets a supposed office of the president person, what a LOAD OF CRAP that was too!! He told my wife there is no way anybody in this company would hang up on you and that she needed to check her phone for a possible problem. She then told him my point is already proven with that statement you just made, his response. “Oh well such is life!” We then decided to cancel our service which would result in a 79 dollar charge. I asked the gentlemen if i need to pay if over the phone right now. He said NO, we will send you a bill that should be there in the next to weeks. This was over a month ago. We just received the bill yesterday and this morning i got 10 phone calls from a collection agency for dish and then i called dish to figure it out and they told me that anytime someone cancels you have 30 days to pay it before it goes into collections. Hmmmmm didn’t get a bill until after the 30 days and by the way it was dated for the day after i canceled. Terrible customer service, YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE, and don’t even get me started on the terrible product as well. They cut 5 channels out of my package and what do i get for it in return a $95 increase on my bill. Tell me how that makes sense, i loss channels and my bill goes up???? Shouldn’t that be the opposite. I promise you this, you have lost me as a customer and you guys are advertising share Dish with you friends. NOT A CHANCE all my friends and family are going to hear is how TERRIBLE,LYING,CHEATING,BASTARDS that this company is. I’m a COO for a big company i know how this kind of stuff works. I would be embarrassed and ashamed to be and executive manager for this company. Do your marketing homework and read the complaints on this website! You should be ashamed!!!!!!!


Barbara Kelley September 17, 2014 at 8:08 am

Dish Network has got to be the laziest company. I have tried for 2 months to return their equipment and have never received the boxes that Dish said they shipped out on July 17 2014. I have e-mailed them numerous times with my account number and my address but they have never sent me the boxes Dish has just added the cost of the equipment to my credit. I will never use this company again.

Barbara Kelley
Bethel Island, Ca.


Ken September 20, 2014 at 4:26 pm

Barbara Kelley – Go start posting all over their Facebook page. After almost a month of screwing around they finally sent the boxes after I did that. Of course now I am fighting them for the $17 shipping label charge that they charged me even though 3 times I was told they would waive this charge. Fortunately two of these contacts are the result of chat and Facebook contact so some is kind of written.


Amy D September 16, 2014 at 10:58 am

This is thee worst company around and I found out the hard way I had a tech come out to do a install I wanted a pole mount the tech said not possible he ended up drilling holes in my brand new roof and also in my siding he never even asked to drill these holes also threw wires in my kitchen, I have been dealing with call after call about my damage claim and still no help also had a new tech out here that ended up putting a pole mount in and he just left the brackets on my brand new roof,when asked to remove to the brackets as it’s a lightning hazard he told me my roof will leak when it rains mind you brand NEW roof, they have horriBle customer service, my favorite part is they have the nerve to bill me $300 for this lol also tried telling me all we can take off your bill is 30.00 no I refuse to pay for horrible service and someone damaging my new home, also tried charging me for a modem that wasn’t. Needed I had my own at time of service this company is a joke and God forbid they mess up they don’t want to be responsible for it,Future dish customers please go to Directtv it’s well worth it !!!!!!!!


Kimbey Rice September 15, 2014 at 9:34 pm

I set up a new account with dish the original date for installation was 9-25-14 but I call today and ask if they had a early date to come out he told me it was a technician in my area and he come today between 12 noon and 5 pm noone showed up. I call dish customer service and it was not a good experience the young lady was very rude and I ask to speak to her manager and she told me he was on a conference call and couldn’t answer me and it was nobody else I could talk to. If this how yall treat yall customers I don’t want your service. So I would like for someone to contact me asap.


Chris September 13, 2014 at 10:15 pm

Hey Dish you have CSR in the Philippines who when you call to talk to them about NFL they have no idea what you are talking about. Come on hire people who know things about American Sports..


wolfgang gersdorf September 13, 2014 at 8:11 pm

I closed my account 6 Sep only to find out that the agent lied and did not cancel my account and didn’t send the box as requested. So 10 days pass and Im screwed out of those days I think not.
When the box didn’t arrive I called again 2 days ago only to find out that the previous agent did not do anything…. But plainly lied………..The box nor my account was closed… Completely, wasted my valuable time.
The agent I spoke with 2 days ago finally closed my account but not after wasting my time (30 minutes) to try and convince him to close my account. He also wanted to charge me $17.95 for a box to return “your” equipment. Absurd

Now, to the subject of my credit. That is unacceptable, I canceled my account several days ago thinking that a box would be sent. I was wrong to think that your reps did their jobs. Because of their un professionalism I get screwed of the money due.

As a loyal customer of 12+ years leaving DISH wasn’t an easy choice but because of my Military retirement and less income DISH was one of my cut backs. The last thing I want is to get late or default in making payments.
I didn’t think I would be treated in such a manner that you train your Reps to lie to their customers in order to squeeze the last possible penny you can. If my company practiced that I guarantee we wouldn’t be in business much longer.
But I can promise you one thing these despicable business practices will not go unnoticed one thing about a consumer I have many avenues to voice my opinion the FCC, BBB, Local TV WSB, WXIA and FOX should I mention your own corparate offices. Im retired I have all the time in the world now. As well as the wide reaching impact of the Internet.

And, every time I see one of your sales stands soliciting customers in stores and other places I will use my First Amendment rights to tell those unsuspecting customers that your company will find a way to screw its customers in the end.
Want to make this right? Refund the correct amount from the date I initially called to cancel, not the date several days later. And, dont give me the excuse that you had no record of me calling I have a phone record of the time I called and length of the call.

Sincerely, Wolfgang Gersdorf


She Eva September 19, 2014 at 10:59 am

Hi Mr. Gersdorf,

I completely agree with you and will do the same every time I see someone about to make the mistake of becoming one of their customers!!! The worst service in the entire world, they promised a refund on two different calls, and when I finally talked to someone in their “corporate office” the only thing they could say was “oh, I’m sorry….”. They act as if there is never a time an exception can be made on something that was their mistake in the first place.


Star L. Piskuran September 25, 2014 at 9:57 am

Mr. Gersdorf,

VERY WELL SAID! Please update your end results. If enough of us actually do something about the way DISH practices business, it may result in fewer consumers dealing with the same issues we have. I have documented all conversations, dates and photographed my return receivers prior to sending, I will be checking my final bill for any “differences” My review is waiting moderation, HA! There is not ONE positive review on this site. Again, let us know what / if anything becomes of your confirmed complaints, I will be posting mine on social media.


Taryn Davis September 12, 2014 at 11:26 pm

I have spent almost all day trying to get service but its very clear yall dont need anymore costumers. I just keep getting hung up on or switched to different people. When i ask to speak to a manager they switch me to another department. There for its clear you dont want my family to be a dish customer. After yall ran my credit 4 times now the desposit is so high so thank yall


courtney ritter September 12, 2014 at 5:35 pm

Absolutely disgusted with dish network! I begged my husband to leave charter for dish- worst mistake ever!!! Since day 1 its been problem after problem. The customer service reps .. half of them have no clue what they’re doing and can’t speak English. They’ve sent boxes of equipment I didn’t ask for .. then the icing on the cake they sent 2 technicians to my house to fix a problem, which they did not .. and they stole my wedding rings. Dish has been unconcerned with this, they’ve done nothing.. provided me with no information. I’m not giving up and I will be getting a lawyer. They try to play me to the left , but I will not give up!! They are disgusting!


Laura Roberts September 11, 2014 at 1:28 pm

I would like someone in your corporate offuice to help me. I was promised that when I cam back I could get a $200.00 gift card. It has been 6 weeks and NOONE will help me. I feel like your company took advantage of me I do not have much money and this has really upset me. I will now have to switch to another TV company and post on social medica how I have been treated by your company. This is really hurtful!
Laura Roberts
* Bradford ridge drive
Youngsville NC


M Boney September 11, 2014 at 11:15 am

Greed Greed Greed What a way to ROB hard working people of there hard earned money.The integrity of this company is the worst I have ever seen.Do they hire these people with this integrity or does corporate program them like that It sounded like program after talking to the most dishonest deceitful, game playing employees I ever encounter.They Lied about there was no contract There was!!!!! I guess they train all there employee how to hustle the customer how sad and greedy is that. I moved to a new resident that does not except dish and I see why.This is not in my control and having to pay a consultation fee shows the low down dirty things this company will do for money. why do people sell their souls to these companies. I was lied to over and over again.I was hung up on I will never recommend dish to any one.I will not stop until dish is known for who they really are BIGGGGG time thief’s and cheats.Pray about these Demons .


L. Malone September 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm

I’m sending this because I’ve called customer service twice now and no one knows how to remove my information from your mailing list. Dish is sending me mail incessantly and harassing me in the mail. I’ve never been a customer and I can assure you I will never be a customer at this point. All I want is for you guys to stop sending me mail, which is happening every week. That’s not an exaggeration. Please tell me who to call (don’t refer me to a website) to get this matter resolved.


Joan Hilt September 9, 2014 at 7:08 am

I amgoing to file a complaint with consumer complaint agency and elder affairs as noone will help me with Windstream/Dish bundle at either Dish or Windstream. I was lied to when I ordered this service through Windstream and was told there was no contract and am extremely upset. MISREPRESENTATION and never ordered service through Dish.


marianne King September 8, 2014 at 1:08 am

Marianne L. King
* Pacelli
Saginaw, MI 48638
September 6, 2014
July 23, 2014

Consumer Protection Division
P.O. Box 30213
Lansing, MI 48909-7713

Dish Network Corporation
9601 S Meridian Blvd
Englewood, CO 80112

Dish Network
Department 0063
Palatine, IL 60055-0063

Reference 37997484 Dish Account #8255 9096 5844 9845 Reference 2014-0081016A
On September 6, 2014 I received a letter dated August 13, 2014. Envelope postmarked August 29, 2014.

In reference to Ms Alencio letter I have called her back over a dozen times. The last message from Ms. Alencio stated there was no sense in speaking with me because we are on different times zones, she will just send the information through the attorney general office. I did call her back several more times stating that I wanted to speak to her to clear this nightmare up.

This information that Ms Alencio left on my voice mail tells me that she refuses to speak to me. Ms Alencio knows what I am stating are the true facts and doesn’t want to take accountability that Dish employees are being deceitful to the customer and it is fraud using another person social security number without the consent of the customer.

I am asking for an investigation of the Dish employee that fraundgently and I am requesting a copy of all records that pertain to my name. What the customers says and what the Dish employee does is two different things.

• Why did Dish employee, use my social security number after I specifically told him not too?
• I specifically told the Dish employee what happens in the event my daughter failed to pay her bill. Am I going to be responsible for her bill? No, I do not give you permission to use my name or my social security number. I am not going to be responsible for someone else’s bill.
• I never signed any paperwork for my daughter.
• Dish employee did take my daughter’s information including her social security number.
• Why didn’t the Dish employee use the information my daughter gave him?
• The bill from June 2014 clearly states the name of ***
Nowhere on this bill is the name of Marianne L. King.
• I have never lived on the address listed on *** bill, which is ***
• I have never received an iPad from Dish. The iPad was never in my name, but ***
• Dish made unauthorized payments from my account which is also fraud.

So why is Ms Atencio still trying to make me responsible for something an employee did.


Joy L September 7, 2014 at 9:18 pm

Dear Dish, I have called in for the past couple of hours trying to cancel my service. Was hung up on once and then told that the supervisor Ivan would be calling me back in 30 minutes or less.( over 1.5 hours waiting now and left him a voicemail ) We were continuing our contract when we moved from California to Oklahoma into a temporary home. We have now found our permanent home and I explain last week when I scheduled the appointment that we have hundreds of trees on our property and knew it was going to be very difficult finding a signal , if any at all. They had to reschedule our first appointment that we had set for almost a week due to schedule conflict. Then today I get a call at 5 saying that our technician was just given our job and sounded completely inconvenienced to be coming out doing his job duty. He got here, checked all around our property and could not find a signal just as we suspected. Explained he spoke with his supervisor and that we could get put of or contract no problem. When I called the specialist all explained I moved so it’s my responsibility to continue paying for service every month without having any services and that was my only option. It’s beyond ridiculous that we are penalized for moving to a place that dish cannot provide service too. I will make it my goal to be as relentless as possible to make it known how horrible Dish Service is and not to go with you for their television option. It’s amazing that a million , if not billion dollar company cannot get rid of a cancellation fee. How selfish and greedy can a company be? I refuse to pay for service for a company like this. I have never had to deal with a company so awful to their customers. I realize and understand a cancellation fee is put in place if I were to just cancel service cause I just don’t want it any longer. But this is Dish’s fault, not ours. So we will not be continuing our service and will not be paying for any service. I will not stop hounding until this cancellation fee is removed. I will contact anyone and everyone to let this be known. Do not ever get dish!

Joy L


wolfgang gersdorf September 13, 2014 at 8:15 pm

SAme thing happened to me


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