Dell Corporate Office

Dell Corporate Office Address

Dell Inc.
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682

Contact Dell

Phone Number: (512) 338-4400
Fax Number: (302) 636-5454
Email: Email Dell


CEO: Michael S. Dell
CFO: Brian T. Gladden
COO: Stephen J. Felice

Dell History

Dell began as PCs Limited in 1984 when Michael Dell was a student at the University of Texas.

In 1985, the Turbo PC was launched.

In 1988, the company changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation and went public with an IPO.

In 1996, the company began selling PCs from their website.

In 1999, Dell became the world’s largest PC manufacturer.

In 2003, the company was renamed to simply Dell Inc. to reflect their sales of not only computers but also TVs and other electronics.

In 2006, the company acquired AlienWare.  In 2009 the company acquired Perot Systems.

Dell is currently the third largest PC vendor in the world, behind HP and Lenovo.


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Thomas Dula April 14, 2014 at 9:34 am

I thought I might be sharing something new when I decided to leave this post but apparently I am not alone. I have never left a post or review before for any product but have had such a terrible experience with Dell that I didn’t have any other choices.

I received my $950 Dell Inspiron 17R on the after noon of Thursday April 11, 2014. I powered it on and completed the setup process only to find that the internet would not stay connected. Dell aslo did not include my pruduct key for Microsoft Office which I had purchased along with MCAfee security and the laptop itself. Contacted customer service and while they were rude (and did not speak legible english), they did overnight me the product key. I have 3 Ipads, 2 laptops (1 of which is a 6+ year old Dell), and 3 smartphones, all of which have no trouble staying connected to my wireless. I tried again on Friday 4/12, and troubleshot. Saturday I was out of town and didn’t do anything at all with it.

Sunday 4/13/14 I decided I would try again only this time the screen continued to go Black and would only stay lit for 2-3 seconds. Finally I decided to call technical support. Rudest most unhelpful people on the planet! I connected with “Jay”, who certainly was not from America. Jay requested to remotely access my 72 hour old laptop and I allowed him to do so. This was a huge mistake! He pulled up a error log and discovered that a “foreign source” had been trying to access my computer since the second that I powered it on. He added that he would have to transfer me to a “Cisco certified technician” who could repair it for $100+. I informed him that I was not paying $100 to have my 72 hour old computer reapired and he asked me if I knew any Cisco certified technicians. Of course I did not, and he then said “well I guess you will have to pay to have your computer repaired”. After going back and forth for 1-2 minutes Jay finally told me to do him a favor. He then told me to pick up my computer, throw it against the wall, and hung up on me! I could not believe that any company could actually conduct themselves like this. While I was fuming trying to figure out what to do next, Jay remote accessed my computer again, without my permission this time, and deleted the log where he had remote accessed. He then rebooted my computer in safe mode and I now have a 72 hour old, $950+ paperweight.

I called back and asked to speak to a technical support supervisor and was connected with Sam. Sam, again was rude, but I told him about Jay and my laptop anyway. Sam stated that he could fix my computer, and undo what Jay had done, if he could have my credit card number and it would be $99. This time I hung up.

Of course by this time customer service was closed. I am writing this review while I’m on hold with customer service. They supposedly are going to return it at no cost to me. While customer service has been helpful I will never buy another Dell computer again!


rahul April 12, 2014 at 6:59 am

Good Morning Sir,
I am suffering this problem last 15 days from Dell laptop company.I purchased dell laptop vostro 2520 model number on 20 April 2013 and now laptop have motherboard and fan sink problem according to the dell support team. I am also have a complain no- 891570918 and my express service code is 9975608497.

Regarding this ,3 April 2014 I talk to Mr. Al-Imran Patel(Ali) from dell support already said that this is manufacturing default of this product because this is motherboard problem and this system will replace.I also have mail regarding this. he also make Service Request Number 891570918 of my laptop.

But after some time, 8 April 2014 at 7 AM I received a call of Mr. Sridhar from Dell Executive Customer Support Team of Mobile Number:- 8039820800 and Phone +91-80-25107726 from Bangalore and telling me about only repairing my laptop parts of my system. He also pressure to me repair my laptop in Delhi only not my home. He also tell me (without any see laptop) in your laptop only fan related problem. But Mr. Imran Patil(Ali) also from Dell support tem already said that your laptop have motherboard and fan sink problem after follow the instruction and get the error code. So, I want to know what is this? This is the solution of my problem.

9 April 2014 at 7 AM Once again I received a call of Mr. of Mr. Sridhar from Dell Executive Customer Support Team of Mobile Number:- 8039820800 and Phone +91-80-25107726 from Bangalore and telling me only repairing my laptop parts of my system and refused to me to replacement of my laptop and tell me some misbehaviour words and directly said to me you can go to the consumer court and disconnect the call.
So, now this very painful for me for their behaviour. And what happens of my system. One member of Executive Customer Support Team said replaces and another member of Executive Customer Support Team said repair. So, in this situation I am the like a foolish and result is nothing.

First of All, I do not want to repair my laptop because it have very seriously problem like mother board and fan sink problem. So, I want to need replaces only because now you repair my laptop but after 20 April 2014 (When My one Year warranty has been expire) laptop also have some relative problem to motherboard then ,Who will responsible for that condition. I am also attach the copy of bill. I purchase the laptop due to better goodwill and service not for this type of behaviour.


Mary K. April 2, 2014 at 3:46 pm

I am trying to buy two Dell computers and networking equipment. I called yesterday and received a quote from an individual who could not wait to get me off the phone. I had questions for him but he was clearly interested in something other than my call. He sent me the quote but I had several additional questions. Quite frankly I also decided I did not want to work with him because he did not seem to care about helping me figure out the exact equipment I need. It took me over two hours to get connected in order to receive the quote and then to get in touch with a manager. I have been happy with Dell over the past several years. Their sales lines have always been awful but their warranty line has been fine for me in the past. After two hours, I finally got in touch with a manager but could not talk b/c too much time had passed and I had to attend a funeral. I specifically requested a call back time of today at 2 p.m. eastern standard time and was told that could be accommodated and they specifically noted eastern standard time. I was unavailable to speak before 2. So what happened? Of course it was too good to be true. I received a call at 1 p.m. eastern standard time and was unable to take the call. It is now 2:43 p.m. and I have been on the phone since 2:05 trying to get a live person. I then searched Dell’s corporate headquarters in order to find a phone number to call and speak with someone there. I thought corporate may want to know what’s happening in the trenches. WRONG. I was actually on hold on the small business line and hung up to call the number listed with Dell’s corporate headquarters. Don’t be fooled! It’s the number for small business sales. SO, I was taken back to the same number on which I had just been on hold. It is now 2:51 and I am TIRED of listening to Dell tell me the are “experiencing heavy call volume.” By the way, I originally received a quote for some new computers in the fall. I am now ready to buy. In fairness, I called the original salesperson and left my contact information. I gave him four days to return my call. When I didn’t hear from him, I called the person yesterday who was too busy for me. Hmmm, does Dell WANT my business? My daughters encouraged me to buy MACs. I told them I am comfortable with my Dells. However, this is RIDICULOUS and much too time consuming.
Here’s a challenge DELL. I have a small business and would like to order NOW. I have a few questions and would like a modicum of help with my purchases. I want to feel secure that the Dell representative assisting me. It’s 2:56 and I just got put in touch with the call center in India to transfer me to the sales department. Isn’t that in the U.S.???? Back to the challenge….If a Dell manager wants to help me I am READY to buy. Otherwise Apple will have my business. I asked the person in India to transfer me to a manager in the small business dept. It’s now 3:04 and the very nice representative in the HOME segment dept I was transferred to promises he will transfer me to a manager in the small business department. I am back on hold. Should a possible $10,000 purchase requie three hours of being on the phone. I could hang up now and NO one at Dell would care. Michael Dell is one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.Why? B/c CUSTOMERS buy Dell products. Why not leave a legacy of a company that cares, a company with the BEST customer service, a company that wants to make other businesses better by offering not only excellent products but a sales force that encourages….It ‘s 3:09 p.m. and the nice individual transferred me to another operator who asked me if I want to buy a computer for PERSONAL use. This person promises to also help. It’s 3:13 and I’m on hold again……the saga continues. I told him I would like to speak with a manager in the small business department. I just got the voice mail..”Thank you for calling Dell…..” He told me that he can help me and if he puts me in touch with a manager, the manager will just send me back to a sales person. Really. Goodbye Dell, Hello Mac. 3:21 p.m. sales person nice ; sent me to nice manager …success at 3:43 p.m. Says he will call me tomorrow…Let’s see if it happens. There may be hope…


Brid Talty April 1, 2014 at 7:01 am

There does not seem to be any contact information for the Dell Corporate Offices.

I have posted on facebook but feel it is futile as the Dell people don’t seem to monitor or listen to customers. Sad to see a good company slipping so much in the ratings. I am sure sales in the future will reflect this.

I ordered a DELL PC on the 20th April and the site said delivery date would be 27th. When i contacted sales support, i was told that there would be a delay and this would be the 2nd of April. My order confirmation then said the 11th April. I immediately contacted customer support by email (x2 – no response). On April 1st I tried to ring sales support, 2 numbers on the site not working. Finally got through and no satisfaction. Delivery is expected on 11 th of April. Just a WARNING to others, buying a Dell PC online could mean a wait of up to ONE MONTH. Please do not buy Dell PC’s online – they have no respect for peoples hard earned money, and their customer support is anything but helpful. They don’t care about the product or the customer as long as the sale is made. On their site there is a lot made of customer engagement but in reality no response to customers or they do not make it easy for customers to contact them.


Linda Baggs March 21, 2014 at 4:11 pm

I wish I could find someone that really cares about us that save for a long time to make a very big decision on purchasing a computer from just the right Company. This was my very first purchase with Dell Corporation and I purchased the very expensive Dell XPS 12 9Q23 convertible tablet. I have had problems from the very beginning. The screen freezes constantly and their are no fixes or updates to fix this very annoying problem. You will be working on something important and have to shut down and restart at least three times in a 24 hour period. It also gets very hot. And now for the past four months I have burn-in screen also known as ghost screen. I had to send it away for a new hard drive after only six months of owning it. It was an extreme hardship on me. So now Dell has finally admitted to the bad screens they installed onto the dell XPS 12. But I have to have my computer every day and just can’t be without it again for two months. It is bad enough that I have a disabled husband that I have to care for 24/7 along with me having to take care of every single problem in our lives with no one to help me. I saved so long for just the right computer and Leo Laporte from my talk show on KFI always recommended buying a DELL. I am so upset and do not have another $1200.00 dollars to buy another computer. There is no one at Dell that cares about the little person. Mrs.Baggs.


Ellen Semel March 20, 2014 at 10:15 pm

Order # 546685XXX
I believe in Dell. I had a Dell desktop for 10 years and was happy with it. I purchased a new Dell desktop in January. I also purchased Microsoft Office with Outlook software (after an exchange from the Microsoft Office w/o Outlook). The salesperson talked up the promotional Dell Financial “6 mos special financing” to which I agreed. I received a bill with financing; apparently, I was given the regular plan generating interest. I spoke to Yasser at Dell Financial on Monday, March 17. He said he would send me a confirming email but I needed to talk to another dept. first. He transferred me, I was on hold for 30 minutes (1/2 hour!!) and when someone answered he informed me I had been tranferred to the wrong dept. I called back on Tues and was transferred to the correct dept. and spoke with William. William said they would transfer the account to the “6 mos special financing” account but his supervisor would call me to confirm. It is now after 10 pm on Thursday, March 20, and I have heard nothing. This is crazymaking. . . .these service people do not speak English well and they are very hard to understand. Please expedite switching me to the correct type of Dell Preferred Account. My account # is 6879 4501 2300 3083 XXX. Ellen in NYC


Mel Waxman March 14, 2014 at 2:13 pm

I have been having problems with my Dell crapputer since I purchased it in 2010. I have had the motherboard changed, memory chips changed, hard drive changed three times, a number of tech visits and am still having problems. Customer service sucks, management sucks, the computer sucks. Today alone, in the last four hours, the computer crashed four times. If there is a class action suite being filed against Dell, count me in.


Jan March 20, 2014 at 3:20 pm

I have just been on Phone with Dell…for 3 India
I talked with 7 people
I was promised a new provider computer is not even 4 years old
I then tried to call Dell in the US
Thinking they would want to know what’s going on
Did you know that Dell only has companies outside the US to handle customer care or IT concerns
Did you know that you can’t pick up phone and talk to someone in the US
I need help please provide a number where I can talk to someone
Your customer service is the WORST
My laptop was a gift..nothing but problems
I will never own another Dell Computer
Michael Dell,Brian t Gladden,Stephen J Felice get your acts together….
Help your customers,to ensure recurring customers
Word of mouth goes along way..
You Should read the comments that are posted


Mike March 12, 2014 at 1:32 pm

Before I bought my computer I called Dell and was told ” All Dell Inspiron systems get 90 days of premium phone support.” I got my computer home and was setting it up around 9:00 P.M. A label on the box said NEED HELP WITH YOUR NEW SYSTEM. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THIS PRODUCT. 1-866-210-5778. I had a question so I called the number and got a recording “customer service help is available Monday through Friday 9 to 5. That don’t sound like 24/7 support. After about 2 hours I figured it out myself.

This is from dell’s website.
“Does my warranty cover software issues?
Dell only provides a warranty for the factory-installed software during the first 30 days after receiving the equipment. After 30 days, Dell Technical Support only supports basic operating system configuration.”

I had some software issues on the 3RD day. I called tech support and got a level 1 technician. He was unable to help me and told me “I would need a level 3 technician and that would cost me $59.00. What happened to the level 2 technician? Dell wants to skip right over them. I declined and waited until the next day and was able to get help from the staples technician and they didn’t try to charge me $59.00.

The computer is not a bad computer but if anything ever goes wrong you are going to have trouble getting support. And if you do get a hold of support they will probably try and charge you for it.

Dell Revenue US$ 56.94 billion (2013)[3]
That is probably why they make so much money because they charge for a bunch of extra stuff. In home set up $129.00. Virus removal $69.00. And don’t forget tech support, Tech support $59.00.

I definitely would not recommend a Dell computer to anyone DUE TO LACK OF PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT.


judith goodman March 11, 2014 at 2:52 pm

I believe that Dell is a fraud. I just had a tech respond to my home, replace the mother board and screen ofmy insporion 2330 and the same issues are still there. plus the parts for the new 2330 just over 3 months old refurbished. I CAN NOT get ahold of anyone in the USA to speak to ….. and India can not tranvsferr me to the US.
Dell is a joke


Eileen Swiers February 28, 2014 at 5:50 pm

I have submitted two orders to Dell for a computer and both have been canceled. See your web site. Maybe you can determine what is going on.

Your support staff is entirely incompetent. Or, alternatively the individual customer is of little or no value to your organization. If that is the case, stop selling computers to individuals and pretending to offer them customer service.


ken March 14, 2014 at 2:38 am

Yes this has happened to me twice now with an alienware 18. Over a month now and 3rd time reordered and in production. This is ridiculous.


jerry alicea February 28, 2014 at 9:34 am

You people SUCK!!!


jerry alicea February 28, 2014 at 9:32 am

I hate this product. Even more than the product, I hate the tech support and customer service idiots base somewhere in Bangladesh or India or wherever Dell outsources to. They are all incompetent jacka**es!!! I would love to be part of any class action suits againagainst this company. Contact me at (407)223-XXXX.


William February 21, 2014 at 1:28 pm

I have been trying to get someone to call me back since the 18th after having tech
concierge attemp to solve a problem for me, that still exist. replied to his email that
he sent me thanking me for my business 3 times and left 2 voice mail on the number given. cannot call Dell and speak to anyone in customer service without being put on hold for ever, have tried on 3 different times. have been a Dell customer for over 10 years, but don’t think will buy again.


Marie February 24, 2014 at 3:16 pm

OMG you and me both. Horrible. I have no words except the next call to these rude idiots is from my attorney. I have spent about 9 hours on hold and no one can help me.

I’ll let you know if I have any success. This is the most horrific experience ever.

good luck with your issue.


erica February 21, 2014 at 9:31 am

I have been on hold for 2 days now and transferred from agent to agent and cannot get anyone to help me with my problem. I have emailed and left phone messages with the sales agent that helped me purchase my device, but he won’t return my calls/emails. This is by far the worst customer service I have received from a company in my life. I would say they have no customer care. They are quick to answer if you are purchasing though so they are all about the money. The agents that answer the lines try to be helpful and then transfer you into a void of the worst “musack” imaginable, and then you either get disconnected or no one EVER picks up the line. I will not buy Dell again for this reason alone.


Laurie Ann Taylor February 19, 2014 at 7:09 pm

I’m extremely upset about my computer. I’ve been on hold for three days while being transferred to over 5 different departments. Please help me fix my issue.. (404) 543-XXXX.
Please call to resolve my issue, please!!!


asher forst February 13, 2014 at 11:25 am

I too have been having a terrible issue with dell. I bought a system on their outlet side with prosupport (so i can speak to someone in english) and completecare. I’m now told the machine was replaced already and I shouldn’t own the machine I have so I need to send it back. I have the invoice showing I bought it and they show a replacement machine was sent to someone else way before I owned this machine. Taking me hours of work time to try and sort this out and 2 weeks into it not much success.

I’m arranging for a class action suit against them for this and am looking for others who have suffered. Anyone interested please contact me so we can add as many people on to this as we can and try to get some satisfaction once and for all. Maybe we can get something back to compensate us for our misery


Ann Vanderoef March 27, 2014 at 1:33 pm

I will join your class action suit. I was physically injured because of Dell’s negligence and no one at Dell seems to care.It is just a waste of time to try to work with their customer service. The CS man I tried to work with could not speak understandable English and he could not even spell my name correctly. Michael Dell could care less. I wonder when he will be taking his golden parachute.


Dawn Mullins February 11, 2014 at 9:47 pm

So I was going to rant and rave about Dells’ complete lack of knowledge, disrespect of consumers, : However I have decided after reading all the comments on here and on OTHER sites of Dell’s less than mediocre support and services, that apparently WE AS CONSUMERS DO NOT MATTER, as long as Mr. Michael Dell and the rest of the corporate world are making their millions. I for one am done with Dell and what am I out $600 HARD WORKING American dollars. Thank you Mr. Dell for such a shameful lack of consideration for the hard working money that goes into your worthless systems. As well as the NON-ENGLISH speaking tech support (dispatched and over the phone) who apparently couldn’t fix a computer if you had a gun to their heads.
President of Consumers Vermilion
Dawn M. Mullins
There will never be another Dell product in my house nor that of my friends and their families.


Milissa Yockey February 10, 2014 at 10:42 am

I am appalled at Dell right now … beyond belief. I will never buy a dell product. I will never recommend to buy a dell product. If I ever hear anyone say the word Dell. I will share my experience I am having with Dell. I purchased 2 laptops from dell. I have only heard wonderful things about customer service/product. I HAVE SEEN NONE OF THIS!!!!!! This had been the biggest run around and I am sick of dealing with it. If this is not resolved SOON. You will be seeing if on twitter. I have a few #’s that I want to get out there about dell and dell’s customer service. Just started following Michael Dell on twitter….I’m sure he would be interested.


Jack February 7, 2014 at 6:32 am

Having great difficulty here in Paris,France,buying a new Dell Xps model.If you don’t have internet you can not buy,no phone orders accepted.Tried till blue in the face.I phoned many times explain that I have no internet and want to buy,reluctantly they connect me with sales,I explain again,sorry we,Dell,can’t give any info or accept orders by phone you,I,must go on the internet,try,try again.It’s also hard to understand as I’ve bought from Dell.Fr before,using the phone ordering system.The one I wanted was the XPS 8700 Silver model @ 899 euro’s,it was on offer with a external HD for 1 Euro,free shipping and a 50 euro reduction.I could send an attachment of the one.Another great proble in France is that it appears that most Desk tops are only in French ie Windows 8.1 ect.Sorry state of affairs.Impossible to speak to Dell.Fr,everyone seems to be in Morocco ect,with not the slightest intention of offering assistance.


Alan Hoover January 31, 2014 at 1:28 pm

Having Dell technical support, is like having no support at all.


gary godek January 27, 2014 at 3:25 pm

I have a new laptop that is less than 1 month old. It does get wireless internet unless you are about 10′ next to my wireless network. We spent almost 4 hrs. on the phone trying to trouble shot it, no luck. A Dell teck. came out to my house to replace a part (I think it was remanufactured) and that did not work as well. He wanted be to go to Starbucks and check it out, I would not. My 6 year old computer gets wireless internet in the whole house. Now Dell or the company that came out to fix it won’t call me back. I also bought the warranty. I was also hung up a number of different times with Dell. Very poor support from Dell. Gary Godek


R Muhammad January 6, 2014 at 5:00 pm

If you send me any further emails, call me, or any communications I will take that as additional harassment and will file charges thus so. I asked you not to talk with me, you belligerent and coarse, and have no business being in Customer Resolution. I will not pay for dell error. This will be my last dell computer. I will obviously now have to go out and buy me a new computer. Thank you for your ignorance and disrespect, and lack of corporate responsibility for a problem your people caused. I had no idea the things he was changing while he was in my computer, working bios, systems, etc. would trigger an automatic install of 8.1 when I tried to shut down my computer, I had already rejected it in a pop up. I know you do not care but you have finally drove me away from dell.

No More Dell, computers, televisions, etc will I purchase.

Lieutenant Commander R. Ayesha Muhammad, United States Navy


Susan December 26, 2013 at 7:24 pm

OMG….Ubuntu is the worst…DO NOT BUY DELL!!! We ordered an Alienware computer (Black Friday promotion). Included in the price was Ubuntu or Microsoft operating sytem. The games that my son wants to play require Microsoft. O.K. – no biggie…just send the computer back and re-order or pay to have Microsoft installed. Hmm…why would I pay to have Microsoft installed when it was included in the price? Or return the computer and re-order with no guarantee of a price match. Sales sent me to tech support, who sent us to financial support, (who never picked up), so then we were sent to customer service who continually told us THE SAME answer over and over. I cannot count how many times we were disconnected, preceded only by the lack of ability to understand the reps on the phone. BTW Mr. Dell, maybe you should participate on Undecover Boss!


Charlie December 19, 2013 at 11:02 am

Mr.Michael Dell,Founder/ CEO
Dell Corporation

Reference Service Request Number 886923577
A DELL tech called my last night (12/19/2013) and was VERY rude. First he was talking over me, then he was just repeating himself over and over. I was trying to explain to the person I was talking to (don’t know his name because I couldn’t understand what he said it was) that I DO NOT feel comfortable sending my broken hard drive that was replaced by a Dell tech under warranty at my house back to Dell, because I have 2 years of personal information on. I told him, as he just continued to repeat himself like a robot, that there is no way of me deleting everything and being 100% sure it can not be recovered. I can not believe this tech told me to put a magnet on it and it will erase it. I really thought Dell techs were a lot smarter then that. I have used Dell for everything the past 10 years or more, but after being treated like this, I don’t know if I will again. There are only 3 ways of making a hard drive safe too give to anybody after having 2 years of data on it. 1, The use of data destruction software. I can not do this because the drive is no longer in my computer. Yes, I know I can bring it to a computer store and have them do it, but I would have to leave it with the and come back at a later time or day to pick it up. Again, I’m not giving my hard drive with all my info on it and hope they don’t take any personal info off of it. “ Important: You must erase a hard drive using this method if you, or someone else, ever plans on using the drive again. The next two ways to erase a hard drive will make the drive unusable.” So even if I do use a data destruction software, the drive CAN be used again. 2, Another way to permanently erase a hard drive is to use a degausser to disrupt the magnetic domains on the drive. Some NSA approved automatic degaussers can erase dozens of hard drives in an hour and cost tens of thousands of dollars. So unless Dell want’s to send me one, I can’t use option 2.
3. Physically Destroy the Hard Drive
Physically destroying a hard drive is the only way to absolutely and forever ensure that the data on it is no longer available. Just as there is no way to extract the written information from a burned piece of paper, there is no way to read the data from a hard drive that is no longer a hard drive. “Destruction of media is the ultimate form of sanitization.” Most of the standards that exist to erase a hard drive mention several ways to physically destroy one including disintegration, grinding, pulverization, incineration, melting, and shredding. The tech that I spoke to last night said “Dell is just going to destroy the drive” ok, so why is it a problem if I destroy it so I don’t have to worry about it being lost in the mail or somebody getting any of my info off of it? A few years ago I had this same thing happen with one of my other DELL desktops, and I didn’t have to return the old hard drive to Dell. I was able to destroy it. Why is it a problem this time?


William McConnell December 13, 2013 at 9:28 am

Customer # 118093135
Quote # 666959887, 666955498
Service Ticket 886275683
Order # 498359245, 498352679

Mr Steve Downs

We last spoke on Wednesday Dec 11 and you told me that the sound card would be shipped over night on Wednesday or Thursday. I have not recieved the Sound card, has it been shipped?
Just a Quick review:
This order was placed on Nov 5, 2013 For T1700, Monitors, Mounting Arms, and Sound Card, I was told that I would be able to connect both monitors, and that the sound card would work in this unit. Neither is true. I want you to know that I have sent a complaint to Dell Headquarters. I did not want to do this, but you left me no choice I need the machine up and running. This has gone on long enough.

William R McConnell

A&O Computing



jerry alicea February 28, 2014 at 9:21 am

Yes I have had the same experience as those listed here. I want to be part of the class action. Jerry Alicea XXXX green pocket lane…Orlando, Florida 32839 email: (407)223-XXXX. I hate this company .


Kenner Rogers December 10, 2013 at 10:22 am

Mr.Michael Dell,Founder/ CEO
Dell Corporation

Keymel Technologies,supplier to heavy civil construction, recently we were ask to expand our products technologies to include hospitals, we do not have the expertise to enter that arena unless we are mentor by a company like Dell. After watching the Charlie Rose program he was interviewing Michael Dell, he asked a question and Michael was speaking about technologies to the hospital industries. Is theirs someone I can speak with or do you have a mentorship program, it will greatly benefit both parties. Keymel Technologies is a Service Disable, LEED Certified business,D&B,SAM / CCR, Hubzone certifications, with many opportunities for government contracts. As of this moment there’s over $600,000,000,000.00 in hospital contracts that we are aware of, if interest please see our contact information below and inform Mr. Michael Dell I enjoyed his interview.


Kenner Rogers, President / Owner

Keymel Technologies,LLC
938 Lafayette Street, Suite 107
New Orleans, LA. 70113

Mailing Address: P.O.Box 741956
New Orleans, LA. 70174-1956

504-570-6037 Office
504-307-8082 Fax


Kakembo Ismail November 30, 2013 at 3:59 am

I want to visit your manifacturing factory for further studies and business coz i want to open up dell shop in uganda mbale


Michael DeSensi November 26, 2013 at 10:50 pm

I ordered a monitor and xps8700 on 11/14 , I was over billed for the monitor, I called up had the monitor raised higher , and the xps8700 lowered, by now I have at least 3 different price structures.
I called again when the xps8700 showed a lager increse ,large enuff to cover the decrese in montior price
I spoke with a rep(I believe his name was dave) he said just pay the higher price its a nice system shortly after that I was cut off, I was told I could have UPS as a carrier , so I gave My willcall adderss only to have the monitor shipped fed x express, I called yet again talked to molly , spent at least a half hour between hold and attempting to get molly to change the shipping address , I had to wait till the tracking was out then I changed the address, molly insister fed x would ship to the UPS hub clammering all the time how well fed x delievers to homes she didn’t want or didn’t know how to change the address…………………………………………..
prior to this I had been in contact with rahesh and ronald at custermer service(case number 665674224)
since 11/14 I have spent at least 6 hours on hold or talking to some off shore rep, been hung up on at leats twice , and disconnected at least 6 times (4 of wich was on 1 attempt to reach a rep)
the newest crap has been your (dell employee) corolynn motzin(not sure of the last name spelling) called the fed ex hub were My xps7800 was being held at My request and changed the address, that was Friday 11/22)
I left My day job with about 3 mor hours of work left went to the fed x hib and found out My packege was not at the willcall/hold
I figure Iv lost about 10 to 12 hours of My time, wages at the day gig(over 200 dollors) and time that I should have been handling My side work so grand total of lost money is close to a grand,
so what is dell gonna do about this Im frustrated and rather pissed off, I want some kind of restituion, for My lost time and lost funds in a eamil and Vm to I would cancell the full order if dell screwed up My picking up the xps8700 well dell DID SCREW UP the pickup I think some major restition is in order wouldn’t you if you were in My place
I work for RockTenn corp all thire 260 plants use dell , dell got all the pc’s to the plant I work in without a hitch , so why cant you get 1 sent to a non corprate custermer
jeff asured Me you could do something about this Im sorry I dont have that faith in dell anymore, I feel Iv been lied to BS’d and just plt given a shit about(that bothers me knowing this system was 30 to 40% of My net take home I want to be treated fairly and I havent
dell has turned a well deserved( 4 years of saving) gift to Myself into a nighmare


Kim Kennedy November 26, 2013 at 9:00 am

I ordered (4) computers yesterday from Dell. I tried to start canceling (1) computer (showing a delivery date of 12/27) within 1 hr. after ordering on 11/25. This was the beginning of one of the most frustrating experiences I have had in years. The customer service (or lack thereof) was amazing. I believe I took a trip around the world, twice. I hung up 2x’s because I was on hold forever. I sent (3) email requests to have Order# 509891574 cancelled. At 6PM on 11/25, unit was in processing.
As I expected, all was in vain. On 11/26, computer shows in production. Now I am sure Dell will tell me I can not cancel (without a charge). I will considering telling Dell to take all (4) computers and filing them in a very dark place!

Ki Kennedy
K & K International


Ms.Major November 8, 2013 at 5:14 pm

I’m never buyin a dell again. Today was the last straw!!!! When talking to dell it’s like working a job. They ask u to do things to the computer as if u are a technician. This is the second replace I’ve had. Something is wrong with it. I bought all the warranty u can think of for thisComputer. They r not honoring their promise. Dell take customers for granite. But word of mouth is a powerful thing. The corporate rep had a nerves to first say I didn’t have coverage on my computer. Ok if that’s true y did u send a tech out to try to fix it. Lie number one. The next thing was the tech couldn’t get on base. So I had to get in my car and meet him at Panera Bread to fix the computer that didn’t get fix. End up call corp( India ) back today about that same broke computer. He wants me to trouble shoot it again , at this point I’m pissed!!!! I want a replacement. He tells me my warranty doesn’t cover a replacement. Lie number two. Remember I said in the being this is my second replacement. I’m about ready to go to small claims court.Plus sue for my gas money when I went out of my way to meet the tech who couldn’t got on base. That wasn’t my problem.


Corey Major November 21, 2013 at 1:01 am

I need someone to contact me about this matter. Or I’m going to small claims court regarding this matter. Very upset customer!!!!!


Thomas Evert November 5, 2013 at 12:35 am

Want to order a new computer but nobody can tell me what brand of hard drive will be installed. I want a Western Digital installed. Chatted with your sales department and they couldn’t tell what brand of hard drive would be installed or guarantee that a Western Digital will be installed. Why aren’t customers given the option of requesting a specific hard drive brand?


Kimberly Popp October 24, 2013 at 11:42 am

I called “Customer Service” today to get the name of my deceased son-in-law off of their mailing list. Of course, I got someone in India who couldn’t grasp what “take this name off of your mailing list” meant. “Mailing List?”, she asked. I asked her to transfer me to someone in the United Sates. She told me she did not have that capability. Then she just started rambling about helping me with my order. I did not, do not and will never have an order with Dell for any reason in my lifetime, period. I will be sending my request by mail, wtih a delivery confirmation to the corporate office in Round Rock, Texas. Maybe an American born employee who speaks English as his/her first language will get the letter and take my deceased son-in-law’s name from their mailing list.


Tom Baker October 19, 2013 at 10:59 am

The people at Dell and Dell customers/users should know what is transpiring with the technical support group in India. When a Dell user calls for support we are the old bait and switch routine. They will take you through several tiers or support levels making you think they are trying to resolve our issue but really just stringing us along with no resolution. They want you to think our computer problem is difficult even if it is really simple. They finally
transfer us to another department who tells us we must purchase a one year technical service contract for over $100. Or, they tell us our issue is so severe we must mail our computer (laptop) to their service department for repair. These support people in India are trained to make money instead of provide technical support. This morning I received a phone call from Dell Technical Support in India to inform me that the Windows software had been contaminated with a virus and I needed to allow them entry into my computer so they could resolve…..for a fee.!!!! I told him he was not to be believed and hung up.
Dell has got to take action to clean up this mess. They need to get out of India. These so called support people are being paid by Dell and only pretending to provide tech service. And, at the same time, these Indian support reps have been trained to take advantage of users by charging for unwarranted services.
The Dell Corporation needs to take action to esolve this problem and Dell users need to be aware of what to expect when contacting the Dell Technical Support group in India.


Jeff Molles August 16, 2013 at 5:26 pm

I am very frustrated and dissatisfied with how my fraud case is being handled. To me the case should be open and closed. If you guys actually record all the calls as stated by the call representatives you will see that it was not me who placed the orders. Nor was I residing at the address where the merchandise was sent. If the investigation is still under way I should not be receiving calls from your collection department but I am and I was informed that the case was closed and I am still being held accountable for the charges that were wrongfully made in my name. If the case had been closed shouldn’t I have been notified? I would like to talk with someone with the authority no offense.


james August 1, 2013 at 11:20 am

Dont buy a Dell. You will be sorry.


chris m September 23, 2013 at 3:16 pm

I am so sorry I bought a DELL


Colleen Huska July 26, 2013 at 6:33 pm

We purchased a Dell XPS 8500 in September 2012. Today I called for support when my computer was asking for a recovery disk. I understand that we did something wrong by being in an insecure website or who knows what. I ended up paying for a 1 year service of software technical support. The problem I am having is I never received any disks with this computer. Your company had it already loaded or I had to download the programs. They could not help me today but will send me a recovery disk. I am most upset because I had to agree to pay for your services even when this purchase was made less than 1 year ago. I believe I should get the recovery disk without having to pay for a years worth of tech support. Needless to say I was transferred and spoke to 5 different people, and spent 2 hours of my day without any results. I really don’t expect any answers from your company but I do hope you can improve your customer service to loyal buyers


PETER TESORIERO July 17, 2013 at 5:35 pm



Denise Simon June 13, 2013 at 2:44 pm

Your technical support representative hung up on me today. Why? I am trying to resolve an issue and he started screaming at me when I asked his name he hung up on me. I want an explanation.


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