Chipotle Corporate Office

Chipotle Corporate Office Address

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
1401 Wynkoop St Suite 500
Denver, CO 80202

Contact Chipotle

Phone Number: (303) 595-4000
Fax Number: (302) 674-5266
Website: http://www.chipotle.com
Email: Email Chipotle


CEO: Montgomery F. Moran
CFO: John R. Hartung
COO: Robert N. Blessing Jr

Chipotle History

Chipotle was founded in 1993 by Steve Ells. Their first location was a former Dolly Madison ice cream location. The second and third locations were added in 1995. An additional five Denver stores were added the following year.

In 1998, Chipotle sought outside investors to scale the business more quickly. The first stores outside Colorado were opened in Columbus, OH and Minneapolis, MN the following year. The company continued to expand and eventually went public (IPO) in 2006.

Chipotle currently has over 1300 locations in 43 states.  International locations include Ontario, London and Paris.

Chipotle’s corporate office and headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado.

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Kristi Nix December 19, 2014 at 2:50 pm

Dear Sirs,
My husband and I were at the Redlands,CA Chipolte on12/15/14 there was a woman who was having some sort of emotional breakdown,the staff handled her with greatest care,and kindness (my husband is a former Paramedic and I am a health care advocate,) the Chipolte staff went out of ther way to render her assistance,she also was in the very front of the line and the line went all the way around the restaurant ! It was quit a seen as you can imagine. But the staff and manager were wonderfu! Just thought you would like to hear something good Oh and the food was still great! Been trying to get this message to you by phone and through your web site on “Talk to us ” site is not well just to let you know
Sincerely Kristi Nix


Luke Simpson December 18, 2014 at 12:07 am

I’m looking to lose 45 pounds and plan on doing it eating only Chipotle. Is it possible and if it is , would you guys want to make an ad campaign about it ala Jarod and the Subway kind of deal. It’d be a sweet idea right.


Ross X. December 12, 2014 at 4:01 pm

I am a former employee of Chipotle Mexican Grill. I am curious how I will be receiving my W2? Will it be mailed or is it accessible online?


Luke Simpson December 10, 2014 at 8:24 pm

I need to get ahold of someone in marketing. I have the ultimate marketing campaign for Chipotle. I love Chipotle and with my idea , I can make increase sales and increase awareness of Chipotle and all that it does. All i want is ten minutes to give a pitch about an idea to market Chipotle in a whole new way.
Luke Simpson


Steven Hill December 5, 2014 at 6:25 pm

Just a quick background I have celiac disease, therefore I’m unable to eat at other restaurants like everyone else. So I choose restaurants that accommodate the gluten allergy. As to my disdain and worst service and management experience. My visit on 12/4/14, I advise the staff of my condition and if they can switch their gloves….WOW did I get some bitchy attitude I’m not asking you to scrub down just change your gloves, because of the flour tortilla they handle. When I approach the cashier to pay, the entire staff started to chatter and gossip as I was walking out. UNBELIEVABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE TO TREAT YOUR CUSTOMER THE WAY THEY DO BECAUSE OF A HEALTH CONDITION YOU HAVE. The AUDACITY OF THE GENERAL MANAGER JUSTIN NAVA


Isabella. December 4, 2014 at 4:47 pm

The worst place to find a job is at Chipotle they won’t pay the money they own me. You have to wait in the mail 10 plus days to get a pay check they refuse to do a direct deposit delaying my pay. Meanwhile I got bills due and getting penalty late fees for my bills. I was suppose to get a check on November 21, 2014 now it’s December 04, 2014 and no check. The first check they sent it to the wrong address so they have to put a stop payment. The Manager in Retaliation for my quitting sent it to my old address on purpose so I won’t get the check. I called 1-303-505-4000 spoke to several people all of them told me that they will send me the CHECK in Express mail and no check yet. I won’t recommend to work for them they are in a Big Law Suit in New York, New Jersey for not paying their employees. Just awful I end up contacting the Department of Labor because they refuse to pay me the money they own me. I’m from North New Jersey.


Jeremy jergins December 3, 2014 at 2:56 pm

First of all chipotle sucks and second of all they hire people who kill baby’s


Evan Williams December 3, 2014 at 3:02 pm

Lol yes there are memes all over the Internet claiming they hire baby killers and other such criminals alike! I saw Alicia zebrun at the one on sheridan and shes an ugly fucking cow! I have also emailed a few of the memes for laughs but as of yet no response!


Carla Kiser December 2, 2014 at 6:42 pm

I just had lunch at your location at 7020 N. Manheim Rd., Rosemont, IL 60018 today (12/2/2015). I receive the worst customer service of my life. I experienced 3 unbelievably rude associates in a row. Each one individually was abnormally and unacceptably rude. They appeared to have no idea what proper customer service was. I let them know I felt they were being rude. Upon this comment, not 1 of them had anything to say. They just stared at me, or looked down so as to obviously (and very oddly) avoid eye contact. Language did not appear to be a barrier. It appeared to be a genuine lack of interest in providing even average (or slightly acceptable) customer service. After leaving the facility, I called and spoke to the Manager on duty at that time, Judith. She is aware of my experience and said she’d talk to the 3 Associates (she knows who they are). My concern is that if there are THREE associates exhibiting such behavior, the question becomes how the location is MANAGED. How do 3 so terribly rude employees #1 get hired, and #2 STAY employed?! I’m completely disgusted with the way I was treated and it’s clear to me the Management at this location is not doing their job (even at an extremely basic level).


Andrew November 19, 2014 at 10:50 am

I started with a chipotle in Columbus, Ohio about a month ago. The first week went went well but about halfway through the second, things started going south. I have severe migraines that are controlled by emergency medication and when I went to take it, I was told that I had to wait until I was on break or off the clock to do so. A few days later, I was told that my GM had forgotten to submit my hours and they would just be added to my pay two weeks later. I had to go over her head to get that taken care of and it was still payed late and short. A lot of small issues kept building up and management would not do anything about it (at least half of the time, they were part of the problem) and it all came to a head when I tried to clock out 45 minutes after I was scheduled to be off. I was not allowed to clock out and was told if I did it again, I was fired. The next day, I was threatened by one employee and assaulted by another. All management did was ask them to apologize and went on their way. I had enough and after my shift, I was restocking and preparing to leave and the employee who assaulted me, told me I could not leave until she was finished with her tasks. I replied that I was doing my job and had other things scheduled for the day and needed to be able to leave. She started putting me down verbally to another employee in front of customers and when I heard it, I stopped what I was doing, clocked out and tried to resign. My GM would not accept my resignation or allow my SM to fire me. I tried working my next shift and it was very stressful and was not allowed to leave for 1.5 hours after my scheduled time off. The next day I was told that my SM did not care what I said that she did not want me there and would rather I just quit with no notice than to work out my two weeks. I had an hour long discussion with both my GM and my SM and after getting nothing but excuses, I quit. I tried calling the Respectful Workplace Hotline and can’t get a return call from anyone. I would advise anyone considering employment to stay away from chipotle.


Sara Storkson November 14, 2014 at 2:20 pm

I used to work at the Westlake Village, CA store. I worked there for almost a month. I got horrible training and was called girl by the service manager. My name is Sara, not GIRL.
After getting “suspended” I had immediately put in my resignation. I was assuming they’d send me my check and they haven’t. I had a bill go to collections because I couldn’t pay it. All I want is for Chipotle to send me my check.
Thank you.


janna November 10, 2014 at 9:48 pm

I had a interview today at the fredricksburg va location on plank rd and the manager who Interviewed me was so rude and unprofessional and knew who he was going to hire and didn’t even give me a chance to have a interview. He was interviewing a women before and and took 15 min with her and he told the next top manager to talk to her he knew she was going to be hired. Than he came to me didn’t even tell me his name or shook my hand and kept looking at the women he just interviewed and first question he asked was tell me about your self so I did and he kept looking over their and he put his whole hands on the table my interview took less than five min but he was rude barely made eye contact with me and kept looking at the other women he basically hired and didn’t give me a chance to even tell him about me. And when we were done he didn’t even wanted to shake my hand at all. He was so unprofessional and was wrong he didn’t give me the opportunity to know me he knew he was going to hire her I feel like I just wasted my time going their this is so wrong he asked me only 3 questions and that is it none sense


DU November 4, 2014 at 12:26 am

I started working at the Chipotle in Cupertino, CA in May of this year and worked my butt off for the Company. I did everything from cleaning. To line and sometimes 7 days a week. I always came when asked to cover someone’s shift and only took one sick day off. One day about 2 weeks ago I went into work and was asked to clean double load of dishes and management was so rude that when I explained that the employee before I came did not clean anything, I was accused of being insubordinate and told to go home. The manager told me I was on a 3 day suspension and never was able to explain myself. I went home and another called me that same night and recommended that I quit and that the Manager that sent me home did not like me. I drafted a letter of resignation and offered them 2 weeks notice and dropped off the letter the next day. What I didn’t know was that the manager who sent me home had already fired me and was preparing my final check without notifying me or giving me the opportunity to explain. I learned that this happens all the time at this Chipotle as unfair labor practices are very common by certain managers in this location. Seems to me that employees are doomed to fail at Chipotle and unfair that you work so very hard with so much time and effort to end up fired at a whim of the Firm.
Don’t work for Chipotle unless you love punishment and you don’t care about how you get treated. Chipotle does not treat their employees fairly and they work employees like horses.
There are many companies that appreciate their employees that I will consider working for and work hard to be productive .
Good luck Chipotle employees as it is just a matter of time it will happen to you too. Just remember what goes around comes around for managers who cannot manage and leaders who cannot lead. Be assured that Chipotle breeds that.


George Espinoza November 1, 2014 at 9:27 am

This is totally without a doubt unacceptable! I walked into the Ontario Chipotle restaurant this Friday evening (Halloween). I ordered 2 burritos and was just curious if ‘Chipotle’s” honors our Military Forces, Veterans or disable veterans by giving out a “thank you for serving discount”. The answer was a straight NO. But yet if you had walk into this Ontario, Cal. Chipotles restaurant Friday night in a Halloween Costume you would of gotten a free burrito with your purchase. This is definitely a restaurant who has build its success on the blood of all who have served in our past wars and has allowed this CEO or this Manager of this Restaurant to becomes a Multi-Billionaire on the blood of our Honor Dead but yet he (the CEO) says a big F…you to all who has giving of them selves to protect your freedom. By the way Sir, this restaurant has NO handicapped parking or accessibility to your restaurant. Entry doors are not wide enough for wheelchairs, Counter is much to high to see food items, I know this because I do not have use of both my legs, lost them in Vietnam in 1968


Julia Hay October 29, 2014 at 9:21 pm

This is to report a case of food poisoning at the GlenEste, Cincinnati, OH location. I had lunch brought to me on Friday 10/24 and started feeling sick around 5-6PM, and by 11:30PM was deathly ILL. My nausea etc etc. lasted until 4:30-5:00AM, and if didn’t feel any better with 30 min i was going to hospital, that is HOW BAD I FELT. Someone needs to discipline, observe, evaluate, train and re-train this manager/&staff until they learn the importance of keeping their food at the proper temperatures for food safety. I will also file a Consumer complaint for a response.


Julia Hay October 29, 2014 at 5:03 pm

I got lunch from your Glen Este location in Cincinnati, OH and had food poisoning for 24-48 hours. I called the Manager and all she wanted to know was ‘what was in my bowl’.. WHO CARES LADY, whatever was in them, it could have KILLED me. I am reporting this for prevention reasons. The manager and staff need to ensure the temperatures on ALL the food are correct to eliminate any letal bacteria. I am VERY disappointed and will, of course, NOT be back to ANY Chipotle. I am now going to make a call to Corporate office b/c this manager needs some discipline about her communications, compassion, and procedural efforts for food safety !!!


Chyna October 29, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Your store in El cerrito,ca is horrible they have people’s working there that doesn’t speak English and they one have one person on the line and she new at that she doesn’t even know how to wrap a burrito


jack hanes October 27, 2014 at 1:31 pm

To whom it may concern:

Hey I just wanted you to know that your store in Folsom CA off of East Bidwell are doing a terrific job. With that being said I wanted to compliment John and Conner which are the managers who are very much true leader’s in your company. They greeted us with a professional smile and always make sure the food is fresh and to the highest standard. Thank you again for providing us with such exceptional service and we intend to always recommend your store in the future. Lastly could the GM recognize these two for there hard work among there daily routine?

Best regards,



Cinthya Moreno October 25, 2014 at 8:48 am

I was fired for no reason at all.
Over non related work reasons.
I been trying to call for the past 2weeks and no answer.
Would someone above the GM call me back. I need to know the reason why i supposedly got fired and what the GM put in the paper.

Cindy Gutierrez
** w Monroe
Chicago il 60606
That would be the GM.


Cinthya Moreno October 25, 2014 at 9:26 am

Also I was not given the tips of this month. We get them every 3 months and it passed almost 3 1/2 months. I have the right to receive that money.
The tip jar was emptied every 2 weeks and put away. A couple coworkes made comments about the tips, that the people that divides them are very unfair and don’t give the right amount to someone people, they keep more than they are supposed too. This store gives priority to the elder people that have been working there. And that is not right. They claim they have a store of top performers that are empowered to achieve high standards, witch it is not true at all. Half of the store dont know what that means. And ontop of that they are not clean, pay attention to the cameras see how many times the afternoon crew washes their hands after doing anything, some members grab their shoe and put the gloves on. Returning from the restroom non but I mean non wash their hands I get is rushed but there is always time to wash your hands specially because you are working with food. Some employees clean therenose orbevrn suck on their fingers and don’t wash their hands or they move from cashier to the line without washing their hands, there is so much things about this store that will surprise you.
Now another very important thing, there is roaches by the napkins next to fax and in the soda machine, I say this for experience I got a roach in my drink. And a costumer did as well in his Coca-Cola. They don’t clean good. Even when I would clean there roaches would come out. If there is a momma with babies that means that there is alot more where this came from.


Lindsey Swenson October 23, 2014 at 10:01 pm

I have a complaint about my paycheck.I only got paid 48 dollars when it said you paid me 448.00 year to date. I have called, I have faxed and I still have not received the $400.00 I have a lawyer working on this. I don’t understand how anybody can work there, cashier has to do everything and still has to serve customers and the lines never end it takes me 3 hours to change three trash cans that is ridiculous. We even have to sweep up ever little piece of rice.


Chanika Cobb October 19, 2014 at 10:02 pm

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing you because I am very upset and displeased with my recent experience with Chipotle.

My colleague and I decided to get Chipotle for dinner on 10/19/2014 while we were at work.

She caught the bus to the Chipotle and placed two orders, once of which was a salad.

The order was put together by a young lady and Juan rang her up.

We asked for two salad dressings, two sour creams and a side of medium salsa for the orders.

Well once we returned to work, we realized that we had everything, but the two salad dressings.

We called back to location to explain that we were missing items and was advised that we would discuss the matter once we arrived to the Chipotle.

I then got in my car and went back to the Chipotle where there was no parking, so I had to double park and it was very cold out.

I explained why I was returning and was told by Juan that he put the dressings in the bag.

The young lady who put the order together told him to just give me the salad dressings and I said to her that would be the ideal thing to do oppose to going back and forth with me.

I asked for the manager because I could not believe what was going on.

One of managers on duty (Carlos) came out and after briefly explaining to him my concerns he apologized , but then proceeded to say he watched the camera and saw that Juan put the dressings in the bag.

I am livid at the lack of professionalism and customer service your employees have and conduct business.

This was a simple fix and required a simple apology and the dressings that were initially requested when placing the orders, but instead was a total waste of my time.

I will make sure to post my experience with the way business was conducting/handled on every social networking site, channel 7 news and will boycott/picket in front of the store to ensure my complaint is heard if necessary.

I would like a call back at 202-374-xxx and will be certain to file a complaint with the better business bureau.


Chanika Cobb

Store #44
7600 Old Georgetown RD
Bethesda, MD 20814
Host: Juan
Order #: 2146
Manager: Carlos
Service Manager: Jonathan
General Manager: Vladimir Turcios


k brad October 17, 2014 at 5:29 pm



Naveen Harchand October 16, 2014 at 8:34 pm


I am Naveen Harchand from New Delhi, India. I have never been to USA, even I do not have a passport so that I can go out from India. I belong to Indian Army background. And I work with AT&T in New Delhi in India.
On 12 oct 2014, my acc from india had a fraud transaction from USA. And the location my transaction was CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL NORTH BRUNSWI NJ USA using my debit card. Total transaction happened on same day for Rs 22,368.91 /- according to Indian currency. And if I talk in dollars the and it was around $360. How the hell it happened ? I have a report from my bank cyber cell and filed a case in INDIA cyber cell and New delhi Police India. On that day four transaction have been made which makes it total of Rs 22,368.91 /- . I want US police to investigate regarding this. And I need what all list of document you need from my side.

I work for AT&T for your country, so that your people do not have some problem. And USA is doing things just like this. The address for the fraud transaction is—
Address: 524 Shoppes Blvd, North Brunswick, NJ 08902, United States
Phone:+1 732-342-****
From last 4 days I am worried for my money. A person never been to US, still his card was swap in USA. Person do not know any one in USA still. I need the CCTV footage and every thing regarding my fraud transaction. I never thought working for USA, will make me so negative for USA. It is a shame for the country like USA.
I have all the information about the amount and the transaction ID, time location.

Naveen Harchand
Email- harchand@outlook.com



Patricia October 14, 2014 at 2:51 pm

I am forced to register this complaint with your Rockville, Maryland Store 865-B Rockville Pike The Host was Wendy…Your meals are getting more and more scarce at some of your stores…I ordered a chicken burrito bowl to go…the bowl that was being prepared was like I have never seen before, very skimpy and scant…

I frequent your establishment at least 3-4 times a month; today made me rethink why…but I thought again and said, no – its just this specific store…not all of chipotles…

I ask the lady to please put more rice…more chicken and the staff person preceded to add an 1/8 of a spoon more rice and 2 more tiny pieces of chicken to the bowl..I said to myself this is amazing… I started feeling like I was begging…so I told her to forget about the meal…she said “okay next”…she did not care…it was as if I was never there…Then your manager came over and said there is a $2.50 charge for extra…I did not ask for extra..I merely wanted my fair portion…

I already know because your other stores, i.e, Germantown, Gaithersburg and Montgomery Mall, all give you – sometimes too much…but I do not complain…I eat it in two meals…this particular store was like no other Chipotle that I have ever frequented…Someone needs to speak to these folks…their customer service was horrible…including the manager.

I am paying for the meal and should get at minimum the proper portion…please let these people know the proper portions to serve to their customers…truly is was not an adequate burrito bowl…and the young lady’s attitude was horrific.

Thank you for hearing me -
Patricia Roberts-Bradley


Christina Aycock October 10, 2014 at 2:15 pm

As a former employee of this company, I have to say it’s by far the worst, most unprofessional company I have ever worked for. A few things I observed while working there is a complete lack of respect for employees and very poor food preparation and cleanliness standards. I observed our grill person cleaning the rice pots daily with the floor cleaning chemicals, cutting meats and cooking with open cuts and no gloves. I personally have been ill from eating contaminated chicken, was sent home and had hours cut from informing store manager of said food poisoning. Had an incident where walk in cooler was left off overnight and meat was cooked by grill person instead of being thrown out.

Dishes in back are always dirty with food and meat left on them. They require that you wash a certain amount of dishes during your 5 minutes before break rather than wash them correctly to ensure no possible contamination. I had informed store manager, service manager that food tasted of “soap” multiple times from either dishes left with sanitizer in them or produce not being rinsed properly after washing.

All employees in store were non-English and Spanish speakers except 3 including myself. Which made communication in the store close to impossible when daily everyone spoke in Spanish. The Service Manager Estella would have employees answer phone when customers wanted to speak with a manager because she couldn’t understand what was being said, I observed her lie to customers when they asked what her name was or if there was someone else they could speak to about their concern or problem.

I observed the Service Mangers sitting employees down to write in crew journals after having employee clock out instead of doing on the clock due to labor costs.

I was fired with very little information given to me after refusing to allow my job to be constantly sabotaged by SM Estella. I was a Prep and took pride in the products I was creating, yet was discouraged if my time expectation was not strictly met.

While being let go from company I was told by GM that my ” work performance was great, punctuality was met etc.” & I was offered a letter of recommendation from him which I gladly took. Letter highlights my skills etc.

Now to the issue of Chipotle being an unprofessional company: I got prospects for a new job and when Hiring Manager called Chipotle for a work reference two days ago he was told that I “Cannot keep a job for more than a month, never stay at a job over a month.” When I spoke to hiring manager he informed me that it was not the GM that had given that information but a Service Manager who answered when he called.

Making defamatory statements to potential future employers is absolutely illegal and I intend on filing a claim against this store for their many grievances/ illegal practices.


teresa cole October 6, 2014 at 3:48 pm

I don’t normally do this, but I was disappointed at the Chiptole in Dewitt, NY – - They would scoop up an ingredient and only put part of the scoop in the burritos ordered. I was disappointed and mentioned it to the cashier when paying for the two burritos. If you are going to use a scoop to measure, at least dump what is in that scoop on the burrito. I frequent this location often, but will think twice before I go again. Thank you!


Lillie October 5, 2014 at 11:26 am

Last night I went to the Chipotle on 7600 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77070. They were about to close, so I was the last customer in line. I get to the line server and he asks me what I would like. I tell him a burrito bowl with rice, extra rice, no meat, onions & bell peppers, sour cream cheese, and guacamole. He puts the rice and bell peppers and onions in a bowl. A guy(an employee) that is directly behind him tells him to make him a bowl no meat he starts making his bowl. They are down to the last little bit of sour cream. The employee turns the container upside down and scraps it out on the other employees bowl. Now mind you I asked for my bowl first and I am a paying customer. The young lady (another employee) now gets my bowl and ask me what I else do I want on it I say cheese sour cream and guacamole. She says I need a spactula to scrape this out the container. The (employee) gut from the back, ( the same guy that now had his bowl of food made already) says there isn’t any more. The young lady looks at me and I say no sour cream I don’t want it with out sour cream. She shurgs her shoulders and says I don’t know what to do. She then ask them what she should do and they ignore her. So I left her with the bowl and went out to my car. Then I went across the street to Olive Garden where they were about to close, but took the time to serve me anyway. I will NEVER go to chipotle again. I know most people say that, but I am not most people I am one person and I do what I say. My friends and I use to meet there for lunch or dinner, not any more. I can promise you if you don’t get your employees attitudes and customer service under control, I don’t care how well you are doing now it will stop, then your going to think about all these post and it will be to late. Its not that hard to be polite and do your job. My saying is if you don’t like your job quit before you make others dislike you.


kevin washington October 4, 2014 at 9:42 am

Hey my name is kevin I worked at the chipotle in west Hartford Connecticut and I was harassed by my kitchen manager before my shift started and he was speaking bad of me in spanish. I addressed him speaking of me in spanish and told him in a letter if he don’t like the way I train Ppl he can do it himself. I was terminated after a weeks suspension and he is still there and they gave my promotion to the Spanish girl after I was supposed to get the position. I then tried to plead my case and nobody wants to hear me. I’m filing harassment and discrimination it’s specifically says in the handbook that no person shall be held accountable in the act that the person felt harassed or discriminated against.


Travis Miller October 1, 2014 at 12:38 am

I have to say that i’m just sick from my stomach from what I just went through at this Chipotle. I have never seen such lack of respect for a customer then that from Lindsay, the one that stated that she was the store manager on duty. My experience here started off wonderful until I had to come back to restaurant to return my food on the account that the bowl that I ordered was not properly secured and thus causing the food to seep out into the bag causing it to rip. All my food came flying out on the ground, I was very upset about this. So I decided to return to store and ask for another bowl on the account of this. I spoke with Lindsay and she was very rude, she didn’t even acknowledge me at first, she told me to hold on. Next she asked in a loud tone what I wanted, I then said in a nice calmly manner about what happened then she told me she would have to check the camera first. In my head I was like really! Why can’t I just get another bowl, she made it very difficult then it really needed to be. She finally came back after supposedly watching the camera that we was eating in restaurant after her Co workers saw that I had left the store and then returned . So she then said that I was lying about leaving which was just pure nonsense, I got so frustrated about this. I then pleaded my case to her multiple of times and then she got really uneasy ignorant and then mad at the same time telling me I can pay for another bowl for $6.80 or I can leave her store or she would call the cops. Was that needed in my head, no but she made a scene and then forced me and brother who was there at the time out of the door. This was so embarrassing for me and I’m sure for the paying customers that had to witness this from Lindsay. All I wanted was so simple but she made seem so complicated. I felt so profiled and discriminated against. Please get back to me about resolving this because if not I will be escalating this higher up to the next level. Thank you, loyal customer Travis this Incident happened at 1736 n federal highway


PattyWachna September 30, 2014 at 6:21 pm

Hi I was just at the Chipotle “s on University Dr In coral springs. I love going there my favorite place to eat. It was 5:30 when I was there & they didn’t seem to have enough people working & they were all talking as people left etc. Then I counted on the counter at least 19 containers just sitting there waiting to be washed. It took at least 15- 20 minutes to get my order. It was just a bad experience for me. Don’t think I will go back to that one — will start going to 441.It was the first time I was not a happy camper.That store really needs some help there. Thanks for listening.


Amy September 30, 2014 at 1:09 pm

Sept 30, 2014
I just heard this on the radio this morning and it was very rude and dishearting. Why on earth would you NOT put a changing station in the restrooms at your stores? I would be offended too if someone asked me to leave after changing my baby’s diaper. Now, granted there may have been a better way to change the diaper instead of on the table, but none the less it was awful!! And after hearing this, I will not be going into a chipotle..Ive never tried it and I wont. This is totally bad PR for your company!!


Cerissa September 29, 2014 at 10:40 am

I’m a Chipotle addict and frequent the Hoover, Al location about 2-3 times a week. I mostly place my orders online and for the most part they get them right and they are ready when I arrive. Today I placed an order to be picked up at 1:45pm. I got stuck picking up something at Dollar General so I was 30 minutes late to pick up my order. So imagine my surprise when I found out my order wasn’t ready. The cashier Stephanie told me someone quit and she would explain to me why my order wasn’t ready once she cleared out the line. After about 10 minutes she then said my order was given to another customer. It’s really hard to believe that another customer got the same exact thing in their burrito and burrito bowl but I continued to wait. Finally she asked another guy on the line how to find my order since it had already been settled out. He showed her how to recall my order but still no one was making it. I asked to speak to Carlos the General Manager and he had the nastiest attitude I’ve ever encountered from a manager. He was also very nonchalant about the situation. Even after he came out my and I told him what was wrong my order still wasn’t being made. He had to go down the line and tell them to make my order. I paid and got my food and went to car. But, I became angry at the way I was treated as a loyal customer. So I went back in and gave him my food and asked for a refund. I then went to the Hwy 280 location and they were very pleasant and the staff took great care of me.


Lateira September 28, 2014 at 2:11 pm

I went to the highway 36 White bear location in Saint Paul MN last night. It was close to 10 when they close, and they put out some fresh food. In my mind since they put out fresh food before closing, I thought they would give out nice size portions, that didn’t happen. I kept having to say can I get more, more, more. I mean come on, if customers are paying for there food, then give them a good amount of food because chances are they will ask for more anyway. I know it is there job to put on a certain amount, but they really do take it way too far. If this keeps happening, I will ask for a manager or not go to any chipotles anymore.


Valine Turchin September 27, 2014 at 5:21 pm

Our local Catholic school contacted this companie to cater a event for a parent night out. In which we were turned down for being a Catholic organization. As a parent and a member of this school and church i take a huge offense to this. Because of our beliefs! As a company you have NO right to judge any paying costumer!!!! Religion Race Ethnicity is no concern to any one nor any company!!!! Who ever thought that this was ok should be ashamed of themselves!!


razel mathews September 26, 2014 at 8:35 am

terrible experience because of a mistake on the bill, a lack of an apology, and not given proper information about the several additional fees added to each suggestion that they give you on a hectic cafeteria style of ordering, which is normally very functional…but unethical how they push “add on ” items…………no money refunded…no apology


Neil September 24, 2014 at 5:40 pm

I have been going to the same Chipotles for 5 years mostly for its location since I was a student and worked for the University of Arizona and its pretty much right on campus. Most Chipotles I would rate 10 out of 10 but this particular location is about a 7 out of 10 and the lines are always about 40 minutes wait time because the students from the University of Arizona go to it due to the fact its within walking distance. Campus food is not good and its very expensive and this place is within walking distance and most college kids in the dorms don’t have cars so they have no choice but to settle for a not so good tasting chipotles. I know this because I was in the same boat. This particular store use to be better when it had a different manager but since they got a new one named Josh Salyers is has gone downhill. The food is worse and the customers service is pathetic. Today I went in because I happened to be in the area (I graduated and took a different job). Again horrible line and poor guest service. Today the manager pulled me aside to say that one of their employees complained about me saying I was rude to her. I had to laugh at this because I have never heard of talking to a guest about an employee’s complaint since its usually the other way around. I told him what had happened on a particular day. I went in with my friend. The bowls were way backed up on the food processing line and I told her I would gladly give her a minute to catch up on her bowls because is she made mine it would be cold before I even rang out. So I was nice. She then told me “what you need to do if you want your food to stay hot is to get all your stuff on the side, your lettuce, salsa, cheese, etc” I said what she needed to do was her job. She shouldn’t be telling me what I need to do to keep my food hot, she should process my bowl fast enough that I wouldn’t need to get my topping on the side. I only expect my food to be hot from the start of the line until I pay for it I don’t expect it to sit there for so long its cold by the time it gets to the register and that I cant get my bowl made the correct way I should get it on the side. WOW!!! Anyways the manager said that in his store the customers is not always right and that I can go to his store if Im ok with bad service and dont complain about it. I then told him the store had better food and service when the last manager was there at that point he banned me from the store because he said I insulted him. He then gave me the Chipotles number to call and complain and I see why he did because no one answers it. They have so many store complaints now. This is the first I have seen where a business intentionally tries to lose its customers.


Yakota VP September 24, 2014 at 11:04 am

Hello , I’m trying to get in touch with the corporate office regrading a incident in one of your locations in Chicago in Hyde park can u please provide me with a corporate number ????


Michael September 23, 2014 at 6:49 pm

Use to eat Chipotle once a week with a group of at work. Now after the dumb gun rules we no longer go there and we are happy to say we found a better restaurant called “Hot Head Burritos.” Hot Head is a smaller chain but if you have one near you give it a try!!! Way better taste which i didnt think was possible!!!


Laura Albrecht September 23, 2014 at 1:09 pm

my workers and i have been coming to the store in eagan minnesota on cliff rd !! this is by far the worse store we have ever been to EVERY time we go in they not only open late they ALL are VERY RUDE !!! on sept 23 2014 we went and got food for a few of the workers at work they made the orders of course they all were very RUDE again after getting everything and going back to our office we found out the did not put 2 items in our bag !! we called in to let them know and talked to a very rude lady then i asked to speak to her manager who was “ester” she wasby far the worst person there and was very rude to me talling me it was my fault that i didnt make sure they put it in our bag i exp that is not my job she then told me i would have to pay for the items that they didnt put in the bag i exp we already did she said oh well was VERY rude and then hung up on me !! i called back to get the GM or someones # that i could talk to besides her she said they didnt have it and again got rude and hung up on me


Neil September 24, 2014 at 5:43 pm

I agree. The store I was going to the service was so bad. They are not only slow and not friendly they actually make rude comments. All the while their GM thinks its ok. I have worked all my life in retail/guest service and Ive never seen anything like this.


barbara estes September 23, 2014 at 12:14 pm

Well. I tried to leave feed back on your Talk To Us page, but it only gave possible senarios as topics and didn’t leave me a way to send a message concerning general feed back…then I called the corporate number listed on your page and no answer and NO voicemail system (?) What ?
So, here’s the Feed Back..we patronize the Matthews Festival store in Matthews. N.C. They have a huge turn over of employees for some reason, we very rarely see the same people working there. I worry that there is no accountability in a situation like that, as far as properly preparing the food, etc. Last week when I went in one day they were out of bowls ! They couldn’t make salads or burrito bowls. I was ordering burrito bowls and the man in front of me, salads..so we both left without ordering.
I just wanted to let you know what was going in one of your stores. Here in Charlotte there is stiff competition, such as with Moe’s Southwestern Grill, who feature their own free salsa bar and chips.
Thank you, B. Estes


shkeena Griffin September 22, 2014 at 2:44 pm

The service is very poor they dont speak to customers
I feel as if they rush you to order. The water dispenser didnt work they refused to try and accommodate anybody. The manager refused to give me corporate number. I will never spend my money at this restaurant again. I also will be spreading the word to others. Its a Milwaukee wi location the store number is 0618


Gregory Weekes September 21, 2014 at 9:55 pm

hi my name is Gregory weekes I work for your company the one in Marlborough mass. And I was trying to transfer to the store in chestnut hill and my old boss will not put my transfer threw. All I want to do is take care of my family and by him not doing that I won’t. So I would like if u can get a hold of him and handle the problem. Cause I been trying to call him and the other boss has been calling him too. And nothing still haven’t been done. Thank u and have a nice day


Lisa September 18, 2014 at 10:30 am

My family loves chipotle we go two times a week to eat. Lately the service
Had been horrible so we quit going for about a month now last
Night we went to the store on miller lane in Ohio instead if the new englewood
Ohio store and I have to say the young man by the name of chad was the
Best employee I have ever come by working in a food establishment he was polite he smiled he was professional and a Wonderful employee he deserves to be recognized
For sure on his outstanding customer service!!!!!! I wouldn’t let that employee get away
Great job chad and we will go out of our way just to served by you!!!!!!!


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