CenturyLink Corporate Office

CenturyLink Corporate Office Address

CenturyLink, Inc.
100 CenturyLink Dr
Monroe, LA 71203

Contact CenturyLink

Phone Number: (318) 388-9000
Fax Number: (318) 388-9488
Website: http://www.centurylink.com
Email: Email CenturyLink


CEO: Glen F. Post III
CFO: R. Stewart Ewing Jr.
COO: Karen A. Puckett

CenturyLink History

CenturyLink was founded in 1968 as Central Telephone and Electronics Corporation.  In 1971, the name was changed to Century Telephone Enterprises and then to CenturyTel in 1999.

Oak Ridge Telephone Company originally served 3 states with around 10,000 access lines.  In 1968, Oak Ridge incorporated as Central Telephone and Electronics.

In 1978, the company went public and began to trade on the NYSE under symbol CTL.

In 1981, the company acquired War Telephone from WV.  War Telephone was sold 2 years later due to financial issues.

In 1989, Universal Telephone was acquired.  In 1992, Central Telephone Company of Ohio was added to the company.

In 2008, Embarq acquired CenturyTel.  In 2010, the name was changed to CenturyLink.  The CenturyLink corporate office is located in Monroe, LA.

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John higginbotham September 23, 2014 at 1:45 pm

I have been checking online for 4 years every other day to check if you service my area and finally I was able to place an order to order phone and internet after placing order and waiting for a tech to come out a customer service rep called me and said there would be a price difference if I did speeds over 10 so I said fine 10 is enough then the day before installing my equipment a engineer called and said they could not offer internet to my area. I am outraged because I have 5 rentals past my home that can have it. And this house used to have it how do I get this fixed.


Patricia September 21, 2014 at 12:46 am

There must be something you can do to make internet more affordable for those living on social security alone. I have just retired and can no longer afford internet with CenturyLink. There are over 500,000 seniors living in Colorado. I don’t know how many of them live on social security alone, but my guess is a lot of them. If we cannot afford internet and have to drop it all together, this will definitely impact your bottom line. Please be progressive in your thinking about this issue.

Colorado Springs, CO


Mary September 18, 2014 at 6:26 pm

Since I have been FORCED to move to Prism from my old Choice package on 7/3 I have had nothing but BAD experiences. I was informed on 7/2/13 I spoke to Michelle, a Prism Rep, that advised me that I would have the “SAME” package and channels with 5 boxes for free (1 per tv that I had) 1 free motum for internet for free. I would have more channels, faster internet and premium channels for the same price I was currently paying. She said it was a great deal. I would have a DVR recorder and all the HD channels since they are available for free. I have been a loyal customer, paying my full balance by auto pay for 13 plus years. I had the basic package and all the movie channels. I was happy with the channel’s I had and the picture quality I had. That is why I stayed with you for so long and recommended other’s to your service. I did discuss that I received a notice that cables were supposed to be buried in my yard for this upgrade and I had no signs that this has occurred. I called 3 times and was told that it was reported that the cables were buried. I then called back on 7/8/13 to ask another question. I received John as a rep. He informed me I only get 2 boxes for free, 1 modem, I get a base package and I have to pay for extra channels. Then he hung up. I called back and got Brian who informed me that I get 4 boxes free, 3 months free movie channels and I would have to pay $108.99 and $63.96 for HBO and Showtime. My current Choice bill was $94.37 for internet, basic and All the movie channels for this package. So you can imagine my shock and confusion between what each rep was reporting. I ended up speaking to someone at your Corporate headquarters that wasn’t involved with Prism who conf in the Prism rep and we got Michelle again. This was around 7/9. Michelle informed us that she was talked to and was giving out wrong information when she spoke to me on 7/3. I cancelled my change order then since ALL the mis-information. In June 2014 I received a notice that my service was going to be cut off by July 10th if I didn’t switch to Prism by then. Since I was loyal I contacted Century Link to switch my service per their request. I was told by Kimberly on 6/20/14 that I would have service up until they switch me over on 7/3/14. On 7/2/14 I get home I have NO internet and NO Cable service. You company cut the Nodes apparently to my neighborhood. Thanks for once again for the great experience! On 7/3/14 the installer comes in and SHOCKER the cable wasn’t buried. He had to run a cable from 2 yards, along my neighbors and my fence to my house. He was going to report that it needed to be buried and would take about a month. Well today is 9/18/14 and the cable is still on the fence and rolled up by the house. What is further disappointing is that my previous package of Choice TV had channels that I no longer have now. I thought I was supposed to have the “SAME” package according to the letter that was sent in 2013. No animal planet, channels where the cornhuskers play like CBS Sports and there is NO GUIDE now so you don’t know what is coming on unless you spend a lot of time looking in the future each channel at a time and when you can find a channel that you have. AND YES Big Brother After Dark is not on Prism but is on Century Link. Another thing I lost when forced to go to Prism. I was also informed by Kimberly that next year when, OR AT THIS TIME IF, I decide to stay with Prism, I will get the DVR and HD channels for free as part of the package but since I get a “Special” discount for being forced to move and pay more after 3 months I get to pay for these services if I want to continue with them for 9 months. Gee Thanks! But wait the fun continues. I called billing around in early Aug when I received a late for $27.43. My banking showed this payment on 7/15/14. The billing agent confirmed this. I can’t remember what her name was. I discussed my payments and was ensured that my auto pay was still set up and I didn’t need to worry about anything. Again I have had auto pay set up for over 13 plus years. So 9/15 I receive a bill for $280.82 with a disconnect notice. I was shocked and very upset. Again what I was told by your representative was false. On 9/16 I spoke to Karen in billing and she advised me that I owed $411.11 now. WHAT!!!!!! She told me that some accounts Auto Pay fell off with the Prism and that I had to reset up my auto pay. I asked if I could pay what I owe, figure out how to come up with over $400 dollars all the sudden. Karen told me it would cost me $4.00 for her to do this but go on line and do it. REALLY! AGAIN Thank you for the great experience and great customer service. Well today 9/17 I set up my auto pay and paid the $280.82. I saw that I was charged a $6 late fee for Internet and a $6 late fee for late payment. I called your billing and spoke to Shanda and she is crediting this back to me. I called the number that your customer service department provided me of 1-877-535-3592 to talk to someone about burying my cable. The girl on the line said oh since you don’t have a phone with us you have to go to the internet department and they will schedule to get your cable buried. However, to clarify with her if I had my phone, internet and cable (Which I used to up to a year ago) she could take care of it. Well I was on hold and had to hang up so that didn’t get scheduled again. Overall I am not happy with this whole experience and the way that your company had dis-regarded a loyal customer. I have COX representatives all the time wanting my business and offering me packages and adding 2 channels for no additional charge if it isn’t in the package and at a price closer to what I used to pay. I have not gone there but I may need to start reconsidering if I continue to have issues and bad experiences with your company and service. I would like a reply to this and know when or if anything will be done to rectify not only the cable situation but the whole attitude and experience I continue to have. Right now I feel I am just money to you and not a loyal customer. I am getting nickel and dimed and not provided the channels and service I used to have. It is like you go to Prism and your must like what we will let you have and you better like it and we don’t care about you.


Janice T. September 16, 2014 at 1:54 pm

I had made payment arrangements to pay an $800 bill..this was due to “bundling”. When I had Internet, Phone and Direct TV installed it was supposed to run about $100 month..the bill is actually $177! I wish I had never heard the term bundle!! So I’ve been making the payments..I get up this morning and I have no service, I call CS they tell me I missed a payment..no it’s not due til the 20th of the month, I don’t get paid til the 16th..why would I set up a due date before I get paid… I was told it was due the 15th and that was yesterday, so service was disconnected. After much wrangling on the phone,(who changed my due date to the 15th I’ll never know)..like last month who added a very pricey NFL package to my account? I was told by Supervisor Wanda Davis that my payment agreement was void and to get my service tuned back on I had to pay the full amount..which is the same amount I originally started with…$800. I guess my payments have gone into a black hole..
I’ve called the corporate HQ in LA and left a message with a ‘Manager’..so far it’s 3 hours later and no one has returned the call. They can send the bill to collections..I’ll be damned if I give them another cent! I’m going to call my state’s Attorney General and see if there is something they can do…this is ridiculous.
Ms. Davis the SV indicated that I had just made the agreement last month to get my service turned back on, with no intent of ever paying the bill….who are these people? And they should not judge me by their standards!!
Go to hell Centurylink!


Damaris Melendez September 23, 2014 at 3:41 pm

Hello Janice T. My name is Mrs. Damaris Melendez. I live in San Marcos, Texas. DID YOU HAVE YOUR COMPLAINT RESOLVED? I have the same bundling problem. Was promised Internet, Phone and Channels. Getting two bills Centrilink and Direct TV…these two never bundled. Now I am getting billed an early cancelation fee. Please let me know how it went. I will make the time to contact the State Attorney. Call me at 1 (512) 618-xxxx or email me at h***@yahoo.com.


victoria September 5, 2014 at 3:59 am

I have trying to report a fraud on a century link account that some opened under a minors social security number and birth date. I get no answer besides they don’t know what to do or some one will call me back. I hope some one will call me back from this company and get this resolved


Bruno August 28, 2014 at 12:32 am


My name is Bruno and I am writing this email to you, to let you know how disgusted and upset I am to have your internet and Prism tv service; today I was yelled by rep Diane employee number AVZ 03533 and treated like I was some five year old kid, then transferred to another rep that seats right next to her with name Crystal employee number 0197706 which she wasn’t any help at all, I was advised that she was the manager and I couldn’t speak to nobody else due she is the top of the ladder and her manager is payroll and don’t take any phone calls.

I have only had bad service from every rep I speak with, I just received lies from them and lies that are not necessary, I never had an issue with making a payment to your company, I was never late and always paid in advance but when your reps lied and then mistreat me like they are paying Me to have your service, that is when I have an issue. I spoke with manager Carlos employee number 017996 on 8-19-14 and was advised that I will not have any balance for the account, I expended about one hour on the phone and it was promised that everything should be taken care of, that I shouldn’t receive any future charges for this account due to it was their fault and system issues and that all new charges will for this new account number, because I moved and once I moved a new account number was created and you couldn’t keep the old account number and the services for account, was cancelled July 28th, which I am glad I recorded this conversation, you are not the only one that randomly records calls to be monitored for quality assurance (I recorded two phone calls) but today I have a balance for 54.82 for the account, which I spoke today to your unhelpful reps Diane and Crystal and they said that I owed that money of 30.94 and that there were no notes in the system and whatever information manager Carlos gave me was wrong and I had to pay for the amount, I advised Crystal that I was told this not only Carlos but the previous rep that transferred me to them and again I was scolded like a five year old.

I also spoke with Arturo Aguilera with employee number AA94797 that confirmed and re-assured me that my entire monthly statement per month for the account number will be 80.82 including taxes, boxes, internet, and prism tv, I am also really glad I recorded this conversation two weeks ago due to this rep broke everything down detail by detail and you can’t get anything better than that to back you up.

I will be canceling my service with your company, due to your company just trains your employees to lie to the customers, I will be filing a BBB complaint, I will also contact the Arizona Fraud department and social media, In today’s days Media is a great asset to communicate, I will wait for my statement and If a penny more is over charge to me, I will make sure my video makes viral in all the social media, everything would’ve been taken care of if none of your reps would’ve lied to me and especially treated me the way Diane and Crystal treated me today, I regret having service with your company and I regret not to record the phone call of today, because I was never yelled on the phone by a rep and that is just absolutely wrong, I feel disgusted the way I was treated and lied to keep your service.

Sent from my iPhone


Linda September 19, 2014 at 1:43 pm

I’m having so much trouble getting internet from these guys. First they say I owe them 400 dollars. They won’t tell me why. I had C.L. and verizon bundled, I fulfilled my verizon contract, C.L. says I didn’t. I called verizon and they said I was paid in full, no meed to worry. But C.L. says I owe them for my last billing to verizon, they said they paid it. What a crock. i could go on and on, but when I think how they are trying to get me to pay I get so upset. Warning to everyone who will read this: Never do business with these crooks, you’ll regret it! Thanks for letting me vent.


Mark in Idaho August 26, 2014 at 12:44 pm

I am appalled at the poor customer service. I have spent hours trying to get my phone and internet set up. All I get is hours on hold listening to the Direct TV and broadband promos. Today, I have been transferred to a different agent over 5 times and still can not get an agent who can solve my problem. I keep getting these Filipino agents who steal American jobs and do not have the ability to resolve my problems.
If my call is important to Century Link, they should answer the phone and fix my problem.


Margaret colmes August 25, 2014 at 9:19 pm

I can’t believe that i have to submitt this by my phone but the service i was promised never showed up. I ordered my services on 8/18/2014 when i paid my bill in full. I had lost my job in march and only owed 53.52. I was tols i would have my service back up for school by the 25th of August. No service was installed and so i called customer service were they kept me on hold for over 56 mins just to find out that they want a deposit. I asked for a manager wondering to myself why no one contacted me back. His rude reply was sorry cant help you. Well guess what i reporting your company. Your company just cost me a weeks worth of class work that could not be submitted due to your lack of customer relations. Now, after reasing all your negative posts i get it.

You have a lack of value to your company and a lack of concern for the customers that pay your salary.



Lisa August 25, 2014 at 7:53 pm

Below you will find a chronological time line of events beginning with the initial contact conversation with a CenturyLink representative. I have upheld my end of the agreement/contract that was agreed upon concerning the “guaranteed 30 day cancellation period”. I notified CenturyLink of the issue that I had not received internet service and was assured it would be rectified. Billing statements have continued to be mailed to me showing an increased balance despite cancellation.

The last representative I spoke to, “Caleb”, assured me this would be rectified. I want this problem fixed and removed from the collection agency.

Chronological Time Line of events

Called to inquire about internet service on February 27, 2014 at 2:00pm,
phone number 1-800-788-3500.

Spoke to a representative named Michelle

discussed and accepted plan that included:
$39.95 monthly for 12 months
$22.00 discount for 12 months
$17.95 amount before taxes
$32.95 Total monthly charge with taxes

$15.00 activation fee
$30.00 one time Credit

Billing cycle (20-19)

Modem cost: *No modem was requested
$99.99 total price
$6.99 monthly lease

*30 day guarantee – I could cancel contract within 30 days without penalty.
Internet help phone number 1-877-646-3282

Confirmation # recorded

Waited for service to be activated.
There was no indication that a service person had activated service.
No representative called, there was no notice left on front door.
There is 1 large Doberman and 2 small dogs on property that need to be restrained while strangers are present. These dogs are used for protection and guard dogs. At no time did anyone come to our address and activate service, we would have known.

After 1 week of waiting for service to be provided, we contacted another carrier and had service activated. The new carrier’s service men called to announce their schedule appointment and come to activate service.

Received billing statement from CenturyLink dated: March 20,2014

Total current charges $102.28

March 27, 2014 Called and spoke to representative named Teneka

Informed Teneka that I did not have service from CenturyLink and did not understand why I had received a statement in the amount of $102.28.

She told me I would have to cancel service, although I informed her I did not have service with CenturyLink.

I also told her:
-no one from CenturyLink had come out to my address to activate internet service
-no servicemen had contacted me to inform me of activation
-no notice had been left on front door
-there was nothing to indicate service had been activated
-there is always someone at the residence due to disability, if a serviceman had come the dogs would have had to be restrained.

Teneka transferred my call to another department.

My call was transferred from Teneka to a representative named Caleb.

I informed Caleb of the conversation with Michelle and Teneka. I repeated everything I had told Teneka, including that there was no one that had come out to activate service and that our dogs had to be restrained before strangers come on to out property.

Caleb informed me that I was within my “guaranteed 30 day Cancellation period”.
He asked why I had waited this long to inform CenturyLink that I had not received service.
I informed him, that the first week I assumed CenturyLink must be running behind in installation or were short handed on servicemen. After a week, I got upset that no one had contacted me and choose to go with another company.
Caleb reviewed his information and informed me that there had been an issue with the initial representative that taken my order for service, that it had not been the serviceman/contractors error.
Caleb assured me that he would cancel my service and that my next statement would print out on April 23, 2014 reflecting a balance of $0.00.

Received statement dated April 20, 2014 showing amount due was $197.21.

Received statement dated April 23, 2014 showing amount due was $52.19.

Received statement dated May 20, 2014 showing amount due was $249.40.

Received statement dated June 20, 2014 showing amount due was $249.40.

Received statement dated July 20, 2014 showing amount due was $249.40.


Bruno August 28, 2014 at 12:29 am

I would go to the BBB and if you can make this centurylink famous on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram


Alonzo Smith August 21, 2014 at 4:06 pm

I am on disability and I went into a Century Link store to inquire and purchase internet services while there a middle age while male sold me a internet package in which I paid a deposit. While he was trying to find the right package for me I notice a flyer for reduced internet services I ask him ” What do I have to do to get the reduced services”? He explain to me that I needed to fill out the application and place in the mail after that someone will contact me to tell me what services I qualify for. He went to the back to retrieve the application placed in my hand then began to finish up completing my order. Several months went by a bill lager than expected arrived, I figured that the next bill would include the discount.
I never received the discounted rate. I called Century Link customer service to ask about my application and where can I locate the discount on the bill? I was informed that my application had being received and they see that I do qualify for the discounted service based on the documentation that I submitted but, unfortunately I needed to do the application before I purchased services. The gentlemen that sold me the service, took my deposit, handed me the application, and filtered instructions on what to do. He was responsible for telling me that I needed to do the application first if I wanted to utilize the discounted services as I did and still do qualify. As a result of him selling me the service without filtering the proper information for qualifying I have a bill that I can’t pay, It’s being disconnected as result of an higher than expected bill, there is a family members in the home who have a job that requires the use of the internet they can’t properly report b/c we no longer have the internet. On top of that my credit is in jeopardy. I have a bill for 151.73 for internet on a fix income.
I revisit the store and was given an apology, I was told that they remember my daughter and I. A rep stated it was nothing they could do. As a customer services rep the job is to provide the best service possible for the customer, this agent failed me and jeopardized our quality of living as we don’t always have transportation out to public places to utilize the internet.


Richard Jacobs August 7, 2014 at 12:08 am

I am a long term customer (20yrs) or as my monthly bill says, “Loyal customer.”

I do not like the way your system works at the end of a promotional period. I do not like to have to call customer service and beg them again for a new promotion as a long term “loyal customer”. I want a low flat rate from month to month period.

My promo ended last month and this months bill went from $31.98 to $62.98. There was nothing “noticeable” on last months bill to tell me that my promotion is now ending and that i need to call c/s and beg for a new promo.

I spoke with three different c/s reps today and they are now giving me a new “promotional rate as a loyal customer.” But they can not take care of this months bill. I will not pay the $62.98, i am sending in a check for $31.98. If this is a problem and you desire to loose a “loyal customer” of 20yrs over $31.00, then i am willing to go to someone else.

Again, i do not like your promo system. Just give us a fair monthly flat rate and be done with it.

Please copy this customer response to the following people within Century link:

Glen Post – CEO
Karen Puckett- COO
Sue Anderson- VP Washington State

Thank You,
Loyal Customer
Richard Jacobs


James Dillie August 5, 2014 at 11:37 pm

Centurylink bills have a local phone service charge which needs to be explained before I use the company for my phone service.
What is Non-Telecom SVC Surcharge????
Someone who has Centurylink service told me it was for Centurylink Voice mail and inside wiring maintenance. What if a person does not have voice mail and what if that same person already has an inside wire repair plan????
Would Centurylink double charge?????


Dynell August 5, 2014 at 9:11 pm

I have had the worse experience with this company since the day I started.. horrible customer service, a person says one thing and the other says another… now im stuck with a bill from Verizon that some jack ass from century link singed me up with.. I never wanted a Verizon home phone, what I thought I was getting was a century link home phone.. so now I have to pay the fees that are owed to Verizon, I honestly think century link should be held responsible!


Jose V. August 5, 2014 at 5:12 am

I just sent this email to customer service and I am re-posting it but I know it will NOT do any good other than just feeling better about venting my frustration with this poor excuse of a company.

I just wanted to let my frustration known regarding my internet speed. It is very very very slow and unreliable. I keep getting marketing pieces from you, even though I am already a customer, saying that I can get internet speeds up to 40mps in my area if I only switch. If that is the case then why don’t I already. I check with one of your representatives every time I get one of your marketing pieces and all they say it is not available yet. This has been the case for over years at least 7 when you guys where QWest. I have been hearing the same promise since then.

I used to be a customer then canceled then came back to century Link because I have to have internet and Comcast is too expensive on its own. I regret that I switched back to century link but I HAD NO CHOICE. My decision was more to get Direct TV service then your internet turtle. I know you will simply send me an email saying “oh we are sorry” and “we are working at getting better speeds for your area” and things like that so please don’t apologize for something I am starting to hate, just get it done!!!!

I don’t recommend Century Link to people, in fact I simply tell them if they can afford it go with Comcast and/or use your internet card with your cell phone carrier. It might be more but at least you can do everything you need without having to wait for downloads or uploads to complete.

I don’t believe companies like yours care about one account so please also spare me the we care email as well. I am calling out your CEO Glen Post III and challenging him to either make the promised changes (I have been hearing about upgrading the “lines”, what ever that means, for YEARS now) or else pay for us to have a better reliable internet service than the poor product you shell out for small communities like ours.

Thank you for your time (if it even reaches anyone who can effect change). I guess I should say thank you to the Customer Service Rep who is reading this email for your time. Don’t mean to rant but the company you work for is ridiculous!!!


Velma Hardesty August 1, 2014 at 6:38 pm

I have been trying to get someone on the phone to cancel call forwarding on my home phone. I started waiting at 11:00 am, it is now 11:24 am and I am still on hold. This service is very unsatisfactory. As soon as I can I will probably cancel my service with Century Link. 11:27 am, I finally got a person to talk to and get the problem resolved.


David Reno July 24, 2014 at 4:15 pm

I know by reading these responses, that corporate does not see these. But service is service or not. I live 1-1/4 miles from sub station and speeds are .01 to .33 on a system that advertises 1.5 ha ha. The answer-we over sold the service- we can give you 5 dollars off your bill. What can we do?


Jose V. August 5, 2014 at 5:14 am

Mr Reno,

I guess I shouldn’t complain about already getting 1.5 speed. I have it and I still say HA HA like you to that cause its not even that all the time. I have been told for YEARS many in fact that the speed is not here yet. But I get the same marketing piece in the mail saying I can get up to 40mps if only I switch, what a joke!!

I hope you get your issue resolved soon.
My regards.

Jose V.


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