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Best Western International, Inc.
6201 N 24th Pkwy
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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Phone Number: (602) 957-4200
Fax Number: (602) 957-5641
Website: http://www.BestWestern.com
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CEO: David Kong
CFO: Mark Straszynski
COO: Scott Gibson

Best Western History

Best Western was founded in 1946 by hotelier M.K. Guertin as an informal referral system for member hotels.

By 1963, there were 700 member hotels, making them the largest chain in the industry.

In 1964, Canadian hotels were admitted into the association.

In 1977 the company began using the phrase, “world’s largest lodging chain”.

In 1980, Denmark, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland joined the association.

In 1995, the company launches BestWestern.com website.  By 2005, the are booking $1 million in reservations per day online.

In 2004, Best Western became the official hotel of Nascar.

Today, Best Western is made up of over 4200 hotels worldwide with nearly half of those in North America.

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Ron Tyson July 21, 2014 at 2:26 am

We just arrived at the best western manatee in Bradenton, FL . This hotel was listed as a Best western plus,. It is the most discussing Best Western plus that I have ever stayed in
Since I started staying with this company. it smells like a wet dog as soon as you enter.
after checking In at 3:00 the clerk agreed that it smelled bad. He said it must have been
The mop that they used to clean the lobby.
After going to my room we heard a dog barking constantly and I called the front desk.
They told us that the problem would be handled immediately. It is now 11:00 and the barking has not stopped.
We left for 2 hours and when we came back we walked into our room and the smell of mold was overwhelming. They don’t care!

My real complaint is that when I made the reservation for two days that I could not cancel my reservation because it was too late. Now I know why!
I am now in this room, 212 with this mold smell and am out $200 dollars and am in a room
Where you can hardly breathe.
Don’t always believe that best western plus is a better hotel.

Ron Tyson
Lafayette, In


Alexander July 17, 2014 at 8:10 pm

To Whom It May Concern,

Hotel Aurora / Best Western – Paris

CC: Tess Riot (Hotel Manager, Claim discussed on Thursday 17th July)

On the evening of Wednesday 16th of July, my girlfriend and I had returned to the hotel at approximately 2am. My partner and I had caught a taxi from the Eiffel Tower and after the taxi departed, were confronted by a man who was yelling and looked as though he was intoxicated just as we were approaching the entrance of the hotel. We ignored and ventured inside the inner part of the hotel lobby. Not exactly the hotel foyer but an entrance that is approximately 2×2 metres in size. I proceeded to open the door to find it was locked with no one sitting at the front desk. I rang the doorbell continually waiting with no answer. After about ten minutes, panic started to set in and I began to second-guess myself doubting the hotel’s 24/7 return policy and called Australia to speak with my parents to discuss the situation. My mother (Lorna Antoniadis) called the hotels number (multiple times) from which we could hear from behind the desk – obviously no one was there to answer. We were very fearful of what we were going to do and I manually closed the sliding door separating us from the street. A couple of people walked past and one character walked past four times peering from across the road to see what was happening – this made myself and my girlfriend feel extremely distressed and worried for our safety and well being as this is the first time we have been to Paris. After back and forth calls with home and fear getting worse as we had no solution of what to do, after over ONE HOUR of waiting, the employee with dreadlocks (unsure of his name) looked confused and dis-orientated as why we were inside the sliding door. He proceeded to open the door and I directly said to him, “Where have you been? We have been waiting one hour!” He walked to the door and opened it blank faced. The employee was VERY unprofessional and his presentation looked as though he had come from a club with his shirt half open (tattoos revealed) and like he was either intoxicated or on drugs. His dis-oriented nature was EXTREMELY concerning for us both yet the worst part of it all was at 3am he asked us if we wanted to check in. I replied saying, “No, we have been here for two nights”. He said; “Okay, Room Number?” I proceeded telling him my room number and the normal procedure would be to ask for I.D at that time of night or surname for confirmation. NONE OF THIS WAS ACTIONED. Any one could have been given access to our room jeopardising our safety and goods or we could have been given access to any one else’s room for that matter. I am appalled, shocked, disgusted, furious, angry, disappointed, outraged and many other things that this occurred and the fact we can only be waived the night of this occurrence is shocking because in Australia this would be taken to the heights of pleasing the customer’s satisfaction to ensure they will return. We both were referred by Fouad Jaffer to stay at the hotel whom from my understanding is a Gold Member for the Best Western. He has been notified of this occurrence, as he is my girlfriend’s father. I hope this becomes a massive learning curve for the chain because I am a truly disappointed customer.

Alexander Antoniadis and Nadia Jaffer.


Karla Lindamood July 7, 2014 at 1:01 pm

On July 4 my husband and I checked into Best Western Lakeview Inn in Garland, Tx. Room 126. Upon check-in, the clerk said she needed to make a copy of my credit card because their machine won’t scan right. I did not even like this. The hotel was nice looking, not enough parking but that was ok. our room was very nice, the breakfast was good. As we checked out on Saturday, the clerk swiped my card again but the night before it would not scan? Really, I am not that dumb so now I have two charges for our nights stay. So we leave and we haven’t gotten to far and i notice that my legs are itching and my husband says he is itching as well. We stopped and went in and checked ourselves and we were covered in BED BUG bites. I was livid as well as miserable. When we got home I told my husband that we needed to disinfect our suitcase, the seat of our pickup, wash our sheets and clothing in hot water with bleach and spray our bed down. How do I know what Bed Bug bites look like, I am a nurse and have seen this numerous times. So not only were we charged twice, we paid extra for the BED BUGS we brought home from this establishment. I feel like I should be compensated for money spent and charged twice to my account. The clerk when I called to tell her of this was very rude and unconcerned about us being charged twice and was told flat out that we did not get bed bug bites at their establishment. Well, that was the only place we had been so they had to have come from there.

I hope you will address this matter in a timely fashion and compensation will be made.

Thank you,
Karla LIndamood
xxxx CR 1136
Cumby, TX 75433


Mcrayto2 July 7, 2014 at 10:20 am

I am writing this message from a room in the San Juan Airport Hotel (a Best Western hotel) that I booked thru Booking.com. I travel often and have never been disrespected, until I arrived at this hotel! When I arrived at the hotel last night after 9:30 p.m. – after spending an exhausting day at the airport – I noticed that the bathroom sink was clogged. I immediately called the front desk and was told by Aida, that she would send a plummer to unclog the drain. I told Aida that I was exhausted and didn’t have time for a plummer to unclog the drain and asked for another room. Aida told me that a plummer had to check the sink before I could be moved to another room because the drain might not be clogged. I insisted on another room and Aida finally decided to move me, but after waiting 15 minutes I called the front desk to cancel the move because I was exhausted. No one answered the call. Five minutes later, Aida knocked on the door with the key to another room, which I declined. Aida sashayed away without a single word. After 4:00 a.m. I received notification that I was booked on a 2:45 p.m. flight today. I called the front desk and requested a late check-out and was told that the late check-out would “probably” be granted but I had to call back at 6:00 a.m. when the manager is on duty. When I called at 8:00 a.m., I spoke to Kiara, supposedly a manager, who very rudely told me that if I wanted a late check-out, I would have to pay $100.00. I informed Kiara that I was told that the late check-out would probably be granted. Kiara told me that she would not grant the late check-out unless I paid $100.00, and disconnected the call. I thought we had a bad connection and called back. Kiara told me that she hung up because there was nothing else to say, and hung up again. I called Booking.com and Allison called the hotel and spoke to Kiara and was also treated rudely. Allison will email Dave, the General Manager, regarding her experience, and I am currently on hold waiting to complain to Best Western corporate.


Elaine July 7, 2014 at 5:14 am

On July 5, my grandson and I were asked to leave the Best Western Meridian Hotel at 11:30 pm, with threats of having the police called if I did not vacate the property in five minutes. This was in response to my calling to say the refrigerator in my room was not working, and the food that I had placed in there from my daughter’s wedding was warm and not longer edible for my grandson. The manager reluctantly brought me a new refrigerator and stated that the one I had worked perfectly fine as they are not refrigerators but coolers. I told him that he was mistaken as this was a refrigerator (took photo) and that the on-line hotel accommodations included a refrigerator in the suites. He became loud and I asked him to leave my room, as I had a child sleeping. At that point, he said I disrespected him and needed to leave. I immediately called Best Western and explained the situation, and the gentleman stated that this was a privately owned facility and he had the right to refuse service. He stated there were no availability in the Best Westerns within the vicinity, however would start a case file, and have corporate contact me in the morning. The manager kept threatening me, and I explained I was sorry for offending him about his “coolers” to no avail. I packed, with him calling and threatening me as I was putting clothes in bags. As a retired commercial banker, I have stayed in hotels across the U.S., including many Best Westerns. This was a such a shock to me that I am still shaking at this experience. Not only placed out of a hotel, no assistance from Best Western Customer Service, and no response from the Best Western Corporate Office. What really was the kicker was after I tried to confirm that my refund was submitted to Expedia, the manager said “God Bless”. This is an “omg” hotel story for Best Western


Chelsea June 24, 2014 at 11:25 am

I recently stayed at best western at Radford. I am highly disappointed with my stay. I had jewelry stolen from me and the front desk staff couldn’t care less. They said she would never steal, and proceeded to call her on the phone and she said she hadn’t seen anything. I know my rings were left on the night stand when I stepped out to lunch when I returned the rings were gone. I missed a wedding ceremony to file a police report. Don’t bother calling the corporate office because they want you to deal through the hotel who already won’t help. Now I’m out of 500$ worth of rings!!!


Ana Claybourne June 19, 2014 at 6:42 pm

A few days ago I posted a blistering comment to Best Western regarding a family with a severely handicapped child being turned away due to having a service dog. I want to compliment Best Western on taking that hotel to task and shutting down their connection to the specific hotel in question. Best Western did the right thing as well as the legal thing. Sometimes the good guys are still out there, and this is the proof.
“We provide extensive training to ensure our hotels understand and address the needs of guests with special needs. When this matter came to our attention, we immediately provided direction to the hotel and a reservation was offered to the family. We deeply regret the matter and we will continue to proactively communicate ADA requirements and training to Best Western branded hotels to ensure all guests are treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Further, we have restricted the hotel on our reservations systems and we have required the hotel to stop representing itself as a Best Western branded hotel (cover or remove all Best Western signs and logos) until its representatives attend a hearing at our corporate headquarters at which their future association with Best Western will be decided.”


Cecil McCoy June 19, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Have stayed at BWs quite often. No more!!!! I’ll let you people figure out why. Hint; Boy with service dog.


Ana Claybourne June 18, 2014 at 2:37 am

I have stayed at Best Western for years. Today I read an article saying that a Best Western cancelled a families reservations because their severely handicapped son has a service dog that can tell his parents that he will have a seizure in time for them to get medical help. A terrible example of hatred, ignorance and bigotry as well as a flagrant disregard of the law. I will never stay at a Best Western again. Shame on you.


None of your business June 18, 2014 at 3:28 pm

I agree, here is the article….http://www.wafb.com/story/25802715/hotel-refuses-reservations-for-family-with-service-dog

We held a motorcycle rally at BW for the last 6 years. We were already thinking if changing because of the deteriorating rooms and ever rising prices but this seals the deal…Goodbye BW and we will take our money with us.


christina June 12, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Looks like ALL the Best Westerns are setting a record for “going downhill,” Wow….


Christina May 19, 2014 at 7:23 am

We recently drove from Lakeland to Stuart Fl where we have been going for a while now but this trip was because my grandfather passed away on 4/16/2014 and we went to the best western in Stuart on Federal Hwy got there about 11PM to get a room and were told that it was 99.99 a night so we handed the girl a coupon that we have have used before to stay there and she said oh we are not taking coupons because we have only a couple rooms left that is why we are charging 99.99 really you up the price because you have only a couple rooms left and then not take any coupons that you put in the book its kind of funny how this bestern was doing that but the one down the road about 15 min in Pt St Lucie was charging 79.99 and they took the coupon and there rooms are all suits that is not right I cant believe that yall would price gouge and then to sit there and admit what you are doing


MAUREEN May 1, 2014 at 7:04 pm

I will NEVER EVER stay at a Best Western again, especially the one onBiscayne blvd north miami Florida, the manager Pete is one of the rudest men that I have ever spoken to. If he is the manager he should really take a course in customer service. My daughter is going to college down there and needed to stay for a extended period of time, due to a EMERGENCY she had to cancel to come home. and because she didnt give them the 7 days notice they would not let her cancel and are going to charge a college student $160.00!!!!!! If we could only predict and emergency 7 days in advance we would all be better off. The manager PETE said there is absolutely nothing he can do. I called corporate andspoke to a STEVE and he told me the same thing. Best Western cannot do anything because it wasnt 7 days in advance. Best Western can afford a 160.00 night, a working college student cannnot. I will never recommend Best Western to anybody and will never have a good word to say about it, and I will let the colleges know, so they wont recommend it also. I normally dont ever send complaints, but I am furious that Best Western would not make an exception to this rule. At times like this I am happy that there is so much social media out there, so people know what is going on.


christina June 12, 2014 at 2:33 pm

Pete should hook up with Melody in Missouri. Does he talk ad write in full sentences?
they are very un-accommodating for emergencies, I experienced the same thing, in addition to poor planning of the manager in Mexico MO Teal Lake Inn who professes to own the business. NOT!


doyle gordon April 14, 2014 at 10:34 am

i only have one complaint about best western and it has to do with my traveling interstate 40 between little rock, ark. and l.a. cal. i travel that particular hwy at least 5 times a year. i have always liked best western but, when i travel those 2 day trips i have to pull over and get a hotel for one night, I’d like to be at b.w. but, they wont let me just drive up and get a room, i have to call from earlier down the road and make a reservation. i cant do that! i really don’t know exactly where and when I’ll get tired. so, i cant stay at their hotels, it’s a real pain in my backside. i wish they would at least save some rooms for people like me and not be so particular or is that their way of getting guaranty for money. what a shame!!!


Don,Never Stay Again April 4, 2014 at 2:35 pm

We got a 2 rooms at the Best Western in Sterling Heights Mich. It took us 5 trips to the front desk to get 1 key out of 15 keys to work for one of the rooms. Then we went to the park at the end of the day we were watching the playoff game [Big ten] and we saw bed bugs in the bed we called the front desk, They asked did you find more then one.[ONE BED BUG IS TOO MANY]. They said they would send someone up 1 1/2 hours later we had to go to the front desk to get someone to come up. 1 hour after that a guy came up and said the front desk sent him to the wrong room. We showed him the bugs we put in a glass he took 2 min. and said I can’t find any and left. We told him to checkout my sons room for BUGS he said he don’t have time and left. They acted like they don’t care!!!!! So we packed up and went to the front deck and told them we will not stay with BED BUGS the hotel didn’t offer us anything for compensation. So after all the runaround with them it was 1:30 in the morning. We had too take all of our clothes off at the door our houses so we didn’t take bugs in our homes. We called customer service and told them after a run around they would pay us back for one room after 5 calls and two weeks later. I had to call the manager he said he would compensated for one room only. He needed my card number so he can put the money back on my card. Well they took $50.00 more off my card. And they still did not put the $172.88 back on my card. They were called for the same issue the day before we stayed, but said nothing was found then. This is unacceptable and to not be paid for both rooms. It also was my grandsons birthday party and needless too say we had to leave because of the bedbugs. What a shame to run a Hotel that way!


christina June 12, 2014 at 2:35 pm

yes, horrible service, poor management, and this is how they get money to renovate, and still have high school housekeepers and maintenance people. YOU WILL NEVER GE YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!!!!


Cari April 2, 2014 at 6:36 pm

Will never again go to the Best Western in Sterling Heights Michigan. Our family reserved 2 rooms and found bedbugs. When this was brought to the attention of the hotel staff the only question we were asked was “did you find more than one?” I think finding one is sufficient. It also took more than one trip to the front desk and 1 1/2 hours for them to respond. The hotel never offered to move our rooms and when we decided to check out at 1:30 in the morning because we found bedbugs unacceptable, we were never offered compensation for our rooms. We called customer service the next day and it took over two weeks and 5 more phone calls to get the hotel to respond. Their “resolution” was to tell us that their pest company couldn’t find any bedbugs and that one of the rooms had been inspected the day before for the same issue (now that tells me we weren’t the first people to have this issue and if we posted this on Facebook I wonder how many responses we would actually get?). They finally compensated us for one room but it’s their hotel policy that they cannot compensate for more than one room. Corporate customer was less than helpful stating that each hotel is independently owned and they have no say in the policies of each hotel. I find that difficult to believe, especially if they are customer service oriented. You would think that since they own hotels all over the country they would want their customers to continue staying in their facilities no matter where they are.


Never again April 2, 2014 at 1:13 pm

Best Western in JASPER TEXAS is the worst… When I say everything there is messed up I mean every thing the toilet, the phone didn’t work in my room the person at the front desk didn’t know what she was doing, “She said that she had just started working the day before and they had her working a full shift the next day, management SUCKS the owner has no clue on how to run the front desk she needs training!!!! On top of that they are high as hell “the highest best western that I have stayed to and the WORST!!!!!!!! I will never stay there again.. down the road I go


Leola Gardner March 11, 2014 at 10:56 am

I am not sure who I was supposed to contact about an address change. I have a new address since I worked for Best Western in Edson, Alberta

my new address is :

Peers, Alberta T0E 1W0

I need a reissue of my T-4 please and thank you


Jessica dedecker March 6, 2014 at 10:32 pm

I stayed tues and Wed at the best Western in Madison on the park. After paying 300 for both nights they called the police after stating someone visiting me was roaming the hallways and was there the previous day, both statements untrue. Then when my boyfriend and I returned they told us we had to leave and called the police again to escort my boyfriend out. We never caused any problems and they refused to refund me. My boyfriend and our friend were both black… in fact the only black people even in the hotel. Because of your failure to even attempt to refund me I have already contacted a lawyer we are filling a racial discrimination lawsuit and a pain and suffering lawsuit. Thanks for making us feel so welcome that was my first and last time that I will be staying at your hotel.


renee lee February 18, 2014 at 10:29 am

After several attempts to talk to someone, I have had no issues resolved. This is a very imoportant matter and someone needs to contact me ASAP! I will get the lawyers involved within a day or two!!


Ann Sommer February 11, 2014 at 4:33 pm

I have tried unsuccessfully for the last four weeks to get a billing problem solved. I have spoken with customer care and the hotel repeatedly! No one from the hotel will return calls! Customer care keeps saying that the hotel has to take care of it and the hotel says the exact opposite! I can’t believe the irresponsibility from this company! I cannot believe they would let this man run a hotel when he obviously never even is at the hotel! I am contacting the Better Business Bureau and am going to contact a lawyer! Odessa Hotel Best Western is a thief!


Tony January 21, 2014 at 10:22 am

You are continueing to allow another party Liberty Group to operate under your umbrella??? Well let me tell you, BAD BAD BAD for Bestwestern when the Mayport Inn and Suites in Atlantic Beach, Florida has a HORRIBLE AND RUDE MANAGER, MAJOR BED BUG PROBLEM!!!!! NO INTERNET!!!!!! and I hear employees can’t even verify Credit Card information, thus giving away unintentionally ‘free rooms’….Is this how you want to be affiliated????


Eugenio Juarez January 20, 2014 at 9:15 pm

My name is Eugenio O. Juarez I live in RoswellNew Mexico. On Sunday morning @ around five in the morning I went to check in at El Rio Palacio Best western where I have stayed many times before. While doing so the front desk clerk said there was a problem with my cried it card and he explained to me that there was a problem with the internet connection. While I waited out side because the office was closed. He left the office for a few minutes and then returned and tryed my card again. I told the clerk that I had stay here before and that I should be on file and he said yes that I had and he did find me in the system. He then told methat my card had been declined. I offered to pay cash. He told me that he could not accepte cash with out a cried card and he could not rent me a room. I explained to the clerk that I was dropped off because I didn’t want to drive because I had been drinking and again he said he would not rent me a room. I told him I did not have a way home since it was so early in the morning and could he please make an acception because I had for gotten my jacket at the club where I had been. He said no I told him that I would call corporate because I had never had such bad services before. When I told him this he became angry shout that they would not fire him. I told him “Sir I don’t want you fired I just want a room. When I told him I had corporate or a service agent on the phone he called the police on me and tryed to have me arrested and had me removed off the property. I will never stay at any Best western properties again!


Thomas January 8, 2014 at 8:43 am

I read a job posting for the Best Western in Shippensburg PA. I responded to the ad with a letter of interest and as well as a resume. I also called and left 4 voicemails and they insist on not returning my call. Everytime I call, they tell me Scott, the one who hires is never there. I I think for a manager, that is very unprofessional. Even after I said I was going to contact coorporate, still no return call


Wendy kennedy December 14, 2013 at 12:43 pm

My son and I were using the pool area in the Dryden Ontario Canada Best Western. I noticed that the emergency exit was so iced up it was not able to be opened. I also was shocked to see a space heater fan with a long extension cord right by the pool. When I mentioned my electrocution concerns to maintenance he didn’t seem to care. I threatened to take a picture of it and then he unplugged it. I will be calling the fire dept. Monday as they are breaking fire code.


Barbara Lyman December 13, 2013 at 11:13 pm

This is to notify those necessary, I called 602-957-4200 at 6:52 pm 12/13/2013,
the number provided per the Best Western Corporate website, leaving a 
message stating I am pursuing a complaint regarding the reservations; conditions
of the room accommodations; safety of the parking lot (ice & snow); safety 
conditions of the room (no working room phone; outside door with closing issues;
furniture making narrow escape routes). 
When these concerns are added to the outside people noise which in turn 
my husband found extra cars in the parking lot, he brought it to the 
attention of Adam Nunez, desk attendant. My husband was told in a rude
manner there was a concert at the venue across the street and the Motel
did not have assigned parking so it was a “non-issue”.
I called the front desk (this is when I found the non working phone), Mr Nunez
came down to the room. I questioned him and asked him if he had really said 
parking was a “non-issue”. He said: “yes”. I explained to him that I had chosen
not to say much about other problems, but as the day (12/13/13) had gone
on the noise and the parking with his attitude was the topper. He responded by
saying I was making the “issue”.
My family and I have travelled throughout the United States, Canada, Europe,
Russia, Japan, and China, so we are not your inexperienced, young, naive
push-overs. Neither are we snobby, unreasonable, inflexible, or prejudice.
We simply ask for the clean, safe, working accommodations we reserve
at the price promised.

Barbara L Lyman

full documentation with photographs available


Renee October 18, 2013 at 5:54 pm

I am new to Best Western and I called to reserve a room in July 2013 at BW Knoxville (reservation on next page). My daughter/grandson were traveling from NC and I was traveling from KY with my older grandson. (2 adults/2 children)

I have NEVER experienced something like this before and was SHOCKED the manager did not have authority to handle the situation and actually asked me to write a letter of my experience. I have never stayed at a hotel where the manager did not have the ability to manage the hotel and staff.

My experience:
I had a maid knock on my door – and pan-handle me while I was in my room (playing on the fact that I was there with my grandchildren) and then ask not to say anything. I notified the front desk and the manager immediatley. They advised me this is not the first instance and this lady (Kristen/Kristie/Christy older lady with short blonde hair in pony-tail) pan handles out front of the hotel and they have warned her of this behavior but they are doing NOTHING to protect their guest from this lady.

If this hadn’t happened I’d been upset by the fact that they put us in a room where a generator went off at night making a loud noise waking us up… We went to the pool the first day but after this happened we stayed in the room as much as possible and did not go back to the pool with my grandchildren. In addition – we moved all our valuables (computer/electronic devices/jewelry) to our car as this woman has key to our room.

I just couldn’t believe the manager did not have the AUTHORITY to deal with this situation. To make matters worse every time we left the room this lady watched us all the way to the elevator – creepy. I have never been treated as such at a venue – most hotels have excellent Customer Service and you normally feel “safe” there. This is the absolute WORST EXPERIECE I’ve ever had while on vacation.

While I was on phone booking the reservation with the agent she talked me into getting the Best Western Rewards card. Please delete my new Best Western Rewards Card – I will not be using it. I will not stay at a hotel where I feel “unsafe”.

Kind regards, Renee (conf # 474310096 for July 3, 2013)
Cc: Manager – Laura Lackey, Best Western Strawberry Inn & Suites, 7260 Saddlerack Street, Knoxville TN 37914
(865) 544-7737 laura@bwstrawberryinn.com


Ron Myers October 18, 2013 at 10:48 am

Bringing groups to Philadelphia, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles and Orlando for Corporate Extended-Stay Meeting, and have some clients with allergy issues; do you any rooms or block of rooms that have installed or can install the Beyond/Aerus Electrolux (www.beyondbyaerus.com) whole room water and air system for allergy and asthma friendly compliance like they are used to staying in? Thank you.


Alfonso Jimenez September 27, 2013 at 11:44 am

Investigacion de Best Western Puebla

David Kong


Queriodo CEO de la Marca Best Wstern

Es probale que este mensaje nunca llegue a su persona pero intentare e investigare por todos los medios posibles que este mrensaje llegue a su conocimiento.

El Hotel ubicado en la Cd. Puebla no cumple ni con los minimos requisitos de operacion para ostentar su marca asi como del personal instalaciones tengo una investigacion de sies meses de analisis de informacion del Hotel.

Existe una alta corrupcion en Mexico a nivel ejecutivo lo cual permiten dar la marca Best Western a dueños de edificios adaptados para hoteles lo cual es el caso del hotel de la ciudad de Puebla Mexico.

Como Monitor de Hoteles en la investigacion me percate de un pesimo servicio asi como un alto grado de corrupcion interna que impiden que este Hotel este a la altura de su marca. pagan a sus empleados en efectivo, declaran mantenimientos inexsistentes, evaden impuestos venta de drogas al interior y todo permitido por el dueño.

Ojala tome cartas en el asunto antes de que esto llegue a las autoridades correspondientes y a la prensa mi compromiso es de usted lo solucione. tengo un gran cariño y afecto a Best Western ya que fui empleado de esta gran empresa por 10 años en USA ahora soy monitor y me dedico a informmar a grupos de inversionistas sobre condiciones de negocios en el ramo dde la hoteleria.

reciba un cordial saludo

Alfonso Jimenez


William Dobbins September 7, 2013 at 6:44 pm

After a long day of driving, we stopped at a Best Western Plus in Johnson City, Tn. hoping to get a good nights rest. Upon arriving in our room, we discovered the TV did not pick up ABC, a national station, the room telephone did not work, the sink drain would not work, and we killed a bug crawling across the bed. We could not believe all of these problems could exist in one room. We have stayed at BW many times, some good, some not so good, but this one takes the cake. Is this a PLUS?


Will August 6, 2013 at 8:27 pm

Wow I see by all the above comments that Best Western just does not care. What a crap hotel chain. Here is my complaint ( not that you idiots care ) too many times I stay in Best Western Hotels and those shit magnetic door keys do not work. Standing in the hall with bags of groceries and I have to stick the card in 50 times . The good part is I have written hundreds of reviews for Trip Advisor and your next. Also I am pretty sure you idiots have a facebook page


sara badgley August 4, 2013 at 12:39 pm

I am writing to let you know how upset I am with your best western hotel in Belleville Ontario.I reserved a room well within a month of our stay.I have stayed here before without problems. But this time I arrived checked in,had to wait for our room which was fine’ as I was unloading my sister who is in a wheelchair and my mom who uses a walker, the receptionist informed me that our room was given away, she told me that a handicapped room is a special request and can’t be guaranteed what a bunch of garbage, why in the heck would a month ago they had the room available but not when I arrived, I had driven for 3 hours,and wanted to get settled so we could do what we wanted, life is hard enough for us’ and in Belleville there are only a couple we can use’ what would you like us to do sleep in our van’ I have told everyone what happened with your hotel,they all agreed that this is a terrible system you have’ I know I will never in my life. Book at any of your hotels, and will let everyone know that if they need special request such as a wheelchair accessible room not to trust you. I hope you never need anything special if you can call being in a wheelchair special because then you big companies will understand showing up at the hotel you have booked so you could have a little fun in your life,just to get another disappointing kick in the head.fells like.I hope you have the time to reply to my letter. Thank you for your time, Sara badgley


Roy Hernandez July 31, 2013 at 12:31 pm

Dear Mr. Kong, Mr. Mark Straszynski and Mr. Scott Gibson:

I decided to write you in the conventional way, through a letter o e mail, hoping this one gets into your hands. I have been a Best Western customer for years, even though I just joined to the rewards program short time ago.
To let you know how comfortable Best Western Hotels have been to me, I recently moved my family from Miami Florida to Katy Texas, and during the road trip plus the week we waited for our apartment to be ready, Best Western was our home and shelter, especially the one in Katy, Texas, where we all felt appreciated.
But the concept that I had of your company changed dramatically this month. I took a summer vacation between Buffalo NY and Canada for a week. I began my trip in Buffalo, and of course, my first choice was Best Western. Then I made a reservation for three days in Montreal Canada, and again I stayed in Best Western (Plus). My next stop was in Toronto Canada, and of course I chose Best Western Plus. (Best Western Plus Brampton Canada). But that one, has been the worst hotel experience that I have had in the whole North America.
Not only to be a really low quality hotel (damaged stairways, garbage in the back door where customers get in, broken piece of bathroom furniture, dirty carpets, and bad smell in the room) but Mr. Kong, what really impacted me was the breakfast behavior, that I swear, I have never seen in my life.
I do understand that breakfast in Hotels has an interval, a fixed time window, and I might understand Hotels have a limited amount of food, and that sometimes, something just runs out. If the Hotel is fully booked, probably it is better to show up earlier for the breakfast time. But, to take away the remaining food of the dinner area while customers are there, to shut off the juice or coffee machine in front of a customer, to hide whatever is left, is such a pathetic behavior that I would not expect to see in a hotel full of tourists.

Why in the world someone would do that? Why wouldn’t put a sign with the closed indication and let know any late customer that the time is off, but for God’s sake, no taking the remaining food of the persons that came earlier are inside the dinner area. I can’t find a logic explanation, I have never seen customers being treated so badly, and I fell so sorry for them that I promised myself and to my family, we will never touch one of the Best Western Hotels in my life.
And I am not asking for compensation, free hotel stays or more points for my account, I am writing this letter because my indignation is so high, that I think, someone needs to speak up. I don’t think anyone deserves to be treated like that, no one.

Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about it, or just send someone undercover one day to that hotel, probably on a busy week end and realize if what I have written here is true or false. I am not a business analyst, and I know what independent franchise are, but I would be really ashamed of myself, if my business card has the same logo that The Best Western Plus in Brampton Canada has.


Audrina Zamudio July 25, 2013 at 10:21 pm

I stayed at the best western in West Covina about a month ago. iI paid a lot of money for a so called suit. Half way through the night i noticed that there was a big hole in the wall and it was completely covered by wallpaper. I didnt think much of it because it had obviously been covered up by somebody before me. I didnt make any type of complaint like i said beacuse someone had already attempted to “fix” it. Figured the hole was already known about. After checking my statement for the month i saw that there was two additional extra charges for $100 each. I had no clue why so i called and was notified that it was because i made a whole in the wall and tore down the wall. I did no such thing AT ALL. They girl i spoke with said i had to talk to the manager martin about this matter and hed be there in 6 hrs. I did and as soon as i got on the phone all i said was i had a queation about some charges that ere made on my account.. He then asks if my name was Audrina, and goes off “we dont want to rent a room with holes in the wall… I should file a police report against you… On n on” so i ecplained to him what had happened and that it was there when before i got into the room. He then cuts me off and says we should at least go 50/50 because i shouldnthave to pay foral of the damages you made. I told him no im not paying for it at all and i had already disputed it through my card company. He then goes off again saying that hes filing a police report against me and thats the end of our conversation and hangs up on me. I shouldnt have to deal with this… Its already being disputed i just wanted to clear it up faster… Someone from Corporate needs to contact me or i will file suit.


Traci c July 14, 2013 at 11:47 am

I stayed at best western seekonk July 2- 12 the manager Michael was very rude and making erroneous charges to my account when I confronted the front desk three times they all said the had no idea so I called m bank. After that he kicked me and my four daughters out at 9 pm on a Friday night. When I spoke to corporate he stated the reason being the room was trashed. I asked how there was no way he stated the pillow case was dirty so he kicked us out. I know there are problems but this takes the case I feel it is discrimination and I an currently consulting wit my attorney. Stefani pretended to be nice but it was her and mike making the charges. I also confirmed the procedure with bob and he told me they never charge cards when cash is being paid a hold is put on the card. Michael can be rude and condescending now but when things begin to happen he will realize this time he won’t get away wit it.


Adam Gault July 10, 2013 at 8:29 am

RE: Best Western Manila shocking service

I am writing regarding my July 8th, 2013 reservation at the Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila, and at the hands of Ms. Jennifer Cabilangan, perhaps the most thoroughly uncooperative service I have ever experienced.

After a long and difficult day, I arrived at the hotel around 9 pm. I was advised at the airport that because Manila was a rather dangerous city, it would be a good idea to leave my baggage stored at the airport. I was further assured that I would not need any ID to check in at a hotel. As to the latter, I don’t understand if this is simple ignorance on the part of tourism professionals at Manila’s international airport, or perhaps they thought they were being funny.
Regardless, when I arrived at the hotel, Ms. Cabilangan insisted I would not be given the room I had already booked and paid for, without an ID. I was exhausted and by this point desperate for a bed. Ms. Cabilangan’s uncooperative, blind intransigence was the very last thing I needed.
I had with me my credit card (which for some inexplicable reason she felt she needed to make a photo copy of), my phone (which SHE CALLED, further proving my identity, and any number of password protected Web accounts I could have logged into if necessary; again further proving my identity.
I’m sure from the ridiculous smile Ms. Cabilangan kept on her face throughout this ordeal, that she had convinced herself she was being professional, though the fact of the matter was, she most certainly was not. Her dim-witted and inane marriage to “process”, created immense trouble for all involved, and has now assured that I will never again be giving my business to this hotel chain, and will dissuade others from doing so as well.

It is ironic that Ms. Cabilangan and her colleague wore lapel buttons which exclaimed; “Absolutely no bad service”. That surely qualifies as false advertising, unless of course what it really meant was, “Absolutely terrible, stubborn, and happily uncooperative service”.

How am I certain this was a non-issue which was wholly created and perpetuated by Ms. Cabilangan?
Because after having to waste an hour stupidly waiting for my Best Western reservation to be cancelled, I walked around the corner and booked into the Bayview Park Hotel, no questions, no hassles, no problem, no Jenniffer Cabilangan.

Often true professionalism requires understanding facts on the ground, and adapting to circumstances as they arise. Perhaps this concept has yet to arrive to the Philippines; certainly it is something Ms. Cabilangan would be well advised to learn.

A disgusted former customer,

Adam Gault


lindsey jones July 9, 2013 at 10:38 am

I am writing to file a formal complaint against one of your Pearland,
TX properties. I am traveling to the area July 18-21, 2013 and I
selected your hotel at 1855 N Main Street to make my reservation due
to the area. Initally, I called inquiring on rates for the dates
requested and spoke with a agent, Penelope. I had a promotional
discount code, MVP that I googled for a discount on the rate. I
provided this code to the agent. First, she told me that I would have
to present the “paper” to the front desk when I arrive. Which I had no
paper to present due to me having Googled it. Penelope was unable to
assist and passed the phone to Liz, another front desk clerk. This is
where the horrible customer service experience comes in..

Liz was incredibly and unbelieveably rude. Not only did she hang up on
me several times, but she also refused to provide me with the customer
service number to file a complaint in regards to the service that I
received. She gave me the number 1-800-BEST WESTERN. I actually had to
call the Reservation hotline to get the correct number to customer
service. This is actually frightening considering your slogan is that
you care about your guests which was clearly not displayed when I
spoke with this agent. The way I was treated by this agent was totally
unacceptable. I have been booking hotels for years and I have NEVER
had customer service such as this. When I asked Liz for her property
managers name, she actually yelled it at me, then hung up! She was
argumentative, would not allow me to speak, actually talked over me
several times and then demanded that I allow her to explain herself
after I advised her that I was not interested in hearing her
explanation. I am a customer. A guest. This is a definite kick in the
face considering your company’s slogan.


Will Honeycutt June 28, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Dear Mr. Pohl,
My partner works at your Best Western in Mayport Florida (Atlantic Beach Florida). I realize that these are independently owned and operated yet I thought they had to follow some type of direction of the corporate offices. My partner has worn you name tag and label for almost five years. A new management company has taken over the hotel and has said that all employees must start again as new employees and be put onto a probationary period which means my partner loses all of the time over the last five years including vacation time. Is this a standard practice for your hotel chain? Is this how you allow your “members” to treat individuals who have represented you name and hotel chain for the past five years. A second note as well: my partner was also asked to attend mandatory meetings with the new management staff and was told that these were NON-PAY mandatory meetings. As an hourly employee, I do believe that is against Federal Labor Laws. I would hope that you would contact me as soon as possible.


Angela Parmann May 28, 2013 at 11:08 am

I stayed with my daughter and niece at the West Ashley SC Sweetwater location 5/24-5/26, upon arrival our room was hot humid and musty smelling. We had to turn on the air conditioning and fan and leave the room for a few hours before the environment of the room was suitable. We were woke up prematurely both days of our stay at 7am by loud staff, both outside our door and outside our window in the courtyard and by the pool. The breakfast was adequate although the fresh fruit selection was dismal, and there was never any room to sit down and eat. We also had ants in out bathroom the entire duration of our stay, in one of the rooms that should be paid most attention to for cleanliness this was worrisome. At checkout time, 10am on Sunday 5/26, I went to the front desk to voice these concerns. I was faced with a front desk clerk on the phone with personal drama, talking to the person on the other line about she didnt understand how she was being put in the middle of their business and how she did not want her name in their mouth. I am sure I would have heard more of the drama had I stayed beyond the 60 seconds she ignored her customer waiting at the counter in front of her and continued her phone conversation, but I decided to cut my losses at that point and never stay with Best Western again.


Aloha Poulivaati May 10, 2013 at 4:58 pm

Dear Mr David Kong, Mr Mark Straszynski, Mr Scott Gibson.
Can you tell or anyone at Best Western who cares tell Lisa Michaelson the manager for Best Western Golden Lion Hotel (property # 02005) in Anchorage Alaska that discrimination based on ( Race, Color, Sex, Age, Religion, National Orientation,) or any other characteristic is AGAINST and PROTECTED under ( INTERNATIONAL, FEDERAL, STATE,and LOCAL LAW.)
At one time I asked Lisa the manager for a management position as a front desk manager, She told me NO. Few months later Lisa Michaelson the manager gave the management position to the head of the housekeeping which she NEVER have any customer service experience or work with the public or front desk before.( NEVER). The only experience this housekeeping have. She came from Anchorage Jail to Half Way House to Best Western Golden Lion Hotel and she is a ( WHITE ) female over me with YEARS of experience and retired from the world biggest airline as a ticket agent and customer service agent. This is unfair treatment and discrimination on the part of Best Western and Lisa the manager of the hotel.
Lisa never talk to any employees at the hotel or posted this open management position it in house so everyone would like to apply for this management position. This is an UNFAIR TREATMENT and this is DISCRIMINANT.
On April 08, I told Lisa Michaelson the manager FACE to FACE that I don’t appreciate you and Best West discriminate me here. And I don’t appropriate working for the head of the housekeeping for she is a criminal. Lisa told me to clock out and go home and you can sue me if you want. Lisa clock me off and told me to leave the property now.
Well Mr Kong, Mr Straszynski, Mr Gibson. Where is the Equal Employment Opportunity? What is Discrimination Best Western Hotel Policy? Do you at Best Western Hotel have any policy on Fairness Treatment of Employees?. And what happen if your diamond and gold members find out they have some criminal walk in and out from their rooms?. I was treated Unfairly and Race or Sex Discriminate by Lisa Michaelson the manager of Best Western Hotel in Anchorage Alaska.
Lisa lie to the state of Alaska, I was fired because I talk disrespectful about another employee. NO I was not. I was telling Lisa Michaelson the TRUTH and Lisa don’t want to hear the truth because they are both (WHITE) Best Western is NOT a good place to work. With my experience in customer service. It didn’t take me to long to get another hotel job here in Anchorage with more money, And I am happy.
Aloha Poulivaati.
(907)952-8500 or houmatetefa@gmail.com
The Best and most Dependable Front Desk that Lisa and this Hotel ever have. .


Alicia Cooper April 28, 2013 at 9:38 am

To whom it may concern,

My husband and I arrived right at check in. Every thing was great. Until we came downstairs to get things out of our car and the front desk associate was arguing with a customer so open and freely while we were walking by. At that point I told my husband I hope we don’t have any problems. That next morning we woke up,headed for breakfast. To find the hot breakfast was just microwaved… Greasy sausage,eggs and biscuits. The real problem accrued when we returned back to the hotel late last night to find someone has been in our room through our things. I instantly call front desk. I spoke with Reethu the front desk associate. I explain to him what had happen to us. In return he simply said, well this had never happen to anyone before and you will just have to talk to my manager who will be In tomorrow around 10an.. Now before we left I made sure I put the “sign” on the bed and clearly ask for NO one in our room.. I feel outraged and WILL NEVER RETURN TO A BEST WESTERN, NOT ONLY DID THEY STEAL FROM ME, THEY RUINED MY HUSBAND BIRTHDAY WEEKEND.


Blanca Carpio April 22, 2013 at 11:36 pm

Dear Mr. Kong, Straszynski, and Gibson,

I am a diamond member and have always stayed at your hotels but I stayed back in September of 2012 at your Best Western Plus Broadway Inn Suites in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I don’t know what to do….My daughter got injured by a faulty door in your hotel I did an incident report and took her to children’s hospital in Oklahoma City it turned out her finger was broken. At first the office manager was nice but I did keep calling because she told me one of your lawyers or legal representative would contact me she told me to send her the medical bills and I did. She refused to give me the insurance number or claims number or any other information I research you guys on the internet with the help of a friend. I have been trying to contact them since February and they send me to voice mail I leave messages and no one returns my calls. I have not heard from anyone. My daughters medical bills are going to collections I know that is not important to you guys. I am unemployed and making it day by day. I just think that your hotel is better than this and I don’t think just because there is a bad apple in the mesh you guys are lie this with your customers I have called them several times and everytime now that I call they send me to voice mail and no call back the owner, management or anyone never called me to even ask how she was doing I am only writing here because I don’t know what to do I am not from Oklahoma city and I don’t want to hire an attorney I love your hotels and I don’t want to make a big deal just need to put a claim with your insurance for my daughter. This is my last resort…Please I know you guys have to have kids. Just think if it was your child wouldn’t you want someone to call you and at least act like they care. My email is benc12334@comcast.net. My direct number is 505-450-4954. We were passing through and I will explain everything if someone calls.

Thank you for your time,
Blanca Carpio
2303 Pinehurst drive
Boynton Beach, FL 33426


Carl Brewster April 21, 2013 at 9:36 pm

Hello Mr. David Kong, Mr. Mark Straszynski and Mr. Scott Gibson,

I nwould like to share with you a recent overnight stay my wife , Crystal Harris, and I experienced at the Best Western Falcon Plaza 1450 E. Wooster Street…Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

My wife and I went to BGSU to spend the weekend with my daughter, she was the recipient of a academic scholarship on Sunday April 21, 2013.

We all were excited about this weekend because Saturday April 20, 2013 was my and we were ready for to celebrate my birthday on Saturday by watching television and eating lots of junk food in our room.

When we arrived to the room everything was fine. The room was fresh and clean. The television remote did not work; but that was not a big deal the front desk clerk working the evening shift (8:30pm) replaced the battery. I’m not sure of her name???? (Nichole Carpenter)

Here’s where the problem starts. The front desk was called and informed that our television speakers/volume were not properly working. There was no clarity in the sound. The front desk clerk/manager and the maintenance man came to the room to investigate.

Once they saw the problem here are a few of the reasons we were given to us that the speakers were not working properly.
1. It’s the cable service (Time Warner??)
2. Everyonein the hotel is experiencing this problem, the maintenace man even co-signed by stating that his tv/monitor speakers are doing the same thing in his room (really???)

So as I left the building , with my family, I stopped by the front desk and asked the desk clerk if anyone else had called about this problem. She told me “no” and I told her that seemed strange to me that no one else had called. She went on to inform me that either the guests were in bed sleep with their televisions off or they were not in their room. That’s why she had not recieved any complaints. One thing that upset me is someone talking to me as if I’m stupid.

Upon my returning from dinner I stopped by the front desk because I was a bit upset over the reasons I was given for the improperly working speakers. I did not belive any of the reasons I was given, they did not make any sense. I stopped by the lobby because I was going to ask the see/listen to speakers on the monitor in the lobby area. Well maybe the desk clerk could sense that and I was informed that the problem was not from the cable co. it was the monitor. We were informed that we would be given a “hefty” discount. $20.00 was taken off our bill.

The clerk said she did not want to put us in another room because it was late. At this time it was 9:25pm. I had earlier suggested that they could simply disconnect and replace the monitor from an unused room. I thought that was a logical suggestion.

Well as you can probabbly imagine my family and I did not watch television on the night of my birthday. We could not understand any words that were coming out of the speakers, and I refused to use closed caption. My daughter decided to go back to her dorm room because we had no television. What a bummer. Thank God for your Wi-Fi . My wife and I watched NetFlix on our portable device.

We are a family of color , and I did not see any other families of color there on Sat. night/Sun. morning and I don’t know if race had anything to do with it. I hope not. But what I do know is this: there was a lack of compassion, dishonesty and a failure to try to correct a problem. I was very irritated by this situation.

Other than this situation ,which weighed heavily, our stay was okay. We enjoyed the morning breakfast in the parlor. It was delicious.

I just wanted to inform you about this situation. Hopefully no one will have to experience what we went through. I hope and pray that the monitor speakers have been corrected or replace , because if a family comes to Room 236 with children, the kids will be highly dissappointed not being able to enjoy programming on television.

Thanks for reading and addressing this problem.

Carl Brewster


Mary March 26, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Was hired at the front desk of the B/W International Drive, Orlando, FL on 3/7/2013.
First day was 3/12/2013…hired by a seemingly normal Alpesh Khushal, GM. prop10385
No way to clock in or out, so no formal record of proving your hours worked*BEWARE*
NO BREAKS…advised by Mr. Khushal of his policy that they were not necessary. Training was impatient and rushed with no accommodation if you couldn’t readily see the screen’s smaller printed prompts; instead, I was openly mocked and belittled in front of guest by the GM and trainer (M.C.) Asked for consideration and was fired on the spot. Emailed asking for pay for hours worked-no response! Faxing corp ofc to request investigation.


Tasha Hart March 19, 2013 at 6:25 pm

I’m a former employee of Best Western Old City in Phila.PA.First let me s
ay that I resigned from my position there.It was absolutely the worst job I have ever had I was a
there for nearly 2yrs and leaving was the best move I could hasn’t made my Co-workers were the best but the management was the worst I’ve experienced so far the.GM Jessica Morris is immature and bitter.I was supposed to receive a raise after 120 days of employment which I only received after I sent a email to her asking about it which now made 6 months.Jessica would do things to punish employees of we choose not to participate in hotel events example I didn’t attend a Holiday party so U couldn’t receive my Christmas bonus until a week after everyone who did attend t received theirs.Just one example.Horrible place to be an employee


Nacita March 16, 2013 at 1:05 pm

Tina Kendall,

I booked this hotel from Hotwire. I am a valued customer with Hotwire. I have not sayed at the Best Western Hotel for 12 years, because we had a bad experience in Longview, Texas in 2003, where we had my grandmother’s birthday party. Now, after 12 years Best Western, is still the same poor sevice and rude employees. I checked in 3/15/13 for 2 nights. We got to the room,it was to small, there was a bottle top in the corner under the closet area and all the cable station did not work. I called the front desk on the next morning 3 times told Miguel and still to this time that I am written you the cable has not been fixed nor has anyone come to the room.

The maid came to the door asked did not need my room clean, I said yes and I needed small face towels, beds made and bathroom cleaned (Carmen), did not speak English, so she went to get another lady to translate. After the lady translated she gave me all big towels and started to leave. I called the lady back and told her that she did not understand what I wanted. I said to her tell her I need my beds changed, bathroom clean and the towels that we have used removed from the room. When Carment started cleaning the room she started mumbling something under her breathe while she was cleaning the room. Her action clearly showed that she did not want to clean my room, she did not say excuse me when she keep bumping into my chair and then she closed the door in my kids face after she saw that they were trying to come in. She never said goodbye or thank you. I travel to lots of places and I have never encountered a rude maid before, but again I am at the Best Western. The bottle top that I mention in the beginning is still there.

I called the front desk to complain and Miguel rushed me off the phone and said he had a guess in front of him. I ask him was there a manger on duty he said no. I thought that was rude, because I am a guest and what I had to say was just as important as the person standing in front of him. That means that you need to have a enough people on duty to handle the volume of guest.

The last thing that I have a complaint about is the person outside my window on a ladder making noise sealing the windows. I came to relax and do my homework. I am working on my MBA and trying to study and take test. That is the reason I came her to get some peace and quiet. I also wanted to say that the pool was not at the right temp for a swim and there was glass outside of the fitness room that my daughter could have cut her foot on if she would step on it and broke it. Wow! I can’t believe after 12 years that Best Western is still the same. I called Hotwire to complain. I am going to the corporate office with my complaint, because at 11:40 am, the cable is still not working and no one at this hotel has called to apologize are move us to another room, i still don’t have small face towels and my room still has the bottle top in the corner. You never have to worry about me staying here again. The only thing that I was please with was Grace when we checked in and the breakfast.

Nacita Pullen

214 530 1140


Thomas Johnson March 14, 2013 at 10:52 am

I would like to talk with someone with regard to handicapped accessibility.
We have a portable lift system that can be easily stored at any property you have in order to accommodate the physically challenged customers that would not normally travel due to transferring restrictions. This item alone could be a great marketing tool to tap into and drive more of this population to your various properties. The product is American made and Veteran owned.
Best Regards,
Tom Johnson 248-321-8951


Theresa Greenwell March 12, 2013 at 12:26 am

March 11, 2013

To: David Kong,
Mark Straszynski
Scott Gibson

RE: Best Western customer abuse

Enclosed you will find a schedule of events that have led to the need for this letter to be written.

I have never been so frustrated, emotionally torn, scared and saddened by an experience at a hotel. While the events outlined in the schedule reflect information concerning my refund and customer abuse, this situation just added insult to injury.

On the days leading up to my families stay with your establishment, we were making arrangements for an immediate family member’s funeral. The day we came into town on March 1, 2013, to stay at the hotel, we spent the day conducting the visitation and viewing for our family member and on March 2, 2013, we left the hotel to attend the funeral. On Monday, March 4, 2013, we attended a visitation and viewing of a 12 year old classmate of my son and stepdaughter of a co-worker. On Tuesday, March 5, 2013, we attended the classmate’s funeral.

During this very difficult time, I in no way should have found myself taking off work to correct an error on Best Western’s part. I should have never been embarrassed by being told that I was being irate and yelling, when clearly I was not. To be belittle and degraded by a young lady that apparently does not even have the knowledge of your computer program to access information correctly is shocking and concerning. I should not have to chase down the refund that currently reflects a Best Western hotel being double paid for three rooms.

You are all well educated and experienced individuals that did not get to the positions you currently hold by behaving in this manner and allowing misappropriation of funds by double charging for rooms. Please assist me in correcting this matter a efficiently and effectively as possible.

Thank you,
Theresa Greenwell
979-709-1973 cell
979-415-0764ext. 28


brandy January 2, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Hello I am A business owner of coast to coast marine installations, I have several employees that stay at your hotels all over the United States…..We reacently stayed in Bear Delaware, besides it not being the cleanest we checked out and went back to Cocoa Beach Fl. I then got A charge on my card for $50.00 I called the hotel to see what the charge was for and they could not tell me there were no notes the front desk clerk had told me. I then called on weds 1/2/2013 to speak with A manager who the told me there were 2 pillows missing. First of all these men have been working for my company for quit awhile and never anything like this. I am so upset and if this is not resolved I will be going on every trip advisor letting people know what A joke this place is and my company will never be staying at best westerns anywhere. I am so upset, I work very hard for my $$$ and not going to waste it on stealing DIRTY PILLOWS


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