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AT&T Inc.
208 South Akard St
Dallas, TX 75202

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Phone Number: (210) 821-4105
Fax Number: (302) 655-5049
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CEO: Randall L. Stephenson
CFO: John Joseph Stephens
COO: John T. Stankey

AT&T History

The American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T for short) has a long history dating back to Alexander Graham Bell.

In recent history, the company was known as SBC Communications after the government break-up of the original AT&T in 1983.

SBC purchased AT&T in 2005 and took on their brand, logo and marketing for the entire company.

In 2006, the company acquired BellSouth.

In 2008, the AT&T corporate office moved from San Antonio to Dallas.

There have been many recent acquisitions including Cellular One, Centennial Communications, Wayport Inc. and Qualcomm.

AT&T is currently the largest provider of fixed and mobile telephone services in the US.  The company current serves over 100 million mobile customers.

John T. Stankey

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jackie April 18, 2014 at 2:24 pm

Another long term customer who is very unhappy with customer service at AT & T. They are scripted and are not problem solvers or service people. My problem is still unresolved even with many phone calls to At & T. Even received a commitment to contact me on 4/16 at noon from a gentleman in the “Retention Dept” who has yet to contact me. I will not renew my contract with AT & T after what I have been through. Very disappointed. Hello Verizon!


Bobbi Wright April 18, 2014 at 11:25 am

Well I have just about enough of it all. I spent my whole day yesterday being transferred to one person after another just to get answers on my account. I personally spoke to Dan, Carol, Christopher, Peter, Gloria, Katie, Carla, Jay, Eric, Kevin and Sebastion. I have a problems with my account for so long, but the big one stated couple months ago. They were installing Uverse in our neighborhood, I called put in 6 trouble tickets my phone was messing up. They know because I purposely called from my home phone so they could hear it. They set up so many appointments and no one showed up. I tried over and over to explain that while phone out so is my wifi, without the wifi all my Iphones are working off the plan and costing me more money. That’s why I had bundles everything to begin with. I was mad I had sat at home so many days waiting, I paid a portion of the bill and said as soon as someone came and fixed it I would pay remaining. I wake up one Sunday half naked walking thru my house to some random man in my yard looking thru my window waving he’s working on it. And as it was they had spliced the line down the street while installing Uverse, go figure, like I already didn’t tell them that. So I did what I said paid remaing bill, however no service turned off for non-payment. Of course called complained I didn’t even have service you blew me off for 3 weeks. I told them I want a credit for that time frame on my services, instead got charged reconnection fees. So now as I have been paying my bill monthly I still refuse to pay for that month. As I now have all my Iphones turned off, no TV and spending my time on the phone trying to get this fixed. I made it very clear I WAS NOT paying February bill. I may be a stay at home mom, but I have a large family and my time is worth that. When I worked if I didn’t show up to a clients even once I would had lost my job, unless and emergency….BUT 6 times then come unannounced. The man was wearing just regular clothes, what if I thought he was a burglar and took drastic measures, would have been sad for all. But I running to put clothes on noticed the truck out front. So here in Texas a lot of families have guns, I have small children we don’t. My husband was sleeping but he woke up when I screamed, he was angry, but told him let it go, he’s fixing it. That is what we wanted even though the situation was embarrassing, I eventually had phones and wifi that day. My husband works for a computer company that he can work from home instead of driving an hour back and forth everyday, but most have internet. During this time he had to drive to the office. His company also has an agreement with AT&T for discounts. We went in person and gave them paperwork, to this day I have not had one credit. I did not originally set up this account, my 15 year old son did at the time. Who lets a 15 year old sign a contract?? So I bundled everything, moved all my current services and put under my name, that was 4 years ago. As a communication company since 50% OF THE PEOPLE I SPOKE WITH DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH, maybe you should add a button to push to claim which language your customers prefer and buy them some new headsets, you can barely hear a darn thing. I currently have no services and angry and frustrated that nothing has been done, another day wasted. When I finally gave up yesterday they said I had 21 reports just for that one day, this has to be fixed or I have to waste today moving all services. Happy Good Friday, I have better things to do.


James R. Vinson April 17, 2014 at 6:26 pm

Recently I switched from Cox Communications to AT&T U-verse. The cable from my home to your pedestal is buried somewhere between 1 inch and 1/2 inch. if at all. When my neighbor complained about it, I checked it out. To say it is a lousy job, is an understatement. More like they swept it under the rug. When I called in about the problem a service technician looked at it and said, we are not responsible for the contractors work. I have heard this statement several times from AT&T customer care representatives.

I called about problem with my service a few days ago. After 5 calls lasting over 30 minutes each, with someone from another country that barely spoke English. They would put me on hold and finally hang up on me. On the fifth attempt I reach a very pleasant young lady from the US and the problem was solved in a few minutes. She said the overseas contractors should have fixed the problem.

I am attaching a photo that I may put on Face book to inform those thinking about changing their service. They should know what to expect.

I wanted to speak with a V.P. of operations but unfortunately ATT doesn’t make this easy. Perhaps he or she is in Bangladesh.

J. R. Vinson


Commander Ritchie Hugh Belser III April 16, 2014 at 8:59 am

From: Commander R H Belser III
To: Mr Stephenson
Subject: SC Case number 1400739

It’s April 15 2014. I’ve attempted to unscrew erroneous ATT billing since November 2013. I have done so via three letters directly to you and wasted many, many hours over the phone with a rep named “Cleo” in San Diego and another rep in New Haven, Connecticut named Daphne Cobb.
In case you cannot i.d. the case number, check SC 1400058 or 1400369. Those case numbers, as well as the 2013 case number were unilaterally cancelled by ATT though the over -billing continues at my beach house rental property. Re-read that last sentence: ATT unilaterally cancelled the complaint case though there was no resolution.
I clearly stated in my three letters that I want only what your sales team promised: a combined package for telephone, internet, and Direct TV at the rate of “less than $96.00 per month” . I have been overcharged over $300.00 to date and the March 2014 bill was $138.00 .
I have been unfailingly polite and civil in all my communications but enough is enough. The mendacity of ATT is
equaled only by the ineptitude of your resolution team. One example of that ineptitude is the fact that ATT has continued to use the service address and phone number to contact me EVEN THOUGH I HAVE MADE EXPLICIT that the house is a seasonal rental property; I do not live there, receive mail there and infrequently visit there. When the summer rental season is complete, on Labor Day, I am pulling the plug on ATT permanently. If I did not have renters in the house now I would do it today.
Disgustingly giving up on recouping the money you have ripped off, I remain , Sincerely-
Ritchie Hugh Belser III
Commander, USN, ret.


Jim April 15, 2014 at 9:38 pm

AT&T “PUC” to whom ever reads this know this, that if ever my patticence have been tried it has been by AT&T, however know this the author of this notice does not give up, understand does not give up I will go as far up the ladder as I have to will go public will own you if you think I am kidding try me. Better yet I challenge you to after all you have for the past 45 days and guess what you have my attention and now I am going to get yours. You say you are going to contact me and resolve the issue well you have exactly till 11:AM on 04/16/2014 if not resolved my actions will take place not a threat but a promise. Oh and by no means do I mean a harmful promise in a physical way, but I will have the final say so on this with the proper authorities who will listen and will resolve. Been a customer of AT&T since 1988 and it is absurd to be treated in such a manner.


Bob April 14, 2014 at 2:08 pm

Long time customer of AT&T (over 20+years). Back in September of 2012 I had my home number changed and requested AT&T show it as unlisted/unpublished. I was told by the AT&T Rep that this could be accomplished. Reason for this service was due to an “Order for Protection” that I had placed against an individual stalking my family and myself. My request for AT&T to change my service was at the direction of the court and the local police. Sometime in November 2012 I noticed I was getting many calls from individuals that would have not known my new number. I called 411 Directory Assistance, and low and behold, I was not only given my Unlisted/Unpublished number by the operator but they also gave out my address.

I called AT&T immediately and voiced my concern. The Rep that I talked to apologized for the problem but could not tell me why it happened. AT&T’s response to my complaint was to have me change my number again. So again, I had AT&T change my home phone number and show it as Unpublished/Unlisted. Again, I called up those individuals that have a “need to know” my number and embarrass myself like I was trying to stay a step ahead of the bill collectors or whatever with these number changes. This was in November of 2012. Things seemed to be going well until one day I received a call from a local charity asking for a donation. Interesting thing was they asked for me by name. I queried the individual as to how they got my number and they advised me through Directory Assistance. Approximately two days later, I received another call from an individual that had lost my Cell Number and went to Directory Assistance to get my home phone number. I immediately placed a call to AT&T to advise them of the problem. I also called Directory Assistance to confirm that my home phone was able to be accessed. I also checked the internet and discovered that my phone number was published under the 411 listings for AT&T and in their White Pages Directory. The customer service Rep transferred me to the Office of the President and I was put in touch with several Reps at that location.

I was contacted by a Kim Clements (sp) whom identified herself as the Manager of the Office of the President. She apologized for my inconvenience and had me hold while she confirmed that my number could be accessed through 411 Directory Assistance.

She explained that she would look into the matter and that I would get a call in a couple of days. This was March 5, 2014. I will add here that AT&T has been charging me for a service that they have not provided since September 2012. Two days later I received a call from an individual representing themselves as working for Kim and they proceeded to ask me what my problem was. I restated the complete story to them once again, and was given the same old “I am sorry” line. The Rep said that they would have Kim call me back in a couple of days. Two days later I received a call from Kim and was told by her that she was still looking into the problem and would get back with me. Approximately two days later I received a call from a person named Gigi representing themselves as working for Kim and asked me once again to repeat my whole story to them. By this time frustration was setting in just from the perception that I was getting from these customer service reps and my problem. That was that they just did not care. I told Gigi that if she needed to have me restate my problem to the same department for the third time I needed to talk to someone that had the power to help a customer. Gigi told me that the only thing she and AT&T could do is have me change my number again. She told me I would get a call the following week. About a week later I received a VM from Kim Clements (sp) again but it showed up on my caller ID as a Blocked Number. I called back to the Office of the President to advise them of this and Kim called back and apologized for the number being blocked but is was her home phone and she was working out of her house. How convenient, her Blocked Number seems to work just fine.

We discussed my problem and she said she would get to the bottom of it and once again Apologized for my service. Approximately March 18, 2014 I received a VM from Kim telling me she had some information for me. I returned her call within 10 minutes and was put into her VM. I left her a message as to the best time to call me. Never got another call back.

Last week I called the Office of the President to ask if someone was going to get back with me. I was advised that Kim had closed my complaint on March 12. And that her resolution to my problem was to change my number again. Kim also put in notes that the customer never returns her calls so that was another reason for her closing the complaint file. I asked why she called me on March 18, six days after I am being told that my complaint was not longer valid, and I was told that they did not know. While I was on the phone with this person they told me that Kim would be calling me in about a half hour to explain. Then this individual in the Office of the President told me that Kim was calling me right now and that I should hang up to take the call. I advised them that I had “Call Waiting” and that no call was coming through. With that they said they were sorry again and hung up. Today is April 14 and I have yet to receive a call from anyone from AT&T.

So there you have it AT&T. So much for your Office of the President to try and make the customer feel like they are dealing with an “Important” group. I see this as nothing more than a smoke screen to keep the customers away from those that run the company.


Still waiting as a paying customer AT&T!!!!


Sandra Housel April 14, 2014 at 2:02 pm

I am upset with your company with regard to combine billing and wireless service. I have been with AT&T for over 10 years. I had my combined bill stopped on Feb 18 or 19, 2014. I paid my January combine bill on February 7th. but now am receiving the January wireless bill back on my April wireless bill which your company is stating I never paid but when I contact the combine they state I have paid. I have now been disconnected because you collected my money back on February 7 for the combined billing which included my wireless charge but you now show them outstanding on the wireless side and now one in your organization can seem to get this correct for me. I have been calling since Mar 24th trying to get this resolved but get a case # CM20140411-86522318 on Friday April 11th after having my services put back on Friday only to have them disconnect me again today. After 2 hours on phone again this morning neither combined nor wireless can get this corrected and I am still disconnected from my wireless. I want some to check into this matter to see if this is how you treat your consumer worldwide because this has left a bad complaint about AT&T the way I have been treated by your representatives. Telling me to just pay my bill and they will put my services on again. I am sure your company received my payment that I went to my bank friday after being on the phones with your representative only to call back from my bank with the my bank representative on the phone with you for another 2 hours to get a case # CM20140411-86522318 and was advise that someone would contact me but that didn’t happen they just disconnect my cell phone services


Tambra Hollamon April 14, 2014 at 11:45 am

I have internet only service in my home. On Sunday, April 6, 2014, my internet service stopped working. Monday, April 7, I called into technical support and was told there was an outage. I called in Tuesday, April 8, and was told that the problem was being investigated. Wednesday, April 9, still no service, called in in and my line was checked. I was told that my line was good, but my modem is still blinking red! Each day I call in I was told to reset my modem, which I do to no avail. Thursday April 10 I call in (same thing, “reset your modem”). I told the technical department that something is wrong because all of my family and friends that have at&t in my town have their service working and my modem is still blinking red. I am attending school online, and at this point, I have missed 4 days of school. Also I am using the 4g network on my smartphone because my internet modem in my house is not working, thus I am paying for data through my cell phone company. I finally convince the rep to send out a technician to my home. He came out and was at my house for approximately 15 minutes. MY MODEM WAS BAD….
I know it will probably be said that I should have gone somewhere else to log on, but why should I when I am paying for service in my home!
I chose AT&T because I thought your company was a good fit for me. I starting to doubt that very seriously.
Hopefully your numerous customers across the country will not be subjected to the service that I did not receive!


Roberto April 12, 2014 at 4:15 am

Two weeks ago, I ordered the new Galaxy 5 phone. It was supposed to arrive no later than April 11 at home via UPS. However, it never arrived. When I tracked UPS on line, I noticed that the driver had delivered the phone at an incorrect address. Then, I contacted AT&T to explain the situation. The AT&T representative suggested me to go to a “Corporate” store and get a new phone. She made me an appointment to get the phone. However, after waiting for more than one hour, the store manager told me he was not responsible and offered no solution to this issue. After I left the store, I contacted customer service again and, at this time, I asked to talk to the supervisor on duty. And, again, she did not offered any solution and said that the store that sold me the phone was responsible for resolving this issue.
I called the store and Juan, a salesperson there, told me that the store was not responsible and said that they could not send me another phone because “I would end up with two phones for one price” and that would be unacceptable. He also said that I had to contact UPS in order to resolve this issue.

I finally called UPS and they told me that they were investigating this issue and that there was no timeframe to get it resolved. They advised me to contact AT&T to get a solution.

As you might see, none of the responsible parties gave me any solution. I’m very frustrated about the poor customer service that AT&T offered me. Nobody wants to take responsibility of this situation. Terrible customer service!! I would like to get a solution. All I need is my phone!!


Dhaval Rasania April 11, 2014 at 9:16 am

Long time wireless customer for ATT and never file any complaints against ATT before, its first time. Because of recent promotions by other operators, I decided to switch to other company as I was getting lot better offer than my current ATT plan (in terms of both features and price). Since I am on contract with ATT, I decided to open chat session with ATT to find out what will be my ETF (Early Termination Fee) per line. (Kristine Young was the rep on chat session), During conversation she was curious to find out why I am leaving ATT and she was wondering if her manager can give me a call to see if ATT can give me options, She arranged a conference call for me, I got a call from ATT customer relations and after 26 minutes of conversation it was decided that ATT will honor me Unlimited Calls + Unlimited Text + 2GB of data SHARED BETWEEN 4 LINES, and total cost = 26 x 4 + Tax, this was not a great offer (as compared to what I was getting from T-mobile) but I still decided to give it a shot and try it out. During the conversation I made it very clear and repeated that make sure I should not be charge more than what was discussed and the rep repeatedly said 26 x 4 + tax – shared mobile data between 4 lines and rep mentioned it will be effective from 17-APR-2014.

Next day (04/10/2014), when I looked at account, it was already updated with new plan. When I clicked on view plan details, I saw $130 as my new charges for that plan, this made me confuse and I connected to a rep on chat session (Shelby Johnson). I had to repeat whole story all over again to Shelby and she said, she is not seeing any other details on my account other than “Mobile shared data plan” and she was not able to confirm the price that I discussed day before – she said price would be 124.60 + Tax !!!
I was really going mad at ATT and she says lets do conf call again, OMG, one more half an hour session. This time some lady from ATT calls me and says “I am here to resolve all your concerns” really, ok lets start, long story short – she was NOT able to help me out at all – so I asked her to put me bak on my previous plan.

Now I want this comment/complaint to be reviewed by ATT officers and answer couple of questions.
I) Is this how you treat your long time customers ?

II) What kind of people ATT has hired – one day they talk one thing and next day they talk different, no consistent stories ???

II) ATT lack marketing skills,they made me talk to them as I decided to switch to t-mobile, they offered me some package with some price tag that was discussed and now next day they come back and says “Ohh that is not possible”, att can not honor that price tag!!!
ATT made me confuse completely, either I am stupid or ATT customer care officers or both !!! I have a strong feeling that because of lots of customers are leaving ATT, ATT has started playing dirty games with loyal customers to retain them!!

Bottom line sooner or later I am going to leave ATT and will never come back again as they lack professionalism.

I hope, my concerns will be addressed and ATT will take actions against inconsistent behaviors by their customer care relations and stop playing dirty games with customers.



Anna April 9, 2014 at 10:03 pm

I am trying to upgrade my phone. I have had the same phone for two years now it is a used iPhone 4 and neither one of the buttons work 80% of the time. I simply want to upgrade my phone to another iPhone bc I rely on my iPhone to sync with all of my other apple products for work and also school. (I am a full time college student) however when I went to upgrade I was informed I would have to pay the $100+ for the phone AND my bill each month would increase from $15 a month to $40 and if I did not want my bill to increase I would have to pay full price for a phone and just pay for the phone in monthly increments, so either way my bill would increase $25 or more each month, and that is just for one of my four lines. I have been a loyal customer with AT&T for over 10 years (one of the lines has been active for over 20 years) I am very disappointed that AT&T would treat customer this way and over charge a customer who is already paying a large amount each month just to buy a phone that worked. They were not willing to work with me or try to do anything to help me get a working phone when I contacted customer service. This gives me a whole new out look on the AT&T company. At this point I would not refer any of my friends or family to AT&T. As a business major I would like to say this is a very poor way to treat a customer and very poor customer service. I hope that this will help the company to realize their poor choices and can help current and future customers to think twice about what they are getting and to realize that they should do something to help loyal customers like my family who simply just wants a working phone Ito be able to function in this world that relies in smart phones to function.


A. Howard April 9, 2014 at 1:24 pm

I’ve been a customer since 1975 when I got married and still have the same phone number. These last couple of years have been a nightmare if you need customer service. I spent 1hr 15 min. today trying to resolve a problem with my bill. They transferred me multiple times to the wrong dept., most of them in CA and I live in TX. They also kept transferring me to depts. that answered the phone in Vietnamese and had no idea of what I was trying to explain. My problem was never resolved and I finally gave up. AT&T has turned into the worst customer service I have EVER experienced. I now understand why so many people are opting for other providers. It’s time to take my business to a company that actually appreciates their customers.


Mike Ayers April 8, 2014 at 10:20 am

My mother passed away on 9 Feb 2014 and I am her executor. I have her mail forwarded to my address but between her death and finally receiving a bill from AT&T the bill was past due and more charges added. I called to have her service cancelled and try and get them to credit some of the charges credited since the service was not being used. No they could not do that but would credit the amount from today to the end of the billing cycle. How nice!? Also, when I told them that mother passed away they said sorry for your loss and then the next thing out of mouth was is there anyone who wants to continue the service. How callous and tacky. I am glad I cancelled there service years ago since their customer service has not changed.


Kristen April 7, 2014 at 9:20 pm

Why did you hire and allow to stay employed an unscrupulous, corrupt, and controlling AT&T employee named DOUGLAS MILLER who works in Customer Service? After AT&T charged kept charging me over DOUBLE the normal amount every month (NOTE: The reason they charged me double was because when they switched me into a “cheaper plan”, DOUGLAS MILLER forgot to cancel my original service so I got charged for both. I called an told him last month, but he refused to fix it. He was over-charging me by $400 a month. So, when I called again this month to ask why my bill was almost $1100 for 2 months, employee DOUGLAS MILLER refused to tell me why my bill was over $525 every month instead of the $125 I was promised (or almost $1100 for 2 months instead of $250 I was promised for 2 months). Each time I nicely asked him to explain the bill and I requested a “correction” to remove the extra $400 each month for 2 months, he said AT&T can not give away $400 a month in “courtesy adjustments”. When I said I do not consider a “correction” to be a “courtesy adjustment”, he got really angry and made threats and said he would be giving me $0 and black-balling me in their database so any time I call, no one will help me. When I asked to be transferred to Billing, he refused. When I asked to speak to management, he said he was management. He said he is the highest level person and no one else at AT&T would be wiling to help me. Even though I had paid $243 on Saturday (which was $100 over what should be owed to date), he said I had to pay the rest of the $1100 that was “owed” (remember this is an undisputable error that everyone else I spoke with at AT&T agrees is clearly an error except DOUGLAS MILLER) before my children and I could have AT&T service. He angrily threatened me that if I tried to go around me, he would shut off our service again and again. Then, when I called the local store manager who had made the mistake to see if he would correct it, he apologized and corrected his mistake which resulted in a correction (credit) to my bill of $400 times 2 or a total of $800 (which is what they overcharged me). A total of 5 AT&T employees from the local store managers to AT&T Billing tried to back out this mistake, but then within hours, the corrupt EMPLOYEE NAMED DOUGLAS MILLER cancelled out their correction and shut off both my and my children’s cell phone service. each time he left me an angry message that said if I do not pay $1000 for last month’s bill, he will keep shutting off my service personally. He says he will be checking on my service every day and each time he finds out someone in billing changed HIS decision, he will cancel our service again and put back the $1100 balance. Again, this is almost all an error because they double-billed for 2 months, I have paid the 2 months in full for the correct amount but he refuses to listen. All he cares about is getting the upper-hand over me and ruining my life–rather than providing good customer service by simply correcting THEIR billing error. I am a victim of their billing error and now this evil-doer customer service agent who seems to take pleasure over torturing an innocent single mother who is simply trying to have phone service to communicat3e with their kids. My God, how can such a person work in Customer Service. I have saved all this threatening voice messages if you would like to hear what he threatens me. Also, simply check my phone records to see every time a Billing corrects my bill, he backs out their correction then calls me with more threats. Please explain why you have an employee like DOUGLAS MILLER working in Customer Service. please explain immediately. Thank you for your anticipated time AT&T.


Linda Horton April 3, 2014 at 10:33 am

Monthly there are overcharges on my bill. I signed up for economy service for my 2nd home in Florida. Routinely ATT changes the service I agreed to and levies standard rates for long distance calls! Each time I call to complain I’m transferred to numerous people, none of whom can help. There is nowhere for customers to get immediate redress thus I am tracking down the CEO. Randall Stevenson in Dallas, TX. plus posting my experiences online. Below is what a typical “help chat” looks like on their site. It’s my real life experience yesterday~ it is CRAZY!!!:

Thank you for choosing AT&T. A representative will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with Amy.
Amy: Hello my name is Amy. Thank you for allowing me to be your specialist today. How may I assist you?
linda: I was overcharged on my Mar 2nd bill.
Amy: I can help you with that!
linda: I have International Basic Rate plan, one rate nationwide calling. My monthly rate as quoted on your Nov 26, 2013 personal letter to me is $28.93.
Amy: May I have your account number please?
Amy: Is that about your cell phone?
linda: no. landline
Amy: Thank you for the information.
Amy: May I have your full address please?
linda: XXXXXXX
linda: ft lauderdale fl 33311
Amy: Your inquiry requires contact with a specialist who handles accounts in your area. Allow me a moment to connect you to a representative who will be able to assist you.
Please wait while I transfer the chat to the appropriate group.
You are now chatting with Wesley.
Wesley: Hi, I’m sorry for any delay in reaching me. I see that you have been speaking to another representative. Please allow me a moment to review your previous conversation and I will be happy to assist you further.
linda: thanx
Wesley: You are most welocme.
Wesley: welcome*
Wesley: Linda, are you logged in to your online account?
linda: no i am not. I am looking at the bill
linda: i don’t have time for user names and passwords, please help to settle this now.
Wesley: To protect your privacy, we have enhanced our Online security features. For your security, you must be logged into your account in order to obtain help with your inquiry.
linda: att makes it impossible to have user friendly service for customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wesley: I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.
linda: and what? I need help
Wesley: In order to protect your private information, please provide me with a verification item from the list below.
• 3-digit customer code showing after your account number / telephone number
• Amount of your last payment or last bill amount
• Last four digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number
linda : with pleasure
linda: XXX, $360.08, XXXX
Wesley: Thank you.
Wesley: Linda, I can see that your bill was $360.08.
Wesley: It was high because you were charged $327.55 for long distance.
linda: do you also see that I am on a n international basic rate plan and one rate nationwide calling. i am holding the document sent to me by att dated nov 26, 2013 confirming all of this as fact.
Wesley: I will check it for you.
Wesley: I am working on your account.
linda: Is this not in your computer terminal- i am losing valuable time
Wesley: I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.
Wesley: Yes.
Wesley: You are on an International basic rate plan.
linda: ???
linda: and what about my credit for the overcharge as well as nationwide 1 rate plan overcharge?
Wesley: Linda, it is showing that you exceeded the International minutes usage, that is why you have been charged extra.
linda: what is the minutes usage limit amount and what is the charge beyond the minimum limit? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!
Wesley: I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.
Wesley: I will check it for you.
linda: ATT ROUTINELY OVERCHARGES ME. I AM ALSO LOOKING AT A CREDIT FOR $1802.22 ON MY AUG 2 2012 BILL. (have a look in your computer) there are others as well. Every month there’s always an overcharge and I plan to seek legal redress if this is not sorted out immediately!
Wesley: I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll be right with you.
Wesley: Linda, I am escalating your concern to my manager.
Wesley: So please bear with me.
linda: Observe, there is a continuous pass the buck- also a characteristic of att
Please wait while I transfer the chat to Sam.
You are now chatting with Sam.
Sam: Hello.
Sam: I am manager.
Sam: Please allow me a minute to read the chat you just had.
linda: It will be my 4th agent of the afternoon, thank you.I am fed up with att overcharges, excuses and passing me on one person to the next. You have computers and know what I’m talking about.
Sam: I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.
Sam: Linda, I can see that you are on basic rate plan.
Sam: You do not have any international and nationwide calling package.
linda: then please do the right thing and set up my credit andlet me get on with my business day, pleeze1
Sam: If you make any call you are charged $0.07/minute.
Sam: I can undertand you.
Sam: It is because you made a lot of International calls.
linda: THERE are 2 international calls, total 57 min @ .07 is $3.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam: Your bill is high because you haven’t taken any package to lower down the cost of international calling.
Sam: So you have been charged $0.07 per minute.
Sam: apart from that you are charged tax on the usage you made.
Sam: This is the reason your bill is high.
linda: Your explanation makes NO sense.
linda: 2 interntional calls both on same day for total 57 min. at 7 cents per minute. what are you not getting?
Sam: Please allow me a moment to access and review your records.
Sam: I will double check this information for you.
linda: Jan 19 56 min. to Bermuda, 1 additional call, same day, 1 minute= 57 minutes @ .07 which totals $3.99- Are you trained to frustrate customers. This is a no brainer.
linda: If you subtract the chargeable rate for 57 min then subtract it from the total billed, I am charged $255.92 for domestic calls!!!!!!!!!!!!
linda: I need to speak with CORPORATE. This should not be happening!
Sam: The calls you made to Bermuda in that you were charged at the rate of $3.38 /minute
linda: The rate I have always been quoted is .07 otherwise I would NEVER have talked by phone. I have SKYPE.
Sam: I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.
linda: i want this overcharge sorted out, no apologies, please
linda: I am looking at a bill dated Aug 2, 2012
Sam: Linda, if you want this concern to be sorted out please call at 1800-288-2020
linda: Calls to Bermuda were overcharged at .19 and .38 respectively- a far cry from $3.38 you just confirmed. Even at .38, the bill would be $57.00 but it’s not the rate I was quoted.
Sam: They will sort out your concern the best way possible.
linda: So now I’ve wasted close to an hour without resolution? You can’t help me either_ the Manager, did you say???
Sam: I am sorry I am unable to help you with credit for the calls you had made. You will need to call us at 1800 288 2020 to have a word with manager on the call.
Sam: I appreciate your understanding.
Sam: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
linda: I will waste no time posting this email thread online to warn customers about ATT!!!!!!!!!!


John Fahy April 2, 2014 at 5:03 pm

Why complain about the shortcomings of a company. They are boring and lack the immediate fascination of short-lived reality stars. AT&T management has constructed a barricade of platitudes interwoven by cut-rate scripts that isolate management from providing service to the customer. Gimmicks, low introductory rates, bundles, and our acceptance of poor performance have congealed into the New AT&T.
This customer service model closely resembles turn-of-the-century hucksters focusing only on the sale, not adding value. AT&T has turned customers into commodities, faceless, nameless peons, resulting in an Orwellian vision of endless masses masochistically gulping swill from the altar of mediocrity. If AT&T expressed genuine concern, rather than constructing disingenuous platitudes, customers may see a glimmer of hope. Having your hope destroyed is disheartening, but adding insult to injury, you have to speak with a representative who is also force-fed the company gruel. Each call is controlled focused on a deafening reverberation of the melancholy mantra: “I am sorry for the inconvenience, but…”. This compulsory groveling coupled with mandatory repetition erases all self-esteem. The Machiavellian minions of management mislead, muddy, mollify, and then transfer customers in a jerky circular fashion reminiscent of a secret society initiation. AT&T must have a round board room to instill a consistent corporate culture of the jerky circular process.
If we accept mediocrity then we are doomed to become mediocre. I reject AT&T’s mediocrity and vote with your wallet.


Brenda Mann Ponder April 2, 2014 at 4:42 pm

I must agree with so many of the unhappy long time customers sharing their comments about this company. It is truly a sad situation when a company as large as AT & T is, doesn’t care enough about the consumer to take these comments serious. I will be so glad when my contract is over because not only is the service poor, promises broken and not to mention you nickle and dime a customer to death for every thing offered. I have been with AT & T over 20 years I have Uverse (boxes on 4 tv’s), Internet, cell phone and home phone service and when I call to inquire about adding a wireless connection to one more tv you want to charge me a $49 one time fee not to mention I will have an additional charge each month for the extra receiver. When does a customer get anything waived. You know I’m going to have the service for at least a year so why charge a one time fee for anything when you all ready have as many services as I do and have had for so long. It is understandable why COMCAST is so appealing. I can’t wait to change my service. they were glad to offer me a plan for the one tv and has offered to pay to move my other services if it’s worth it for me. Now I’m in the process of try to get out of my contract without having to pay an arm and leg or have my credit all “JACKED-UP” because you are famous for that type of punishment I hear too.


Bradley BRYAN HARSTON April 1, 2014 at 10:08 pm

Your company has the worst customer/technical service I have ever seen, I have not even had my equipment installed and have already been disgusted by the service I have received. My problems started when a technician decided he didn’t want to complete my 4 box install after that my dsl was disconnected because uverse was “supposed” to have been installed since then I have been subjected to lies, update Calles at 11:00 at night , people not calling be back as was promised, and 2 more appointments being canceled without notification. I even went as far as to take off of work to make sure there was no issue only to be canceled o. I have been a charter customer for years and am currently regretting my decision to change service providers.


Caren C. Newman March 31, 2014 at 1:31 pm

I agree w/every complaint mentioned above. Did finally make it to a person in the office of the President, she worked out my problems and gave me a great new rate . That was over a month ago, and now she isn’t returning my calls. I have been complaining about their customer service for years!! Never changed. Caren Newman.


CS March 30, 2014 at 12:50 pm

I have been an AT&T customer for almost 10 years. I WAS the happy customer that always told friend, business associates, etc. about the goo service and products at AT&T.

That has now changed. In July 2014, when moving from my home, AT&T Uverse contacted me with a good offer at my new address. However, I was told I could not move my service, as I had done many times before. I had to order new service, so I would need to disconnect and turn in my equipment.

I contacted Uverse and did so, I received instructions for returning my equipment and did so. I received my last bill and paid it. Several weeks later I received another bill; I contacted Uverse and they apologized, explaining that the initial representative did not cancel my service correctly. I was assured it was not cancelled and I would receive no further bills for the old address.

A couple months later, I received another bill. I again contacted and requested a supervisor, who told me pretty much the same thing. This continued for several months; I received phone calls, I also contacted the person(s) that I received my new service from, I sent an email to AT&T online, I communicated via a chat, I opened a compliant ticket with customer service, etc.. etc. etc. The bottom line is that I have continued to receive a bill for my old address and NO ONE from AT&T has ever called me back even though I have requested this time and time again.

I have made every possible attempt to resolve this issue, with no response from AT&T. In the meant time I have a family plan wireless account, wireless home phone, internet, Uverse and IPad service with them, that are all current and paid each month.

It is unreal that they have not resolve this issue or even attempted to contact me to resolve it. These fraudulent charges must be removed immediately.

I need this email communication to go to Lori Lee, VP Home Solutions; she is responsible for Uverse service. As one VP to another, this is totally unacceptable service. You must provide your existing customers with good service, while you continue marketing and gaining additional customers.

I need to receive a response within 48 hours. My next letter will be sent to Randall Stephenson CEO, with a copy to my attorney and the attorney general’s office.


Joseph April 12, 2014 at 1:09 pm

Hello CS, can you email me so I have your contact info. i am having a huge billing problem as well, and plan on seeing the attorney general this week. It would be nice to know how you are proceeding with your problem, my email address is


Carlindjya Alexis March 29, 2014 at 9:09 pm

I have been lied to since started with at&t i was promised $65 monthly payment each for 4 people, I have been having problems with att every month. Two girls dropped the line because of the dishonesty of att leaving my bill high, i called to add an extension , because i am not able to pay the balance that is remained on my account, I have paid my monthly bill but i was told that it was not enough. In the process of resolving my situtaion i have been hung up about 10 times and been left of the phone for about 4 hour i have for people whom witnessed how i was being treated by the att employees. This not fair for me because there are actually people who care about the credit i see that att is trying to, to do so.


Katherine March 28, 2014 at 8:46 pm

I see we all have the same identical problem….I’m looking for a solution. In September, like a dummy, I called AT&t about combining all my service….it has been a nightmare…here it is March and I’m still having to fight with them….the biggest problem I have is the U-verse…they do not offer it in my area….set me up for installation to find out it’s not offered. I was also told about cell phone (that I didn’t need), but because the bundle package was so good I went ahead and got the phone…..terrible mistake…39.99 for nothing…fist bill over $100.00…I called to complain…somehow I ended up with another u-verse box (which not offered in my area. I returned the system…a month later I get Collection letter. I called AT&T again and again and again…I’ve never seen such a missed up company…..finally thought I had the collection part taken care of until tonight I get another notice from the Collection agency. They’re no help, will not tell me how to or who I can contact at AT&T…My blood pressure is going through the roof….Can we not as American Citizens Boycott or Sue AT&T…This is ridicoules. Now on Monday I will have to spend all day again to try and straighten this mess out again.


betty miller March 27, 2014 at 10:31 am

I have been an ATT customer for years. I have 5 phones on my plan. I heard that ATT had lowered there plan rates.. I called to inquire and the lady at the other end checked into it .. switched me over.. and that was it.. no explination of anything else. the problem now is my son’s phone broke and he is away at college so I checked to see if I had a upgrade option and I did. I was going to have him go to Walmart and get a phone with the 2 year extension to my contract. When I called ATT they informed me that his line would go from $15.00 a month to $40.00 because of the plan that I had. None of this was ever explained to me when I switched my plan.and I do not like having him away from home with out a phone. I am so un happy with ATT that I think its time I take my business to Verison.


Rita Mason March 26, 2014 at 11:33 pm

I have spoken with 5 different agents in the last 24 hours and still no resolution. The supervisor lied when she promise to resolve the issue. These fool changed the phone number without my mother knowledge and act like they can’t change it back. She is a senior citizen and have had this number for 20 years. The problem with changing from u-verse back to land line they have no experience. The customer service sucks and something needs to be done. I will take it farther with reporting to everyone I can from news broadcaster to state leadership. Someone will be held accountable.


Mae Reed March 26, 2014 at 5:49 pm

I had AT&T wireless service for less than 1 month. Everything was working fine. Out of the blue today while I was driving I received a call from an 888 number. I was in traffic so I answered. I heard AT&T and began putting my ear piece in. After getting everything together I heard the person on the other end was asking me to verify my address. I gave my address and the lady asked me why did it take so long. I went on to tell her that I was in traffic. Long story short…. 15 minutes later….both of my lines were cut off!!!!! I have a daughter that is also on my plan. I called AT&T and the fraud department tells me that they cut the phone off becuase I could not verify my address which was a LIE. I provided my information. They then told me that I needed to fax over a copy of my driver’s license as well as a utility bill! I explained that I did not have a driver’s license that matched my address, but I did have a lease. They lady that I spoke with was RUDE. I switched my service from Alltel and my daughter’s line from T-Mobile. We both have resumes that lists our numbers. I am PISSED. They told me that I could not get the services back on with providing them a Texas i.d! I may not remain in Texas so why should I have to go purchase an i.d?!?! I am upset, disappointed and frustrated. AT&T was a HUGE dissapointment. Now I have to get a new number and switch to ANOTHER carrier, all because they BELIEVE fraud was being committed. I even asked if I could go in a store and show my i.d and let them SEE me, they said NO. This is ridiculous!!!!!


Bill March 26, 2014 at 1:06 pm

On 3/20/14 my 80 yrs old aunt contacted at&t to to let them know she was moving and requested her phone be switched to her new address, she asked would she be able to kep the same number, she was told that the service would be connected and that if there was an issue with keeping the same number that they would contact her. The connection date was 3/25. On 3/25 I went to the apt and found that the service was not hooked up, I called and was told that no appointment was ever made, that SHE was suppose to call back, there is a record of her call, but again no appointment was made. My aunt keeps records of all the things she does and had a complete list of all the calls she made regarding her move. I called back again and got DONNA, , she was about as nasty as anyone I have ever dealt with, refusing to get a supervisor, I was then put on hold , when she came back on (almost 15min) she said the “supervisor said” , I again requested to speak with the supervisor. after another long wait I got JAMES, he said he was not a supervisor but was above DONNA and will get me a new appointment, then suddenly his phone cut out, after a few sec. (15-20) the phone came back on and he claimed to be having a problem with the phone, as I started to speak again , out it went again, then he came back laughing, no doubt he was muting the line and claiming phone troubles( good plug for at&t) well after some back and fourth he said he would get me another appointment but that he would have to call me back, I gave him my number , that was three hours ago. This is an 80 yr old woman who is a bit hard of hearing and lives alone, oh and did I tell you she is a longtime AT&T employee , retired of course.Well god forbid anything should happen to her and she is unable to contact 911, we will then see how funny JAMES and DONNA would find that, for shame AT&T. I tried three more times to contact some sort of supervisor or someone to speak to regarding this matter, to no avail, thats why I have to post this.


Joan P. Owens March 25, 2014 at 11:41 pm

After discussing my refund situation with workmates, family and others. I have found many that never received their payment. All of the above comments are true because that is what I experienced. Yes this is ridiculous, fraud and need help in the Accounts/Receivable/Payable Dept., and some direct customer service dept that all complaints could get help.


Fred March 25, 2014 at 4:17 pm

I have had the WORST experience with AT&T where my phone lines was disconnected for over two weeks when I took out UVERSE service. I am trying to find the phone number(s) of the complaint and legal departments but AT&T has cleverly hidden them and when you call customer service they say they don’t have access to them. If anyone knows this information please send me an email. I have probably made 30+ calls to AT&T and spent at least 20 hours on the phone trying to get my problem resolved. I am going to bill them for my time and take them to court if I have it.


William Painter March 23, 2014 at 9:57 pm

We’ll I am glad to see I am not the only ones having these problems. It’s sad that we pay so much for inferior service. And it is not any better any were else. I wonder if the president or other high ranking theifs have this problem, this WWW is a scam and we are all being taken. Would like the old phone system back. Get rid of digital and go back to analog. It is not worth it. It just gives the FBI, NSA and so on. the ability to track our movements. There is no more privacy as we use to know. I thank God that he will soon make things right. Amen.


charles rawlinson March 22, 2014 at 4:38 pm

as a retired employee with 35 years of service with ATT who retired before lucent tech. was even a company in 1996 I am being told I am not entitled to a retired employee discount because lucent handles my pension. I think this very unfair since I never worked a day in my career for lucent. I started in June of 2013 by faxing the paper work to national discount center and even mail a letter to Mr. Ralph de la Vega that was returned person not known. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated
You may reach me at 516-594-XXXX or my cell at 917-859-XXXX


Michael Gonzales March 22, 2014 at 4:00 pm

I have been Looking at some of the thing people have to say about at&t & its so SAD that AT&T GOT so BIG that they don’t give a crap about the People Who they walked all over to get to where they are ( Randall L. Stephenson ) I bet You have a very nice house & car well I can not get a home loan because AT&T sent Me to collections for some thing I did not get I have call so many times that I thing JUST about Every person Has heard My name , I have been told it was taken care of BUT HELL no can anybody from AT&T call Me E-MAIL Me for My # thank You


Michael Gonzales March 22, 2014 at 3:35 pm

At&t I have had AT&T for so long & I can not get a home loan , because of a bill I have can The the big man give Me a call & no I know God can not call I’am talking about the AT&T big man or somebody in billing send E- mail for My # thank You


Betty March 20, 2014 at 6:08 pm

I have spent hours upon hours trying to get one issued resolved, and to date, AT&T did nothing but give me the run around regarding funds that we taken from me that were not authorized. Several people from the AT&T customer care team stated that they did not have an address, phone number and a fax number to give me for corporate headquarters, but I was given a P.O. Box 755, Atwater, CA 95301 and my letter I planned on sending would get routed to the correct place. Not to sure about that but I complied. Now I did some digging around and found this information. Let’s see if I get a response and how long it will take. The customer service is horrible and I never really know who I am talking to and what country that person is in. The long and the short of it, money was taken and held from me from 3/6 to 3/18 with out my permission. I expressed how upset I was and still no one could give me a solid solution.


tammy brown March 20, 2014 at 12:38 pm

Dear Mr Stephenson The value and services that at&t relaibly gave in the past have so quickly changed to a poor graded company on so many levels due to imcompetance
and lack of customer support for a once stellar company. I am writting in hoes that someone within the management team can resolve issues that relate to a contact billing error as a result of outside partners selling at&t products without any support. In a world
of so many companies add on products and services the key factor in success is truth in product delivery and service not sell and dump . I can be reach at 954-605-XXXX or email


randy johnson March 18, 2014 at 5:05 pm

i would like the president of the company to contact me or the ceo to contact me the people you al have working in your office saying they are im the office of the president wow i recorded them also and this one guy said i was trying to hack in to att system by taking to him over the phone so i will say this from the recordings that i have from the regular customer service to the office of the president how rude they are and listening to them i am not rude up set or any thing with them now i will await 48 hours before i release this info to the public and yes everyone need to know the truth about att the customer service area need to be redid if the top have bad customer service skills the bottom cant have them they follow the top. Just to show when we need a higher department we should stay with a regular employee and for them to say your call go no farther i think everyone need to know the truth about this and again on every social site i will post the recording if this isnt resolved from the president or ceo them selves intact even there legal department . is my contact info


Sheila Helms March 17, 2014 at 6:25 pm

This will not let you type correctly…injects in the middle of the sentences… is just like the rest of your service. I will send a letter to the FCC and the corporate office.


randy johnson March 17, 2014 at 5:45 pm

i have been on the phone with office of the president i spoke to a person whom stated they were from there i allowed them to listen to a recording of a manger of att who was rude for no reason and after asking for there manger they hung up and to top it off a person from the office of the president called and was speaking to me about things that i didn’t call in about which was also recorded and the gentleman was rude and also recorded and i can provided these to you all or you can listen to them through youtube facebook and many other social sites this have to stop att is way better than this and i have been with att for 5 years and this is so sad i am about to pull my business account from here as well along with 2384 other phones since our business don’t mean any thing but we as customers are held accountable for the mistakes of your employees. all of att customers need to know the truth and they will and if you want to reach me


Sharon Hesse March 11, 2014 at 9:16 pm

LAST NIGHT (Mon 3-10-14) I was on the phone for almost two hours with someone who could not speak proper English. My e-mail had been hacked and while I was notified on e-mail, I could not pick up my e-mail on my mobil or internet.
I cannot imagine that you dare to call yourselves a communication company. Eventually, they solved the problem and I got a new password. By the end of the conversation, I was so upset I asked to talked to person’s supervisor and he also could not speak proper American English. I am elderly and disabled,but I am not dumb. Since the days of party lines to now I have stayed faithful to you folks. Why do you not believe in customer service? Why are those taking the call in America or if off-shore, why cannot you get someone who can communicate. I must have U-verse where I live, I have wireless and I have my mobil. I guess you think you have no competition. I my case, you don’t … just don’t rub my face in it.
OK, I am steaming again so I must go


Jeanette Rivera March 11, 2014 at 12:26 pm

Dear AT&T Uverse
I have been with this company for 4 years and the last 8 months I have been treated so badly from you customer service representative to your supervisors!!

The last year and a half I have been in treatment for breast cancer and unemployed. I have been struggling to pay my bill and have asked several times to help me lower the payments. I even discontinued so of the services to lower it. But it just seems to get higher and higher and when I call for arrangements 50% of the time it is ok but then recently I have been treated awful. I ask for courtesy to allow me more time and I get hunged up on serveral times within that one phone call or put on hold for a long period of time??? It so ridiculous!!!!

I have been thinking of cancelling my account because of the treatment this company has given me in the hard times I have been going through. I do not need added stress in my life!!! I have 4 children and I am a single mom. When I try my very best to make this payments I would like it if it is acknowledge and that I am not treated like a dead beat for not paying in my past or getting disconnected. Life has been tough but I am grateful to be alive and I don’t understand how some of your customer service rep. like Josie or supervisor Kim Porter can be so cruel and not compassionate. I made a payment but not the full amount due to 2 deaths in my family and I called to see if my payment can be changed to help me pay the balance at a later time, more time than just 4 days. Also I asked why my bill was so high of $356??? I NEVER pay that much and if it too can be divided into 2 payments I was treated like I had no right asking? If this cannot be handle in a professional and caring manner I would have to take my business somewhere else. I have asked several times to speak to corporate or someone with authority and no one knows who?? I can’t believe a big company like this has these people working for them that cannot resolve this in a positive and professional manner. I don’t ask for discounts or to waive anything just for help in making longer payments that are smaller. That’s it? what’s so hard?


Sandra Flint March 25, 2014 at 12:59 pm

I am sorry that we bith are hsving a problrm I to have been in trement fir zBC I am so anger with this vompany I can scream I am going to just find a cheap cell plan this is so sad I didlike this company eith sll that is within me……I wish u good health


Charles Evans March 8, 2014 at 9:24 pm

I would like to start by saying I have had ATT for 8 yrs and never been late or missed a payment , now with that being said I was working for a company that agreed to pay my phone bill as a perk of working for them , now in doing so they made payments on time as I did for about 6 months ( I worked for the company 5 yrs but got a promo ) upon my dismissal from the company ( voluntarily ) on 12/31/13 my bill was current and in good standings BUT now 3 months later I get a bill for the last 3 month of service saying I never paid , so the company I worked for disputed charges and ATT refunded them ….. That’s not the bad part the bad part was I had 3 days to come up with $500+ dollars due to this vindictive act made toward me and I didn’t expect ATT to cover it I just simply asked to be put on a plan to clear it up by me paying extra on my following bills and the response I got from ALL customer service agents was that they would be willing to listen to me and help me if I paid the 500+ dollars that I currently did not have .. But I was unaware that they were refunding the $ and was treated like I was a POS by everyone and not one person would even listen to what I was trying to say or willing to help me does anyone know of what I can do ??? Oh and finally from all this I HAVE learned that if you have a ATT account and already have bad credit and won’t mind a little more on your record then start having someone else other then you pay the bill , like give your brother cash and have him pay with cc and then at the end of the year dispute ALL the bills paid and ATT WILL give you ALL your $ back !!!! I think if 100,000 ppl that have a $200 + bill would do this and blast them at the end of the year there’s 2 things that would happen one they would be out roughly 20 million dollars and 2 they would for sure start investigating refund / fraud cases a lot closer and explain to the ppl that willingly put their cc info in to pay someone’s bill that it’s a civil matter and not give them a refund and only give the account holder 4 days to pay ….


Bob March 5, 2014 at 9:43 am

In early 2012 I requested an UNPUBLISHED/UNLISTED Phone number from AT&T due to an Order of Protection. AT&T required that I change my phone number to a new one and with that they could show the new number as UNPUBLISHED/UNLISTED. Six months later I called 411 to see if the new number could be accessed through directory assistance, and to my surprise, I was able to get both my number and address through AT&T directory assistance. I called AT&T and told them what happened. They agreed to refund the charges I had been assessed for the service for the past six months and suggested I change my number again so they could put it on the UNPUBLISHED/UNLISTED list. Today (one year later) I happened to check my name and new number on the internet and discovered that I could access my AT&T number at several locations including 411 and White Pages directories. I was also able to access it by calling 411 directory assistance, and noticed that it was published in the AT&T phone directory. All of this for an additional charge of $2.70 per month from AT&T for UNPUBLISHED/UNLISTED services. At this time, after waiting for over 45 minutes for an AT&T rep to answer my call, they tried to explain what happened (after a bunch of excuse making and trying to blame me) the rep said that they did not know how this happened not only once buy twice. So much for service from AT&T. Still waiting to hear from AT&T to see why type of excuse they can come up with.


Fernando Leal February 27, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Over a month ago, I walked into an AT&T store wanted to see if I can save money on my bill. The representative was very helpful and gave me options on how I can save on my bill, one option was dropping my minutes plan, getting U-verse, Internet, and Digital Life. Which was going to save me about $70 a month. I was over excited of all this. After leaving the store I was excited of all the savings but then there were things promised to me by the representative that never happened. I was promised HD channels, HBO, Showtime, and U300. I was also concerned with holes in my wall for the Digital Life, the Rep assured me that their will be no hole in the walls. Come to find out, there is a big box that needs to be mounted to the wall and hole all over where the cable going around my door. Then when the Uverse came to install there wasn’t and HBO, Showtime, HD Channels, nor U300 they only gave me U200. When I called the Rep he assured me that he will take care of it. Waited about a week and it never happened. When I called back to ask why he hasn’t made the changed and he assured me he will take care of it, if I can be at my house on a thursday in the morning for a technician to go to my house to install the HD, I agreed. I took the day off from work to be sure to be at my house while the technician was there but he never showed. When I called the Rep, he told me out he took care of it and that the technician didn’t have to go. I was furious, not only did I take a day off of work but he wasted my time and never called me with an update telling me I didn’t have to be there on the thursday he asked. Also with the combined billing, the online system requires me to link my accounts, while doing so he wasn’t letting me see my wireless bill online just my uverse bill. I would call the support center but they couldn’t find the solution. After a week of working with the support center one rep was about to fix the problem for the inconvinence the agreed to credit my account for $60.52 immediately. I checked my account the day after and no credit was applied, so I called billing to ask about it and the floor supervisor let me know because I have combined billing it will take up t 5 business days. 7 days later I checked my account and still there is not credit applied to my account. I call billing again and no they are telling me it can take up to one billing cycle. What is this? Every time I call I get a different answer and different story. I have been a faithful customer for about 10 years and to be give the run around like this is UNACCEPTABLE!!!! Not only, am I still working with the AT&T store to straight out my account. But the billing call center is not any better! I am so frustrated and getting to the point when I want to cancel all of my services with AT&T and go with a better service. Please email me soon! I want to get all this resolve and get conpensated for all this time and effort on the phone trying to get this resolved. Each call I make to the billing department I am on the phone for 30 minutes or more and half of the time is on hold being transfered from department to department! This is ridiculous! please help!!!!


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