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Apple Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

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Phone Number: (408) 996-1010
Fax Number: (408) 996-0275
Website: http://www.apple.com
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CEO: Timothy D. Cook
CFO: Peter Oppenheimer
COO: Jeffrey E. Williams

Apple History

Apple Computers was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.  They originally sold personal computer kits you could assemble yourself.

The company incorporated the following year without Wayne who got nervous and was bought out by Jobs and Wozniak for $800.

The Apple II was introduced in 1977 and the company began to take off.  The company went public in 1980 in the largest IPO since Ford Motor Company.

In 1984, the Macintosh was released with the famous Ridley Scott directed Superbowl commercial.

In 1985, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple after a power struggle with CEO John Sculley.

The company floundered for the next decade with products like the Newton and Lisa.

In 1997, Jobs returned as interim CEO.

In 1998, the iMac was released.  In 2001, they opened their first Apple Retail Store.

In 2007, the iPhone was released and became an instant global success.  The iPad was released in 2010.

Steve Jobs died in October 2011.  Tim Cook took over as CEO.  The Apple corporate office is located in Cupertino, CA.

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Scott Sevel November 23, 2014 at 11:08 pm

I bought an I-Phone 6 Plus. I stored my backup on my pc with no password. After viewing multiple threads regarding restoration asking for a password that was never created I tried the suggested solutions. None of them worked so I called Apple.

Fortunately the store moved my pictures from my old phone to my new phone so I at least had them.

Unfortunately when I called the help line they provided a direction to me that lost all of my photos over 500 memories of family, friends and experiences.

The supervisor Marcus Hargrove told me that I could get a 3rd party software that would unravel what was stored and restore it to my phone. They did offer a financial amount of unknown quantity. I asked for his supervisor. At that point I was told he did not have one and that he just had a building manager.

I asked for a programmer from Apple to help me. They gave me to customer service Amanda who promised to follow up tomorrow.


Marietta MacGregor November 20, 2014 at 12:56 pm

I bought an Apple laptop and have bought the Apple lessons Training package every year. Now 3 years are up and I’m told I need to buy a new laptop to qualify for more lessons at £79 per year.!?!
Surely Apple Headquarters need to offer their loyal customers yearly lesson packages even at an increased rate? We enjoy going to Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland for our fortnightly lessons. The Training Staff are superb. I am not buying a new laptop after only 3 years. Please Apple Headquarters offer loyal customers the chance to buy a yearly lesson package. We are retired and there is a lot to take in besides IMovie and iPhoto.
I have just bought the new iPhone 6+ and other loyal customers in the store were feeling the same as myself. Please reconsider and offer more trying packages beyond the 3 years. We don’t mind paying extra. Say £100 per year and £150 beyond the 3 years?


Peter November 16, 2014 at 6:36 pm

November 16, 2014

Dear Mr. Cook,

On day 1 of the iPhone 6 release (*September 19th) I picked up my new phone – 64 GB. However, I’ve had several issues as of late last week starting on November 13, 2014, they include:

Home button very hot to the touch, so hot I had to remove my finger
Several “blue screens” and reboots of the phone
Battery drains in about 8 hours in standby mode (no use)
Unable to activate fingerprint reader

The phone is in pristine condition and also has an Apple leather case. I started calling Apple at 8 am on Friday, November 14th. To date, no one is willing to replace the phone with new. I have nothing to gain but the new phone that I just purchased. I am concerned this phone is a fire hazard as well as not working for the reasons mentioned above that I will be “stuck” with for 2 years.

I have been a loyal Apple customer and currently own: 4 iPads, 1 iPhone mini, 1 MacBook Pro, 2 – iPhone 6’s, 2 Apple TVs, 2 Time Capsules and 1 Apple Express. I say currently own because I have upgraded our phones several times including the iPhone 5 which was a very bad experience and the reason why I upgraded to the *iPhone 6 at the earliest date.

I was also absolutely treated poorly as a customer with the iPhone 5 because the local Apple store refused to change the battery after I complained that the battery discharged rapidly. I went ahead and changed the battery at my cost because it needed it. Subsequently Apple had the battery recall and reimbursed me for the battery but I also had a problem with the power button causing me to hobble along with the system workaround to turn the phone on and off. At the same time, the Apple store would not replace my IPAD battery even though it was covered under Applecare using the same bogus test that said nothing was wrong with my iPhone 5 battery.

So, here we are again with the iPhone 6, poor service never mind the contractual obligation act. I spent more than 2 hours on the phone on November 14th at which time the safety department (2 different reps) asked me a series of questions which I responded to such ridiculous questions such as “did the phone have a battery in it”.

Please, please help. Customers should not have to work so hard for Apple to respond. I think this is a poor reflection on the Apple brand. I switched teams to Apple from other brand but I am seriously questioning this decision. Thank you.


Dragana Ilic November 4, 2014 at 10:21 pm

Dear Mr. Cook,

I purchased my first iPhone 5S Gold 16GB (IMEI:013848003591168) in Apple Store Boca Raton, 6000 West Glades Road, Ste. 1031, Boca Raton, FL 33431 on date December 28, 2013. I paid $ 687.94 for unlocked iPhone 5S, which has one-year warranty.

Recently my IPhone stopped working and I went to the same Apple Store, where I purchased my IPhone, to replace it on November 1st, 2014. I received a new phone (IMEI: 013989004314489) that same day at the store. They took my old IPhone and gave me the new one.

The new IPhone stopped working after a day and I went back to the store on November 3, 2014 when I got the first appointment at 7:50 pm to ask for help with my new IPhone. This time, they told me that they needed to inspect my new IPhone, so they took my IPhone and told me to come back into the store at 9:30pm. Store closes at 9pm.
I came back at 9pm and was waiting until 9:30pm until all customers and almost all workers were gone for a day. Then I was told that my IPhone cannot be fixed or replaced. I asked to speak with the store manager to get more information. Ryan McNally, the store manager came and explained that there are some missing parts in the phone, so they cannot help me repair it or replace it. He said that, “someone opened the phone and took parts out.” Then he went back to inspect the phone again and after I was waiting another 20 minutes, he came back and told me the same story again. I asked him how is it possible that parts are missing in a new phone and which parts are missing. He refused to write me a report which parts are missing and explained that these parts can be only removed manually when the phone is open.

I am very frustrated and disappointed that I was accused of opening my new phone and stealing the parts, because I am the only one who was in possession of my phone besides the technicians in the apple store when they inspected it. I don’t even know how to put the SIM card into my IPhone and I have no clue how to open IPhone. Not to mention how he explained it using the special tools for stealing parts. I have no criminal history or any illegal activity or accusation in my life. You can check my record. I am a straight A doctoral student and a former professional athlete.

After being very disappointed and frustrated with Apple Store Boca Raton, I called Apple Care at 1-800-APL-CARE. I was transferred to speak with a supervisor Taili Stars at 9am on November 4th. After explaining what happened last night, she told that she was going to call Apple Store Boca Raton at 10am when they open and that she will call me back. At 10:55 I received the call from her again from number 408-556-4000. She said that they refused to give her information and that she believes me that I didn’t open my new iPhone. She said that I have to wait 48hours and then call again Apple Care. She also said that my case number is 690-309-785 and that unfortunately this was her last day working for Apple Company.

I am hoping that you can help me with this matter and to replace my IPhone since it is obvious that I was given a defective phone at the first place. I really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Dragana Ilic


jacquie October 30, 2014 at 10:16 pm

DO NOT BUY AN IPHONE 6. I have had battery issues since I first got it and Apple has been very bad at making any restitution. Yes, It’s October 31 and I have been dealing with this problem since end of September and Apple has had a horrible precedence with this one product. Now, I am a person that has NUMEROUS Apple product – bought largely BEFORE Job’s death and this post-death purchase has been a DISASTER. And now, they tell me that i am getting a possible refurbished phone. Ridiculous. I will never buy another Apple product again. Apple died when Jobs died.

Apple has now gone the way of all the other manufacturers in giving crappy to no customer service. I am filing a Rip Off.com.


David Sparks October 25, 2014 at 3:56 pm

Dear Mr. Cook

Love Apple products. They just work!!!

I would ask that Apple look at the new phones sales policy or strategy. I tried to purchase the iPhone 6 first on line and then from a retail store. I was not able to do either.

To be fair I was trying to buy the phone outright without having to have a new 2 year agreement, since I had just signed a two year agreement with my carrier the month before. I was willing to pay the full price for the phone and to even have the carrier installed on the phone. Unfortunately the apple web site does not allow one the option to make such a purchse. So I made a trip to the local retail Apple store. The pleasant gentleman informed that they did not have what I wanted and that the Apple store could not order the phone for me. I came back home and called the Apple national help line to try an order the phone via telephone. I finally had it explained that what I was trying to do was purchase an “unlocked” phone and that apple would not be allowing such sales for a period time but could not tell me when those “unlocked” phones would be available.

While I appreciate Apple’s marketing and sales strategy, there are those of us who just want to buy the phone and continue our existing service. Apple would not lose revenue on this since Apple gets the revenue either directly from me as the purchaser or from the carriers. Right now Apple gets zero since I can’t buy the phone. Seems to me that Apple is leaving money on the table.

Well, I finally figured out that the only way to actually buy the phone outright was to go to the carrier. Yep. I can pay for the phone without having to do a new two year agreement. Surely if the carriers could do this, Apple ought to be able to figure it out as well.

All things Apple -



Jessica & Carl Steffek October 14, 2014 at 3:29 pm

DirecTV to go to dump and get the box out to return it after telling to to put in trash bc of poising in box.to they will not open my claim for me.
Jessica Steffek will not stop until I ready and pleased.


Lori Fizzard October 12, 2014 at 3:00 pm

I have only an iPad 2 and recently went on my dream vacation of a lifetime because my parents paid for my trip as I’m disabled on a low income. I had a wonderful time brought
My iPad with me took lots of pictures and videos of the plane taking off and landing. I will never get the experience of going back to myrtle beach again. When I got back
Something went wrong with my iPad , so I took it to an Apple Store and was told by a genius named Paul that he can’t save any pictures and I didn’t know how to use a back up setting.
I was at the store from 1 pm – 5 pm while Paul was trying to transfer my stuff to a memory stick which he tried 3 times without succeeding. Now I also lost other pictures too which can never get them back. I’m so disappointed and feel upset because my vacation of a life time has nothing to show.
I’m not sure what to do about it ? I love my iPad but the genius are not what they say they are. I will never buy another Apple product and definetley can’t afford it.
Apple is not the best with their genius’s .


SK vasudeva October 10, 2014 at 1:10 pm

I am from India and my case no is 676762708 regarding IPhone 5s .really a bad quality worse than the cheapest phones available in the market and
I am surprised that Apple is not having any quality control over its product in India. Whenever you visit Apple service centre you will find lot of complaints about Apple products . Why can’t Apple engineer shake up the system to give customer satisfaction.


SK vasudeva October 10, 2014 at 1:02 pm

I purchased 5s phone from Croma on 16th may 2014..The phone had bundle of problems and I approached Ms Esteem Technologies,Westend Mall, Janakpuri. They changed the phone on 19 th may 2014 with refurbished phone which they get from Bangalore office .the exchanged phone was having problems and I approached them in sept 2014 and again they exchanged with refurbished phone.This phone is also not working properly and lot of problems like sound quality , call dropping ,self calling to random nos ,hanging etc.Now I have lodged Case with Apple India vide case no 676762708 on 10th oct2014. Such a bad quality is not expected from Apple.I hope Apple will change my phone with new one and not refurbished one.


Piotr October 7, 2014 at 7:49 pm

I was traveling in South of Poland when my Mac Pro has exploded. causing damage to battery and top of machine. The closes Apple service was in Warsaw over 200 Ml from place where i was at this time so I did call Customer Service. The person on the phone asked me number questions about incident like: if any one was injured, if there was fire, smog, property damage etc. She also asked me to send her pictures of damaged computer. After day or so She called me back just to tell me that there is nothing She can do because computer is 3 Years old and is normal what happened to my computer, She give me Case # 663564937.

Because I was going back to US in couple of days I was not able to fix my computer. When I went on Air Port Security did not let me board Aircraft with this computer because of the extensive damage and safety hazard so I had to live it in Poland with relatives.

After coming back to US I went to Apple Store in Palm Beach Garden Florida where I explained my story to Store Manager. And again nothing, he said he need to see broken computer to see if he can help me.

So here I do have questions to Apple.

1. Is Apple computer explosions normal?

2. How I can bring broken Apple machine caused by battery explosions to US?

3. Is Apple not backing up own products and do not care about its costumers?


Carlos Valdez October 7, 2014 at 1:10 am

There is a female by the name of Mary binkley , she lives in Hawaii abd is an apple tech. Most recently I have gotten to know her very well . Well enough to know she uses illicit drugs, drinks heavily , and is a abuser of pills. All while chatting in line. And if she is feeling extra twisted she will even go into peoples accounts to look up personal information. Needles to say, I was appauled by such behavior and wondered how could a great company like apple allow such things to happen? Is there no guidelines to personal conduct as an employee?? Well all I can say is thank god I have a droid…..and watch out , she could be snooping through your personal data…..high as a kite. Aloha .


Janet Ferguson October 3, 2014 at 7:19 pm

I have an I Phone 4. I made the mistake of downloading IOS 8.0. Now I have a bunch of useless apps (ibooks, podcasts, health & tips) which I will never use but can’t seem to get rid of. Also Siri has disappeared, what happened to her? Plus I can’t even look up the answers to a question without being asked to sign on to ICloud. What the hell?
This phone has been one problem after another ever since I got it. Trust me when I say I will never have another Apple product.
Janet Ferguson


Arjit Chawla September 30, 2014 at 2:23 am

I have an iPhone 5s which I bought 4 months ago for rs53500 and the sudden drop of 40% has disappointed me! Never expected this from apple. Will never ever buy any product ofmyoursnin future!


Graeme Crawford September 23, 2014 at 6:57 am

I look forward to having an Apple watch when they become available. I am particularly interested to have an app that will make use of the movement system to indicate that I am having an epileptic seizure and send an SMS to my carer showing GPS location etc. Also to have info such as heart rate, blood pressure along as sweat detection should they be included in the watch. Seizure detection is a major development for those that have epilepsy.


Brenda Gay September 22, 2014 at 11:20 pm

Tim Cook, I purchased a Mac Book Pro 2 1/2 years ago because everyone ranted and raved about the good quality of an Apple computer. I could not afford to get one (I am a widow and live on one income)but was tired of having all the problems with a regular pc. In May of 2014 my Mac quite working, took it to the Apple store and ended up paying $365 for repairs. Received it back in June and then 2 months later it did the same thing, nothing but a white screen. Back to the Apple store it went again. Same problem so this time it was under the 90 day warranty. Received it back in August and now it is 30 days later and it quit again. It seems to me that I could have bought 2 or 3 regular pcs with the money I spent on this Mac and they would probably still be working just fine. Where is the company that stands behind their product? Apple has given you a good salary from their products so I am sure you do not comprehend the problem that I have. I am sure just like one of the previous complaints about your products, you will never see this message. I will never buy an Apple product again and I will voice my opinion to anyone that will listen. DO NOT buy a Mac Book Pro from this company!


Judy September 20, 2014 at 7:58 am

I don’t think I will buy an I phone ever again. I have had nothing but trouble with mine since I got it. I have the I phone C, and it over heats and eats battery. Now I am trying to update to the iSo 8 and it froze my phone so I can’t even use it. Your Tech support is terrible, and just trying to get a new password is nearly impossible.By the look of a film I saw on your company, it looks like the workers are too busy eating, playing and working out in the gym to do their jobs.
Until now I have not had any problem with the IPhone, but after this, I just don’t know if I will ever want another apple product again.


L. Dean Boswell September 18, 2014 at 5:26 pm

Dear Mr. Tim Cook, CEO Apple,
I doubt very much that this letter will ever cross your desk, but if by some miraculous event it does, I ask that you consider Apple’s next step.
For in the Beginning was not only Adam and Eve’s apple, but in the beginning of computers was also the Apple Computer.

Mister Cook, in the beginning of Apple, Mister Jobs, or some other visionary had the genius to put your computers in schools, so that countless generations would grow up learning on the Apple computer. Then one day, when those same children became adults they would be purchasing your product. That was brilliant!
Sir, since you have already shown that your company has a heart for the children, I would like to introduce you to your next possible step with computer systems and children…their protection!
We have all watched in horror over the past decade or more as, Columbine, Sandy Hook, and other schools throughout the America have been unnecessarily ravaged by those who sought to do them harm. And Sir, I believe that I have the solution.
I have written and copyrighted the concept for a computerized device that when introduced to schools across our country, will save lives. This concept could also be used in theatres, malls, airports, corporate buildings, or most any business with a brick and mortar location.
If I have piqued your interest, please contact me via my email cat***@live.com to arrange a meeting whereby I can provide more information.
Thank you for your time and concern in this matter.


Dean Boswell


Kathy Shackelford September 12, 2014 at 1:55 pm

I need a computer like yesterday. I have been sick and not getting well. I do not under stand many things on the computer. There has been so many people whom have took over my computet whom should have help me. It so hard to trust anyone.I only learn the basic in college to past my future was in criminal Justice. but I law to cook so I when to Cur. cooking. in which am very good at it . but I was very overweiight and wa made that i would not make it in cooking becaue of my side.i had the weightloss surgery and my life took s turn for the worst. I beleive I can still help others. but my compute is old and many things it would not work do to I do have windows 7 or 8 etc, I can not afford one ando I ma pleading for to grt a new computer and for some one to help me understand\ I can get cooking but computer i phone and i do not understand. if you cn not help me let to to some program and any to help me with this I thank for even listen to me Life is good so what happen I am very happy for what I have Sincerely Kathy Shackelfod


renee svetlick September 8, 2014 at 5:28 pm

As of today, i was told by one of the apple care specialists for my case #656 371 370 that we now have to wait until Friday 9/12 to receive MacBook Pro back. More than a week well. not to mention that when i called in that the man stated that my issue was listed as a complaint. Well if I wasn’t completely disgusted before I am really disgusted now. Last week I submitted this regarding an issue with my college son’s MacBook Pro

I am speaking for all College students as a parent.

In the summer of 2013, right before my son left for college, he purchased a brand new MacBook Pro w/warranty, well this is the second time in the last 8 months that something has had to be repaired.

So he drove to the nearest Apple Store which for him is about an hour away in Altamonte Springs, FL . As he is a 2nd yr student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona, FL. He made an appointment on Tuesday for Wednesday after class, gets there to only have to wait even further, since the workers at the store were helping others who did not have an appointment first, to then be told we have to send it out and it would be returned back to the store no later than next Tuesday. Called this morning to Apple Care to find out that his MacBook is still sitting at store and would not go out until 5pm today.

Basically will not be worked on until at the earliest tomorrow which would be Friday and then possibly back to the store maybe Monday at the earliest. For him to drive again back to the store to pick it up. For a college student this is totally unacceptable. Our students need their computers to do their work

After speaking with Apple directly they really do not care how long you have to wait. Consumers pay a lot of money for their products especially college students they depend on their computers, especially when a lot of their work is to be done on their computer and sent electronically to their professors. Professors do not care that is for sure if they do not do their work.

Apple needs to do something for these college student when they have issues with their computers and they are required to send them back to Apple for repair. Maybe they should think of a replacement or loaner program for these college students.

Just extremely frustrated that Apple does not seem to really care about its consumers just wants to make $$$$$.

I know that I cannot be the only frustrated parent out there.


Rahul Tibrewala August 28, 2014 at 7:49 am

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Rahul Tibrewala. I am from Nepal.

I am a big fan of apple product. I had used iPhone 3s and recently using iPhone 5, Mac book Pro with retina display.

I have a complain with My iPhone 5. I had purchased my iPhone 5 when it was launched during september 2012 from HK. during my visit.

In My iphone 5 sleep and awake button did not work properly also my charging dock did not work properly and also its earphone did not work properly and all this problem was from the day i had purchased but still i was using it as i had already returned to Nepal and could not send the phone back to HK. But when i heard that there a replacement program and i checked it was eligible and as iPhone gives international warranty. I had send my phone to delhi in one of the service centre along with my bro who was visiting delhi during may 2014 and they said it will be chargeable around 4K and will take 2 weeks so i had to get it back to Nepal as he had to return back to Nepal.

I had to send My iPhone 5 to the once of the local apple service in Nepal in the beginning my phone was ok then slowly its microphone and charging dock is not working properly.

And now i am facing a lot of problem with the iPhone 5 kindly suggest me what should i do.

Thanks & Regards,


Dave August 19, 2014 at 2:17 pm

I have been unable to contact someone from Apple in charge of Domain Purchasing. I have a domain for sale that i think they would like to purchase. Do you know a number or person that i could contact?



eric pudles August 16, 2014 at 4:54 am

I bought imac 27 inch in 2011 this has been a total night mare with the lcd board the screen it goes in safe mode by itself using batteries for the mouse been in and out of apples stores dragging my imac around screen goes all green all blue overheats I don’t have nomore strength to deal with this I have been reading a lot about imacs 27 inch and they are having same problems I hate when someone tellsl you that will get back to u in 20 mins and no call back I took it to get service they said 3 days im waiting 5 days gone by and no call back im tired and stressed out about this I don’t even know why im wasting my time writing this thanx apple for standing by your product stinks


Mel August 10, 2014 at 5:13 am

Well my post does not even appear & should be today Aug 9 & could be pending but I copied & pasted so tried to repost & it said it was a duplicate so……
Nothing else is suprising if its deleted as my very well being is encrypted with Apple acting as some firewall to this mobile IPhone assuming NO right they have to monitor every word typed especially since my phone is off & Im just using my daughters , I could tweet it as an option Apple would see quicker as it shows but can you believe I just tapped the twitter bird, & ive never tweeted officially but just following a few people the other day would not be reason to see MY Twitter conveniently added to this mobile & I was never on the site from this cell, im not is associated I saw it initially & now it is gone which is also discriminating as what I type they control too including this just being another cell on ATT so if Apple made this iPhone nor share any Apple ID. My cell was remotely invaded along with 22 other devices including apple tv & our apple express before I unplugged was main hot spot used for their conveniece but they are overboard lurking into my mobile ATT as Im not joined to WIFI but they are totally burglarizing my every move . So with this said Im hoping my previous post will show back up because I see no reason it wasn’t approved + this Is so incriminating & unfair to know I cant be free to voice where there is an opportunity for public comment ?? Ill tweet my previous one more time if it doesnt show soon … Wish me luck !


Mel August 9, 2014 at 7:53 pm

Just wondering if you indeed ever get anything resolved from corporate ? Seeing you were mad enough to sue Apple & bring in the CEO name individually? However, I can feel your frustration & Ive unfortunately just starting to take Corporate action & really regret it. Unfortunately regret having so much trust in Apple /All Apple products to be treated how I have knowing I even have Applecare blows my mind. Yeah Ive luckily got a victim with true evidence of discrimination & Big Time Legal wanted to try mediation @Apple Corporate before putting total corruption out there. . My unforeseen wasted time & energy to date is worth as much as Apple’s worth in my heart but I can say truthfully its knowing Applecare was not genuine & has turned into a surreal picture Id rather never been involved. Of course its suppose to be this way a shadow. Im hoping that Corporate will indeed care since this continues & remotely unjustified . Lucky the proof on paper in a firesafe box vs “cloud ” may bring some relief + “good faith ” . So just wanting true support has turned threatened & unsafe which sounds absurd& is a real horror story for us but seeing this post brings a frown because why we cant control the world , we must have faith however I do personally realize chances Apple may feel this right to a huge degree. With much control in this world by growth in wealth still hope corporate will react cuz this is no jobe (joke).
Yeah Im even a target of unjustified connections which has brought much anxiety but Am a good person that dont deserve such treatment . Now its unfortunate to see how much may really be involved as an Applecare customer that just initially just wanted true
technical support .


MR.JERMAINE STEWART August 3, 2014 at 9:25 pm



joanne sutch July 24, 2014 at 3:51 am

I have been a loyal apple customer for years. I have been fighting an immune system disorder for 2 decades and am reliant on myself and my computer for subsidizing my livelihood. My 7 year old I-Mac has one of the defective components in it that overheats the screen. I have lost almost half of my screen viewing and am told that the LCD will go out at any time. The replacement part is as much as a new computer, and buying another used I’Mac will lead to the same problem. I’m desperate for a new desk I-Mac for my writing and art/photshopping. Do you have any kind of grant or other program for helping out someone with disabilities? I would appreciate any help or information that you can give me. Respectfully.


Trina July 23, 2014 at 9:16 pm

I also have been a loyal Apple Customer, and am now experiencing one of the worst nightmares of my life! I have been dealing with Best Buy Retailer, and will never purchase anything from them ever again. Had an Appli IPad, purchased 7/27/13 in Manufactures and additionally purchased retail protection plan. Took. Y original unit in on 6/9/14 with an over heating problem, The assoc. told me it was probably just a battery problem, but it couldn’t be fixed in store, what they said is they send mine to repair, and ship me out a new now within 5-7 days. Also I asked why they could not just take one off the shelf? The assoc. replied “could not take out of store inventory” but again assured me about receiving again he said “new one, should get it within 5-7 days” approx. the 6th day I received a UPS notice so I went the next day and pick it up. When I went to pick it up I could tell right away it was not new the box was Crush in, and had no labeling handle with care on the packaging or anything. I had UPS associate remove the iPad from the box to make sure there was no apparent physical damage to the unit, I then took the unit home and also noticed the button on the unit was not functioning correctly so at that point I took the unit to an Apple store. That is when Apple told me that it was a refurbished unit with third-party parts in it, and that Apple would not take or except the iPad in accordance with the manufactures warranty, the iPad has been altered by someone other than an Apple technician. So I took the unit back to Best Buy ask them why I did not receive a new unit they said that is how they handle their repairs is they issue a refurbished unit. I told them Then that I had been lied to that I was told by the store so shit I was getting a new one. They said there was nothing they could do they had to go by the protection plan which I never received a copy of the time of purchase not until about the middle of June when we asked for a copy of the plan, and at that point they said all they could do was the same thing a rapid exchange and I would receive another refurbished unit. I am very unhappy with Best Buy and how they handle An IPad problem in Manufactures warranty, by tampering with it they completely void the manufactures warranty unhappy with Apple at the fact that they do not control the repairs of their own products, and if there is no kind of notice letting the customer know that there are companies that use their own technicians and third-party parts and worn the customer that this voids the manufacturers warranty there’s no labeling on the original packaging. Then Apple will not do anything to help the consumer myself either! The refurbished units that Best Buy are issuing out also with the third-party parts are malfunctioning I am now as of June 9 or since June 9 on my fourth unit all the ones that they have given me have had a malfunctioning issue I still do not have an iPad that is working, so another words I’m out over $650 and I do not believe a consumer should not be treated this way at all.


Zoe July 14, 2014 at 6:34 pm

I am a realtor in Reno, Nv and have an Apple 4G. I have had the phone for about 1 1/2 years. The phone has been a terrific asset in running my business however I have run into problems recently with the phone. There are times that I will plug it in to recharge over night and nothing happens and then there are times that it will not come on at all. Then later in the day it will mysteriously come on. The end of June I took it to the Apple store at the Summitt Mall in Reno, Nv. They reloaded the programs and the phone worked perfectly for about 2 weeks. Friday 7/11 I took it back to The Apple Store because the phone started doing the same thing. Someone looks at it and told the Apple employee that there was rust in it. The employee that was helping me told me there was nothing to do but replace the phone for $149.00. I asked to speak to the Store Manager and he offered the same thing. I told them I was due for an upgrade this fall. Couldn’t I get some sort of interim solution. No help so then I asked for the phone number for the District Manager—there is no district manager. They told me to contact corporate. So I got on your complaint department, filled out the form and at the end of the form—they ask for $25.00 to submit it. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! My whole office is laughing by now. I have been in some sort of sales my whole life, for a number of years I was the Human Resource Manager for Macy’s in Reno. I can promise you that no manager at Macy’s would ever made that kind of decision. I hope that you can assist my with my phone which once again is not working without being plugged in.


Xavier July 7, 2014 at 3:28 pm

Typically I don’t do the whole file a complaint thing. I usually take my lumps and move on, or I let my wife blog about it. I think this called for more than a blog rant or conversation about disappointment over dinner. I’ve enjoyed using my Apple products until recently. One of the Iphones that I own has a problem with the home button. My daughter and I went to the Apple store in Leawood, Kansas, and attempted to explain the issue I was having with my phone. When we walked in it was the typical buzz of the store and a few free sales associates not too busy to be ignored. We walked in and we were passed by several employees. 4 to be exact and we didn’t get greeted, or even looked at. We continued just past the middle of the store, and still no greeting. We attempted to ask for help. The first lady completely ignored us. My daughter approached with an “excuse me” and the lady completely disregarded her. I attempted to speak to the same lady because (maybe the music was too loud) and no response. I was looked at and ignored. I brushed that off to maybe she was having a rough day. We get to the rear of the store and ask for assistance. We get the attention of an employee, and I explain to him that my home button is malufunctioning. The young man looked at me and listened. I showed him my phone and asked him what I had to do. The young man asked for my Iphone and I gave it to him. He took a flash light out his pocket and examined my Iphone in the middle of the store. He proceeded to explain in an indescreet manor that my Iphone appeared to have been wet and the indicator was red meaning the device was went. He added that corrosion on the phone may effect the home button. He opened the steeing menu and put an on screen home button on the phone and set up an email appointment for a repair then told me that it would be a certain amount. I attempted to explain again that my phone has never been dropped or placed in water and that the indicator of moisture could be from condensation, or snow melt or a multitude of things. The young man dismissed what I was saying and repeated it looks like this phone was submerged in water or gunk may have piled up in the button. He offered me very little solution for my issue. I was willing to even buy another phone, butthe conversation never made it that far. he treated me as if I wanted something free or I was just complaining to complain. To make a long story short the treatment of my daughter and I was very bad. I frequently shop of Nordstrom and your service could take a lesson from whatever their business model is for customer service. I still have an unresolved issue with my iphone and I need to get this fixed before I make up my mind on wether or nit to continue to use more of your products. That store could use a retrain on retail etiquitte and customer treatment, or maybe even profiling its customers.


Debbie Sutherby July 7, 2014 at 3:11 pm

did an upgrade on my iphone 4 Thursday. it locked it up they want to charge me 199.00 for a new phone. hello it was working fine until I added your software upgrade to it. several others in the store Saturday with a 4 were having the same issue a 4013 error code. why should I have to pay for your software malfunction. genious bar restored it said it did not work until they discovered I wasn’t buying a replacement and then they got it to come back on but today it is at the apple icon and just flashes off and on and says battery is in red but I have had it on charger for 2 hours. as soon as I take it off I get a battery symbol.


Latara Harris July 6, 2014 at 7:21 pm

As you can tell by my signature, I’m not only an apple user, but ALL of my products are apple. 1 Mac, 2 iMacs, 2 iPhones, 3 pads. Recently my ipad 4 completely went out immediately following an IOS update. I am very disappointed because I contacted apple 5 times today (case 632202802) and several times they starred my trouble shooting from scratch. After voicing my opinion regarding my previous trouble shooting issues….I was instantly disconnected (the reps all hung up) yes! Not once but 4 times. All because I stated “I’ve been doing this all day.” And because I asked to to connected to the previous department that I spoke with. “Senior representatives” I’ve been working on this since 10 a.m it is now 6.00 pm central. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in apple. I have more than 10k worth or devices and about 3k in iTunes items. I can’t get anyone to help me. The I pad I’ve had for a little over a year and it’s already dead. This definitely discourages me from ever purchasing another apple product. My Apple ID is lataraharris@bellsouth.net. This is horribly disappointing! I’m not sure if you will read this or even respond but I wanted to at least try to communicate the technical issues within your organization and much more urgent, your customer service issue. The fact that I was hung up on by three reps speaks volumes about apples customer care. It’s very unfortunate.


Latara Harris

Sent from my iPhone


Rodrigo Vidal June 29, 2014 at 12:03 am

I am a Apple fanatic. I have notebook, ipads, iphone, apple wifi networks, Apple TV, every stuff. But I am sad because I am having bad store experiences with Apple retail stores. I visit the US every year to buy new stuff. I had some experiences last year in 3 apple stores Chicago, Toronto and Boston and this year in 3 different stores in Miami at Dade, Aventura and Lincoln Road stores. The best of all was Dade Mall Store. But at all others the things run almost the same. The guy that atend me aways do it in robotic way, they don,t show that really wanna help you and if you ask many questions they seem bored. For the first time in years, I had the wish to buy an Android or WinPhone only because I felt being a number in apple accounts. This is not a good sign. Fortunately, there are some good sales people there yet, but the yellow light is on for me now.


Jim Kendall June 4, 2014 at 4:16 pm

Don’t know if this is considered a breakthrough or not, but completed a whole music video only using iMovie. It was a revaluation for me. Always knew iMovie was a nice easy way to create home movie projects, but for me, I was able to squeeze every last bit of it’s resources to create a semi-professional music video. That entry level software is pretty damn powerful!

Check video out here: youtu.be/gUdk6LqloVs

Long time Apple fan,
Jim Kendall
Chicago, IL


Vannette Williams June 3, 2014 at 11:13 am

I have an product idea for Apple. I could not find an e-mail or proper contact number to speak with someone about it. Can someone from the proper department contact me about this exciting business idea. I may be contacted via e-mail vanraXXXX@yahoo.com or phone (772) 696-XXXX. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from someone soon.


Andrew Grandison May 22, 2014 at 11:49 am

I’m trying to find a POC to talk to in reference to donating to a Childrens hospital. About 60 kids that are fighting for their lives everyday. A little care from others will make their day go a long way. Thanks in advance.



Nyeshi May 21, 2014 at 2:33 pm

I’m not playing with Apple. Wrong Custer very irate and upset. I called Corporate the lady said send a fax or email and fail to identify herself. I advise everyone file Better Business Bureau report and the more reports they are given a letter F for failing. Then seek legal. Talk is cheap ACTION works. I recorded all conversations about my technical support issue. Sue the hell out of Tim Cook! They said they couldn’t give me to legal because I wasn’t an attorney. Get the hell out of here.


Lisa May 20, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Apple has a serious issue with iTunes and credit cards.
I’m writing to Corp. Timothy cook, Peter Oppenheimer, Jeffrey Williams!
Case number 613995108/ 91494


Almaz May 14, 2014 at 3:23 am

Hello, I have an idea for a mobile phone to tell which email can send my pictures?


Ignacio Cerrato May 13, 2014 at 11:56 am

Buenas noches.
Disculpen que escriba en español.
Compre un iPad y accesorios con ustedes el 15 abril pasado.(2014)
A los pocos días puse a cargar el iPad a la noche y a la mañana siguiente encontré el vidrio rajado en una línea muy fina. Nadie lo uso durante la noche. Cálculo que es una falla de material.
Estoy muy contentó con mi iPad pero me sentí muy mal con este defecto.
El número ticket es r1436359767
Agradezco vuestra atención y esperó una respuesta.
Utilizo este medio para expresarme ya que desde el negocio que me lo vendieron en EEUU no me dan una respuesta aceptable. Soliciten se comuniquen conmigo para solucionar este problema. Mi mail ya lo tiene



Mike Payne May 12, 2014 at 2:41 pm

Just saw what your working on with the iphones and being able to record police misconduct . Have you no shame , do you want to let this happen over money. Move to China and do business there


andrew tucker May 10, 2014 at 12:24 am

Your new commercial with the bad music is so annoying I have to mute it every time it’s on. You also have no way to contact you and tell you so I’m here. I won’t ever I mean ever buy an apple product because you have made such an annoying commercial. I don’t know who your ad man is but he should be fired. I hate it so much that I was compelled to contact you. You could have at least made a decent song with your devices not the trash that just sticks in your head in a bad way. A song you want to forget. Such a negative experience for a company with a reputation of quality products. Why such a non-quality commercial. If I had a commercial blocker I would put you on top of the list. I willingly watch commercials that support my viewing choices, but not yours.


Daniel Turgeon May 9, 2014 at 9:33 am

Hi I do apologize for last email, I was having some anger management issues.
Well, I still think Cook will have big shoes to fill. I throw a book out in the streets which was Mr Jobs life. Anyhow The ability to pin point and open pages on screen was the best apple did.
I just find many windows open when you change passwords and others. Could that be done behind without customers seeing so many new windows opening up.?


Peter Vaccaro May 8, 2014 at 10:03 pm

Today I went to the Apple store in The Westchester, White Plains NY, I went to purchase a MacBook Air for my wife for Mothers Day, I had done my research and told Jim (Associate) what i was looking for and in 5 minutes he had it out and ready to go. I gave him my debit card which he ran and due to a fraud alert it was declined and by bank called me to confirm the purchase. Jim said he would run the card again which he did and after i punched in my pin code the machine lost power. Once again Jim ran my card and now it came up declined once again and i then called the bank. Much to my surprise the bank told me that the purchase was approved the second time the card was run and the funds had already been removed from my account. I explained this to Jim who checked his computer and could not find any record of the purchase. After much discussion with the staff and my bank i was told there was nothing Apple could do and it was a glitch in the system and I should wait a few days to see if it clears and if the money is put back into my account. I could not believe what was happening to me, I had just had $2,135.33 taken out of my account and was walking out of the store with nothing.
I then called the Apple Customer Service and a very nice gentleman listened to my story but in the end could do nothing to help me. Now please understand I am not new to Apple we currently have 1 Imac, 3 MacBooks, 2 Ipads and 2 Iphones and they have all been purchased from the Apple Store.
I ask you, is this how you treat a loyal Apple customer? Sunday is Mothers Day and my 3 boys and I had hopes of giving there mother a special gift, in one hand we will have her cards and in the other only the broken promises of Apple.


Darren May 8, 2014 at 7:45 am

I bought an I pad 4 days ago and I can’t find even a call centre to call and help.


lisa May 6, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Apple you’re customer service sucks!!! you may be a multi million or billion dollar corp, but you have the worst customer service and it will catch up to you.
I own my own company and would never treat my customers as a number.
Be leary of this as it will eventually hurt your reputation.


John May 5, 2014 at 2:25 pm

About to sue the crap out of apple!! Have had it with the lack of communication between reps and not able to rectify issues that have been brought to there attention! I was able to contact there CEO, but that was useless do to the fact that he don’t care about his customers. So I moved forward and sent out a BBB complaint! All I know is I am done with apple.. I have not only been fighting for a week to get a device replaced or upgraded, but I almost lost my job because of it! I am threw playing games! All I can say is I hope there ready!


DG May 6, 2014 at 2:37 pm

John, they ignored their swelling battery issue (MBP) for a long time and then offered a replacement battery, yet that does not fix the problem. The new one swelled too! It caused damage to the strip above it, which controls the keyboard and trackpad. They haven’t worked correctly since and Apple refused to fix them saying the computer parts age and break. The problem was design based, not age. I’ve owned several laptops in the past, without a swelling battery issue, and would gladly buy a new battery if it wore out by natural causes instead of design deficit. I did discover how to STOP it with my third battery. IF you drain the battery for maintenance, as Apple asks you to do, you must NOT use the computer as it starts to recharge. You must let it recharge then use it otherwise the battery will swell. This is what happen both times to my MBP.

Your issue may be different, however the answer from Apple is the same: “to bad, to sad, buy other one.” If I had the resources, I would have started a class action suit; good luck.


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