Amazon Corporate Office

Amazon Corporate Office Address

Amazon.com Inc.
410 Terry Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Contact Amazon

Phone Number: (206) 266-1000
Fax Number: (302) 636-5454
Website: http://www.amazon.com
Email: Email Amazon


CEO: Jeffrey P. Bezos
CFO: Thomas J. Szkutak
COO: Jeffrey A. Wilke

Amazon History

Amazon.com was founded in 1994 by current CEO Jeff Bezos.  The company was run out of Bezos’ Bellevue, Washington garage and was an online bookstore.  Within two months, sale were over $20,000 per week.

In 1996, the company reincorporated in Delaware and in 1997 had its IPO.

The company completed many acquisitions in the late 90s including PlanetAll, IMDB, Alexa, CD Now and Joyo.com

In 1999, Bezos was named Time Magazine’s man of the year.

In 2001, the company turned a profit for the first time.

In recent years, the company has grown rapidly with the release of the Kindle, Kindle Fire and other tablet and e-reader devices.

Today, Amazon.com is the world’s largest online retailer.


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vitamin July 29, 2014 at 8:24 pm

I think this is among the most vital information for me.
And i am glad reading your article. But want
to remark on some general things, The site style is wonderful, the articles is
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Morton W Kahl July 25, 2014 at 7:49 pm

Regarding my Order 109-9460792-5470647. If you examine the order you will note that the shipping address is to my Bolivian PO Box, and that I requested Standard International Shipping. For some unknown reason your shipping office decided to send my package by DHL, directly to my home address,not to my Post Office box, instead of the regular way. By not using the US Post Office system they cost me an extra charge of 331.50 Bolivian Pesos. After a very long CHAT season your employee finally agreed to send my VISA account a rebate of $46.93. If they had followed the instructions on my order this would not have happened. I hope that this sort of error is rare, but I would recommend that you investigate why this error happened and correct your procedures to insure that it does not happen again!


Tim Devaney July 24, 2014 at 9:24 am

I tyred to place an order for a uniden scanner and for some reason your people have suspended my account . They have been extremely unhelpful and no one seems to know why this has happened . They keep sending me the same emails saying they want all this stuff faxed to them . HELLO I don’t own a fax machine nor does anyone I know so I emailed them a copy of my visa statement and a copy of my credit card . Still this was no good for them . I am disabled with a broken back so leaving the house is extremely painful and hard for me to do and takes also of time . As a result of this I went to my bank and they have faxed my account details to the number provided at a cost to me then there is all the international toll calls I have made totaling close to $100 I am out of pocket because of this . The bank have faxed them the information and still I get another email saying they want a fax with my info . This has been done . Your company has caused me extreme hassle and severe pain due to my disability’s and you staff seem heartless and don’t really care . I am very tempted to go to the NZ consumer mag and tell my story to them and how much trouble and stuff Ur company has given me . This issue is still not fixed and I want this on record as an official complaint please and would like something done about it. The radio was a surprise for my cousin who loves radio scanning and is in hospital with leukaemia and it was going to be here by wed next week for his birthday . Now because of this mucking around its not going to be .

A reply from you would be greatly received


TheVTech2007 July 22, 2014 at 2:50 am

OK seriously why offer same day or next day if the company delivering CANNOT DELIVER IT!!!! I DO NOT HAVE A GATE FOR A GATE CODE!!!!!
This is day 2 of a SAME DAY DELIVERY and STILL I DO NOT have my items.
I called the vendor and they gave my items to the SAME DRIVER!!!!!!



TheVTech2007 July 22, 2014 at 3:47 am



Tim M July 15, 2014 at 10:48 am

I have purchased several watches through Amazon. I always assumed because they came from Amazon they were authentic. Upon having many mechanical problems with most of the watches, I took them to my friend who is a jeweler. He took them apart and found they were all Chinese knock off’s! Needless to say, I have been angered beyond belief. I have tried contacting Amazon on;y to be given the run around by inept agents in the Philippines. I actually avoid working with companies that have overseas call centers. I am an attorney and plan on hitting Amazon with a major class action suit. If any of you have experienced these same type of problems, please contact me with your issues. I can be reached via e-mail (timmad@xxxx.net) The media will soon hear about this as soon as I file a case. I need more people who have experienced the same issues.


flared mini skirt July 15, 2014 at 10:10 pm

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Amber burk July 9, 2014 at 6:44 pm

I am so mad I bought a kindle fire and after a little over a year it quit charging (a known issue with kindles) amazon sent a replacement at no charge. We’ll the replacement started doing the same thing. And they were not willing to send a new cause it is out of its warranty. Now all the money I have spent on book,apps, and music I don’t have access to it. All they can offer me is to buy a replacement (why so it could do the same thing) or I can access from a different device. I have know other people that have had 3 replacements for the same issue out side of warranty. I will never recommend a Kindle fire to any one. Worse experience ever all the money I have spent on the device as well as the books apps and music is just worthless now


Amber burk July 9, 2014 at 6:55 pm

Not only that they were rude saying the first was a curtsy. And said it could be something I did. They did not want tot take responsibility for their equipment. They just basically said I was at fault and it is my problem


Theresa July 14, 2014 at 11:44 pm

I have the exact same experience with the Kindle Fire my daughter gave me as a Christmas present. Unfortunately I reported it after the 1-year warranty expired.. Amazon can certainly track when there was zero activity in useage because it just went completely dead to verify if it died before the warranty expired. The best they could do was offer a $10 discount on the replacement which they suggested I should buy. Obviously I was not encouraged to buy a replacement. It was suggested to me to that I return my dead Kindle back to them. Why I should if they’re not fixing it escapes me.
A very discouraging experience with Amazon. I expected a replacement.


Adrian S July 8, 2014 at 8:29 pm

Attempted to order a Diamondback Lustre 24″ MTB for my daughter today. Price was listed at $199.98, so I grab a screen shot and then add it to my cart only to find the list price is now $251. So I get on Amazon Customer Chat to voice my concern only to be called a liar by not only the customer service rep and his supervisor. They continue to tell me the lowest the price has been is $299 when it is currently still $251. I then ask if I can send them my screen shot and am told they cannot receive them via email but if I post it to the blog they will review it. I ask for the link to the blog he mentioned and am told he doesn’t have it and can’t provide any help. I have used Amazon for years both personally and for US Air Force purchases. I think I will be finding a new source for my items even if it costs me a few extra dollars. It is really bad business to call the customer a liar.


John Sherwood July 7, 2014 at 2:02 pm

Kindle fire HD videos I take are appearing upside down when exported to pc and opened with premiere pro, wmp,vlc.

Dec 1 2014 is the first date of a forum post pertaining to this issue.
how long untill this will be corrected? phone support offers no answers other than we are working on it? eight months no fix.Thinking about returning this because to reencode videos of grand baby is a long process.


dave June 26, 2014 at 10:47 pm

Well was told I would be contacted back and never was. So I call for the 4th time to try and resolve false advertising and discrimination against Amazon.com. they were taking pre-orders for a book that they only had a limited stock and even though I pre-ordered the book it was not shipped to me and I was not notified my email that there would be a problem regarding my order. Now I call the exact same number for corporate Amazon and the person tries telling me this is not corporate number even though I spoke to them 2days in a row. Because customer service is the worst I have ever seen at a company. They not only did not know answer’s to simply question but made up answer’s that made no sense , when they were called out on it , they hung up on me. Supervisor’s are completely worthless as they have no answer’s or help for you. This company really has gone downhill and I see alot of others are having problems with them too. Hopefully my lawsuit will stop this. They blatanly sold pre-ordered items they did not have and have no answer’d as to be the problem will be rectified. Then you have someone deciding who gets the limited quantity of books they did recieve. Hopefully upperstaff of Amazon are reading these stories and complaints, because it does not make them look to good to a consumer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jo June 26, 2014 at 3:47 pm

well I ordered 2 phones canceled one in a matter of seconds,and they still charged me,got one phone sent it back,ordered june 11th an it is the 26th an still haven’t got
my refund,something bout pin less credit card,I’ve been buying everything from here and all of a sudden it takes this long to get my $$,I’M DONE WITH AMAZON,!!!


MaryHelen June 25, 2014 at 11:37 pm

I received a package not meant for me. This has happened to me twice in the last two weeks. I had to go out of my way to get the item back to the company. They were accommodating and courteous so I did it.
This package arrived and I thought is was a preordered item I was waiting for, it was early but thought maybe it released early. The items were nothing I ordered. The packing label had a bar code where the name of the orderee should be.
I was not pleased to have another order come to me in error. I contact the chat line to tell them and I gave them the Order ID on the packing label and then was told to describe each item…. Next I was told Yes it was an error and to send it back.
Not my error but again I have to go out of my way.
I ask to have a manager call me as I was not pleased. The manager did not call but then when on to chat. He asked to review the previous chat then asked if there was a name on the label or on the outside of the box. I told him only a packing order and my name on the outside of the box. He then asked if maybe someone in my house ordered these items.
Not a good Chat from that point forward. I need someone to contact me to talk about this issue.


MaryHelen June 25, 2014 at 11:39 pm

I still have the box with the items that are not mine and I do not want.


Dave June 25, 2014 at 10:15 pm

I pre-ordered a book 6 weeks before its release date. The pre-order button was up until the 14th of june 2014. June 15th was the release date. Then the item was never shipped to me, no email explaining why I did not get a item even though I pre-ordered it. Then I call Customer service. Horrible they have no clue what they are talking about. 1st they said they never had the book. I explained they did and now it out of stock, then they said I didn’t pre-order it in time. Like that is what pre-order means. To order it before it comes out so you can get it when it comes out. Many gaming companies do this as well as for dvds blu rays etc. Well since they didnt have it and where still advertizing it the day before that they could get it, that is called false advertising. Also there is discrimination here also. So even though i pre-ordered i did not get the book. But others who may or may not have pre-ordered the book got it. So since there is no pre ordered que who makes the decision on who and who doesn’t get the book. Amazon has really gone down with their customer service. Could you at least train them to know what they are talking about. And you also should not be false advertising that you have something when you really do not. Due to this I will be filing with the BBB about your tactics.


Marion S June 24, 2014 at 4:55 pm

I have been an Amazon customer now for 11+ years and the only time I have ever been charged sales tax is when I have had an order shipped to my daughter in Washington State.
I just placed this order for the Bird Feeder and was charged sales tax. I called Amazon and was told that Florida is one of the states that now charges taxes. How can that be? I just received an order from you several days ago that was placed about 10 days ago and there was no sales tax on that item. I was told by your representative that they had no clue as to why no taxes were charged on that item but taxes were charged on this particular item.
So does that mean that depending on what you order taxes could or could not be applied? Since when? Who decides what gets taxed? This is a very unfair practice
and I would like an answer which I did not get from the representative I talked to. They had no idea of why I was being taxed and what items in the future would be taxed.
No way to run a business Amazon. If this is what you’re going to do in the future then you must inform your representatives of this new practice so they can inform their customers as to why some items will be taxed and others will not.
This makes no sense to me, please research this and send me an answer that I can
make sense out of.
Thank You

This is the response I received from Amazon.
I understand your concern in this regard.
To see if your order will be subject to sales tax, add the items to your shopping cart and click “Proceed to check out.” Follow the instructions until you reach the order summary page. Here you will see the total amount of your order, including shipping charges and applicable sales tax. To complete your order, click the large yellow “Place your order” button. NOTE: Your order is not complete until you click this button.

For a list of states where Amazon.com LLC and Amazon Digital Services, Inc are required to collect sales tax, please visit our Tax Help Pages at:
Amazon has teamed with many other sellers and your order may contain items from one or more of these online sellers. Each of these online sellers may have different sales tax collection obligations depending upon their business procedures and the location of their operations.
We calculate sales tax on the sellers’ behalf in accordance with their instructions, which may vary depending on the tax laws in each state. It’s possible that some items in your order may be taxed, while others may not be.
I hope this information helps! We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Best regards,
Thank you.
So I wrote back.
This really does not answer my question. This is an answer that is given without doing any research into my case. I was very explicit in my explanation, I guess it was not read properly. I know how to order from your site, I do not need instructions regarding that, you are insulting my intelligence.
Now, have someone with some knowledge look into this for me, and I do not need another ‘pat’ answer.
Some of these people are just plain lazy that answer e-mails. I’m rethinking Amazons Customer Service is not all it’s cracked up to be.



Jack E. Hunden June 20, 2014 at 1:17 pm

Regarding Amazon Chase Credit Card:
The way the card works makes Chase look small and Amazon’s name is associated with the card, so if it is important to you that a customer use their AC card although you also accept other credit cards, here is the problem regarding the AC card. If a loan exists against the card, there may be no interest charge as long as you make the minimum payment and pay off the balance before the interest rate changes. If you make a purchase on the card, it automatically charges interest against the new purchase, even if you payoff that purchase before the due date and make the minimum payment against the loan. That discourages any further purchases with the card as long as there is an outstanding loan balance. Other cards charge no interest as long as you pay off any purchases and make the minimum payment against the loan also. The interest charged may be very small, but the Chase action is repugnant. And, it could also shine a questionable light on Amazon whose good name is associated with the credit card.

Thank you.


Rich June 18, 2014 at 4:53 pm

The Fire looks cool. Firefly looks AWESOME! Now make me a 7″ phablet. A true cell/tablet! Travelers dream. Outside sales WET dream. Samsung came close with Mega 6.3, but not quite big enough for business apps. Nexus 7 almost hit it, but left off cell.
You can do it Jeff. Build it Jeff….we WILL buy it.


Ann Murray June 18, 2014 at 10:14 am

I started working at an Amazon warehouse as a sorter on May 24, 2014. On May 26, I sustained an injury. AmCare offered me an icepack and Tylenol or ibuprofen. Then the “nurse”, my manager, the SMX staff representative, and a man from Safety interrogated me for almost an hour. I have a small hernia, and I told them that, but the pain was nowhere near my hernia. They decided it was a non-work related injury and wanted me to go back to work on the line. I refused. I told them that I wanted to go to the hospital emergency room to be examined. The ER doctor performed a CT scan to verify that my hernia hadn’t enlarged or torn and diagnosed me as having a work-related abdominal wall strain. When I returned home after leaving the hospital, I called the warehouse and spoke to Wendy. She was a total bitch. The ER doctor wanted me to follow up immediately with my PCP the following day. She said I had to come to work and fill out some forms and have their doctor examine me. We argued for an hour at 3:30 in the morning. It has gone downhill from there. I am furious with the way they have treated me and I am going to get a lawyer and file a suit against them. I have everything documented. I am tired of being railroaded. They want me to quit, but I refuse. I will make them fire me, then sue for unemployment and add that to my lawsuit. You wouldn’t believe the things they do in that warehouse.


Sylvia Tucker June 16, 2014 at 11:40 am

I had purchased my second Kindle back in Feb 2014 for the sole purpose of being able to view netflix since my first one did not support it. I also purchased the 3 yr warranty since it was stated “I would be able to swap out if anything went wrong with it”. Every since I had the newer Kindle, there’s been problems, i.e., volume turns down completely and have to re-start to turn back up, and now it cuts off completely while watching a show (as least three to four times during viewing). When I called to discuss issue, they suggested I bring and let them send it away. First, I purchased the warranty because they said I would be able to “swap out”. Secondly, I have purchased netflix and PRIME on my Kindle. Who will reimbuse me for the time lost while they repair something that they said they would “swap out”. I’m losing money by purchasing the new Kindle. Please help. This Kindle is not old enough for them to be sending out. It has not been dropped nor damaged in any way. I enjoy my Kindle for relaxing and it has become more frustrating than anything. Assistance to this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Sylvia Tucker June 17, 2014 at 1:21 pm

Follow-Up: Went into Best Buy where I purchased my Kindle, and after re-setting it and playing a movie to see if my issue remained, they too were able to experience the Kindle shutting completely off. I now have a new Kindle. Now, my only issue is that I had to re-purchase my insurance agreement. If a device is not up to standards of what a consumer should expect and receive, why should we the consumer have to still have some sort of out-of-pocket expense? Especially, if it was through no fault of mine which I can now come to the conclusion that it was a defective device. I can say that I am happy that it was replaced without to much unnecessary ordeal. Thanks.


Sylvia June 11, 2014 at 11:28 pm

For years I have gone to Amazon for absolutely anything everything. I’m in total shock after reading article after article after article (there are MANY) regarding how poorly you treat your employees!!! Worse than Walmart (a store I won’t even walk into because of how they treat their employees). You make billions off the backs of these people! You should be ashamed. I’m ashamed that I use you!


Frederick Douglass June 25, 2014 at 1:11 pm

It just got worse for us. Now if you use the time they give you to take off work they punish you by excluding you from making the monthly bonus. Talk down to when asked a question, childish antics like in high school when it comes to promotions or any level of transfers. By far the worst company I have worked for and ive work for some that were notorious for being sued for there business practices.


evan June 10, 2014 at 5:24 pm

recieved email stating that i had an outstanding balance to a seller account of which I had cancelled over a year ago…
Tried calling several different times to resolve and was hung up on and placed on hold without any answer…..
unable to access cancelled seller account :ie over a year ago to verify my credit card number to access said account to resolve….
when on phone was passed back and forth between depts and technical support to which you can’t get any….


Margot Pascht June 10, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Why does Amazon front for sellers that can’t be contacted regarding the function or operation of the product bought thru Amazon ?

When I needed to speak to someone re. The wiring of a video intercom doorbell, which was brought from Broward Deal(???) I spent more than an hour on the phone with an Amazon customer service person who really tried to get me the contact info for the seller ( while paying an electrician on standby) – only to be told that that info was not available anywhere. I then called the corporate offices to see if I could speak with anyone regarding this shocking policy of refusing to allow any form of contact with a seller- under the pretense that this info on the seller does not exist(really?) and after more time spent I was then re-routed back to the same Customer Care that I had already wasted much time!

I was recently telling my friends that I was so pleased with Amazon that I would be doing most of my shopping there. – HAH !! How can I trust a company that fronts for a seller regardless of their quality and transparency? I can’t and won’t .

At least treat me with the respect of a knowledgeable return phone call.

Margot. 919-651-XXXX


John Newbold June 7, 2014 at 4:30 pm

In January 15,2014 I purchased from The PDM Group in Arazonia a package that I would get paid for all the visitors a commission that come to my page. Well I was supposed to get paid from Amazon but nothing ever come PDM said that they had to change something in the advertising. The following week the numbers went way up. but still no checks from Amazon. It has been 5 months now and No money. As of today I have had 9899 Visitors and no money. PDM said that th


June June 2, 2014 at 10:37 pm

My experience is terrible. Started by ordering a stove. HCcost who stated delivery was coming on Saturday 31th. Never called and never delivered the product. I waited outside a home I am in the process of buying for 3 hours. I called Amazon requested to speak to a manager . I have asked On Saturday to Taylor / than Catina another service department/than Joe another supervisor informed me that there is no manager.Than Holly requesting how to contract HCcost I was informed on Saturday 3 rd party and Amazon not responsible .Spoke to kathy gave me the email address of azservice@hccost.com find out when are they coming.
On Monday a supervisor NOT Manager call me asking about what happen. Does anyone write down anything? I req. a manager again and I dothing t want the item ? I contacted my credit card she stated that would be the easiest for me to do. I ask her for a survey never received one but she sent me a e-mail informing me the truck broke down and they are calling me for delivery. ARE U KIDDING.
Than I called spoke to supervisor Tasha requesting manager and survey she stated one will call me back, ask me the latest I would be up NO PHONE CALL NO SURVEY.
I called again hoping to contract a manager informed them i do not want the product, connected to Chris in the Philippines ask for a survey stated no placed me on hold and disconnected me. The 1st Amazon will not get a manager for the poor service 2 will not send out survey when requested 3 DO NOT PURCHASE ANY ITEM THAT CAN NOT BE Delivered in a envelope. It is 36 hours after the 1st phone call and still waiting for manager / survey / refund.


Debra May 28, 2014 at 6:40 pm

I faxed over a form from my company to be fillled out and faxed back to me. Please contact me at City of Hope 626 359-8111; X68109. I would like to process my order for my doctor. Thank you.


Tony May 25, 2014 at 12:31 am

I just wanted to say the the representative I spoke to today was a breath of fresh air. The previous experiences I had with this issue were a complete nightmare. Although Ken could not answer my question, he at least did not act like he knew something he didn’t. He was very professional and respectful.

Back to the issue at hand. All I wanted to do was get the correct hours of operation for the Amazon Locker located in Seattle, WA on Boren Ave N. On the evening of 5/23 at approximately 10:15 pm Pacific Standard Time. I requested to chat with an Amazon Representative about this issue. The very 1st response I received was a bit shocking. She told me she couldn’t give me that information. She said she doesn’t have access to it. So I asked her, do you have internet? She replied yes, but we only have limited access. I replied, the information you need is on an Amazon site. Don’t you have access to that? On the printout that Amazon.com had me print out for my return had hours of operation on it. The only problem is, there are two different times on that page. That is why I wanted to clarify with someone from Amazon. So, after she misspelled my name twice (Tiny & Ton), she ended up asking her supervisor and came back with an answer of they are open 24 hours. Then I replied, are you sure? She says, I confirm it is open 24 hours. On a side note, the coupon that Amazon says to put in your email for and you get $1 off Naked Juice. I did that, and in my email, I get an expired coupon. NO THANKS.

After ending the chat with Abby, I wasn’t convinced. So I put in a phone call to Amazon.com. I forget the person’s name who I talked to, but she said she didn’t know the answer, but could transfer me to a Amazon Locker specialist. After being transferred to Gerald, I believe his name was, he sounded very confident in his knowledge of Amazon Locker. He quickly looked it up and came up with the hours of operation, saying they close at 12:30am. He was certain he was correct in that answer. Until I told him I have that same information on the paper I am looking at. Now look about 2 inches to your left of that and 1 inch up. Another set of times for the Lockers. It says their hours are from 0700 to 2200. Which would have them closing at 10pm. Oh ok Gerald says. That must mean that the place the lockers are located closes at 10pm but the lockers are still open til 12:30am. But again, he wasn’t sure. The reason all of this is an issue for me, I live about 25 minutes away from any Locker location. I did not want to go all the way down there to find out I could not get in. Also, the item I am returning is right on the deadline of 30 days. So I wanted to make sure I got it in on time. So Gerald reassures me to just go ahead and wait until the next day and he would make sure he would extend my deadline.

Now to Saturday. I pull up to the building. It is actually called Amazon campus. The whole building is Amazon. I find a spot right next to the building. The area is empty because it is a Saturday. So me and my 8 year old son go up to the first set of doors we see. LOCKED. Oh no. So we trek up the hill to the next set. LOCKED. Oh no. Then we see a FedEX guy going up to the building. The security guard came to the door to let him in. So I asked her about the lockers. She told me that they were down the hill around the corner. Then I thought to ask her the hours of operation for the lockers. She had no idea. What is going on???? I mean I have had nothing but respect for Amazon.com. The customer service has always been professional and knowledgeable. Oh well, so we trek down the hill and around the corner. Sweet, we found the lockers. It is actually a pretty nice setup. We got up to the screen and put in the code. The locker opens up. (My son thought this was pretty cool). I put the package in. Done deal.

As we were leaving I thought to check the door to see if there is the hours of operation. No such luck, nothing. Then I went to the other door coming from the garage. NOTHING. O.K. The hours must be on the big map of the building right on the corner. Nope, no such luck. Why the secrecy on the hours?? Was this intentional?
I am just dumbfounded. The mystery continues….

After taking pictures of the doorways and the map, we head back to the truck. Mind you all of this took place in the matter of about 7-10 minutes. What do you know, a ticket on my window. The nightmare continues. He must of been waiting around the corner for some sucker to come and drop off a package at the LOCKER!!

I did not park in a handicapped spot. Or a loading zone. I guess there was a meter there. Even if I saw the thing, I didn’t even think they were in affect. After looking further at the meter. They only take credit cards anyway. Which I did not have with me. I only use it for shopping online. Needless to say, I am pretty frustrated after all this.

Anyway, if someone could figure out when this place opens and closes I would appreciate an email

One other thing, when I was looking for a close locker location, I found only 4 within 30 minutes of my home. Of course all 4 were located in Seattle. 3 of the 4 are all close together. I haven’t looked into how long this locker thing has been going, but it sure is an epic fail in my eyes. It could be something really convenient for customers if done right. Thank you for hearing me out.

A loyal Amazon.com customer,



john h May 23, 2014 at 10:16 pm

Dear Amazon
I am informing you that i will not be doing any purchases from Amazon from this day forward. That you treat publishers so brutally and act like the god of commerce is reprehensible to me. the publishers are your partners and have helped make your company what it is today. to try and squeeze an already fragile business as you are – see todays online nytimes.com.
until you change your ways i will find other vendors to purchase from.


Cynthia Herrmann May 23, 2014 at 3:22 pm

I ordered a book (Where the Red Fern Grows) to be sent to a young man, Fernando Ramirez) in prison in Safford. He comes from a loving, caring family and we go to the same Lutheran Church in Phoenix. The family does not have much money. I just found out that when they have ordered things from Amazon, if it doesn’t say Amazon.com on the package it is considered Contraband and tossed out or whatever. The grandparents just visited him in Safford and found out that he had not received anything from them either. I just spoke with the Dept. of Corrections and they confirmed the “Contraband” policy. I have not receivd a credit from Amazon so I doubt that the package was sent back. I just would like you to know at the Corporate level so that you can hopefully address this issue and direct these type of purchases to your main site. Thank you.


Sue May 19, 2014 at 9:26 am

Having recently moved to France I purchased a swing which has not on,y not arrived but all my attempts to get a response from amazon France have been ignored.


Gopal Chakraborty May 15, 2014 at 12:09 am

Hi! I am Gopal and i live in Delhi, India. This is an escalation mail for the unacceptable service rendered by Amazon Transport Services (ATS) in India.
I ordered a parcel (vide Amazon.in order #404-1727691-0466729) and the seller being ProAudio Home. This parcel was handed over to Amazon by the seller on 1st of May,’14 and Amazon confirmed me through mail that it will reach me by 7th May. All these series of mails are a testimony to it. The said Parcel did not reach on the date specified which is Reason stated: wrong destination. Possibly, one can let go. two more days passed by. NO clue. No call, No intimation – can one let go? I did.
I get a call on my mobile on Sunday (11th May) from a courier guy mentioning he is from amazon and has my parcel to be delivered. Knowing well, it has the office addess he asks me if I’ll be there in office – tells a story of the professionalism of the ATS. On my mentioning, I’ll be in office on monday (following day) and it will really be good if delivered before 1.00pm to which the guy agrees. I wait the whole day – monday. No parcel, NO Call either tells more about the story of professionalism of ATS India.
Called up thrice to the customer service and spoke to three different agents : ‘Ikram’ , ‘Kareem’ and ‘Devanand G’. All three showed hope, talked sweet, courteous and tipped it off with their professional makeover BULLSHIT.
STOP doing this to your customers. I dont want any memos written on comp. I dont want no smooth talking, your customer service can only be seen by your actions and not by the make-up of smooth talk.
Why NO Call on monday? Why NO Call on Tuesday from ATS? If the address was untraceable (despite my mentioning of complete address with landmark) why did no one call me to check the address?? This is not unintentional. This is taking customer for granted.
I am dismayed. Amazon is disgraceful. “”ATS is BULLSHIT””
If this is customer service then you have lot to learn from the colony grocery shop guy who manages it flawlessly.
Get off your bullshit corporate euphoria and get real in customer service of which you have no clue.
Dissolve ATS or sack the country head and the Delhi chief for sure, else DOOM is inevitable.
Then on Tuesday I called up customer care again.. naratted the whole sordid story of ATS services to yet another person called jaideep C.
He as usual like a hollow soul with polished make-over language tried to salvage saying the ATS is faciing backlog due to IPL. however, he’d surely align to reach parcel on wednesday. That was a nice thought over language in his mail as expected, not new to me from people working with so called reputed organizations – advantage of education seemingly.
Past 6.00pm Wednesday, I waited.. I waited day long.. no parcel.. no call.. no update.. JUST LIES.. I wrote a mail to Jaideep then I called. Luckily, he only picked the call. Same smooth talking with shallow promises.. However, no call from ATS.
And by the way, this is not my first experience.
And yes, this reminds me a line that I’d love to forget (because it doesn’t hold water) -”Amazon.in Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.”
Nice words – ‘Earth’s most customer centric company’, where did the organization pick it up from..?
My suggestion: Sack the ATS head, sack the Delhi chief, let others learn delivering services in time is core to business else why hire them..

Think, it’s time to leave you here with some thoughts..
“If core is quality, whether service or product, never compromise on it by focusing on marketing or fancy talks, cause it will fail you one day, surely”
– Anonymous
+91 99102 61723


david May 14, 2014 at 9:32 pm



John Bannan May 12, 2014 at 12:49 am

My niece purchased an New XBox thru Amazon.com. it arrived 5 days ago broken. Amazon and the online Company that sells thru Amazon refuses th give her a refund or a new XBox.
They say send it to Microsoft to have it repaired. She doesn’t,t want a repaired one when she purchased a new one. She went thru all the appeals processes on the Amazon website, without a resolution except to send it to Microsoft; Therefore it is our intent to bring the case to Washington State Small Claims Court unless you respond to this with a resolution. Fortunately we live in Washington State.
My phone number is: 360-690-XXXX


adamsde May 11, 2014 at 2:48 pm

I am an employee at SDF8 and I am having a hard time getting back to work due to my FC not wanting to accomodate my restriction of no prolonged walking.I work in receieve that is a stand job yet they say they cant accomodate me? There is another employee who sits on a stool everyday and does the same job.There is also a one handed employee who is able to work even though in his department it is required to push or pull carts with TWO hands.All my podiatrist is putting on my restrictions is to not have me walk prolonged periods of time even though in my department I dont..thus makes no sense to me.


Ron Bruce May 11, 2014 at 2:16 pm

What a great Forbes Article: Amazon’s Wholesale Slaughter: Jeff Bezos’ $8 Trillion B2B Bet.
What I see:
1. Up-tick in American made goods being sold from Manufacturers (Made in American)
2. Commercial property continues to take a hit
3. Less Wholesaler jobs (sales personnel, order-desk people and warehouse workers)
4. More money for Manufacturers and less money for the middlemen – more core jobs and stronger R&D
5. More visibility for US Manufactures – locally and Nationally
6. Best warranty and best product must be seen by buyers, since lowest price may have some drawbacks
7. Industrial Buyers will need to be more than just price-evaluating accounting people. Otherwise, their lack of knowledge effects Amazon’s model (i.e. Maintenance Mechanic will know more about seals or bearing purchases than Bean-Counters)
8. Wholesaler no longer wagging the dog – punishing suppliers for earns-and-turns numbers – best value/product must win
9. Less handling of goods, if Amazon ties the manufacturer directly to large Buyers – ergo just-in-time delivery beating WalMart and Grainger in many markets.
10. Goodbye Alibaba IPO – selling every piece of junk and counterfeit item known to mankind online
11. 24/7 open for business – e-commerce takes most 8 hour-order-desk personnel out of the equation
12. Fewer under-the-table Wholesaler deals, which drives up operation costs
13. Products provided online go one-on-one, without other soft influencing factors
14. Reduction in advertising costs for Manufactures and less administrative costs thereto attached
15. Construction Companies should see decreases in their building costs that they never dreamed of


Rod Sapyta May 11, 2014 at 5:42 am

HELLO..Mr. Bezos, Mr. Szkutak, Mr. Wilke. My name is Rod Sapyta. from Tampa Florida. If you want a Man with 34 years in Transportation Logistics. UPS, FED-EX and UPS freight to Manage your Two new locations in the Tampa bay area I would be that man. I will treat people with respect and dignity that I work with .In my team, I do not take no or cant for and answer to get the job done.813-458-XXXX Thank you for your time. R.S.


W.J. Santucci May 9, 2014 at 7:15 pm


I was just notified by my bank that my ATM/Credit Card and 2 purchases that were not authorized. I am notifying you that I have only made a few purchases through you. I am
not sure where the card number was taken but I thought I should notify your company.

Thank you
WJ Santuci


Kathy Cheer May 8, 2014 at 7:24 pm

Mr. Bezos: You’ve now become a full-scale corporation’s corporation; one of your ugly heads reared recently re: treatment of warehouse personnel. As mentioned, warehouse work means heavy, repetitive lifting, hands-on, repetitive packaging and a half hour break is only fair to regain one’s sense of being a human being. The employee search should be clocked on Amazon’s time and a supervisor can wait 30 minutes to criticize an employee or discuss business. Also, regarding supervisor-employee relations, “praise in public, criticize in private”…always.”


cris May 7, 2014 at 7:34 pm

Please tell me why you think that hiring a washed out drug addict like Gary Busey is going to get me to buy your TV services?


Jacquelyne Donaldson May 5, 2014 at 6:03 pm

Good afternoon.My name is Jacquelyne Donaldson. I am the President of Critical Security Management, Inc., a Maryland based Veteran / Minority / Woman owned Security Guard and Private Detective Agency. We are seeking direction in becoming a Vendor and in being added to the Bidders List with Amazon. I may be contacted at either 301-220-xxxx (Office) or at j.donaldson@xxxx.com at your earliest convenience.
Thank you in advance for the time and attention that you will afford this matter


Aaron May 1, 2014 at 2:54 pm

I am building a new machine. For this machine I am using a new in box fx-6200 and two R7-240 graphics cards running crossfire x (a modest build I know). I purchase the graphics cards and the processor from amazon.com. The graphics cards were depicted as being a part of the bronze promotion which mean they each should come with 1 free steam download. I have a screen shot of this that indicates the cards are a part of the promo. Amazon will not honor the promo, and I am very disappointed!! I could have purchased these from Newegg.com with no problem. I am writing this to inform you that Amazon as a corporate partner of AMD is fraudulently advertising promos. I would grant them the benefit of it being a simple mistake of a sign not being taken down, but just like any other retailer I would expect them to honor that mistake.


Aaron May 1, 2014 at 2:55 pm

1 download per card I mean


Liz Roznovsky April 30, 2014 at 5:54 pm

Ordered and received a computer WITHOUT a printed receipt in box. Called Amazon and asked them to send me one, they REFUSED due to security reasons. They suggested I print out email order conformation as a receipt. If I do not own a printer I should ask a friend or family member to print it OR go to a hotel or local libraries to print- sometimes they do that free of charge. What an asinine suggestion! I’ve ordered toe nail clippers and got a paper receipt in the box but Amazon said this computer product does not come with one. I said just send me one and they refused. They can drop off hundreds of dollars worth of items at your address without a signature but cannot send a printed receipt to your address because of security reasons. I asked just what the security concerns were but they refused to give me an answer. Talked to 3 customers reps, 2 supervisors and the last one refused to connect me to his boss Kelly. Something is fishy refusing to send out receipt that should come with products ordered.


MG April 25, 2014 at 12:32 pm

I have a problem with Amazon and one of it’s sellers. Apparently Amazon does ignore complaints from the people who keep them in business. I have been shopping with Amazon for over 5 years now and never had a problem, until now. You are no better then me Amazon. Do you want me as a customer or not.


Tami Bosovich April 25, 2014 at 8:13 am

I’ve always had superior service with Amazon, it’s customer service and deliveries. I’m a long time customer and buy almost anything I can from Amazon with full confidence!


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