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AAMCO Transmissions, Inc.
201 Gibraltar Rd Ste 100
Horsham, PA 19044

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Phone Number: (610) 668-2900
Fax Number: (610) 617-3503
Website: http://www.aamco.com
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CEO: Malon Wilkus
CFO: John R. Erickson
COO: Gordon J. O'Brien

AAMCO History

Robert Morgan and Anthony A. Martino founded AAMCO in 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

AAMCO is a transmission-repair company that operates as a franchise, with the first franchise opening in New Jersey in 1963.

Morgan and Martino also founded MAACO, an autobody shop franchise. Martino eventually ended his affiliation with AAMCO to manage MAACO.

Morgan was the first CEO of the company and was succeded by his son, Keith Morgan.

In 2006, American Capital, Ltd. bought AAMCO Transmissions.

The company now has almost 900 franchises across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, 5,000 employees, and $31.32 million in revenue in 2012.

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Gregory Brookins September 18, 2014 at 9:57 pm

I was about to Let Park Place Mercedes-Benz repair my 2003 500E until I called John at the Camp Bowie store in Fort Worth,Texas John assured me that he would treat me better than Park Place Mercedes Benz. at a much lower price and the diagnosis was no charge.now he has told me the price of labor is $800.00 more than Park Place but it would not exceed $3500 so I told him that I would be there soon to get my car and now he is telling me its $900 for the diagnosis.who do I need to speak with to get my car back? Gbro****@yahoo.com


Stephanie Banks September 17, 2014 at 11:00 am

I arrived at the Aamco establishment located at 2609 N Church St East Point, GA 30344 early Monday morning on September 8, 2014 at 7:30am with my 2004 Acura TL based on the website stated that was the time they opened however the door stated 8:00 am. I waited until someone arrived and advised “Stacy” of the issue I noticed which was the hesitation when I tried to accelerate and told him the transmission fluid smelled burnt. So I left my car there and was told I would receive a call to let me know what was the outcome of the inspection/test drive on my car. Needless to say, I never received a call so I went back around 3:30 pm and was told my transmission fluid was burnt and the mechanic stated that he drove the car and felt the hesitation I was referring to and the transmission needed to be replaced and he wished he had better news for me .The replacement would be $2800.00 and they would have the transmission in tomorrow September 9, 20014 and have the work completed by Wednesday or Thursday and you know that didn’t happen. I called on 9/10 at 8:27 to verify if the transmission was even there since I had not heard anything. I received a call Wednesday at 12:52pm stating all four of my motor mounts were damaged and should they replace them for around $524.00. I declined when I called them back at 1:17pm because that just didn’t sound correct because I never had an issue with my motor shifting or moving when I drive. I drive my car every day for 35 miles one way to work and my car was never jerking nor was the motor jumping under the hood. So after I called every day to get the progress of the car, I finally get a call Friday at 1:08pm that it was ready. So I left work early Friday at 4pm to pick up my car and before I got there “Stacy” the guy at the desk goes “how long has your engine lighting been on ?” Excuse me but it was never on and oh now I am being told the motor mounts are broken. If you test drove it in the beginning as “Andy” the mechanic stated then why is that you never mentioned the check engine light was on nor the motor was jumping around since they stated I had broken motor mounts? I did not drive the car off the lot until Saturday September 13, 2014and when I got in my car to crank it, it rattled badly and it was not like that before nor was it knocking. Now I’m not sure of how stupid they think I am but none of this was going on with my car. Something has to be done because from my research and speaking to other dealer mechanics, it’s almost impossible for me not to know my motor mounts are broken because the motor would be moving and jerking around. And this didn’t happen until they pulled the transmission out and did God knows what to my car. Also regarding the check engine light, I took it to Auto Zone and I have the printout and their system stated it was a failure in connection to the Oxygen Sensor. REALLY. So that means something is still loose in my car. It’s ironic that the same thing happened to Frankie Smith who is my boyfriend father and Aamco had to replace his motor mounts after they broke them and I actually decided to bring my car to this establishment based on the good work outside of that is the reason I took it there. Do you also know that “Stacy” at the desk goes why do I need the corporate number and what good is it going to do? I was the one trying to remain calm but after his smart mouth, I feel this is very poor customer service and it’s funny how he kept saying he is not a mechanic and he does not work on the cars so how can you say the mechanic did not break them. I contacted customer relations on September 15, 2014 at 10:51am and still no return call back yet. Someone has to fix these issues and I do not want to leave my car longer than 1 hour with them, I would refer to take it to another location and or if I get these things corrected, I want to be reimbursed.


Lupe Hernandez September 16, 2014 at 2:14 pm

I took my car to AAMCO with high hopes and was greatly disappointed. I went in 1st thing Friday morning because my AC was blowing hot air. Before noon i was told the hoses were leaking and that the compressor was working fine. I was quoted $400 and told my car would be ready by the end of the day. I was then called around 2pm and told they couldn’t remove one of the hoses because it was fused together and would need to completely replace piece and quoted me $700. I was called 10 minutes until close and was told my compressor was not working and I would need to replace the compressor and condenser because they couldn’t tell me what exactly was wrong. Now I was quoted $1500 but that they would look into pricing until Saturday morning and call me. I never received a call Saturday my husband had to call at 10am even though they open at 8am. I was then told the price would be $1600. I was very upset that my AC was checked and I was quoted $400 and that jumped to $1,600. I was told point blank my compressor was working fine when my car was initially checked. I felt as though they were just guessing as to what was wrong. I decided to go in and pay for what had been done and take it elsewhere. When I arrived I was told my car was not put together which I didn’t understand because they didn’t have the parts to repair it and they were telling me it wasn’t cooling. Turned out it was fine for me to leave with. I explained i was very upset and would be calling corporate. Mark didn’t understand why I was upset but wanted to make it right. He said he was sorry i felt the car was mis-diagnosed but never admitted to the fact. He was able to drop the price to $900 but was unable to have car ready until Monday. Over all my experience was very stressful. I believe my car was mis-diagnosed and if not mis-diagnosed they were not truthful as to what was needing to be done. I appreciate the fact they tried to remedy the problem but whole experience was very stressful and unprofessional. ~ Austin TX


Lori Delgado August 25, 2014 at 11:54 pm

I took my truck to aamco in Santa Ana on McFadden last year almost exactly and had my transmission rebuilt, at least that’s what I thought would happen. A year exactly 4 days AFTER my one year warranty expires my transmission breaks down in the exact same way it shouldn’t have, but did. I was ripped of by the AAMCO name. I spent $2000 having my transmission rebuilt only for it to break down in the exact same way just 1 year and 4 days later. That snot nosed kid Chris ripped me off and now I need to pull out another $2000 to have it rebuilt AGAIN. People go to aamco because they trust the aamco name not to go there to be ripped off by a snot nosed kid. My lawyer will have the next conversation with that brat.


Stephanie Rocamora August 25, 2014 at 2:23 pm

I am writing this hoping to have things corrected on many levels. This is not only for me, but also for your future customers as well as those that do their research and make their choices to trust the workmanship, service, and respect that should be delivered when a customer walks through your door. In March of 2013, I put my trust into the AAMCO – located on North Florida Avenue in Tampa, Florida. This has played out to be a very bad choice that has set me back additional money on top of what I paid for only a mere 18 months ago for my rebuilt transmission. From my understanding, AAMCO prides itself on transmissions being their specialty and to help their customers solve the transmission issues they need help; with professional, accurate, and precise workmanship. This did not happen in the case of the final product that I received. Last Sunday (08/17/2014), my transmission seal at the motor end started to leak. I was hoping to get help from AAMCO, but I felt they were not doing their part and understanding about the lack of expert workmanship they gave me back in March of 2013.

I did take my vehicle to a different shop for resolution. They showed me the parts that were installed by AAMCO, one of them being a rebuilt Torque converter (for what was charged it should have been a new one). That pointed out seals as well as the inner and outer ring of the torque converter that were not properly installed, which caused the leak to happen.

Yes, it is true my warranty did expire on the work they did. I made my choice to come to the transmission experts…AAMCO…, which things should have been a lot better than this.


J. Morris August 20, 2014 at 8:34 am

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! BAD CUSTOMER SERVICES IN Lake Park, FL. I dropped my VW off on a Thursday and the store manager indicated that there was something wrong with my shifter and to bring it back the following Monday, so I did. That Monday I dropped my VW off at 8:15AMorris and the store manager was nowhere in site. He was at minimum 30 minutes late opening the shop so I left my vehicle with one of the technicians who suggested that I write down my information because he was unsure where the store manager was. After waiting for 48 hours for a diagnosis on my VW I finally called the store manager who informed me that the technician was gone for the day and that he took my VW home for the night. I NEVER fave AAMCO consent to take my VW home, nor did they call and ask for permission. The store manager gave me attitude and informed me that I consented in a test drive which included taking my VW home. I have never heard of this concept in my life and I will never return here again!!! After waiting 48 hrs they found nothing wrong with my vehicle so what was the purpose of not communicating this with me? I could have picked my car up after 24 hrs!!!!!


Patrick Brown August 18, 2014 at 2:24 am

My in-laws and I co-own a 1994 Ford Thunderbird we purchased approximately a year ago from a reliable private seller. The Thunderbird had approximately 44,000 miles on it as it was a one owner car that was rarely driven. My in-laws, an elderly couple, were experiencing what they thought was a minor issue and wanted the transmission serviced and took the Thunderbird into the Aamco at 51st Ave and Glendale in Glendale, Arizona for diagnosis and repair. Initially the estimate was $1,200. Once the vehicle was in the shop the estimate grew to $2,200 a service technician named Sean, indicated the repairs were more extensive than they initially thought. My father-in-law went ahead with the repairs, and paid the $2,200 when he dropped it off on March 11, 2014. Once the vehicle was brought home the transmission was worse than before, the car would not stay in gear and had added problems. The odometer was no longer working and interior lights would randomly come on and go off. These issues did not exist prior. My father-in-law pointed this out to an Aamco worker when he picked the car up and was told that it was an electrical problem and it would cost him an additional $200 to fix it. My father-in-law refused to pay any more money and asked that they repair the vehicle and over the next few months took the car in three more times. On the third visit they asked my father-in-law to come in alone (without my mother-in-law) and stay for the several hours it would take them to work on the car, which my father-in-law was unable and unwilling to do. On one of these occasions my 80 year old mother-in-law overhead them as they taunted her and my father-in-law, purposely making derogatory remarks about them within her earshot. I live in Flagstaff, AZ and was unable to be there for any of these visits, but after I was made aware of these issues I personally called to complain and became involved in this process at the beginning of August. Ultimately the car went back into the Aamco shop a total of five more times, and every time the transmission was actually worse than it was when it initially went in for repairs on March 11th and none of the issues that occurred AFTER the initial visit to the Aamco were repaired.The odometer is still not working and both myself and my father-in-law were told they could not fix it, even though it was working fine before it went into their repair shop. AS of this date, while driving at speeds higher than 50 MPH the car violently slips out of gear hard enough for the glove box to pop open, the lights continued to malfunction and the odometer is still not functioning, my in-laws did not feel safe driving the car so I went to take possession of it and I made the drive to Phoenix and personally returned the car to Aamco for the last time, Saturday, August 9th at which time I requested the repair of the transmission and the malfunctioning lights and odometer. I was told by the manager, Matt, that they would make the repairs. I spoke with Matt or Sean twice the following week and was told they were having their best mechanics work on the car. Matt called me Friday, August 15th and said they could not fix the transmission and would only continue working on the car unless we paid for it. I declined as they had not been able to repair the car up to this point and had a friend of mine pick up the car on Saturday, August 16th. When I requested at least a partial refund I was told that was not going to happen. No reparations of any kind were offered by Matt or Sean, I was simply told that the problem was either fuel related or the engine was not relaying messages correctly to the transmission. We had NONE of these issues prior to taking the car to Aamco, it was a simple and slight slippage of gears. At this point I am left with a vehicle I can not drive and I can not sell and have paid $2,200 in repairs that were not done. On a personal level I feel that they endangered my in-laws by giving a car back to them that should not have been on the road. Additional I’m upset as my 80 year old mother-in-law overheard the people at the shop taunting her and my father-in-law within ear shot. I’ve considered filing a civil suit against Aamco but have been told that it’s unlikely I will be successful in winning a case against them. I am hoping that the Attorney General’s office can help us find a solution.


kyle August 14, 2014 at 11:46 pm

Called the aamco in San Antonio tx when my transmission went out and had them send a towtruck to get my truck and they told me its free towing if I let them rebuild it. So $3000 later it was done and I picked it up less than 800 miles later the tranny went out again and guess what being its under warranty and they have to redo it free now they want the tow to be on me its gonna cost 600 to get it towed to nearest aamco. I do not feel I should have to pay a dime more for their incompetent employees mess up.I would not recommend this shop to anyone ever.


Dave McRae August 12, 2014 at 8:44 pm

DO NOT USE THIS SHOP. Springfield Va. Aamco shop We had our transmission totally rebuilt at a cost of $4000. in 10/12. 22 months and 14,000 miles later in 8/14 our transmission went out again. Wife was out of town with car. The shop in Pa. was great and wanted to help us, this shop would not even return calls to me or the shop in Pa. Did not expect them to fix for free but should have at the very least offered to help. Owner said out of warranty will not do anything. I paid top dollar to get quality work, Only last for 14,000 miles. My car is in great shape except this. STAY away from this shop, there are many Transmission shops that will do quality work. Do not get stuck like I did The shop in Pa. told me he has done this for years and years and has NEVER had a $4000.00 rebuild. Said he would have done something for us had he done the original work. Original cost for work was way higher then it should have been. No pride in their work, will not stand behind it.


chris adams August 7, 2014 at 9:08 am

I would like to say the Modesto Aamco is a shady place. I took my 99 VW gulf in to have the transmission checked out and they pulled codes and So i signed a $450 agreement to have it pulled to see what was wrong with it. When i DROVE the car in it would not go into 3ed or Drive. and i told them that. So after they pulled the transmission, the day shift guy called me and said that it would cost me $4,000 to fix. and i told him that was not in my budget. He then said that it was not rebuild-able and that i had to get new or rebuilt one. So i asked how much was that and he said $3500 and i said no its too much. I ask him to just put mine back to together and I’ll pay the $450 and just drive it home. He then said ” its junk! and that i should tow it to a just yard. and asked if i was going to put one in myself. i said now but i can’t afford to have it fixed. and in the beginning the morning guy, said if i didn’t want it fixed to just pay the $450 and they would just put it back together and that was it. so after telling them to just put it back together a second time they asked if i wanted to finance it and i said no. they call me back the next day and said they had one in stock and would let me have it for $2700 and i said no thank you and to go ahead and put mine back in and I’ll take it home. So they call me back and said that it fell apart and can’t be put back together. and they would box it up and i can come two it away and just pay them $250. I told them i drove the car they and all i wanted to just have it put back in so i can drive it home. So now I’m e-mailing you. and all I’m asking is to just have them put my transmission together as it was and I’ll pay the $450 and it’s a done deal.


Derek August 4, 2014 at 4:40 pm

I took my wife’s 2004 Nissan Quest to AAMCO in Pembroke Pines Fl, 9880 Pines BLVD 33024 last August for repair. After waiting a day for a diagnosis and estimate my wife kept getting the run around from the front desk (Mike) who was rude and showed poor customer service. My wife was not happy and expressed her displeasure with another guy named Mike who claimed to be the owner. Finally, we paid over $700.00 to have the alternator and battery replaced. When I picked up the vehicle, a man approached me to tell me what was wrong with the vehicle and what he had fixed. Once we were away from Mike, the man told me he was the owner and that he wanted to apologize for Mikes behavior and that he was going to “let him go”. This guys name was Tony and he said to call him directly if I ever had any problems.
Well, Less than a year later (yesterday), my wife’s van died again, We took it to a shop we trust and they said the problem is a bad alternator and battery. I immediately called AAMCO that originally did the work to ensure it’s under warranty and that it would be fixed at no cost. Mike, answered the phone and would not give me a straight answer as to if it was under warranty. I asked to speak with the owner who he stated “was in and out all day long and didn’t know when he would be back”. I asked him to have the owner call me. A short time later, I got a call from Tony, the head mechanic who said they would have to look at the vehicle first. He was also condescending and rude. I told him I was expecting a call from the owner and he stated “she is out of town”. I couldn’t believe the lies and deceit of these two individuals. To top it off, when I arrived at the shop, Mike went to get Tony. When Tony came out, I realized he was the guy that told me he owned the place less than a year earlier. As I was talking with him about the warranty, He stated that he was just the head mechanic. Once again, I was blown away by the con job these guys were pulling. As we talked further about the warranty, battery and labor, a woman came in who was extremely upset about an issue she was having and wanted to know who the owner is so her lawyer could get in touch with him or her directly. They would not give up any information.
My car is still there. I was reluctant to leave it but I do not have another $700.00 to pay to have the same thing done again. This establishment is ruining AAMCO’s name and trust me, I will let everyone know of my experience with this place.


keykey August 15, 2014 at 1:39 pm

the same exact thing is happening with me now so we go another mechanic to get a second opinion and it turns out all I needed was new fluid in my bwn 325i transmission and the mechanic (Mike) couldn’t even look my mechanic in the eye and tell us what he originally told me on the phone


Isabelle Crisostomo July 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm

My husband took our van in on a Saturday. The diagnostic tech had a family emergency and had to leave. Our car sat over the weekend until Monday. Monday we get the call that it is the transmission and it will be $3000. My husband says there is no way we can afford that. David White made some adjustments and got us a total of $2050. We took an advance from our boss and a company vehicle and told him to go ahead with the service. Wednesday we get a call that the car is finished. We work in Upland so we get an after hours pick up at the Garden Grove CA location. My husband starts the car we get around the corner, same symptoms and the check engine light pops on. We call David he says bring it in. My husband meets with their tech, he confirms that something is still not right, wants us to leave it another night to troubleshoot. We don’t have another vehicle at our disposal so we had to wait to the weekend. My husband took it in Saturday, store is supposed to open @ 8am, it never did. So today is Monday the 21st, this all started on Saturday the 12th. They had my car for 5 days and didn’t fix the problem. Now on his 1st day of vacation my husband is waiting for a new diagnostic on our car. I myself am not willing to pay for anymore repairs and will not ever take it to an AAMCO once this ordeal is over.


Laura July 23, 2014 at 11:07 pm

Are you located in Florida??


Sylvia July 16, 2014 at 2:23 pm

On 7/15/14 I took my son’s car in to be have a Transmission Input Speed Control Sensor replaced. I was charged for 2 hours of labor and Aamco only had my car for 25 minutes. When I spoke with Bob, he told me that the tools the mechanics used are very expensive and that is why it was done so quickly. This is irrelevant to my money. I want a refund for one hour of labor. That is dishonest and poor customer service. This leads me to never want to take any of my vehicles to Aamco in the future.


Rick Ivone July 7, 2014 at 3:57 pm

Transmission was jumping into gear on a 2002 VW Cabrio. Drop off at AAmco dealer in conway SC. Foe 1,000.00 they replaced a pump and said it was fine. My daughter drove it to work and then it would drive at end of shift. towed back to AAmco and they have had it ever since. Always waitng for a part or now a new transmission car is only worth 3,000.00 its a disgrace.


Edwin Haynes June 19, 2014 at 4:16 am

RE: BAD WORKMANSHIP Causing additional Damage to FORD VAN Martinsburg Aamco 1554 Winchester Av
Martinsburg, WV 25405 – (304)262-0990 Store 14850
Marjorie Stafford

DEAR Aamco Corporate Office

On 5/16/14 Our van was taken into the Martinsburg AAMCO shop as the check engine light was on and the transmission running rugged. Upon their checking the transmission an Older gentlemen who worked on rebuilding transmissions (Mr. Kelly?) stated the snap ring was broken and needed replacement and that the check engine light was #4 or #5 cylinder not firing and it was wet. The van was ok to drive. They would order in the snap ring on Monday the 19th and when they put it on the 20th (Tuesday) they would assess it and let us know if there was any further damage at the drop of the transmission to see if there were any shavings – they called the next day, Tuesday, 5/20/14 to say there was no shavings and that the only thing needed was the snap ring.

We proceeded to let them do the job and they wanted to confirm the additional job to also perform a standard tune up. Costing an additional $547.34. We approved the tune up addition. The next day (Tuesday) 5/20/14 we went to pick up the vehicle at approx 4:30pm. Drove the Van home and then took it to work the next day. Upon filling the tank up with gas – driving it to Frederick MD and Doing one job – the van began to run terrible couldn‘t gain speed -engine lights blinking on and staying on – engine clearly had an issue. So after paying $221.95 to diagnose the van and the $1322.84 to supposedly repair the van – it was now worse off than before. I also had filled the gas tank up (32 gallons of gas) and ALL the gas had virtually left the vehicle after Driving only at most 100 miles. This was not an issue prior to bringing the van in for service. Clearly something was additionally wrong after they worked on our vehicle.

We promptly drove the van back to the AAMCO Martinsburg WV approx. 11:30am 5/21/14 (Wednesday) and they took it for a test drive and they said that the apparent problem now was that the Torque converter came apart. Having paid $1322.84 to properly diagnose the issue, now the transmission was worse than it was before. They said give them 2 days to repair the problem and that it would be no additional charge. So we gave them until Friday the May 23. We called them at approx 8:30 am on Friday morning and they said they were ‘waiting on parts’ and they should begin working on the van around 10am. (no discussion on what parts they were) At 3:30pm we called to see about the progress and they then said the van was finished and out for a test drive. We said we would be on our way to get the van. ON THE WAY THERE Aamco called again and told us that the van still had something wrong, Ms. Stafford said she didn‘t want to keep the van any longer and for us to take the van to Hagerstown Ford as they had been speaking with them on the issue. When we arrived there the engine light was now off but they wanted us to pay to have the van towed to the Ford Dealer. We didn’t feel comfortable with their advice and took it to the NEAREST Ford dealer, Parsons Ford of WV. As of 5:00pm Friday, May 23, the vehicle was at Parsons Ford awaiting for assessment of what is wrong.

Tuesday 5/27/14 – we received a call from Parsons Ford that the Van now needed a catalytic converter replacement – just to start which would be
Approx $3200.00. We asked what were the codes that came up regarding the vehicles computer system check up – Ford said that the memory of the codes on our vehicle had been completely erased. Now we have owned that vehicle for 5 years to erase our computer board to reflect no codes what so ever was in our eyes to cover up the damage done to the vehicle within the period AAMCO Martinsburg had the car in their possession. As the computer holds the last 30 days of vehicle malfunction code information.

At this point we feel AAMCO Martinsburg did significant damage to our vehicle which still remains to be assessed once the initial damaged catalytic converter is replaced. Our feeling is that the tune up was done incorrectly causing the additional damage to the transmission, which upon returning the car on the 21st to Aamco they attempted to repair, but the additional damage to the catalytic converter which was also a result of mistakes done in the faulty tune -up was not a cost they were willing to own up to, thus they just wanted our van off their property.

Since on original drop of the Transmission to replace just the snap ring produced no shavings but after the tune up and snap ring replacement the transmission was damaged further with shavings and a damaged torque converter Per Mr. Kelly. As well as now a completely clogged Catalytic Converter.

Another concern is that Ford stated there were no codes on the computer as the computer was erased 3 days prior. That assessment was on the morning of the 27th. Three days prior the car was at Aamco.

Further research on how to erase every code from our vehicle – would require someone to remove the negative connection to the battery a certain amount of times to deliberately erase the codes on the computer system of our vehicle. That could only be done deliberately.

We are asking Aamco Corporate to intervene as the additional damage done to our vehicle by Aamco Martinsburg WV. Per Mr. Kelly’s (older gentlemen Of Aamco Martinsburg) initial assessment and his documented ticket the only issue evident was a snap ring replacement but clearly after they worked on the van we had significant additional damage that still is in process of being diagnosed. We now are taking to a repairman we trust and are having it towed there tomorrow 5/28/14 to have the catalytic converter replaced.

If this were your vehicle – you would want to be treated fairly. We certainly
Didn’t expect to have our vehicle come out worse than when we brought it – and paid $1544.79 to repair our van. We feel it is only right that if your Aamco’s staff worked on the vehicle and damaged it further they should be responsible for the additional damage they caused in faulty workmanship.

It isn’t fair to us to have to be liable for another’s mistakes in workmanship.

Please get back with us concerning this matter as time is of the essence.


Edwin Haynes
Keedysville, MD
240 626-XXXX

May 29, 2014

RE: BAD WORKMANSHIP Causing additional Damage to FORD VAN Martinsburg Aamco 1554 Winchester Av
Martinsburg, WV 25405 – (304)262-0990 Store 14850
Marjorie Stafford

Dear Mr. Gregory Daise,

Per our conversation on 5/28/14 10:24am. We spoke of our vehicle now being towed to Terry’s Auto Center in Boonsboro, MD after having our vehicle initially assessed by Ford who told us our Catalytic Converter needed replacement at initial assessment.
(Letter Faxed to you on 5/28/14 to Aamco Corporate 9:28am)

Mr. Terry’s findings upon replacing the Catalytic converter are documented and included with this letter. Along with Ford’s initial diagnostic test.

Mr. Terry concluded based on viewing the vehicle that the Spark plugs were never replaced for the supposed tune up. After changing the Catalytic Converter and taking the van for it’s first test drive from picking up the vehicle from Ford. He found a fault code of a ‘Misfire’ on the 4th Cylinder. Now if the system Tune up was done correctly – there should be no ‘misfire’ but clearly after Mr. Terry’s viewing the console where the access to the spark plugs were located – clearly the Tune up was never performed properly. As all spark plugs appeared to be OLD were still in place. Mr. Terry also located a $20.00 that had lodged itself in the center console area where access to the spark plugs is located. Anyone opening that panel would have found the money. We feel the negligence of the AAMCO Martinsburg station to perform the job as they outlined they would do – warrants our refund. Further more Mr. Kelly – during his proposed snap ring change also replaced a ‘band’ which if not installed correctly would have done direct damage to the torque converter as well to the catalytic converter. We feel that based on the evidence Terry’s Auto Center revealed – Aamco Martinsburg’s negligence caused what initially was a snap ring replacement and a normal tune up, to become an additional $2071.07 worth of damage resulting in Catalytic Converter replacement. We would appreciate all efforts now at this point to receive fairness as to the damage they caused. Their work was negligent. Erasing the codes on our system – negligent, Not performing the actual Tune Up as billed for – Negligent – Botching the replacement of the snap ring and band on the transmission – Negligent.

I am sure if you had paid $1544.79 you would expect to have the work performed correctly and professionally. Not to have the work Not done – and what was done to your vehicle, done incorrectly resulting in further damage to your vehicle. That is not fair to us.
We are hoping that you will provide a fair solution to this issue. As I am sure Aamco wants to present itself as a Reputable Company that treats it’s customers with fairness and honesty. Sadly we have not experienced that thru the Martinsburg Location and we are hoping the Corporate office will step in to make things right on Aamco’s behalf.

We look forward to hearing from you as time is of the essence.

Thank You in Advance for your Assistance in this matter.

Edwin Haynes
Keedysville MD
240 626-XXXX


Lorna Martinez Garcia September 9, 2014 at 4:12 pm

Well, after reading all these complaints about Aamco I don’t feel like I am the only victim. Apparently, nobody has anything good to say about Aamco anymore. I remember when they would guarantee the trans for as long as you owned your car and provided free annual check-ups. So I trusted Aamco again recently when I took my Dodge Stratus to have it checked. I wasn’t really having a problem with it, only when shifting from reverse to drive would it ‘clunk’ into gear. Other than that, no problem. So then Aamco tells me I need a new transmission and they charge me $2200 to rebuild mine. “It will be like having a brand new transmission,” they told me. Two days later my car won’t start, it lurches forward when I turn the key. The only way to get it going is to put it in neutral and start it. When I get going and it changes gears from 1st to 2nd, it starts sputtering and stuttering and wants to stall. I take it back and now I need a camshaft (or crankshaft?) position sensor for an extra $200. Wow! I should have just kept driving it the way it was and saved myself $2400! I was driving it around with that ‘clunk’ for over a year! Boy, you guys at Aamco sure aren’t what you used to be. I believe your days are numbered if you keep treating people like this.


Yanci Morgan June 9, 2014 at 10:25 am

AAMCO bilked me out of over $2000.00 for a repair job to my 1999 Ford Ranger pick up. it’s been since July 2013 and they have had it back several times and have NOT fixed it. It’s awful! I’ve tried everything I can think of so far. I’ve spoken to the Regional Manager, someone named Mike and he said he’d get back to me after he spoke to the Owner of the shop in Winter Haven, Chris but neither has contacted me yet. That was several weeks ago. Looks like it’s gonna cost them a bundle because I’m getting ready to hire and attorney and THEY will have to pay my cost AND fix the transmission. You just can’t do people wrong like this and get away with it nowadays.


Jess of Florida June 16, 2014 at 6:17 pm

I am sadly dealing with the exact same situation. :( The car was at their shop for a full month, never left their grounds once except when the mechanic took it for a test drive as needed, and $2200 in, I am now taking it back once more. We have been at this for 6 weeks now and we literally went seven times to pick it up because they had told me it was done, and once I finally got it home, in ten days, we have put (including the 15 mile drive home) just 50 miles put on it and it’s leaking….. Brought it back to the store I got it done at and they are CLOSED for business permanently!!!!!!! Took it to another Aamco, got here about ten till 5pm, and there is just nobody to be found, despite hours listed till 5pm… SO I have to leave it for them to check out and hope and pray for the best… :(:(:( I am almost out of both when it comes to Aamco at this point and will just NEVER recommend anyone ever.


Renae Wheeler July 3, 2014 at 3:30 pm

I am in the same situation. I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 and my truck has been in AAMCO shop for a total of 2 months. The first time I picked up my vehicle I drove it for a total of 2 days and my transmission URGENT light came back on. I took my truck back and they told me I have to drive it slow and for 10days. I did exactly that and it was getting worse. I took my truck back again on the 10th day and they kept it for another month. I am still waiting on my vehicle to be fixed. They never calls me, I have to call them for an update, and all they have to say is ‘your volvo is difficult and take time’ my response is ‘dont take on a job you cant handle’. I live in a suburban area with my family and it’s really hard to get to and from work. Also to go about my everyday life without my vehicle.. I am ready to get a lawyer!!


shem edrees May 30, 2014 at 11:10 pm

ok so first i go to aamco to get a clutch done in my jeep… then it begins to grind when shifting, the people there tell me that the rear drive shaft is not flexing correctly and placing too much pressure on the tail shaft, i already have the 5.3 so i asked could they change it to the 4l60e transmission, we settle on a price and i deliver it to them this was Christmas 2013 they are still messing with it.. i called and confirmed that it would be ready and they said yes, tonight when i went to get it.. the shifter boot (that i bought) was not installed NO shifter boot was installed. the transmission ran like crap, not shifting or shifting in the 4000rpm line, no off the line, the thing damn near died reaching 50mph, just all in all a heap. i am extremely dissatisfied and disappointed in “the transmission experts” job since december i have ridden my motorcycle in the rain and cold to and from work and this whole process has been one gigantic disappointment.


Tiffany May 13, 2014 at 4:27 pm

Hi have a 98 Ford F-150 That needs a new transmission my husband took the truck to Hollywood 1631 North State Road 7 Hollywood, FL 33021 based on good reviews he read online. The General Manger Ricky Gonzalez told my husband that he could install a re-build transmission or bring his own. My husband contacted a parts company who had the new transmission delivered to AAmco in my husbands name with the warranty description inside the package. Non the less the transmission was installed not according to the warranty directions which defaulted our warranty essentially. Ricky told my husband and I, after first cursing out my husband that he would re install it according to the warranty although it would cost us an additional $200 on top of the $450 we had already paid AAMCO. Weeks CONTINUE TO GO BY AS i WAIT FOR Ricky TO CALL US.I called Friday 5/9/2014 at 9:00am , Ricky answered the phone with out greeting me and said John I will call you back. I said I am not John I’m his wife I need to know whats going on with my truck, he said I will call you back and hung up the phone.At 11;30 I went to his shop on 441, he asked me to give him a minute as he was on hold with a supplier. The supplier came on the line and politely asked Ricky what he could do for him. Ricky told the representative wait a moment.The rep did not hear him because Ricky had him on speaker phone. When the rep asked him for the order number again Ricky violently exploded with several expletives.The rep asked him to relax a bit and Ricky demanded to speak with a supervisor. While on hold he turned to me and told me that my transmission was done. I asked him once again where is the documents or pictures stating this so that my husband and I can full fill the 30 day warranty on the part. Ricky stated he didn’t have that information yet and would email me. He wrote my email on a little piece of paper, I asked him to put my information into his computer system so he wouldn’t lose it. He told me he didn’t have that type of access. Its Tuesday 5/13/2014 I have made several attempts between today and yesterday to contact the franchise. No one returns my calls or answers the phone. My truck as been at the shop for over a month paid in full. They once lost my key and informed me they couldn’t complete the job because the key was missing, they cussed out my husband in front of me and other customers, and they have consistently screened our phone calls. My husband is a United States Disabled Veteran who relies on his truck to make a living for the family. Please help resolve this situation.
Proposed Resolution
I want my truck back, if the transmission is defaulted I need a report stating the transmission was installed according to warranty so that the parts dealer will pay for a new part and the cost of service. The part had a 30 day warranty for a 100% payment since we are past the 30 days due to AAMCO’s negligence the supplier will only pay 80% of the cost. I want AAMCO to pay the difference.


Michelle Garza May 1, 2014 at 10:31 am

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Michelle Garza
XXXX Highway 3 Apt. 1316
Webster, TX 77598

Michael J. Reed
M J Reed & Co, Inc.
Aka: Aamco
18420 Highway 3 South
Webster, TX 77598

Re: Unnecessary repairs to my 2005 GMC Sierra on April 21, 2014.

Dear Mr. Reed

On April 18, 2014, I gave verbal permission to your Aamco auto shop located at 18420 Hwy 3 South Webster, TX 77598, to give a free diagnoses of a problem that was occurring on my 2005 GMC Sierra. It was noted that the vehicle had excessive vibration, a noise, and a small leak in which could only be seen by getting under the vehicle. (Note: There was no shifting problems described nor noted for repairs.) The 2005 GMC Sierra was driven to the Aamco auto shop. As I returned to the Aamco auto shop on April 21, 2014, I learned the mechanics had taken apart parts of my 2005 GMC Sierra in which I was being charged to reassemble at a cost of $1,195.00. I had also learned that the repairs needed, according to Aamco auto shop will total $6,125.38 and that I would be required to pay the total amount due of $6,125.38 in order to get my vehicle back in operation. I refused to pay the $6,125.38 for repairs and $1,195.00 for reassembly on April 22, 2014. In result, I was obligated to remove my vehicle in pieces, by tow truck from the Aamco auto shop and forced to take my vehicle to another repair shop in order to get my vehicle back in working order. I had to hire another company to repair the damages that were caused due to the mechanics at the Aamco auto shop performing services which were not needed. Enclosed is a copy of the receipt for the expenses I incurred to correct your mistake of taking my transmission apart for unneeded repairs. I have also enclosed a copy of the amount it would have cost me to repair and resolve the auto problem with an explanation of the bad parts in which was causing the vibration, leak and noise in my vehicle. The statement also shows that my 2005 GMC Sierra vehicle had no transmission problems (only U-joints & transfer case adapter). I am requesting reimbursement in the amount of $1,874.95.
$2,534.39 The amount that I paid to correct the mistake of disassembly.
– $659.44 The amount that I would have paid for the correct repairs.
$1,874.95 The amount that M J Reed & Co, Inc. aka: Aamco owes for performing services which are not needed. Contact me if you have any questions.

If I do not hear from you within 30 days from receipt of this letter, I will file a petition with the Justice of the Peace Small Claims court in Harris County.
I look forward to working with you toward a resolution of this matter.
Very truly,

Michelle Garza

Under the Texas law, it is illegal to:
1. Knowingly make a false or misleading statement about the need for parts, replacement or repair service.
2. Performing services which are not needed.
3. Misrepresenting that certain services are free.
4. Misrepresenting the condition of the transmission fluid or the presence of excessive particulate matter.


C J Mrozinski April 27, 2014 at 6:23 pm

We were vacationing in Florida when we experienced transmission trouble while pulling our travel trailer. We contacted Aamco on Memorial Blvd. in Lakeland for assistance. From tow truck to rental car, we were back on the road in no time. Thanks so much to Ian and employees for their hard work!


Michelle Garza April 23, 2014 at 2:26 am

To take apart & diagnose the problem was free but when the company called me back, they told me the bill would be $1195 to reassemble it back together. The company took apart the transmission, transfer case & the drive line. There were no problems with the transmission and the company did not have my written authorization agreeing to the charges. Now, in order to fix the transmission back the way it was before I brought it in for a simple repair, I will have to pay another auto mechanic over $2500 because Aamco tore up all the seals in the transmission during the dis-assembly.
It was reported to them that the transfer case was leaking & u-joints were bad because it was vibrating. The transmission was perfectly fine with a golden color and held the correct amount of fluid that was required.


Michelle Garza April 23, 2014 at 2:54 am

The company is located at 18420 Texas 3, Webster, TX 77598.
I have already filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General’s Office and left a review on google & called the police for me to retrieve my vehicle. I will also be calling the BBB, making signs and filing a case with the small claims court tomorrow to retrieve the $ it will take to get my transmission back in the same condition it was before I brought it to this shop. I’ve only begun exercising my rights to not allow this company to scam or use extortion on any other customers. I didn’t get my pre-law degree for nothing and now I will make sure that everyone knows how this company really does business!


AUDREY FOSSETT April 22, 2014 at 10:39 am

706-889-XXXX CELL


Armando Quintana April 21, 2014 at 11:49 am

Your franchise located at 8866 Rosecrans Avenue Downey, CA 90242 where ANGELO GARRUBA is the DBA is nothing more than A DEN OF BANDITS and criminals. when my son Received his disability check on April 1, he withdrew all his money, went to aamco transmissions Downey, CA paid OWNER ANGELO GARRUBA and his SIDE KICK another BANDIT LOU PALOMINO, $1,150.00 IN CASH, my son was very happy for his “Rebuilt Transmission” and his 6 MONTH 3000 mile WRITTEN WARRANTY, Since he needed his car very much to drive to his medical treatments, 6 days and 60 miles later my son’s car completely stopped running and stop moving when put into Reverse or Drive, some Bandits robbed people using guns, ANGELO GARRUBA AND LOU PALOMINO, ROBBED my son with a smile and an INVOICE, you have very big men buying franchises, ROBBING customers with DISABLILITIES taking their Disability Check and GIVING THEM BACK THE SAME TRANSMISSION that WAS WORTHLESS.


Monique Caliste April 18, 2014 at 9:01 pm

I had my car towed to Aamco for a diagnostic some time around February 20th. I was told that it was being towed to the location in Miami Gardens, Florida but for some unknown reason it ended up at the Hollywood, Florida location which I was unaware of until March 20. I called continuously and spoke to the manager Ricky to find out the diagnosis. He kept telling me that they had not looked at my car yet and that he would get back to me with the diagnosis. On March 4th I received a call from Ricky stating that my transmission could not be rebuilt due to missing parts and I needed to install a used one. He stated that he had found one that cost $1495 and the labor would be about $600. He told me that if I wanted the work done he would need a deposit to cover the part and the balance of $600 once the work was done. He told me once the part arrived it would take about two days to repair. I called him two days later and he stated that the part was defective and he had to order another one. I called him a few more times and kept hearing the same story about defective parts. On March 21st I received a call from Ricky stating that he had bad and good news. The bad news was that the car would not start because of electrical problems and the good news was that the transmission was installed and to get my car I needed to pay the balance. I said okay I will take the 600 to the shop to pay the balance. He told me that I did not owe $600 but $1600. I was shocked because I had not agreed on that price. Also, Initially I had my car towed to Aamco because he assured me that he would beat the quote of 2995 to do the job that I received from the previous shop that diagnosed my car. In addition the estimate was never presented to me in writing. When I paid the remaining 600 plus an additional 90 in error he stated that until I paid the remaining balance of 995 I could not get my car. Now today I receive a letter of lien against my car in the amount of $4995.00. What a rip off. How dishonest and malicious. I thought that Aamco was a reputable company. What happened to ethics and morally correct ways of doing business?


Jess of Florida June 16, 2014 at 6:21 pm

I have had so much trouble with the bunch at the Margate / Hollywood location, only to find out today the Margate location is closed for business!! Also, Rick is gone gone gone. Sorry for your troubles. :(


Tylisha April 14, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Nothing is being done. I need to speak to someone in Corp. 20 days later car still not fixed! Took my car to 3rd ave ave vanburen in Phoenix, Arizona

3-25-14 Took Car to AAMCO for check engine light with code P0765 p0700

3-26-14 Went down to AMMCO Spoke with Andrew to give auth to work on car. Was told car in limp mode needs soft rebuild and should only cost me 1929. Set up financing for 1500 to get the work started.

3-27-14 Was told the trans will be broken down price may go up if any hardware issues but since the car was moving did not for see price going up.

3-28-14 Was told once the receive the correct torque converter that the car should be ready by Monday or Tuesday

3-31-14 Price jumped up to 2800 then told me he would knock it down to 2570.30. Still waiting on the part to be rebuilt they sent the wrong part over to him. Had to complete a second financing for 800

4-1-14 Still trying to get a hold of someone to send the correct part. He contacted regional manager and still not getting the part sent for my car.

4-2-14 Still waiting for correct part lots of apologies and said he had 3 parts sent over trying to get the correct one so the trans can be put back in my car.

4-3-14 Lots of apologies and states that they will pay 30 a day for a rental and deduct that from the price I have to pay. Explained I cannot rent a car. I have been paying people for rides. I have spent over 500 in the last 2 weeks to get to work and having people take me around.

4-4-14 Said car was fixed. Took it on test drive no issues. Had no ride to pick it up.

4-5-14 Went to get car drove less than a mile and check engine light came back and car still in limp mode and will not go past second gear. Called Andrew and took car back to the shop. He said he will call the owner over the weekend and get me rental on Monday. Called enterprise and all cars booked up. I explained to him I cannot rent from Enterprise.

Called the owners office 6029442246 to reach Scott and he was not avail left message for him and was never contacted.

I hear nothing over the weekend

4-7-14 Call Scott 602-944-2246 the owner says he cannot rent a car for me but he can pay for it. So I have to put deposit down. Called Enterprise they state they need reservation id from AAMCO but I cannot rent from them

Called 602-340-1142 to see if they had another company they go through. Robin stated they go through Hertz and gave me number 602-997-0578. Chris states they cannot rent to me without 200 plus cost of rental. Then AAMCO will pay for it. Explained to Robin I have given you my last money. She states she will call me back .

Robin calls back and states their hands are tied they cannot put their name on rental it is illegal and they found out what was wrong with the car. The computer needs to be replaced. They noticed it before. I asked then why wasn’t it replaced to begin with. They will not get it for two to 3 days. So now I have to still pay people to give rides. I asked so your company is not going to do anything for me for this. I have to come out of more money and deposits and you still get paid. Nothing but an apology.

I have to pay 400 worth of payments every 5th of the month. One financing plan is 285 the other is 140. Andrew did not explain that to me until I went to pick the car up. I asked if the payments were going to be high. He stated since the loan was so low they should not be.

Yesterday 4/8/14 around 12 pm we went to Aamco on north cavecreek to speak with the owner Scott about the issues with my car.

As soon as I started explaining my side of things I was called a liar by Scott. I was trying to explain I have been paying for rides and up to 500 to get back and forth to work and taken places. He Told me if I needed to get to work that bad I should get on the bus.

I tried to explain how far my job was and hours but he kept saying I was lying. The job I was currently working was on Alma School and University. I live on 19th ave in between baseline and southern. My hours was 4am to 1pm. No buses run that early. Only cabs. 17 miles one way. 34 miles round trip. He offered a rental.

There is no way after giving them my last money on a car that was not fixed right the 1st time. Paying everyone to drive me around I couldn’t afford someone holding 250 or more of my money. If you are paying for it why do I have to come out of more money?

If you didn’t do anything wrong why did you offer to pay for a rental. Did not get loud with him at all until he kept calling me a liar and discriminated against me. He said if I had good credit and a better paying job I would not be in this situation with having to get his high interest financing. They never explained how much the payments would be until after the fact.

What does that have to do with you not fixing my car correctly to begin with. While we were discussing my issues another customer came right back in after picking up their car and it wasn’t shifting. Then we expressed that we wanted the 500 I spent back and my car fixed today. He said he is not giving me anything but the car will be fixed today. They are going to put in the new computer and program it.

He acted like he was doing me a favor by fixing the broken computer that they never fixed the first time. Said he give me 500 but I had to pay 450 for the computer he was putting in. Why would I have to pay for something covered under your warranty.

An issue unsolved by you. I was never contacted and still do not have my car. He said he doesn’t work on transmissions and Andrew is his trainee. So how could he know the issues are being resolved on my vehicle.

4-9-14 11:22am Andrew called me informed me he was out sick. The computer that they received for my car was the incorrect one. They have to have one overnighted from the Midwest. Should be here tomorrow and will contact me once the car is ready

4-11-14 8:31 am called spoke with Andrew. Says they are still waiting on the computer for my car. Should have it by this afternoon. Has an appointment with the programmer this afternoon. Once that is complete I should have my car today. Asked if it would be completed by 3pm. Says it should be mid Afternoon.


4-11-14 Andrew called me at 4:24 pm telling me he still had not received the part. He has been calling over and over can not reach anyone at the part supplier. He has been calling supervisors with no luck. Apologized and states this is ridiculous. Will send one of his guys to Gilbert to pick up the part. Since the supplier should be closed over the weekend.


George Hunter April 9, 2014 at 10:00 am

I put my trust in this place from two so called professional. One was the owner Ed Merchant at 2629 Valley Avenue in Winchester Virginia. The other was Terry Kanatus also at 2629 Valley Avenue in Winchester Virginia. I was lied to from the start and taking advantage of. I was to get a transmission replaced with a new one. A 4l80e transmission is supposed to one off the best out there and this reman transmission I paid over $3600.00 for didn’t last 5 months. Three times they attempted to fix it and three times they failed. I asked for a refund and got laughed at. Needless to say I got a lemon from Terry Kanatus and Ed Merchant. And Ed Merchant and his AAMCO on 2629 Valley Avenue in Winchester Virginia stole/ripped me off of $3600.00. Please pass this on and if you need any work done to your vehicle don’t make the same mistake I did and 11 other’s by going here. There are many other honest shops to go to in Winchester and Leesburg Virginia. I am sorry for the two mechanics that have to deal with this.


Armando Quintana April 7, 2014 at 9:40 pm

On April 1, 2014, my son cashed his disablility check and spent every dollar to pay for a “rebult transmission” to ANGELO GARRUBA DBA AMMCO TRANSMISSIONS located at 8866 Rosecrans Avenue Downey, CA 90242 (562) 531-9090, my son was very glad to receive a 6 month 6,000 mile warranty in writing, since he needs transportation to his medical appointments, On Monday April 7, 2014 on his way to a surgery appointment at Kaiser in Downey, the car came apart, we have been told that the car needs a transmission, and that it will never run again. AAMCO Transmissions Warranty of 6 months 6000 miles lasted 6 days. ARE ALL Independent Owners of AAMCO Transmissions Shops CRIMINALS AND THIEVES or is it only ANGELO GARRUBA?


Francesca D. March 31, 2014 at 9:42 am

I called AAMCO in Lake Worth, FL on 3/19/14 to have them tow my car to check to see why my car wasn’t changing gears. On 3/20/14 Alex called me back and said that I need a new transmission and it would cost me $1500. He said the job would be complete tuesday 3/24/14. I gave him a verbal permission to start working on my car. Alex told me that since it was a big job, he would need a deposit of $600. On saturday morning i brought him the deposit and he reassured me again that my car would be complete on tuesday. On tuesday afternoon, I called Alex to make sure my car was done and he said no and that they were waiting on one part. He assured me that my car would be complete Wednesday afternoon. I called again Wednesday and he said that my transmission was rebuilt and all they had to do was a test drive and that he would give me a call. Since i didn’t hear from him thursday morning, i had my boyfriend call him. He said that he got a speed sensor error code and that he ordered the part and he would have my car on friday. Alex called me friday morning and said that my car is ready to be picked up. When the tow truck picked up my car, the only issue it had was the transmission. When i went to pick up my car, my motor making noise as if a hammer is hitting it, my car turns off when i put in park and Alex refuses to listen to me that they just made a bigger problem on my car. I refused to pay for a car that’s in worse shape then when i brought it in. I called Alex this morning 3/31/14 to ask for corporate’s number, Alex told me “if I contact corporate then the owners will delay fixing my vehicle”. I asked him for the owner’s name and he refused to give me that information. We are on day number 12 and I still DON’T have my car.


Lisa Allen March 27, 2014 at 6:38 pm

In 2012 I had my water pump replaced, the next year in 2013 my water pump went bad again! it is now 2014 and once again my water pump has broke. I think this place is a scam, They put two bad water pumps on my car, and now I’m expected to pay for another one! I’m no mechanic but I know that I should be replacing my water pump for a third time! I don’t know where they are getting their parts form but this is unacceptable. And the manager of this establishment was very arrogant and condescending. his customer service skill were atrocious. Rob, at AAMCO in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Is not someone that has the concept of right and wrong. Obviously you guys keep putting on bad water pumps, its not like I choose to hand over 600 every 6-7 months for a water pump. They don’t value their customers at all, because if they did I wouldn’t be having this issue right now. Had they done it correct the first time I wouldn’t be having an issue. This is unacceptable!


Joy Cain March 26, 2014 at 2:03 pm

Took our 2002 Century Buick into Aamco in Martinsburg, WV on Feb. 14th because the car would not switch from 1st to 2nd. Said that it needed a new transmission. Approved for the work to be done on Feb. 19th. We did not get the vehicle back until Feb. 28th and it still was doing the same thing. My husband made a mechanic go with him to test drive the car. I don’t think it was test drove to begin with, but they said they would have to call in Aamco techs to see what was wrong. We didn’t get the car back until March 24th and as of the 25th it is still doing the same thing. Would not recommend them to anyone.


Brody Fournier March 21, 2014 at 3:22 pm

I brought my 2000 dodge Durango to aamci in corpus Christi Tx, Robert told me I would need a new transmission which would cost me $2900.00. Robert told me if I came in that Saturday and paid they could have my truck ready by Tuesday. Needless to say it wasn’t ready. By that Friday I had enough I went up to the shop and got fed more bull****. I told them I was going to the grocery store and I’d be back in 45 minutes. When I returned the shop doors were closed and when I walked in the office I smelled a strong odor of marijuana. I’ve finally got my truck back but it isn’t fixed. I’m not sure what my next step is but I think they all need drug testing.


even April 17, 2014 at 3:30 am

I also think the whole shope should be drug tested. I also smelled drugs.


James Royer March 14, 2014 at 9:47 am

To whom it may concern,
I brought my 2002 V.W. Jetta into your Mandeville, LA (2021 Tamvest Court) location for an overheating problem. I was told it had a bad water pump and would cost between $600.00-$700.00, went in to pick up my car the bill was over $900.00. 45 days later it starts overheating again, I bring it back and I am told nothing is wrong (they added water) 45 days later it starts overheating again, I bring it back again but this time I am told the water pump is bad (again) They would put another pump on at no cost but they did find a bad thermostat housing that would need to be replaced for for $50.00, I go to pick up the car 4 days later to find out the thermostat housing was now $180.00 and the water pump was not changed out because it was only a leaking pipe.
I brought my vehicle to AAMCO so I would not get screwed by an independent mechanic, I am now wondering if I ever had a bad water pump, I get the shop telling me one price over the phone and another when I show up. I paid the bill just to get my car back but will protest payment with Visa and considering legal action as I now believe the pump was never changed out.


James Royer


George Hunter March 13, 2014 at 4:50 pm

I know exactly what you are talking about. That is the exact same thing they told me. They said the transmission was on its way almost two weeks before the storm. And after the storm that is what they said. “Stuck in Georgia because of ice”. The sad thing is I was told that two days after the ice. They are so full of it. I lost my job because i couldn’t get to work because of that storm. It was our only 4×4 and I told them that a month and a half before hand. Thats how long it took them.


George Hunter March 13, 2014 at 2:25 pm

I bought a transmission from AAMCO in Winchester Virginia last may. The transmission went out I took it to AAMCO for them to fix it it took them a month and a half to fix it and still not right. They have tried to fix the transmission 3 times now and its still not right. I spent alot of money on the transmission and put my trust on your name (AAMCO). January 29, 2014 alot has happened because of this company in Winchester, Virginia. (1) Terry Kanatus runs this AAMCO on 2629 Valley Avenue Winchester, Virginia 22601 and was telling me how bad the company where he got the transmission is but yet puts a second one in from them. Terry Kanatus had originally told me the transmission is coming from a company called Transtar. Which it did not it came from another. Three times they attempted to fix it. (2) I had lost my job because I couldn’t make it without the four wheel drive. Terry Kanatus knew that when I brought it back. (3) while my truck sat at AAMCO someone stole a monitor out of my truck. By now I have had enough of it. I told him I did not want the transmission to take it out   and I would like to have my money back. Terry Kanatus laughed in my face and said “That’s not go to happen”. So I left and contacted Ed Merchant the owner of this AAMCO had explained what’s going on and what happened. His suggestion was to bring it back so they can fix it. I told Ed Merchant they tried 3 times already and that I don’t want it and to take it out and would like my money back and I’d go elsewhere. Thats it. Ed Merchant then in a raised arguing tone said “I don’t think so and if you (George Hunter) want to take me to court that’s fine. I haven’t lost yet in court”. Then he started laughing and hung up on me. This sure isn’t very professional and I’ve been very patient with Ed Merchant and Terry Kanatus even though I got fired because of this. PLEASE if you could help me I would definitely appreciate it. All the money I spent for the transmission and only drove it for six months. It is not right or fair for anyone to have to go through this. It took me a long time to get the money to have this done. Not to be taken for a ride, laughed at, hung up on, or lose my job over. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR TIME.


Robert Kramer Jr. March 10, 2014 at 3:11 pm

I just recently took my truck to get fixed at the Aamco here in Phoenix, Az, store number #19694. Store owner is named, Scott. Be very careful when taking your vehicle to him. I just paid him 1,970.30 to fix the issues with my truck. Does anyone know who I could call or get a hold of (if any) to help get my truck fixed RIGHT. This is ridiculous to take your truck to a major brand like AAMCO and get taken like this. He changed things around and did not inform me. He is telling me he’s going to have to charge me for the things I’ve paid for to begin with. If anyone knows who I can contact it would be greatly appreciated. If anyone from corporate Aamco reads this I would love a response because this is just not right. I am a very DISSATISFIED customer.


Hannah March 5, 2014 at 4:37 pm

I had the most unpleasant experience at the AAMCO in Danbury CT, on Tuesday, March 4, 2014. I had brought my 1996 Jeep there, with a coupon that I had printed out from their website for a transmission flush. I needed to make an appointment to have this done. The manager, Jim was boorish and extremely unhelpful. He was condescending and insulting. He told me that the diagnostic/repair would take 2 hours. He then proceeded tp tell me that the transmission flush would not correct the problem, that it was either a catalytic converter or something as simple as a tuneup. I decided to have them do the tuneup and was charged $216.00, which did not fix the problem. The invoice stated that the mechanic had replaced the spark plugs and wires. I called my father and told him what Jim said. He told me that he would check it out when he got home. We discovered that the wires were never replaced! There was a thick coating of grease, grime and dust all over them and there was no way that could have happened on my drive home which is under 10 miles! I took HD pictures of the wires to show their condition. I immediately called my credit card company to file a disputed claim.My father called Jim and told him that he was displeased and that he was coming there first thing in the morning to speak to Jim. When we got there, I saw the man that had done the work. I wanted to ask him about the spark plug wires, but Jim quickly said “Don’t say anything Pablo!” When my father asked to see the spark plug wires that were supposedly removed from my car, Jim began rummaging through a garbage can and pulled out a few wires. My father asked if he could look at them. Jim, made a face and said “I don’t trust you!” Then went on to ask “Where are you from?”, followed by “This is America, not Russia!” “Everyone thinks that they are so entitled!” My father said that I should be refunded the $216.00. Jim refused. My father told him that he was filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as contacting headquarters and also filing a grievance with the commissioner of Human Rights and Opportunities! If, it had not been for the coupon, I would not have come to AAMCO in the first place. Jim does not represent your franchise with the type of exemplary service that you advertise. He is a poor example of what a manager should represent! I would not recommend your service to anyone! I feel that I should be compensated for the dehumanizing treatment and for the poor service.
Hannah Shoushani


Cindy Trotman March 5, 2014 at 3:12 pm

Well, let me tell you my story of dissatisfaction. We took our 2001 Chevy Silverado in on 1/23/14 knowing there was transmission problems, expecting to be told there was problems. After taking a week to determine we needed a new transmission, we said okay fix it. (Oh by the way we had to rent a car starting on 1/23 and then had to rent it another week because it took them a whole week to determine we needed a new transmission. Then the reason for the second week was the transmission was coming from Atlanta, GA, which was under a total shut down due to ice storms. So we were okay with this, can’t help mother nature.. So we paid Aamco $5700.00 to fix the transmission, by taking out a loan in order to pay for it. We had the truck only 15 days, when the transmission went out again. Now its been 2 more weeks that they have had the truck, 2 more weeks of car rentals which now have total over $1000.00 and the car has to be back by 4:00 pm today 3/5 and its now 3:06 pm. We have no more money for car rentals, and still no word if it fixed or not. I will never use Aamco again and will be sure to pass the word in any means possible of their service
This shop is in Bear, DE


Angel February 21, 2014 at 9:49 am

Definitely. This place is scam. They over charge on every thing.
If we came fir a little repair they guess on all possible things just to charge More and more

I came for a little transmission pan leak. On other places charge no more than $100.
Ammco say 89.99 + tax i said ok
But surprise. Aamco say a total of $475. + tax.

The worker don’t even work on the truck is leaking on the same spot no marks of work at all
The manager is so aggressive. He doesn’t validate the 90 day guarantee.

Now all days they are so busy To work on my truck i don’t know watt to do.

This place Is located. On. 2001 s cicero ave cicero il 60804

This. Scam. Please. Help.


Pavel Parada February 20, 2014 at 5:31 pm

I took my Camry 2011 to AAMCO @ 7247 SW 40th St manager is Lazaro Borrego . Mr Lazaro on Monday 17th took a look at my car and told me that it was the Fuel pump and that was going to cost me only $269.00 and that it would be ready the next day early in the morning,when I went to pick up my car Mr. Lazaro said that it was not the fuel pump , that now he had to order rebuilt injectors and that was going to be an additional $600.00 and labor of $356.00. also that it would take 2 to 3 days. on Wednesday I show up at 9am and he tells me that my car was ready? and that the bill would be $1,451.00 also adding a blower of $132.00. I was in total shock of how can someone just take your hard working money just because.Then he calls me and tells me that the car was not ready until today Thursday. So again I go to pick up my car @8:20 and and the hood of my car was up and they tell me that they had to re- order the injectors because they were no good, so I left I came back 15 mins later to see exactly what they were going to do and to my surprise they tell me my car was ready???????? how did they manage to reorder the injectors in 15 mins and place them in my car???? at that point I ask Lazaro to call the owner of this AAMCO by the name of Michael Szafranski and we did a three way call. At that point Mr. Szafranski just told me that if I did not pay ” he would call the police tomorrow and have my car taken and place a Lien” This AAMCO is a fraud , they never did anything to my car, they just changed the Fuel pump and stole my money $1,451.99


michael Szafranski March 8, 2014 at 10:39 pm

I am michael szafranski and i assure you that while i do own AAMCO franchises, I am not the owner nor have I ever been the owner of the AAMCO at 7247 SW 40 St.


Neil Thorpe July 25, 2014 at 1:26 am

I am currently having an issue with an AAMCO owned by Michael Szafranski in Hollywood, FL (State Rd. 7). How did you get this issue resolved? I have yet to see if they will resolve the matter ethically/honestly, however I have a bad feeling about them. Time will tell, and I will post again afterwards.


Neil Thorpe July 26, 2014 at 10:04 am

Today I received a call from Aamco that my car was ready. I was a bit skeptical that any work had been completed since it was given to me two days early. However, when I arrived the car was back out in the parking lot and two technicians were looking it over. Before they had released the car to me they had noticed a new problem. 10 min later the manager told me they would have to order a new part – but it would be free of charge because it was not included in the initial agreed upon price. This made me less suspicious of them and somewhat pleased that they took a final once over, however I will let the performance of my car be the final answer. I will continue to keep you posted. I chose to leave my car with them until the new part arrived and can be installed.


Patricia J. January 24, 2014 at 9:57 pm

I took my 2003 Acura MDX to the AAMCO in my town Hightstown NJ 08520 to get it checked out because it wasn’t shifting into the proper gears. When they took a look at it they told me that it was my transmission and that I would need to get a new one or have it rebuilt that was back in June 2013 it is now Jan 2014 eight months later and my car is still doing the exact same thing I took it in for back in June. I took my car back at least 4 times to get my car fixed and to this day it is not fixed I also had them fix my radiator that they said needed to be fixed and that also is not working properly I have spent well over 3,000 on this car that this AAMCO said they fixed. I will not be going back to them since they do not know what they are doing. I want to take this to my lawyer to get a full refund. I am not happy and every time I take my car back they give me some bulls*** excuse I would like to personally speak with someone about my problem. If you could please contact me at the number I have provided so I have resolve this problem


Percival Williams January 9, 2014 at 9:08 am

My 2003 Rav4 is hard shifting I took it to AAMCO at 950-954 Somerset St. New Brunswick, NJ 08901. They conduct a complete diagnosis of my vehicle before, and recommend transmission repair that will cost almost $3941.47. when the repair was completed, I was told that it will still hard shift, and eventually break in, During picked I test drove my Rav4 and realize that it was still hard shifting as he said, but the problem was too identical from before, not satisfied with AAMCO competence so I took it back they did another test and they told me that I need a computer that will cost an additional $1600 more to repair. I believe if AAMCO had done a complete diagnostic at when they first receive the vehicle the real issue would have been identified and cost more than the value of the car, now their competence level is in question am convince that my car was misdiagnosed.


Tim Buchanan December 4, 2013 at 6:05 pm

My car transmission on our 2005 Ford Taurus was repaired by AAMCO transmissions in Cincinnati Ohio – Car was sent to a Erlanger Kentucky facility we found out later and when we got the car back the front and rear bumpers were beat up very badly we ask the owner Fred Ebbert what was going to be done? — He denied the damage !!! We had an estimate completed for over $1,100.00, What is going to happen with this? Fred has been an absolute Jerk about this and we have been trying to get resolution for over 3 weeks, If we do not get any satisfaction on this, we feel the only recourse will become a legal one. Someone from corporate please call me at 513-305-XXXX ask for Tim.


Keith Magnan November 7, 2013 at 12:43 pm

I had Aamco in North Attleboro, Massachusetts rebuild the transmission for $3,387.
The warrantee for this work is a 1 year warrantee. The transmission broke again and Aamco Transmissions has denoted that even though it’s only been 6 months that they are not going to cover it under warrantee. I am being told that it will take at least another $2,200 out of my pocket (that was the minimum price)for it to be fixed again.
Aamco told me that I drove 13,400 miles in 6 months and the warrantee was for 1 year/12,000 miles. I am appalled that a large conglomerate business like Aamco Transmissions will not help their customer towards the cost to re-rebuild the transmission.
I am financially unable to pay anything towards another bill. I would guess that the initial transmission rebuild job was inadequate for it to only last 6 months.
Can you please help me?
Keith Magnan


Sudie Thrasher October 8, 2013 at 5:26 pm

I had my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix transmission rebuilt which cost me $3.115.91 on 9/4/12. When I went back to the AAMCO that did the work I discovered that the shop had closed it’s doors without notifying anyone. I called the office number provided and was informed that the owner closed it’s doors and left no forwarding information.

This office was located at: AAMCO, R.J. FAMILY ENTERPRISES, LLC; 177 S. Delsea
Drive< Vineland, NJ 08360.
I am now beginning to feel the same problems that I felt in my transmission when I bought it in. What should or can be done about this problem. The work was guaranteed
by AAMCO and I feel ripped off that the company just locked it's doors to its customers and employers with no solution.

What is your recommendation to this problem?


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